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    • 88.40 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 9 negative comments (75.00%)
    • 3 positive comments (25.00%)
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    • 5.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I just put rayovac A A batteries in my personal cd player and 5 minutes after starting it I heard a popping...I had head phones on n heard the popping...anyway a battery exploded n now my cd player is covered in battery goo and is ruined... I have pictures... I don't have the pkg as I threw it away after putting the last 4 in my cd player. Now I'm out my $30. Cd player and batteries...what the heck

Posted by n/a

a battery that's about 2 years from out dating stated leaking in a battery storage box....are you willing to replace as a warranty issue????

Posted by Smokeybear

Absolutely incredible!! Whomever heads up your Customer Service Dept. should be replaced IMMEDIATELY!

I had a defective Rayovac flashlight and called cust. svc. on 11/3. I was instructed to send it for a replacement to the DeForest, WI facility....which I did on that same day. I had the package tracked by USPS and they advised that it arrived in your facility on 11/6. Today is the 16th and I have not received any information so, I called cust. svc again. They advise that it wasn't "processed" at the facility until the 11th, and then it wasn't entered into the system until the 13th, and it didn't ship until today, the 16th. So basically, it sat at the facility with no one doing anything for 10 days. You call that customer service???

Posted by Smokeybear

Rayovac REALLY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT PROVIDING GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am extremely frustrated and disappointed in your product, and now in your company.

We purchased one of your alleged "indestructable" flashlights, UPC # 12800-51555. The first one we owned worked for about 8-wks and then the switch became highly independable (ie; have to operate numerous times hoping the light would finally come on). We took it back to Home Depot who graciously replaced it with a new unit....only to have the same thing happen on this second flashlight.

I called your "customer service" group this morning as the flashlight alleges to have a lifetime replacement guarantee. But the kicker....I have to invest in the cost of shipping back to you in order to get the replacement....which in all liklihood will only last about 6-wks before we have to go through it yet again.

Unfortunately, I have seen comments on the internet about others having the same issue with this flashlight, and the switch. Why don't you have the engineering group address the issue and lets eliminate the hassle that consumers are having to go through with your inferior product!! Also, why don't you make your interface with the consumer more user friendly. You say the product has a lifetime guarantee, so put YOUR MONEY where your mouth is and pay the return shipping cost. It is not the consumer's fault that you are marketing an inferior product!!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought #10 batteries for my hearing aids and all of one pack are bad, some only lasted for 2 hrs some wouldn't even turn on my aids.
it is not my aids, but the batteries. this costumer not happy!

Posted by valerie

I have had hearing aids for several years and at first bought only Rayovac batteries (size 10). The first year I was having trouble with what I thought was my aids and was constantly without one or the other thinking they needed service. As it turns out it was the batteries. Sometimes whole packages, sometimes one or two in the package, or sometimes they would only last a few hours or minutes. So I stopped buying Rayovac for a couple years. Recently I bought some because they were on sale...same troubles. I have never had trouble with other brands including store brands.
I can't be the only person who has experienced this. I will not buy Rayovac again even if they are on sale.

Posted by JAN

Ordered a set of l5 minute rechargeable
batteries on line. Received an Email confirmation of shipment three days later. Never received my order. Made five phone calls to the consumer division and calls were not responded to. Last call I made I was informed that Rayovac had stopped producing the batteries ordered seven years ago. Order should never have been taken and delivery was never made. Customer service is really non existent.

Posted by Paul

I sent in 2, 5 cell Mag_Lite flashlights.
Both are ruined from leaking batteries.
They were sent to
Rayovac Group, 700 Rayovac dr, Madison Wi,53711.

Tracking 1Z969011034695072 AND 1Z969011034387253 .
The first one was returned to me on tracking
1Z9690110354695072 It stated wrong address.
Package was opened. Inside was my business card
with an 800 phone number and my card describing the problem. I still have not heard back on the second one.
Can I speak to a real person ?

Pickup Salvage Co Inc
Paul E Milazzo Pres

Posted by Anonymous

My name is John Mazza in Janurary I purched 10 rayovac aa rechargeable battries for my Kodak camer as I was going on vacation when I first used them they were fine when I went to reacharge then they only charged half way they were completed discharged befor I tried to recharge them.I purched a new rayovac charged think that there was some thing wrong with the chargea I left them on the charga for 10 hours trying to bring them up to a full charg. that didnot help they charged half way
Thank you
John Mazza
2252 Gold Key Est Milford PA 18337
[email protected]

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Posted by gromero001

I bought 12 six packs of Ray-o-vac 675 cochlear implant batteries. The first two packs were fine, but two batteries on the third pack lasted only about a minute. I complained to customer service which was very responsive, no hassle, and they said they'd send two packages as a replacement to arrive within a week.

Posted by [email protected]

my name is richard p. curty jr. i recently called about a battery charger and batteries
that were not working. i recently received
the battery charger and batteries that were
not even the charger i sent to you.

thank you for your great
customer service.

Posted by richard/photo man

very good customer service

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