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95 Negative Comments out of 102 Total Comments is 93.14%.


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    • 31.06 Overall Rating
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    • 95 negative comments (93.14%)
    • 7 positive comments (6.86%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I am 100% unhappy with RCI my Husband has been try to contact a Representative for a couple of weeks about a paid cruise and was told he had to book before November which is totally understandable when he called back he was told that he was not entitled which is not true he tried to contact the first person he spoke to and he’s not returning any of his calls my husband has been getting a run around nobody calls him back this is called very poor business this subject has to be resolved soon or we lose our plans for a cruise as far as making reservations because all the cabins will be gone
Joan Ryan

Posted by CG

Does ANYONE know ANYTHING at RCI? Each time I speak with someone, I receive a different story. Unfortunately, we were told a bunch of lies at the time of purchase. After several attempts to book a few vacations, it seems they change the rules.... Today, someone called and said they had a vacation I wanted from my search, only to find out after a 15 min. conversation that the resort doesn't accept upgrades of which I was previously told I could upgrade, once I settled on a smaller unit, especially because I am a "platinum member", that I would definitely be upgraded if my desired unit became available. NOT SO. Now, I'm stuck with this unit, which can NOT accommodate our family, unless I pay an additional $945.00!!
UGH.... Nothing but excuses from the reps and NEVER anyone available to speak to. Extremely poor service, after the sale of course!

Posted by Teri

I am a black member with Iberostar and have had RCI for over a year. I have been trying to get your promotional emails since March and still haven't received any. I keep being told it takes a month to update your system. I find this really disappointing. I was also told that I could just look them up myself.

Posted by Anonymous

I have just instructed my wife to try to NEVER book an RCI property again after she booked two trips to the same location today in ARUBA for $239 per booking, a 25% increase over last year. Obviously an outrageous fee to begin with and an increase that is equally out of line. Our time shares (multiple are with HGVC) and we are going to try to avoid RCI going forward due to this stupid pricing policy

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever. Reps are incompetent. Don�t know the correct information. Supervisor snaps at you when you complain. Been with this company for over 20 yrs and in the last two years I�m talking to people that are not even helpful. Spoke with many members that feel the same way. Looking for a new company. Hate paying for a service that doesn�t help you

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever. Reps are incompetent. Don’t know the correct information. Supervisor snaps at you when you complain. Been with this company for over 20 yrs and in the last two years I’m talking to people that are not even helpful. Spoke with many members that feel the same way. Looking for a new company. Hate paying for a service that doesn’t help you

Posted by Anonymous

Each year I try to search for a holiday via RCI to try to use up my week that is banked with you Pine Lake England. Each year I am met with the same negative responses, there are no holidays available in England in the weeks that I want to accomodate myself, my partner and our small dog!!! So now I have a week that is due to expire on 31/5/18 that I am once again unable to utilise due to you only having 3 holidays available from 3rd or 4th of MARCH, i.e. when no one else wants to take the holidays because of course it is freezing cold in England and even moreso in Scotland!! This could fall under the Trades Descriptions Act i.e advertising something that just isnt legitimate. How can you help me RCI and redeem your reputation???

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get an answer on a seemingly simple question for three days. Apparently, there is no consumer service department in the RCI structure. All numbers revert to reservation employees who have no idea how to handle anything other what they are scripted to reply. Why is it so difficult to reach someone on the corporate level?

Posted by Anonymous

Totally frustrating. I am trying to book flights with my points and though am a platinum member, have been waiting over 3 hours on the phone and they do not answer. ââ?¬Å? your call is very important to us does not ring trueââ?¬Â?. Very disappointing, at least a call back option would be appreciated.

As I am writing this complaint a man by the name of Daniel finally answered and as I explained that I was writing a complaint here the phone got disconnected. Very peculiar. I hope someone will look at this review.

Dr. Adriana Bierman

Posted by Nate

Do not bother calling customer service. They do not give the correct information. You are put on hold and the next person is no smarter than the first. They are a money hungry institution that does not care about customer service. They are in it for the all mighty buck. They make the rules as they see fit to benefit themselves. By the time you start your vacation you will be broke, so what is the point. If you have Time Sharing I feel sorry for you. If you have a problem, RCI will not be there to help you. It is to bad they can speak with a forked tongue and get away with it. Yet we pay and pay. Try to sell your Time Sharing. That is a bigger joke. Now go and have a good vacation.

Posted by songbird0526


Dear RCI Staff:

In my in box for email today, I received a reminder to take your survey. I have several issues I'd like to bring up concerning our visit to Sunset Beach time share buy in meeting we attended in May, 2017.

1) Upom our arrival ( 4 adult women), we were greeted by our sale's rep. After much conversation, we were informed that we were 'through', and we could go. AT NO TIME WERE WE GIVEN A TOUR OF THE PLACE TO SEE WHICH UNIT WOUD BE RENTED OUT TO ME/MY GUESTS, EVEN AFTER WE REQUESTED SUCH. I did sign up for Sunset Beach Resort. Though much was covered, I have a vague recollection of all that was stated, so I did not completely fill out the survey.

2) Weeks after returning home, I responded to an email I received from RCI welcome committee, and listed various questions I had which were NOT adressed when we were in attendace at Sunset Resort. TO DATE NOBODY FROM RCI HAS TAKEN THE TIME TO RESPOND TO ANY OF MY QUESTIONS!!! To say that I am leary about the company is a slight understatement. If you don't answer a potential customer's questions in an email, how do I know my needs will be met after I buy in??

3) There was an employee standing at obne of the doors, watching how the proceedings were going at the various tables. He was an older man with silver hair & wore a company badge. As he was standing at the doorway for all to see, he stood there picking his nose multiple times, digging .. As if this wasn't bad enough, he then WIPED IT MUCUS ON HIS UNIFOR M PANTS!!! I was absolutely appalled by this & requested his name. Another female rep came to my table where I informed her of the event. She almost choked when I described his actions. Although she attempted to find out his name, she was unsuccessful ( intentionally or not, I'm not sure, as I'm sure she didn't want to embarrass him in front of everyone. I don't believe his actions would be condoned by corporate.

I would appreciate feedback regarding this email, as I need to find out answers to the following questions:

1) Is there a monthly maintinance fee, and if so, how much. Is this fee only instituted when I use the unit?

2) If I want to donate the use of my unit to a non profit fundraiser, how do I go about that? I 'won' my trip to Pueblo Bonita through a timeshare holder with VIPS organization. ( Janice Vella

3) Related to question #2, how is the approximate retail value figured?

4) Can you please send me any photos of my unit so I have an idea what it looks like?

Any help you could give me would be appreciated!!


Katie Farren

Posted by lyndaki

I am in the process of waiting a year for my account to close totally.
I sent the letter in to cancel in January but it has not been activated till 13th March 2017 for some reason.

I have received a bill for £29 (points saving fee) twice now, and I have been onto your staff by telephone twice now, explaining my situation .

I lost my husband in June of 2015 and no longer wish to take holidays alone, therefore I wish to cancel.
The first 2 sales staff I spoke to both understood my situation they said and assured me they would take the £29 charge off as I no longer wish to take holidays .
I certainly will not be wanting to save the points to carry over to the next year.

They obviously had not taken the charge off as today I have received another bill, this time with £33 added for late payment!. I thought this bill had been cancelled, the first time I thought maybe it had not been taken off in error, but now it has gone through for a third time they obviously are not doing as promised.

I called for a third time this morning and spoke to another member of staff on the telephone, she was very unhelpful and told me I must speak to you, the address she gave me for an email does not exist!
The more I have to deal with this the more upset I get as my husband and I used to love our holidays, but the thought of going without him is unimaginable for me.

Please can somebody finally sort this out for me and cancel this stressful situation.

Thank you

Posted by Disappointed, again!

I can never get through to customer service. IT is 10:15 am on a Sunday. THIS is when regular people have a chance to call in to Book their RCI vacations. CUSTOMER service is closed????? Really???? WHY????? I do realize that their employees need a day off, but this is a time when people who own RCI have a chance to search for vacatips and need their questions ANSWERED !!!! RIDICULOUS !!! NOW wonder I never can use my RCI timeshare..... very disappointed, again!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

For years I have been getting calls from RCI. Most of the time they hang up on me. I have tried to get my number removed from the data base. This morning I got another call from Bill in S Carolina. I said may I ask you a question? He hung up on me. I have been trying to reach Corp of or customer service for over 1 hour. I give up!!

Posted by Anonymous

Why can I NOT get customer service?????

Posted by Babs

I was just hung up on by a salesman of RCI, who called soliciting their Hilton Head property. I politely asked how I was on their list, as I was registered with Do Not Call Registry. I respectfully request RCI to remove me from all future phone solicitations. He asked, "So you're not interested in purchasing this vacation?" I said no and he simply hung up.
Click. Not even the courtesy of a reply. I am trying to find a way to contact their corporate office, but you have to give your whole name, which I'm reluctant to do.

Posted by Anonymous

I was just hung up on by "Lauren" of RCI, who called soliciting their Hilton Head property. I politely said, "No, thank you, and I would respectfully request RCI to remove me from all future phone solicitations."
Click. Not even the courtesy of a reply. I am writing to their corporate office, and will never go near an RCI product again.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer Service Is Terrible The Rep Moises Was Very Unprofessional Rude And Nasty So I Will Not Be Renewing Anything With Them!!!!

Posted by Hardtime

I recently booked to stay in Club Calahonda in Mijas costa, Spain at a price of 720 euro, for Christmas and New Year, so two weeks, I'm not an RCI member and after this stay I would never consider joining! I wasn't informed that the bar/restaurant was closed, that I had to pay for wifi/ safe, I was told about a free bus but never told times, I found the electric was like a third world country and seemed to go on and off as and when it wanted, the fridge again worked when it wanted, the wifi dropped in and out as and when it felt like it, the quiet hours were far from that! a family above us obviously worked for Pickfords and moved the entire flat everyday at all hours....
Customer services promised a bottle of bubbly for New Year and a discount voucher for the local area, I'm still waiting!!
To make matters worst, I was called on the 5/1/12 in my apartment and told that the reception would be closed for the next two days and I could leave the key at Club Marbella about 300 yards further up the road or I could check out 2 days before I was due to make life easier for reception! Why would I loose 2 days of my holiday just to make life easier?

Posted by Anonymous

member number I signed up for Platinum membership in Late May 2015 and was informed that details of the scheme would be put in the post and should expect a parcel within 28 days. After I waited for about 6 weeks, there was no sign ot this package, so I called again and was told that it had been reorsdered. I heard nothing more until I received 2 parcels re Platinum membership in the post on 16th DECEMBER!!! Please can you explain why it took so long as the items contained therein couldn't have taken more than a few minutes to assemble!

Secondly, wheh I called to complain, I was informed that @hone calls now cost 5p a minute... outrageous. Pete McAlear

Posted by Betsy

I recently used my RCI points to stay at the Divi Phoenix Resort in Aruba from August 22, 2015 to August 29, 2015. The facility looked nice enough, and the one bedroom, 1 full bath, 1 shower bath 'appeared' to be just lovely at first sight. Sadly, upon closer inspection, apartment 754 was not the 'home away from home' I had anticipated it to be.

The microwave did not work at all. It took 4 days to get a working microwave. There is no stove in the unit, so we could not heat up our meals. This inconvenience cost us dearly as eating out for lunch was not in our budget.

The washer/dryer could only accommodate 3-4 items of clothing, was a loud as a jet engine, and did not dry the clothes completely. I returned home with mildewed clothes. Also, the first use of the unit blew a circuit that cut the AC as well.

The jetted tub did not function at all for 4 days and only partially thereafter.

Upon our arrival, lights were burnt out in the kitchen and master bathroom and the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers in the master bedroom had broken off and was resting against the wall next to the dresser.

The A/C took one full day to cool the apartment; the apartment remained cool ONLY if we kept all the curtains closed, defeating the purpose of having an ocean view.

Our toiletries and towels were not refreshed daily, as advertised. It took 4 days to obtain adequate toiletries and towels.

The loud dishwasher merely rinsed the dishes; it did not clean them thoroughly, even though I wiped away all food items from the plates prior to putting them in the dishwasher.

Our room was not ready for check-in at 4PM. There was no place to store our luggage upon arrival and the bellman was nowhere in sight. The lobby was jammed with guests waiting for their rooms. When we obtained the keys to our room, the cleaning crew was still there and told us to wait outside.

The food in all the restaurants was excellent. The service was not. There is a 15% gratuity added to the bill, so the lack of incentive for superlative attention might be the reason for the unsatisfactory service.

The spa services were exemplary, but the spa is not part of the Resort.

The convenience store prices were ridiculously high, even for an island where everything is imported.For example, sunscreen 50 was $27 for a bottle. The same bottle was $16 at a local convenience store down the street.

I personally lodged my complaints to the Front Desk early Sunday morning and was told all issues would be remedied that day. They were not.

I complained via the telephone again on Monday morning. A repairman came and replaced the microwave, fixed the drawer and installed fresh light bulbs in the kitchen and master bath. He also showed us how to use the washer/dryer as the directions on the unit itself were unintelligible and the instruction booklet for the unit was non-existent. The jetted tub was not repaired. Towels and toiletries were not refreshed/replenished, so we grabbed some from a room cleaning cart in the hallway.

The 'new' microwave worked for one day before it began to beep constantly and malfunction.

The washer/dryer never functioned properly. When in use, we could not hear ourselves as the unit was excessively loud. The same held true for the dishwasher. It was very unsettling.

On Wednesday, after 4 days of complaining to the Front Desk, I spoke personally to Pearl, the hotel manager. She sent a repair crew to the room who replaced the microwave with one that actually worked. (The fan on the original unit broke and the control panel on the second unit malfunctioned.) They replaced the control panel on the jetted tub so that some of the jets worked, but not all. The cleaning crew brought in extra towels and toiletries, so we had adequate supplies thereafter.

For the inconvenience of having a substandard room for the majority of our stay, Pearl authorized a $100 credit to our bill. Assistant manager Yvette told us to write to DIVI RESORTS' home office in the USA if we wanted to receive additional compensation.

Upon returning home, I contacted RCI and spoke with "Mike" to lodge my formal complaint. He said that RCI couldn't do anything to help me or compensate me for the above issues and that I had to take this issue to DIVI Resorts.

Posted by Anonymous

We are currently using timeshare at the Regency Club Tenerife, this is suppose to be a gold rated RCI Resort! There have been numerous things that are not at gold star standard but the last straw is you actually have to pay to play table tennis and use the pool table! Once you make contact I will enlighten you regarding the numerous disappointing issues we have experienced.

Posted by Sorry I bought RCI

Wow, I have always complained to my husband about RCI. I can't really figure out why we have it, we can never book a place when we want to and we made the HUGE mistake of upgrading and now they haven't applied the additional points that we purchased and it has been over 8 months. You can get to anyone to talk about it. They are a total rip off in my opinion and I would never recommend to anyone to purchase anything through RCI. I came to the corporate office website to see if I could find a phone number since I am getting no where with the home resort. Now I see comments galore that are nothing but complaints and horrible experiences having to do with RCI. WOW is all I can say. Makes me feel real confident that the phone call I will be making today is going to be beneficial in anyway. Sad situation.

Posted by RCI

(7/21/15) we were to have the week of 7/25/15 to 8/1/15 that was four days before we were to be there. I was called yesterday morning and was that told the vacation I booked on the Plantation Resort of MYRTLE BEACH was over booked. I was told there were 100 overbookings. I have a 5 star with Orange Lake and now I was offered a 3 star at another place not to our liking.
In April they did the same thing to me and booked for July and said oh no it is for 2016 not 2015. Every I do an exchange I cannot book what I want.

Posted by rchiumento

I am extremely upset that RCI would cancel my vacation 4 days before I was supposed to leave because they overbooked the resort. I reserved my resort (or what I thought was a reservation) in October of 2014. It is now 9 months later and 4 days before it was supposed to start they call to tell me they overbooked and I have nowhere to go. They offered another resort 2 hours away and basically said take it or leave it. I will be leaving RCI if they do not make it right.

Add your review!

Posted by Jim

My wife has given RCI £1500 for a holiday that was still to be decided by us and we had 18 months to decide. However my wife recently died and I have been told that I can't get my money refunded. OK so there is a clause which they conveniently put into their terms and conditions about being unable to get a refund, but surely extenuating circumstance must prevail, and surely again compassion and humanity which they appear to be very short of must take priority. I was told by one one of their managers that if they gave the money back to everyone who contacted them regarding a bereavement they would be out of business, callous or what. Does know what I should do next.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a very complicated request, stopping a points week and keeping my points and my week, week. Misty from web help was excellent. Very pleasant every time I tried to explain what I wanted. Once she understood what I wanted she got right on in and helped . She explained the process very clearly.

Thanks Misty

Rita Johnston

Posted by customer service review

Maria - customer service.....an asset to RCI. Her supervisor was very inconsiderate. Maria connected me per my insistence to the "powers that be". Maria needs to be commended!!!

Posted by Heidi

I just attended a sales meeting on Sunday August 24th at the Grandview at Las Vegas. Our agent was fantastic, but his manager, Nancy, clearly has some substance abuse problem. I am a Registered Nurse and was very concerned for her. She was slurring her speech, glassy-eyed, and was hyperactive throughout her entire sales pitch. Please get her help.

Posted by Carol Langstaff

Earlier today, I spoke with one of RCI's most exceptional Customer Service Representatives, named Michael. He told me that I had reached the corporate office in Cincinnati, OH. Michael was very courteous, and helpful. Together, we were able to resolve an issue that had been ongoing since Spring of last year. He went above and beyond to help me complete our reservation for this year, where we plan to take our granddaughter to Disney World for her 5th birthday. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Michael. He is the BEST!*(He should get a raise, in my opinion!)* Or at the very least, a pat on the back, and the title, "Best Customer Service Representative Ever!"

Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke with Bill at RCI very nice and patient. He was sooooo helpful. I hate calling RCI but Bill was just great!!!!

Posted by Susie

We have been RCI members for over 20 years and have had helpful contacts, successful exchanges and never had a week expire unused. Good service if you know how to use their system and deposit early.

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