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Rosetta Stone customer service is ranked #337 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.45 out of a possible 200 based upon 219 ratings. This score rates Rosetta Stone customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


197 Negative Comments out of 219 Total Comments is 89.95%.


22 Positive Comments out of 219 Total Comments is 10.05%.

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    • 37.45 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 197 negative comments (89.95%)
    • 22 positive comments (10.05%)
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Posted by Chu-LOW

I was planning to purchase this product, I even got a coupon from work for a discount on this product.
After receiving 100's of SPAM emails from Rosetta Stone and no support from their team to stop this, i'd never purchase their product.


Posted by TheDude

I've talked to 5 different people today. The first four said they couldn't correct the situation, the fifth said she could but that it would take at least 24 hours to fix. So I won't know if they really fixed my problem for another 24 hours. If not, I'll have to go through the whole thing again!

Not to mention, when I went to their website they listed a 6 month subscription for $79. When you add it the cart, the cart lists it as $84. What a bunch of clowns.

Posted by Frustrated

I've had my product less than 5 months. It doesn't work, but they don't care.

Posted by Erin

Very dissatisfied. Not with the agent. He was fine and polite. Just with customer service for uk people. I kept being passed from sales to customer service for 2 days and nobody seemed to be able to help me! Also, all "uk numbers" seemed to be America and they couldn't help me with anything! All i got were THREE case numbers and no help!

Posted by mdv

Absolutely stone age organisation. Rosetta stone is about learning a language using a specific method not about software and platform. Yes OSX android IOS or Windows are different operating systems but the language is the same and the method doesn't change either neither does the content / images! Go and fix your licensing towards a modern SaaS environment!

Posted by Paul (the Netherlands)

I purchased Auralog Tell Me More Spaans (to learn Spanish from Dutch) v.8.0.2. I tried to install this on Windows 10, but I get the error msg: "U beschikt niet over de rechten die nodig zijn om TELL ME MORE te mogen gebruiken". Translated: "You do not have the rights which are necessary to use TELL ME MORE". Now there is no serial, no internet connection is required, it is working on a Windows 10 laptop, but not on this Windows 10 desktop.
Now if this is a license issue, fine, just tell me. It worked fine on this desktop but stopped working after a Windows 10 mandatory patch update.

When reporting this via the Rosetta Stone chat, the reply I received was that it was not supported anymore since 2015. Then I had a chat with the floor supervisor, who stated the same. So we ended up in having an out-of-support-discussion instead of fixing-my-problem-discussion.

The product version v.8.0.2 is still being sold on several webshops. So I find this unacceptable that the product is still being sold, but no support is provided. At least search in your knowledge database if this has been reported in the past and try to assist your customer as good as possible!!!!

After filing a complaint a few days later about their level of customer support, I recevied a link describing that old versions are not supported anymore.

I think that the Rosetta Stone customer service support does not understand the word "customer service support".... It means that old version are supported as good as possible by doing some quick checks (i.e. technical knowledge base). Writing a patch a not a quick check, so I understand that no money and effort are put into a solution. But refusing to even look into a problem because a version is not supported anymore since 2015 (although being sold in webshops) is what I call "very poor customer support".

Posted by bobbbatchelor

I have just seen a charge on my credit card for a purchase I did not make. I have left information for them to contact me, but have not heard anything in a week.

Posted by Vlad

Cannot open Rosetta Stone It's stuck with message Left less then 1 minutes and it's stays like that

Posted by bookgirl

The worst customer service experience of my life. Rosetta Stone sent me the wrong product. I had to contact RS via chat because they didn't give a customer service phone number. They refused to send me the correct product until I returned the wrong one they had sent to me. Once the wrong product was back in their hands, they did not acknowledge it. It appears that RS is some kind of racket, sending the wrong product and then dragging their feet about acknowledging returns. I know the bulk of their sales are to corporations with deep pockets, but I can't afford to eat $200 because their business model appears to be geared toward ripping people off. Horrible.

Posted by at78rpm

Rosetta Stone makes an excellent product, but its customer service is the worst I have ever encountered in any business.
I ordered Levels 1 through 5 Russian and went for the monthly subscription after the first year. This enabled me to use different devices and to learn on the go. All good. But then I started getting letters saying I owe $42.80. No problem, I figure: I'll go online and look at my account balance. All looks good! No outstanding balance. So what does a person who was once a victim of identity theft do about the letters? Ignore them, that's what. Especially since the online service tells me there is nothing wrong.
Normally, I would call customer service, but their hours are Mon - Fri 8:30 to 5:00. These are my work hours. I can't call them at lunch because the wait times are usually a minimum of 20 minutes. Anyway, I figure, if there's a problem, it will show up in an email or in my online version of Rosetta Stone.


It turns out that the company that sells the monthly subscription has nothing to do with the company that sells you the program. One hand does not know what the other hand is doing. So while I was looking online and seeing everything was fine, it was not. My credit report was damaged because of these idiots.

Buyer beware. Beware a company that has the worst customer service hours, the worst response time, and the most Byzantine corporate structure.

Posted by rlj10621

I was pleased with Rosetta Stone Spanish when I purchased it in 2012. Since then, it has deteriorated substantially for an online language course. Given its cost and the many alternatives for online Spanish classes, I could not recommend it. The program is becoming technically obsolete. My guess is that they are hurting financially. RS suffers from increasingly limited and dysfunctional accessibility to live online services, and unhelpful technical support for growing numbers of problems. It initially functioned well, but over the years there have been contradictory and disingenuous explanations from Tech Support to explain substandard sound quality and the failure of their app to provide microphone conversation support: explanations like the it only works with Mozilla, not Google Chrome, or you need USB headphones instead of modern two point hi def audio CODEC headphones. My computer headphones and speakers work with all other apps, for example, Fluencia. Check out other options before investing in RosettaStone

Posted by Arlette

This has been the most horrific experience ever! I bought a set of DVDs from Rosetta Stone as it was not mentioned on the website that the DVDs were incompatible with Mac. When I realised that I could not used the DVDs I asked for a refund but the customer service would not respond. I had to send dozens of emails through their online platform and their customer service email. After weeks they said they could not find my order. When I sent them the order number they disappeared again. I had to send dozens of emails again before I got a response. When finally they got back to me they said they would send me a shipping label to return the DVDs. And then they disappeared again. I had to send dozens of emails again threatening to seek further action. Finally, one month afterwards they sent me the shipping label so I sent back the order. Of course, they never acknowledged receipt. I had to send dozens of emails again and again before they confirmed that they received back my order. Now they said that the money will be credited to my account in 10 days. Somehow, I don't believe them. I'm sure the saga is not over. Shame Rosetta Stone! This is the worst customer service ever.

Posted by Cecily

I love love their product. Otherwise I would have cancelled. When you purchase an online subscription, the confirmation email notes in very small print that you are agreeing to auto renew. Not only that but usually the initial purchase is at a "discounted price" but the renewal is for full price. It is much cheaper to manually renew. The first time, the option to cancel auto renewal was available in my online account. But no notice was given when my subscription expired at which time I did not have the option to renew online for some reason. I tried to find a way to get through but it is very difficult as there is zero contact or support info in the sign on website. Finally I found a chat box but the guy was obviously not interested and after delaying for about 15 minutes pointed me in another direction. At that point, the renewal price had risen from $14 a month to $20 a month. When I protested they reduced it to $14 but then told me I couldn't renew unless I used the same card info (my credit card had expired in the interim). I said only the expiry date had changed they put it through. In my confirmation email it said - yes, they had turned on auto renew again. This time for some reason there was no option to cancel online and I had to go through the same frustrating procedure trying to find a way to cancel. This is shoddy scam like business practice. If there was an comparative alternative service I would cancel Rosetta Stone in an instant.

Posted by Zoiboi

Huge red flag relating to technical issues. I had to contact customer service to install because the CDs wouldn't load. Then a few weeks later, started receiving another error and had to contact customer service again. Now it will not load any additional CDs. Called customer service and they want $19.95 to resolve this issue because I am past the warrant even though this is the first time these CDs have been out of the box. If you have purchased this product, activate and load all CDs immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

Rosetta Stone online activation consistently fails and locks up my computer, disables my browsers and requires a machine reboot. Rosetta Stone seems more concerned about the security of their product rather than the usability of their product. 28 digit activation codes are fine if the activation SW is reliable and works. The solutions on the customer support are positively trivial and do not work. The online support resource is pretty much useless. Simple installation and activation of SW should not be this difficult. According to the web activation problems are pervasive with Rosetta Stone products.

Posted by Jenessa Nawrocki

Attempted several times to not auto renew after my initial 15 months of online services. I had nothing but positive experiences while I was using the software and the website, however my life just got more and more busy, and I wasn't using it was much anymore. About a year ago, I stopped the "auto renew" feature, and thought that was all I had to do to stop being billed. Periodically I would check my statements, and the charges were continually showing up. Apparently, just marking on the site that you do not want auto renewal does not automatically stop the payments. The payments would stop for a few months, then begin again without my notice (I had stopped logging into the program except to turn it back to not auto renewing my subscription). I called today, and was told that the only way to stop the autorenewal is to call (sneaky, since it appears that you can online.) Said that despite months of frustration, I will only be able to be refunded for 3 months ($30) despite being erroneously charged for the past 12-13 months. When I did not accept that over the phone, they said someone would call me back within 48 hours... we'll see if they actually call. I would highly NOT recommend giving Rosetta Stone your credit card information, as they appear to charge it without the consumer's permission, far after the customer has revoked their consent for the card to be charged.

Also, there is no way to delete credit card information from the profile... Sounds like a scam to me!

Posted by Roconn9

Bought the Spanish language version and ran into technical issues beyond the first two units. Customer service was terrible. The extent of their problem solving was "turn your computer off and back on" and "reload the program". They could not solve the tech issue and had to call me back, a call that never came. Second try just as useless, and a lot of time which I don't have to waste.
Pricey, defective and lack of tech support makes this a big negative experience.

Posted by tracyrounds

I set my account to not auto-renew the day I ordered the product, because I had no intention of using it beyond 3 months (reading for children product). Three months later, it autorenewed for nearly double the price I initially paid. No email notice that it would renew, just showed up on my credit card statement. I contacted customer service and was given a site to use to file a ticket. It wouldn't open. I used it in another browser, still wouldn't open. I was told that I was the first person to have this problem (!), so I filed a ticket the old fashioned way - by email. Still no response. I filed a fraud report with my bank to have the charges removed.

Posted by customerservicescoreboard

It took 2 1/2 hours to solve the upgrade related problem. The issue was opened at 4:37 PST and resolved at 7:06 PM PST. A previous upgrade wiped out my husbands and my progress on both Russian and Spanish. That was only a month ago. This time the upgrade created another problem.

Although I reported the problem to be with the Spanish version upgrade (hadn't yet checked the Russian), the tech uninstalled and re-installed Russian and was ready to sign off when I pointed out what she'd done. Next, we refocused on the Spanish install, which was the original problem. Since it couldn't be resolved remotely, I had to reinstall from scratch using the CD's. Luckily they were in a fairly accessible location.

I have two teenagers needing to learn a language, so we bought Rosetta Stone to supplement. However, there is no ability to report out progress or to test (besides the milestones). I am losing confidence in Rosetta Stone product. I don't want to lose 2 hours of my time, nor be concerned that my profile and progress will be lost each time I agree to the upgrade.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer Service/Support is terrible. Talked around my question and tried to sell me even more products. Sold us an online product but didn't divulge that the mobile app did not support all of the languages in the online product. As if this wasn't bad enough when I tried to find out which products were supported by the mobile app I was told all of them AFTER I was told the mobile app didn't support Latin - What?! Then I was told I could purchase another subscription on top of the one I already had - What?! Rosetta Stone your business model is TERRIBLE! Adapt, adjust and be honest with what you offer!

Posted by Enyi

Someone fraudalent my credit card to pay rosetta stone and now i want to cancel that subscription every month i paid for it i dont care about paying somwthing i dont use they should at least send the person of thw credit card an emaiö cause now im paying the consecuences very irresponsable
web site

Posted by CC

I purchased two of the Rosetta Stone Online Subscription & App Packages for my children. One child is taking French the second child, Spanish. We have had nothing but problems from day one! Even though I bought two separate subscriptions only one child can utilize their program at a time. If one is on the second child is blocked out and unable to sign in. I've tried for over six months to get someone to solve this...calling sitting on hold for hours only to speak to another clueless representative that promises to "look into it and have someone call me back". After a week of waiting the cycle repeats. I have only managed to get that "well mam' you purchased them both under the same email, so you can only log into one at a time" OMG!! I've asked for them to refund and rebill to a different email to separate them....crickets....still waiting on the "supervisor who can do that" In an attempt to maintain my sanity I've thrown in the towel. I am not rich and I had to save up to purchase the programs for my children. Walking away defeated and feeling robbed is hard, but this entire ordeal has been nothing short of a nightmare and I need it to end. Beware! Consider yourself warned.

Posted by Hosed

When I started out to learn Spanish I was gung ho and wanted to learn and was willing to jump through the hoops to do it. I was memorizing lots of vocabulary and verbs but nothing to suggest actual proper usage. After completing level 4, I still had no firm understanding and was wondering when I would be getting into something that would teach me to use the language. The level 5 started to require I memorize and spell two full sentences about some pictures and I ended up going back over and over and over the same thing attempting to regurgitate what the pictures were supposed to mean. I beleive the program will not get me any closer and is not sufficient to learn this language or probably any other language. Now what makes me really mad is they have this very strong sales department which tries to sell more and more other languages while I am starting out and don't know that it doesn't work. They even gave me a deal so I bought Chinese and French. What a joke! Well if you want to learn a language get a book because this process only gives the minimum basic information required to carry on any kind of a conversation. And then there's the support... not. Don't count on any help getting information on the program because nobody knows anything.

Posted by Anonymous

I wouldn't recommend Rosetta Stone to anyone. In learning a foreign language, I think programs such as Rosetta provide only a foundation. But a good foundation. You need more resources to reach any kind of proficiency or fluency. For example, you should consider purchasing language and grammar books and listen to as much of the language as possible, whether that be by listening to music, watching TV or films, or using Youtube. I would also strongly recommend language exchanges. Rosetta does offer this, I think 20 or 40 minutes or something every few weeks, but I haven't got access to this as I purchased a more expensive program from Rosetta? My real bug bear with Rosetta is their Customer Service team. I have experienced numerous technical difficulties and found them to be rather clueless. They aren't great at following things up either, even if you persistently chase them. Their general response seems to be download another Web browser or it is a problem your end. I am quite fortunate that I can usually approach the in-house IT team where I work with any issues and they fix them for me. But when I get experience a new technical issue, my heart sinks at the thought of contacting Rosetta's Customer Service Team. Although I stated at the start of this complaint that I wouldn't recommend Rosetta, I think it provides a good basic foundation for learning. Basic foundation only. I can't speak about other software such as Babel. Maybe the answer is to purchase the CD-Rom versions, or just hope that you don't have to contact their Customer Support Team. But I am fed up of Rosetta. Sorry, I have rambled a bit in frustration.

Posted by Linda P

I wish I had read the comments before I bought the product. I have experienced everyone of the complaints. I am still waiting for help. Since Nov. 2014. I had my credit card co. cancel the payments only to be told by Rosetta Stone that I purchased their product and the fact that it doesn't work does not relieve me of the responsibility, and they are turning me over to a credit collector. I have to pay or get a bad credit report. I was advised by the Calif. consumer credit dept. to pay and then take them to small claims court. What a shame. It is a huge ripoff.

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Posted by lolly lilly

some people will just complain about anything. no matter how good it is. let me add as well that a lot of people who posted bad reviews posted a good one a few days later after they figured out what THEY were doing wrong soo.... just sayin'

Posted by ANB

I have seen some bad reviews and quite frankly, I do not agree at all. I have not had any problem with getting assistance and I would highly recommend Rosetta Stone to anyone. As for the people who complain about not understanding, it is probably just you. Dont move ahead so quickly and make sure you understand before you go on to the next lesson. Also some people just learn differently. If you are a hands-on learner as I am, this is definitely for you. Im sure that you will be just as happy with this as I am. I have come very far using Rosetta Stone. Almost forgot to mention.. if you have some issues with understanding what is going on, make sure your software is up to date. Any updates that come out are definitely useful and each one is better than the last. And remember, you are learning a new language.. its not going to be all peachy ;)

Posted by G

This is a 180 degree turn from my bad rating posted 12/9/2014. Rosetta Stone customer Service did contact me within 48 hours of the automated ticket generation.
The agent apologized profusely for the delay and the fact that "chat" wasn't working when I was trying to contact them.
I explained my incomplete order. The agent said the headset I was missing would be sent immediately. The agent also gave me a small partial refund of my purchase price to bring my cost in line with a current promotion.
Although the initial delay and the sense that no one was responding was irritating. The fact that they contacted me and resolved the issue with one phone call was wonderful. I will not hesitate to buy from Rosetta Stone again.

Posted by Larry

The service could not be any better. Instantly, reached customer support and had my issue resolved in a couple of minutes.

Posted by Kee O

Since I posted a negative comment in my frustration to get a problem resolved and getting continously disconnected from the chat line, it is only fair that I post they did provide me with a solution and I was finally able to get back into my system and utlize my software. It took over night and I am not very computer literate but I was able to follow the instruction and resolve my problem

Posted by Pidge

Well I have had no problems at all with RS, as for the people saying 'we have no idea what it means in English' that's the whole point!! The design of learning the language is putting your mind back into a state when we were all kids learning English by clearly states "Discover how to speak, read, write and understand without translating.' Then the dynamic immersion method, the one used to learn your first language.

Posted by mabash7

I teach Spanish and French and was looking for another language--I ended up buying Latin. I am so impressed with the whole program and how easy it is to do. I could not be happier!

Posted by frenchie33

I find it really interesting that while the sales team has a live person to speak with you within a few minutes, getting any technical support is a painstaking process. I was simply unable to login on my second session and it took well over an hour to even get someone on the chat to work with me. The person on the chat was unbelievable slow and not very helpful.

Interesting that when it comes to selling they put a lot of money into the product but when it comes to maintaining customers and having word of mouth advertising, they don't really care.

I like the product but not the way they do business.

Posted by B. Stew

I called their customer service because my activation ID wouldn't work. It said that it was active on another computer. Before I called, I uninstalled it on both my desk top and my laptop. I reinstalled it on my laptop but it still said that it was being used on another computer. So I called. I was on a music hold for about 15 minutes and then a woman came on the line. Her accent was difficult to understand but she said that I hadn't uninstalled it correctly. Apparently, there is another code it's supposed to give you to uninstall it. I never got one. Anyway, she reset the activation ID that I had and told me to reuse it. It worked. After 15 minutes on hold and 5 minutes talking to the help-lady everything is working now.

Posted by Cheryl

I just spoke with Raj on the phone at customer
service. He provided excellent service with a person touch. I am very impressed. Thank you for the superb customer service.


Posted by Anonymous

I just called Rosetta Stone for advice on what to do about their program if my computer has crashed and I have to reinstall the operating system. I tried the number listed above, followed the directions to reach a live person, and was immediately put on silent hold. Since I had no way to tell if I was even still connected I used another phone to simultaneously try calling the main number listed on every page of the Rosetta Stone website:

After dialing this number I chose "Tech-Support" from the first menu and "Help installing or uninstalling" from the second menu. I was put on a brief hold - UNDER 5 MINUTES - and then received clear and attentive help with my problem. The person was not a native English speaker, but was perfectly understandable and equally able to understand me. My problem was solved in under 10 minutes. I would have to say that I was as happy with Rosetta Stone's customer service as I have been with their product.

Posted by Alizubeth

I absolutely love my rosetta stone french, it is a great language learning program, but I have got to say the tech support is not that great. The first person I talked to was very unhelpful but he connected me to someone who could help. The wait was kind of bad, but I just worked on other things while I waited. Eventually I got what I wanted, so in the end it was fine. I give rosetta stone an 9.4 overall. I can't wait to learn french!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Be very wary of purchasing Totale. The subscription period is one year, and wasn't noted when I bought the package. Rosetta Stone also failed to notify us that the subscription was about to come to an end (they offer a subscription renewal service). They are now charging us an inflated renewal fee along with a penalty fee. I am looking into taking legal action as they have been very difficult.

That said, the Totale package is comprehensive and well thought out. It's just the greed and lack of customer commitment that has soured me on this company.

Posted by Kat

Customer Service was great!
My laptop along with most of my software was stolen when my apartment was broken into. I called up Rosetta Stone to see if I could get a new activation code (I still had the CDs).
Because I had gotten RS Russian as a gift years ago, I had no proof of purchase and I figured it would be a long shot to have them give me a new code. However, they asked for the name of the purchaser, and because it had been bought through Rosetta Stone, they were able to look up the records and give me an activation code. I had been afraid that they wouldn't be able to do anything because I had no receipts or even the box with the old activation code.
I did have to call twice, as the first time, the department I needed wasn't open yet (I called before noon EST on a Sunday). But both times I reached a live person in less than 10 minutes and my problems were fixed in less than 20.

Posted by kbtor

I keep reformatting(rebuilding) my 2 laptops whether because of a blue-screen or they become slow and I have to keep re-registering software to get it to work again. The phone support (overseas) release my instances walk me through restoring licenses. Very helpful but try always try to lay the guilt trip on me that this is the last time they will help me. Not their fault but the software registration process at Rosetta Stone is crappy from a technical point of view.

Posted by ehoffman

This is a site for people to come complain, NOT for people who don't need to because everything is going fine.
Keep that in mind.
For a company that has out-sold every single competitor in their mere 10 years as a company, there most certainly must be millions of satisfied customers.
How do I gather? Been following their growth over the world that past few years.
Also been using three of their language products the past couple years. Both versions, online, ipad, itouch, and studios.

Posted by Pax

How many of the negative comments are from people that either received a bootleg version or purchased a bootleg version? I ask because I did that. It came with professional packaging and a seal that looked real. None by Rosetta Stone. I wanted to register it and was transferred three different times before the fourth transfer to someone that explained it was bootleg and talked me through looking at the package to prove it. I will say the customer service is poor, but make sure you have a “Real” version before you slam the product. I am going to purchase the “Real” one so I get upgrades and such. I like the product.

Posted by tellyjan

I have been using Rosetta Stone version 4 Spanish (Spain) now. I love it. I am just in level 2 because I'm taking my sweet time here. Went to Ecuador to the Galapagos and I felt like I was able to converse better and my vocabulary increased in spite of the fact I'm only in level 2 of Spanish. I look forward to my sessions and like all the teachers I have online. Some of the technical issues I had with Rosetta were resolved and I thought the techs were pretty good and nice to deal with.

Posted by bluestatepride

I had an overall extremely positive experience with Rosetta Stone customer support today.

I had installed my Arabic v3 software of two computers without knowing about the installation limit, and had sold the machines without following the defined deactivation procedure when I got my new laptop. Jorge from customer support provided me with a link to submit my proof-of-purchase, and I went on Amazon and got my receipt (from three years ago) and sent out my response on his provided link.

Jorge had responded with a new 'activation seat' within a HALF HOUR and here I am, learning Arabic! Thanks Rosetta Stone!

Posted by michellesaucier

I called customer service and had lost my activation disk, and a woman named Jovana was extremely helpful. She took my problem and sent me off a few minutes later with everything I needed, all the while being friendly and understanding. That's awesome.

Posted by the_dude_abides

I had to reinstall my version 3 software on a new computer (the third since I purchased RS). The activation code did not work since I had already used up my available "activations". I found an on-line live chat support on their web page and the tech was able to give me directions on how to deactivate the product on my old computer (lucky it would even boot up). I then was instructed to call the 1-800 number and the tech would finalize the process and get my activation code freed up again. This took some time but I was eventually able to get it resolved, despite the tech on the phone having a strong accent which was almost impossible to understand. I was impressed that I could get this resolved on a weekend (a holiday weekend at that) but if I hadn't been able to get my old computer running to deactivate the product, I think I would have been screwed. Overall, I am satisfied but can understand other's frustrations.

Posted by kmote

Using RS homeschool edition. Database got corrupted ("database is out of date and could not be updated"). Found the (toll-free) tech support number easily. (Extended hours -- cool!) they told me my wait would be 4 minutes. it was more like 6, with annoying hold music. But got to speak to an English speaker who fixed the problem within 10 minutes. Turns out I only needed to reboot the machine to get it to work!

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Posted by Anonymous

I just installed Series 1 SW and entered my activation code # and the response I got back was to call customer service with request Can you help me? Roger


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