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QuickBooks customer service is ranked #639 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 27.24 out of a possible 200 based upon 463 ratings. This score rates QuickBooks customer service and customer support as Terrible.


448 Negative Comments out of 463 Total Comments is 96.76%.


15 Positive Comments out of 463 Total Comments is 3.24%.

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  • QuickBooks

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 27.24 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 448 negative comments (96.76%)
    • 15 positive comments (3.24%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 2.2 Reachability
    • 2.0 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 2.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by gg

Really difficult to reach. I am being overcharged beyond the agreed price and NO ONE will answer the phone. (The recording asks me to wait at least 25 minutes and this is not acceptable, as I am trying to run a business.)

Posted by Anonymous

QuickBooks support is THE worst customer support ever! It doesn't matter what you are calling about, the people answering the phone have no clue what they are doing! Currently I have been on hold for twenty minutes waiting for the person who answered the call to come back on the line. I have no idea what happened to her! My question is fairly simple, set up my direct deposit password! Unfortunately QB has market share

Posted by WACS

I have been using QB for several years. I've switched banks and have been trying to set up and use QB payroll. It has been a nightmare. I talk to someone on the phone every week for at least 1-1/2 hours. We got payroll set up. I processed payroll. None of my employees got paid. QB failed to let me know they needed more documents. they said they emailed me, but I didn't receive an email. I've now sent my ID at least 7 times, faxed and emailed the the same documents to 2 different emails as well as the online quickbooks file, but nobody has received anything yet. I got an email saying that that "your Primary Principal Change Request dated 11-07-2017 for EIN ### has been closed as of 11-10-2017. We have not received the sufficient documents to complete your request." Where does my stuff go when I send it? I've been working on this for 6 weeks. I thought I was going to save money, but this is ridiculous. I've had it with QB. I'm going to cancel everything and use something else to process payroll and direct deposit.

Posted by I need to return quick book s

I need to send back my quick books I bought at Best Buy they said contact you all. I bought it 10/19/2017
Please send me a number to talk to y'all or an address that I can send it back to y'all.

Posted by Anonymous

When opening quickbooks I received a message that I have to renew the license, which I understand. However, I received not warning about this, and I have been waiting to get connected for a very long time, and this is not the moment that I can wait a long time. I would have appreciated some notice so I could pick a convenient time to wait 30 minutes for you. AS it is, I am held hostage to wait at a very inconvenient time.

Posted by sarah

The customer service is terrible and the support is terrible we have been waiting three weeks to resolve a simple issue

Posted by Anonymous

Like watching paint dry....Support is non-supportive.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely horrible experience with their support. Tried to buy/install their Intuit Data Protect service. Signed up for it online. Was never billed nor sent any installation instructions. Tried again, online. Same result. Called the support line. No problem - except the download link did not go to correct page. On the phone for nearly 4 hrs. over 3 days to correct problem. Continually put on hold to check on something. Finally - told them to cancel the service, but that I wanted a receipt for this. Waited nearly 1/2 hr. on the phone before this came through. They obviously want the money and spend huge amounts on getting you to purchase add-ons, but then can't deliver what they want to sell you.

Posted by C. Alexander

I have submitted a file for them to repair four times! The 3rd time I also sent a Word document to explain what had been happening and what I thought the problem was. They allegedly repaired the file and notified me that it was repaired. It was not. I contacted them again, spent another hour on the phone with them. I insisted on talking to a supervisor, who finally assured me the file would be sent back to tech support for repair. Four days later I had heard nothing. I called again and spent another hour on the phone, with a helpful representative. She informed me that the only way they could contact their tech support people was via email or chat. What nonsense! I asked this representative to escalate the matter to a supervisor. This was allegedly done and I was told tech support would call me by the end of the day. This call was taking place at 10:30 a.m. MST. I balked at having to wait another day for the file or the call and was then told I would get a call within 1/2 hour. It is now 2 hours later. NOTHING! THIS IS RIDICULOUS1

Posted by Anonymous

QuickBooks has the worst technical support ever. 45 minutes on hold and still waiting for a 4th representative to assist me. I would like help with online bill payment - a feature I do not currently have but would like assistance in setting up. They seem to get hung up telling me it will cost more for this service - which I am willing to pay. Why don't they just activate this service and bill me. I give up. I need to find a new service!

Posted by Don't Have Time For This Crap

Another negative review because Intuit can't seem to get enough negative reviews and still do NOTHING to improve the situation! I'm not going to waste a lot of time. Just turn and run from Intuit products. The tech support is absolutely, 100% incompetent and terrible.

Posted by Imtiaz

I purchased Quickbooks for Mac on Oct. 20, I have still to receive my Registration/Activation code. I have emailed Quickbooks 4 times and I get the exact same reply from 4 different guys.

Basically telling me its not their problem. What a total bunch of nuts.

Now I am stuck with an accounting system that I cannot use. I spent good money to buy it and set it up using my previous experience with Quickbooks about 12 years ago.

No one at Quickbooks seems to be interested in pointing me in the right direction or sending me a link.

This is totally crazy. Cannot recommend Quickbooks at all.

Posted by Anonymous

Apparently you choose not to speak to customers. Great software, but your customer service sucks! Your rating is only 2.6? Speaks for itself. Too many phone #'s, no
email contact. Long wait times on the phone is inexcusable! Horrible, horrible service!

Posted by Jessica Schrock

Quickbooks customer service is a complete nightmare. Somehow our entire company was corrupt. After days of level one trying to figure it out they transferred it to level 2. Supposedly it was fixed. 3 weeks later...over 20 hours later it's exactly as hour one. Minus the 20 hours I have had to be on the phone and off my computer and the $600 for upgrades and support packages. They are zero percent concerned about their customers or how their incompetence is affecting their customers.

Posted by barackobama

Quickbooks is very good accouting software. But many people is not like include me because quickbooks consumer service is not available on time. I search and get this website quickbookssupporthelp.com for solve all quickbooks software related issues and errors. I am happy for using quickbooks software now..

Posted by chrysolite28

QB has the worst (and I mean worst) customer service team ever. This is not an exaggeration. We have been passed around from rep to rep and promised the issue was escalated to diff reps'supervisors several times over the last couple of months! They still cannot give any answers. Instead, one of the latter reps mentioned that I submitted a survey which I told him, yes, I did answer a survey email honestly since we are very frustrated from months of no resolution and bad customer service. I have a feeling they stop helping people if they get a bad review. QB should be aware of the type of people they hire. It's giving them a bad reputation.

Posted by Michael

Beware of automatic 'renewals' which will continue to hit your credit card or bank even when you discontinue the service.

Posted by Booboolina

Customer support is calling clients stupid, they don't transfer you to a manager. Their support is in Philippines, so of course they will do whatever they want, because they don't care. Mind you after paying thousands of dollars on the software, they request more money from you and the software will work barely two years. All they care is money, more money

Posted by Anonymous

If I could go back to Simply Accounting I would in a heartbeat. The customer service with Enterprise which we pay premium is not as good as it used to be and continues to get worse. Today I received attitude to which I responded to in kind. Not professional but I am at my wits end with this program. I have never had so many problems with a program before. We are obligated to use because of corporate as it links with third party programs; perhaps why the lack of support from Intuit. I miss the one or two support people I used to speak with who were genuinely pleasant. "The program can only do so much, it's just software - it works with what you give it, - those two are summary of what I heard today on top of there is no accountants copy available, it's been disabled and we don't know when it will be available. Why not send users a notice? There's a pop up and email for everything else? So I wasted a 1/2 hour of my already pressed afternoon. I receive unrecoverable errors and shutdowns regularly which I send my email with but never a return response - these when I am exporting reports to Excel -because they haven't updated their exporting with newer versions of Excel? I cannot override created templates created in Excel either. Those are the two major issues that cause the most stress!

Posted by CapetoCairo

If there is any way you can choose a product other than QuickBooks Online, then please do so. Besides being an inflexible product and forcing your service business to account for activities as if you are producing wheel spokes, the Company has essentially given up on security and created a cumbersome log-on procedure which makes your data inaccessible and puts you at the mercy of your email provider. And, of course, there is no human at the company to help you.

Posted by Kathy

Just had one of the worst experiences of my life trying to set up a merchant account with QuickBooks and getting the link to work with my QuickBooks software. The invoices that are emailed to clients get an error message. I called QuickBooks. They have been working on the issue since March 28th. Almost a month. This was not disclosed that they were having this problem. This doesn't even go into the fact that they set up the account incorrectly in the first place and a took an entire day to fix it. I'm trying to close the original merchant account with no success.

Posted by pineridgepawn

Your product is alright, but your support is the worst. I do not care for people in India telling me off.

Posted by Disgusted with Intuit

I bought a copy of Quicken (very expensive) over a year ago that was supposed to be useful for tracking rental properties. It didn't have what I needed most, a way to calculate depreciation. I found that out within 5 minutes of installing it. I immediately uninstalled it. and returned it the next day with the help of the Staples store I bought it from.

I followed all the rules, I deleted that version and went back to my Quicken 2009, which I am still using and which they are able to track. I have a signed delivery receipt so I know they received the return. I have copies of all the paperwork.

I never heard a peep from them and never received my money back. They are thieves.

Posted by [email protected]

In April 2015 I had a problem processing my payroll through QuickBooks I called for help and was told that I had to either pay a charge or for a little more I could upgrade to QuickBooks 2015 and they would do everything necessary for this upgrade. It sounded like a good deal to me, however, they set me up on a QB Cloud and not only does it not work right but the license number we just found belongs to another company. This is very distributing to me and I would like to go back to my original QuickBooks and get rid of the QBCloud but I can not find anyone who can tell me how to do this I really need help and QuickBooks does not offer this kind of help.

Posted by Kmcmahan

I have had problem after problem with quickbooks online. From setup to recurring invoices. The setup of quickbooks is super complicated and takes forever. I actually had to get help from my accountant to just decipher some of the lingo. The most recent issue is the recurring invoices. I set up my recurring invoices with a quickbooks associate, hoping that would insure success and save me some time down the road. I went along the first few weeks of the month not paying attention to my invoices because I was sure they went out. Little did I know, that even the associates that work at quickbooks don't know how to use the software. None of my invoices went out, which may cost me 1000's of dollars. I have employees to pay, overhead to plan for, ect. If I don't get paid in time my company can really suffer. To top it off, I have to wait on hold for an hour for the associate to research what happened. I have a company to run, I don't have time to wait on hold all day for something I paid to just work.

I'm really disappointed in the service.

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Posted by Anonymous

I have been on the phone since 11 a.m it is now 3 p.m and my issue is still unresolved due to the fact I am not the owner of the store experiencing the problems. However, the staff I have spoken with was as helpful as possible and my hold time did not exceed 5 minutes each time. It would be helpful as a manager to be able to have authority enough to be the one to go through with an agent and solve the problem, but I want to send appreciation to the agents that i spoke with today for being so apologetic and sending me to the right people to talk to. I understand that many reviews are the opposite so I feel its important to know some good as well.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer Service agents from the the philippines are friendly and knows how to do their job! thumbs up!

Posted by Marti127

I am a bookkeeper and I've been using quickbooks for over a decade. I have always wanted a MAC but was afraid to switch to the quickbooks version for Mac, as I was told negative comments and as any bookkeeper my reports and ease of entering information is important to me. For my birthday, I was given a mac and the mac version of quickbooks. It took me 5 minutes to get used to it. It is the SAME. Looks the same, and honestly, I am THRILLED with the product. I honestly and completely recommend this product. There is NO reason why one wouldn't switch.

Posted by Anonymous

I had no problem getting through . and the agent was very helpful and kind. Whoever gave bad comment is mean.

Posted by Anonymous

If you want a service tech with knowledge the only way to get it is to sign up for pro-advisor. When you sign up they include the payroll and latest version of quickbooks. Problems are usually solved in one call with a person from our country. The also bundle in other free services with your pro-advisor subscription: remote entry,merchant services I can not think of the others now but it is worth the cost to have the service, if I have a client having trouble with qb I can call and get a three way calling and they too get american service techs with qb knowledge.

Posted by mslynn85

Just got off the phone with Sara who was very helpful and quite apologetic for the shortcomings in the newest version (12.0) of Enterprise. However, "Ardie" with whom I spoke before Sara was very difficult to understand . . . and I'm used to interpreting heavy accents! I finally had to ask him to spell his name after I'd had him repeat it 3 times. So, I guess I experienced the good and the bad all in one call. I surely don't like the fact that they told me that mine was a "known issue" (and a pretty major one at that) and a fix was coming (though they didn't know when for sure), but Sara did a good job of telling me that basically they couldn't help me yet.

Posted by Anonymous

Loved my customer service man! Could not have been more pleased. He was very informative and solved all of my problems. I guess I got lucky :)

Posted by hartbeat

I had an outstanding experience with support person Elijah. I had no idea that my request was so involved, but Elijah made me feel so at ease and confident of his ability to solve the issue. He stayed with me the entire time and was competent, polite and very professional. People complain all the time about software companies which is why I want to take this opportunity to brag about the excellent results that I had with my rep. Elijah. Thank you Quickbooks....I continue to be a very happy customer.

Posted by TF

I just called to cancel my payroll subscription and the lady was very nice and didn't try to sell me a bunch of other stuff. She cancelled my subscription and sent me a confirmation email and that was that, total of 10 minutes. Very happy QB customer here.

Posted by Sadiq Nawaz 00923339729720

I am sadiq nawaz the Account Manager of Bilal groups of Comapnies. Quick book is a good accounting software for a big comppany as well as for small company r business.

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by ddoffrd

I was monitoring my computer and found that QB get an form from me by email everytime I launch QB... Big Brother.. does not show up in my outlook, but my software tells me it happened.. watch out QB is watching everything you do. They of course say it does not...

Posted by Charles

I had to register my QB premier 2010. I found it very easy and quick. The representative was very helpful and she knew exactly what to do. Either I was very lucky, or the others are missing something. Good luck to you all. BTW, I have been using QB for well over 6 years now.

Posted by PKH

I work for a small bookkeeping Co. We have clients with everything from 2008 to Enterprise and Point Of Sale. I have always found them helpful

Posted by kevin33315

I purchased QB Pro 2008 last year and 2 weeks ago my computer died taking all my precious data. like an idiot, i never backed up last month after completing tax stuff! 2008 data must be reentered. joy. i lost the software too. i called and they helped me quickly! wow. i even got a replacement CD free and it was expedited free! $35 value. she was so nice. im happy. and lucky from reading those reviews below. thank god!

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