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Radio Shack customer service is ranked #238 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.72 out of a possible 200 based upon 779 ratings. This score rates Radio Shack customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


669 Negative Comments out of 779 Total Comments is 85.88%.


110 Positive Comments out of 779 Total Comments is 14.12%.

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  • Radio Shack

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 43.72 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 669 negative comments (85.88%)
    • 110 positive comments (14.12%)
    • 34 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
    • 3.3 Reachability
    • 2.2 Cancellation
    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 3.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

how do i check on my paid order with pay pal invoice my email [email protected] thank you

Posted by Anonymous

On November 21, 2017 I ordered a battery for my cordless Radio Shack phone.

The battery has arrived but is not the correct one for this phone. The electrical values are the same but the battery is much smaller and the plug in to the phone is the wrong configuration.

The battery that has failed is the size of three AA batteries wrapped together. When I ordered the replacement from you I was only asked what the electrical value is.

Posted by photon

The above policy is outdated. The official Radio Shack site now says: "Effective March 2, 2017, all sales are final and sold "as is". No returns shall be accepted for any purchases made on or after March 2, 2017." Any kind of return policy only applies to things bought before March 2nd.

I love electronics, but this is the most draconian and uncaring return policy I've ever seen. The company must be in its death throes and trying to save every penny (at the expense of its customers) to do something so completely opposed to customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I attempted with several of your phone numbers to contact Microsoft Outlook and had absolutely no luck doing this. I am very disappointed.

Posted by [email protected]

I purchased a new AUVIO wireless stereo headphone last week at the Fishkill, NY store, which is closing down. When the charging station failed to activate, I returned it to the store, and they tried using a new charging cord which did not improve the situation. The Fishkill store checked another local store and they had no other unit available for an exchange. Then I contacted the warranty number and was informed there would be a $19 fee associated to exercise the warranty on a brand new product -- which is OUTRAGEOUS.

If this terrible joke is not rectified, I will also be in touch with your HQ -- and the local newspapers.

Joseph Incoronato

Posted by Anonymous


I went to the above store in the mid afternoon,

but the store was closed with a note "Will be back..."

We (several customers turned back).


Customers walked in to the store.

He, Brian, has his head down on the counter

as if he's sleeping.

No movement until I approached him.

No intention to raise his head or stand up.

Not professional.

Not willing to assist customers.

Very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Wanted to purchase bluetoot headphones- Auvio08a16$75; with 70% discount the sign indicated $22.50,but car stated the price was $37 .this was 3/24/[email protected] store #1864 . No manager availabl. Stephanie was noyT available only one CRS Selly was working. Please call me Pamela Guinn. By law & signage, I think u should honor the price. I''m under a tight time . The store will only be open for 7 more days.i would appreciate a call back Thanks again

Posted by Los Gatos Disappointed

Received an RC car as gift. Does not work. Took back to store. Need a receipt. The gifted provided credit card statement with exact amount. 10 days since purchase. Won't do anything. Suggested I get in car and drive to other stores to see if those managers would refund me. Aside from being illegal, it's amazingly rude. Used to love this store - but there is a reason for bankruptcy, and the Los Gatos Radio Shack is your shining example.

Posted by Pmeece

My huband bought me a 300.00 phone there and it was cracked only had it a week i didnt drop it and told me they couldn't get a refund because i cracked it they are no good

Posted by Anonymous

I had excellent, friendly, prompt service from Karen (Keren?) at Radio shack in Freedom California, 95018. It was a pleasure to have such a good experience at the store. You are fortunate to have Karen as your employee.

Julie Miller

Posted by John Firefly

I have never been treated so rudely by an assistant manager in trying to return an item. I am filing a complaint, in writing, with their district manager, the store manager and anyone else in their corporate ladder. I will no longer be shopping at Radio Shack.

Posted by jb

bought landline phone say 10 days ago, was so light was hard to answer without the base and all coming with it, went to return it, wanted me to exchange it,no thanks do not need anything. then the clerk said they can not resell them, had to talk to manager, picked up the phone(do not think was a person on the line) started saying how dirty it was?! Real Dirty, I used the damn thing maybe 10 times... I will never step foot into another store in my life. You do not have a return policy, This was in Rancho San Diego, looks like they be going under, bye bye

Posted by Anonymous

No wonder why they are going out of business. I have been on hold for over 30 mins to ask a simple question. Poor customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

I made a phone call to Radio Shack in Sugar House, Salt Lake City this morning asking if they supplied "build it yourself circuit boards".

I spoke with Richard. He was obnoxious and rude, spoke to me as if I was a fool when I asked him to please repeat the price range. His tone was incredibly impatient. I thanked him politely. This is a poor reflection on your company.

Posted by Anonymous

On 11/28/2016 @ 5:45PM location: 125 st and Saint Nicholas. Nick Cannon was giving away free headphones at this location. I arrived with a group of kids to see if we could be so lucky. The store wasn't that pack but as soon as went towards the crowd where the staff were handed out headphones. I was so lucky to be handed a box and I went to my group with joy about getting a pair. Only to have the same staff member approach me in a rude manner and took the headphones back and gave it to another customer. The staff member reported that you can get the headphones for free only if Nick Cannon hands it to you but the staff member was handing them out so I reminded the staff member that was a contradiction because she handed them out and she told me to back up. Than within a second she said you know what as a matter of fact get out the store and I was so embarrassed. I left and waited for the group of homeless kids that I accompanied by. I returned 2 hours later to speak to management and I spoke to a manager named Francisco and he made me feel like he had her back and disregarded my bad experience. Francisco assured me that he would look at the video. I left and returned to my job right next store to find out that the staff is a supervisor. I than returned to speak to Francisco again and I want the corporate number and he sent me to the website and here I am. The assistance supervisor's name is Lynette as far as Francisco stated. I also let him know that I am even more upset that Lynette is management and has the nerve to treat people that way. I will never return to purchase a thing in chain of stores.

Posted by Anonymous

No wonder Radioshack is going out of business. Store closed in the middle of the day? I'll order from china at a 75% discount.

Posted by Jbchalker

I returned a cord to your store today. I did not have my receipt With me. When I walked in the store the store manager remembered me. He was very rude about the transaction my wife was a little embarrassed. Wonder why people don't shop RadioShack?

Posted by Lori

Holy goodness!! Having a sprint representative at the Enid OK Radio Shack has been the worst experience EVER! Get some good managers and stop the joke! Worst customer care and refused to fix problem until sprint company called her (2 hrs later)!!!

Posted by Frustrated

I bought a couple items at a store while I was killing time before an out of town funeral. I decided I really wouldn't use the item that much so took it to a store closer to where I live to return it. I was told I could not return it there because I didn't purchase it there. They told me I could only return it to certain stores which none are close to me. Why wouldn't I be able to return it to any radio shack. Why don't they advise customers of that when they go to purchase something. I will not buy anything else from Radio Shack.

Posted by Anonymous

Your store 1880 Pottstown pa . I was in there Saturday and the sales man was out to lunch. There was no one that could ring me up . There where 3 sprint employees standing there . One told me the sales man was out for lunch and would not be back for 30 minutes. No wonder radio shack isnt doing good

Posted by moron

Dear RadioShack upper management staffs,

Store #6566
The store manager @ 5316 North Milwaukee in Chicago is very rude and physically abusive to customers. Beside this store manager is not willing to refund this defective and unwanted product -- LR44 batteries, he walks out of his counter and attempts to physical assault the customer. We understand rules are rules, but there could be exceptions without being abusive to customers.

Is this how RadioShack manage their business and train their employees and store managers? Please escalate this message to the CEO and fire this store manager at 5316 North Milwaukee in Chicago. This is really effecting RadioShack's customer image and its reputation.

Posted by porok

Dear RadioShack upper management staffs,

Store #6566
The store manager @ 5316 North Milwaukee in Chicago is very rude and physically abusive to customers. Beside this store manager is not willing to refund this defective and unwanted product, he walks out of his counter and attempts to physical assault the customer. We understand rules are rules, but there could be exceptions without being abusive to customers.

Is this how RadioShack manage their business and train their employees and store managers? Please escalate this message to the CEO and fire this store manager at 5316 North Milwaukee in Chicago. This is really effective RadioShack's customer image and its reputation.

Posted by Helping one another

Buena the store manager in the Desert Hot Springs Radio Shack has the absolutely worst attitude in my 20 year history shopping with this store.

I was treated so bad I just left the store without buying anything. The lack of customer service was repulsive. This representative of Radio Shack is spreading the word that Radio Shack does not want anymore of our business.

Posted by Jose

I purchased some items and when I went to return them 5 days later I was told they cannot be returned. These items are new, package never opened. They claim they changed their return policy recently. I read their return policy and my items ca be returned for a refund. I was told I need to speak to a manager who is not available till Monday.

I am totally upset with these people and never again will I shop at this company, I urge everyobe to abstain from doing their shopping at Radio Shack.

Posted by Anonymous

Standing in your store at 155 center Street in Malden one is here at all to wait on customers....I have picked out my merchandise and am ready to pay, but the employee has left the building and there is NO ONE here!

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Posted by Carter

In an Escondido store, I was met by Blake at the front door. He helped my 88 year old husband who was on a walker up the two steps. He then gently and very respectfully listened to my husband and opened a radio and put in the new batteries requested that my husband would not have been able to see to do for himself. He helped set up speaker to attach to my I phone. I would not have been able to do this on my own. He was so kind that I wanted to write a review about my experience.

Posted by Mustang Driver

I wish to thank Radio Shack for being there. I have been using Radio Shack for my smart phone and computer needs for the past five (5) years. I am a disabled Veteran. I have always procured my phone needs through them. They have been especially professional in every instance. Granted no one company has a perfect tract record for the types of personalities that make for good PR. However, the service is great! Today on my continuing Boost Mobile account, the lady named Sabrina was absolutely helpful. I had to have help to swap from my current LG phone to another New LG phone, both are the same exact model. However, with PTSD and having issues with technical matter such as phones, I asked for help. Boy! let me share with you, that Sabrina was absolutely the best. She understood my anxiety, and helped me out. Now I am going to buy another new upgrade in LG and am looking forward to going to Radio Shack and hopefully Sabrina will be there to assist.

Posted by Anonymous

i JUST HAD A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE WITH JARED, A NEW EMPLOYEE AT RADIO SHACK, RT. 5, WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT. I was interested in clocks and he showed me two--one with a radio and one clock only that I liked. However, it has been so long since I had to replace my, I really needed help learning how a new one worked. Jared was just great walking me through the steps of how to set the time and alarm for each kind. He was knowledgeable, patient and courteous, and he didn't rush me. I ended up buying one of them, and it was partially due to the experience and kindness of this nice young man. A very satisfied customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm not sure if this is the correct site to leave a comment received at one of your stores. We are senior citizens and we went to a radio Shack seeking help in purchasing a particular memory card to update our GPS. A young man name Oscar who works in the Clinton, Maryland 20735, store gave us his full attention and time and was patience with us & our questions. He explained everything in detail and how to accomplish we seek to do. He was very professional and respectful. Thank you for this impressive young man name Oscar.

Posted by baxwarmarz

i guess im the only person in the world that radio shack works with and makes this customer happy.i have bought and returned numerious items to and from radio shack. never a problem that i and the employees couldnt come to a solution. im going to say this u know free speech and all. yall need to stop crying and whinning cuz you dont get your way and ill bet that your leaving out parts so to make radio shack the problem like waiting 14 days for a check. read the back of the reciept cuz it clearly states it. how bout instead of getting pissed off and storming out of a store you logically find a middle ground that works. case in point last week i bought a 500 dollar digital scanner took it home read the instruction and took it back 3 days later no problem with it i was to stupid for it (considering it was one little thing i me did wrong) but i didnt know that then now keep in mind i said 500$ the first day i tried to take it back they had just done the deposits so i said cool ill come by tomorrow a hour earier and i did now this store didnt do alot of cash sales that day they employee called other stores not to push me away but so i could get my money back when everything was looking down i asked how much cash do u have he told me i said here theres some stuff i want in here anyway lets meet in the middle and we did i got 269 in cash and three items ive wanted for awhle. see i couldve been a ass and threw a tempertantium and the employee wouldve mailed me a check but i was cool kept my composure and worked with radio schack and won. so next time you get mad at something so small take a breath and approch it differant and i bet youll have a pleasent experience. i give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the radip shack on san mateo in albuquerque NM and all the employees there extreamlly imfomative and it feels like family when i walk in

Posted by DD

Just spoke with Judy S at customer support. She was very pleasant, attentive and helpful. Good job Radio Shack!

Posted by Lmack

I must say that Kiran the customer service rep was outstanding in his approach to exceeding my expectations. When visiting the location on Merrick Blvd and Springfield Blvd, I was a little flustered about finding a specific peice for my Chromecast converter. Kiran took the time to walk me through what was available. He was pleasant and very patient in locating the specific part that I needed.
Thank you Kiran fit making my shipping experience an exceptional one. I will be returning to that location for future purchases.


We Would Like To Write A Review Regarding One Of Your Employees At Store #012247.
Her Name Is Mildred Askins And She Went Over And Behond Helping Us. She Was So Very
Very Helpful And We So Much Appreciated Her Patience And Knowledge. More Employees
Should Be Like Her, Just Wanted To Let You Know.
Skip And Ann Ashcraft

Posted by Anonymous

went to Radio Shack in Hendersonville Tennessee January 9th 2016 the two guys working there we're very helpful I would recommend them at any time

Posted by Anonymous

After receiving poor customer service at WalMart, I visited the Radio Shack

I received OUTSTANDING customer service from the employee named Sue, and the manager named Sara.

These employees went above and beyond regarding help with my technology issues. By far the best customer service i have received in 2015!!!

Thanks for making my holidays stress free, Radio Shack!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a digital stream converter box on 10/23/15.
The salesman "Carlos" was very helpful and spent some time
showing me how to program the box.
I am 74 yrs old and am an analog person in a digital world.
Please give him an "Atta Boy" for me.
People like him are an asset to your company.

Posted by Anonymous

I had my Galaxy S5 only three months before breaking it. Luckily I had purchased #!+* Happens insurance. I went to the nearest Radio Shack where my claim was handled quickly, no questions asked. The guy called the insurance number for me and set up the return process to ship my phone out for repair or replacement. The process would have only taken a few days, but unfortunately I broke my phone the day before Christmas. The insurance company kept me updated through email and finally let me know my phone could not be repaired or replaced. Instead, they sent me a gift card equal to the value of my phone plus tax to go purchase a new one. Everything was painless. Everyone was very helpful. I definitely recommend Happens insurance! Radio Shack makes it really easy!

Posted by Syl

After a brief power outage the other night, two of three phones we got from Radio Shack didn't work.

At a loss about what to do, we called The Radio Shack on Commonwealth Ave, Boston, and were fortunate to get to speak to George Wilson.

With patience, good humor, and brilliant analytical thinking, he solved our problem and now we are back to the three phones.

The Shack is fortunate indeed to have staff like George. Thank you, George. Thank you, Radio Shack.

Posted by mamabnx

I was absolutely delighted with the service I got at 2 Indianapolis locations on Sunday, Oct. 5th. At the South Emerson location in Indianapolis, service was provided by Maria, and at the East Washington Street store by Carli, both gave EXCEPTIONAL service. Thanks to both of them I had a very frustrating weekend turn into a pleasant one. Thank to both of these ladies for the good service they provided for me. Carrolle

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the Westfield MA store on 7/29/14 and was assisted by Brenda. She was very busy, being there all by herselft, it was 10am. She was on speaker phone with IT because her printer wasnt working and she handled her customers with patience and professionalism. I needed to find a battery for an old Blackberry phone. She assisted me on line and she was very pleasant and helpful...Kudos to Brenda in Westfield ; )

Posted by tomseaglenest

Purchased a new tracfone and manager Rosa was very helpful transferring #s after activation. very patient and courteous with this Luddite.

Posted by Happy Customer

We had a wonderful experience at Store #8941 after being given the run around by our "service provider" Sprint. The store employees, Kit and Edens, were exceptionally patient and helpful and should be commended!!

Posted by Anonymous

If you go to radioshack and u wanna trade in you're iphone 4 that is worth 40.50 and u wanna trade it in for an iphone 5 can u trade in the iphone 4 for an iphone 5 get the 40.50 and pay the seperate amount that the iphone 5 cost

Posted by Anonymous

Kit at your store 01 8941 at 125 N Congress Ave in Boynton Beach was most kind and helpful to me. She was outstanding in resolving a technical issue. She took the time and extra effort and was superior in her customer service. Kudos to her for being such an excellent staff memberů.

Posted by Nick

Yesterday, an associate at the Radio Shack in Cabo Rojo, PR, Mr. Carlos Toce (sp?) was especially helpful, knowledgeable, and patient.

Posted by mariacooper

I don't often send comments but it is sometimes difficult to get excellent customer service and around the Christmas Holidays it is even more difficult. Well your company does not have to worry about this problem with you store located in Jennings, Louisiana. Your employee's were knowledgeable, patient, and went well out of their way to help me. It was a please dealing with this store. I look forward to any future purchases I make with them.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase cell phones for my grandaughters at radio shack in bloomfield,conn.279 cottage grove rd.The sale associate was very kind an helpful.Her name is Tyler.

Posted by Tom DePriest

Monday, Nov. 11th, I called your store located at 340 W. Huntington Dr., Monrovia, CA and spoke with Erik. I explained to him that I had a 40 channel CB radio that I needed an owner's manual for. Erik searched your database and advised that the model number I was looking for was no longer carried by RadioShack but that he had located another model with an owner's model online that might possibly be of use to me. Erik took the time ti read portions of the manual and when I said that would be useful, he offered to print out the manual for me to pick up. I went to your store approximately 25 minutes later to pick up the manual and unfortunately, Erik was not there for me to thank personally. I would appreciate it if you would share this with him. I am high in customer service and the service I received from Erik today was superior.

Posted by [email protected]'com

in three other stores no help went to radio shack aj was a great help and helped me set up mynew phone he was great and I am very pleased with radio shack

Posted by Anonymous

We had an excellent experience with a radio shack employee at Tigard-Pacific Highway, Her name is Katie. We are from out of town and she was so helpful, and saved us money. What a nice customer service experience. I surely hope that Radio Shack appreciates her. Good customer service is hard to find!!

Thank you,

Phyllis Hull

Toledo, OR

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Posted by Anonymous

You Know Not Tring To Cause A Stink Do You Know The Url Got Takin Out Of My Phone- I Hear These Things Are Leathal Zte Midnight- 30.00 Phone You Want To Do The Basics And Work With People The Best You Can Like A Cust Sale Me Personal Fast Food Plant Basic -basic Sales -i Was A Sales Clerk Seasonal Shack.

Posted by ExShack

I use to be an employee of Radioshack. The company is okay but would be much better if it was professional. It lacks structure, professionalism and all. You have rude managers.... some bring their personal issues to the job. Its sad. My experience was stressful. I was constantly in a competitive state whether with manager, employees and customers. I am happy I found another job that appreciate my hard work and acknowledge it. Everyone is nice and I dont see managers personal life coming to the job. Its very professional. Working with customers was difficult but I loved most of my customers. Some would just come and speak to me. I think that was the only great experience I had. If you decide to work there .... be prepared to work to met certain standards. Be prepared to be stressed.

Posted by Mad

A few things. I worked for the company for six years because I knew the job. I was a store manager, and an assistant manager. (0825) When I started, we had a great DM who had proper communication skills, and was concerned with US as employees. He retired. Once that happened, a young, smug, and uneducated DM took over. He's still there. When I ran a store, he would NOT leave me alone. After I left work for the day after working 65+ hours a week, he would call me at home and ask why my employees were standing around, and wanted me to drive back to the store, and send everyone home, and work by myself. 3 or 4 conference calls a day with threats to all of us managers.

My last few months were horrible. I stepped back down to ASM. The manager I had was an alcoholic, he'd be late to work every day, or just not show up at all. I still have texts that he sent me saying F**K you because we forgot to wipe the counters down. He manipulated me, and everyone who worked for him. He got me into a huge amount of trouble because stuff was missing from the cage, and money went missing too. He sent me another text one say saying "F**k you, I quit." I went into work, and LP was there. He had blamed me for the stuff that was missing. They grilled me, and had no proof. After working there for that long, and understanding that that horrible company isn't worth any kind of trouble, I left.

They kept cutting our pay, and expecting more work. In order to make that 2% commission, guys, you'd have to sell a cellphone with a case, car charger, memory card, screen protectors, a hdmi cable, a tablet, a case for the tablet, service plan, more memory cards, BATTERIES, a HOUSE PHONE...that's the ONLY way to make your measly 2%. They hype it up to be this glamorous idea when in reality they pay you less to make up for their loss in profit because they keep spending money like housewives.

As for you customers, shut up. You have NO clue what we have to deal with in a day-to-day basis, and you getting upset because you have to wait in line for an extra 5 minutes is ridiculous. No, we don't do repairs, and no, we don't switch services from one phone to the other. Pick up the phone, and call customer service yourselves. Customers are lazy. I'm glad I left. It was one of the greatest things I've ever done.

Posted by Absuuurrd

I used to work for Radio Shack and really knew my stuff however, I quit because I hate force selling and upselling. The Shack I goto is realtivly decent, everyone is knowledgeable about just about everything they sell in store. Just don't have a quick temper and try not to sound condinsinding and they are more than happy to help.
But I'm not writing about the store, if I had to rate the Southlake store I'd give it the following score:

2/5 for friendlyness
4/5 Product knowledge
5/5 cleanlyness
1/5 all the required upsells...

Now to my terrible HR experiance. I bought a Samsung Galaxy s3 out right ($600) so I wouldn't have to renew my contract with sprint. I also bought the insurnace and paid $7 a month for it. Almost a year later I dropped my phone and broke my digitizer (screen under glass). I called Jan. 22nd to cash in on my insurance and the person on the phone at that time said I could leave the phone at the store to be shipped out. So I did so. 2-3 Days later I get a box in the mail to send my phone out to get repaired, thoght this is silly and threw it away as I thought I didn't need it.
2-3 Days later I get a call from the shop saying that no work got done because they do not fix phones anymore that they outsourced it to a different company. (out source and off shoring are 2 different things, google it.) So I went back up to the Shack store and picked up my phone and a 1-2 days later (Jan. 28) I call back at the 1-800 number to get a new box. They guy said he'd ship one out be there in 2-3 business days. Feburary rolls around no box still gave a call back and talked to a lady who gave me a claim number I could use to print off new labels. Claim number isn't the same as the one they want on
Few days go by still no box, call back tell them my story again, this time the guy on the phone says he can't help me unless I pay my deposit which i paid $100 back in Jan. 22. I simply said, "No, I will not pay again, do not charge my card on file. I need to speak with a supervisor or manager or whatever is the persons name that over sees you." He said sorry, he'd be more than glad to grab his super, then I told my story once more to the lady, said I need to confirm my serial number on my phone.

Called back a few hours later to confirm, because I was at the hospital with my girlfriends dying mother and they couldn't by-pass this check for me, she said she'd send a box out should be here in 1-3 days. I'll update with the solution if possible.

Posted by 3leafpoison

like you need another negative comment.. I worked there and hated it for several reasons. They are, as a corporate whole, greedy and trying to give off the "old fashioned customer service" vibe. I used to think their service plans were a good value but what's considered covered will change EVERYTIME. Some employees can sweet talk or pull strings to get you what you want with the services plan, including covering accidental damage. They lie to you.. they lie to their business partners, Assurant Solutions. If there is ever a billing issue, no one will take responsibility. No refunds. Just calling in circles, dead end emails and managers smiling and shrugging oh well. You're pathetic, Radio Shack!!

Posted by Under paid over worked

I am a store Manager and I have beenwith Radio Shack for 2 years. This is the worst high pressure job I could ever imagine. As a customer you would never imagine the things we not go through with every person. Our stores are not conserned with knowing the products or knowing what you need, upper managment is only worried about the Meterics. These are the numbers that are messured and used to deturmine how well we are doing. if we sell you a phone we must sell you 25 in cases, chargers ect. we must keep 30% on service insurance plans we must push every customer to get your e-mail, get you on call back list, to seel you in a phone, sell you at least 1.00 in batterys per ticket, our pay is based in spiff that was 30 per phone and now is 15. our pay is getting lower and lower and they do not care about their employees, family time or the public. This company is the worst and i advise any one to steer clear of this place. we are forsed to be worse than any other store on the pushyness. please know that it is not thepeople behind the counter it is the upper managment and their metrics.

Posted by cOMMON sENSE

This company could be easily operated better if only there was common sense with little give to the employees at the bottom of the totem pole. The idea of retail is customer service. Right? So why wouldn't you put the main emphasis on satisfying your employees who deal with your main source of revenue daily. Duh?! Now, they'll say they are encouraging there employees with Spiffs and employee discounts, but this company still lives in the age of minimal technology (Although this company is trying to be the top retailers in wireless technology). They have to come to the understanding that all their employees are at least educated to know that all the jobs, the requirements, the minimal goals, on in store duties, are not calculated to a mininum wage salary and decreased SPIFFS. Also that we can research and compare other companies that do the same or maybe less than what we do and get paid a Substantial amount more including Comission. This is not to bash the company, but to give an understanding of how to stop being negative at the end of the year and can actually keep employees hired at their locations. JUST A THOUGHT!!!

Posted by Anonymous

As an employee of 4 years, I have watched this company rapidly fall from grace and become a TERRIBLE place to work. Sure, at first it seems great, you get to work with electronics in a somewhat relaxed and subdued environment. There's no telling how many new employees I've seen come in all bright eyed and bushy tailed that then before you know it slowly turn to disgust and contempt for Radioshack's management and its policies. Over the years our commission has eroded away while the amount of pressure on associates has skyrocketed. Less pay and more stress? Come on, I make minimum wage and you want me to ask every single customer about phones, sell them completely useless and overpriced warranties, sell them overpriced batteries, and get their email, every time? For that pay, you're lucky I am even wearing pants! And this is really only scratching the surface of the ridiculous things the out-of-touch upper management demands from you. If you don't do these things with every customer you will be disciplined and eventually terminated. Trust me, it is NOT worth it working here.

Posted by PistOffEmployee

Ive been working for radioshack since September 2010. In late June the manager got fired and in July we got another dick.. He thinks hes always right and he has no good customer service.. hes so rude to customers..And today he called me an immigrant.. I was born in oregon..that doesnt make me an immigrant..yes i have mexican blood but im not an immigrant. He should really be one of the last people to call me names since hes gay.. i have no problems with gays..all im saying is he had no right to go that far since he isnt perfect himself.

Posted by anon

I've worked at Radioshack for over 2 years now and have seen first hand how much it has fallen over the years. The last straw was when recently our pay was cut and commissions pretty much thrown out the door. The best part is that the higher ups are trying to justify and work their words around to make it seem like its better for us. I'm not a moron and its so blatently obvious to see greedy fat cat execs try sleezball tactics to line their own pockets with money before they hit the eject button on a failing company. So why have sales people without commission? Why push quotas higher and higher with less compensation? Radioshack has become a drowning joke of a company trying to swim its way out of quicksand...

Posted by Nobody

i been with this company for almost 2 years now, it use to be fun working for them because our commission was great and the company didn't make you do all these bull. they started to cut our commission by more then half but they expect us to do more work like sell insurance(service plans) on almost every item in the store or we get on the s*** list then soon get fire. they expect us to talk about cell phones to every single customer that walks through that door and most of the time, customers who come in aren't in looking for phones they just want parts and other lil misc items. they demand us to get upgrade checks on all customers as well and i feel stupid as hell asking a customer to check there upgrade when they got the new S3, or the Iphone 4s. radioshack makes demand you to do all this s*** or you get fire but they don't pay worth a damn anymore. so all i can say is f*** you radioshack -.-.

Posted by Anonymous

Radio Shack is the worst place to work. A former manager, every customer that came in is supposed to be solicited with selling a cell phone to. How crazy is that? I never shop there again and as a Former manager, buy your phones on Amazon Wireless or Costco. They have better deals. Doesn't matter anyways, Radio Shack will be out of business within a year.

Posted by anonymous

I worked at rs for 2 years. I enjoy selling and loved what i did. The main problem was the manager of the store I worked in. This manager was inappropiate with not only the way she spoke to me but her attitude as well. There are different managers in every store. I caught this manager in many lies. Seems she had an answer or may i say an excuse for everything especially her mistakes. I was harrassed by this manager, blamed for things that I knew I didnt do and could prove. Of course, she was always right and even would use foul language.These are the kind of managers that companies need to be aware of because they give management a bad name and embarasses the company as well. I hope the company will soon realize what this manager is doing and will do what should have already been done.

Posted by Anonymous

to all those bashing the employees.. while yes, there are some that need a serious attitude adjustment, the majority start their day with a phone call on how bad they suck and they aren't good enough and do better, sell more phones, sell more warranties or you are fired.

Posted by exshack

to anyone that reads this before they read the other comments, i used to work as a Radioshack Employee. let me start by saying that i am in no way defending the associates who provided poor customer service. That type of stuff happens and it sucks. The issue that i have is with people who are trying to blame radioshack for stuff that has nothing to do with them. if your phone glitches, blame HTC or Apple. Radioshack has no control of how the phone comes out of the box. Bad phones are sold all the time. Its not their fault. Second, stop complaining about the warranty. When you buy one, they hand you a brouchure with all of the terms of the warranty. if you choose not to read it, then it is your own dumbass fault. You can not blame radioshack because you were too lazy to read through the terms of something you purchased. It seems that all of you people just complain over and over because something didnt go your way, well i have a news flash for you. most of you know NOTHING. you make judgements based off your experience as a money spender but most of you know nothing about working retail OR electronics. So before you jump to the internet and tell everyone how bad radioshack is, why dont you take a step back and realize how ridiculous you are because you didnt get your way. what are you a bunch of 4 year olds throwing temper tantrums? get over it.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to add my two cents. As an employeed for Radioshack for over 5 years now in district 0885, I have only this to say, "Radioshack is the worst company to work for and the employees get no support." We as employees are being yelled and cursed at by the customers as well as the upper management.

Employees at radioshack are probably some of the most stressed out employees out there. We are expected to meet goals that are difficult to meet to begin with so when peole stop coming into the storeas much they raise these goals. Most customers do not realize our jobs are actually on the line when we ask for that warranty for 99 cents. if we dont not meet out attach rates we are fired.

There is no real schooling for radioshack just some short computer powerpoints on different subjects that we are supposed to take but there is no time alloted in the schedule to actually take them. Most radioshack associates are extremely helpful but keep in mind that we are cursed, yelled at, and abused so much that when we actually get a kind customer its like heaven opened up.

I myself have been screwed over by this company so much that it has actually affected my life in big ways. I have been, verbally abused, physically assaulted, threatened with death, and sexually molested while working for this company, in the store mind you. It sounds funny but its true. Has radioshack even shown any concern for my well being, NO!!

So keep that in mind next time that you decide to start being rude to the person behind that counter in radioshack. They are still trying to be nice to you after all the garbage they have to deal with, they are good people.

Posted by Anonymous

Hey guys, not all of us are rude and some things are beyond our control. I apologize for your experiences but remember that there are other associates that exist to serve your best interests.
Thank you for trying anyways,
A concerned associate.

Posted by Veteran RS Employee That Loves C

If I am wearing blue jeans, a gray polo, brown shoes, a belt, and a yellow Livestrong lanyard with my name hanging on the end please do not ask me, "Do you work here?" Also, when I am trying to help a customer out but you are in a hurry and try to rush me to help you and are being rude to the customer explaining you are in a hurry I will only go slower. I am only one person. If you steal I will keep you in the store and have you put in jail. If you come to the store before I am at work and try to return a cell phone covered in scratches then call me and ask if it can be brought back then come back to the store when the person you talked to before is gone expecting me to do something different you are highly mistaken. If your phone looks like it went through a meat grinder in only two weeks you just do not need one. Do not come in asking about an item then buy it elsewhere and come back to ask how it works and expect me to bend over backwards for you. Your prepaid "bills" are not magically on our POS when you walk through the door. We do not know your cell phone numbers or pin numbers. I wish I did know everything. I hate to be asked, "Do you know what I am talking about," immediately after the question is asked. Most of the time yes I do know. If I do not I will find out. After going on four years there is not much that I do not know in regards to Radioshack. I encounter one or two of these types of customers per day but otherwise I enjoy serving most of the people I deal with and go above and beyond to make you all happy but if you ask me to do something that breaks policy forget it. Then, if you keep insisting I do so then I can quickly become a jerk. So, until I graduate from college next year and get my five years in at Radioshack I will continue providing an excellent shopping experience until a line is crossed. After graduating and the exact day I get to my five years I am quitting and getting a real job out of retail where I am not the doormat of society.

Posted by Anonymous is a completely different company, they are ran by a company called e-commerce, so any issues you have, unfortunatly have to be delt with through them unless the product perchased through them is also sold in store....then you can bring it in and we can do our best to service it.... if it is under 90 days from purchase date and it is defective (not due to abuse) we can swap it out at the store level

A Radioshack employee wichita kansas

Posted by Anonymous

First, I would like to say I am an employee of Radioshack. I am very sorry how some of our customers have gotten treated. As an employee I will tell you this I love helping my customers and going far beyond to do what I can do to help them. However, as an employee the company itself will only let us do so much, and what customers don't see is the things they tell us to do. So customers get mad at us and if I was in their spot I probably would do the same thing. However, I understand some sales associates are rude, but their are some of us who love what we do. Also, customers having a problem with our online department the cell phone department is owned by a third party company. I will also say this I have bought alot of things from radioshack and overall it is more expencive than the competition, but I continue buying because it is good product for the most part.

Posted by Anonymous

Aurgh...I read all the negative comments as a employee of only a few really bothers me..

First of all we AREN'T a repair store, yes we know more about electrics then someone working at say Walmart. I am happy to help any customers with what I can. But it is completely unrealistic to expect us to know how to fix YOUR electrics. I can't even count the times I have had pissed off customers because I don't why their phone..GPS...keyboard...wii whatever. I can try and help you...but we aren't trained for are lucky if someone in the store knows about it. I had a raging lady come in screaming she bought a phone that didn't work, I remained calm listened to her. And all she needed to do was update it -_- after updating it for her, and still getting yelled at, I just said have a nice day. I am sorry people had bad customer service but I always am respectful to customers even if I can't help them, it's hard to stay cool. We as employees have NO control over the return policy or the warranty. Don't take your anger out on us, it is ALL listen on the receipt. You have to read sorry but were not told to tell the return policy when YOU buy the product, it is listed...on the back. Our store only has 4 people working at it, it can get very hard when there is 3-4 customers in the store, and they all have questions. We have to help them the order they come into the store even if you just have to return something we have to help the customers in order, that's customer service. We can't tell someone mid-help to hold on it that's rude. Aurgh, it's a 50% on rude customers. I know a lot about computers why I was hired, we have a guy who knows a lot about phones. Each employee in my store has their own niche. I can't even say how many times as a young female sales associate how many men customers don't take me seriously or yes I've had it refuse my help. We are just min. wage employees with little training...we didn't go to school for electrics and sometimes believe or not we don't know the answers!! We don't have everything memorized about every single product we can't magically imagine what the hookups of the back of your tv...or computer look like. That is why we need a picture or you to bring it in...It amazes me how many negative comments there is. We keep our store clean, organized, and help every customer we can with what knowledge we have. And about the bathroom we are very small stores we only have am employee one in the back, we will get FIRED if let a customer in the back...Before people complain remember we are just there to do our job.

Posted by Ex Manager

Well I worked for RadioShack For About 4 years and manager for 2years out of the 4. And all I have to say that the higher you get the more likely your going to be down talk to by dm's. I actually was fired on the 8th of Oct. and still haven't seen my last check. Mysteriously my hours for the last week disappeared. When I called the DM(Chris Lieber) about the situation he said it wasn't his problem. Then I contacted HR thinking I'll have better results he sent me away back to the dm. The DM didn't answer my phone calls after that I had to talk to the DA as a middle person. Really all I wanted to do was work in a store closer to home as an associate to spend more time with my children and wife. I was working 56+ hrs and 12hrs of driving every week. One hour to go and one Hr going home. Most days without even taking a lunch. I was going crazy. And to get someone higher is impossible. It's sad that full-time associates at the actual wireless company was making as much or even more than what i was making. So basically RadioShack treats there employees like dirt. And if they don't keep there employees happy there employees can't keep the customer's happy. The only perk I got from being fired is that I feel more energentic and stress free. But I just wish they fix my situation and give me my last paycheck.

Posted by Mr. Deal

I am a sales associate with literally years of experience in a number of areas. Radio Shack has been an enjoyable place to work on a local basis although once you reach management on a regional level you are dealing with arrogant people who typical have zero actual retail experience. Fortunately, the wonderful people I get to interact with each day make the time pass easily.

Having said that, let me respond to some of the more common issues I see mentioned in the complain section. The typical RS sales associate is someone making minimum wage and perhaps a few dollars more from a company that treats its employees like dirt. Expecting this person to be knowledgeable in every detailed aspect of electronics is a mistake. Expecting them to read your mind and know exactly what you REALLY need is a bigger mistake and a frequent source of frustration for both the associate and the customer. If you need a cable for your TV do some a specific job then please say so. We have cables for TV, stereos, phones, power supplies, computers, tablets, GPS and much more. The same with batteries. We have no idea whatsoever what YOUR piece of equipment is and giving us some model number isn't going to make any difference. Let us ask you some quick questions to get an idea what it is you want and what you will be doing with it. Don't expect us to know what you cannot provide us with such as the types of connectors on the back of your TV or any actual battery we can look at or a phone that needs a charger so we can match it and test it before you leave.

Just as we cannot know every last detail of the products we sell we neither can we provide help with something you bought elsewhere and now expect us to provide you with free information on how to set it up. Yes, some of our price, but not all, are higher than the discounters but we offer service to our customers that they don't. And if you find a RS that does not offer you a genuine level of service than try another. We have stores everywhere and most sales associates are friendly and helpful given the opportunity.

RS is not a day care center. I fully realize the difficulty of raising a family in today's world but out of control children will not work in an environment where sometimes very exact detailed information must be given and received for something to work properly. We hate the distraction of a ringing phone when we are trying to help someone or being interrupted by a pushy customer who expects us you leave the person we are helping. We also appreciate the customer who gives us their full attention. Time is precious for all of us and, while we would truly love to chat with many of our customers, we simply do not have the time nor do they.

Finally, regarding cell phones. Most problems are due to user error. Not all but most of the time. Phones are increasing becoming little computers that allow us to do so much more than simply talk. However, there is a learning curve that the customer must be willing to accept. RS offers a variety of free help including in store, online and phone but ultimately it is up to the customer to make an effort. The sales associate cannot read the manual for the customer and it is unrealistic to expect that. There is always going to be responsibility of the part of the user to learn how to use their product so that it does what they need and expect. We try our best from our first contact with the customer to fit them with the best product but we can only do some much.

Finally, a word of thanks to all the great people I see everyday. I enjoy meeting you and discussing the latest and greatest new products in technology.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello i am a radioshack employee. I struggle to keep my wife happy with me because I am always working 60 hrs+ a week, and a 6 days work week. I see all these comments on here it just makes me want to scream at all of you.

How old are you? Always the radioshack guys fault. I don't know why you people can't help yourself. Crying over your prepaid airtime boo hoo. People don't realize that we make mistakes too. We don't put airtime on your phone because they suck!! If you mess up your screwed out of your money, and you aren't going to get it back. So lets have the radioshack guy do it so I don't have to take responsibility for myself. Make you know what carrier you have as well, and how much you want to put on your phone. We carry 7 different kind of cellphones it's not our job to know what kind of phone you use. We don't know how much your bill is, and prepaid is not a bill you call it top up. Do you receive a statement in the mail from boostmobile? All we are able to do it put the airtime on your phone. I get people complaining all the time on how there prepaid phone isn't working. It's junk, piece of crap!! We offer warranties on the phones but people don't want to spend more, they will just say " If it stops working I will come and see you". Don't come see me go see boostmobile. oooh thats right finding a boost store is impossible. that's were you go for customer service. Radioshack has no business logging into your account for you. There is no special link that we use to log into boostmobile it's just called Yes you will have to wait a few days for a new phone but would you rather pay 150 more dollars again? I have had so many customers say " I bought this phone a few months ago, and it doesn't work anymore" Did you buy a replacement plans? "no I didnt'". Sorry. This might sound kinda rude but that's not really what I am. I try to help customers as much as i can. I will also let everyone in on a little secrete. They reason why we have so many wrong tags is because the tags change every 3-5 days. There are 4000 skus. I wish we were able to always have the right price tags on everytime but that's not going to happen. Oh yeah please read the receipt it's not our fault you can't read. Everybody knows the return policy is on the back of the receipt. Don't come in 6 months later and try to return something,, and act surprised. Where have you ever been where you can return something when ever you want? We aren't going to know about everything in the store. They only way that would happen is if we went home and studied for over a year while not at work and not getting paid. If you come in with something important please do some research on what you are looking for. I hear on here " oh i bought this power adapter for my 500 item that is not sold at radioshack and I got home plugged it in and it blew my item up". Why would you buy something that you didn't know anything about. You might think if you go into radioshack that you will always be sold the right thing? Everything doesn't come free. why is this battery so much or this cable? Well if you sold it as the same price as everywhere else there would be no profit. People do buy this stuff too. Most people buy on impulse or need. If you come into radioshack looking for a cable your probably going to buy it cause you probably don't want to waste gas driving all around town.

Posted by aislinrayn

I am a RS store manager, and been with "The Shack" for 15 years. I just wanted to comment on one post here "Mark 9/9/11 6:13PM". I can understand Mark's frustration at coming in on a Friday w/ only one sales associate on duty. However, I would like to point out that we don't know WHY she was alone. Did someone get sick? Was another associate on a lunch break?
The other thing that I saw was Mark said the associate had to get on the phone to further help the customer with their issue. I commend that associate for doing all she could to help her customer, and for Mark to say "Radioshack really sucks" based on this scenario is unfair to our company.
The MAIN reason I work for Radioshack IS because we have the opportunity to treat each and every customer as an individual, and that for ME, each customer deserves as much of my time and expertise as I can possibly give them. Thank you.


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