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Posted by Anonymous

Hello I am attending a conference at the radisson paper Valley in Appleton WI in may and am having problems booking my room. I called at 3:30 today and was told the reservation department was closed. I could call back in the morning at 9 not sure how late they would take reservations because they are training. I tried to book online and it says there is a two night minimum.. it's a one day conference on a Wednesday I only need one night. I was wondering if anyone help?


I Cortney Bradley asked to move rooms because my room on the sixth floor was not receiving wifi. I moved to the first floor and forgot my purse only to find it at the front desk it had been gone through and all the money I had in it was missing. I contacted the SUPERVISOR Barbra and she said that maybe I did not have money in my purse. She was very rude nothing was done about it and she basically tried to make me feel as if I was the one not telling the truth. They know who took it and instead of doing something about it she told me it was impossible that the girl took my money, the same girl who did not report it to her SUPERVISOR who instead brought the purse down to the first floor then gave it to someone els to bring to the front desk

Posted by Lasith Silva Room number 1420 da


Today i just now arrive to your hotel at around 7pm for my visit to Raddison blu chittagong
When went to pool and on my way to pool area to see the water pool wearing my national clothe saraong 2 of your employees challenged me for wearing sarong which is also know as lungi in BD
1st time in lift in front of another guest
so i made a complain

then i went to pool area and was delighted to such a nice pool
unfortunately i was asked to leave the area by pool person
as i am wearing sarong

May i know why your guys behave in such caliper
I am really scared now i should have stayed in le meridine Dhaka wear i could freely walk in my clothes

Later on i was sharedabout the dress code against wearing sarong inside hotel premises
But it should have been done earlier on the first time i complianed when i was challenge for wearing sarong. But i cannot figure it out why?

Got to know that you have updated the policy and sent to print the customer document prohibiting wearing sarong and slipper type foot wear inside hotel

Please do inform us when booking as lot of people specially the ministers and including my president wear it anywhere. Belive its common India, BD too where 1B is there including srilanka.

sorry for the inconvenience caused I was explained by hotel GM
please do let me know the hotels you have around the world who has banned wearing sarong/ lungi I may share the same with my friends and colleges as
we do travel a lot, so hotel is our second home. Believe you understand

Also it felt me so embarresed, angry and emotionaly lost as moved away from talking when i tear came to my eye and could not control the cry

Also i was informed by Mr Robert that we are not allowed expose our feet & finger
I will share the same with my colleges who were use your hotel. specially the ladies who dont wear shoes
Also nice to see hotel where you should go wearing shoes in pool area, belive there is a special shoe for that.

But please find a better way to challenge a foreigner in Bangladesh which is not the best place to travel safely


Posted by Anonymous

Was in Baltimore at the Cross Keys Raddison. Upgraded to a king suite, mistake! The toilet took two flushes every time, the shower barely pushed out the hot water, the air conditioning wouldn't cool the room below 70 and the sleep number deflated every night over night so I ended up with a horrible back ache! Went down tot he desk after the first night and was informed the hotel was full, sorry. I will not ever stay at a Raddison again after this experience!

Posted by Beth

Went with a group of approx 40 people to a Cubs game. After game, hung out in the lounge. ..spent lots of money. After calling it a night around 1:30 a.m., my husband pulled back covers to find a urine spot from the previous attendances the night before. After bringing this to the hotel management, he basically called me a lier! I'm read in my receipt 100% guaranteed satisfaction. I was given $6 back as an accommodation!! WHAT A JOKE!

Posted by Mickie

Ontario calofornia, radison hotel. Family and I got stuck in elevator for 5 minutes. Alarm, call box phone doesn't work at all. Elevator panel open with wiring esposed. Thank goodness after pushing mutiple buttons elevator finally opened. Scary part that there was no communication to be heard. Informed front desk, female did not seem to concerned. Also red fire lever on my floor has tape covering it, if there was a fire there is no access to panel. Man on man . Radison ontario calofornia really needs work.

Posted by Anonymous

Was told 3 times I had room facing the beach and the Lexington this is in corpus Christi Texas .
I got a nice room facing the parking lot and dumpster.

Posted by Visarraga p

Very bad customer satisfaction they didn't have towels in the poo area didn't even acknowledge me when I wsd told there's a early check in the staff was mummbling stuff as I walked away I would not recommend this raddison in Whitier California very horrible

Posted by Inconvenienced

My friends and I stayed at the Radisson Memorial Day weekend. The first night we arrived very late and they no longer had a double room. They were very accommodating and provided us with two king size rooms. The problem started the next day. My friends and I had places to go and things to do. We had to pack all of our belongings and put them in storage until they could provide us a double room. This limited my ability to be able to go anywhere or do anything because the reservation was under my name and my friends would not be able to check in without me. We were not able to check into the second room until after 3 o'clock . Once we got the double room, the air conditioner wasn't working, the phone was not plugged up, were no light in half of the lamps in the room and I had to wait 40 minutes for them to bring me an iron and an ironing board. This made us late to the functions we were attending that night. The staff behind the desk said the third floor was newly renovated and these were unfortunate glitches. They apologized but for me I will never stay there again it felt like my whole weekend was inconvenienced.

Posted by MahoganyChild

In August of 2015 i experienced a form of racism by security manager Bryan Costello at the Valley Forge Radisson in PA. I contacted and emailed customer service and never got a response. I also found out the report I filed the night of the incident was not entered into the system. He manager who took my report and Bryan I later found out are friends so it was never reported. I left the hot and stayed at a competing hotel chain as a result. I will never stay there again and every organization that I come in contact with that is thinking of hosting there i will be sure to let them know how unprofessionally i was treated and handled.

Posted by Never again

On Oct 24 I stayed at the Roseville Radisson for my neices wedding.I confirmed my information of address, phone, and provided my new email. I was told I needed to provide credit card for $100 deposit for incedentals. I didnt have enough on my card to pay for the room and the incedentals of $100. so I couldnt check in without that. I turned to ask my husband who wasnt staying for the night, to cover me. He said he would for the incentails only if he would see it back on his card when I checked ou, as he needed the $ for his trip this week. The girl assured him that it would be at checkout. I told her my card was to be charged for the room. I received my receipt under the door and saw my name on it and didnt glance at anything else. When I checked out I told the rep at the desk my phones in the room didnt work and had no dial tone. The rep asked me if I called to the desk to report it, (I again told her the phones weren't working to do that) . The rep told me she would give me a credit for $25 because of the phones (my sister checked out at the same time and her toilet wasnt working and was given a credit of $50). When I asked on the $100 deposit I was told my husband would see it returned on his account within a couple of days. I left, and a couple of days ago received my email with the receipt on it. The receipt indicated another Lisa Williams (not me) but a Lisa Williams from IL with her address. (I googled her and found that name and address from IL) It was not my credit card billed - and wasnt sure if it was my husbands - so was concerned it was this Lisa's from IL card, and they call me on fraud. 2 days ago I called billing to straighten it out - no answer from my VM. Yesterday I called twice, and LMs and still no answer. I called today and spoke to the MGR Jason. He apologized as billing was on vacation and he was also. He said the rep was fairly new and assured me that nothing fraudulant happened. When I asked who was billed he said the card number was my husband not this Lisa from IL. He is going to follow up with this other Lisa to make sure nothing occurred there. I told him I am so frustrated as I had to deal with this at the hotel as well as had to make 4 calls + this email. He offered me 20,000 points - but I told him No thanks as I may try another chain to avoid this in the future. Because when we made it clear my card was to be billed for the room and his card only for incedentals, his card was billed for the room. (He is out of state right now for a hunting trip where he was expecting to see and have the money returned to his account. - now I have to tell him his account was charged not mine for not only the initial deposit for incedentals but for the room charge also. The Mgr said he would add the incental charge of $100 back to his card and would reverse the room charges and add it to my card. He offered a new invoice - I said I didnt need one if corrected. I then thought I should have a copy so called back and told the operator (Auston?) to tell Jason I do want an updated receipt. I was emailed an updated receipt that just showed the address wiped away but my address was not on there - and no billing change. My frustration level now became irriated. It may not seem like much for you but I will catch the wrath on this. I am so irritated not only for the situation happening but also for the time taken to clear this up. If he added the points its ok to remove them as It will be a very long time if ever I decide to use Radison for any future hotel use, I have never had this problem at other hotels. My sister Linda wont either as they used her card also for the room and deposit and she was never told of that needed for incidentals. Poor customer care

Posted by Truitt Land and Cattle Co.

I have been staying at the Radisson at Metro Center Phoenix Arizona for 5 years now.No longer and I will tell all my employees and my contractors and Development Friends to stop comming hear also.I was duped and cheated.

Posted by Raj

I have venue booked for wedding of my sister on 23rd july at hotel radission blu paschim vihar, delhi. My ordeal started since morning when the dda officails landed up on the confirmed assembly point premises which hotel officials confirmed to me. it was not legal to make assembly point there as per dda. later on the so called few snacks got over at 1115 pm in night when only 350 guest had dinner. there was malfunctioning of ac at dinner area which was not addressed. the hotel seems to decrease the number and duration of snack services which led to increased plate count and hence bill. The chef and the management forgot to add live pasta counter as per deal. Also at the end we were charged full for snacks,( which were not eaten, coldreinks, frutits which were off service after 1115 pm). Poor show, reflects attitude of hotel, which did not made any favourable consessions

Posted by Anonymous

Radisson® is synonymous with outstanding levels of service and comfort delivered with utmost style. This was definitely not the case at Radisson Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco last week. I had made a reservation for 3 nights, but left after one night. The hotel was under renovation with constant loud drilling noise from 7am to 5 pm. The lobby was a small ugly temporary room, which was difficult to find. No restaurat or room service were available. There was no information (warning) on the internet about any renovation (the whole second floor) and no apologies made at check in (only mentioned that work will be carried out). It made the whole stay miserable and it is clear to me now that I will NEVER again stay at a Radisson hotel.

Kenneth Lundstrom

Posted by EM

Radisson Blu Dortmund Germany
On December 24/25 (Christmas eve 2014) the Hotel had a private TECHNO Party in the Restaurant. Since the restaurant is not sound isolated, it was impossible to sleep until 0730 am when the last guests left´. the Manager was not available and also didn't call us as asked for. And on top the customer care at Radisson acknowledged the receipt of the written complaint but never answered

Posted by Anonymous

I'm staying in a ridisson hotel Orlando Florida 2900 park way blvd Kissimmee fl 34747 I came to have a nice vacation with my family, main door not close good bathroom door don't close at all plus all that bee don't have water since 8 am came back from the parks and is 6 pm still no water they said they testing the pipe, I wash my teeth with battle of water and my face same my wife and kids. Now my kids needs to go to the bathroom and they said they still testing the pipe I will never stay in this ridisson again.

Posted by Karan Dokras

Radisson Blu, Nagpur,India.
9.7.2014 8.30 pm
We called and checked if the coupons we had got from radisson Blu were valid and what combination was possible.
On reaching waiter refused to acknowledge
Dead fly on Table
manager and waiter both belligerant, disrespectful,foul.
Refused to escalate complaint
No senior people were allowed to meet us
No Hotel manager present.
Total anarchy
Humiliating and very bad experience
This hotel is worst than a common DHABA
Charlton group take note.
Taking the matter to the Consumer Court at nagpur.
Karan Dokras

Posted by AmandaPotts

I recently had my wedding reception at the Radisson Blu in Durham. We booked and paid for the venue a year and a half prior to our wedding. We had very little correspondence from the events manager until 5 weeks before the wedding. We were then informed that we had to provide our own decorations and seat covers and had to decorate the room ourselves. With such a short time before the wedding this was difficult to arrange and hadnt included the extra costs of this in our budget, resulting in us having to scrape to gether an extra £300 to pay for this. We were told we could decorate the room the night before the wedding, but with only two weeks to go, were then told that the venue room had been booked the night before so we had to do it the moening of the wedding, luckily, i managed to get a few friends to help out with this as we had no time to do it ourselves.

We were also told when we booked the venue that we didnt have to give them final guest numbers until two weeks before the wedding, and we just had to give them an approximate. The number of guests atending the evcening we estimated about 40 people, closer to the time we realised it was much less than this, and when we tried to say the numbers had reduced to 10, they said that the charges still applied for the 40 guests as this was a minimum requirement - having already paid for the venue they refused to refund us the money for the extra guests.

We had also paid for two rooms the night before the wedding, this was included in our wedding bill, the following day the hotel charged me for one of the rooms, they took the money straight off my credit card. The next day, they took another £218 off my credit card, but didnt inform me as to what the charge was for - everything had been paid upfront and there was nothing else to pay for. I am still awaiting a response as to why they have helped themselves to my creit card and still awaiting refund a week later. They did however refund me £170 for the room they had charged me for by mistake - but then went ahead and took money from my card with no recipt or invoice or explanation as to what it was for.

The day of the wedidng was a disaster. The room was booked form 1pm. My guests were made to wait in the lobby until 1.50 as the room wasnt ready? My friends had already set the room up that morning. During the meal the all the plates were dirty, i had to pick up 10 plates before i found a clean one to be served my food on. The staff were all miserable and made us feel that we were actually a convenience to them, one member of staff serving the meals, actually stopped half way through servinf two of my guests to answer her mobile and left my guests standing for almost 10 minutes. We were then informed that we had to leave the room at 4.30 for it to be set up for the evening reception, we were told we could sit in the lobby and go to the bar - there was not enough setas for everyone so most of my guests left to go into durham so they could sit together. Some of the guests over-heard the bar staff making rude comments about "throwing us all out" and "telling us all to P**s off!!"

The whole day was a disaster, we paid £3,500 to have our wedding here, we expected much better service and certainly didnt expect to have money taken off our credit card, with no explaination as to what it was for, no response as to why this had happened, especially when the whole thing was paid for 18 month before hand! It was uan utter disgrace and i would urge people not to use this company to have their weddings their unless they want to have their eyes taken out.

Posted by Anonymous

We are at the Radisson on Beach street in San Francisco and are not receiving any service from management. Please call me immediately

Patrick Kerr

The concierge actually took a break while we were wAiting for her

Posted by Jeannecolby

Deceptive reservation practice at Radisson Blu hotels in Minneapolis MN. There are two hotels called Radisson Blu within 1 mile of each other near the Mall of America and the Minneapolis St Paul airport.
I was browsing online looking for a hotel attached to the Mall of America and found Radisson Blu. The next day I went online again and found a room at Radisson Blu for a good price but it was non-refundable. Since the price was a bit lower than I had seen I figured it was because it was a non-refundable reservation. When I arrived at the Radisson Blu 'AT' Mall of America I was told my reservation was at the Radisson Blu 'BY' Mall of America, 1 mile away and not attached to the mall. I was also told my reservation at the Radisson Blu I did not want would not be refunded.
I believe this is a practice designed to deceive. How would an out of town visitor notice the difference between these two hotels with such similar names?
I believe this is a far and deceptive way of doing business and I am going to argue for a refund of $143 for the room plus tax that I did not want.

Posted by Tcdjmd

Charleston, SC. I was there during Christmas week. They day after Christmas my family and I spent the day out around town. The next day when getting ready to head out site seeing I notice my one bottle of perfume was missing. I know where I put it plus I had used it the two days before. I was put back in my toiletry bag. When I notified the hotel about my item they waited until my check out to tell me they spoke with the housekeeper and she didnt know anything about a perfume bottle. The their way of compensating me was a $25 gift card to use at any Radisson. REALLY! If I wanted to use that, they gave it to me at check out. I may never stay at a Radisson again. Then my perfume cost more then $25. What I want is my item back or give me what would cover to replece my item. I cant believe they just think a guilty person would admit to taking something. I've traveled alot and stayed at different hotels and the Radisson is the 1st and only hotel to have stolen something from me. I would go this far if I felt like they really wanted to solve the issue . I'm not asking for much...just replace what was taken. This really makes me look at the Radisson as one of those hotels I will never stay at again.

Posted by yoni

i am in disson blue jordan tala-bay I must to say the hotel is very nice but in the dinner they are charging money for water and that isn't good a bottle of water costs 35 cents outside at the dinner they sell it for 5 dollars I think that the water at dinner must be free.
I checked many hotels in the area at dinner time and lunch time and they don't charge any money for water and charge for other bavrege I wrote a large review about the hotel at tripadvisor if you are the main office you should check this issue and change it.

Posted by Irvin

We performed a repair on the Grille at the dumpster area for the hotel on International Drive, Orlando. We invoiced the repair on November 9, 2011. I have tried numerous times to resolve this issue of non-payment and even made a person trip to the hotel. They are not denying that we did the service or owe us the money but we still have not collected the money. It's not a great deal of money and I have spent a lot more of my time chasing this money that it's worth. Not a happy Vendor.

Posted by Need help for my pending PF mone

Dear sir, I am Kamal hossain sarkar & I was working with radisson blue hotel ranchi almost 1yr 4month before, when I leave this hotel I did all the formality for the company & for my pf money also, but still I hadn't recived my pf money
I contact so many times with hr manager of rd ranchi but result is so far
So I am kindly request to you plz I need help from your side, I have all the details of the conversions I did through email,
Plz I am very poor man, this money is very important for me & my family, I am so helpless

Posted by Anonymous

My dad is a busy businessman and his customers come first, so I would like you to know how I saw this pan out.

Your “motto” which is on signage throughout your venue is “Yes we can”! I am afraid I counted the number of times that we were told “no we can’t” often followed by “its on your contract”.

Per your website:

At Radisson®, we are passionate about our "Yes I Can!" TM service philosophy which empowers employees to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your stay. You and your attendees will enjoy:

This was not by any means the experience our wedding party, the family or our guests had. This statement tells me as a consumer that all your employees are empowered to make the guests experience the best it can be. Now your employees from a “service” standpoint really do uphold your promise, however your management team shoots it down, not allowing them to make it right. The employees were only able to do their jobs, not make a better experience for your guests, the managers actually created a very uncomfortable experience. Our experience was a complete lack of execution of your statement.

The experience that I personally had with your management staff was horrible. Every manager that I spoke with from the set up, to during the wedding/reception brought up the “contract”, I am not sure if that is how they are trained but with my experience with your events managers across the country, I have to believe that it is. In the summer of 2012 I helped plan a wedding for my cousin and his fiancé in Madison, Wisconsin and the service during the set up of the wedding, although not nearly as bad as this, was not good. They also kept referring to the “contract”.

Working for a large insurance company I can defiantly understand the “contract”, however I also recognize this to be a high stress time for my customers and do my best not to act in a non-empathetic way during their time of stress. This was a couples wedding day, a day that they and their family will remember for ever. This day’s memories are fogged by the stress and terrible service given by your management staff.

With that said there were two engaged couples in the wedding party that will no longer be using the Radisson for their venue. In addition to that the DJ will not recommend your facility, in-fact I am sure he will discourage it, as well as the bakers who brought the cake, they said they have never ran into such rude event coordinators. No one could believe the rude treatment and how unorganized a company of your size was on the day of the wedding, that had been in the works for over 7 months (and paid for).

I have attached pictures of them setting up the room for the next group while our party tried to take pictures….keep in mind we only took pictures for less then 30 minutes. The pictures include the fact that all the profession pictures will have tables in the corners and some are in plain sight, hopefully will not cost extra for cropping them and using software to fix them.. The buffet and plates are behind the bride and groom while greeting guests (I cannot believe this is a normal practice), as other wedding party is attempting to get ready around them. There is one with bride, groom, maid of honor and best man that you can see your manager setting up tables with blue centerpieces (the color of the next wedding). It was overall a horrible place to take photos and not what was agreed on prior to the day. The bride was also upset because of the way she was being treated as she was taking her wedding photos.

I hope that this e-mail upsets you enough to act on it. Please get back to me on your intentions to resolve this issue.


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Posted by Anonymous

Greetings, During this past weekend I had a wonderful time at the ARABIC Temple #40 and ARABIC Court #95 Ball, which was held at the Radisson Hotel in Cromwell Connecticut. I am writing this to inform upper management, that during my stay at your hotel, one of your employees, who name is LaSHAE, (no last name given) was very helpful to our group, and she definitely was on top of her game by providing top notch service to us. LaSHAE truly provided well appreciated service to the Guest, bringing to realization that there are some employees who still believe in providing excellent customer service. LaSHAE, thanks for all you do. Thank you...

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