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Rhapsody customer service is ranked #385 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 35.19 out of a possible 200 based upon 154 ratings. This score rates Rhapsody customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


142 Negative Comments out of 154 Total Comments is 92.21%.


12 Positive Comments out of 154 Total Comments is 7.79%.

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  • Rhapsody

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    • 35.19 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 142 negative comments (92.21%)
    • 12 positive comments (7.79%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Jackie

Just paid my bill service is still not on can you explain why? Just spoke with Tony

Posted by tamvk

Your Customer Service phone number does not work. I have been billed for an account I never set up and have not been able to reach anyone from your company. I am going to dispute this with my bank. I do not know how you can run a company without any way to speak to a human being on the phone when my account is being billed.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried several times to contact someone with the phone number listed. The number is not a working number. Can you please update your information or email me with a correct number. Very dissatisfied with your service.

Posted by pamwil[email protected]

Well you cancelled my service on a Saturday cuz I needed to replace a lost card. I changed my account online...but you didn't reinstate my service!!! Your website is poor. Chat should be available on weekends... especially since you gave option to update my account!!but did NOT reinstate my service. Just rude! I depend on the music for meditation and relaxing.
I am soooo irritated.

Posted by Anonymous

I joined Rhapsody several years ago, but cancelled my membership about 2 years ago. Due to my lack of attention to looking at my bank statements, I saw that Rhapsody was still charging me for over a year. I tried several phone numbers, and none of them work. I then filed a claim with my bank. They also froze Rhapsody from my account so they can no longer charge my account. I urge everyone to do this. You don't need to change your bank account. The claim resolution from my bank said that the charges are too old for them to complete the complain. I am now out of a lot of money. RHAPSODY IS NOW A SCAM!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm really mad. I can't use the ap. The icon is fine can't redownload it's fine there too. Can't call no numbers work. But yet you still charge my card every month. The way I see it someone owes me some money.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service number does not work and there is no were on the website to cancel service after my credit card has been charged.

Posted by Anonymous

I need to know why my Rhapsody Match Song is not working.the message that comes up is-- Rhapsody is unable to connect. Pkease look into this.

Posted by Anonymous

For A pretty long time now, I have subscribed to RHAPSODY!!!

I checked today and found that I no longer have my ICON!!!

HOW do I get it back???

Ray Downs

Posted by Anonymous

Spent an hour trying to contact rhapsody customer support in order to change my credit card info. Dead ends everywhere. I know they were acquired by Napster, but Napster has no phone support. They advertise live chat support, but I cant find the link to access that either. What a mess! Are they not interested in getting paid by their Rhapsody customers? Guess I'll find out when my credit card is declined bc I couldn't update the info...

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, my name is hazel livingston, I have cancelled my subscription two months ago. But I notice today that you guys still took 9.99$ from my account...o try calling customer service but they the number is wrong ...I would appreciate if you would return my funds back.. . I have contacted my bank account alraedy...

Posted by Anonymous

This is some crap ive tried and tried to call the phone number this call can not be completed what the hell is goin on.i need to update i need to down load..are they not in buisness any more??????i am truly aggravated

Posted by Rhapsody

I accidentally deleted my Rhapsody music app I have lost all my songs that I download I have been a member of the old rhapsody now your name is Napster I have call the number but know one answer I can I save all my music and get the app back.customers service does not answer.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to contact you several times. Your phone number does NOT work!

I will no longer be responsible for bills and neither will he!

You blocked his account after refusing our denial of your bill after having tried to cancel.

Mary W. King

Posted by 747

I've Called The Phone Number Of Your Website / Customer Service And Out Of The Three Times I Dialed I Received The Same Message All Three Times The Number Is Wrong!!! Now I Need To Speak To A Live Person Asap.

Posted by Michele

I have read the comments posted here long enough to know few people are satisfied with Rhapsody and/or the switch from Rhapsody to Napster. The company's (Rhapsody's) promise that Napster will be the same service as what Rhapsody offered and what we are paying for is absolutely not true. I believe we have enough people with the same complaint to consider a class action suit. There are even FEWER selections of certain artists on Napster, instructions on how or where to save your music are obscure at best (as with Rhapsody we had a very functional library, clear instructions) even to the point of not being able to set up a playlist without interrupting the current selection playing. The very up front and center Customer Service phone number than doesn't work was the last straw for me. Those of us who paid for Rhapsody for years have taken a GIANT step back and are PAYING THE SAME MONEY. I personally am checking into Spotify and Google Music. Let them have there 34 countries - what with 10-15 people in each?

Posted by Anonymous

You lie. That's not your phone number. Doesn't work. I want to cancel rhapsody. Can't seem to find out how. You are a rip off!

Posted by Anonymous

I am infuriated!!! You KEEP robbing my playlist!!! Most recently, the God's Not Dead sound track!!! What's up with that??? Maybe it's time to try someone else... I may not get what I want from them, but I'm NOT GETTING IT WITH YOU EITHER!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Help!!!! I'M getting charged twice on my Bank acct.for RhapsodyI don't have that phone any more.it was the Samsung.I have a Galaxy now and I want to keep it on there if you could please help me to cancel one of them on my Bank acct. my phone number on the other one is the same number. Could you please contact me so we can this figured out.Thank you Victoria Pain.

Posted by Anonymous

My credit card has been charged 2 months in a row for your service which I never ordered. I need to get this cancelled and my card reimbursed. I can't cancel it in line because I don't have an account.

JoAnn Rossettii

Posted by Ped

Hi. I am having the same problem like everyone else. I called SANDISK up to find out why my MP3 player is not connecting to Rhapsody. Only to be told to contact them since the problem is on your end. I tried called but the phone number is no longer in service. It's that the way RHAPSODY does business ??? Just leaves people hanging ?? This is NOT ACCEPTABLE OR PROFESSIONAL !! I'm very disappointed in RHAPSODY! PLEASE FIX !!!!!!

Posted by Themanna7

Your customer service support number is no longer in service and my service is shut off for some reason what number do I call to speak to an actual human and I need this number ASAP

Posted by Anonymous

Help.. I am suppose to get your service free with T Mobile. How can we do that. Cindy Rivendell

Posted by Anonymous

I have email won't go thru tried calling only busy too busy to help me my music won't play the title of recored music is there pic icon black only loading not ever playing its nogood Teresa sechrist can't fix it take it back today

Posted by Rhapsody

I have tried to contact you all by phone. I cancel my account with you all because I will not deal with a company I can't contact by phone. You all are rip offs that's my believe. If you all take money from my account I will get a attorney on rhapsoda. Contact me if no answer just leave a message. I will get back to you shortly.

Thank you

Miss Cecelia honeycutt

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Posted by The Mack Is Back

I forgot to cancel, but they were cool. The helped me and refunded a month, even though they didnt have to.

Posted by 1poiuyt3

Great service. I had a problem with the iphone app. I got a quick and simple answer, worked perfectly. Come to find out all the answers were at

Posted by Lisa

The telephone service was excellent. I am a long time member and enjoy Rhapsody.

Posted by flyershottie

Very easy to work with. As a seasoned CSR/call center agent, I know how hard it is to resolve issues with impatient/frustrated customers. Please try to be understanding when calling Rhapsody or any other call center. They are there to help you.

Posted by bigstv5

Okay I was doubled charged on my account. I called support said he would refund my money and give me another 14 day free so I hope the outcome is successful or they will be getting a callback. Support was nice but the outcome of the situation is what I'm worried about

Posted by Keith

Rhapsody got back to me and refunded everything. They were very nice about this
transaction I understandthe are very busy with the change so stay with it. I an going to join Rhapsody after all as I enjoy listening to music.

Posted by matindelray

I contacted rhapsody.com and immediately was connected to a customer service rep. He explained why I was charged in error and agreed to credit my account within a few business days. So far, so good. When I learn how to utilize rhapsody to fill my new MP3 player (with the help of some family members savvy to such things), I would definitely give them another shot.

Posted by Anonymous

support was nice for my first time calling. how ever some one should up date the hours of operation time. its a monday and 7:45, yet i was still able to get some one and rather quickly.

Posted by msmusco

3/29/11 - Rhapsody has now decided that when you buy one song they hold $10 from your account. I use a debit card and that comes from my bill money. I called customer service and found out that this is their new policy so be careful! I intend to complain about this and hope you all will too.

Posted by nakita0013

Hey, I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Was having trouble big time, I'm a new user and couldn't get sign in or anything. Got ur phone number and in 3 whole min. I was talking to a Tech. Who transferd me to LEO. In min he had the problem solved and from there it was smooth sailing. I realy like you service and the 14 day free trial sold me.

Thank you,

Posted by JoJo

This "IS" the most user friendly site.
Finding it is another story!

I wanted to talk to a real person. Rhapsody.com does not offer a number to call.. only an email address.
Luckily,I know my way around the internet and simply "Googled" for the number.
Once I located this site, I dialed the number and got customer support without any hold time at all.
I was very satisfied!
My only question is:
Why doesn't Rhapsody simply display the phone information along with their "about us" info, eliminating wasted time having to surf for a contact?

All in All, it "was" a good experience!

Posted by Anonymous

great customer service

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