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    • 173 negative comments (92.02%)
    • 15 positive comments (7.98%)
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Posted by Darryl

I had a problem with my cable television I did the chat with a expert the women on the other end was emu she was great sayed a tech would be out today between 1-5. I thought here we go 4 hours of waiting much to my surprise a tech by the name of Dave came out and he was right on time a little after 1 Dave was very courteous diagnosed my problem and took care of it he even put booted es on his boots when he entered my house was very polite positive and willing to help out without a attitude considering he was working on the problem outside in the rain my cable problem is fixed and Iâd like to say thank you to Dave and the rcn team for repairing my issue and thank u

Posted by Anonymous

Please add One America News Network (OAN). I am in the chicago area, signed up with RCN in September, and now find out RCN doesn't offer it.
Please let me know you'll add it.

Posted by aringlaben

I pray another telecom company provides true competition in the Lehigh Valley because your customer service and business acumen is absolutely horrendous. You treat customers as you would expect an investment company to handle an area where it is a monopoly. I have never had good experiences with RCN. Only bad ones. Even for a $1.03 charge that should never have happened, there is nobody to provide satisfaction to me. Look at incident for info. I am so frustrated with RCN. Forget thanking people for being a loyal customer - you don't really care about that. Remove it from your "customer service" reps spiel on chat and every call. It's worthless and I guarantee 99 percent of your customers (in this area anyhow) agree with me on that. It's like a smack in the face. Just try to provide better support to us! We don't care about fake promises or gratitude from robots who could care less about us.

Posted by DG

I am very upset with RCN after being a costumer for 17 years they treated me like garbage. My bill keeps going up and up in less than 6 months it went from 109.00 to 150.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is just un acceptable and they get angry with you if you ask for a manger they NEVER out one on!
Looks like a fire stick or roku is in my very near future unless RCN remedies this

Posted by halifax

I tried to use the Chat Line because my telephone was not working. I continued to get a short beep whenever I picked up the phone. The chat rep continually said that she was unable to help me and to contact the 24/7 line. I did not have any way of contacting anyone nor did I have a cell phone at the time. Meanwhile my phone was not working. Are there solution put in place for situation such as mine. I could have had an emergency. What is a person suppose to do when they have no way of communicating except through their telephone carrier.

Posted by babu

I am rcn customer for more than two years. I saw a promotion cheaper than what i was paying for so then I called to customer service department. They were very rude instead of helping. The person I spoke to he is unpleasant giving me example of ham burger. he makes me think I was stupid.

Posted by Serious Issue With Service

I have been having issue with me cable, phone and internet services for the last 14 months. Every time a tech comes out the service works for a day or two then going out again. I have continued to explain to the service rep and customer service rep due to my daughter health I need my phone service. Which they don't seem to care about.

On several occasion it I did not have my cell phone I would not be able to get the medical assistance I needed.

The rep's have giving me the run around since day one. Then they send out supervisor that tell me that they have found the issue. And in fact they having done anything at all.

They also informed me that if I was to upgrade my to the TiVo system then I would not have anyone problem. So I then paid the upgrade and I'm still having problem.

But their want their money. And I want my service.

Not being able to enjoy a service is crazy and having to go thru this as long as I have is an example of due management.

No one care on any level.

The best are of this is I work for a management company and have referred my clients to a company that can not provide a service for me.

I would like someone on your corporate level to receive this comments and contact me.

Thank you

I have been told that their is a issue with the development and I need to contact the rental office.

The issue is not inside its a issue that is outside. Please have someone repair the problem for once and for all.

I have continue to request to speak with someone on a corporate level. They say their is no one available on a corporate level.

And Please don't ask to speak with a supervisor. They are just as bad as the reps.

Posted by Disgruntled

I recently left RCN after 16 years as a customer. I was very happy with the service I received and only left as RCN seems has made a corporate decision to not be competitive price wise. In the past RCN would be very accommodating and would match or be lower than the competition (COMCAST and Verizon). My pricing had increased by 33% in the last 2 years and there was no latitude given to the customer service reps to match the competition. So reluctantly I concluded that loyalty was no longer valued by RCN and moved on. How nearsighted is that?? My current bill with Verizon for the same services dropped 30% and it is guaranteed for 2 years. Perhaps if the management gets its head out of the sand I may rejoin them in 2 years when they realize the cost of acquiring customers is a costly and more difficult than accommodating long term customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I Would Like To Know Who Designed These New Dsgusting Remotes That Are Circular, Smooth And Slide Off Of Everything And Everywhere. Already Have Mine Taped Up Because Something Broke When It Fell

I Did Not Want An Upgrade Since I Watch Only A Few Channels But Rcn Convinced The Building To Upgrade So I Am Stuck With Crap And Additional Cost Each Month. Does Anyone Do Their Job Correctly These Days?

Posted by ?

I have been a RCN customer for 5 years and my charges go up $15 every other month.

They send my bill to my work address and not my home address, mind you, I have been a customer for 5 years..they don't anything right..who runs this company..?

Posted by Anonymous

I'm not to happy with the service on the phone line says 10 minutes, I'm on the phone 55 minutes recorder say someone will come momentarily still no one, then it hangs up, what happened to the real people phone line for number I can be reached at is

Posted by NONE

I don't know about other states but in Pa recording phone calls without the consent of both parties is a CRIME under title 18 wiretapping. RCN has refused to call me or talk on an unrecorded line over billing issuse. They are adding late charges before the bill is even 10 days past due. From the other comments I see they seem to do nothing to take care of the consumer. Today I was hung up on and put on hold for 17 mins. What great service. Thinking about going to a wireless provider they are a little slower speed but 1/2 the cost per month. It's great when you the choice of one or none to chose from

Posted by AnotherRCNVictim

I know its a lot of trouble but please write to:

Enough written complaints might help resolve at least some of the issues. The FCC has the power to fine RCN for some of their egregious "errors".

I've had consistent problems with the alleged "high-speed internet" for which I am paying a premium price. The service is consistently slow and frequent "outages". I also have their cable and I am unable to watch Netflix or Amazon streaming services (which I also pay for) because there is "insufficient insufficient bandwidth".

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to order new service today as I am moving to a building that is RCN ready; I am a senior citizen and my lease includes basic cable. I simply wanted to add internet service and possible upgrade of the basic cable.. that's it. The RCN rep was intrusive and asking questions that had nothing to do with service .. when he said "I am sorry I am "pissing" you off, I told him I will call another time. Totally unacceptable for any customer service rep (his name was Jerry) to use that kind of language with a customer... I simply want to get the basic service... and am not off to a good start with RCN... I have been a Comcast customer for over 15 years... it is not by choice that I now have to use RCN, and after today's experience, I am not looking forward to it.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a long time RCN subscriber. I have having problems with my internet speed and blacking out of some channels on my tv service. Your NYC offices have been of no help. Please advise as to who can help with this as I am prepared to go the regulatory agencies if if this problem is not solved and I receive appropriate credits. Thank you.

Posted by STEPH

I Spoke To Larry I Told Him I Would Pay My Bill On June 1 My Cable Was Shut Off May 29 He Lied Now I Have Tried To Call Back But I Get A Recording Telling Me To Pay No Human This Is The Way They Treat People I Spend Over One Thousand A Year

Posted by G

I went to return cable box at RCN today. Lady told me that I still need to return small cable box. Which I truly know that the technician came over and took it while downgrading my cable service.
Why should I keep the cable box? I disconnected my cable 3 months ago. Now I need to talk to this "person" to explain the same thing that I explained the customer service lady.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible service, change in plans and billing. Have a 9 months nightmare dealing with them. Not worth it!

Posted by Anonymous

This is the most terrible company I've been apart of. I had Verizon fios 3 years ago at my last place. Moving to a area without fios is the worst thing I've ever did in my life. With fios I was getting waYYYY y more channels for less money then with rcn. The sad thing is my location don't offer no other providers but service electric which is even worst Smh. Pleaseeeeee fios come to Whitehall. Pleasseeeeeeee

Posted by Vlad

I have been RCN internet service customer 7 yers. Always paid my bill. In fact i had autopay. Something happened with autopay, either credit card expired or RCN system payment transaction failed. I noticed that the payment didn't go through and they charged me $31 for failed payment. I called them a RCN representative took a new credit card information and promised to remove the failed auto-payment charge. Never happened, I continued to receive automatic calls from RCN asking to call them. So I have just paid with a new credit card. I believe the $31 autopayment failure charge is completely excessive. Other companies encourage users to use autopayment options, but RCN uses it as another way to extract fees

Posted by Macungie, PA

I have been RCN customer for about 7 years, always paid my bills on the dot, and was always greeted with thanks as their loyal customer. When I discontinued service they sent me a final prorated bill for services up to the disconnect date. I had no problem promptly paying that prorated bill. However, they subsequently sent me another full month bill. Since I have autopay set up with my Discover Card, I alerted card services to dispute that bill. RCN had the right within a certain time window to show proof and revert my dispute, but they did not show proof within that prescribed time frame and certainly had no ground to revert my dispute. RCN didn't have the guts to dispute with Discover Card, but turned that over to a collection agency. That way, they threaten to jeopardise my credit rating if I don't bow down and eat the bill. Is that how RCN reward their loyal customers? RCN needs to have a better qualified accounting team to correctly bill customers, and correctly examine disputes in the approved time frame.

Posted by Adela

I see I'm not the only one with grievances! They've been putting a block on my emails every month and a half or 2 months where I'm not able to send or receive my messages. I complain ALL THE TIME. They remove the block and I'm happy until...it happens again right at the following day like a merry-go-round! I've been consistently calling and emailing them clearly describing the blockage that impedes me to work on my computer - but the same thing happens over and over and over again and the cycle happens again! They must be more than stupid to spend so much of their (valuable?) time on just removing the block and then putting it back, PLUS taking away my health from that incompetence. Instead of DOING something really effective so this doesn't happen again. Who said (cleverly) that to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome is stupid, so I guess I must be stupid too however, what can I do??? I'm afraid to change companies in case they too will cause me problems...
I've been looking for the emails of the executive management (4 of them) but no success yet... Any ideas please? Thanks ever so much! :o)

Posted by Anonymous

Extremely disappointed by RCN billing department. I have been an RCN customer for about 20 years (bundled services). I pay a lot of money to them every single month. With the latest increase (extremely high), I called billing and asked if being a very old RCN customer in good standing (all my bills were always paid on time) and if they could offer me some promotiponsl rates which would bring me closer to about $270/month I was paying, billing supervisor and rep basically said there was nothing they could do and challenged me to go find another service provider which I intend on doing. I guess saving $250/year to RCN makes a lot more sense than getting about $3,500/year. Did these people ever take math classes? Very surprised, disappointed and will follow advise looking elsewhere.

Posted by RCN should be held accountable

After 3 years of constant interruptions and 10 Better Business Bureau complaints RCN still states its my modem which I have had replaced already. Instead of fixing the phone and internet issues and giving me credits for the outages, RCN gave me a past due notice and insisted that my modem was bad once again. Their customer service is rude, their supervisors including the maintenance supervisors do NOT know how to fix issues. The VOIP service which they provide is the worst in this area. Since there is no competition for phone and internet in my area, they realize "they have you" and will make excuses. Even going to their so called "Retention Department," and pointing issues out as they occurred, and my bill has not been issued for outages, nor have my services been repaired. Other people in the area have complained but RCN insists I'm the only one. RCN makes excuses instead of fixing things. I told RCN they must call before showing and even made signs for them to keep out and padlocked the box on the house. RCN made a big deal off of me telling them they aren't allowed on my property without me being home instead of getting to the facts and resolving issues. It's like a dog chasing its tail, they do nothing but talk and can't deliver. When I joined RCN my Mom was dying they showed little compassion and I even said my father needs the phone to be working so he can contact me if something happens. RCN shrugged these issues off, which shows they do NOT care even about a medical need for services and has yet to flag my account as a medical necessity. Maybe a lawsuit against RCN would show them that customers with medical needs are reliant on their services and not having a working phone line under the circumstances is pure negligence. And even if you have to dial 911 as I have done, the phone calls were dropped. How absurd !! At what point will someone's life be harmed because they cannot call for an emergency. RCN needs to be held accountable !

Posted by Dayle D Edgeworth

I'm in the middle of a problem with RCN that all your service people have dismissed.
I won't review the extra charges to me by your company this last month & the threatening phone calls of suspension of service through your incompetent service people as I'm saving their responses & will publish them on social media. I have paid my bill complete with erroneus extra charges. The $20.00 credit offered me by another service person does not satisfy the original problem & my ongoing problem of extra, useless cable lying in my bedroom & attached to my walls & ceiling is still unanswered.
The bottom line is that I have useless RCN cable lying in a pile that RCN won't remove though they installed it & in doing so, have damaged paint & trim in my rooms in my apartment.
I was emailed by a Jackie that I should call again & book yet another service person.
I asked for a guarantee from your company that this problem would be fixed. I have not received an answer.

When the different service people viewed the extra cable in the past, they said I was responsible, if they removed it, for any damage to my apartment & 1 service person told me that I would have to pay for the cable removal also though it was your company's error.
I'd like to know your response?

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I called RCN Customer Service today because I have been having a problem with my wifi signal. I spoke with Lee and he was very patient with me while my laptop decided to do its updates at that very moment. While waiting he explained to me a new help feature on MY RCN and offered to give me a list of new premium movies and shows. He was a very nice guy!! A++ great experience today!

Posted by Her name was Arlene - #41510

Spoke with Arlene (#41510) and she was amazing! Very helpful, patient and friendly!! Awesome experience and call!

Posted by VirginBride

I had a problem with my internet pipeline. The rep fixed it and gave me tools to take care of future problems on my end.

She was also great for conversation. ;)

Posted by Anonymous

I've been very satisfied with RCN Service. They responded promptly to a newly installed cable box not working and also were quick to replace parts outside the house that had been shorted out during a lightning storm. Rates have gone up a little faster than I would have liked, but not unreasonable.
I'm moving to a location that does not have RCN service, so I called to cancel and it couldn't have been easier. The Customer Service Rep answered promptly and I did not spend any time on hold.

Posted by DBF

We are new RCN customers, after over 10 years of bad service from Time Warner NYC we are giving RCN a try. Our new service was installed within 24 hours of calling RCN -- by a friendly and knowledgeable tech (if you get Larry, you are in luck!) who spent ample time at our place to make sure the signal was strong as advertised, to neatly arrange the various boxes and improve inside wiring in our home and teach me how to use the DVR/Tivo service. A week after intall all is well. Time Warner never held a good signal for a week at a time.

Posted by Me

I've had RCN cable tv for 20+ years and it's had problems about only 3 times. Each time, I phoned, got an American, locally-based, within a few minutes. They fixed the TV remotely immediately. Today, after 7 years with AT&T DSL for my internet, I gave up on AT&T & switched to RCN. A problem that eleven AT&T technicians couldn't resolve after literally hours on the phone over 10 days, was fixed by an RCN tech: I phone RCN, ordered the internet, the guy showed up early the next day and it's all installed & functioning better than AT&T ever did. I think RCN is given a bad report here in percentages because folks tend not to seek opportunities to praise.

Posted by BILLY-O

Dear Rcn staff, For a month now every time I clicked on an email I got a pop up that said: "leave this page" or "stay on this page" Nothing worked except "leave this page. I was truly ready to can RCN. Today I spoke to a representative named Timeka. I gave her permission to take over my computer, which she did, and she also saw the uselessness of my RCN webmail account. She was quite polite and patient. She spoke to a level 3 tech. and informed me others were having the same problem and that it would be worked on and my problem should be resolved. That was 9 hours ago. I just tried my webmail and it worked for the first time in a month. (My football fantasy league is on my RCN webmail- Whew!) I would just like to thank Timeka and you level 3 Techs. You have really, really unstressed me. Thank you so much.BILL PARKS

Posted by StarHappy

I've been with StarPower, now RCN, for over 7 years. The only thing that would make me happier is if they'd speed up the support for HBOGo! Other than that, they truly have been a great service company. I have a bundle that includes Internet, cable and phone. Services rarely go down and come back up quickly, when they do. They negotiate pricing and are always less than Comcast or Verizon. They even let me lock in for 2 years (I prefer to negotiate as infrequently as possible). Basically, you tell them how much you're willing to spend per month, and they craft a heavily discounted package for you. I've done this several times. The Internet connection is fast with low latency, and occasionally they upgrade the speed for no extra charge, I was recently bumped to 15Mb/s from 10Mb/s. The HD channels look great. All the free on-demand programming is great, too. I'm in Bethesda, MD and I'm not sure if I've been lucky or if service here is better than other places, but really, it is good.

Posted by Satisfied DC Customer

In mid-June I was assisted with a replaced and installed modem at my home in Washington, DC. The service representative was Vincent Upsher. He was exceedingly knowledgeable and professional, and I was very favorably impressed by his demeanor and professionalism. It took several days to establish the appointment, but he was worth the wait. Thank you!!

Satisfied DC Customer

Posted by PA_RCN_Customer

Wow! I thought you were describing VERIZON! My family, some friend, and I had horrible service and "product" from VERIZON. I switched to RCN about three years ago. When a problem arises, I get cooperation and service. If something needs further attention, they help me. Suggestions to help you get help - 1) Call the correct number (tech for tech, billing for billing), 2) Describe problem carefully (so they can triage the call), 3) Rent the provider's router (so they don't blame your equipment and to minimize chance of being billed for tech call), 4) Ask tech for direct phone line or extension to tech (in case you have further problems), 5) Get related work (such as hard-wiring into another room) done by the provider (which is usually done cheaper and prevents later tech blame-and-bill issues)...

Posted by nottheworst

I had RCN for about 2 years. I loved the fact that they were the only ones who I could get out within a few days notice to connect my service. PLus I got free installion, first month free, and a pretty good deal on their service.

After I got connected, I had little or no issues with the service and would have kept them.

Unlike alot of other people I talk to friends, family who have other providers (comcast, etc..) and have had really bad issues with their cable/internet going down, billing etc.

My only real complaint was with trying to cancel the service when I moved and trying to reach someone when I had questions about billing, or wanted to make arrangements etc... That was a headache and I personally think with them being as big a corporation as they are. They are now in a position to compete with other major providers and should be taking steps to improve their Customer Service. This I think is their biggest issue why people don't keep the service.

If they can improve that I think they would have alot more long term customers as I hear alot of current and former people complaining about the level of customer service. However, I know that no company is perfect. I feel that among the other competitors in terms of pricing RCN is the best.

All that aside, the service was fine and the price was good compared to some of the other providers but if you have to cancel make sure you do everything to cross your T's and dot your I's otherwise you could end up having a big headache.

Posted by Happy Camper

I love RCN.

I love love love RCN.

I hated Verizon. I was exasperated by 2 hour on-hold calls to Comcast.

But RCN works like a charm. The remote for the Tivo is great... makes Comcast's system look like the stone age.

RCN phone service is quick, cordial. I'm in heaven. This is everything I want from a cable/phone/internet service.

Posted by Gypsy

I will say that at one time I had poor customer service with RCN, so I left. I went to another provider and boy oh boy did I regret that. It always seem greener on the other side. I am now back with RCN and as long as I am in there area I will have RCN. They are more personable and I actually talk to real people everytime I call. I will work past the small things..RCN I'm here to stay.

Posted by Joyce

I have had RCN for 6 years and have never had a problem They always answer the phone and answer my questions

Helen Siegel


Posted by FallsChurch

Always answer the phone and take care of my concerns. They are based in the US and seem to want to help.

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Posted by ashlie

Please let me know if we can help resolve any account/service or billing issues. Our help team email address is:

[email protected]

I promise that I will try my hardest to resolve any issues.



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