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    • 84.30 Overall Rating
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    • 39 negative comments (66.10%)
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Posted by TrixieT

Roadrunner email down ONCE AGAIN!!! My call to Brighthouse was fruitless. I spent 12 minutes holding for a foreign representative that had no information other than "they" are working on the issue. I asked if customers would be credited for the down time...Haha Trying to find some humor in this sad excuse for an email service. Brighthouse stinks bad enough, roadrunner stinks even worse!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I can no longer receive or send Roadrunner e-mail messages. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 I receive the message, "You are currently using 100% of your total capacity. My mail box has essentially nothing in it. How can I correct this problem? Do I need to quit Windows 10 and reinstall Windows 7? Thanks for your help.

John Mulder

Posted by Anonymous

I am very dissatisfied with roadrunner email customer service.
One of My roadrunner email addresses was automatically deleted from the server for no reason and I lost all its emails.
When I started being unable to log in with this email address, I called the customer service 6 times in the span of 10 days and spent each time at least 15-20
minutes on the phone, sometimes even about 1 hour, trying to get my email address restored.
All the times I was put on hold many times, they contacted other departments and "escalated the ticket" and told me they would call me back later.
They only called me back 2 times out of 6 without being able to resolve the problem.
They never gave me a reasonable explanation why my email address was deleted and
I have been forced to use a different email address for all the services for which I was using my old roadrunner email address.
My advice is to stay away from roadrunner email addresses, since the data on these email accounts is not reliably maintainted.
I have been using a google gmail account for years and never had any access and/or speed problem, so I would definitely recommend google mail for all email usage.

Posted by Anonymous

Our bright house road runner was disconnected in 2011 when we moved from Tampa to Tn. This email address is still in my system and over rides all other accounts although it can't be used. I now cannot down load apps music etc b/c it keeps asking for the password the email address was

Posted by debbie6254

time warner internet is road runner

Posted by [email protected]

Chronic problem with RR allowing blocked senders to send! I have called twice with no effect, the reps don't understand my problem and don't have a healthy grasp of the English language - it is very simple, the blocked entries are still coming through.

About to quit Time Warner and RR if this third call doesn't resolve my issue.

Posted by ottomarcos

Having gotten a top tier, bundled package with Time Warner Cable exactly 6 months tomorrow, after only having them as my cable company for years, I've come to determine the following about Road Runner, as it has proven itself. Along with horribly slow connection to the TWC email server, whether on computers at home or computers where I work at one of the largest Universities in the nation, or whatever device I may be on; and repetitive inability to connect with the TWC email server as I'm, yet again, experiencing tonight, leading to yet another long, frustrating chat or phone call, this is the worse email I've seen in 25 years of using computers. Unbelievable and shameful in this day & age. Pathetic! As if that whole TWC vs CBS/Showtime debacle wasn't bad enough...

Posted by Anonymous

Several days ago there was a major problem with roadrunner email and 100s of old emails which had previously been received were received again. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any customer service for roadrunner, no chat, no email address, or a telephone number for customers to contact road runner to understand what happened. In addition there was no announcement from corporate headquarters announcing the problem and solution. This is unacceptable customer service. You need to fix that situation.

Posted by i DO NOT CARE

I Have Had Chronic Problems With Blocked Emails. This Has Cost Me Money Because You Blocked Entire Domains Including My Clients. I Have Called Six Times To Delete All Blocked Emails, But They Remain Blocked. This Is A Very Serious Problem. Right Now I Must Sent An Email To A Doctor At One Of The Lovely Domains That You You You Have Chosen To Block. I Need Him To Edit My Work And Send It Back, But Lovely Wonderful Stinking Roadrunner Is Going To Block His Emai. I Will Not Be Able To Pay For Your Services Any Longer If This Continues. You Unblock All Of My Incoming Emails Because Your Settings Does Not Permit Me To Do So Myself. I Am Extremely Angry. I Never Heard Of Anyone Else Having This Problem,. You Make It Impossible To Unblock Incoming Message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by vickie

i am not very happy with the service i had today in two of your taxi`s the first one i booked at 3 oclock from charlwood to horley and i had to wait for half an hour all tho i was told it would be ten minuite`s and the driver was rude then i rang again at 1650 to come back from horley to charlwood and when the taxi got there i went to put my one year old daughter in the car with her bottle as it was very hot outside and he told me she wasn`t allowed it as it might spill on the seat`s i can`t belive that else one would refuse a baby a bottle just cos it might spill on the seat i am very upset and angry.

Posted by Lone Star Hunter

I keep getting phone calls stating that I owe 3 or more months for my internet service. I looked again, and I have receipts for every payment. I am up to date. I even received an email from Time Warner showing my next statement and the due date of March.

If Time Warner can't get their act together I guess it is time to shop for another provider - one that can keep their books straight.

I am not a happy camper.

Posted by Anonymous

While upgraded our computer we lost our phone. I can't understand why this can't be fixed from your office. When you dial the number it states the circuits are buzy. Don't want to wait another whole day waiting for a tech. Please try to fix this problem

Posted by CA Medicine Woman

I have had to call customer service and tech support numerous times in the last two years or so that I had service with them. Hold times are typically minimal (under a minute) once I get through their menu system, unless there is a major outage in my area.

Once I explain the problem I am experiencing and what I have already done to try and resolve the issue, they check for outages in my area, and if none they transfer me to the next higher level of tech support (I've been dealing with computers since 1978, and am not the typical end user). If there is an outage, they tell me what is going on, and give me an estimate as to how long it will take to repair the problem.

However, I have given up on late night - early morning calls. The two times I tried to do that I got a call center in the Philippines. They apparently have to make customers work with them following a very specific script, and will not skip that process. If after making me do all the things I already did before calling them the problem still is unresolved, they simply give up and insist upon writing a home service appointment for two weeks or so in the future, which is weird because if I reach my local service office, I can get a same day or next day appointment, if that is determined to actually be necessary (typically to check the line in my home or to replace the modem, which happens about once a year or so). The Philippines call center operators (they don't qualify as tech support in my book) also tends to be very rude if you don't follow along with their script. Late night - early morning access to actual tech support is not available, as far as I'm concerned.

That would be my only negative experience with Road Runner so far. Hopefully, they won't outsource more than they already do, and it would be really nice if they brought what jobs they have outsourced back to the local service centers. The outsourcing keeps them from getting a perfect score from me.

Posted by Anonymous

Long waits
Polite agents
It seems people can only do specific things
I get shifted to another person
recent example: literally several hours to connect to have voicemail forwarded to my email account
Technicians went into rote mode, ignored information I sent
I had done things correctly but system failed
Technician gt system working. Within an hour it failed again
I made a second call, spoke breifly to three agents spent an hour waiting
I consider this the WORST custmer service system with which I deal

Posted by anonymous

Why is it that every time we experience slow download service, it's "our" fault. Why is it never Road runners fault? Funny how it's slow in the morning and right after work, but during the day and late evening it's fine. they always blame it on my computer. Can't they ever admit it's their fault? Oh and I've noticed the very few times where we had absolutely NO service, I don't get a credit on my bill for down time. I wish we had other options here but we don't.

Posted by ray

Experience internet access issues on Sunday evening, internet connectivity was intermittent at best. (Connectivity was cycling on and off). Finally spoke with a technical service personnel (who was located in the Philippines, we are in the Kansas City Metro area). After a lot of resetting, rebooting efforts, the service continue to be intermittent that evening. Service was finally stable at about 11 pm that evening. TWC technician was very polite, but insisted that the issue resided with our computer. I did indicate I have three other computers, and cell phones that access the internet, all experiencing the same issue. He continued to insist that the issue is our software, and nothing is wrong with TWC internet network. The next day at work, I spoke with my colleagues at work, who live a few blocks from my home and also subscribe to TWC; they too indicated intermittent issues with TWC internet access that same evening. So, in conclusion, TWC is a) instructing their customer service representative to inform their customers that the issue is always their problem. B) Cannot truly see or fix their network to the level that helps them fault isolate issues. C). Poor management of their operations department that conducts maintenance, network upgrades, or fixes are not being communicated to their customer service representatives so the consumer are informed. All this results in customer dissatisfaction, and will ultimately force to the consumer to seek internet service with more reputable providers

Posted by Anonymous

I called customer service and immediately got a recording that said there would be a 10 to 15 minute wait for the next available agent. Come on guys; surely you can do better than this.

Posted by nenaddanka

Terrible experience.Roadrunner abruptly disconected our e-mail, without any warning, and could not retrieve the account.
All valuable data lost for good.

Posted by Grey Wolf Rules

I called them on 8/23 after they disconnected my service despite me paying them on the morning of 8/22. They claimed my Netgear box was the problem, but a broken Netgear box would not explain me getting a message which read "account temporarily disabled" or my email being bounced back.

Hubby and I tag-teamed the 12-hour ordeal to resolve it (because they are idiots) and between us we were:
- transferred at least 7-times in chat, and
- spoke to at least 3-agents.

They attempted to insult my intelligence by implying that I couldn't understand basic electronic circuitry, but I once held the title of Senior Electrical Engineer for Navy defense electronic and information warfare programs. Time Warner Cable is horrible, but not as much as ATT or the other guys, who are worse.

Posted by Anonymous

Called for service. Transfered 3 times. Finally after being on hold for a half hour with the last operator found that the 2nd operator transfered me to wrong department and I will have to call back. Worst customer service ever.

Posted by Anonymous

We've been with your company for years and I have to say it's been nothing but problems with our phones internet and I call your # for help and it tells me there's no one to answer my call and I need to call back later and then disconnects all are NOT a very good company!!!!!!! Road Runner is aweful!

Posted by Anonymous

It took multiple calls and 35 minutes on the phone for a tech to tell me we had a strong signal coming into the house.
It does not seem that it should have taken so much effort to check the signal.

Posted by Ghost

Road Runner Tech Support that I received was unprofessional,I do not think he knew anything he was talking about. He got to the point of being abusive,by talking down to me as if I were an idiot. I got so mad I hung up on him.My son fixed the problem.

Posted by IsabellaSea

In Central Florida, every tech or CSR has been polite and willing to assist. However, their combined product knowledge is about 2 out of 100. When we switched to RR Lightning, one machine was slow and timed out constantly. I researched the culprit and determined the new UBEE router required for lightning had a firewall enabled. I am a researcher, not a computer person so I called RR Tech. He promised me there are no firewalls on the UBEE that they install. Duhh. Yes there is a such a thing, sonny boy. he insisted I uninstall FireFox. I did but could not reinstall due due FIREWALL! Yep. My son disabled the UBEE firewall and things are back to normal. Give those techs some hands-on training!! the tech who came to my house fiddled with my personal settings for an hour or so and left with a duh must be your machine answer.

Posted by SHAWNA

it took very long to get a technician ..

Add your review!

Posted by None

Called @ 12am and was able to reach a rep.

Posted by Anonymous

was having problems logging on to rr webmail. Talked to Maria and within minutes problem solved. She was the most helpful person I have encountered in a long time.

Posted by Anonymous

This morning, December 12, 2012, I had absolutely wonderful service from a gentleman Whose name I cannot totally remember but it is close to Emiel. He helped me with my RR email account and in doing so I found him very patient and thorough. I had been transferred to him after taking care of making an appointment to have a cable box serviceman scheduled to make an inhouse visit on December 17, 2020. After my service problems had all been met to my satisfaction we hung up and a call was made to my house about 15 minutes later conducting a survey on how satisfied was I with my internet help. My husband had just come home and mistakenly thought the survey was in reference to the cable box and was unhappy with the length of time it takes to schedule a technician to come and repair the box. He did not realize the survey was in reference to the

help I had just received in reference to my internet e-mail setup! Please disregard the phone survey as I have nothing but praise for the gentleman that helped me.

Send me another survey if you need to, to


Angela Smith

Posted by Marciamom



Posted by Anonymous

Alex answered my phone call and was able to update me on an area outage. Sounds like repair is being handled. She was very pleasant and informative

Posted by Anonymous

This morning I was helped by your tech support people when I had lost my internet connection. A wonderful woman named "Madison" provided me with cheerful, excellent, easy to understand help that ultimately solved the problem. You called with a survey and because of another call had to hang up, but I wanted to provide positive feedback to Madison.

Yesterday I was served by Jackie, but I could not understand her and as a result my problem was not solved until today when Morgan was my support person.

Posted by Anonymous

i called yesterday & talked to victoria.. she was awesome!

Posted by Anonymous

I just talked to albert and he help me out alot nice and fast coustomer service and realy polite so impressed thankyou albert for helping alot

Posted by askhoudari

I had the most amazing experience with the guy at tech support, Jason. He immediately isolated the issue, told me I'd need a tech visit and set up the appointment for the next day. I'm blown away.

Posted by a

I just had an amazing experience talking to a representative named Jason. He helped me alot and was very professional

Posted by Anonymous

i got immediate answers to my questions and they picked up appreciate this excellent service.

Posted by Anonymous

This was the most amazing experience..a live, caring, person. Satisfied my questions, and with personable, and qualified support. Thanks RoadRunner!

Posted by Maxie

R/R called my home phone for me to participate in a survey after I contacted them for help. Sorry I wasn't home so I am sending this comment in. They were very helpful and acted very professional and solved my problems right away, and I really appreciate not being put on hold until the "next available customer representive" is available. Thank you Road Runner for having personel that can be helpful. Maxie

Posted by Roryunin

called at 11:45 on a Saturday night and got a life person on the first ring. They were also very helpful in addressing my concerns.

Posted by kcrowley

Called the number mentioned here and received EXCELLENT customer service. Can't believe it. This is after spending 2 hrs yesterday on the phone with India or wherever the other general number is routed to. I was soooooo frustrated yesterday!
This time though, got through right away and the Amazing customer rep Rachel resolved my email prob right away! I needed to bounce back e's from a stalker. In my area, they could not change my master account id. Instead, she shrunk the capacity on that mailbox and allocated the extra space to my sub-accounts. It works! The emails are bounced and I did not have to cancel out my email or the rest of my family's email addresses. YIPPEEEE!

Posted by EinRand

Wow, an actual human answered the phone, and was polite and answered my question.
Could not find system status report on website so searched for phone number and was happily surprised.
Did not mind so much that email was down, just wanted to know it wasn't just me. Chat support being clogged should have been confirmation.

Posted by independant consultant

This customer service line is great. They answered with a live persone immediately. I had an issue with my settings when switching over from outlook express to outlook 2010 and the technician walked me through it and quickly resolved the issue.

Posted by Anonymous

The Customer Service rep (Mike)was very helpful in untangling a Blackberry mobile email issue.

Posted by Anonymous

A live person answers the phone quickly and they solve your problem.


Posted by mosllady

with all the negative remarks regarding customer service and the internet and service providers, I would like to give a positive feedback for Road Runner. They still answer their phone, you can talk to a live person, they are helpful, knowledgable, and they are courteous. One thing they can't do is help with a gmail account. Too bad.


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