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Redbox customer service is ranked #241 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 377 ratings. This score rates Redbox customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


331 Negative Comments out of 377 Total Comments is 87.80%.


46 Positive Comments out of 377 Total Comments is 12.20%.

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    • 43.40 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 331 negative comments (87.80%)
    • 46 positive comments (12.20%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
    • 3.8 Reachability
    • 2.5 Cancellation
    • 3.6 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Marc

Some Jerks replaced a DVD we rented and it was the wrong one.even place the center strip on it.please let us know how to address this.

Posted by SlimKim2010

I call today to inform them that i have a movie that is in need of a case what can I do to make that work. The person at the call center was RUDE she keep me on hold so long that I hang up.I call back no one never pick up the phone at all.I never had any problem at all renting movies from the RED BOX.I see that i will be investing my money in a fire stick.So i don't have to put up with RUDE people at all.I have starting talking to me friends about the BAD customer service that I got from the Red Box. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.Some of your need to be retrain on what to do.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented 2 movies last week or more.

Checking my bank statement, not only did it show for the original day I rented, but it is now showing a 31.00+ charge..

I teturned both of those dvds on second day..Why in the hell are you charging me for 2 returns..

Contact me soon as yoy have been put on notice of ur error..

If I do nor gear from you by middle if next week, you will hear from my ATTORNEY, plus I will take it to Social network and alert people of ur tactics..

I am a senior citizen and enjoyed getting my movies cheap..

So contact me back.

Sharon Moore

Posted by rkuehne1

If your account is not working or if your password doesn't work, I was told to wait 24 hours before I call back. I called at 8:00 PM at night. Not acceptable!

Posted by Lilglo7

W I have changed my e- mail what do I do to start over with my new e- mail

Posted by Anonymous

Kiosk that I usually try to use is frequently inoperative. Just reserved a DVD and scanner on box won't read any card. Tried their only apparent means of contact, a non answered phone line. Why can't they at least post an email address even though they probably wouldn't answer so your not left on terminal hold. I guess they will charge me for the movie I couldn't retreive. Poorest customer service ever!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I will never rent from redbox again. Redbox service num er left me on hold and was unreachable.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm having issues trying to resolve something on my account, I waited 15 minutes first time was cut of, waited again. I never eva had to wait like this.

Posted by Anonymous

Will NEVER rent another movie again from them. They didn't just charge me one day rental for turning in a movie the next day but, charged me more than the cost of two that I originally rented.

Posted by former redbox customer

I have been unable to rent a disc from your kiosks, because your boxes will not accept my chip credit card. I've called your overseas no/poor service reps about the problems. I doubt that they know what a redbox kiosk is much less solve the problem. Here are their solutions: try another kiosk or the kiosks in Albuquerque NM are being fixed so that they will accept chip credit cards, but they can't tell me which ones have been fixed. Overseas customer no service are worthless. Rexbox will soon be history if it can't solve its customer's problems. I'll just rent form netflix.

Posted by Anonymous

Was texted a promocode...but when trying to use it it didnt work...

Posted by Disappointed

Several times lately Redbox has taken money off of my credit card but yet I have not rented movies in months now. So why is it they still keep taking money.
In my opinion the company is just money hungry an will do anything they want once they have your card number. Very disappointed.

Posted by Underdogs

I'm not happy I got a movie from the red box off of Port Royal and the movie won't play at all it was for my kid the movie was Underdogs we rent there all the time

Posted by joplin

I rented finding dory, it skipped alot and had ghost close captions. Not really happy!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had it with Redbox! Movie did not play, then went to return it and the box wouldn't take it. I went to another kiosk and that didn't take either. I got home and called customer service and waited 9 min to talk to someone. Then she told me I have to be at the kiosk with the movie to reset it!! I was already home!!! Now I have to go back tomorrow to try and fix it. This is ridiculous and such a hassle. I will not rent anymore!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been on the phone twice each time was 25 min. I dont know why it is taking so damn long to answer phone. You need a human to answer phone and mot that damn recording. I give up trying to contact you.

Posted by Anonymous

Reported a machine malfunctioning card reader in beaver West Virginia at Walgreens. The guy in front of me also called. He got 3 free rentals. I received none. I called redbox back and the foreign speaking female recognized my voice and when I asked for only one free rental, she hung on me. This took place Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016 around 630 pm. If this is how your treated for informing a company they have a machine not working properly, then I guess I'll just no longer do business with them.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented Sausage Party. It doesn't work in any of my DVD player but Star Trek does. Screwed my night. Don't even charge me. Where do you want it ? I have an idea...Back at the CVS store in Tallmadge where it was rented? Charging my card will result in theft from my account and possible legal action.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a game on October 21st and returned back on the 30th. Because I was in a rush I skipped entering my email address. Today November 14th red box withdrew $74 out of my account. Called and spoke with Gee, who says the bar code was never scanned, and that I did not submit a email for confirmation so they don't have record of my return. I ask to speak with the supervisor Belle (5456) which claim there is nothing that can be done about my money being refunded. So now their tech who scans in the movies every Tuesday is at home playing 2K17 on my money. Never will I rent from Redbox again.

Posted by Anonymous

i rented 2 movies from redbox and returned it the following day now they are charging me $52.59 on my account and i called customer service and he wouldnt refund my money back he's asking for a receipt when he knows that redbox doesnt give out a receipt.

Posted by The Shallows

My name is Sandra Rios I live in Madera California I rented a movie at Walgreens and Cleveland in Madera California and it's not plane I did everything that you asked to do and it's still not working I've never had this problem before I need to get credit for it my number

Posted by Jenn

I have rented from Redbox many years and rent about 400 movies a year and just because I don't use a computer I never once revived a free movie. Around 08-01-16 as I was moving from my apartment I was robbed, my Redbox movies were taken and some returned and some not! I was charged approximately $300 at $3.29 x 17 days! I pleaded with redbox to help with my situation but the final answer is $3.29x17days! If I would have used my "points" I would have had 40 free rentals = to $658.00 but Redbox's kindhearted customer care offered $30! I will subscribe to cable and overpay to avoid doing business with them! Yours truly a very disappointed number in your system!


I am beyond frustrated with REDBOX!!!!! I was charged $75.56 for a game that was rented and returned. I called customer service and was told that the game was rented on September 26, 2016 at 6:34 PM and returned at 6:51 PM and rented again at 6:52 PM all on the same day but never returned. This game was returned the following day. So I am extremely pissed off that my account was charged for a game that DO NOT have!!!!!Furthermore they are telling me that whatever happened to the game disc whether it was stolen is my responsibility because it was my debit card that was used. AGAIN.....WE DO NOT HAVE THIS GAME BECAUSE IT WAS RETURNED!!!! NEEDLESS TO SAY I WILL NEVER RENT FROM REDBOX AGAIN!!!!

Posted by Upset Customer

Beware, Redbox is crooked I was charged on my visa even though I took both movies back next day. The charge was $64.00 I did not save my emailed receipt, even if I would of they try and make you jump through a whole lot of hoops to get money back, which I never did!!! Won't rent another movie again! Going to Safeway's box they have and save my emails. Bad Deal...

Posted by pdoit

overcharged for rental, when I requested via customer service a refund they flat out denied the request, argued with me about the information, and essentially ignored my call... they have issues...didn't rent from them for over 6 months to get my money back and impact them the only way possible...

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Posted by Anonymous

I received an email that I was charged for a dvd that had not been returned, which I was positive I did return. The woman asked if I had received an email saying I had returned it, and asked which redbox I had returned it to, then put me on hold for awhile. She came back and said the machines are audited daily, and that the dvd had not been returned to the redbox I mentioned. I asked if she could check a different redbox location, because I was sure I returned it, and she said instead she would issue a refund for the lost dvd charge, but to make sure I looked for the emails that say the dvd has been returned in the future. I have rented many redbox movies, and this is the first time I needed to call with an issue. I was more than happy with how this was resolved, and I'll continue to rent redbox movies in the future. Thanks redbox!

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Newport, Oregon. Was impressed with your location at the McDonalds here. I have been a fan for years. This is a big tourist town with many RV parks that locals and out of towner's live in due to housing issues here. The one I live at is "Harbor Village". Have you ever considered putting one in here or even other RV parks?

Posted by Anonymous

Have used Redbox customer service on two occasions. Other than my feelings about foreign-based customer service, rather than being in the United States comma outstanding customer service. Good experience

Posted by wakeup40

Just wanted to let you know. I was having trouble getting a rental when one of your reps. happen to be at the store ( PUBLIX HAMMOCK LANDING FL. ) He was very helpful and left me with a card for a free movie for my trouble. This is why I choose Red Box over other companies. His name was James Glover and hope you will take the time to thank him for a job well done. He is a credit to your company. Thank you Ms. Dolores Whiteford a loyal customer

Posted by Anonymous

If you keep a disc for additional nights and pay full rental for each night then each night should count as a rental. Each rental should count toward the ten qualifier for a free night. The logic that the disc has to be returned and re-rented in order for it to count defies any and all reason. I am stopping Red Box rentals until you change this policy. It's been fun however I'm all about doing the right thing. We pay full rental for each night. We deserve full credit, for that billing, toward the free movie night.

Posted by Anonymous

I like redbox but I am becomin very dissapointed. I continuously get scratched rentals..i so ended up paying $30for a syfy movie that my boys lost..hello I could've used that money for a new release from walmart..crazy. but I'm tired of the scratched disk on every other rentals..I have a hard time reaching some one..but I'll keep trying I loose ovet $100or more every year in scratched rentals..bull crap..

Posted by JNRTruckin

Would be nice if redbox would add truck stops Ta,Petro/Pilot,Fling j ect... locations for the over the road drivers.. I am a driver and know I would use the service.

Posted by Anonymous

I was wondering why there are not any red boxes at truck stops ie. Flying J, Pilot, TA, Loves ect. My husband and I are over the road drivers, and think this would definitely be a lucrative idea for your company. This would also bring enjoyment to drivers, whom are rarely at home and do not get the luxury of frequenting one of your convenient movie rental spots. This is a suggestion I would love for you all to take in consideration, thank you

Posted by dont have one

the only question i would like to summit is when we rent movies i wish that your machine would except 1 and 5 dollar bills because i have to always use my debit card and it makes it hard to rent my boyfriend doesnt posses a card and he gives me the cash to put into bank please try and think about my question would make things easier for me and maybe other persons that doesnt have a card to use thank you please review my request

Posted by Liverdancer

Couldn't return a disc (machine was FULL) Got charged for 2 extra days, called up and got 2 credits! That works for me!

Posted by Anonymous

I've had nothing but great customer service!! I have spoken to several customer service reps and they were all super friendly and helpful. My problem was with a movie that would not play and a couple minor glitches that were quickly resolved 😊 No problems with this company or reps!!

Posted by customer8886

Well, recently I was a disappointed customer with Redbox after a year of good service. I had ordered movies at the wrong location and was unaware of their inflexible terms of agreement. I was unable to cancel my order and I wasn't driving an hour and half away to pick up $2.50 worth of movies. It wasn't worth the gas. I called the service line twice and no one would answer my call. Let's just say I was less then pleased with Redbox's service. I was on this website and found an email I could contact because I wanted documented proof of my complaint.

After I emailed my concern in a cordial manner, I received an email in less than 24 hours. The service representative refunded my money and gave me three free movie vouchers for my trouble. I know Redbox has some work to do in terms of improving customer service, but I am satisfied on how they handled my situation. I thought they deserved a good comment.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm from Portland, OR. I've been renting movies from Redbox for years and years. Love the conveniences that Redbox offers to the customers. I rented a movie yesterday on Dec 14th from Redbox. I lost the DVD today and I called Redbox and told them I lost the DVD. The customer service rep. took the info. from me and told me to wait on the phone. The wait lasted about a minute and then the customer service rep. came back on the phone and told me that I have a very good rental history with Redbox so Redbox will take care of it for me. I felt great!! I really appreciate to the fact that Redbox does consider of the good rental history I have had with them and that I have been a long time customer with them. From this, I can see that Redbox values me as a good customer more than the DVD itself. Thank you.

Posted by delightedbox

I emailed redbox regarding a large amount charged to my card for two movies that I knew I still had and wanted to return. I got a human response to my email in 5 minutes and it was past 11pm! They allowed me to return the DVds and get $15 credit a piece if done within 48 hours. Quick responses the whole way through was such an unexpected surprise. Bravo redbox!

Posted by D.Massey

Redbox Company seem to have the best customer services in the world!!! (that in-it-self is no joke..for real)
Redbox customer services, Truly deserve the knowledge & respect that most of them are international customer service that do a very good job.

Posted by Token

Hello everyone, this morning I checked my bank account and saw a questionable charge from redbox so I have them a call, the representative was very nice and polite, walked me threw the charges and made sure I fully understand the situation ! The mistake was on my behave but I also had a movie that didn't work and she offered a free movie rental for the unconvince! Thank you redbox !

Posted by redbox and me

Redbox customer service is great. Every time I have had a problem with a movie rental they have fixed the problem within minutes and have gone out of their way to make sure I was satisfied (i.e. a free rental credit for my problems). I will continue to use Redbox for my rental needs.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a DVD that would not play. After following directions provided on the website without success, I contacted customer service who offered two free future rentals.

Posted by Anonymous

I had an issue and the woman I spoke to was very, very helpful! Thank you Redbox

Posted by AFLR

Very close to thw retuning time 9pm, I just have problems returming 2 movies. I went to 2 redbox rentals stations and on both couldn' t return the movies. The 2 statios have some problems on the screen. Inmediately call customer service to report I couln't complete the tansaction. The response was very quick and they gave me a credit for the 2 rentals and offer 3 promo codes to next rentals. Excellent customer service !!

Posted by Angel

My name is Lodan and tonight(0/9/13) a nice girl name Angel helped me to resolve a problem I had on my redbox account. I tried a few times before and spoke to several employee which neither of them could help me. Angel is very knowledgeable and she knows her work very well.

Posted by justkiddinpunk

I was recently charged for a cd, that I didn't know hadn't been returned, my account was charged $29.81. thanks to the redbox customer services team, they reviewed my case and because im a good customer with no pervious history they credited my account 25.00!! thanks redbox team.

Posted by Anonymous

Well after seeing all three negative comments I think I'll add a halfway decent one. Me and my husband love redbox. We use it about 5 times a month. When we see a movie preview on tv and think it might be good we usually say "well just redbox it later before we buy it. Their movies and games and pretty new. I've never gotten one that didn't work. The only thing that got me upset is I kept a movie for two days a couple times and got charged for 3. But besides that I'm satisfied with it and would recommend it to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Best customer service experience I've had in a while was when I called redbox recently. I made a mistake and returned 2 discs that I kept too long for. I didn't know that I could have kept the movies after 21 days since the amount of the discs were already taken out of my account. I called customer service and asked for the discs back. The representative politely explained that it is not possible and that they can give me $10.00/disc back. I explained that I can just go back to the redbox machine and take the same movies I just dropped off then call them back. I was put on hold and was told that what they can offer is a one time full refund. It was a long conversation but in the end I was extremely satisfied on the professionalism of the representative and her ability to go above and beyond. The resolution exceeded my expectations. I commend that representative and I wish I had her name. She has proven that Redbox really appreciates my business and is willing to come up with the best possible outcome when faced with an unsatisfied customer. In return, I will keep on using redbox.

Posted by sherrellvirgo86

I Rent Movies From Them All The Time And Started Noticing Them Charging Me A Fee (even With Promo Code) The Same Day And Another Fee The Day After And Another When I Return The Movies. They Told Me That I Woudld Receive The Money Back Because It Was A Pre Authorization. No Problem But Then They Told Me They Can Give Me Promos For The Trouble Since They Cant Refund The Money Wthout A Statement From My Bank. Its Not About The Money, Its The Principle. Im Absolutely Done With Redbox. Time To Start Buying My Own Movies.

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Posted by Anonymous

I am a former call centre rep for redbox.

Some tips when calling a redbox call centre:

- be nice. The nicer you are, the nicer we'll be. We are on the phone with angry people 8 hours (or more) a day, 5 days (or more) a week. Most reps will be a lot more co-operative with you if you are polite.

- if your dvd isn't working, call before you return it so we can make sure that disc gets taken out of circulation.

- if you can't return your movie because the machine is broken or full, call us that day. That way we can make a note on your account stating it. If you call a week and a half after you tried to return it, we get suspicious...

- If you see mystery 1.00 charges on your account when you use promo codes, just don't call us. It's just a authorization (a hold on the money so we know you are using an active account that at least has enough money on it in case you are a day late or something) We can't reverse it, as it's done by your bank, and we don't know when it will be released back into your account, as that also up to your bank

- Prepayed Visa cards don't work.

- Movies that don't get returned cost 25.00 after 25 days. If you find a movie thats been sitting under your couch for 3 months, don't call us for a refund. That's ridiculous.

- If you're really upset about something, have spoken to a supervisor and are still not satisfied with the resolution, don't call back expecting a different outcome from another person. All calls are logged onto your account and the next person will just tell you the exact same thing.

- If you're really upset, talking to a supervisor and think that there's someone above that supervisor you can talk to - you're wrong. You won't get transferred to anyone else. There IS no one else. A supervisor's boss is aaaallll administration and would probably have no idea what you're talking about. If you want to talk to head office, you won't get the number from us. When we say we don't have a number for them, we aren't lying. The ONLY ways to contact them that we know of are the same ones they give you on the redbox website: E-mail or snailmail. That's it.

I no longer work for redbox, but to make the lives of their customers, their customer service representatives and their supervisors easier just keep this list in mind. Most important thing:


Posted by hfs

As a former customer service rep for redbox i have to say that 90% of the calls i took were customer related errors. Yes sometimes the machines broke down, and yes sometimes they got full. They are after all just machines. Did i agree with all of redbox policies? No. But neither did i agree to the customers pulling stunts like not taking the movie right away to make the machine think it had made an error so they get the movie for free. It doesnt pay people, we can tell and u WILL be charged. Dont risk it. After taking 100+ calls a day and being constantly yelled at let me tell ya, the customer is NOT always right. As far as inflated salaries thats a joke, since when is minimum wage inflated?


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