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Quicken customer service is ranked #811 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 22.03 out of a possible 200 based upon 568 ratings. This score rates Quicken customer service and customer support as Terrible.


561 Negative Comments out of 568 Total Comments is 98.77%.


7 Positive Comments out of 568 Total Comments is 1.23%.

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  • Quicken

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 22.03 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 561 negative comments (98.77%)
    • 7 positive comments (1.23%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
    • 2.0 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 2.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Wishbone

Since Intuit sold Quicken, it's been downhill ever since. The software is buggy. Account downloads seldom fail. The only fix is to deactivate the account and go through the reactivate process again. It really gets old to go through this process repeatedly on some accounts. AND why am I required to login to get scheduled updates? PAIN!

I finally got tired of waiting for support so I paid $52 for premium support...not much help after several hours on the phone. Asked for upper tier support. Received a promised return call at a specified time....they never called back.

I've been using Quicken for years, but no more...I've had it! I've downloaded a free service from Personal Capital. It's simple and fast....no hiccups and so easy to set up. Personal Capital will want to sell you its service, but there is no obligation. Some of the Quicken features are not there, but if you want all accounts consolidated in one place, it works like a charm.


Who are these guys??? 23 minute wait for a chat? Phone support closed on weekends? I'd be surprised if these guys aren't losing market share by the boatload. I waited on the chat line for 15 minutes last week although the "estimated time" was 6 minutes (finally disconnected with no answer) - because the phone response time was an hour!

And, from below...how can you rate "friendliness" or "product knowledge" when no one answers the chat/phone?

Posted by JJ

Quicken forced an update that made the font too small to read. The fix makes all the fonts 16+ on the screen withour scaling. I am looking for an alternative. I should have known this would become crap as intuit was so willing to part with it.

PS:Open you wallets and buy your developers Hi-Res displays and you would have seen this yourself

Posted by Anonymous

Had an Orville L on customer support chat - absolutely the worst.

Posted by Mouse

Talked with Quicken by Chat re pricing of Quicken for Mac 2017 for long time customer. After a long discussion they offered a discount of 50% which I agreed to accept. They could not handle the purchase because they did not handle credit card information by chat. They gave me a case number and a number to call. I called the number and gave them the information. They would not honor the offer I received from Quicken Chat. The max they would give is 40%. I told them to forget it. It appears Quicken does not honor their word or offer and that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. They just don't seem to care about the customer. No way to reach management.

Posted by appalledcustomer9999999

I've talked to Quicken support either online or on the phone for approximately 5 hours, and my Quicken still isn't working. I then attempted to open another chat window, and despite their "expected wait time" of 20 minutes, I had to give up and go on with my life after waiting an hour and a half. I left a fairly negative comment in the chat window that I'm sure nobody will ever read because I'm convinced nobody is ever entering that chat window. And my Quicken still doesn't work. Also the second guy CLEARLY didn't speak English, despite the chat window saying his name is Jerry. I don't care if they're foreign, just give me their real name so I know to expect that they don't speak any English.

Posted by upset

They never pick up the phone or pick up their chats.
The software patch fails to install. Without the patch the software can't be used.

Posted by Terry

I was informed by my Quicken program that I needed to update to continue using my product. When I followed the directions given to me by the Quicken download page, the product would not work at all. I contacted Quicken product support and spoke to someone whose command of English was marginal at best. This person informed me that in order to retrieve my data that I would have to buy a product support package, only $600 for five years of support. Talking to this person was exactly like dealing with a boiler room stock seller: would not answer questions, would not allow himself to be pinned down to anything. When I hung up on him he called back, still continuing to try and sell me a service.

I refuse to be a victim of extortion. I will no longer do business with them which is sad given that I was one of the early adopters of their product oh so many years ago.

Posted by Dee

Quicken service is absolutely the WORST!!!!!! Every time I turn on my computer, there is a long wait for phone help, AND for live chat. After 50 minutes, I finally got through to someone who I had difficulty understanding, and THEN, right when he was trying to get to my issue, we were disconnected, and even though he had my phone number, he never called back. So, my problem remains unsolved. I am truly looking for another software program. I have had Quicken for YEARS, but now, I am done!! This CEO needs to WAKE UP, or he/she will lose customers.

Posted by notsoquick6732

After waiting for over 40 minutes to speak with Quicken phone support today, I reached a person who was very difficult to understand, wasn't speaking clearly, and wouldn't listen to my explanation of the concerns I have about using Quicken. After a very short back and forth she hung up on me for no reason at all. Clearly Quicken need to provide some retail training to their phone reps, and record the calls. This is abysmal customer service.

Posted by timmyp

Quicken Customer Service is an Oxymoron......it doesn't exist.

Nor will my renewal of this product when it comes due..............I am sure that they'll not have any problem trying to reach me then to renew, but it isn't going to happen.

I am going to research an application that stands behind its product.

Any thoughts?

Posted by AllenS

I've been a Quicken user for years. I'm going to delete it.
I'm using Quicken for Mac 2015, and I downloaded an "update". Now I can't sign in, it runs me in circles. Because I can't sign in, I can't update anything.
Customer service (that's a joke) only will consider your call during regular hours. After 31 minutes on hold, I spoke with a guy who couldn't help me and I was mysteriously disconnected. 45 more minutes on hold, and my phone battery died. Never got help.

Posted by Anonymous

Still Very Difficult And Confusing Trying To Reach A Quicken Support Person. It Took Forever Just To Try To Locate The Right Site For Chat Support.

It's Almost As If Intui Is Deliberately Designing Its Online Support To Discourage Customers From Using It!!!

Posted by PoliSci

We've been using Quicken for around 15 years and had been perfectly happy with it... until now. Intuit has a virtual monopoly in the industry and they know it. What was once a good company is now paying a pittance to unqualified overseas programmers to write garbage code and paying pennies to CS reps to put you on hold for hours and purposely not help you so you'll quit calling. This is a company that truly doesn't care at all. I'm looking forward to the day when another company enters full-force into this market and destroys Intuit.

Posted by Anonymous

Quicken Ver. 2016 stinks; and so do some of their service technicians. I purchased Quicken Deluxe 2016 and have had problems every time I try to import data from my bank.

It worked fine until they started a new process where you need a 6 digit code to complete the transfer. It takes 5 to ten minutes to receive the 6 digit code in my email. When I try to use it, the program says the code is not longer valid.

On two separate occasions this year, I had to call their support department for help. Each time I had to wait 20 to 30 minutes to speak to someone. On these two occasions, the support agents were very knowledgeable and helped me make import the information from my bank. Prior to tonight,the last time I called for help was March 23, 2016.

This evening I waited 30 minutes to speak to a woman who said her name was Wanda. She was useless. When I told her what was happening, she put me back into the loop waiting for help. No one came on the line to help again and I gave up waiting.

I wish I never updated to Quicken 2016.

Posted by KellyPCook

Quicken 2016 just patched to R6 (, which is amazingly buggy. After waiting 40 minutes, I just spent over four hours (literally, I swear) with their official tech support. Reinstalling and updating incrementally, we proved that my system worked fine with 2016 R2 - no problems - and that my installation failed reliably with R6. Every time. I was told to reinstall again, then stop upgrading, and wait for a fix. I asked if I could report the bug, and they said 'no'.

The guy was very friendly and tried, but he got to a point where he simply couldn't say, "It's a bug." He had to say it was my problem. I felt bad for the guy. After spending hours of what was really quality tech support, he was left struggling so hard to just keep saying what was clearly nonsense, that I stopped out of mercy. He clearly had his direction, and I didn't want to get the poor sot fired.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been attempting to download my AA Citi Card transactions for over a week. I have spent over 12 hours waiting and attempting to solve the problem with your non English speaking staff. I am hard of hearing and i must work with someone fluent in English. I have also spent considerable time with Citi computer technicians. They say the problem is yours and I must delete the Citi file and reinstall it into Quicken. I have no ability to do that. Either call me and get this fixed or I am going to raise hell on my radio program and many news outlets. Thanks, Dean Langford

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with Quicken Support.
I spent right at 6 hours on 2 different days this week trying to get the Sync feature to work between my Windows 10 computer and my Mobile Android Device a Galaxy S7 Edge. When you call Quicken (that is the only way I know to get support) there Chat Support I could never get to work. When you call Customer Support a person never answers a computer answers and gives you how many people are a head of you and a estimated wait time, both times I called them I was on hold once for 4 hours and 2 days later for 4 hours and 15 minutes before a person answered. The first day they never could get it working. 2 days later I decided to try again this time they got it working. Then 3 days later it quit.
It appears to me to be very poor customer service. Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,
Bill W

Posted by Anonymous

I have 2015 Deluxe can not get Sync to work between my Windows 10 computer and my Android
Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile Devise
They were totally unable to help me.

Posted by from Windows to Mac

31 minute wait time to get support. Support person asked the same question 5 separate times on what the error message was. Wes told 3 times that I was being transferred to another department. They transfered me and placed me back into the que. One hour and 21 minutes, to be told that "their website was incorrect, I did not need to convert data file after all. New version would import directly into Mac." I explained that that was not what their website claims. They said they knew. What a complete waste of time for both of us. Took 4 different people to arrive at a simple answer.

Posted by quacki

Your QUICKEN Website is the WORST I have ever worked with. Impossible to get any information. I believe that your company will soon be gone. I just called

1-888-311-7276 and was told the wait time will be 25 minutes--74 calls waiting before mine! Don't you think that is disgusting????? Would you wait that long for Service???????????????????? Howard Stein ID.

Posted by Quicken 2015 for Mac

If you are seeking software that is tested before it released then you are not looking for Quicken. If you are looking for customer service that speaks English and will own your problem, then Quicken is not for you. If you like to deal with constant software problems and the poorest support in the industry, then you would find Quicken. Stay away from their software at all costs.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had the new Quicken for about 8 months now after several problem free years with an earlier version. This new version is a POS. Have not been able to balance one month without problems. Double entries, missing entries, and bank download problems every time. I am currently looking for a program to switch to. I'm too frustrated to continue with this program.

Posted by fjcinss

I have used various versions of Quicken for 12+ years. This year's "patches" have completely ruined the program. After many, many hours with Quicken support, numerous fixes, many reloads, the software will still not update investment transactions. Without this feature, the program is worthless.
Quicken ignores my pleas for a refund and the software has no value to me.

Posted by nutknacker

Latest Quicken update created problems in updating stock quotes. No information has been provided regarding the fix. Quicken support is nonexistent.

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Posted by armywalrus

After much hassle, I obtained the following number from a supervisor via chat: 1-800-624-9063. It asks for an incident#, I didn't have one but I just pressed "0" and was immediately connected to a live person, who processed my request for a refund, the whole call took about 5 minutes. I don't know if this number only works for refunds, or if it includes other things like software issues.

Posted by Richard

Excellent! I had a major problem upgrading my Quicken 2009 data file to Quicken 2012. Yes, I was connected to tech support in India. The gentleman was patient and completely knowledgeable. He solved my problem in 55 minutes. I spoke to his supervisor to tell him how good was their service. I am speaking from my 20 years experience as Help Desk software engineer. The rep I spoke with was flawless. I'm very happy. -Richard, Arlington, Virginia USA

Posted by Quicken Customer Care

Thank you Jatin from Customer Care. I have decided as you recommended to wait for Quicken 12 to upgrade from Quicken 10.
Thank you for your research into pricing.

Jean Marchant

Posted by moxie

I was very happy with the customer service I received for Quicken Home and Business 2011.
I called the support line, waited on hold for less than 5 minutes.
I had my credit card ready to pay the $14 charge which the recording said might apply.
Explained my problems and was walked through the solution in a professional and clear manner.
My credit card number was never taken and the call was no charge.
Compared to the torture of calling Bell, Telus or Microsoft, this support call was like a breath of fresh air.
I was very relieved it went to easily after reading all the negative reviews posted here.

Posted by J & P Consulting

I think it is funny when someone buys a $50 or even a $100 product and expects the company to give you U.S. based support at no charge. You get what you pay for. Last I checked Intuit is by far the #1 rated accounting software for individuals and businesses alike. Microsoft used to give their product away and still could not compete with Intuit and they folded because they could not compete. If you are saying B.S. to this I would suggest you find another company that can give you a comprable product for the same price and they will support it. You will not find one so next suggestion would be to develop a program yourself and see how profitable you are when you sell something for $50 then give free support on it. Good luck!!!

I have been using Quickbooks for years and reccommend it to all of my clients. Actually I will not even take a clients business if they are not willing to use Intuit products.

Posted by TaeKwonDoDo

I've used Quicken for years. In that time I've learned that there are just some things that Quicken doesn't do well. But the much improved 2011 is the best yet. I'm not sure what all of the whiners' problems are. It sounds to me like they don't really understand that they are getting a LOT of software for the money.

There was an outage at the end of February, but that has been resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

I had difficulty finding the Budget function and the Help file had instructions that were not complete. When I called the toll free number I had a live agent within 1 minute and she answered my question right away!

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