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Rheem customer service is ranked #279 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 40.38 out of a possible 200 based upon 43 ratings. This score rates Rheem customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


40 Negative Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 93.02%.


3 Positive Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 6.98%.

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  • Rheem

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    • 40.38 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 40 negative comments (93.02%)
    • 3 positive comments (6.98%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by New User

Purchase a Rheem Professional hot water heater in hopes of taking a warm shower. After installation igniter failed to work. Contacted customer support for assistance and tech support after several failed attempts the tech support person informed me he would send a tech of course I waited and returned a call to customer support who then informed me that I would not see the tech until Monday along with a new part. Monday rolls around and no tech or part. I contacted the support team and was informed the part had not been shipped due to the weekend. Therefore, I should have the part no later than Tuesday. No that Tuesday has passed I am hotter than hell, and no one has contacted me on the status. This is totally unsatisfactory. When you purchase a new product it is expected to work as designed. I will return this product to home depot tomorrow so you can deal with problem.

Posted by Brett Johnson

We Live In A Very Unusual Time In Our History.i Am A Senior Citizen And I Depend On Hot Water,i Leave A Message Of Hope, I Purchased A Rheem Water Heater And Had Pro Installation And Everything Is Working Great. Thanx For Making A Reliable Product Hot Water Is Very Important For Anybody,i Am So Gratefull For Your Work In Making A Great Product. I Am A Senior And I Know Have Hot Water,keep Working On The Best Products In The Universe.have A Great Day.

Posted by auntlinda

I got a Rheem central air installed in 2016 and the very same day we turned it on it blew warm air. I called the guys who installed it, they came out and put a new alum. coil on it. It ran O.K. then and in 2017. Today I turn it on and the same thing warm air. Now they tell me it has a leak. I have to pay for the labor and coolant they put in and they have to find the leak. I am not happy at all. A new central air and now this. I sent an email to Rheem but not reply. I will never buy from them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I first tried sending an email to you but was unable to submit it so I went to the phone number printed on my water heater. I was directed to one of your customer service representatives. My question was, I have a 75 gallon Rheem water heater model number XZ75TO6FT76UO with an input of 75100 BTU's so what is the square inch requirement for outside air venting. Your representative was unable to answer my question but said that the venting requirement is in the installation manual. I beg to differ on that one as the manual I got with the water heater is some sort of generic piece of paper that doesn't address the ventilation size. As a matter of fact I can not find the name Rheem anywhere on this raggedy piece of paper. This is totally useless as an installation manual of any sort. I bought this water heater at Home Depot and would like to know if they substituted this generic manual for the original manual as I cannot believe that a responsible manufacturer like Rheem would allow a generic type manual to be distributed with any of their products. All I really need is the square inch requirements for outside air venting for this product. Thank you.

Posted by Roy

I have the Rheem Marathon hot water heater with lifetime warrantee. I called the day before Christmas and was approved a new one. It is now January 22nd and not one has even been shipped out. I've been on the phone for over 3 hours (two waiting) and an hour being transferred around. No one knows what is going on. Asked to speak to a manager, and I'm still on hold (45 minutes later). Had I known it would be over a month to get a replacement from this company I would have come out of pocket a long time ago to buy a different one. Obviously I bought a smaller unit to function somewhat, but now I'm depending on this smaller unit that I can no longer use once (IF) a new one ever gets shipped out. I can't believe they are still in service. Home Depot needs to DROP their line! Oh, they just picked up and I was transferred to the wrong department.... back on hold.

Posted by Anonymous

The wait time for support is ridiculous!! I've called several times, waited over 30 minutes, and gave up. All I needed is a warranty replacement part. Very disappointed with Rheem! What's the trick to getting through to you guys?

Paul Wozniczka

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible company, terrible customer service. I have a 50 gal may gas water tank worked great for 6 months and now I can take a 10 min shower and no one can get in behind me. They keep telling me it's my fault I have a cross connection. Well i didn't change anything in house since I installed the new tank. It's a joke rather than say sorry let's get you a new tank we would like to keep you as a customer I keep getting well it's your fault. My tank will produce 50 gallons 1 time but will not reheat at a rate that will allow someone to take a shower after. I didn't buy a new tank so that my kid can shower then my wife has to wait 2 hours. I've got the tank turned to the hottest setting on hopes that we can make the 150 Deg water last longer while mixing with the cold, and it's completely unacceptable. The tank worked great when it was installed for around 6 months and now it's garbage, all I'm asking for its what I've paid for as a customer a product that works.

Posted by Troy phillips

I had boughten a Rheem back in 2007 I've had nothing but trouble after the fifth year warranty ran out I replaced fan motor electronic device on the side of the presser the compressor is out now going to cost anywhere from any where from 1700 or 3000 or buy whole new unit now my heater is going out motor bearing our are going out so pretty much this whole thing is junk in ten years time I'm a little upset about the poor quality and customer service that we got through one of your contractors Hanna here in Andover Kansas we paid a lot of money for this back in 2007 somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 Grand if not more with five year warranty new ductwork to if this the kind of service and junk you guys sell I'll never buy Rheem again the price range is anywhere between 5500 up I got hot water tank last longer in than your piece of junk I want you sell for scrap metal hot water tank was 35 years old something that is cheap you think went last that long somehow another your top quality junk didn't even last that long barely ten years I want a response and how we can resolve this matter

Posted by Officially Rheem'd

I called RHEEM Cust Service and was put on hold for 15min. After 15min they just hung up. That is so awesome when you can just hang up and not answer a very simple customer service question. I'm afraid if that is the attitude of customer service, and they are the ones who are supposed to act like they care, what do the workers who build their products feel about their work and do they care about the quality. Guess not based on the feedback on this forum.

Posted by Therold

I have been a Plumber for over 10 years now and have never had a call back on water heater installation until Rheem. 3 different customers, one, surprise surprise is yours truly. I have replaced parts on mine 4 times (granted the parts come from Rheem for free, but who wants to go through the hassle of waiting days without hot water, free parts or not) and it is still less than a year from the date of purchase. The last one started leaking internally in slightly more than a month and Rheem asked me to drain it and take it back to Home Depot.That is another irritating part of these situations, most of the problems are associated with the ignition area and in situations where you have to replace it, which in my case was 3 times, you are required to completely drain the water heater. Mine is 75 gallons x 3 times. What a waste of water. I've sworn never to use their water heater again until I see positive reviews. Nice Customer Service on their water heater support area though whenever I call with any situation, truth be told.


Rheem- Some Bullet Points on their Customer Service AND their Equipment

-aahhhhhh; 27 minute wait time

-robotic woman offer no apologies and no caring in her voice

- Our unit 15 seer series is less than 3 years old

- We have a 10 year manufacturer warranty and a 3 year warranty for cooling maintenance, heating maintenance and refrigerant R-410A through Orangtuan Home Services

- There are several class action lawsuits against Rheem for the exact parts that broke

- Our valve that releases the refrigerant has gone bad

- There was a factory mistake in the soldering which caused a leak that drained out all 17 pounds of our refrigerant.

- A $2100 repair cost even with the manufacturer's warranty.

- RHEEM will NOT reimburse us for labor or refrigerant costs

- Orangutan Home Services quoted us a price that was 33% higher than any of the other companies out there and is NOT honoring any pieces of our 3 year warranty with them

-spent 45 minutes on the phone with Rheem only to have them put me on hold again and then HANG UP ON ME

-from everything I have read this unit is a lemon, RHEEM is a crap company and Orangtuan Home Services are a bunch of rip off artists. We will likely have to replace this unit eventually, being out another $8900 dollars.


Posted by JK

Worst water heater ever!!! Purchased and installed 11/15/2016. Stop pruducing hot water 12/8/2016.Replaced one that was installed in 2014.License bonded plumber used.Facebook here I come!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased two a/c units from Rheem 1 and 1/2 years ago. The one for the upstairs has never worked and I have had to have service people out several times for it. The net result was that I had to spend over $1,000 to replace the coil because it was cracked and the freon was leaking out of it. Had a miserable summer as a result. The worst of all of this is that this weekend, the second a/c unit went bad and I had to have a service man out over the 4th of July weekend. I suspect that the condenser coil on the second unit is also bad. DO NOT BUY RHEEM. The product is horrible and you will be frustrated with a cooling unit that doesn't cool your home. I too called the service department to express my concerns. The woman was rude and simply stated that they could do nothing and that I would have to work through the contractor.

I have had another manufacturer's a/c units at my primary home for over 10 years and have NEVER had to call a service man. In my opinion, Rheem should be ashamed of themselves. $10,000+ later, I will probably rip these units out of my summer home and purchase new from someone else.

Posted by Anonymous

I actually have never made a comment about any product that I have ever used before today. I also have never been this angry nor this frustrated with any product, no matter what quality,before. I bought a house in 1991 which had a Rheem water heater. After 23 years, that water heater finally gave out. Feeling very satisfied with the longevity of the Rheem water heater and the lack of any issues with it, my husband and I decided to purchase another Rheem. We bought a top of the line "Platinum" water heater. All went well for approximately one year. Then we received a recall letter from Rheem stating that there were issues with the thermostat control panel and they were conducting a voluntary recall in order to replace these panels that could possibly cause a fire in our home. We followed the instructions and had our thermostat control panel replaced. This is when our troubles began. For a minimum of five times, our water heater turned itself off requiring me to remove the control panel and insulation in order to reset the panel. Last night, this procedure did not work and my husband and I were left without hot water. This morning, a Friday, I called and spoke with a pleasant young woman who confirmed that our replacement panel that was in stalled to fix the recalled panel was dysfunctional and ordered us a new one. She also said that since we were ordering this part before the 2pm cutoff, it should be shipped today and, in fact, could possibly arrive today. She told me that if it did not arrive by 6pm to call back and ask for a tracking number. The panel did not arrive and so, as suggested, I called Rheem customer service again... it was at this time I was told that the panel was not shipped out.. we would not receive a new panel before Monday. Now we are forced to live without hot water, despite spending a lot of money for a Rheem water heater, for an entire weekend. The woman I spoke with, Stephanie, reluctantly sought a supervisor for me to speak with. The supervisor, Ryan,confirmed all the information that Stephanie had already conveyed to me. The bottom line after our very frustrating conversation was that Rheem was unwilling/unable to assist me and confirmed that we would not have hot water until Monday.. at the very soonest. This did not seem to bother Ryan, Rheem's representative. When I asked for the phone number for the corporate offices for Rheem, he said he only had an address (which was on the recall letter that I had received) and refused to look the number up on the internet...I do intend to follow up with the corporate offices of Rheem...I am very sure that I will never purchase another Rheem product and I will strongly advocate to everyone I know that they also never purchase a Rheem product.

Posted by [email protected]

Bought AC unit 2 years ago
Coil evaporator, bearings in compressor,, motor went out---company working on unit said under warranty but I have to pay labor?
Not fare for top of line unit and is this unit a lemon?

Posted by a14raustin

Customer service subject was rude, shirt and not helpful. I had to call back more than 4 times and the customer service person in question left me on hold for over 15 min when I asked for a supervisor. It then transfered me to the closed recording. I will never buy anything that says rheem on it again.when this water heater fails I will replace it with anything but rheem as this is a company that does not care about their customer in any wayour, shape or form.

Posted by mmayer110

The number does not work . This is a lot of nonsense. I would not buy another Rheem product if it was the only one in the world.

Posted by Anonymous

I am interested in finding the noise level of a Rheem M6350ti model in decibels. I cannot find anything in the catalog specs.

Thank you,

Don Wilbur
[email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

If this Japanese owned company has a class action lawsuit against it; then something is wrong. & if you indorse this company then you are a noncaring employee. You are selling Japanese junk in America. I have had 2 "new" units within 14 months & my unit is not working to this day:11/03/15. This company is full of liars & thieves. Call me!!!!

Posted by ShawnMichael

Do not buy Rheem. I am right there with everybody else on these products. My unit is extremely noisy which was a specific, in writing demand by me during the buying process to get a quiet unit. But my unit is "working" properly so they don't know what to do. Technician is a fool and scratches his head and mumbles the whole time and now wants to start swapping parts at my expense. He doesn't even know what the problem is but wants me to pay to start swapping parts. I asked him what if the parts don't work. His response was, well I can sell you the new 5 ton 16 for $4200 and I'll take yours. $4200 for the outside unit AND you take my new/old unit to resell? I paid you $9k for the whole house, ducting and all! They have missed appointments and now they won't even answer my call. And I'm still under warranty.

What's Rheem's response you may ask ... This is between you and the contractor. You need to contact them. They absolutely refuse to stand behind their products or their installers. Insist that they are third parties and they have no influence whatsoever.

Posted by Coil failure

I purchased an entire Rheem HVAC system in 2011. Today I was told the evaporation coil is leaking. I will have to pay $1293 do replace it. There is a class action lawsuit against Rheem for selling units with this defective coil. They apparently know about it and are still selling the defective product. Their response is they are replacing the coil and I will have to pay the $1200 plus to cover the labor costs. I would NEVER buy a product from this company. They are selling defective products and then expecting consumers to pay to fix them.

Posted by Anonymous


Do not purchase a RHEEM! Do not purchase ANY HVAC system that does not have a 5 or 10 year PARTS PLUS LABOR WARRANTY. If the warranty does NOT include labor it is worthless.

I purchased a 13 SEER RHEEM 5.0 TON A/C - Heat Pump for a total cost of $6200 in 2014.

14 months later, the unit stopped cooling and the installer (Alaskan Home Services) wanted $1200 to replace the "TXV" thermal exchange valve. However the "part" was "free" because it was covered under warranty. Ha ha haaaa ... A free $80 part but they want $1200 to install it.

What a total joke. Looking online and calling other HVAC companies, I had the unit repaired for $800 but this will be the first and last RHEEM.

I would advise against buying a RHEEM model rqnm-A060JK and would call around if someone attempts to tell you your unit needs a new thermal exchange valve. Especially on a unit less than 2 years old. Imagine buying a $40,000 car and having the dealer tell you they need $8,000 for labor to make a simple repair. But the parts are "free".

That is the math Alaskan Ai ].

Posted by Anonymous

had a rheem ramd 036jaz compressor installed in my house about 8 years ago.. less than 10 years and now the compressor coil has a leak. is that covered thy the warranty and if not cost of that particular part...t0 be replaced....

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a brand new Rheem 3 Ton 16 Seer Central Air Conditioning system In January of 2014. Within 6 Months the system broke down. This occured on a weekend during Summer in Florida. My house was 90 degrees all weekend. The installer came out and advised that the TXV valve had failed and they replaced it. When they system was 16 months old it broke down again. Also on a weekend and also in the middle of summer. I paid for emergency service. The technician came out and advised that the compressor had failed. I hired a different licensed contractor to come out and give a second opinion. He also advised that the compressor had failed. I contacted Rheem and they stated they would only be providing the part. The total cost for labor and freon was $1263!! Thats insane that a customer would have to spend that kind of money on a system that isn't even 2 years old yet. Obviously Rheem is making the same kind of quality that they have in the past. And clearly they don't stand by their product or try an take care of their customer when the product fails prematurely. I will never purchase another Rheem product. I'm part of a large homeowners association and I will be letting everyone in the community know about my experience with Rheem as well.

Posted by Anonymous

I spent approximately $5000 on a Rheem a/c and furnace. In less than 60 days, the unit has stopped working properly. The unit has frozen and water is leaking in the attic of my garage. I am getting no cooperation from anyone. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I’m a retired contractor. 25 years doing everything but block work. Always volunteer and people get in touch if they know someone that needs help. Always ready to help someone that genuine needs help. My father in law has a care giver. Single Mom and her Mother live in a house they are buying under land contract. A lot of hard luck has left them from pay to pay. When I found out their water heater leaked to the point it wouldn’t relight I jumped in to help. Allen Adams has been prompt and professional and you can tell he cares about his customers. I hope you have others like Allen because he is a gem. A great example of how customer service should be! Thank You Allen Adams!. ps bought my first Rheem water heater a couple years back and it completely outperforms any water heater I have ever had. And at 61 I’ve had quite a few. Will always be a loyal customer and I tell everyone about the heater and will about the customer service.

Posted by Nick

three pictures, serial no, model no of unit and 30 minutes, resulted in a new piece of equipment, no hassle, easy as pie. thx

Posted by Gs

You people are all wrong. What you dont get is that rheem manufactures components for hvac systems. The hack that you hired is the one who built your "system" theses systems are not refrigerators that you roll up and plug in. They are built on site at your home. Next time research the company you are hiring to build your system, not one of the companies who makes one of the parts in YOUR hvac system in YOUR HOME. people get bids and go with the cheapest or a particular brand are misinformed and should shop professionals who outline terms clearly. You are buying the company who puts in your system, not the brand condenser they use. Next time, dont call rheem, call the "reputable" company you hired to build your SYSTEM

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