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Regions Bank customer service is ranked #524 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 400 ratings. This score rates Regions Bank customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


379 Negative Comments out of 400 Total Comments is 94.75%.


21 Positive Comments out of 400 Total Comments is 5.25%.

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  • Regions Bank

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 30.65 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 379 negative comments (94.75%)
    • 21 positive comments (5.25%)
    • 5 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
    • 2.7 Reachability
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    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

This is the most difficult phone system I have ever encountered when trying to reach a human being. How is that done at Regions?
Jerry Scobee

Posted by Anonymous

I will NEVER refer another person to Regions bank again and plan on moving my account! I was talked to awful by so-called manager in the Calhoun branch and she made comments saying she had done alot of things to help me with my account when the only thing she did was add my husband to my account. They put a hold on a check from a local bank even though I have money in my savings account. They do not help with customers! Its all about money for them!

Posted by Richola Polston

I have spent two days & nights trying to contact Region's regarding my Debit card. I'm always told hold time is 10 mins. That's not true it takes much longer & still unable to connect.

Posted by brittanyx3lee

I emailed these people bc they took 108 dollars of overdraft fees out of my acct. and a so called supervisor called me and said there was nothing he could do and when I asked for a corporate number he said he didn't have it. It's a waste of
Time reaching out to these people!

We just had -23 on our account for not even 24hrs from an unexpected auto payment and my husband went
Out to put 129.00 in our account to bring it back positive and they decided to charge us 108.00 in overdraft fees from pending transactions we made while our acct was positive. We have the receipt from when my husband put
The 123.00 In the accct and it stated we had an available balance of 105.00 now it's -2.00 since they stole 108.00 from us ! DO NOT BANK WITH THESE PEOPLE!

Posted by Anonymous

You know I've been doing buisness with yall since 1991 when I started in buisness in Chisholm when yall were first al bank.first off called bonnie in alex city al, branch never got a call back talked to a lady in auburn after phone tag a couple of days. To get a line of credit increase from 5000 to 10.000 she said she checked and needs w2s for the last 2 years Wow" needless to say I just paid for my house off thru regions mort gage 60.000 I have a credit card thru regions 45000 only owe 6700.But anyway probly don't matter to yall but wanted to put a thought out there for a little customer satisfaction!!

Posted by unknown

I made a deposit with my check card which is linked to my checking account. The teller made a mistake and deposited to my daughters checking account instead. This transactions cause my account to be overdrawn by almost $200.00. I called the branch in North Augusta, SC to discuss my concern and get my account fixed. Brandy and Mark were very rude to me. Brandy was very curt, unapologetic, and showed no concern for me as a customer. She talked to me as if I was not a valued customer. I called back to ask for the regional manager. AT this time Mark, the manager answer the phone and asked if he could assist. I was explaining to him that I banked with Regions for a long time and know how the system works with my account. I check my account daily. He replied with a smart remark "Well if you check it everyday, you didn't check that she put it in the wrong acct" I informed him that was very rude. I then proceed to tell him that the transaction was done at 4:35pm. I don't immediately check after a deposit is made but I check every morning, reason for me calling now. I told them that I was going to close my account. He assured me that it was absolutely my choice to do so. I asked for the regional manager name and number. I could not reach him on the phone. I left a message. Well I called back to get his manager. Brandy answers the phone and explained there was no one above him. It didn't work like that. I said ok thanks. She hung up the phone without saying a word. I called back and informed her that she was very rude to me and combative. She persisted to over talk me while I was speaking. Then she hung up the phone in my face. I tried to call back and she would not answer the phone. I was treated very rude and provided poor customer service at this branch. The 800- number keeps you on hold for 20-25 minutes before a representative comes to the phone.

Posted by Ranyale

I was with Region's almost 20 yrs. I was paid late one one friday and had to deposit my check via ATM because I was going out of town and needed money the next day. Could not cash check due to amount. This was doing my gambling days so this is all I had. Needless to say, my money was held due to it being a suspicious check (what I was told) and that I had never deposited a check in this amount before. I advised the lady to whom I spoke with (bank manager, pearl, ms) that I deposited this same check in this same amount every 2 weeks. After a few words back and forth, she eventually released my check after a few things were returned. Soon after, I received a letter in mail, regions was closing my account due to a violation of some disclosure I signed when I opened acct 20 yrs ago. Really?

Posted by Ekvustcb62

I just wanted some over draft fees waved .because I had got a new debit card and old one was still active and they got me 264.00 next week later got me 186.00 they would not help me at all so soon as this month over I be going to my drectexoress card not have to worry about this bank getting all my money every month for over draft fees I can't see how I can get debit card and card supposed to be not active . Think again cause bank kept it activity cause they knew I had transactions pending so this how they got . Wow what a honesty bank I hope they get caught because I an in a set income now no money to live off of rest of this month hope they happy got getting my money in over draft fees when my debut card should have been dead .it not Active cause I had a new . It takes 5 to 7 days get new card. Do the nath in this bank when it come to over draft fees good luck to all you regions bank people cause jam done with this crooked bank by

Posted by Anonymous

Just as another person posting, I am concerned about Regions check hold policy. I made a deposit for my son at Regions after my bank said the cashiers check was a 'one day clearance' so no need for cash or a wire transfer. My son called Regions about the deposit, which was cashiers check from my bank across the street, and Regions said my son could have some of the deposit 'day after tomorrow' and then wait 10 days for the other part. I went back to my bank and was reassured that the cashiers check issued would be clear in a day and that Regions could call my banker to verity. I went to Regions an hour after the deposit was made but the banker refused to call my banker and refused to give me the cashiers check back so I could return with cash. Regions said the deposit had posted and, although not in my son's account until day after tomorrow and 10 days later, they could not un post so I could return with cash. I was alarmed and confused why so much time goes by with a cleared check without the funds available to the account holder. When I asked Regions the reason for holding a check that clears in a day I was told "it's their policy" and there was nothing more I could do other than accept their position. My advise, check, double check and ask every possible question you can think of before making any transactions with Regions knowing their policy, which they refuse to explain, appears different than other banks.

Posted by Banking

Branches are few and far between in terms of convenient locations,however the customer service is good. The back office on offers and client support is less then to be desired . I would suggest avoiding this institution.

Posted by Jacob_2012

I use Regions bank for 3 years and I can say that I am satisfied with its work. I think that it is a good bank. By the way, here you can find all information about Regions bank /bank/regions-bank/ Hope it will be useful!

Posted by Shakespeare1967

Regions bank customer service has bad service My online account locked for no reason. No help from customer service. I will be changing banks.

Posted by gin2772

If you live in Birmingham Alabama, don't ever go to the Regions at 193 Main Street in Trussville. There is a woman who works there named Linda Funderburke & treats everyone who she provides service to like they don't have a brain in their head & she even admitted it to me! She feels the need to point out every little thing to you like you can't read & you are retarded. She will just grab up your personal belongings without your permission, such as your checkbook & start filling out a check for you like she thinks you are too stupid to do it yourself & worse! This woman is horrible. I cannot they allow someone like her to work there. Please, go to another branch!

Posted by paul

Absolutely terrible in addressing poor customer service. Ill be closing multiple accounts as I have had it with this bank.

Posted by Anonymous

Regions automatic system inefficient!! It has taken me 20 minutes to activate my new card that was supposed to be sent out to me 20 days ago! Now I cannot activate my new card and I'm put on hold for an extra 10 minutes. Now I will be on the phone for 30 minutes because I'm told that my information that I'm entering does not match my records...Same information I have entered for the past years. Automatic system has asked me to enter information 3 times and there is not an option to speak to a representative. I had to call another number only to be put on hold an extra 10 minutes. Where is the Good Customer Service here? I'm about to switch banks!!

Posted by Wanda

At the Bainbridge Regions the tellers eat,read books, cross stitch and text all day long. Apparently, Management thinks this is appropriate behavior. They finish their agenda, then acknowledge the customer. Stellar service!

Posted by cxo

My mother wrote me a check from her regions account using regions check. I went to cash it and regions charged me a fee. That's not service! It was their check and they won't bully me into opening an account. That's sorry business.

Posted by Angela

My husband recently called Regions mortgage to inquire as to their interest rates. We are purchasing a new home. Apparently based on a phone, they automatically pull your credit without informing you and think this is legal. They "Do over the phone applications" all the time. He said he would get back with her and she did not inform him that they would automatically pull our credit. Now they won't take the inquiry off.

Posted by MikeW

I've went to Regions a few times in the past and they would never do anything for me because I didn't have an account there. That's understandable for thing like cashing checks, etc. But today they wouldn't change out a $100 bill because I didn't have an account there. That's ridiculous. I've gotten change many times from banks I don't have an account with, this is the first and only time I've been not able to do so. Out of all the times I went to Regions Bank I've never been served there.

Posted by Anonymous

I think it's awful that Regions don't have customer service after 7:00on. I'm sure that there are other people that commute and don't get home until then. There should be somebody there at least until 8:pm. I ordered package on line,was paid for in full (4.95). Check my account today, was charged 95.00 pending, can't do anything until bank open tomorrow charge will go thru tonite. That means I will be late for work,having to go by bank in person to make sure their lazy behinds can take care of this. Think I will go back to Bank Of America . Thanks for nothing Regions

Posted by frustrated

Why can't you get through to a real person. The so called support line should be renamed to customer aggravation line.

Posted by Raymond

These people are impossible to reach by phone. Their website will not allow me to set up access to my credit card account. There is no email address at which to reach them either. What gives?

Posted by Nicole

Worst customer service ever! Can't get anyone on the phone so I had to report my card lost online on a Friday night and over a week later I find out that it was never processed as lost. I reported it los tin person this time and I still don't have a new card. It's been over two weeks now and my frustration level is maxed out. I've opened an account with another bank. Good job running off a customer of 15 years!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Region's bank dropped the ball by not sending in a lien satisfaction and getting me my title. Now the car is totaled and I am having to do Regions' job for them. I have to call and ask them to send me the paperwork, I had to go to the tax commissioner office and hand in the paperwork and PAY for the corrected title. Now I have to wait 7-10 days for the state of GA to mail me a title. All the while, I can't be paid on my totaled car until I send the other person's insurance company the title. We have purchased a new car and now have to wait on paperwork to get reimbursed from the insure company. Some hits us, Region drops the ball and I'm still waiting for reimbursement. Oh and then when I asked to speak to the person who signed the lien satisfaction paperwork, I was told that Gary White is an officer of the bank and too busy to talk to me. I left my cell phone number and told I wasn't guaranteed a return phone call. Really? I'm not important enough.

Posted by Anonymous

Placed a hold on a check for nearly two weeks now. I filed a case with FDIC for investigation. I advise everyone to do the same.

I deposited a 1200 check nearly 2 weeks ago at the branch I use. It was in the after hours deposit like always because they close a 4pm every day and aren't open on weekends. A couple days later I logged in to my online banking to find the check was no longer pending but now posted...however the available funds did not reflect the posted check amount. I called the 800 number to inquire and found out there was a hold placed on the deposit. I asked what was the reason for the hold and was told "not sure, their system didn't provide that info". I called the lady who wrote the check and she later verified the same thing I had found, the check had cleared her bank and the funds were now in possession of Regions Bank. This was 2 days after the deposit. On day 8 of the check being held I went back in to my local branch and spoke with a rep. I asked the same questions and was told basically the same thing along with "we have not been able to verify the funds and once we do the hold will be lifted". Now I may be an idiot, but if Regions is now in possession of the money that has already been taken out of the BOA account...what more verification do you need? I wasn't happy with the lack of "help" I was getting so I started researching and found that the FDIC has a set of regulations banks mus adhere to in regards to deposits called Reg CC section 229 to be more specific. I found that the banks are legally bound to these "laws" they kept quoting while they were "helping" me, yet conveniently left out the specific parts they were violating.

They are required to make at least $100 of it available the following business day.

They are required to inform me of the hold within 24 hours.

They are required to inform me of the specific reason for the hold.

All of which Regions was continually failing to do either intentionally or through sheer incompetency. On the tenth day after the hold and being the 3rd attempt on my behalf to get some answers I went in to my local branch and presented these guidelines printed directly off of the Fed Reserves website. At this time I also informed them I planned to seek legal recourse and was threatened by the branch manager that she was going to call security. I told her to go ahead and call security and I would add a mental anguish suit for publicly humiliating me. She didn't call security, the first thing they did right! My reason for the legal recourse was 2 fold. One I had lost a contract job due to not being able to buy materials with the check written for that reason and because I suspect Regions is doing this to lots of people. This may not seem terrible at first glance but think of it this way. Regions gets to use potentially millions of our dollars at absolutely no cost or without paying us interest and make profit off of our money. If we borrow money we pay interest, plain and simple. If we take someones money without permission and make money off that money, but give it back, we are still charged with they should be, unless they follow the federal regulations.

I have since opened a case with the FDIC and through all of the documentation I have presented to them, it looks like people like me have a case. I was told that when the bank is found in violation of federal guidelines, the penalties and fines will make my $1200 they held look like pennies.

I urge all others with this same problem, whether at Regions or and other bank, open a case and file a complaint with the FDIC.

I was also told I will most likely be contacted for an out of court settlement.

We can fight this tyranny if we take the time and put forth a little effort.

They are

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Posted by ENK

I have been a Regions Customer in Huntsville Alabama for as long as Regions has provided services here. I want to acknowledge in a positive light. On 1-20-15

I had business in Tullahoma, Tn 37388 and I

took this occasion to transact business in

the North Jackson Street Branch. Later when I returned home to Huntsville I received a call from this Branch and was told my drivers license was found in the bank parking lot. My need for my license in Atlanta the next day was critical. When I explained this need to Teller BP she and her Manager JM waited for me and were willing to wait in a car there for me to retain my license. I cannot tell you what nice positive thing your people did for me.

Posted by sharonr

Regions bank at Rockville Rd, Indpls, IN, teller Virginia Coffee. I was in Indy to help my son and I need to get some certified checks written. I tried to get them at my son's bank, and was told that I didn't have a account with them and would have to pay a substantial fee, they suggested I try my Regions bank and gave me directions. I was directed to Virginia and she worked very hard to see that I had what I needed before I left. She went way beyond what most tellers would do and she is the reason that I will continue to bank with Regions. Thank you Virginia

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with Regions for years and have been very satisfied overall. People like Valia Rich, Toni Potenza and Sue Finsterer represent your bank well and go out of their way in the name of customer satisfaction. There are 2 recent developments that are troubling:

1. Doing away with deposit slips. I have had several deposits that I have brought to branches get cashed instead of depositted.

2. Regions recently took over their credit cards. We have had issues with going over our limit. In the past we have been able to make a payment mid-billing cycle to prevent this occurrance. The payment would post within 48 hours. This option was discontinued without any word being given to us. This posed several inconveniences to us as a company. We are now raising our credit limit. While this may help, it will not clear up the issue if we experience high Credit Card volume, which in my line of work is a constant issue. I would like this issue addressed.

Jon Sween

Standard Marine

Posted by Anonymous

UPDATE: I wrote a comment below on 10/7/12 7:10PM about the overdraft not connected to my checking account. I just wanted to let everyone know that I received a letter today, not an apology, but a letter from M. Scott Newberger, Vice President, West Florida Area Administration. As a gesture of goodwill, Regions refunded me the difference to the amount of $144. I am pleased to see that they did the right thing by refunding my money, but they really need to place more emphasis on training their employees on customer service. I should not have had to take the time to write the CEO to explain my situation. Branch Managers should be more aware that taking care of the customer is more important than "policy". I have already moved my assets to PNC and so far I am very happy with my new bank. The Branch Manager is one of the most genuine guys around. He honestly took an interest in my business and invited me to some local business networking meetings so I could meet other professional business people in my area. Regions never took that kind of interest in me. PNC is off to a great start with me.

Posted by Chroz

I have been a customer with Regions for the last six years. I have a had a couple issues resolved quickly and in a professional matter. I travel down south every winter and Regions helps me by allowing my bank records or anything else to be mailed to them, also anytime I call for a transfer they process it with in ten mins. When I go in I get the pleasent welcoming with a warm smile. I live in a small town with about six to seven other banks and I have never even thought to leave Regions. Mainly because of the great customer service. Regions recently hired a new teller, a local girl. Regions gave our local girl a job offer and took the time to train her in a new profession. She is one of the nicest and hard working girl there. Its a pleasure. That is just a little good I see in my community from Regions. The one thing I do think they could improve is the advertising. I believe they should be more local in advertising just because I do appericate the business I do with them!

Posted by Anonymous

Just to let you people know, the branch that opens your account is responsible for the relationship, so if you have a problem, they will be the best to help, I had problems in the past and they helped me, I love my branch, and yes unfortunatelly they charged from the largest to smallest, just like many other banks.

Posted by sweetersonya79

I have banked with regions for 3+ years. This bank is by far the best bank i have ever had. I can say i have had problems, but the bank was very friendly & treated me with respect. When i overdrew my account, this was my fault not the banks & they refunded half the fees charged for me. My sister did the same a few months later & they refunded half her fees. I have never had problems getting thru to customer service & the people at the bank are always friendly & smiling. I cant say anything bad about this bank. You people need to realize that you are getting real people on the phone & when you treat real people badly, then they dont go out of their way to help you. Try being nice to someone you are asking for help from & they will go out of their way to help you. They did not cause your financial problems, but if you are nice to the person you are asking for help, then they can help you solve your problems.

Posted by ward

Better than the best...that is Rod Vasser, at Regions in Alabaster, Alabama. He has gone far beyond simple customer service to help me, regardless of whether I had a dime in my account or a million. He has always been available for any assistance or help I have needed. He has a terrific team there as well...Darlene, Kelli, Drew and Linda have all been great!

Posted by SouthernBelle

I've been a customer of Regions Bank for several years, and I've never had a bad experience with them. I wasn't too crazy about the $4 debit card fee, but that is no longer an issue.

Like any other bank, if you overdraw your account, you will be charged fees. I don't see the point of blaming the bank for something that is usually the result of either not keeping accurate records or trying to beat transactions to the bank. I have experience in my past of doing both, and have had to pay NSF fees myself as a result of my own actions. Not the bank's fault. I finally learned my lesson and keep accurate detailed records of my transactions - so NSF fees are no longer a problem for me.

Anyway, I am happy with Regions. When both my daughters were old enough for checking accounts I helped them get accounts with Regions, too. They are also satisfied customers.

Posted by debit card user

i would like to thank BANK OF AMERICA for changing their mind on the fee for using a debit card. I think that if more customers would let regions know how they feel and are thinking about going to BANK OF AMERICA then regions bank might change their minds too!

Posted by kren88

I have been with Regions for about 3 months now, and I have been thoroughly pleased with my business there. CSR's are always friendly and quick to assist. I overdrafted once (my fault) and the bank went out of it's way to credit my account back. If they start charging fees for a debit card, then I will have to start looking elsewhere as money is tight in these times, but I would hate to have to leave as I have had nothing but positive experiences since joining.

Posted by Created

I was very surprised tha their were so many negative comments. I have been a Regions customer since 2007. I left Bank of America because of too many fees and have had nothing but great service and easy resolutions with Regions.

Posted by AMJ12

I had an excellent response from Regions bank customer Service in a case I had with Bank of America. I had a missed electronic transfer from Regions to Bank of America. Regions customer service worked with me accepted respondsibility called Bank of America, and wrote a letter on my behalf to clear things up. Otherwise I would have been facing a serious blow to my credt rating. Thanks Regions customer service.

Posted by nowhateregions

Beware Regions customers because this bank actually thinks it is good customer service to start charging all of its customers $4 a month to have a debit card starting in October. I will not stand for this complete blatant ripoff and will be pulling all my money out and taking it to a bank that really values my business!!!



Posted by Michelle84

Ive been with Regions/Amsouth for 11 years. Ive had nothing but good experiences with them. Ive overdrafted a couple of fault...but they work with me to get half back or offer some sort of solution. Their mortgage dept is great, the 4 local branches I use are great and their customer service is great. I know people have bad experiences with just about any place, but if you keep track of your money check the register there are no problems.

Posted by EGIT

To Whom it may concern:

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to my account I have at Regions Bank. On Tuesday the 2nd, I was at the Kroger Grocery Store in Arlington, TN and was unable to pay for my groceries due to my account not authorized. I had used this debit card for the last 3 weeks but was unable to use it on the 2nd. This incident caused me embarrassment along with getting a call from my church that my check was returned with a remark stating "refer to sender". On Wednesday the 3rd I went to Regions Bank and spoke with Ms. Audrienna Bennett at 7790 Hwy 64 in Bartlett, TN who was very helpful, courteous and professional. Her superb customer service kept me from becoming irate. She made a phone call in my present and went thru all the necessary steps contacting and faxing the information needed to rectify the problem. She did not discuss with me what was going on but she did apologized for this happening to me who has been a loyal customer. Before leaving the bank, she made sure my debit card was working properly again. I hope this letter of appreciation find Ms. Bennett and to let Regions Bank know that there are people like her that make the extra effort and go the extra mile. Since all my personal information is within the bank, I somewhat have a distrust on whose handling my account. How and why this happened I have no idea but I would like to COMMEND the bank for not allowing anyone else to go into my account even though I could not get my own funds.

Again, I hope I can be reassure this won't happen again. Thanks.

Retha Saulsberry
Navy Personnel Command
Department of Defense
Sr.Financial Management Analyst
(COMM (901) 874-3117
Email: [email protected]

Posted by DenDen

Wow---a lot of complaints, I have been banking with Regions for over 11 years and have always had great service. Checking, savings and mortgage, and never had any problems. Great bank as far as I am concerned.

Posted by Albertina528

I have been banking with regions a little over a year now, and i love them. convienent, and the customer service both in the bank branch and over the phone is outstanding. Happy that i swithced to them. They are wonderful, don't plan on going anywhere else.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Regions Bank customer for years and they have never failed to provide me the best customer service under a whole array of circumstances. They are one of the few remaining businesses who still understand they provide a service and their customers' approval matters.

Posted by Anonymous

The Regions branch in Palm Harbor, Florida on alternate 19 always is so pleasant and goes out of their way to help their customers.

Any time I have ever needed anything from them, the branch always takes care of it, without hesitation.

The tellers who work there are always smiling and asking how you're doing - they even remember most of the customers, from what I can tell!

I have visited other locations and have not gotten the same level of service, so I usually just stick with this location. Why mess up a good thing, right?

I am so glad that I found this branch, they seem to truly care about their customers. They even sent out thank you cards after you go in for a visit with one of their non-teller representatives (such as to discuss opening an account or obtaining a mortgage).. I found that to be very thoughtful and unnecessary, but sweet.

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Posted by Anonymous

I worked at Regions for almost 10 years. This bank is disgusting. Racist, dirty. Tellers have to do all the work, while people like Mrs. Addington treats them like poop, is a racist, but enjoy all the hard work the teller do.
All the comments from former employees are true. HR and Mrs. Addington get tired of an employee, and they don't rest until they get that person fired.
Be smart, and don't apply here. Better places out there, where they pay better, and you get some respect.

Posted by pja

I am in the process of finding out as to whom I would need to talk to about a class action lawsuit against regions bank having worked in banking for several years, I am most certain they are stealing! no doubt about it and it needs to be stopped after reading this and many others complaints regarding regions its a wonder nothing hasn't been done up til now, but this bank cannot continue these fraudulent and deceptive practices.

Posted by Anonymous

I was an employee for 11 years at the bank. December 9 2009 I was terminated
due to what was said as policy and procedure violations. I have the manual and nowhere in the procedures manual did I violate any policy. I called a family member of mine and ask for a loan, they advice me to withdraw funds from their account, mine you another associate took the verbal agreement and processed the transaction. I did not process it nor did I have my signature for approval on the documents. After 11 years, never was reprimanded or written up and was terminated without warning is how the bank treat their associates. I truly believe that the area president wanted me along with other top-notch associates gone. If he do not like you, by any means necessary he will get you terminated. Perhaps that is why Wachovia bank dismissed him. Maybe the folks in Alabama need to have someone watch and understand the meaning why another bank dismissed a president. The one in Georgia and the HR manager, also dismissed from Coke Cola needs to be investigated for wrong doing. The president and HR in Georgia have known that a Caucasian associates called an African American associated the (N-WORD). President laughed, perhaps its everyday language that the associate use, and the area president use also.
In my time with the bank Iíve made Chairmanís club for 3 years. In my many years of banking, have I never met folks like the bank have in Georgia from Wachovia bank, maybe thatís why it is no longer Wachovia.

Posted by screwedover

I was a employee for almost 11 years only lacking like 2 weeks. 4 days before christmas they fired me due to dual control issues. I gave all those years to them My children always called there frist before home due to me always being there. At 1-2-3-4-5 in the morning I would have to go up there for when the alram would go off to secure the bulding. I was the teller supervisor I dont know for about 6 or 7 years there I always came in when (almost always) people could call off. I worked from 7:45 to 6:15 almost 2 to 3 times a week worked many many overtime hours and never got paid for it.I gave them my all plus tons more.. I was fired because I went into the bank to open it up, there was no one else there to open My husband would always wait outside the bank until someone else showed up. My higher ups news all about it I have been doing it for 10 flippin years. They hire all these college kids that want to party every night and show up late or drunk to work.I was acting Branch Manager since mine was on Vacation. I called for help they sent me another Teller Supervisor who went to our hire ups made a report on me and they fired me to warning to write up no nothing THis was my FIRST write up ever in ten Freakin Years. YEAH THEY SUCK the sad thing is I loved my job I loved my customers. I would of never left my job ever. I did everything for them and they just packed me up and booted me out I am 43 and no Insurance I am a diabetic and I can not get public aid card for my medicine I do have a great doctor who right now is giving me all the samples He can. I really hope they cant sleep at night or at least they have me in there dreams screwing them over hahahahaha....

Posted by Anonymous

I am a recent former employee of Regions Bank. It is an awful place to work. They pay tellers very little money, but they load them with responsibilities, while the others in the branch sit back and get all the benefits and bonuses. Tellers process transactions, keep close watch over large amounts of money, deal with many other clerical tasks, and we also have to try to get customers to open accounts or purchase other products.

No matter how hard tellers work at Regions, we see no reward or appreciation. I hated to leave my customers, but I had to leave because the support of all levels of Management was nonexistent.

If you are thinking about applying for a position with Regions, save yourself and go for another institution. Otherwise, enter at your won risk.


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Regions Bank Plucks New CIO From FinTech Arena
“Now more than ever,” said Bob Eckel, president and CEO of MorphoTrust USA, “there is a critical need to create a highly secure online environment using our innovative technology to ensure residents using the MorphoTrust eID can protect their identity ...
Regions Bank named 2017 Gallup Great Workplace Award winner
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. | For the third year in a row, Regions Bank was awarded the Gallup Great Workplace Award, the polling service's highest honor that was created to recognize organizations for their ability to create an engaged workplace that drives†...
Dan Blair Joins Regions Bank (Movers & Shakers)
Dan Blair has been named wealth adviser for Regions Bank in Little Rock. The change was made effective in December 2017 with Blair joining the private wealth team. Kent McClure has been named a commercial loan officer at the Bryant branch of Farmers ...