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RCA customer service is ranked #820 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 21.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 815 ratings. This score rates RCA customer service and customer support as Terrible.


795 Negative Comments out of 815 Total Comments is 97.55%.


20 Positive Comments out of 815 Total Comments is 2.45%.

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  • RCA

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 21.65 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 795 negative comments (97.55%)
    • 20 positive comments (2.45%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
    • 1.8 Reachability
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    • 2.8 Friendliness
    • 2.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased a 40 inch smart TV based on RCA good name as well as product. However, I will never purchase another product with RCA name because of the awful customer service that I received and the company does not make good quality products anymore!

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service associates are friendly, but they have no authority to help. They must submit a request for the claims department to send you an email - it took three calls to receive this email. The email asks you to submit the same info you've given over the phone. Once submitted, you never receive confirmation of receipt. I've called a total of five times with no progress. DO NOT BUY RCA PRODUCTS.

Posted by Valerie

I am in need pf a living agent who will assist me with my tablet. As I am not technically inclined, speaking with someone is crucial! As it stands, "Cortana; vitual assistance" does not help me!!!

Posted by Holyboize

My Tablet fell off my hand and the screen got broken but it was still okay hot knowing that the part broken is not operating any longer. what should i do.

Posted by RCA

The phone u gave don't work.

Posted by Stacy

I've never been so disappointed in customer service that all my life I went online for help and they tried charging me money with help for their product with a pre-animated person they tried pulling off as a real person. So i went back o line to find a number for a rral person and i have been on hold for 30 minutes now...WOW

Posted by Anonymous

Dont Buy Any Thing With Rca...there No Support System ..i Bought A Tv With No Remote Control In The Box 3 Month Ago ...cant Get It Sent To Me ..i Call About 10 Times With No Help....still Waiting ..please Dont Buy Any Thing With Rca Marking ..

Posted by EPrice

I have a SL58G45 58" RCA TV i bought from HHGreg in 2015. I have not been able to speak with one support person at all. I emailed RCA support team, I was given a number to, and the automated system says to call another number(8587983300), and when I call that number it says "no routes found". So there isn't any support what so ever. I can't do a network upgrade. I get Download Metadata Failed. When in the beginning all worked fine. None of the apps on the tv work beside netflix so i know my internet is fine. I am a technical analyst in network and computer software so I know the basics of technology. I can't get help for nothing in this world. I purchased the tv to use the apps on it. There isn't even a helpful user manual. Its as if RCA is making televisions and pulling the cord on people by not providing user manuals, no customer service, not responding to emails. I did a chat with the wrong department with a gal named Mandy, she told me to call the number above which doesn't work. I expressed my concerns and she just left the chat. AWFUL. I just want a replacment tv, or some freaking support please!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I see a class action lawsuit coming... Does anyone know a lawyer? I purchased a 58" tv and have emailed with no response. All the phone numbers that i call doesnt go through to anyone or anything. I havent even had the TV a year yet. The place where i purchased is also now out of business. I will NEVER purchase an RCA anything ever again in my life. Who can i contact to get this rectified?

Posted by TETA

Do Not Buy Anything From These Crooks. Not Only Will They Not Help You... But You Can't Even Get A Real Answer From Anyone. I Got This Tv Summer Of 2017 And Here It Is The End Of The Year And This 60" Tv Doesn't Even Work. The Place I Purchased The Tv Is Now Closed And No One At Rca Can Help. There Is No Warranty. Whatever Happened To Manufacturers Warranty. Save Your Money Because Had I Read All These Complaints, I Would Have Neveer Ever Purchased An Rca Product! Very Disappointed And Annoyed. How Are They Still In Business... Oh Folks Like Us To Buy And Don't Tell Others Not To Buy!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a rca 111 voyager on 9/29/17 and it worked 1 time, Wen the battery went dead it shouldn't let me log back in. It kept saying wrong password,i hay chances ir 1000 times and it still won't let me get in,that was a gift 4 my 7yr old grandchild and now she has nothing,walmart told me after 15 days they can't do anything and it so now I or none of my family and friends will not buy any Eva products anymore, y'all a scam

Posted by Anonymous

I sent in my race tablet over 3 wks ago, I have never heard a word from anyone concerning my tablet. It is under warrantee.

Please contact me

Posted by Stanley

I just brought my rca tablet last nite voyager lll I put in activation code set it up internet apps etc it was charged to 100 got up this am turned on got the rca symbol then voyager lll symbol and it wonât turn on .
I did rest troubleshooting and still no movements

Posted by Anonymous

There is no customer service!!! I made 3 calls to the Philipines. Then one to the U.S. That one denied the ability to help but really wanted my email address. !?! He gave me the âcorrectâ number. Wrong! Wrong area or dept. I got another # and twiddled my thumbs while I was repeatedly told I should use email, but my call was ânext in lineâ. That person (#5) told me I had the wrong area again and, once again, gave me the right number. Ha!!! Wrong again. Person #6 explained I had the wrong area but gave me the right number. More hahaha! It was the number for person #5. I called him back and finally was able to get a return lable for the piece of Â¥â¬Â£Â§ that was still under warranty. They donât like to answer phones. They want to do their job even less. And everyone wants my email address. What does that have to do with a return!???!!

Posted by Wanda

Yes it is Wanda again. I still have that 60 inch tv with sound and no picture. I will keep calling and now I am looking for the CEO of this so called companies number. I will not give up. I have had this tv for 9 months. It is no good. This is not good to do to people who support you.Wanda Cavenaugh.

Posted by Anonymous

Your name James

Date of purchase, with receipt 2/11/17

Any past communication regarding the warranty claim

I have tried 4 times now to get a claim submitted on rcaav.com and been given pre-auth codes of 5510 and batt5510. No claim form comes up on that web site and no place to input the code. Totally frustrated!!!!!

Receipt attached

Posted by garyfisherman

Decided to be done with RCA. Customer service seems to be non-existent. Antenna doesnt work. Will box it up and send it back

Posted by none

I got A tv converter box.Had it for almost a year .The emote went bad so i tried to get a new oe Come to find out they discontinued it.They don't have one to replace it and there's no universal remote.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Lopaka. I ordered a remote on April 19thd for it and have not received it yet order # 202230. Could someone please get back to me on this order. Thank you for your time. Lopaka

Posted by Anonymous

Reaching out to you is a real joke. I have a problem with my TV. Keeps teloling me to run channel auto run.

Calling customer support ...have been on waiting for over 1 hour

Have visited rcahabits.com (message given while waiting on phone)and website nonexistant.
Have tried several 1-800 numbers and they either do not exist or they are not RCA.

Posted by Anonymous

I called your customer service 877 number. Several times got no answer.No customer service.
Tried to hook up RTS7010B sound bar, can't get it to work.
I'm taking it back for a refund and never buying RCA again because of no customer service.

Cant read your veryfy codes, took numerous times to get past this point.
RCA makes it very difficult to give my money to.

Posted by Anonymous

Any company that does not give you a live person to speak to does not get my business. Will not be buying from RCA in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm having a serious problem with getting help on 4 Rca tabs I purchased last year in November and purchased a warranty for each of them. Having problems with all of them and need repair or reimbursement. I've been given several numbers to call some by Walmart and is still unsuccessful in receiving help

Posted by Ann Keith

Need return authorization for two tablets model #rct6373w42 bought for Christmas both lock up and will not stay charged more than 30 minutes. Email me at [email protected] please help!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi. First your phone number cuts off as soon as it connects. Never rand one time. Hope that helps. Next my 40 tv quit working I bought about 10 months ago and registered it for warrannte. I cannot find the receipt. Can I give someone the serial numbers to pull up my info.

Thanks. John

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Posted by Anonymous

sam handled my problem in less than 5 minutes! kudos to the team. i love my rca family

Posted by [email protected]

I did not have a question, but wish to offer kudos to RCA for my television. It had been passed down to me by my mother and after 40+ years finally died. It is a handsome console type with speakers and the television itself encased in the wood. I still use it as a piece of furniture.

Posted by Maria

First review I write
If all companies perform the way your customer service did!
This will be an HAPPY PLACE.
Thank you for the fast, efficient way you handle the repair of my granddaughter (8 yrs)tablet. You can't always go by what you read.
You are the best.

Posted by deb

My tablet stopped charging after a month. I emailed customer service and told them about the problem. They sent me a electronic label and I sent back my old tablet and about 6 wks later I got a replacement. So far no problems with it.

Posted by Anonymous

The man that I spoke with today was soooo helpful. He is from India and he worked with me instead of telling me no no no. He also was very professional calling me mam and waiting paitentally while I found seral nos.,etc... . RCA should hire more people like him. One regret I have is that I don't remember his name so that I could mention him.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to let RCA know that I have a console it is RCA ColorTrack stereo monitoring TV. It is over 25 years old and runs like a top. It has been transported from house to house and never skipped a beat.

Posted by Anonymous

I, too received an RCA Pro 10 Edition, 10" screen tablet for Christmas. I have not used it too much and now it will not turn on. Luckily, my husband ordered it for me and I had the receipt with the order number. I had also registered the 1 year warranty online soon after I received it. Walmart will not accept it for a return, but I called this number in the RCA user manual: 1-855-475-9646. The guy was helpful, and they are sending me a new tablet, though he said it would take 3 to 4 weeks. Wow, that is a long time! After I receive the new one, then I am to return the non-working one with a pre-paid label that they are sending. I am thankful that I had registered the warranty. I just hope this next one is trouble free, as the first one didn't last long at all.

Posted by Bushwackers

Picked up a 7" tab on the fly, needed something at that moment and the price was right. I have found the unit to be very user friendly and works for what it was designed. Ya its not top of the line and was not designed to be. I'm a Electronics Eng. and IT by tried. I have read through the comments and found that most complaints sound like user created issues. So! In a nut shell, you pay for what you get. If you think your going to get durability and top of the line for 50 to 100 bucks maybe you should stick to desktops or laptops. I find the product works as designed and plan on buying a few more for x-mas gifts this year 2014.

Posted by Anonymous

If you are having an issue and need to file a manufacture warranty claim send an email about what you are needing and why to they will get in contact with you almost immediately and assist you with filing the claim and taking care of the issue.

Posted by PatriciaAlbritton

OMG, so I called all these stupid numbers that I kept finding online, but got no where until..... one of those numbers that was actually for small business product inquiries gave me this number for Tech Support..... even though they weren't able to help me immediately they did tell me what I needed to do in order to call back and set up a service date. My tv was a gift to my teen boys from my dad for Christmas last year. All RCA TV's come with a one year warranty, but I need the receipt in order to have it serviced without having to pay for it! Soooo, even if they can't help with your immediate problem at least they can guide you in the right direction! Very impressed with Makensie at RCA Support! She was super nice!!!

Posted by jennifer

id like to take a minute to compliment RCA...i have had an RCA VCR since before graduating high school..it is at least 23 years old...the only things i have done to it over the years was clean the VCR with head cleaner and change tapes every so often...it has quit working as of last week end...WOW! I wanted to buy another VCR like that one.Thanks RCA!

Posted by Customer from WI

I have the same issue as the rest of the 46" LCD RCA TV's complaints on here; however, I have never had an issue reaching On Corp US. Specifically, Alan E. and Diana D. both from ON Corp US have been open, honest and reply via email in a timely fashion. While the process is grueling slow I have been told upfront that it is. The amount of complaints they are processing from the failed manufacturing of this TV is enmorous and I can appreciate and understand the delays. We are at the point of waiting for our new TV to be shipped, but I am emailed on the progress and any delays. While I am not satisfied with the long process I am more than thrilled with the customer service and communications.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the exact problems as everyone else & none would ever call me from RCA after waiting close to 2 months. Couldn't reach them, message box full, disconnected while trying to input my model # which they claim is 3 digits and it is really 2 digits & a letter and automatically disconnects you. I finally called Best Buy, where I bought the TV & they sent out their Geek Squad today, determined the TV was not fixable, & gave me a return receipt so I could take it back to the store. I did that and added on $45 more and bought an LG & I'm so happy to be done with RCA & the TV from hell. For those of you waiting, if you bought it at Best Buy, they are standing by the warranty and I recommend you give them a try and GOOD LUCK!

Posted by pdawg

Just wanted to let everyone know that i got my replacement 46" LCD TV and it only took a week and a couple of days. I left some nasty messages with On Corp, the 858 798 3300 no. and then Melody called back. She is so very pleasant. She answers her phone and returns phone calls. She is definitely on top of her game. On 5-14-2012 i left a nasty review on this site so i'm writing again to retract it. My LCD is working like a champ and i'm happy once again. If you're having problems call ext #111, Melody is priceless.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to tell you I have had my big screen RCA tv since the year 2000, and have not put a dime in to it. I love it, and when I go to buy a hdtv, I will be looking for a big screen RCA. If my next RCA tv last me as long as this one, I will be so very very happy. I still have my big old big screen RCA tv in my living room, and will use it until it needs work done on it. I have moved four times since I have had it for 11 years, and still has the best picture. Please keep up the great job on you tv's. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A very satisfied customer. Jane Taylor

Posted by Anonymous

average customer service, not exceptional but not bad either. problem handled in reasonable time and minimal trouble. neutral rating

Posted by dickie doo

I have read several of these comments. What you all need to know is the RCA TV business was sold some years back to a Chinese company. That company in turn destroyed what was left of the name and brand. Now the RCA name is being used by another company, but the name is owned by Technicolor. As a former RCA employee (Technical assist) I hated to see the brand destroyed the way it was.

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the phone with a customer service rep named Nicholas. Not only was this guy very kind, patient and knowledgeable....he fixed my problem. Now, it's all coming back to me why I purchased an RCA television.


Stanley Wheat

Posted by stephen

after only 8 months my mp3(m4304)player completely went d.o.a. & i only had 12 songs on it. after reading all these complaints about RCA i just knew i had wasted my money.
LUCKY i had my receipt and paid $8.00 to ship back to RCA and within 2 weeks they shipped me a brand new mp3 players. Hopefully i get a longer life span out of this one, but i had no problem with RCA standing behind the warranty on this transaction. thanks

Posted by bongo

The business products division is staffed by intelligent, well spoken, knowledgeable CSRs. The call was picked up in seconds and my problem with a Visys phone fixed in about one minute.

I was referred to the Business Products division (800-511-3180) from the Consumer Electronics number listed above. If only all customer service could be like this. This is a very popular business phone and I guess companies with hundreds of fairly expensive phones are not going to put up with the crap of mere "civilians" who buy TVs and such.

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Posted by Anonymous

Just thought I would add a few thoughts. I work for a store that sells many different models of tv's, RCA being one of these. I have now worked there for two years and can honestly say that less than half of the RCA tv's we have do not work. The ones that do work are usually missing the base so we have to discount them any way. We have had problems from dead pixels to one of our display models starting on fire. I have lost all faith in RCA and would advise people to steer clear of their tv's.


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