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39 Positive Comments out of 463 Total Comments is 8.42%.

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Posted by Anonymous

They Are Still Trying To Figure What Is Wrong I Have No Tv Working All Day I Need To Speak To Some On The Phone If This Problem Is Not Fixed Tomorrow I Will Be Cancelling All My Rogers Sevive William Ashby

Posted by Extremely dissatisfied! Horrific

If I could give ZERO stars, I would. Attempted getting Rogers Business Security in our business. Made our needs very clear from beginning (many email exchanges, photos sent, measurements done and sent). Salesperson assured us that they could meet our security needs (keyless entry into business). To make a VERY LONG story short....on the installation day they installed everything EXCEPT the keyless entry even though I told the installer when he first arrived to put the door lock on first before he does anything else...Once he was done and was "training" us on the system, we realized the front door lock was not installed. The Installer first said it wasn't on the order, I assured him it was (I had been called to pick a color!), he then realized it was part of the order. He said they had nothing that would fit the door and he told me to call the salesperson and then he left for his next appointment. Well, apparently once the sale is made, Sales will no longer talk to you....Now, 30+ days later and at least 20 calls to Rogers horrific call centre (at least 8 hrs of my time wasted on hold, being transferred everywhere!) we still have the useless system in our business even though I've booked 3 appointments to remove it. Each and every time they do not show up. No one follows up. They did, however, show up on Aug 7, 2017 to remove it even though the appointment was booked for Aug 10, 2017. Aug 7th, by the way, was a STAT HOLIDAY!!! Now what have I received? An invoice for $730+ for a service that was supposed to be removed over a month ago. Now stuck on hold for over 50 minutes as I write this...I would not recommend Rogers....EVER...

Posted by Anonymous

everytime i show to a Rogers store they are understaffed and you wait to the point of having to leave. Today I try again and once again same story. The gal is trying to get me to leave and come back later!! Im wanting to wait so I can get this done and she is annoyed.

Posted by Rogershater959

Rogers The internet is terribly slow, completely inconsistent and unreliable, and they are ran by greedy people who DO NOT care about their service. They will make your internet to the point where you can't use your devices because there is no internet to do anything. If you are getting rogers, big mistake.

Posted by Ratbastid

I've been a Rogers customer now for about 3 years. I don't have a home phone as they were charging me in excess of 50$ a month for one of their "packages" which included long distance and whatever other services they could tack on, so I cancelled it. Funny thing when I went to cancel, they wanted to offer me service at about 30 bucks a month. I didn't bite. I still have the TV service and the Ignite internet service. These two items routinely came in at $250 bucks a month, and I got quite tired of paying that, in particular since NHL and other stations I watched suddenly disappeared from my lineup and when I checked into it, they said they had "modified" their TV packages. So I told them I was going to cancel. All of a sudden they had a "deal" for me at $150 bucks a month, with the SAME exact service, IF I did not cancel for 2 years. I didn't want to go through the trouble of finding another TV or internet provider, so I took it. However, I have to say this NETBOX system they have is total garbage. Its slow to respond, the boxes need continual rebooting and the grid a layout looks antiquated. I have a home in Miami where I spend the winters, and I have Comcast/Xfinity down there, and up until this year, they were about the same as Rogers, except I got a good channel lineup and fast internet for about $150 a month for the entire 8 years I have been with them. They upgraded their equipment this year and if I wouldn't have been offered the new system by the rep (I have 3 boxes in my Florida home) I probably wouldn't have known about it. This system that Xfinity has is pure magic. The remotes work on a "SIRI" type talk command. So you press a button on your remote, and ask it to find "Big Bang Theory", and there it is. Times, On Demand, Info etc. Select what you want and away you go. The grid is so nice and clean, its fast and the system is outstanding. I came home to my Rogers service after the winter and looked at the "old looking" grid, used the almost non responsive remote control and slow equipment and wondered, "This is what you get for $80 bucks a month" (my internet is about $70. I also wonder why Rogers doesn't get into this century with its equipment. The NETBOX is just lousy and the TV packages are about the same. Even BELL has a nicer, what seems to be a more responsive system. Rogers is a total disappointment. Don't even get me started on my NHL package that disappeared from MyRogers over the winter. The customer service was virtually useless in helping me figure that one out.

Posted by Reality

Hello World (Canada)(Ontario)


Look around the internet, the majority of reviews on all 3 big telcos are terrible.

Yes, after 17 years, it's a nightmare, endless circle of nothing. No resolution. Any better elsewhere ? No, probably not.

They can get away with it. Monopoly. CRTC just another faceless govt dept.

Hydro, food, govt giveaways to foreign countries, university tuition, gas, heating, FRO, taxes, banks, health care, etc. etc. etc.

Really, no BS, what is good anymore ???

Only our compassion for others. Our belief in ourselves. Our polite understanding of those who have no idea.

For the coders out there, take a look at a website, see the vulnerabilities ?

That's where it will hurt ! (I am kiddie, not pro) Tried to tell them, but they don't seem to care.

Long live our memories of Chuck Berry !!! Rock & Roll !!! Better days are coming.

Your choice = be wise - in Canada we are at the crossroads - Kalfu or Legba ?

Greetings to all, from my small corner of reality. I am fed up.

Thanks, carry on, nothing to see here....


Absolutely disappointing and disgusted with Rogers right now. We have the 1GB internet and been paying them for so long and they would not honor the promo/new home build offer to pay the difference on my current service to the new one. Our home have fiber directly to the side of the house and the customer rep accused me of lying because she thinks no one have fiber to the house yet. Blah blah blah blah...... I ended up cancelling the service right on the spot even what ever retention tried to do I was so frustrated I am happy I left this company. The customer rep even told me good luck finding a much better deal than us. WELL GUESS WHAT I CALLED BELL AND GOT A KILLER DEAL THAN WHAT I HAVE BEEN PAYING THEM!!!!!!!! OMFG SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW.

Posted by End-User

No service from Rogers Cable should be expect on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on WEEKLY BASIS from morning till late afternoon. The company deploys their upgrades during these hours, informed by one of their executives. If you want, in 5-6 hours after the fact, they will notify you via an automated phone call or SMS - again, with a delay of 5-6 hours after the service become available. This is going on for the last 6-7 years and outages become even longer and longer. Bad overpriced services, including wireless mobility, and bad company.

Posted by rob

I called in to cancel my service because I was getting a better plant with another company, was told by Retention dept that they will match the plans, So I stayed with them. A few days later I was checking my account and found that they put me on a totally different plan and for more than I was paying. After 3 days and spending about 4 hours on hold and talking to to 4 different people including the VP, they said they will give me what was promised, Again I noticed that They messed up again and put me on a different plan. I Spent another hour and 30 minutes trying to have this corrected, I will never Deal with this company again..

Posted by Anonymous

Called in on a weekday morning to have an issue resolved. Still waiting after 50 minutes! ON A WEEKDAY MORNING 8AM!!! Machine kept telling me average wait time is 10-15minutes! Hung up and called back only to be bounced around again! Service reps not very informative. Would not sign any long term contract. Glad to see other smaller companies emerging.

Posted by Yiota

Recently a Rogers sales representative outright accused my mother for being stupid. We came in with some concerns about overuse of data on her cell when she only uses the phone for calling and texting. If she wants to do anything else, she usually comes to me for help. She's never and isn't interested in downloading movies or much else. But this sales representative at the Danforth and Eaton Ave. location brushed my mother's question aside, saying she was the one to blame, even though we relentlessly explained to him that wasn't the case, but he was adamant on his assumption and wouldn't listen. My mother has an accent, and is middle age, but she's not reckless with technology, but all this representative saw was a stupid foreigner. I don't know what to do, or even if Rogers would apologize. I really want to see this guy fired. What kind of customer service is this anyway? Accuse the customer of being stupid?

Posted by Brij

I have been very disappointed with Rogers. They charge you tons for the horrible service. They call when there is a delay in payment but no one answers when I have some queries about billing. Their customer service number goes on hold for ever, the web chat says I am in line and it continues .....

Posted by Phelps

If you have been a victim of rogers/bell/telus charging you extra money then dont be surprised. Just know that these companies give a cut to telecom ministries in order to avoid competition from the outside. Remember what happened when Verizon wanted to enter Canada.
Therefore, they are now an oligopoly and can charge their customers what ever they desire to.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the worst experience with rogers. After being with bell for years decided to switch to rogers. I have so much issue with their billing department and spent hours on the phone to fix the issue after three month I still have no result. To begin with it took rogers three weeks to get me a phone with a wrong number and than they canceled the first number but i still was billed for.

Posted by Pissed

The only service they seem to want to provide is the one that involves taking more of your money. If you want to cancel service you have to dance through hoops - including the fact that their website does not include a number to call to reduce or cancel service only to add new services. Also the prices that they offer to new customers are lower than what they offer to long standing customers who have been paying huge gobs of money to them for years.

Posted by Smitty77

My issue was not with the person providing the message but rather the ethics of the company when they lead you to believe you are receiving something and then partway through your contract they change what was included in the package. I was going to leave Rogers a year ago and I let them talk me out of it and now I paying the price for that weak moment.

Posted by Chris

I was really disappointed.
The person whom I talk with said that once I renew my contract I can keep all the channels I have. After I renew my contract some of the channels are missing. I call customer care they said it's not included on my new package I have to pay extra and end up saying to me can't do anything.

Posted by Mustangray

for the past four months now i've been having horrible cable service, pixelation on every channel - forcing me to stop watching the tube and use prerecorded (dvd-blu-rays) instead. The same with my internet - every 5-10 minutes my internet logs out and comes back on. this is on going - every single day.
This company need to change their attitude and provide the customer the service they are paying for - they should also reduce their price to reflect their horrible service.

Posted by frustratedCustomer

rogers infrastructure support does not have any decency to let customers know that they are doing maintenance. I was connected to my work place and was doing something very important and i got disconnected twice for 30 min each duration. When called they said that it was a routine maintenance.. such behavior only rogers can do.

Posted by rogersnotgood

Been with rogers for over 22 years. I finally just fired them, and it feels so good. It was like a nightmare relationship.They over charged me all the time. They even gave my private information to a third party. That's another story. Some of their customer service reps even hung up on me when I complained. They even told me to leave if I wanted. Truly unbelievable. The final straw was when rogers raised my bill by another 5 bucks. So rogers here's your extra negative 5 bucks for the next 50 years. Back in the day, the 90s, they were way more humane. I went to Wind and the service is awesome. I am so happy now. The reception is not as good, but its not that off in comparison. I'd rather over look that because at least its more than half off the price price off per month, and I don't feel like I'm being abused and ripped off, while they are daring me to lesve. So do yourself a favour, don't go through hell; its not worth it.

Posted by Hatem

The rep was rude, and huffing and puffing on the phone and I asked for a supervisor, she put me on hold with out asking and when the supervisor picked up the phone she disconnected that call and there was no attempt of calling back.

If rogers really takes the feedback seriously, I'd like to talk to them over the phone, to say the reps name and the date and time of the call and they can judge for themselves.

My guess is, I won't a call back from anyone

Posted by Displeased

Absolutely pathetic.
After being told I was covered for charges I had already paid off on my phone in order to cancel and go to a different, better provider, I receive a $1500 bill in the mail and a threat to go to collections. After visiting in store and being on hold for a total of almost 4 hours, still no resolution, regardless of a "manager's" help. Absolute garbage. I can't believe this is one of the largest providers in Canada.

Posted by Speak9

I do not understand, that with so many complaints with Rogers Customer Service, there are still so many issues/problems/ineptness in rectifying a situation. I have had multiple times of being overcharged with a service I did not ask for and trying to get a credit back. I have been hung up (or the line dropped) with no one calling back and having to call back and be on hold for 20-30 mins and then re-explain the whole situation because reps can't take the time to write thorough notes or any at all. Why can't they call you back? This is a telecommunications company - c'mon! How much are they getting that they can't even write notes to note what happened - nope, need to re-explain the whole situation. And how do calls drop anyway? Are we in the 70s calling another country. I am usually talking to someone in my own province???? It is rare when you get someone good. Even if you have someone who talks properly and calmly - they can even screw up your bill. Rogers doesn't have much competition, so there is no ROI on really trying to up their game on good services. Furthermore, they deliberately overcharge and unless you have hours to call back and rectify the issue - you lose. Shame on Rogers for not doing better on their automated phone, transferring you probably, and training reps better. Stop overcharging, rectify the issue and stop having me re-explain everything. There is no reason for phones to drop AT ALL!!!

Posted by 730N

Being a Rogers client since 1998, you think I would have learned by now about the inept service common with Rogers. I DID have a pleasurable experience with 'Ray' from I believe was from Brunswick in the U.S (can't understand why they've outsourced so much to other countries). After reviewing my plans he found ways to save me money. Great! However, since then (3 days) my WiFi was down for a day and a half, my calls keep dropping and I've received 3 messages in the course of an hour that I've exceeded my new data plan and am being charged $30.00. What? I just upgraded the data plan to make sure this didn't happen and it's happened twice in a matter of 4 days of updating my data. I haven't even used the new phone for that long. Now, it's back to dealing with someone in India/Indonesia/Philippenes whom I can barely understand after waiting for 45 minutes. So disappointed. So wanting to cancel everything and go back to Bell and a tv antennae.

Posted by Bin Lin

Rogers sales agents always mislead you. I was a previous customer and cancelled my service to sign up with someone else until recently my kids wants cable so I returned to Rogers, I was ask for a certain bundle and got something else. When the bill arrives I called and they said I agreed to the other service, they said they have notes to confirm it. I was locked in for 2 years, I should have remembered the reason why I cancelled their service the first time around. So now i am stuck for 2 years.

Add your review!

Posted by David

Thank you to Rogers for a great service. Our son has just moved to Toronto and after speaking on the phone (from the UK) to a very helpful and friendly man at Rogers our son's internet service was all up and running within 1.5 hours. Very impressive - thank you Rogers.

Posted by Anonymous


I am pleased with the excellent customer service provided over the phone by a representative named ANNERIS around 2:40 PM on February 2, 2017.


Mohsina Ibrahim

Posted by Jamie

I want to tell all at Rogers that your employee Jamie who helped me tonight regarding my bill should be recognized for her excellent customer service.She is an employee that Rogers should advance.

Posted by Anonymous

This is a compliment, not a complaint. Yesterday, we tried to contact Rogers regarding issues with our cable TV. I was on the phone for 1 and 1/2 hours; no pick-up. We tried again half an hour later, were put in contact with Andrew, who told us our case number was C116599778. Andrew was terrific. I don't know where these folks get their incredible patience from! Andrew took us through the whole process to regain our access to various channels and to clear up some other questions. Everything was far more than satisfactory. Andrew did tell us to reboot our box every two weeks or so. We hadn't heard this before, but we're planning to do what he recommends. Kudos to Andrew!

Posted by jordan

I was kind of ticked off when i called rogers at the time because I was charged $100 for international data charges when I was in Punta Cana. I pretty much used max a minute or two of data when my phone just turned on and all my messages started opening up and was charged $100 but when I called I was serviced by not only one really nice customer sevice rep but two. The first one couldnt help me but was very nice and found out what was wrong and connected me to the right department. Then the nezt guy who served me, Jordan, was very nice, polite and knew exactly what to look up and how to fix everything.

Posted by Anonymous

A shout out to Robert M, Michael C, Kelly and the gentleman who took over from her whose name I forget but whose competence, courtesy and patience I gratefully remember. Your TeXperts rock as the younger generation says.

Posted by warden

i was in your rogers store today and meet the most lovely employee of rogers she went out of her way to do everything for me answerered my questions i have been in your store alot i told her i had 5 didigal boxes and ive had to return 4 she went out of her way to help me right away so i didnt have to wait im thinking of getting a cell she gavve me her name alissa henderson i have hever had this good service in my life ruth byers

Posted by Sarah F

I have had outstanding service from Rogers. I ordered a new phone yesterday, it arrived today and I have already transferred my previous number across and am all set to go. Rogers have been incredibly helpful and have kept me well informed along the way.

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke to Travis on the phone today, he was very helpful and friendly. He not only gave me the best monthly plan for a reasonable price, he also took off 100 dollars off the price of my new phone. I have never had a problem with Rogers like I have with other phone companies. I will stay a loyal customer.

Posted by Lisa

I had a woman named Lisa from rogers talk to me about my bill after being hung up six times last week I want to put in a good review about her and say thanks for making my life just a little bit less stressful.

Posted by Renu moncy

Ive Been With Rogers For More Than 20 Years I Was Never Happy With Rogers At Any Time But Today I Talked To A Lady By The Of Renu She Was The Best Person That I Talked To In 20 Years.

She Deserve Some Award I Know Rogers Is So Cheep They Wont Give Any Thing To Her But I Did My Part. She Was The Best

Posted by jalz

Not that surprised at all the negative comments as I have had some problems with rogers in the past and dealt with quite a few rude associates, but as of yesterday I am so happy with the serviced I received from rogers. Spoke with susanna over the phone in the loyalty department since I have been with rogers for so long I thought they could help me out in adding a line with my boyfriend and doing a share everything plan. My budget was 130 for both lines which I thought would be impossible as in the store I was quoted 200 + for the plan I wanted. Susanna gave me the plan for 129 without tax, plus voided my activation fees, gave me a new phone for 0 dollars, gave my boyfriend a new one for 50 instead of a 100, and made our plan the first 3 months only 104 without tax. Serioulsy so impressed and happy with our plans. And glad i didn't leave rogers when my 3 years were up yesterday..

Posted by al

Customer service is nonexistent, all they do is apologize for the lousy service and expect you to drop everything to jump through their hoops to try and fix their horrible network. Worst service provider I have ever used. Un believably horrible coverage. They do however excel at lip service. I have called at least 8 times and not had a positive result yet. How incredibly inept can you get? Well Rogers has that covered hands down.

Posted by derek1

Every time I see people Complain about prices Rogers is the best when coming to customer services, they never over charge people unless it's an system error and they never intend to do it purposely, you people have issues with every company you switch, you expect free service, if that's the case then go upto heaven, even heaven isn't free. Face 8th everything is expensive, rogers are very good with customer loyalty better service then any other company, that's why they have more than 1 million customer, even you people after reading your comment make me sick. You guys call to often and complain, I have been with rogers for 25 years and had the best experience, they always have 24 hour service and courteous customer service. If you guys want cheap and bad service then try different providers, you all be coming back.

Posted by Miro Tygira

Swtched Over from bell, had a nice conversation with the guy who offered me a better deal, and an instant installation for the very next day.

offered a promotion for some off and waived fee of install.

Posted by Anonymous

Dominic employee number just came to my home. His service was excellent and he should be complimented by his manager

Posted by Anonymous

I just contacted customer service as my cable was out. I got through quickly to a real person who patiently assisted me through the issue. Our service is back. We need to tell people when it works well, not just when it does not!

Posted by mensch

I have used Rogers for over 15 years for internet, television and wireless. No problems.

Posted by aries216

An hour ago just aired my complaint about real help from Rogers! .. . yes there are likely a number of them and would like to appreciate Denrick Dela Cruz for helping us. By being honest to them as we explain our very difficult situation wherein my wife undergo a five surgery in 4 months period he goes far behind to help us in coping up

Posted by yagnam

My case #I584912070
I would like to comment Michael for his excellent customer service and freindliness, he went over and beyond in helping me solve my problem.
thank you Michael

Posted by sharon

On Januay 8th 2013 service technician by the name of Ryan came to my residence for 3 different work orders. This gentleman was outstanding in his work ethic, kind and gentle manner, and very deligent in making sure I understood where connections were located and how to use my new service. Ryan made sure every thing worked before he left and was very tidy and neat. This is what customer service is all about!!
Thanks Ryan!

S. Betts

Posted by AlphaBravo

I love Rogers. The managers online are so friendly and helpful.

Posted by Gary Massia

This is Gary Massia,i just want to let you know that we just moved and we had a service technican out to our place to hook up all my rogers services,i live at 2025 Meadowgate blvd unit 107 London Ontario,the Technicians name was Steve Borg tech 8196,this gentleman was so polite and did his work so good, i was impressed with him in all manners he went far beyond the call of duty,i wish all your techs were this good,just wanted to let you know you got a winner in Steve.
Thank You
Gary Massia

Posted by Very Satisfied Customer

I was surprised to read so many negative comments regarding Rogers' Customer Service.
I have dealt with Rogers' Customer Service on several occasions and NOT once did I not get outstanding service. I requested help with my internet yesterday using rogers' chat line and ended up chatting with a technician by the name of Nick. He was indeed very helpful and managed to solve my somewhat complicated problem (at least to me it was). One definitely needs patience when dealing with a customer like myself whose computer capabilities are very (and I mean very) limited. Nick was indeed very patient and understanding. Whether it be by talking to an employee or by chatting online with a technician, the services rendered have always been extremely good. Keep up the good work Nick and other technicians/employees and thank you for your excellent service.

Posted by ratings

Iwould like thank tech Beau.he came and fixed a problem we live on orient park door to us had the cabel hooked up last friday March 9 the cabel was left on top of our lawn with the box left wide open.when i asked next door the next morning I was asked what do you want me to do about it. I said I wanted the cabel off my lawn he did nothing so I called rodgers they sent Beau. it was so nice to have him he ran the cabel along his driveway till they can buried it around two weeks He dealt with the problem had a work order done we wish to say thanks againe to Beau for your respect of our lawn Paul and family.

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