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    • 50 negative comments (80.65%)
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Posted by Anonymous

My wallet was just stolen from Ralphâs in pacific Palisades, Ca on sunset blvd. Around 2 pm 4/25/18
I spoke with the acting manager to report and see the video in the produce part of the store where it happened and the cameras do not work because of the remodel .

I think this is a big mistake on your part, especially not caring about your customers safety .

Posted by Paul

My name is Leopoldo C. Tolentino Jr. Former employee need my W2 form my new thank you very much

Posted by Anonymous

I Have been trying to reach the department that handles the rewards voucher for 2 weeks and the recording keeps telling me you are too busy to answer my call. When is a good time to call?


Carol Armstron

Posted by Anonymous

Hate store 47 employe by Hugo name he kind of hrrasing me whole I was shopping he can't behaive. His self about girls I feel uncomptoble with my kids I left the store never come back again he was really unsafe employs for customer ...never come back hate this store

Posted by Anonymous

This week's ads just came out. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Ben and Jerry's ice cream for $3.99 if you buy 10. Vons has Ben and Jerry's for 2.77 if you buy 3. Stater Bros has Ben and Jerry's for $2.49 if you buy 3. You are not even in the ball park. So disappointed.

Arlene Gellerman

Posted by TAMMIE

On May 13th, My Husband Prentyea Smith, Finally Had Orientation, After Trying To Get Hired For 6 Months. He Was Hired For Night Crew. He Was Then Scheduled To Work On 05/18/2017-05/20/2017 Midnight To 8:30am And Off On Sunday. The Night Manager Lexa Asked If He Could Work Sunday And He Agreed. Lexa Told Him To Take Monday Off. He Worked Tuesday, Wednesday, And Thursday And Was Not Scheduled Until Monday 05/29/2017. On Saturday 05/27/2017 He Received A Fedex Envelope With A Check In It And Attached Was A Flyer For Unemployment Benefits. We Went To Employee Site To Check Schedule And We Couldn't Get On. My Husband Called The Manager Lex And Was Told That The Night Crew Had Rallied Around And Told Lex That My Husband Couldn't Get Down To His Knees And Back Up Fast Enough. Lex Proceeded To Tell My Husband That He Was Finding A Different Position For Him And There Would Be Another Check On Monday. We Went Back Monday To Get Check And The Manager On Duty, Mark, Told My Husband That Lex Had Told Mark He Let My Husband Go. So Is It Ralphs Protocol To Fire People Through The Mail? There Was Never A Manager Conversation With My Husband, No Training Whatsoever, Nobody Asked If Maybe He Had A Disability And Couldn't Get Up And Down Off His Knees Fast Enough. There Was Absolutely Nothing Done On The Managers End To Communicate With My Husband That There Was An Issue. I Find This Process Disturbing, Discriminatory And Extremely Unprofessional! My Husband Was So Happy To Be Hired, Begging For A Job, Stayed Diligent With The Managers, Even After They Kept Blowing Off His Interview And Rescheduling. We Live Across The Street From The Store On Montezuma In San Diego, Within Walking Distance. Please Explain To Me How There Is No Exit Interview, Signed Nothing, No Conversation With Managers, The Night Crew Made The Decision For The Manager Lex, Who Never Had The Decency To Talk To My Husband Face To Face, But Could Fire Him Without Telling Him?!

Posted by ME

Sunday night, 5/21, I went into the Fountain Valley store to return; some candy. I had both the returned item,and the receipt, with me.I went back to the candy aisle to see if the correct flavor was there, but it wasn't, so I went up to the store clerk to ask for a return. 'Meeting me there was the night manager. Being a customer who has been at Ralphs for years (and whom the manager had seen me there)he questioned me like some kind of criminal right away. If he had just asked why I went to candy aisle instead of going to the return desk, I would have gladly told him that I was just looking to see your availability of the product (he saw me with the receipt when I first came in, and the return item was in my purse-which I believe he saw). His attitude stunk!If he tries to pull the attitude he showed at me again, I will just call the police department.

Posted by pirateles

I contacted Marc Antony the manager at Ralphs on 42cnd., in Bermuda Dunes re: accusations Sat that I accidentally/on purpose took some fish without paying, and although he did apologize, he insisted he ran out and accosted me and said
"have you paid for all your items, following that with maybe I had absentmindedly left the fish in the lower basket, only to make certain I had not forgotten my fish. Baloney.
He also admitted he scanned my receipt looking for the fish. I go to Ralphs every 3 days and have never stolen anything. Please respond
Ms Leslie Dooling (or just a "preferred customer")

Posted by Anonymous

I am a long time customer who spends a lot of money with your chain of stores.

I felt it was necessary to bring to your attention how poorly managed and operated your 12921 Magnolia Blvd location is presently. The store is dirty and the checkout is a joke,in regards to effciently getting the customers paid and out the door in a timely matter.

The most irrating point being that throughout this location, the verifone credit card machines electronic pens are constantly missing and never work correctly. Frankly I don't want to sign with my finger on a dirty screen that the public is constantly doing the same with.

Your managers and supervisors could care less and offer lip service that the devices will be replaced, yet never do!

The same breakage occurs at your A Ralphs(aka... Hughes) store off Ventura in Studio City, yet they manage to correct the problem in a timely manner and operate in a much more pleasing and efficient manner overall. Unfortunately, its not convenient for me to get and the parking is difficult.

The bottom line is you need to correct the problem, or I will be forced to do more of my shopping at Gelsons & Whole Foods where the stores are clean and the credit card scanners work properly.


Posted by anonymous

Complaint, Attention Owner of santa Barbara downtown ralphs. 5am the store was open
I wzs refused the restroom code, a single white American woman who spends 150 a month there I was told by every Mexican female I didn't buy something immediately so they said they didn't know the code. this is illegal to demand someone make a minimum purchase. my atty is jay valentine. the international UPC Plumbers association code says any establishment open for business to sell food Must not refuse restroom service and free you cannot charge a person money to use restroom sinks to wash hands or toilets this is illegal in the USA. ralphs is owned by Kroger. ca state law says you must not refuse restroom and ability for people to be clean its a health violation. this grocery store is not in mexico. santa Barbara city, ca is not mexico. its still America and the owner must tell the Mexican employees who refuse service and discriminate against whites to stop or they can be fired. they also refuse to speak English to the American customers this is early staff, 5-7 am worst on sundays continued problems

Posted by Anonymous

Telephoned your office 2 weeks ago with complaint; person said they would get back to me. ZERO.

Telephoned today: hold time over 10 minutes, that is terrible customer service for retail.

Why don't you contact me about the situation where you are losing money and customers at If I am in a meeting and unavailable, leave me a number which I can get ahold of in less than 10 minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped at Foods Co on Haley St in Bakersfield Ca. The cashier "ADARIAN" seemed to be having a bad day even though it was only 10am! She was irritated with the customer in front of me because they spoke Spanish & she did not. She repeated their total 4 times with an ugly face (as if repeating it would turn it into Spanish & they would some how understand her)so as the customers left she looked at me with my WIC vouchers like I was an inconvenience to her cashiering. She snatched my WIC folder off the little counter the debit machine is on, at that point I looked at my mother who is shopping with me & stated out loud that she must be having a bad day. As I reached for the first voucher to sign, she dropped it on the little counter in front of me, I let that go & proceeded to wait for her to finish my transaction. Meanwhile she was taking her sweet time double & triple checking each item through the WIC shopping guide. Never has it taken so long to get through the register. As she got to the last voucher, I then snatched it from her hand to sign it, tired of being treated like I was beneath her or something. She then looked to the next customer in line commenting to them "Ugh, Oh My Goodness!" I then let her know she chose to work in customer service, regardless the job, she is being paid to give good customer service & her job would be easier if she lost the attitude, she then got loud with me stating I was being rude to her. The shift manager "JOSE GONZALEZ" was 2 registers down & seemed to be offended that I would stop to air my grievances. If it wasn't the closest grocery store to my home I wouldn't continue to shop there. NO ONE SHOULD BE TREATED WITH SUCH DISRESPECT WHETHER THEY SPEAK A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE OR ARE PAYING WITH A WIC VOUCHER OR IOU, IT DOESN'T MATTER!!

Posted by Anonymous

I was trying to speak with a manager at Ralph's grocery store in Porter Ranch California on Rinaldi Street today. I was placed on hold for over 17 minutes and I kept getting people answering the phone saying they would get the manager but they never did until the 17th minute. Finally, someone by the name of Andres who was garbling his words and it was so hard to understand got on the phone stated he was the manager. At that time I told him forget it that I would take this up with corporate.

My complaints and concerns is that our neighborhood is starting to look like a ghetto due to all the parts shopping carts that are left up and down the streets. My street of concern is Tampa between Rinaldi and Porter Ranch Estates. I have lived in different states in the country and I know that this can be stopped. The store needs to put a stop so shopping carts couldn't be taken either out of the parking lot or the front of the store. People can drive up with their cars and load there their groceries into the car. This is an affluent neighborhood and this has made it look like a ghetto.

Thank you for your attention

Posted by Anonymous

The Ralph's Hastings Ranch in Pasadena is abusive to their customers. If you assert yourself when being mistreated by an employee and talk with their managers they will ask you to shop elsewhere. I've also noticed that thei milk tends to have expiration dates that are about to expire and they leave the meat sitting out for long periods of time before putting it in refrigeration. They have lost my business for their arrogant abusive treatment.


I shopped at the walnut street ralphs location in Pasadena California on Friday 12/9/2016. Purchased 3lb. ground turkey chub 93/7 price listed was $5.99 advertised special however I was charged $8.99. When I returned product manager told me to go talk to meat dept. Manager about the price as I did the manager didn't understand why I was sent to him because he does not process refunds. But he did move the sale tag to correct item apparently it was at wrong turkey item. When I returned to original manager he proceeded to refund my money and said I will give u it for 5.99 and I told him I didn't need it any longer because it was for dinner 3 days prior. The policy states of price is showing wrong than I should've gotten item free. However no apology for the misunderstanding or unnecessarily sending me to meat dept. I have a very bad knee and it was painful to do so. As I was limping not that the manager Mr. GONZALEZ cared. My family and I shop at Ralphs frequently and I am very very dissatisfied with how this return was handled. Thankyou Sabrina (shocked customer)

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to ask the manager Clyde a question regarding Salvation Army fundraising. His attitude was downright rude. The worst customer service I've ever experienced. His demeanor was that of a person who did not want to be bothered. He was glaring at my friend and I as we walked out. I will share this all my contacts. This Ralphs store in Hastings Ranch Pasadena has lost me as a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at Ralph's in Santa Barbara and Goleta, while checking the clearance rack items, I noticed on a lot/most perishable food items with an expiration date that the clearance stick usually covers up that date. I don't think that would be healthy to do that. If the items is near the expiration date, it should be either discarded, returned to where it came, or the date clearly visible and let the shopper decide whether there is enough time to consume it before that date. Any item that has a expiration or use before date should not be covered up under any circumstances. Please notify these stores and others that the expiration date must not be covered. Thanks, a return response would acknowledge that this has been read. I can be reached

Posted by Anonymous

I shot I shot today stated Ralphs grocery store the one on Euclid and Chapman in Garden Grove California I just spoke to the manager and Kyle coming up on me after I told I would never shop there again because of the terrible service in the deli area and was hung up on me cuz I need to corporate number but you know what if this is the kind of customer service you guys have a plan on plugging it and kind of us deserve to lose your company business is another obviously poor Service as a manager named Kyle I plan on telling everybody that I knew in my complex bulletin board in my condo complex not to shop at your Market anymore no wonder you can pay her when even the local markets and winning with customer service like that your daily is the most horrible customer service I've ever ever seen you don't have to come at me because you guys obviously think your store is doing great you need to take a look at your management there of his service and managers like Kyle

Posted by Anonymous

Putting an untrained individual at checkout at lunch time is beyond comprehension. A very sweet lady who admitted that she did not know what she was doing underscores the lack of interest Ralphs management has in customer service. She did not know any of the numbers to enter for produce and had to ask another check in order to enter the number. She did not know how to open the register. She even offered me coin change when I checked even though it was automatically dispensed on the machine. Of course I told her she embarrassingly said she was trying her best. There were two people in front of me with a couple of dozen items to check and it took close to 15 minutes to go through the line. I really did feel sorry for this untrained individual. Not her fault but surely the fault of the store managers.

I am avid cook and have been going to my local West LA Ralphs for 30 years and the service has continued to decline over the last couple of years. The only reason I am writing this is to hopefully reach Ralph's executive who actually cares about customer service. I could site a dozen other issues but it is not worth my time.

Posted by Missionman

I was pushing my basket through the parking Lott and suddenly it stop at the Vons in HB on beach and MacDonald. Happened twice before I will no longer put up 28th this I'm syeing

Posted by The odds are not even for the cu

I took the time today to share a bad customer experience at my local Ralphs store in Buena park on ball road and valley view Street. The store director "Marin" was rude and gives the worst service . His tone with myself along with the previous customer where not of a leadership caliber. He refused to take the 78 yr old white ladies check because she had lined out her middle name as the bank spelled it incorrectly . She replaced the spelling with the corrected one and because it had an "alteration" he said we ant help you !.... Not even can he say, what other form of payment can you give Mrs.Sanders.... He agreed to hold the items, then when she left, he decided to help me and discuss that poor woman's business for all to hear, then instructed the bag man associate to put it back, " she is not coming back, she's broke " bahaha....
The manager said this, what a poor example for the others, I won't shop hear again ;!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Jose G. the cashier at third and Vermont in LA is not nice.Is it my fault to use free coupons.can't he talk nicely to customers,i am just one of your regular customer who frequents your store,about 26 years.he use to be nice.he told me that he did not charge me with some of the items but when i got home i saw that he only used two of the three coupons that i handed him.i was leaving the counter and i glanced at his ID and he really face me to show his ID.i know nothing will happen at least i told you guys.the date is 8-17-2016 10:05am 3410 west 3rd st.

Posted by Anonymous

I was just in your store (Ralphs Temecula Parkway) 6:15 p.m. Saturday, August 13th and was treated horribly by John in your deli department. I really like your wings and I asked how old the wings were in the case and he said they were dropped at 3:10 p.m. The time was 6:15 p.m. and I told him that I wanted fresh wings and he told me that I could pick from the wings that were in the case. Nobody wants to eat 3 hours wings and I can tell you that I have had your dried up wings before and they are horrible. The fresh wings are awesome. John had a real attitude and could obviously care less about customer service. I then went to the manager on duty. Long dark hair and she totally dismissed me....telling me that the other person in at the deli said that John said that "the fryer is currently in use, but I will be happy to drop you wings after it is clear", which is a total lie. The manager then dismissed me by saying over and over, "have a good night". This is not the first time we have had trouble with your staff at Temecula Parkway, but it will be the last time. We will now go to Stater Brothers down the street, where we at least know that we will be treated like crap....but we will at least save money. One last thing, when I told the manager that we would not shop there anymore and that we will now go to Stater Bros., as bagging assitant (young brown haired man) shouted...."You'll be back". You can check out our number to see just how much business you have lost. Our Temecula friends have warned us about the service at this particular Ralphs and we finally believe them. Good luck with your over priced goods and poor service. The two just don't go together. Time to clean house and get some people in there that give a damn. Have a good day!

Posted by Bigal

Sad that you closed the store in Huntington Beach CA. On Brookhurst and Adams. The store had some good employees, most of all Cathy Yard (please give her the credit and recognition she deserves).
However, one employee did not measure up to your high standards, her name was Dolores ( do not know her last name). We found her to be rude and unhelpful. She might be better served to work in an office and not with the public.

Posted by Anonymous

AFTER READING YOUR RATING ON CUSTOMER SERVICE I'M NOT SURPRISED!!!!!!!! 2.7 really? What business would ever be ok with that kind of rating and yet you must be because if you were doing something about it, no way could it be that low! I'll give you an example of why it is, today, I went into the Ralphs store in Mission Valley and wanted some Crimimi Mushrooms and the box was empty. Since two guys were stocking more merchandize in that area I asked if they had some. "Jimmy" Mr. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE and his younger side kick were less than impressive. He shook his head no. I didnt believe him but there is nothing I could do. This guy has the WORST ATTITUDE! If he doesn't like his job, he should quit! I told him he had no customer service and had a bad attitude, he just walked and was laughing with his younger "side kick". I told them both I was reporting them to corporate, he didn't faze them. The MEAT DEPARTMENT is no different. I've shopped at this store for 20 years and now hate going there except for people like Gabe.
It's really a shame. The meat department wont grind anything for you and they won't order ground chuck so I have to go to Food For Less, by the way, there customer service is good. I would like someone to call me about this, I'm DONE with NO SERVICE!!!Sharon Swenson 619-723-3725

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Posted by Cake4Mom

I went to the Ralphs on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, Ca today and received excellent service. April 14th I would have been my mothers 74th birthday. At the last moment, I decided my kids and I would celebrate with a cake. I specifically requested a white cake with butter creme icing but there weren't any. PG came to my rescue!!! He said, "If you have 10 minutes, I'll be happy to do it for you. And boy did he hook me up!!! The cake was beautifully made and absolutely delicious!!! And he was pleasant about it too... Thank you so much for hiring excellent people skilled at what they do and happy to do it. He was a joy!!! Both Wendy (who rang me up) and Janelle (I think that was the name of the girl who put my groceries in my cart) were a joy as well!!! It ended up being a great day at Ralphs and I enjoyed celebrating my mothers birthday. Thank you for being a part of my blessing!!!
Tangie Ambrose

Posted by Anonymous

I love coming to the deli to get fresh foods Tino and Francisco are amazing.The whole reason I come to this store is the deli Ralphs in San Clemente Camino DE Los mares!!

Posted by Anonymous

I Was Shopping At Ralph store the milliken and baseline,i was buying food for dinner and i dealt with shalana i was very satisfied with her professional way asking how can she help me and her nice smile on her face saying i got you..i really liked her and i want to give her a shout out, also same time Melody at the cashier took me from the other lane to check me out ..i was so satisfied with the service at ralph,s store.

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at the Ralph's in Anaheim Hills CA and have to say that Jessica,who works behind the counter in the deli which serves the best fried chicken, boar heads meat and salads in the world is the most friendly and efficient employee you have in your store. She always greets me with a smile,works quickly to make my shopping experience a A plus every time I enter the store. She is a keeper.

Posted by Cindy

Cindy was very polite during my time in line and helped give me directions to where an item would be for future reference. Overall, wonderful experience!

Posted by CurtisKabat

I never thought that I would take the time to write a review. Many of these are negative, but I have to tell you that ANIT MARKEY at your store on Wilshire at Hauser is not only great at her job and willing to do whatever is needed to get something for you, but also she is so pleasant and just a lovely person. I do hope that this review reaches Anit so she knows what great service she provides. Some of your other employees might want to follow her lead. Thank you.
Sincerely - Curtis Kabat

Posted by Anonymous

From all the staff out of the whittier blvd and soreson store goes over and beyond in aiding all the time with all my handicaps. So very friendly and so helpful which makes it such a pleasure to shop evety week. I notice they extend this to all customers too. If there is any way they can be noticed that would be wonderful. They deserve it and more. I've been in lots of other Ralphs stores but this one stands out.

Posted by [email protected]

I would like to thank Mr.Jon Wienhoff of your Chula Vista store Address: 659 E Palomar St, Chula Vista, CA 91911 for his assistance helping us (the ca. veterans home) to have a very successful BBQ, the veterans were very pleased. Nr. Wienhoff while very busy, stopped what he was doing and lent us his great knowledge of your products and pricing. His staff are very well managed. Please convey to him how pleased we were to get his help and his staff

Posted by Anonymous

Cassis the store director at Ralph's South Pasadena, CA is awesome and we appreciate all he does to get our family special orders etc.. His managers Enzo, Celeste, Eliah and Sal are all great team members and very friendly and professional. Kudos to the entire Ralphs staff in South Pasadena.

Carlos and Willow

Posted by Anonymous

Ralph's Westwood, CA Store. With the new expansion I couldn't find the item I was looking for. I asked a clerk, who cheerfully took me directly to the item. I much appreciated his help as the store was full of shoppers and I would have had a hard time locating it. The ID of the person who helped me said "Jesse W".

Posted by [email protected]

I want to commend Luis in the. MEAT depth at Ralphs at 11727 Olympic Blvd in LA. He was most helpful in spatchcocking a fresh turkey for me for thanksgiving, totally professional & reassuring me about following my strange new recipe. I really only expect such service from expensive butcher shops! Kudos to Luis!

Posted by norma

store location 2030 Lincoln Ave. Anaheim, Ca re: Cashiers Toni and Kellie. I had left the store without an item I could not find on the shelf. The cashier Toni came out to my car and said she thought she had found the item I needed. I went back inside the store and she had them at her station. Cashier Kellie checked me out at her register so I did not have to wait in a long line again. I appreciate their friendly and helpful service and both cashiers went out of her way to help me. Please give them an acknowledgement in their employee file. I will be going back to this Ralphs store because of their kindness to me. I will also be recommending this store to others to shop there. date and time of day was December 17, 2013 time around 3:15 to 3:34.

Thank you,

Norma Brown

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Posted by Anonymous

I Would Like To Give A Shout To

An Outstanding. Employee

His Name Is Greg

Works At Ralph's La Jolla Ca

8657 Villa La Jolla Dr

He Really Knows The Store

Excellent. Service

Was There Apr 2. 730 Pm

Posted by hanna mussallam

I work at ralphs store #648 in Burbank.I am supposed to do sedentary work only as my orthopedic doctor ordered.I was working as a cardboard compactor(ripper).I was working for the last two months as a greater which is what the doctor ordered. This morning the assistant manager (mike) very rudely and in an insulting tone of voice took the table and the chair and ordered me to do my shift standing up which is violating what the Ortho doctor said. I have multiple herniated discs and l4 and l5 lower back problems.the management at store 648 has knowledge of of my injury because all the reports from the doctor was given to them.I am a loyal employee ' I used to clean the meat department'the produce department 'the seafood department on top of operating the cardboard compactor. And now after the injury which happened while I was operating the cardboard compacter and the director of store 648 in Burbank called the ambulance to take me to the hospital.and now after all this hard work and dedication.I am insulted and management violated the doctors order.I would like for the administration front office to look into this matter and do me justice.


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