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Ricoh customer service is ranked #631 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.46 out of a possible 200 based upon 82 ratings. This score rates Ricoh customer service and customer support as Terrible.


79 Negative Comments out of 82 Total Comments is 96.34%.


3 Positive Comments out of 82 Total Comments is 3.66%.

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  • Ricoh

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 27.46 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 79 negative comments (96.34%)
    • 3 positive comments (3.66%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 2.3 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 2.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Angry Customer

Service is soo poor! Service requests are closed with no tech ever showing up. No contact where a person can be reached. A week with no call back after a ticket was placed. Beware!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Invoices don't have any contact details other than a lady from the credit control team. Girl in my office has emailed once a month for coming up to a year now and did not get a reply until another member of Ricoh staff emailed the same address on her behalf. The response was unhelpful and completely ignored the query. Ensuring our company will find alternate supplier & will name and shame. Absolutely appalling customer services, makes you wonder how there are people out there struggling for work when such ill-equipped people have these jobs. I'm not sure if the ladies manager would be interested to know she's allowing accounts to become so overdue but looking at the other reviews I would highly doubt it. Will be raising an official complaint to higher management if this continues.

Posted by Ricoh

Ricoh is fail printer service but no response customers fake warranty ricoh products mein recoh group ko (10)me(0)no.

Posted by Jaa

We have been trying to reestablish a service contract with Ricoh after our previous contract expired. We started the process the 1st of February and we still don't have a contract as of 7/12/17. I called this morning again (have talked to many people who assure me each time that they will take care of it) and have been told once again that they don't know how it fell through the cracks but it will definitely get done today. :/ My suggestion to all is, DO NOT PURCHASE FROM RICOH. Terrible customer service.

Posted by Rlogan93

Worst customer service representative I have ever spoken to. I try to be polite as possible to people and the guy I talked to was just right out the gates rude, wasnt helpful at all, required that I give out a phone number before we go any further with him helping me so that he could *send out a technician* when I just had a simple question about their cloud printing app for chrome. When I finally relented, and asked for him to wait a minute while I went and got the phone number he needed, he hung up on me.
Hire better service representatives

Posted by reviewer

Ricoh puts profits over customer service by stretching their customer service team too thin in the name of efficiency. When they put shareholders profit over customer service, they are shooting themselves in the foot. They would rather fire someone who was doing a good job and replace them with a confusing robot phone system than pay health in insurance for an employee.

Posted by raj

i have purchased ricoh printer this year but it starts creating a problem printing black pages from the last 4 months i have registered a complaint for such problem but no solution has been made out till today ...having model no.- Ricoh SP210SU & serial ricoh worst company ever.. i have made a mistake by purchasing such worst printer of the worst company

Posted by Anonymous

Ricoh Service Department do not uphold their word. After having machine for around 4 years the service department will and can change mind about what meets specs on production machines, even if it clearly states you can run that paper in our service contract. They told us we could run cabonless paper and so for almost 4 years we did until a few months ago. We called for service and when tech came out he said we would have to pay out of pocket for the part, which was news to me, I told him no it is covered under our service contract. I was not paying for that part, so he came out the next day and put in the part knowing that I was not going to pay for it. Ricoh service department sent me a bill, they must be hurting for money. WHY HAVE SPECS OR A SERVICE CONTRACT IF THEY DO NOT HAVE TO UPHOLD THEIR END OF THE DEAL. I really just would stay away from this service department if you can.

Posted by Never buy Ricoh printers

Worst product, Pathetic Customer Care and fake company.

When I bought this product, a 3 years of warranty was committed to me but when I got an issue with the printer, Customer care registered my complaint and I got a call from a technician who straight forward denied to visit my premises to resolve the issue. I again called customer care and confirmed about the warranty, initially ricoh representative accepted that my product is in warranty period but when I told him that your technician denied to visit my premises to resolve the issue then he put me on hold and after few mins of wait he said, that your product is not under warranty now and hung up the call.

Posted by JeezyD

Ricoh is a piss-poor company and I despise them. Their tech support customer service is the absolute pits. I just spoke with someone named Tim Fisher ext.16061 and he was the meanest & most condescending turd I have ever had the displeasure of having a conversation with. Shame on him. Shame on Ricoh ... repeatedly. Every single dealing with the company be it, billing service, or customer support is just AWFUL! I hate them!

Posted by Anonymous

Learned today that if you want to spend your day listening to an automated operator giving information on which number to push, just call RICOH. Still can not get through...

Posted by aficio so c232sf

we are a small business who depend on our photocopier to be in working order we phoned 8 weeks ago and was told a part would be sent out we are still waiting even we have rang several times

Posted by motherteresa dtp center

Ricoh 2001l Copire Machine Printing Very Well But Not Machine 20 Day Ago Problem But Not Berhampur

My Address

Posted by MP2001SP

Dear sir,

I have a RICOH photocopier machine Model No. MP2001SP and Sr No. installed on 06/04/2016. It is matter of regret that the machine is not working since 28/06/2016. I have lodged a complain vide No. 1338972 on 29/06/2016. I have confirmed by RICOH that service engineer will attend within 24 hour. But unfortunately after lapse of 120 hours, no one came to attend the fault. It would not be appreciable to get such type of service. Thousand questions arise on credibility of the company due to providing such type of poor service by the company. I request to superior executive officers to intervene the matter and direct to service engineer to attend the above complain immediately.

Thanks in anticipation.


S.S.Ranjan, Accounts Officer

on behalf of Principal IFA (Army-M)

Kashmir house, Delhi-110010

Posted by imdlmngr

Ricoh India - as a company its very good in Product range, Quatlity delivers and very supportive - but recently I had a very bad experience in intraction with Mr.Prem (South India Manager)- very rude,impolite and bad-mannered person -he doesn't have sense to even talk to the visitors and customers, Why the company is recruiting such people in sales who doesnt even have talking skill. Kindly take necessary action on him.


I Have Loss My Time & Money To Buy This Ricoh Printer, This Is Worst Company, How Can It Gote Award For Customer's Best Service & Best Company, Finally I Decide To Sell My 6 Month Old Printer (sp111su) In Just 1500 Rupees Only Just Cost 3 Refill Pack Of Toner Please Buy This Item ...

Posted by disappointed

We leased a Ricoh/Savin machine from a local printer sales company just a few months ago to replace a Xerox workcentre machine. Our goal was to get a reliable machine that would produce beautiful prints as well as a company who offered quick service when we had problems. (Xerox service would take up to three days even when we were completely down. And the used machine they leased us was already used up when it arrived - had many many problems so we had to call for service very often.)

After a VERY unhappy honeymoon period during which we had to switch out the originally delivered Savin machine with one of lesser value and quality (for the same lease price - yep, that means lesser machine for the same price), we're now fighting with the unfriendly middle man each time we order supplies. Not only so, we're still having technical difficulties - something about how the print driver works on our machines makes the driver insanely slow. I don't know if we have any wiggle room in our contract, but if it was up to me (I'm the one who uses the machine the most here in the office), I'd return it today - or push this monster out onto the highway and watch with glee as it gets smashed.

Overall experiences and first impressions have not been good. I would recommend NEVER getting one of these machines. It wounds me to admit I was wrong, but I now have to say that Xerox is a better machine than Ricoh/Savin.

Posted by Anonymous


Sainik Pariwar Bhawan,ITI,Rewari facing very bad experience with

Ricoh After Complaining again & again problem is still as it is before. Engineer of yours company did not find out any fault and remark it low voltage, which is not valid because our institution already run more powerful printers as well as computers. It is in warranty period but nobody bothers from UR well known company.

Posted by Jannie5757

After leasing a copier from RICOH for 20+ years I am downsizing my office and since my lease was up on the copier I notified the company and asked for it to
be picked up at my office.
Unbelievably, not only will they not pick up their equipment, they require me to package it and ship it to California (from Oregon) at my expense. Otherwise they will keep billing me the monthly charge under my lease.
It is difficult to find anyone to talk to and I am at my wits end. The copier is dated and not worth much at this point.
Other Copier Companies in out area pick up their equipment
Anybody else out there with this problem?

Posted by morrigu76

Pentax camera broken while on long term holiday. Customer service is not able to diagnose it in one country and order the missing parts to another country in order to repair it.

Posted by chandan

This is the most undesirable standards of after sales service provided by you and your service partners.
I have logged complaint since 09 March 2016 regarding my printer SP111 and from that day nobody has turned up to repair my printer.
Also somebody called from Nehru Place service center that he would visit on 11 March but again nobody turned up.
I have made a big mistake in purchasing a product from RICOH.
Your call center claims that customer will get service in 24 hours but you people are so lazy that even call back from the local service center is received after 24 hours of call login.

Posted by Anonymous

Ricoh cannot get a billing address correct even after 5+ attempts. The latest direction was to call in to tell them where to send the invoice. I called in to the customer service supervisor - took 9 minutes for the call center to pickup the phone. Another 5 minutes to tell me that the supervisor was in a meeting and would have to call me back - really? I work for a large company and Ricoh is a large company, wouldn't you expect some training to take place to handle at least the simple things?

Posted by gofukurself

I just spoke to someone who talked to me in a rude disgusting manner through ricohs help desk.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst service is provide by the company they not care about the customer time and Eve this employes made a fake commitment to come and get time but they didn't visit .

I have never suggest any one to buy this product.

There is no value of buyuer time and product quality.

Posted by Ricoh Complaints

Complaints About Ricoh!
Why You Should Never Do Business with Ricoh USA, Ricoh Business Solutions, or Ricoh Americas Corporation

Ricoh is a highly unethical company, which bills their customers by meter usage, as opposed to billing you a set price per month for supplies and services.

What Ricoh does is offer a trial period for the use of their office machines, to potential new customers. When a customer decides they do not want to move forward with Ricoh and not sign a service contract for the new machine(s), Ricoh picks up the machine(s), takes the machine, with usage already on it, now, from the trial customer, cleans the machine(s) up at their warehouse, and then resale it as a brand new, never used machine. Remember, the machine(s) now have usage on them from the previous customer.

When an unsuspecting customer purchases the machine(s), and signs a new contract with Ricoh for Service, they are later billed an exorbitant amount for copies they never made on the so-called new machines. Ricoh trains their installers (techs), to enter a very low start reading for billing, even though the machine(s) may have thousands of copies on the used machine, which were made by a previous customer, during a trial period. Any customer, who has only one, or two machines would see this scam right away and would call in to dispute the charges. However, a larger customer, with maybe 10, or more machines, would never catch the over charges and will be billed unknowingly,being ripped off by Ricoh. The company has thousands of large customers, whom they bill these exorbitant amounts of money for copies the customer never even made.

Another way they rip off their customers is that they will not enter an actual reading for a customer with, say a 2,000 base allowance. What Ricoh does is have their billing agents enter the same meter reading as the previous month, while the customer's actual reading is steadily going up daily. When the customer is billed three or four billing cycles later, it looks like they went over their 2,000 base allowances, but in reality, they didn't. This leads unsuspecting customers to increase their base allowance, thus increasing the amount of money they pay per month for supplies and service.

Yet, here's another way Ricoh rips off its customers. Whenever a customer leases equipment from Ricoh, they are billed from two separate entities. One is Ricoh Americas Corporation, which handles the leasing aspect of the account. The other is Ricoh USA, which handles the supplies and services of the account. Whenever a customer wants to cancel their lease agreement, Ricoh never comes to pick up the equipment. This leads the customer to continue to be billed for equipment they have requested to be canceled and picked up. Customer usually ends up in collections, disputing charges Ricoh refuses to remove from their account. This usually ruins the customer's credit.

Finally, here's another way Ricoh rips off its customers. Each Ricoh machine is tagged with an Equipment ID number (EID) and a Serial Number. When a customer calls in for supplies or services, they are asked for their EID, and or, Serial Number. Ricoh will delete, or change the EID, or Serial Number in the database, so that when the customer calls in for supplies or service, they are told they do not have a contract with Ricoh, as their number is not in the system. The customer usually ends up waiting for days, if not weeks trying to get service for a machine, on a service agreement they are paying for monthly.

You should never sign a contract with Ricoh, as it is extremely difficult to have them removed leased equipment off of your premises. The reason for this is because Ricoh measures its net worth by the amount of machines they have out in the field at customers' locations. The more machines they appear to have out in the field, the more valuable they appear to be to investors. A Ricoh sales rep will make many promises, which they cannot keep, as they do not control Ricoh's policies.

You have all rights to terminate any misleading contract you sign with them if you have experienced this with your Ricoh account(s). Contact you legal department, or lawyer, should you have any issues dealing with Ricoh.

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Posted by Anonymous

David Daniels came out to our Legacy Health clinic and was a Godsend... Always so nice, prompt, and efficient

Posted by Anonymous

Mr. Chet Brantley reresents your company well. He came in withing 3-4 hours of my calling and repaired and left in about an hour. He did a great job and we appreciate it

Posted by Anonymous

Today we had a ricoh engineer visit to maintain our photocopier. My colleague & I were both commenting on how thorough, well prepared, pleasant & efficient the visiting engineer was and decided it was worth noting.

Many thanks,

Neuropathology Staff, John Radcliffe Hospital

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