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4 Positive Comments out of 10 Total Comments is 40.00%.

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    • 126.40 Overall Rating
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    • 6 negative comments (60.00%)
    • 4 positive comments (40.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

The jacket we got as a gift was the wrong color. She wanted plum and we ordered Harbor Blue. We would like to exchange it. If you do not have the Plum please credit our account.

Posted by Anonymous

Free return shipping would be nice. I was happy to get a good deal on a Ruffwear life vest for my dog. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size. The shipping cost to return it was more than the original discount. Instead of exchanging it for the correct size I ordered the same product from another retailer at a better price.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased sneakers for $148. The sole ripped within three weeks. I had not kept my receipt and now the Anchorage Alaska store will not exchange them because I did not keep the receipt.
I won't shop there again.

Posted by Not happy

I just read the review about the return policy. Last weekend I had the exact same issue with the REI store on Sawmill in Columbus, Ohio. I will not shop there again. I was shocked by their terrible customer service.

Posted by pogshawn

REI claims customer service as a value to their products. There is no where on the REI website for an REI member to vocalize a complaint or offer suggestions that will be placed as visual comments.

I ordered a pair of Garmont hiking boots, size 9 an extra half size larger than my normal shoe width. The boots were incredibly small, my toes were forced curled. The shoe came with a sizing tag that is used by Asian manufacturers to equate UK, American and Euro sizes that has been historically proven wrong throughout the industry. A service oriented company would make sure that shoe sizes were correctly labeled.

I returned them as an exchange for a different, WELL KNOWN, brand of boots. I clearly expressed my wishes in the proper location on their returned items form. Instead of making the exchange they simply refunded the purchase price. When I called to ask why my new boots were not ordered no excuse or apology was offered. Instead I could order the second pair with a new credit card activity.

I called 3 times and was placed on hold over 15 minutes the first two times. After ten minutes the third time I was answered, "extremely busy" was the voiced reason (again without apology), which I take as not enough customer service representatives to offer prompt customer service.

Posted by LP_72

I just tried to exchange a black Under Armor shirt, which I received for Christmas from my parents (I'm 45) for the same shirt with some color in it. I went to the REI store in Pineville, NC where my parents purchased it. They would not exchange it because I did not have proof of purchase--my parents still have the receipt, but it's a bit of a hassle for me to get it.

The shirt still has the tags and is in perfect condition. It even had red writing on the tag that the clerk (manager?) said he recognized. But, he said he couldn't help me. I just wanted exactly the same shirt in some color--I wasn't even going to be picky about it.

The clerk/manager watched me walk in the door with the shirt in my hands and chose to assume that I had stolen it. One can quibble with the words, but that is the implication. So, think about it:

First, had I stolen it, would I walk back in just to ask for a different color, risking having been seen on camera, or by an employee?

Second, if the shirt was stolen, then the store had lost it--it was gone. Exchanging it would not cause more shrink, only a small inventory change.

Third, if there is any reason why I still buy from brick-and-mortar stores, it is because of the expectation of convenient customer service. Online stores always have a better selection, but it can be a slight, though often free, hassle to deal with shipping returns and exchanges. Here, the brick-and-mortar stores have a clear chance to exploit that advantage. This REI store seems unconcerned about the fact that it competes with an unending number of substitutes.

Fourth, I have several of these Under Armor shirts, all of which I have bought from Dick's Sporting Goods. I never thought of REI until my parents gave me the Christmas present of this shirt and an Arc'teryx shirt--another brand of which I am a big fan. I have purchased for my family and myself more than 10 coats and jackets of various styles and performance over the past year, not to mention shirts and shorts. I'm a big fan of performance gear, and my parents had made me aware of REI. I locked that into my brain, thinking "Hey, I've got an REI a few miles from here!" My experience today has made me wipe REI from my mind, and it was a very easy thing to do. I don't need them.

Don't hide behind the policy REI and tell me I should have had the receipt. Tell me how REI would have suffered if I had been granted an exchange today. Or, just save your breath and keep fooling yourself that you've somehow strengthened the armor-clad inventory protection agency that is REI. "We keep our shirts safe from all of those law-abiding citizens without so much as a speeding ticket who might consider buying one from us someday if we show some courtesy."

I want to laugh, but it's just disappointing, like the rest of the mediocre world around us. Don't stand out REI, just keep hiding behind that wall of security that is so popular these days.

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Posted by AnotherOne

The employees were very friendly and welcoming, and assisted me through my entire purchase

Posted by Anonymous

This comment is regarding a specific individual (Shane, we did not catch his last name) at the REI on Rt 10 in East Hanover, NJ. Shane has helped my husband and myself on two occasions now and is truly excellent. We both work in areas of customer service agree this individual deserves recognition. He was knowledgable about the products (in our case, mainly ski clothes), extremely helpful and went above and beyond to be efficient while we had two kids in tow and meet our needs. We hope this makes its way to him somehow!

Posted by ry1206an

I love REI! I only shop for outdoor and fitness things at REI. Everyone that works there (even on their online chat!) is extremely nice and helpful. While their prices may be a little more than others, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for as long as you have the product. I had a headlamp that after 6 months randomly stopped working and I took it in to my local store and they gave me my money back! I will always shop at REI!

Posted by pee pee touch

I buy stuff here. Good place. Decent products. Can't beat the return policy.

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