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    • 58.14 Overall Rating
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    • 116 negative comments (84.06%)
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Posted by FckRA

Tried to refund an unopened item today in Santa Rosa, CA. Clerk in charge was RUDE, refused return stating she couldn't override?? And told me to come in tomorrow. What?!! I have NEVER been treated like a piece of crap like that before. This woman will be sorry she messed with me!! Hating Rite Aid

Posted by Anonymous

Some store
has racial profiling..service person....service person said return denied.... i said never opned have receipt....just bought 2 dsys before .can i buy different ittem...if u dont have money same amount no......very rude..for family people...

Posted by Diann

What is return policy for clearance items WITH a receipt that was purchased two days earlier with cash?

I went to Store 04805 in Ravena, NY and bought three Cover Girl makeup Concealers on clearance on 5/29/18 with cash - Register 3 Transaction I opened one concealer and it was old, sticky, smelly and nasty. I brought the opened concealer and the two unopened/sealed concealers back to the same store on 6/2/28, with the receipt, and explained they were old and no good.

The cashier and manager refused to refund my money and told me sorry, they do not except returns of Clearance Items. I stated the Return Policy said I could return these with the receipt and the manager still denied me a refund.

I then called Customer Service on Saturday 6/2/18 at 9:26 am EST and got a recording saying they were closed and to call back.

I put the items in their trash bin and left. I wonder if they put the items back on the shelf to resell.

Very upset and disappointed. Now I see why Walgreens is taking over.

Posted by JYSTYCE

This beyond sad, it's a ripoff, it's unfair trade and sends a poor message to customers. Why don't we #PROTEST FOR OUR RITES OF PURCHASE RITE AID ABUSES ITS POLICIRS AND RUINS CUSTOMERS TRUST. How is it you are told you can exchange, get refund or satisfaction despite loss of receipt, but I purchased three items weren't given a receipt, went around a corner two blocks away, opened one product it was hard and not the purchase I requested or believed would work. I had my product, the cashier went and got the Titesid brand which wasn't a peel off scrub it was a clay firm instead. It didn't work or squeeze out the bottle right. I walked back into the store was told I couldn't exchange, them was told if I wanted to get monies back it will go into a gift card since I just purchased. However, because they were out of gift cards I had to return four consecutive times my purchased was $13.00 dollars and they wanted to give me 4.00!dollars this is pathetic it aight to be a law where customers rights are evaluated and fair trade products are returnable at equal value the biggest Loss is Tite Aid they scanned my identification card to determine how much I will recieve this is customer bias another customer comes in and have no receipt is allowed to exchange item without price loss . This is discrimayory an unfair exchange and trade

Posted by mike

Been trying to get a refund or exchange from my store for a month now They will not give one, store #07087, Will not be going in there again till I get the exchange, The product had an Expired date on it when bought, When I took it back in the next day, I was told OH WELL, The cashier told me management wouldn't take it back, Never used & with receipt

Posted by Fed up

All these refund return complaints is the reason why Rite Aid went under. They automatically give customers no less than 50% off returns without a receipt. I have wotnessed first hand a brand new as seen on tv item newly stocked purchased by a customer 2 days prior (same day it was on the shelf)..she got 50% off when she returned it. Rite aid policy said wi refund last sale price in 90 days. That item had never been on sale!! That showed me the scam. Save your receipts people cause these stores can now tell you they dont want you to shop in their storee anymore if you return to many times even with receipts!!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm resident for the last 40 years in the City of La Mirada California, always shop at Rite Aid in the past great customer service, all the employees always happy and ready to help you....but for my surprise my last visit to your store #06333 on 02/21/2018 with the purpose not to return the items that I did purchase on 02/12/2018 "Cash" I believed that I had purchase those Items @ 75% off at 6:56 pm. I only wanted the difference of 0.65 cents on 3 nail polish regular Price $2.49 and 2 eye pencil also in sale 75%. Cashier number 63331091 check the prices on the items that I want to be reimbursed the difference, she mentioned that were not on sale and the original cashier charge me the correct price, she even went to the isle were the items were and show me the picture.....I'm not crazy I remember that were on Sale, she call the Manager to help me, well she did....she check again the items on your system and one more time it shows that they were not on sale! I happen to be a clerk that always change the prices in the store I know her, so the manager Elisa ask her if they were on sale, her answer after checking in her little computer and it show that were not on sale. I had mentioned to them when I purchase the items on 02/12/2018 she check again the little computer and her hand and she confirmed that on that day were on Sale, but at the same time she mentioned that that was the last day for the sale! My question for you its...at what time your sales start and at what time expires? Your manager was so rude to me....she didn't offer other solution...she walk away with out said any word to me...so at this point decided to returned all the items...they look at like I was crazy, the cashier and the manager. I used to be a Manager in retail for many, many years...I had never treat my customers like She your manager had treated me...It was not the penies it was her attitue towards a client...this is my first time that I had to make a complain regarding a clerk. Love Rite Aid...my favorite place to shop here in La Mirada.

Posted by Anonymous

I took an older friend to riteaid to get a card so she can put money on her sons books as he is in jail, the girl sold her a money pak to reload a card but she doesnt have a card to reload when i went in the store to explain to her she said we just need the numbers pff the cardboard package,ol so we went home .later after finding out that was not true i called the store and they're basically were rude and told me there was nothing they could do, really!!! The cashier told her to buy the wrong thing?my friend is on a fixed income and cant afford this poop!

Posted by Anonymous

Ok was on need of a new blood pressure
Device. I bought 3 in a week with no help from manufacturers helpline.
All meters read my pressure was 170/60. They are all not working properly at all. To check it out all the way. O took it to the veterans hosp. For their evaluation. 120/65
My present life needs checking of my blood pressure often. What your selling can kill me and other people

Posted by RiteAid Sux

So apparently not having a receipt just makes you an automatic criminal?! I am a can and i was asked to do a few returns on basic medical supplies and was turned away from even receiving store credit. It seems rite aid should get a handle on their theft problem instead of making it everyone's issue. This store is a joke.

Posted by arevlett

The Rite Aid return policy now states that, with a receipt, you have 90 days to return items purchased in store.


Posted by Anonymous

Rite aid in Desert Hot Springs, California is un-lawfully refusing to transfer my families prescriptions. Their �new� manager Margaret won�t make the faxed request because �she has a problem transferring prescriptions, unless the person is home bound.� Because Hot Springs pharmacy delivers, Margaret doesn�t have a problem with those requests. I physically went to the store and spoke with Margaret on Friday 12/08/17, requesting in person as she wouldn�t do this transaction by the customary practice of working with another company, and not by my verbal phone request. I should not have to justify my wishes and wants of doing business with one company or another. She has not responded as of this date 1:40pm 12/11/17. Attention corporate office: please fix this problem we have a need in this town for better service and care then you are offering!!!!! Geri D.

Posted by upnorthlife

Store #03966 in Kalkaska MI - purchased Foster Grant reading glasses on 11/17/17 for full price of $24.99. The following weekend they were on sale buy 1 get 2 free. I was out of town those 3 days. I currently have an email from Rite Aid stating the glasses are currently buy 1 get 1. I took my receipt in today. Manager Rick would not honor the sale price. It was my understanding they had to if they lowered the price within 30 days??

Posted by Babycakes615

I went to Rite-Aid in Woodbury, TN last night and I have never seen such terrible customer service in a retail store. Rather than announce that they are closing soon and to bring any purchases to the checkout like a decent store would do, they treat you like an unwanted guest. They did not allow any purchases and embarrassed customers by being incredibly rude about closing the store exactly at the appointed time. Why would a store allow a customer in for ten minutes then run them off like misbehaved children? A polite announcement could have prevented any misunderstanding. I have never felt like a store didn't want their customers' business until yesterday. They obviously have no concern for new or repeat customers. They only care about closing the doors and leaving. With such poor service and attitude towards their work, I am surprised theirs doors open at all. I will go 20 miles outside of my way for toilet paper before I go back to another Rite-Aid.

Posted by Tony33

Rite Aid Rite Aid return policy without receipt in Riverside California off of Van Buren and Washington is very very sad if your homeless and you buy something and you lose the receipt you're not allowed to return it at all if your homeless it's sad and I saw it for my own eyes they should be sued and you should be ashamed of yourself Rite Aid


Regarding Rite Aid's so called return policy: Rite aid now has the product I purchased to put back on the shelf to sell for full price, kept half the purchase price in dollars, plus the other half refunded to me on a rite aid gift card to be spent in their store. I paid Rite Aid for shopping there. NO MORE!!!!!

Posted by Jessie

honestly rite aid was always my go-to store for everything including my pregnancy boredom just to get out of the house. I loved and worked just a block away so when I had a dull moment I'd go over a buy a few unessesary beauty items to help me feel better about being a 8month pregnant planet, the employees knew me and were always pleasant. Until lately now that I have a new born.. With expensive taste in medicine and formula.. So I have had to pilfer through my misc items that were unused or unopened that I'd accumulated during my rite aid binge phase and return them for baby incidentals and nessesities. When I go in to return things I am very blantantly judged and scrutinized. Employees don't even wait until I am out kfbearvshot before they discuss that the things I've returned are probably stolen. As if I am not humiliated enough these women need to make me feel like I look like a damn criminal when I'm just trying to feed my kid and have never wronged this store
Sooner off putting. Had me in tears last time I left.
I hate it now when i used to feel so comfortable with the employees, i even came in to introduce my baby when she came. Now if go in Its hositile and akward

Posted by Go F Yourself

Complete and total I wanted to return an item I paid $50 for, but without the receipt they will only give me $23 in store credit. I bought the item from that store, all they have to do is scan the goddamn thing and see that I bought it from them with the card I have in my hand. A receipt is just a paper proof-of-purchase. You have the electronic proof of purchase in the computer you stupid POS, greedy, scamming WRONG AID.

I am going to inconspicuously damage the product before returning it to them. I will never shop WRONG AID again.

Posted by Bambina

This policy is really the biggest crap I have ever seen. So I came to the rite aid on 45 street and 43 avenue and without the receipt even to exchange I would get from an item that is about $12.00 I would get $5.00.
What a rip off. The package was sealed. Mr Ashok ( the manager would not exchange for full price) so I will NEVER shop at Rite Aid anymore. We have other options in New York.

Posted by Enw84

I bought a humidifier and tried to return it two days later without the receipt. They wouldn't/ couldn't look up the transaction by my credit card and said I could only get a store credit for 50% of the sales price.

Posted by Murph

I shop at Rite Aid every week, usually multiple times per week. I don't have issues with the store itself, or the employees at the main store I shop at. Overall Rite Aid offers decent savings for consumers. However, they have certain marketing programs that they exclude many people from. For example, they send weekly emails and many people report that they have Rite Aid specific (not manufacturer) coupons included in the emails that they can print. These same people also report that they get home mailers with coupons. Then there is a large group of people, myself included, that have never received either. Attempted to resolve this by contacting customer service a few times and even speaking directly with a district manager. Each person at the company gives a different reason. First customer service said they just needed to refresh my account. A couple of months later when nothing changed I contacted them again - this time I was told it was a lottery who received the coupons and they had zero control over it. Then the district manager told me I was receiving all of the same offers as their other customers with the same status as me - Gold. Even after sending examples of the specific emails and home mailers he was convinced that I receive them. I have never lied to them - I have never received either but they insisted I did. I gave up - figured a few tries was sufficient. I now shop mostly at CVS because they seem to be more fair with the personalized savings they offer consumers. I do like Rite Aid over CVS in general, but I have a hard time continuing to bring business to a company that has placed me in some category in their system that makes me not important enough to receive the same offers as many of their other customers. Again, the store and its employees, at least in my area, are great. It is the service and marketing that have resulted in me choosing to shop elsewhere for me and my family.

Posted by Ap302

So unhappy!! False Advertisment!! Hurt, and will never buy anything from Rite Aid again!! Im embarrassed and I can't belive this happened. . bought Rte aid brand nicotine patches because they were out of the name brand ones. The lady explained they have the same ingredient ect. I then explained how i tried other brands n they werent as effectiv. She then said there's a money back guarentee if your unhappy.(as the label says on the box)so I gave them a try, n they went like the name brand at all. I still had urges to smoke. With the name brand I get sick if I do. So, I wanted ro return them n buy the name brand since they were in stock again. N I was told no I can't return any ciggerettes or Tabaccco products. I explained my story. N how these went Tabaccco nor ciggerettes. Plus, the box says if ur not satified well happily return you your money. But, here I am not trying to even get my money back. I just want to spend 20 bucks more and get the ones that work.
I called up rite after the store wouldn't exchange me or refund me. And they said the same thing.
Then, i called back to thw store n spoke w the manager who said to come in. He was willing to give me 20% off the nicoderm patches whuch was 10 bucks. Funny how the rite aid brand was now 10 bucks cheaper rhen when i bought them 15 days ago. I don't understand y they put that label on them. And I've never returned anything before. N I was gona spend more money not get money back. Im upset n here I am w a 9 month old in my hands with ashes from ash wed n I was treated horribly. All I wanted was the brand I originally went in to buy. But, yet I'm out 40 bucks. It's false advertisement.

Posted by [email protected]

Very disappointed in the quality of your Pharmacy Many Times I've had problems getting prescriptions the recent one I stood there well the dr. Called in prescriptions 4 for me and I only received one this is in the Sedro-Woolley Washington store the girl at the pickup drive-thru is horrible and won't help you with anything told me that my insurance would not cover a certain inhaler that if they've covered for 20 years that's because she had the wrong person and wrong way have to take my business elsewhere too dangerous in your Pharmacy

Posted by rite aid sucks

Rite Aid lost my business... there is no law that says you can not return pharmacy items to the store... first they lost my store business with there return policy on in store goods now they lost it in the pharmacy.... they make up stories to not accept things back... Rip off... go to another pharmacy... they dont care at all....

Posted by Lafoster209

On customer appreciation day 12/3/16 i spoke with Steve at Rite-Aid West Oakdale, CA regarding 30% off storewide coupon asking if i could use the coupon i screenshot on my phone i have no printer. He rudely shook his head no and went back working. No apology or explanation. I went back on 12/9 to tell him he was rude to me and because of him i will NO LONGER shop there. This has been mt neighborhood store over 27years. He couldn't have cared less.

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Posted by Jodi brummitt

Rite aid pharmacy is the best when I need to travel they make sure I get all my medicine Chris and Allison are my pharmacists they make my life so much easier I take a scary medicine and they always make sure I don't have anxiety about it Betsy and Kimberly that work there spend time on the phone helping me and to deal with someone that has anxiety isn't easy these people are my hero's

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Ride Aid Customer Service, Ride Aid is a big and very good company. I think I'm going to shopping to Ride Aid every day. Price and quality is very good. I'm so happy to shop at Ride Aid. The thing is cashier. Some of them is so nice but some of them is so rude. Please put the last question before the receipt. Is this cashier nice or not? I saw this question when I was shopping at Century 21. Thank you in advance.Sincerely

Posted by Anonymous

ON 8/26/16 i was released from the hospital after a 4 day stay. I came home with new health issues that had me extremely nervous. I had a total of 5 brand new pills i was to begin taking. I called the pharmacy completely upset...scared and confused. After talking to the pharmacist he told me to come to the store and he would go over and explain things for me. i got there and the young man Corey and the young lady Chiquitta Truitt went over everything with me and by the end they had calmed me down and put me at ease. They are TRULY wonderful! They took the time out and gave me one on one attention i desperately need. I dont know the store number but its located on hwy 85 in Riverdale Georgia. They were indeed for ME that night...my superheros!!!

Posted by Beatley

Quincy rite aid the cashier are not supposed to be at the pharmacy she wants every body in the line to write the name,and asking your date of birth and name 3x it's kinda stress when she is the cashier.

Posted by Anonymous

I had my flu shot at the Rite Aid on Beaverton Hillsdale Highway and Shattuck Road. The pharmacist, Tim, was so kind and quick. It not only didn't hurt, I didn't even feel it!

Posted by Anonymous

You have an employee in Semmes Alabama that is an absolute joy!!!! I was using CVS, but the employees act like you are bothering them, so I switched to rite aid. I do not know the gentlemans last name but his first name is Daniel. He is so helpful, friendly, knowledge and bends over backwards for your customers. He is a gem.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the best service at the Belfair WA Rite Aid by a pharmacist named David. He is the manager there. He treated me with kindness and helped me sort out a mess with my insurance despite obviously being under-staffed and over-worked.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently visited one of the Rite Aids in Columbus MS store 07141. I picked up a prescription and the cashier(Brittany) was so nice to me. Everyone seems so friendly. I will definitely be back this store again!!! Keep up the excellent customer service you guys!!!

Posted by Janice

I don't like the Kidcents program esp. when it's almost $1.00. They don't even ASK THE CUSTOMER if they want to participate (exactly what I don't like). The store I deal with is in a neighborhood where alot of elderly live (in Sr. apts.)close-by and there are times when I actually need the change. If I want to give I will, don't just TAKE IT.

Posted by Scootin52

I love the Belmont shore riteaid in long beach can!They are great in pharmacy & automatic fill my percription then text me!Clerks been over backwards for customers! Doug is great!They are community based for us!

Posted by Pbud12oz

the rite aid in my area keeps having different people in the pharmacy and there is always confusion going on and long wait times for things. I can't figure out why there is so many mistakes in the insurance stuff either because everythig is in the computer. The big complaint I have is they ask all the personal questions in front of all the other costomers and I don;'t like this. What happened to hippa?

Posted by BDorfing

The Rite Aid store in Portsmouth RI has some of the friendliest and most helpful employees of any store I have ever shopped at. Unfortunately the pharmacy staff is the exact opposite, they are pushy and rude, and the pharmacy manager is arrogant and condescending, even to his non-pharmacy coworkers. Luckily I do not take any prescription medications, if I did I would not get them filled at Rite Aid. But the other store employees, as I said, are simply lovely people.
One thing that must be brought to corporate's attention is the existence of an "extreme couponer", whose name I have learned is Angela Drobish. I have seen her in the store multiple days a week for the last several years. She strips the shelves of product leaving none for other customers, especially sale items, I have even seen her take items out of other people's shopping carts when they weren't looking. When she checks out she takes up one of the registers for the rest of the night causing a line to form at the other register. If the cashier tries to limit her quantity of items she is purchasing she throws a fit, insisting that if they would allow her to buy this quantity now she won't need to buy as much next time. She bypasses coupon use limits by splitting her purchase into multiple transactions. If they can't accept a coupon for any reason she becomes aggressive and tries to bully them into accepting it anyway. I have seen her reduce at least one cashier to tears. There is simply so much (to put it bluntly) absolute bullsh*t that she pulls that you must speak with the employees to get the full run-down. I have talked with them about her and was told that they had reported her assorted activities to their district management team multiple times and were informed that the higher-ups were "doing things to deal with her" but that they didn't know what and that they were told to just deal with this woman until whatever was being done was done. To me, the fact that this has been going on for SEVERAL YEARS and nothing at all has been done about it yet speaks to nothing less than complete incompetence on the part of district management. This woman is stealing from Rite Aid and it's customers, is clearly committing criminal fraud, and causing a toxic environment for everyone whenever she is in the store. Rite Aid, your employees are wonderful, so for their sake I beg you to please, PLEASE ban this horrible person from all of your stores.

Posted by Anonymous

Rite aid store in rowland heights California.
Please provide shopping carts for your customers so that we don't have to go looking for them in the parking lot. This store has a heavy Asian population and a heavy homeless population they like to take the carts away from the store and they get filthy dirty, plus the carts are extremely, extremely, yes I typed it twice to drive my point across nasty, nasty dirty carts that you don't want to put your hands on the bar across the cart. I complained about this before but apparently my request was unanswered.

Posted by llockgirl

To Whom It May Concern-I shop at the Lower Mills pharmacy store in Boston, Ma. I would like to thank Shawan for her awesome c/service!!!She is polite, understanding, and patient. There have been times when I would mentally loose it and she was always professional.I appreciate her kindness. She is truly an asset to your company. Thanks, S.Bender

Posted by Elsie

I would like to thank two pharmacist

working in the Frazer store, The service

and pleasant nature of these two DR's is commendable they go out of their way to assist.They are ujjala mittal,minaxi kyada.please let them know how much they are appreciated.

Posted by sandals

I enjoyed working for Rite Aid as a pharmacy technician. I have worked at eleven different locations (I moved a lot) and the vast majority of pharmacists I worked with were very thorough and compassionate. I feel like when I've gone into other pharmacies for prescriptions, I didn't always get the same quality of service as at a Rite Aid. Staffing issues are perhaps the biggest problem. This naturally sabotages the "15 minute Rx" promise. 15 minutes is hard to promise when insurance, counseling, and medication are involved. It's not pizza we're providing- it's more critical to fill a prescription correctly than super quickly.

In general, Rite Aid is a very good company with caring employees. I do recommend them to friends and family.

Posted by mrshankie7000

your employee Kelly is a wonderful and pleasant girl. always polite and joyful. she is my favorite cashier and I always look forward to seeing her.

Posted by Anonymous

On Apr 7 (Sunday) I emailed prescriptions refills to my rite aid in Butler PA 00754. On Monday Apr 8 I phoned my rite aid 00754 to let them know I wanted delivery on that order. I called at 8:00 am and didn't receive an answer. I called again at 8:05 am and got a girl. I explained I wanted delivery on those refills. She replied it was too late! How could it be too late at 8:05 am on a Monday? She said it would be delivered on Tuesday Apr 9. I waited and it did not come. I called again Tuesday and they said I had not confirmed delivery for Tuesday (which I explained I had). So they said it would go out Wed Apr 10. Again I waited all day. When it did not come, I called Wed Apr 10 at 5:30 & asked if all deliveries had gone. Again mine had not gone. They said they would send the next day (Thursday Apr 11) & I refused saying I would find transportation and pick it up.
Yesterday, Apr 18, I got a call saying a prescription was ready, would I call back to confirm for delivery. I decided to go in today to pick up. I got there and was told I had no order there.
I don't know what is going on but these girls don't know their job. The older woman who knows her job works the afternoon and didn't know there was a problem. I am pulling my prescriptions from Rite Aid and going with K Mart, which is much closer and in walking distance.
I have been with Rite Aid for 20 yrs and very surprised at the level of incompetency in hiring young girls that mess up orders so much. I thought you should be advised.

Posted by Marjorie

So far I have found the Rite Aid Store in Jaffrey, NH to be one of the 2 best pharmacies that I have ever dealt with. The pharmacists and supporting staff are friendly, helpful and are usually extremely quick. The only negative is at times they do not keep enough of certain meds in stock and sometimes it can take 2 days for them to restock it and since insurance makes you wait until the last minute, if you need to take a med everyday this can present a serious problem. The store manager is extremely helpful with issue resolution on other issues.

Posted by Diaz

To Whom it may concern,
It is with great pleasure that I write this email. This is concerning your employee Maria Gallegos, from your Rite Aid Pharmacy (located on 6305 York Bl., Los Angeles CA). Our mother Viola Diaz passed away from Pakinsons on 3/19/12, before that time Rite Aid filled all her medications, for several years. We noticed that Maria had extra patients with whom ever came to your store. She always made it a point, whether it be for our mother or anyone else that came to the store to refer us to the Pharmacist, so that we would gain knowledge of the Meds., but was always humble and never pretended to know more than she could offer. Please understand, it is very seldom, that I take time to write such an email, but there is always and exceptional person we meet in life, that should be acknowledged for her intellegence and excellent customer service. Respectfully, Dianna Merchant

Posted by Anonymous

better than any wallgreen i've ever been in. The rite aid pharmacy is the only one i will ever go to. they make me feel like family and they care. the best

Posted by Anonymous

Very Satisfied

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Posted by Anonymous

I live in Shasta Lake, Ca. and the pharmacy dept. is always behind this last time my meds. were to be ready on Monday at noon I went in Wednesday at three and they were not done. They said they get started on them and they would have them in 45 minutes. I had a meeting so could not wait. So I couldn't wait so I have to make another trip. This is not the first time this has happen. Please help correct this problem. Thank you. Birdie Brazil

Posted by Bibi Azeem

I would like to speak to someone in human resource or your ethics dept about sexual abuse in one if your rite aid store plus the unlawful termination of you associates and why all the family members are working in one store or in different store and terminating all long term associates and bringing in their family
I would like to hear from you and if I don't a law suit wil be in sffect plus a write up on Facebook and any other social media there is out there

I am a parent and very disgusted
With your company at this time

Posted by Not happy I worked there

I was hired by Rite Aid within the first week of December and while filling out paperwork I told the manager he was inputting my DOB wrong and instead of correcting it with a keystroke, he responded: "Nah, let someone else up there figure it out and correct it". Within 3 days when I reported to work for my first day of training the store manager said: "Oh, I forgot I had hired you. The interview process was a joke so I can understand why he had forgotten. Thank goodness I have been in a professional field for years so I knew that I had to ask questions. I didn�t expect him to not even have a name badge ready and have to ask for that as well. I was never shown the store or the way things were done. Never given a brief summary of expectations. I had inquired to be a cashier and there was an opening for a frontline cashier. However, I was placed in the pharmacy, to which I stated I did not have any experience in that capacity. Then, a cashier that was �temporarily� helping out in pharmacy trained me for two days. On day three, I was on my own. I had to interrupt the pharmacist and pharmacy techs for any assistance. So, while they are trying to fill scripts and answer clinical calls and do their tasks, on day three, I had to cashier, stock meds, answer drive through calls, file med scripts, call out all customers with 13 day shelved meds and answer phones. All this with two days of training.
The tension in the pharmacy was overwhelming. Customers were always unhappy and expressing their dissatisfaction. The most appalling part of my four-day experience before I quit was the store manager's attitude. He walked in the pharmacy to scold me about a complaint regarding my perfume. He did this loud, blatantly and also added he felt that it was strong as well. No constructive private conversation whatsoever. When log in was not working, I had to seek him out to understand what was going on, he did not resolve the issue nor proactively advise me as to how to log my hours. When I did have to write out my hours because I wouldn�t be in the system for two more days, the store manager acted upset because I bothered him about my hours. The store manager is rude and does not take the time when hiring a new employee to explain anything whatsoever. I felt like I was dumped into the pharmacy and that was that. I will not only never work at Rite Aid, I refuse to ever shop there again.

Posted by New Appalled Employee

I became employed by Rite Aid in March 2014. Day One. Store Manager Did not give me any training instead brought me over to cashier that was working introduced us and then I was told by the cashier that, "I had NO Idea I was going to Train You" This is how they do things! I was told by the coworker "Feeding You To The Wolves" Method. Then sarcastically said "Welcome To Rite Aid" By afternoon on my first day with NO Training what so ever the Store Manager said after my half hour break. It is time for you to "Ring" I was horrified I had NO IDEA What I was doing!!! How can someone that just begins a job be completely alone on Register without knowing the "Western Union" "Money Transfers" "Kid Cents" and so much more. I thought to myself. Does this Store Manager Not care about the Money of this "Store" ??????

The other very upsetting point. I was told one job pay rate and when it came to first day I caught store manager putting in a totally different amount and a lot less then what was discussed. I told Store Manager that this is not the rate of pay we discussed I said I did not agree to this I want to see in writing what I am going to be paid. From that moment on the "HEAT" was on. First Paycheck on a Friday I was shorted one full day of pay and went on Saturday in the morning told the Store Manager my concern and she said to me "Relax this Happens" especially with new employees! I said to her OH Really? "I keep everything recorded" I got a very mean look from the Store Manager.

I was told I was going to have to complete CBT's (Computer Basic Training) I only worked two mornings in the office on them and that did not give me enough time. I was only suppose to do CBT's while I was ringing at one register and Reading and doing CBT's on the next portal. This was virtually impossible because as soon as I signed on to training I would get a customer and would have to stop and ring.

My primary job is that of being a manager and I know for a fact that all these things that were happening was NOT RIGHT!

After a month I was told by shift supervisor that I had to do my CBT's and since I could not get them done by being up front I would have to do them in the back office to finish them up. I did as I was told and worked on the CBT's as directed. So after a month of working Rite Aid I finally found out what "Western Union" "Kid Cents" "Money Transfer" and other very important policies and procedures were and how to do them. I said to the Manager in Charge. "It would have been a lot easier if I was shown and trained on these certain things when I first started then it is now after an entire month. The Shift Supervisor said "We find it easier to train as we go" That would have been fine except every time I would call someone up to help me I would get an attitude and I would feel like a fool asking any questions so I held my breath every time I had to call up someone.

Because I asked questions and because I told them that in my Manager Role were I work Full-Time I never in my life have trained by the "Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants Method" Store Manager did not like this at all so I have been "Outed" I was originally working 3 days when I started this job I was very clear that I could not work evenings. This past week I was put on 1 shift and the hours are night hours which I can not work.

Who can I talk to about this. I am going to contact the "Department of Labor" I thought you could give me some advice as well.


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