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Quicken Loans customer service is ranked #627 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 27.56 out of a possible 200 based upon 18 ratings. This score rates Quicken Loans customer service and customer support as Terrible.


17 Negative Comments out of 18 Total Comments is 94.44%.


1 Positive Comment out of 18 Total Comments is 5.56%.

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Terrible Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Quicken Loans

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 27.56 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 17 negative comments (94.44%)
    • 1 positive comments (5.56%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
    • 3.6 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 3.1 Friendliness
    • 1.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Mogrady1

I had a wonderful experience my first application this second is a cluster f. The underwriting team is short of incompetent. This has been the worst experience I ever been through.

Posted by JB

This service from quicken ended up not being what was originally agreed. I was not clearly communicated the changes, with the changes made the loan was not adjusted to the lower rate since the cash out had been removed? This service of fast and efficient is just the opposite. No clear communication, just rush rush rush. I will not recommend this company!

Posted by Anonymous

My Ql Documents Were Lost Or Not Documented Not Once Or Twice But Three Times And One Lulu, One Gigi And One Joe T. Were Responsible. Everytime I Thought We Were Through There Would Always Be One More Doc, Never Have I Seensuch Incompetence In Alarger Company.

Posted by jvboyd

BEWARE: Allthough I was approved, A gut Joe Malek called to help with my credit. I told Joe Malek I didn't need credit help as my score was very good.
He pulled 2 more credit reports that lowered my score Allthough he promised that it was a soft pull.Please beware, One dept covers for the other. Jim B.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Morris Colvin, and I already have my home mortgaged with you. I have tried numerous times to contact you by phone, no luck. I tried Emailing but couldn't find where I needed to write. I need to correct the payment on my property tax. Not a abig problem if I could email or talk to someone. All my information is on file, Loan . All I want you to do is send me an email address that I can write and explain what I need done. My email address is [email protected] Please send me this as soon as possible.

Posted by Anonymous

In one days time I received 4 phone calls for soliciting from Quicken Loans 3 from the state
of Michigan and one from Arizona all to my cell phone every 2 hours. I will make sure that anyone and everyone knows what a crappy company you are.

Posted by Joanne

I was lied to about not being able to receive a Harp Loan last night - called Bank of America this morning, talked to an employee who really knew his job and my Harp loan is already in process, closing cost will run me $18.00 - the sales rep that I talked to at Quicken last night told me my loan was not eligible but he could offer a loan with $10,000 in closing cost - absolutely lied, would not listen to my request or concerns - save your time and never call Quicken Loans!

Posted by Anonymous

The Quiken Loans process has been the worst experience that we could ever receive. The agent has been extremely aggressive and continues to pursue our interest after we have ceased contact. WE WIlL NEVER USE QUICKEN LOANS!!!

Please stop contact! Erase all customer info and stop contact. If you must contact us please do so with an attorney or customer service agent.

You have a horrible agency at the Michigan office with Chris and Alex. HORRIBLE!!!!

Posted by Diane

I am very upset with you people! I was lied too more than once, I was told if I got my name off of my sons loan as a co-signer the loan would go threw. You lied lied lied! Not only that it added 6 more months onto my sons loan. I am requesting you refund my 400.00 dollars for the appraisal. It should have never been done. I was mis lead by you people and I am requesting a REFUND! Oh and thanks for the bad news on Christmas Eve! That was totally wrong. I will push this matter.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a mortgage contract that says my escrow will always be 3 mos but when my mortgage was transferred to QL after B of A got in trouble they made it 4 months "because they could" and even the Consumer Protection agency wouldn't help. QL at shark, I sold my house to get away from them. Contracts are worthless now. Only the financial industry has any rights. they are criminal..

Posted by Anonymous

We recently applied for help from Quicken and received a very confusing response. Via rhe mail, we received a printed response which was a rejection. The reason : UNACCEPTABLE PROPERTY TYPE. What does this mea mean? We own a condo in an exclusive area. The condo sales value is between $625-$659K. We do not understand.

Posted by Anonymous

Having trouble making payments. No customer service providers available and online won't take payments.

Posted by Anonymous

We got needed dollars and cents from an agent needed to close the refinance of our home and a in the final days another agent called us saying we needed another $10,000 (another 33%!)to close the loan. We had liquidated things and were ready to close in the next week when this surprise was given, telling us he had no idea where those figures came from. "From the Quicken agent" we said. "That was a mistake," he quipped. "Not ours," we said, "and we have liquidated things." He indicated that was not their problem and that we should have checked with Quicken to be sure the figure was accurate. We DID receive the figure verbally and in print (as we requested) and forwarded it to our financial planner(down to the penny) to do our job in bringing the correct amount to the table to close. Why should we question its accuracy. We received absolutely no resolution to THEIR mistake. We lost money when we liquidated and have taxes to pay for funds that are now not needed. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and no concern or compensation for the mistake made by THEM. He continued to say he had no idea where the figures came from, even after we sent him the written communication from Quicken with the figures. It appears QUICKEN takes NO responsibility for what they say or do.

Posted by Anonymous

For the second time your organization tried to pull a bait and switch on me. I have no idea how you won an award from JD Powers with the dishonest tactics your people engage in. I will never do business with your company again and I regret having my current loan with your company. YOU SUCK!

Posted by unhappy

I do not recommend this company for any loan at all. They are poorly trained and incapable of finishing any deal at all.

Posted by Wanda Harrelson

Applying of a Loan with you has been the worst banking experience of our life.We have never applied for anything on line and we had many concerns which proved to be us that Quick and Loans is not a company anyone should trust. We sent 40 to 45 faxed documents os personal information to begin and secure the loan. We spoke to 3 to 4 different banking specialist which was a concern too. We were told we were to get the loan thru the Harp Program which satified us. Then after waiting 6 weeks we were told the Harp Program had changed the guide lines. I gave $500.00 in good faith and I would like this refunded. I am sorry that I sent our financial information to such a company and the explanation on not getting the loan thru the Harp Program is not accurate as stated by other banking mortgagees. We are retired and hard working Christioan American that have been taken advantage of.

Posted by EMJ2740

Boycott Quicken loans America. What a timid response to suspend!!! That just shows you support the fat drug addict jerk. Cut all ties with this horrible arrogant loser now!!!!!!!

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Posted by Wanda Harrelson

i am very happy that my loan information was looked again at.Thank youagin for reconsidering all of our loan information. I appreciate Dominque Grande, Shana Lakey and Ken for all that they did to keep our loan active. This is great and I look forward to our closing date. I again want to say thank you for everything.

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Posted by Anonymous

Just a classic example of how you cant satisfy everyone. With a satisfaction rating at 96% the highest in the nation and the best training that I have ever seen in a company, you still have a few that just dont understand this industry but choose to complain. This industry is riddled with disshonesty and crooked lenders. Some of the biggest are being sed by our Federal Government for mortgage froud and here comes a company that finally tries to do the right thing. For those who complained, probably because their homes didnt apprais for what they told the banker it would you are in for a wake up call the next time you work with a different company.


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