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Roku customer service is ranked #345 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.08 out of a possible 200 based upon 377 ratings. This score rates Roku customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


342 Negative Comments out of 377 Total Comments is 90.72%.


35 Positive Comments out of 377 Total Comments is 9.28%.

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    • 37.08 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 342 negative comments (90.72%)
    • 35 positive comments (9.28%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Brad Wittke

Terrible customer service. Two months and the tech Dept can't figure out why my streaming stick does not work. They said many customers are having this problem. Yet I get no personal emails back nor do they answer my request for a refund. Terrible!!!!!!
Time to bombard the main executives with emails.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a customer of cbs all access. I have an automatic debit each month for the service. I noticed that you debit my account on the 30th. I would like this debit to come out on the 3rd of the month instead of the 30th.If you need further information from me.please contact me

Thank You

Deborah Hancock

Posted by None

What a bunch of CRAP!!! No way to speak with a REAL person. No email link, no chat link!!! Only phone number that actually works is recorded voice. What a "great" company!!

Posted by Anonymous

I tried 3 different 1-800 numbers 1 rang 5 minutes with no answer the other 2 gave me a number which I called and waited, waited, waited, etc etc. PATHETIC!

Posted by Anonymous

HORRIBLE customer service. I can't reach anyone at any phone number and they haven't helped me via e-mail. I need a person and am very frustrated.

Posted by Anonymous

OMG, tech support...couldn't understand Indian accent, they said they'd call me back and didn't, hung up on me, were very rude, and said they couldn't help me because I had a Chromebook. A total JOKE!

Posted by Anonymous

2 hrs on the phone still no activation,Plus my internet was totally screwed up,Total disaster,Then was told after I got my internet back call them back and they could activate my ROKU in no time,Don't waste time or money on this garbage.

Posted by Anonymous

I very frustrated because I cannot get anyone to help me re-subscribe to Warner Archive I changed my password and tried to connect with Warner Archive as well and I was unable to. I never received the e-mail to reset the password. I wouldn't complain but it is one of my favorites. I will try to reach someone tomorrow morning and I hope I get some results.

Posted by Rico

Cusomer service is not helpful. I called to ask why Roll was putting a pending charge everytime I download a free app. The person that I spoke with didn't seem to understand what I was saying and didn't try to work with me to solve the problem. I asked to speak with the person above them and was told that they would tell me the same thing. After telling the customer service person 4 times that I wanted to speak to a supervisor they do ally tried to connect with a failed attempt and the rep came back on and then we got disconnected. Awful customer service.


STAY AWAY from ROKU we bought it from walmart saturday last week. IT DIDNT even work PLUS wanting us to pay PER episode???? we took it back BEFORE the "7 days free" was up cancelled it TODAY 03/18/17 we get charged 82.09 for what??? we called customer service and they said they would NOT refund the money that it was a "personal" problem it didn work... not OUR fault the roku sucked. we old the guy 5 or MORE times we took equipment back he was STILL pushing on us to get the service we said we no longer had it had no use for it.. he WOULDNT now off to get a lawyer an to talk to our bank

Posted by Anonymous

The Roku is great when it's working. I haven't been able to get anything on their News channel and YouTube has recently started acting up on all 4 of my Roku's but what I can't stand is that they have essentially no support. Their support page is useless to anyone who already has a Roku and their support community is just the blind leading the blind.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Roku 2 device about a year ago; I have used it only a few times. I tried using it yesterday. I get a picture but no sound. I changed the HDMI cable, but without success. I took it back to Best Buy, where I purchased it, and they asked me to contact you.

Posted by Anonymous

Setting up Roku and purple screen appeared said to call tech service. The tech informed me that there was a charge which is called a consultant fee of $99.98 had to be charged for telling me to up a different hdmi cord. I called right back and ask for tech and surprisingly not in office I told the rep my info and to tell Mr. Brown I did not want his service and would be cancelling payment I was told he would take care of it. I guess they both were at the bank cashing my check.

Posted by bobbirom

My name is Roberta Romine, 923 Levidi Lane Unit 3 (cell) and I got the Roku Streaming Stick in Dec. Although it fits in the HDMI slot on my main tv it doesn't in my bedroom one. I filled out to get the free adapter, but have not received it. Could you please send one to me asap? Call if you need any additional info.

Posted by Anonymous

I do not have cable or satellite service; I use Cedar Networks (out of Albuquerque, NM) for my internet service and my phone service, and Roku in lieu of cable/satellite. I cannot get the NBC Sports Network. As I understand it, NBC Sports is available thru Roku only if I have a cable or satellite subscription. If this is true, this is absurd! The whole point of using Roku is get away from cable/satellite TV which we have consistently found to be totally unsatisfactory for the prices charged.

This seems to be an issue between NBC and Roku for which the end user is being punished. Why can’t the two of you get your collective act together to quit forcing customers to buy services they do not want or wish to pay for just to get NBC and NBC Sports broadcasts?

Carol Lorenz

PS—I sent this same message to NBC.

Posted by Anonymous

the product is a patchwork of crap. listed programs not available, grade Z movies, they did not honor my 2 month free Showtime after 5 to 6 complaints. It took hours to set up. Give me a top antennae. I would not give Roku a solid "one". The product and service is pure crap. Volume goes up and down, reception is shakey, many start to load and NEVER complete. Roku is one of the worst companies I have dealt with in many years. I would NOT recommend them to anyone. I consider it a complete ripoff and lie.

Posted by Gaydos

My complaint is the video "Baby Elephant Tries to Wake Injured Mother" in the Animal News section.
Have you researched this "cute" video???
The mother DIED! Not so cute now.
Take this down immediately or I will send further complaints to you and not recommend Roku and will cancel my service.

Posted by Rebl

I should have read this before purchasing. I can't even get the device activated. They are experiencing technical difficulties for the last 24 hours.

Posted by Kickie

Finally put on hold for next rep 10m horrible horrible Muzak no one answered....repeat SAME THING AFTER 15 mins nada.

I called over 2months ago about sstreaming issues amazon,you took my into and advised me to call amazon and my provider they both said call Romulus,and again l was told to call amazon the problem is there.

I have been awayrecovering from major surgery....when l called months ago l still had warrantee,did you people fob me off or what?

This is the 3rd rogue in 6 years and loads of agitated in dealing with you.

I respectfully ask that you send me a new one as my warrantee was still valid when this debacle started .is my #.l spent nearly an hour today for absolutely NOTHING.....

Posted by Anonymous

I have subscribed for a channel and setup an autorenewal for my account. When I tried to cancel it either the website is not good nor the helpdesk. We can't find any phone numbers to contact them and when I tried to connect with them through email also no chance. So please don't subscribe for the channel in the name RokuIndia or connectindia for malayalam, telugu, tamil and hindi channels.

Posted by Linda

I think your company need to investigate your customer service department. Something is not right they ask for your credit card information then they ask for information from a check their explanation is " a check can only be used once while your credit card can be used more than once". I had already entered the information on-line but never received a confirmation or email so I ended up having to call customer service ( which you can't understand a word that they are saying). Also WHY should a customer paid to have a TV activated!!!!!! I was charged $75 just to activate the TV, if it wasn't a gift I would be returning this. I have contacted my bank about the matter now I have to wait and pray that no from another country don't have my information!!!!!!!!

Posted by Victoria

Roku put a block on my system. Said someone hacked in it. They are charging me $49.99 to unblock for me but keep block on whoever decided to hack into it. That's absurd!!!! I guess they do not protect their customers very well. Now they are telling me they will protect it after I pay that money. Guess we will have to go higher up. Worst customer service ever!!!!!!!! Oh and someone who speaks English!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

This was a total cluster***. I was on the line for 40 minutes with someone who barely spoke English and never got it fixed. They said they would send me a new one but it never came. I would NEVER buy another Roku device.

Posted by Anonymous

Roku is a rip-off.

I have tried foe three week to get CBS access commercial free. The support team promises to deliver but never dose even though I paid for it.

This is a ripe off company.

Posted by naomi

Called to get problem solved re lack of Livestream Channel programming lists on TCL Roku TV--can't tell what live programs on currently and many have wrong air date listed. During conversation tech person [in India] said I would not be able to call again unless I paid $10 or paid for 2yr insurance policy to cover all my Roku devices; said would try to solve problem this one time. Did not pay.
After walking me thru Livestream update and reset, said was the Livestream company's problem not Roku's--even though I told him Roku Livestream list works properly on computer but not on my 3 Roku products. 2 weeks ago emailed Roku and Livestream and have not had response from neither. Will contact Costco corporate office and Pissed Consumer to blast this product.

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Posted by The blue mermaid theater

You just added the most revolting Adult channel to your regular programming.

It looks like its about time people start letting these types of services know

you have customers uncomfortable with this type of programming. Please consider

immediately removing this channel or our continuing subscription will cease.


Posted by Julia

My customer advocate Rochelle was very knowledgeable in the questions that I asked her concerning my Roku. I am very pleased with the pleasantness and the time that she took to explain the answers I had concerning my device. On a scale of 1 to 10 I will give her a 10 Roku needs more customer advocates like her.

Posted by chris

I have called customer service 2 times since buying my ROKU 3. The level of service was for unexpected and surprising. The customer service representative was very helpful, friendly and understanding. I am not tech savvy and the customer service rep explained how my ROKU 3 worked and how to understand the features and benefits of the product. The customer service representative provided me great service that was very friendly and supportive. Great product, great company.

Posted by MaryA

I accidentally disconnected myself before getting to thank Clarissa and do the review. She was absolutely FANTASTIC. Earlier this week another of the CS reps attempted to help me by sending me a new remote, and when that one didn't work I contacted Roku again. This time Clarissa responded and after some searching she was able to fix my problem. She is to be commended for her abilities and for her patience and knowledge.

Posted by Anonymous

hi your customer service employee was awesome, patient and made me feel confident that I could do the steps! Other co. should follow your lead you guys are great! Glad I called.
Thank you!

Posted by Elsie Range

I had a problem trying to hook up Roku to my TV. I called in to Roku help line and got a gentleman by the name of Subu Hani. He was very helpful and to by disbelief the most patience person that I have ever spoken too. He stayed with me on the phone until and I mean until my issues with the Roku was solved. He was very easy to talk to and I did not feel like an idiot. He made me feel like no question was ridiculous and I felt at ease and very comfortable. I wish there were more decent technical support people in the world who are courteous and kind like the experience that I had with the help of Subu Hani.

Posted by SM-Arwin L

I was having problems with my Roku stick after a power outage that lasted for 17 hours. I went on the Roku chat line and chatted with Arwin, he was great, very knowledgeable and amazing patience..he kept saying that's okay take your time. Great service guys, keep up the good work!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

We would like for you to know that we truly appreciated the kindness and professionalism shown by 'Exefril" when we called regarding assistance with our Roku. We will never forget the patience he displayed as well. I mean he was 'truly" patient with us as he helped us get connected to services. You never heard any irritation in his voice as he calmly worked with us. We were truly happy that we got him on the other end. If only you could "con" him:) If we ever have to call again I HOPE he is the one on the other end again.

Posted by Arlo

Bought Roku Stick and attempted install for 6+ hours, with telephone support, trying to set the security code to accommodate a Brothers WiFi Printer. Note the universal security code supported the Roku Stick but not the Brothers WiFi Printer. Returned the Stick and bought the Roku 2 and it worked. Apparently Roku needs to update the firmware on the stick.

Posted by RicASpur

Roku: 1)No one said anything about needing a credit card to get started. 2)This was not easy to start up the Roku2. Grandma is never going to understand how to start. 3)Never metion that you have to add each individual channel to your line-up of channels. I had to call support for a little help. 4)There are good channels free but on most you have to watch commercials, ha. Also the cleverly written intros to the paid channels, you got to read carefully, or your credit card is going to get charged, be careful. Learning more everyday how to use Roku. Overall so far, 4 days, I would still purchased this Roku.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank U for Good associates like Prakash - . He was Patient - Helpful and a "Good Guy"....He not only helped me get my unit working but, voluntarily assisted me with Updating. I Hope he gets a Raise.........TY

Posted by Anonymous

Very Good Service "help!!!

Thanks, Charles Lunt

Posted by Anonymous

Roku rep was courteous and knowledgable. Solved my problem on first try. I use Roku a lot and appreciate the good service

Posted by anitra

Fabulous Service!! Helped about 8:50-9:00 est.
Great help from the gentleman who patiently walked us through the problem. I didn't get his name. He was wonderful.
Anitra Gordon

Posted by bibidiva

I am thrilled with the Roku. Bought it because I just can't justify the cost of cable. I've had my eye on it since it was over $200, for $49 I am just incredibly pleased. I don't have the most consistent wireless connection, it comes in from outside my blg (share with a friend across the street), I've had very rare instances of it having to buffer. I got the very basic Roku and among other things that please me completely is the FREE access to Pandora- streaming that over my TV and being able to choose my music preferences with great flexibility is so cool!!! I haven't had to access customer support at all, between the good information on their site, and info just out their on tech sites, questions are quick and easy to answer. Setup on the Roku, setting up stations etc is a breeze. Totally thumbs up on this one. If you are fed up with the cost of cable, and are willing to be flexible, GET THIS, and Netflix,Huluplus for $16 a month- enormous choices!

Posted by CLQU

ROKU is by far the worst electronic product I've ever purchased!!!! i have FOUR damaged ROKUs at home all damaged last year!!!! IT NEVER HAPPERENED TO ANY OF MY ELECTRONIC PRODUCT I EVER PURCHASED. Is there anyone that has ROKU that lasted more than 5 or 6 months????

Posted by The exception?

After long thought, I decided to purchase a Roku box.My intention was to then sign up as a Netflix member. I have to say that I received excellent customer service.As a new Roku owner, you must list your credit card info with the company ( in case you order a premium service) After telling the rep. that I no longer use credit cards, he was very helpful letting me sign on without this info. Also he was very patient walking me through the setup. Maybe I was the exception, but I love the new box and received great service. I would recommend!

Posted by mafran

I just talked to my Roku representative. He solved my problem and was very understandable
and courteous- couldn't ask for more.



Posted by Patrica

Roku is great, Customer service was awesome, Guy named Raja fixed the issue on the first shot.. Thanks man..

Posted by [email protected]

Tech support was great, got my Roku back to work. I got disconnected and I just wanted to say thanks to "Buddy".

Posted by Walter

I called the tech support this morning ad they answered it promptly. I was getting an error code 014 and when I reboot sometimes I got 011. The tech guy really is a great help in solving the problem. Is the tech support really from India? I don't think so. Hes has neutral accent and a so professional.

Posted by SliverBullet

Although my credit card didn't go through (multiple cards actually), I didn't have to contact support. Signed in through paypal and the setup was very easy.

Was streaming a movie through Amazon in about 3 minutes after signing in Amazon with my Prime account.

Posted by [email protected]

hi wonderful people at roku, brenda harrison here, case ID # 963-493 I received your e-mail today did what you said; and it worked...... !!!!! thanks a million times over....janani you are the best..... look forward to enjoying my roku again.....

Posted by Ger

My experience was good. Something I ordered was not in the box along with the rest of my order. I called and did not wait long to talk to a real person. The rep quickly understood what the problem was and made it right.

However, Roku sent instructions with the unit on how to hook up the system, which was very easy. But they failed to provide clear instructions on how to navigate the system. Some things are set up on the PC, some on the TV. It would have been a better experience if I didn't have to stumble through learning by trail and error, how to select channels and receive the programming I wanted. They should correct this oversight.

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Posted by Anonymous

Roku has a customer advocate who helps to take care of any open customer support issues or complaints about service experience, ([email protected]).


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