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Red Lobster customer service is ranked #415 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.25 out of a possible 200 based upon 279 ratings. This score rates Red Lobster customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


261 Negative Comments out of 279 Total Comments is 93.55%.


18 Positive Comments out of 279 Total Comments is 6.45%.

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    • 34.25 Overall Rating
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    • 261 negative comments (93.55%)
    • 18 positive comments (6.45%)
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Posted by Darlene

Forest park, ohio, worst experience ever, abt 4pm 2/21/2018.Tried to serve us 3 course meal all at one time, Manager saw no problem with this, then became rude, start bugging us, with no apologies, cuttings eyes at me, as she the old rude waitress, then kept interrupting me and my husband's conversation to repeat rude questions how is our meal over and over, then manager same, no apologies

Posted by Anonymous

Your restaurant in Naples Florida is a disaster. I happened to be in there a few nights ago Sunday night and it was packed with people waiting to get seated while there were many many tables and booths empty. In talking with staff I found out that the problem is not near enough help because of your very low wage. Obviously you are not able to compete This as you know is my season for Naples and the competition is very stiff. You are losing so much money and I hope you will consider at least hiring people at a fair wage with good training and incentves. I will not return
and in talking to some other waiting customers,neither will they.
1 more comment. I talked to some people that were eating at the bar having your Maine Lobster or should I say just your whole lobster as I'm not sure it's from Maine. At any rate they said it was terrible very tough and stringy and our meal was certainly nothing to write home about. I hate to be such a bearer of bad news but what you don't know you can't correct. Respectfully,
J.B. Viggiano

Posted by Anonymous

I want to start by saying I am usually not only to complain about my service...I have worked in more restaurants than I can count so I know how Saturday nights can be.

My family took me out for my birthday last night & the host said our wait time would be 10-15 mins. After an hour of waiting, I approached the host desk again to ask for an updated time, & a different host replied with ââ?¬Å?10-15 minsââ?¬Â?....even though it had already been an hour. At this point I was furious because another party (with the same amount of people) got sat before us and my family and I had been there at least 45 minutes before them. The host explained that they got sat first because they made reservations...but when I had called to make a reservation earlier in the day, the person I spoke with on the phone said ââ?¬Å?sorry we donââ?¬â?¢t take reservations on the weekendsââ?¬Â? and then hung up on me.

We waited another 20 minutes to be sat and then my father asked to speak with a manager. After waiting for a manager for an additional 15-20mins we finally got sat at a 6 top table (when we had 9 people). The host had to put chairs at the ends of our booth.

The manager finally came to our table & admitted that she had not been out on the floor and was unaware our situation because she was in the back taking care of something else. In ALL of my years working in restaurants I have never worked anywhere that there is not ATLEAST 3 managers on a Saturday dinner shift. So that was no excuse.

After she told us this excuse, she said ââ?¬Å?let me go to the host stand and see what is going onââ?¬Â?.

The manager NEVER returned to our table to apologize, but rather just told the server to give us a free app.

The food correct, but took a very long time to arrive to the table and was cold.

This was by far the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant and the worst birthday dinner of my life.

Posted by Anonymous

Today we ate at your Yuma store about 1PM,. I couldn't complete your survey because we weren't given a receipt. It was a bad meal. I had fish and chips which were fish sticks warmed in a microwave, my wife had coconut shrimp which were way over done, they were a chocolate brown color they were so overdone.

It was not a $35 meal, Long John Silvers would have been better and been 1/2 the price. Your fish and chips used to be battered and fried in house, not microwaved out of the freezer. It was our first trip to Red Lobster in a long time and our last.

Jerry & Jan Nickeson

Posted by Anonymous

I am disappointed and disgusted with the service received today. Online order placed 5:20pm time in line from the point of promised pickup 6:05. The line was to the door and the order was not complete until after 7:20. Check West 211st Matheson IL 54.20. I am requesting a response and compensation

Posted by Jack

Why would you at 8 p.m. at night make EVERYBODY wait 20 minutes when the restaurant is 50% empty
Very bad management and very disorganized.
Also we were just seated by IGNORANCE
I am obviously 6 ft 7 in tall and your hostess wants to seat me at a table that does not move and with long legs I cannot fit into this ridiculous old tables.
But the obvious is you do not train your people in customer service or anticipation of very tall very fat very short. The worst red lobstercwe gave ever tried to eat at. California is so much better service.

Posted by Anonymous

We (5 of us )visit the Red Lobster in Columbia Mo, on Jan 22nd. It was my 69th birthday. We had a very good waited but I was so disappointed in the food.I was looking forward so very much for Lobster, I guess I shouldn't of order the steak and lobster. The lobster was very dry. I have only had Lobster maybe 4 or 5 times in my 69 years, and it has always been very good, but this Lobster was not. Like I said, I was so disappointed because it was my birthday and I didn't enjoy my birthday dinner.

Posted by Ayesha

Hi I am a very loyal customer of red lobster I went a week ago with my family and kids . I ordered crab linguini and grilled shrimp. My pasta had a hair in it when I complained the waiter said oh sorry and then didnât even change the dish. We lost our appetite and left the restaurant itâs so gross my grilled shrimp had another hair. I have never had this experience before I would like my refund

Posted by Anonymous

We love eating at Red Lobster near us on Gordon Highway Augusta Ga. The last few times we have eaten there the food was not good. Tonight, the salad was skimpy, nit fresh, the soup was skimpy, my husband got the shrimp trio, it was skimpy, didn't taste fresh. They weren't even 5hat busy and service was slow.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the red lobster in Mishawaka had a fabulous service by a waitress named Audrey which I filled out the survey for her and mention that the only complaint I have is the drinks are too expensive even at bonefish they are larger and cheaper next time I will not order drinks !!!

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I went to Red Lobster on our anniversary, September 27, 2017 and had the absolute worst experience ever. I ordered a meal with crab and could not even get a small fork to eat the crab with even after asking over 4 times. We had completely finished our entire meal, except for the crab which was cold by then. The manager truly did not care and this was on a Wednesday and they were not even busy. I emailed you about our experience. I can't believe no one has even take the time to respond to me at all. I even gave you the information from the receipt. I thought you all had a better reputation than this but I'm really disappointed in Red Lobster. You were always my favorite restaurant to go to, but I must admit, I haven't been back since and probably will never go back after the lack of concern I have received from you all. I guess I would rather spend a little bit more money knowing I will get better service at a different seafood restaurant. Obviously between the corporate office and the local management I cannot believe the "Oh. well" attitude.

Posted by [email protected]

I hope you received an email from me regarding your Little Rock, AR Red Lobster. We are not happy about our experiences twice this week.

Dianne Rail

Posted by AdamS

My wife, two daughters, son in law, my mother and myself arrived at Red Lobster at 6:45 PM looking to celebrate my Mothers 80th birthday party we were promptly seated at 7 PM and from there things went horribly wrong. Our waitress seemed to be handling about 8 tables in our section and although we got our menus right away she disappeared and we didn't get drinks ordered for 10 minutes, then 10 minutes further before we saw her again to drop some biscuits on our table we said that we were ready to order but she advised that she had other customers to wait on and disappeared for another 10 minutes. So 30 minutes in we finally get to place our orders 3 of us ordered the endless shrimp, 1 ordered the fish and chips, 1 the pick 2 and my mother the shrimp linguine with asparagus. From there the long wait begins 15 minutes later we ask is our food almost out?.. to this we are quickly given more biscuits and told the kitchen is running behind, then she disappears for another 15 minutes. We have been seated for an HOUR and still don't have our food!! This is on a Thursday???... can't see how this place operates on the weekends. 10 minutes later our waitress finally shows up with our food minus several sides and mixed up orders, I tell her we would like to go ahead and put in our orders for the next 2 dishes for the endless shrimp to insure that we could get them in a timely manner since we have been here way to long and she says shes going to check on the missing sides. Well another 20 minutes later she finally shows up with no not our next orders for the endless shrimp which we have already finished our first plate of but with my mothers missing asparagus which is BURNT on one end my mother said she wasn't eating it I tried a piece and it tasted like it was pure SALT, HORRIBLE AND BURNT! I asked where our next plates were for the endless shrimp and she said she would check with the kitchen. You guessed it 15 minutes later she shows up with the dishes, I asked to speak with the manager at this point. The manager shows up to our table and I explain my frustration and that this should be a typical 1 hour meal from start to finish and we have been there over 2 HOURS, she says that the kitchen is backed up with orders from customers for the endless shrimp offer. Once again this is on a Thursday, WHY offer a special if its going to shut your restaurant down to the point that the SERVICE SUCKS. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED! The manager offered no apology or compensation for the poor service. We usually go the the Red Lobster in Clarksville, IN where we have gotten good service, we opted to go to this one because it was closer to my mothers home. Won't make that mistake again.

Posted by Melissa Rhodes

Just left the services was TERRIBLE the food was cold we had to keep sending our food back which i have big problem with sending food back we had been at the table for almost 2hrs before we got a piece of bread and we jad to stop several servers to ask about the bread soup was cold watery endless shrimp cold stuff mushroom and steaks were tough mashed potato was cold i spent alot of money for3adults we was there for a family member birthday so im very very disappointed in red lobster sevice this is the one in mount juliet Tennessee

Posted by Anonymous

Why did you take away the delicious

"Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie. It was the best and unusual. I would love to have the recipe. How were you able to have the Cookie soft when heated and hard later. I was able to break it in chunks and eat it like candy. Please send me the recipe.

Sally A Hundt

s. Thank you

Posted by KarmelJordan

We waited for 2 hour and the managers made excuses after excuses why we didn't get our food which was 115.00 and it include drinks. This was the one of wores experiences we had there. We had went there on Tuesday and service was great but at night it's a nightmare. Please call me this is unacceptable service. Carla

Posted by Anonymous

We arrived at the"Red Lobster"in Lewisville,Tx. Sunday for mid
day meal to celebrate"Mother's Day". The place was packed!!!
We arrived at 2:00pm. We did not get called to be seated till
we noticed the family sitting across from us got called before us.
Just a note:we live in Denton,Tx about 30 minutes from Lewis-
ville. We had to wait 1 1/2 hours to be called to get seated! Then,
about 15 minutes later a waitress came to take our order. I placed my order for the lunch portion and since it's after 3:00 there is a$2 up charge. What?!!! What is that all about? We were
shocked to hear that. There would never even been any up charges if we had been seated at least by two thirty!! Then,when we finally got seated it was already 4:00 which is dinner time!
It took the "not so friendly"waitress 20 minutes to bring our order
to us. When she did I had ordered 2 sides of broccoli instead of the salad. My husband ordered broccoli with side of mashed potatoes. I received 1 order of broccoli and my husband got my
side of broccoli AND the mashed potatoes.
There is a"Red Lobster" in Denton where my husband and I go
every Friday night. We love â�äïø� the waitstaff,very respectful,
While we're waiting on our meals they come by at least 2 times to see if we're ok and if there's ANYTHING we need. They always bring out our order within just a few minutes after placing
our order and"THERE IS NEVER AN UP CHARGE" we have never ever heard those words there!!!!!!! The longest we have ever had to wait to be seated was 30minutes,EVER! At Lewis-
ville 1 1/2 hours. Girl at front desk that is suppose to seat customers within the time she gave us. First,it was an hour then,
it was 45 more minutes. We tried to call ahead to make reservations. Girl said we don't take reservations. Can we be put
on the waiting list? Wed don't have a waiting list. We give you
the buzzer and when it's our turn it alerts you. It never even
alerted us. Oh,we were seated there were at least 5 tables around us that had not been cleaned off! There's absolutely no excuse for that!!!!!!!!!! I will "Never" go to that restaurant ever!"
I will"Never" recommend to anyone to that poor excuse for a restaurant!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I visited this location on today, Mother's Day and was double charged. My first card was charged $19.79 and then Josh at the bar stated that there was a balance of $7.01 left. I knew something wasn't right because I noticed he was having trouble. So, I called back to get it resolved and also requested to speak back with Josh however some young lady got on the phone and wanted to argue with me about me being overcharged. This is the second time I've had an issue with this Red Lobster and it's my favorite restaurant. Yet, I just want to be reimbursed my money for that one transaction. I will never visit this location in Sumter, SC EVER AGAIN.

Posted by Anonymous

We live a few block's from the Busch Blvd Restaurant but avoid it like the plague, well we were short on time and decided to give it another shot. The reason we will drive out of our way to eat at other Red Lobster's is because the Busch location is so DIRTY . There was a wad of hair on the shelf of the window, the dust every where was so thick you could write your name in it, booth seat full of crumb's and things that were spilled on the sides of the booth's that were not clean. There is so much dust from lack of cleaning you can see it in the air. The menu's also were filthy with some page's sticking together. Needless to say I wont be making this mistake EVER again, lesson learned

Posted by Anonymous

Service at Red Lobster on the boulevard was not very good on Saturday we had like 40 guess and the service was really loudly and two of my guess found hair in their food it was very upsetting and we have formed to management and they just offered something off for her food and the service was not good

Posted by Lana

Have not been to Red Lobster in a long time so took the family Sunday Dearborn Heights MI on Telegraph. What a waste of $75. Nasty food horrible seafood. Great waitress. Will never go to another. Should have went to Ala Mir left with a full stomach, happy & good food at half the money. Red Lobster is way over priced & rated. Never go back.

Posted by Jane

On 2/4 of this year my husband and I deceit to go to your Hicksville restaurant to take advantage of you lobster tails and steak. We wanted the $14.99 special. It was not on the menu or listed as a special. When we questioned the waitress, she had no clue. We ended up ordering the sur/ turf for $29.99. I felt that i was subjected to bait and switch.

This does not reflect well on your customer service. I am extremely disappointed and I consider this false advertising.

Jane Rozales

Posted by Mimi

We had dinner at Red Lobster I did not like the tomatoe mozzarella side dish it had butter taste also daughter shrimp pasta was cold out waitress never offered to adjust price or offer other options as well as our table was full of plates & dishes. We won't return To the Kennesaw Ga location

Posted by Anonymous

My co-workers and I placed an order for pick up at 11:45 and was told it would be ready in 20 Minutes and my co-worker went to pick it up and it was not ready and she had to wait 30 additional minutes to get our lunch!! Very Poor Customer Service - and when I spoke with the Manager it just said it was a bad day! When we did get our food it was cold of course!! We will never do business with the location at Shadeland Ave. Indianapolisagain - EVER!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have now had 3 different opportunities to try eating at Red Lobster again. Every time I am extremely disappointed in the nasty food now being served. I am so sad because years ago your establishment was the best. I am sure shortly all will be closed down and out of business completely across the country and reading your reviews I am not the only one disappointed. Someone in upper management is surely not the good for your company and totally taking advantage of a large paycheck they do not deserve.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Cara our server at Robinson pa location was terrific and super. She went over and above and we were amazed by her work ethic. please do something for her thanks. chris D

Posted by Anonymous

I was a member of a Red Hat group that had lunch at the Woodbridge, VA restaurant on 1/18/17 and I would like to comment that there was a group of 18 ladies and we had one server named RHAMIRE . He was by far the most pleasant, respectful, and highly efficient server I have ever seen. He took our orders and delivered our food and continuously asked if we needed anything, plus gave us all individual checks as we requested. He just made our visit extremely pleasant. I hope we are privileged to have him as a server again on our next visit.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to contact you on internet but they seem to think I'm a robot. Had my 49th weeding anniversary at 616 Ohio pike and wanted to thank the manager and Red lobster for what was a great time in our lives Thanks Margaret you did me one good time

Posted by Anonymous

Was highly impressed by our server, Willie C. at the Red Lobster on W. Anderson Ln in Austin Tx! She treated us like the most special guests and made a dinner into a fun and tasty adventure!

Posted by Kathy Pinkava

I love this waitress Karen at your Plantation Florida restaurant- she's so good and popular sometimes you have to wait for her- which I gladly do. She's amazing and I always get best service from her. By the way, she used to waitress at ft Lauderdale on SE 17 th street location years ago before it closed so I was happy to see her !

Posted by Lashanete

When to Redlobster in North Haven Ct. Our server Christian R. Was wonderful, had an excellent customer service, and he was very knowledgeable about all the food. He a good people person . My family enjoy our dinner experience at redlobster.

Posted by Anonymous

The St. Louis Bridget on location has the absolute WORST Customer Service of ANY business I've ever encountered !! I called this location to ask a simple question about coupons in local papers. When the call was taken by a young lady who seemed impatient and unwilling to properly address my concern, I requested as nicely as I could, to speak with a Manager.I was left on hold for approx 15 mins before someone picked up the phone and asked who I was holding for. I was left on hold for 1 hr/ 30 mins( I held on intentionally until I got home to call Cust Relations from my home phone while I kept 'on hold' on my cell ( for verification). Finally after 87 mins, Emily, who said she was one of the Mgrs came on to ask how she could help me. I advised her how long I'd been made to hold for her, and her reply was just "Oh my !". No apology offered !!I informed her that I'd contacted Customer Relations about the matter and I'd just continued to hold in hopes of getting the Mgrs name.After speaking with Jessie, I received a prompt call from Sam ( Manager in Corp Affairs) who reached out to me with a sincere apology !! He offered no excuses for the treatment I received. I was set to tell him ' lunchtime rush' was not the case as I placed the call at 2:34 p.m. CST! Sam acknowled that my time was valuable !! Thanks Sam....for your efforts in restoring my Faith in Red Lobster !!

Posted by Anonymous

On July 14, 2016 the management at Red Lobster in Pensacola, Fl. went above and beyond their duty in saving my father's life. My parents, aunt and I had gone there for lunch when my father started choking on a piece of hamburger meat, was turning blue and collapsed on the floor. Deanna (manager) and Ruby (hostess) ran over and was helping us with the Heimlich maneuver. They had called the paramedics and Ruby called a nurse over that was eating there and between all of them they saved his life. One of the servers was taking care of my aunt, who is 85, as she was upset and crying. He went to hospital and now home. I want to thank them all again for what they and other customers did for my father and family. He is 94 yrs old and we were celebrating their 73rd anniversary. If they had not responded as they had it would be a different story. We will be back the next time we are in Pensacola.THANK YOU AGAIN.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you Dalton Red Lobster! I left my glasses at the restaurant and when I called John was very helpful in locating them and sending them to me! Above and beyond! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

our family celebrated my Nice's Birthday Aril Reed at Red Lobster on 13th Street in Columbus, Ga. Chris our server was very professional, caring and gave us beyond his best service. Red Lobster is so bless to have such a great employee as Chris. I have visited Red lobster with a large group as well as myself and Chris have served myself as well as a group of us and he did an excellent joy. Thanks Chris for a joy well done
we will definite visit Red Lobster again.

Posted by Anonymous

Dined in on March 31 for lunch.2522 Candler Rd.Decatur,GA.was taken care of by server name Lonnie R.BEST SERVICE EVER!!!Wish there were more like him.he should be commended for EXCELLENT service.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband, mother and I left Red Lobster about a half hour ago. Our servers name was Serenity and I just wanted to say that she was attentive, very sweet, and did a fantastic job. We were at the Red Lobster in Mesa, Arizona on Alma School Road. She was great.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello: my name is Jay Belinsky and I'd like to share my experience at the 455 Gateway Drive, Brooklyn New York 11307 location. A few weeks back I ordered a take out lunch to bring home. When I opened the bag, the entree was not the one I ordered nor wanted. I called Conrad Robert, the stores manager and brought this problem to his attention. He apologized profusely for the error and invited me to the restaurant for a complimentary meal. I've just returned from the restaurant and was compelled to write you folks on my experience. Mr. Robert greeted me very professionally, he was very customer focused and made me feel like an MVP. He kept his word on the lunch and I was very impressed with my interaction with him. I'd be remiss if I didn't bring this pleasant experience to your attention and I'd love for him to be recognized by his superiors for a job very well done. This particular location is located in a large outdoor shopping mall and and is always busy with diners which makes Mr. Roberts considerations that much more pleasant. I want him to know how happy I was with his service and as long as he's there he's got a customer for life. Thanks

Jay Belinsky

Posted by none

My wife and I dined at the Red Lobster in Deptford NJ. Aside from the food, which was very good, our waitress Melissa was exceedingly cheerful and was very attentive. Upon commending her to the supervisor Anthony, I found he was also very pleasant and withstood by jokes. They are very fine employees.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and i went to the location in the villages on friday the 7th, while visiting family in the area. Our waitress Erin M was very attentive and at our table within seconds of us being seated. She explained the crabfest and even sold my wife their new hide tide drink which she loved. We ate our salads and bread then waited about 45 minutes for our food to even get to the table. She was very kind and apologetic for the hold up and quickly turned our disappointment into happiness with her fun bubbly personality. Before we knew it our food came and she did everything in her power to make us feel right at home. She is by far the best waitress we have ever had while eating in a fine establishment. The manager even approached our table asking if there was anything wrong with any of the food and offered to give a discount for the wait in which we declined because the food was worth every penny.. She seemed highly agitated and very short and rude as she had other tables needing her attention. Again we are very grateful to have had such a sweet waitress and will most definitely send any friends or family to dine with Erin M as she was the best part of our visit aside from the delicious food.

Posted by Pastor E

Today is my second time in two weeks dining at the Red Lobster on 82nd Street in Castleton,Indiana. The food and service has been so good I pulled out my phone to leave this comment before leaving the table. The staff is the most friendly and courteous people I have encountered I a long time. The same manager was on duty both visits (Chaunese) and I just wanted everyone to know if you are near Indy and looking for good service and great food, this Red Lobster gets it right!

Posted by Anonymous

We were very happy to have such great service from Emanuel our waiter at the red lobster in pine bluff arkansas!

Posted by Nancy Detzler

Kokomo, Indiana

Last night my husband, daughter and myself dined at Red Lobster in Kokpmp, In. From the moment we walked in the door until we paid our bill the friendliness and service were outstanding. Our waitress seemed to appear from nowhere when we needed somethining, yet did not hover at our table and interupt conversation. The food was cooked to perfection, every bite delicious and was obviously brought to our table as soon as it was prepared - the freshness of the vegetables and biscuits was awesome. Everyone was polite and professional. This was one of the best dining experiences we have ever had and to have such pleasant surroundings while we spent time with our daughter was an experience we will long remember,

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Posted by Anonymous

I have some serious concerns for the Red Lobster in Cary Nc in the Crossroads Plaza. The young girls working there are brow beat, ridiculed, belittled and treated very disrespected by all management. I would like to see management have classes or training on treating employees with respect, kindness and value. If a change does not happen I will pursue other means to see that this establishment will become a friendly not hostile work environment.

Posted by Anonymous

My son worked at Red Lobster and has been treated unfairly by a manager named James in Texarkana, Tx. Red Lobster did away with âbust boysâ. However, Whenever James would work he would tell my son he was going to be the bust boy and get paid 5.20. He began there being a hostess being paid $9.00 an hour, but James doesnât want his waitresses busting their own table, so he would make my son. On motherâs day my son worked from 10am-9pm without a break thanks to James. Iâm very aware that not allowing breaks is illegal. This is not the first time James has done this. I called and spoke to James 10/27/17 and he confirmed that my son was hired for hostess, but he wanted him to be a bust boy. Heâs cut his hours to 2 days a week. I will be calling corporate.

Posted by Red lobster

I have been trying to get a Job there going on 2 years at my location in Bossier City and a Manager there by the name of Ben keeps rejecting it due to our interview of misunderstanding and I'm really trying to find help

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Sharon Thomas I have been with rl for over 14yrs yesterday I was called in the office an told by Britney an Ryan that someone complain a employee that I was mean to host grace I have watch my hours get cut back over the last two years an not till I kept asking the answer was u can't work by yourself I'm not meeting expectations for the last year my evaluation was so bad an constant put downs yes I did ask grace Sat why she got so many shifts an u were the only employee that worked one day a week she said idk why in office I was told cause grace is a better worker than u she can work by herself u need help u don't buds tables u don't turn computer fast enough I was a loyal 14yr employee who loved her job I could not talk to Bobby he would either laugh or he was too busy the constant put downs was too much I know I was an assert no matter what they say I was crying an a mess yesterday I told Ryan I need to leave I'm better than Brittany says I am I will never measure up to her standards Bobby the gm always take management word always they keep so much stuff away from director Chris an when they instigate a lot of it yesterday they took the word of an employee when I never even said anything to grace I never blamed grace never an I told her that Bobby wasn't there I left upset at 2pm telling Ryan I need to leave at 6pm all my shifts were deleted I get a call today from an employee saying Bobby cox gm said I quit I never saw or talk to Bobby he was off yesterday Ryan ask yesterday if I wanted to sit down with Bobby I said I have many times he will joke laugh or get aggregated listening Bobby was the one who decided without telling me I'm not making standards if only Chris falden knew how much is covered up its always the employee I knew this day would come after I called crew relations about Reeder I would be punished an I have its retaliation but it's their word only u have no voice Bobby telling crew I quit liar I didn't he never talk to me or saw me I gave rl 14years I was devoted loved an knew the guest it's painful to go in a workplace to feel like I did I can take constructive criticism but to hear for two years I don't meet expectations I only work well in a team I can never work by myself I have tears of hurt to leave rl after years someone deleted all my shifts this week an the gm saying I quit without ever having contact with me I only hope rl New change will embrace loyal long time employees an they have a voice u don't an won't at rl251 Richmond va sad

Posted by employee rl #251host

I'm writing corporate cause I didn't know how to contact my director Chris falden on hot schedules my name is sharon Thomas. I work at store 251in Richmond va today my manager Reeder wrote me up saying it's my final guest complaint I made a mistake of calling the wrong large party they were a black party an the party I missed was Spanish I didn't sign them in so I never knew what Spanish large party looked like they called Reeder an said I took black party back first cause I knew them an I didn't take them back cause they were Spanish I went to guest to say I'm sorry I just made a mistake in calling the wrong party I never brought up race never an I tried to get them down quickly my manager said I should have let him take care of it I said true but u told me they said I skipped them cause they were Spanish I had to explain I had to apologize to them guest said thank u for apologizing an it's ok they understand but Reeder told me in office if they called corporate he has to say he did something to me I said I understood that but my write up said my final terminated next time that he wrote up on me he said Bobby put in a complaint from guess cause I said hello no ladies today guess call corporate saying they were gay an I should have known that I didn't know never ask I was always taught u don't see race nor gender so if a guest say u are racist or u are against gay people then u are not true it's not fair to me to be seen or assumptions made about me I've been a host for 14yrs I try not to make a lot of mistake an learn from it but to be told today by Reeder that they assume that never saying guest told him that I asked Reeder did they say that directly to u an when I apologized to them today he said I understood it was a mistake an thank u it's hard there to stand up for your self u can never explain anything it's always managers answer I have to say something I know I will have reprocussing for writing corporate but I tried to make my mistake better an apologized to guest I didn't expect to see in a write up today I can be facing termination


I use to work for the company, not anymore after the rude cliental and bad tippers I've had enough of the service industry to last a life time.I was a server/bartender for 5 years I use to love my job and all the people until they took away gratuity. I can't tell you how many terrible evenings I've encountered within that company.

Every weekend Red Lobster has many many large parties that love to indulge in the cheesy bread and awesome seafood, because lord knows it's heavenly, but when you work 12 hour days and for 8 of those hours you're waiting on mean people who treat you like a slave it's dreadful. They no longer include gratuity so all those large parties of 20 come in and spend 400$ worth food and leave you 2$... if that. DO NOT WORK FOR RED LOBSTER they do not pay their employees nor care for them.

Worst job ever, I got stiffed on 8 tops, 12 tops, and even 30 tops all the time they come in at 10:45 and leave at 1 am then leave you a 3$ tip.Its a joke.

Posted by bluemrod69

Today there was a disservice done to an employee, Hilary,at the Brownsville location. She was fired because she served my husband and I a new drink that was introduced to the staff. The drink was placed by the drink pick up area, I noticed it and asked what it was. Several servers drank from it and she said she would make me one so I/we could taste it. My husband and I have been loyal customers for almost as long as we have been married, 34 years. Dante was very professional and told us today that he had fired Hilary,and we were not allowed to be served there any longer. I felt horrible for Hillary,and I was very embarrassed and humiliated because we were asked to leave. Punish us, but not Hilary, she is an excellent server and bartender, and should have been fired to please her customers. Please, please hire her back, and we will take our business elsewhere. I write this with a broken heart, for Hillary. Thank you, Mary


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