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Quest Diagnostics customer service is ranked #203 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 45.98 out of a possible 200 based upon 230 ratings. This score rates Quest Diagnostics customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


196 Negative Comments out of 230 Total Comments is 85.22%.


34 Positive Comments out of 230 Total Comments is 14.78%.

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    • 45.98 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 196 negative comments (85.22%)
    • 34 positive comments (14.78%)
    • 3 employee comments
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Posted by A-V08691

No one answered the phone at the local Quest and id been on hold 25 minutes on one number and now a second number to speak to someone. Please reevaluate your phone lines and just get rid of them if you arenât going to have anyone helping? This service is infuriating.

Posted by Anonymous

I canât log into my account. Username and password are already in the system. Technical support no help. Need to be able to speak to a HUMAN BEING. My quest no help I get error message about authentication and then get locked out of system. Iâm very frustrated and unhappy with my inability to speak to someone who Iâm sure could help me. If someone can call me to resolve this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. B

Posted by April1980

Horrible customer service! I have been in hold for over 20 minutes so far and that was on top of the 30 minutes trying to find out how to speak to a live person. I stopped using Quest 3 years ago due to poor customer service and length of time it took to get my test results. Thought I would give them a try this time since my other lab did not open until 8:30am and I was going to be on the road early, should have waited for the other lab, as apparently nothing has changed, they still could care less about their patients! Still on hold 35 minutes now!

Posted by Anonymous

What is the process to request a metablic panel test for me and my spouse? We have Aetna PPO ...thanks

Posted by Anonymous

How to talk to a live person???

Posted by KATHYGEN

On Hold For Over 37 Minutes! I Guess They're Not Answering The Phone.

Posted by Anonymous

WS not at all happy with the service, attitude I received while at the Mt Lebanon location, near Pittsburgh Pa on February 28, 2018. The woman who took my blood threw each tube of blood from where I was sitting across the room to her desk. Not at all what she should have done. I was very unhappy. I had three tubes of blood taken. She did the same with each tube.

Posted by Anonymous

I am tired of not being able to directly call the quest office of my choice to see how long the wait is for a walk in. This needs to be changed

Posted by Anonymous

You need to revise your customer service. It is very confusing and difficult for a senior citizen to make appointments or ask questions about lab testing scheduling. I'ts extremely frustrating!!!!

Posted by sasha

I have been trying to reach a Quest location for over 2 hours. The first call was to my local Quest location. The phone number listed on the web is not in service. So I called 6 other Quest location within 20 miles. Not one center answered their phones. Finally I found this review web site but only after I am so angry that I really don't think to highly of Quest and will tell my physician that he should not refer patients to Quest. Its time to update your websites. The Vandergrift site does not have a working phone number.

Posted by Anonymous

Quest Diagnostics is the worst organized company in America. I spent two hours, stupid of me, trying to find someone who could help me with a new location that my physicians office has used in the last two weeks, but no one, no one in Quest Diagnostics is aware that it even exists. After many automated answers, talking to three people, including someone supposedly in the corporate office, I still do not have the physical address of this new location. Not found on their website, not found by humans in Quest, no one but the people who have used the location know it exists. No I must question why I even want to use this organization.

Posted by Anonymous

They pull in a 7.5 Billion dollar revenue and this company can't even hire enough people so that their customers can talk to a LIVE PERSON??? Extremely Frustrating!!!!! All I need to know is if they received (by fax) an order which my doctor sent. It would save me an extra 2 hours of running around.... All I get when I call the local # is an answering machine that offers no option of even talking to a LIVE person--only gives me the main Quest customer # in some remote location. I call that and have to jump through a MILLION HOOPS just to finally get to a live person, and all they can tell me is they never received the order. I want to KNOW WHY..... My doctors office received confirmation that they received it. Why is it not in their system??????

If I could go ANYWHERE else, I would. HORRIBLE COMPANY.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible experience on 7/7/2017. Went for blood work and had to wait two and a half hours to be seen. Although there were only 2 people ahead of me. The woman on the front desk was very rude and lacking customer service skills. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she proclaimed being the supervisor. A good agency will never place a rude and unprofessional person on a supervisor position knowing that she will be the face of the agency. I do not plan on visiting Quest Diagnostics in Ewing NJ again.

Posted by Anonymous

My first issue is to praise the Quest Customer Service Quest rep I contacted by phone,, and to report the following issue to the rep. The young lady was extremely nice, and very professional. I was totally impressed with her knowledge to handle my issue. My biggest complaint was the 30 min. wait on hold to connect with this representative but she made up for the wait with her handling of my issue. My call regarded:

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 3:15 p.m. EST

This is to inform you at the date and time indicated above I received a phone call, which was identified as Quest Diagnostics on my Caller ID.

I answered the phone and the person speaking started speaking about my credit cards and I need to get a lower interest rate, which they could provide.

I immediately hung up, calling the phone number back, 610-983-2133, which on my called phone ID identified Quest Diagnostics as the caller, no one answered the phone which just rang forever.

Please thank the young lady and perhaps a day off or a raise would be in order. Hey, I can try. LOL. Have a nice day. Kathleen Michaels

Posted by Anonymous

Quest Diagnostics in San Pablo is a complete joke! The wait times are ridiculous. Worst lab I've ever been to. Wait times are 3 hours or more. Their staff is unprofessional and care nothing at all about the customers. Don't ever go there!!

Posted by Anonymous

Good luck getting money back from this Company. They have had $172.00 of my money for 4 months. All I get is the run around and transferred from one number to the other. People are supposed to call you and never do, They have the WORST Customer service I have ever seen. You go in for blood work and they say you owe them 15.01 and I tell them they owe me 172.00, so where's my money?????

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Tustin/Santa Ana location. Everything is done by computer--nobody answers the phone. I had questions. The billing firm in Florence. SC doesn't post a payment for two weeks. I paid and the check was cashed yet the billing firm hadn't posted the payment.

Posted by Meme19

Making appiontment iine is a headaxhe, because there are never an open appointment time. They are always taken up. Even weeks in advance. Its BS. Every time I go I wait forever, even with an appointment. They are slower than molasses at the Brick NJ location, but Tom's River NJ is quick. There is nothing to keep my child occupied. So he cries for 45 minutes till they take him. They need a better system. Appointments for kids.

Posted by Anonymous

Quest Diagnostic drivers think they own the parking lot. The driver stopped along a curb when there was clearly lots of parking spots to park in. As Im trying to back out from my parking space to get to another appt, I accidently bump the car and cause a slight dent on the car. Although there is no sign that says no parking, and he clearly did not park in a parking space I now have to pay a ticket for bumping his car and my ins has to fix his car! This is ridiculous and unfair because he was not in a parking space!!!

Posted by mommaorr1

You cannot get a live person ANYWHERE and on any number!! Worse service ever!!

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible service. I made an appointment for my father for bloodwork. The appointment was for 12:45. My father is wheelchair bound so I had to engage transportation service. We sat in the quest office on state Rd 52 in port Richey FL. The lady who did intake was rude and incompetent. She claimed there was no faxed script for bloodwork. The doctors office was called and they said they sent it. Still no script, called again, she said they still did not get it, I called again. Still, yup, she did not get it. You would think that as a representative of the company she would make an attempt to resolve this matter. No, she did not. She became blatantly rude when I questioned her again and dismissive. Needless to say, we left without getting the bloodwork. I would never recommend this company. We left out of quest at 2 pm without getting any bloodwork done.

Posted by Anonymous

I have to say the customer service is not good. I have called the Clyde Morris Office in Daytona Beach six times and they refuse to return call. I have tried many phone #'s and cannot get a live person. For a large company this is pretty sad. Does anyone know HOW to reach a human. I can see why the rating is only 2.9.

Posted by Anonymous

To be concise I have used Quest for the first time for a couple of our family members after previously using LabCorp for years. Both of our experiences have been truly awful. We had two different bills that were sent to collections THAT WAS A RESULT OF QUESTS ERRORS BOTH ADMITTED BY THEM. The first, they had our address incorrect for ONE of our family members so we never received a bill or were contacted in any way until collections harassed us over and over. Quest did respond by paying our bill and apologizing. So I thought, mistakes happen moving on, no hard feelings.......then as I was dealing with an appeal for a lab I called them myself and check on an update of the appeal and I had to ask for a hold that he told me he would place on the account as we were still waiting....then collections started calling us on that I called and Quest told me that the person I talked to never put my account on hold when I asked and later found out they should have offered me several options to handle the situation. Twice now, in my first two encounters with quest, they have made an error that has resulted in our bills unjustly sent to collections solely based on their error. I will never use Quest or MidAmerica again. I would rather pay out of pocket than have to deal with the number of phone calls that I had to deal with as a result of their negligence, improper training and very poor handling. I am in healthcare myself, I understand these processing and deal with many medical billing issues. This had by far been the most negative I have had to deal with.

Posted by Gloria

I would like to speak to a person regarding an appointment. I'll like to get is automated systems and that does not work for my situation. Please help me.

Posted by Dante Crespo

I have been trying to get sone answers from anybody who works for these people and cannot, why? I am trying to make an appointment fpr my son but every center keeps refering him to another facilty. I keep getting the run around and I'm wasting my time. Is there somebody other than these quest jokesters?

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Posted by Anonymous

I was at the quest in boynton bch fl on woolbright and the servise i got was wonderful. They only had three ladies worki v there and two out of the three were great and fast. The other lady { heavy set} no help at all and very slow like she was asleep or something

Posted by Anonymous

Service was great.
Appointment time was exact.

Josephine and Ariana at CODE KGI

Took care of Rod and Lynn on July 21, Newman, CA
Both tech ladies were very patient and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to acknowledge Jackie Meeks for an outstanding job performance. She has an exceptional ability to deal with client specimen problems, new test researches and even helpful test suggestions. She is the best. She is at the Chantilly, VA location. Thank you, Jackie.

Posted by Anonymous

I visited this morning, 04/10/15
Site code ZS3, Karla was very pleasant and professional. She instilled confidence.
I tried to take the survey, but your site does not recognize Nevada.
Thank You, Russ Oliver, Las Vegas, NV

Posted by Harold

The Quest diagnostics in Merrick Long Island is the best. Fabiola is the sweetest person who has ever taken my blood. She puts you at ease with a wonderful personality and smile. There will also be no black and blue marks on your arm. She is the only person my son will let take his blood. Thanks Quest.

Posted by Anonymous

I love Quest. Excellent service. I do understand that the collection centers are not the friendliest and sometimes even treat you like you are a burden but, how would you feel if you drew blood all day.

Posted by michelle

Best place I've ever gotten blood drawn. Coming from a girl who hates getting her blood drawn cause she always gets light headed and faints shortly after. No this time. The very nice young man was so sweet. He had me lay down to take my blood so I won't get light headed after wards. I feel fine.

Posted by Anonymous

I had an excellent visit on Monday. I arrived at 0830 and was brought back at 0831. Melody was professional, friendly and had excellent phlebotomy skills. Thank you for a very positive and efficient experience.The location is DF1 lab in Riverside Physician's Group on Brockton.

Posted by Anonymous

My labs were done by ELOISE, a very professional and friendly lab tech. She truly was a natural drawing blood. I didn't feel a thing except for the initial mild sting of the needle. The needle site never even bruised afterwards. I was a totally satisfied patient

Posted by Sharon Southers

This comment is for site sjd technition Sharon Southers. She was called in as a last minute technition for blood draw. She was personable, efficient and very friendly. Her needle barely hurt and the draw was done quickly. Loved her!

Posted by don't know what this means

I was at your office this morning and received excelent care. Bridgette was the person that took my blood and she was very good and efficent. She was dressed professionally and neat. Bridgette was also very good with a needle, felt very little discomfort which is good because I don't like needles. I was very pleased with my care. Thank you. Dr. A. G. Braddick

Posted by Anonymous

Carol was on top of everything, as usual. I really admire her abilities.

Posted by Blondie

Hi girls...Hi well let me tell you all who r leaving negative comments. I have been a patient here since who knows except it is a long time I have never had a bad experience. Everyone there r kind & pleasant. More than I can say 4 some people out on the street running their mouth. So please give credit where credit is due 2 kind people @ the Quest in So Attleboro Site code:VMS Cecela . Keep up the good work girls. Debbie blondie

Posted by Anonymous

ANA was the drawer of blood back in February for routine bloodwork, and she is very good at it and very pleasant. I have no love of needles, so I appreciated the fact I did not even feel the entrance.


Posted by VMQ

Jeannie was very helpful yesterday when I went for a blood test. She helped me with the coding to make sure my insurance covered the test.
We have never had any problem with Quest for all the times we have been there.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been going to Quest facilities on Bridgeport Ave, Shelton Ct for about one year. I have always found the staff friendly and efficient and highly capable of drawing blood samples. Much better than the hospital I was in. I would like to give special recognition to Tana Santiago and Mary Alice (last name unknown),who are always most solicitous of my care and well being.The facility is very clean and the service is always fast and efficient.

Posted by Anonymous

Everything was very good. My overall experience was excellent

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the lab inside my doctor's office for blood work prior to my doc visit on Feb 11. The consultant, Nicole, was very efficient and gentle. I was the first to arrive at the lab this morning and received right away. She gave me this paper to answer the survey. Couldin't locate the survey on line, tried the phone number and it got stuck in a loop and is much to complicated. Sorry you getting to your survey is a hassle, so expect few stick with it. Your consultant at the doc's office was fine. And I don't want my e-mail address or any commuications further from you. Thanks, BV

Posted by CBC Cyclosporine level chemistry

I have had good results from having my blood work drawn at the Memorial Hospital Quest site. The phlebotomists are professionaland polite. I had Breshanda the other day and she was great.

Nancy McMurray

Posted by Anonymous

Kathy K, Brick Office (Site Code BRI) is to be commended as being an outstanding employee. She is
attentive to details, and personable in customer skills.
She relates well and always seems to be interested in the person she is attending.

(David J. Woehr)

Posted by AJ Welch

I visited the Prescott,AZ office on 01-28-13 around 2:00 PM. There was no one waiting to be helped. Summer greeted me as I came in and asked me to sign in. She was very pleasent and knowledgeable. The slip I received from the doctor wasn't complete regarding the testsneeded so she contacted the doctor office to get the correctinfo needed. She took me back to one of the rooms and drew blood. She showed me the labels on the viles and asked if they were correct. She said good bye and told me to have a nice day. I was in and out of there in less than fifteen minutes. I have used them in the past and will again when needed.

Posted by Anonymous

I have my blood drawn regularly at Quest in St. Joseph,MO. I am very happy with the service I have received and, especially, the always positive attitude of Donnie, the technician.

Posted by CHAYO

my experience was very nice. the people were friendly and caring. I didn't wait to long, to have my blood drawn. I am very hard drive and the person who drew my blood was very sweet and caring and listened to me and was able to find a vein and was very fast and painless

Posted by Pismo 925

I was at the Arroyo grande office on 01/20/13 for a whole battery of blood test and Irma was the only person working at the office and at three different times she had to draw blood and was wonderful! I am a "tough stick" and she had no problems and was completely painless! You should use her as a training person or other technicians because of her expertise and knowledge of how to do the job properly! Sincerely Kenneth R Barrette

Posted by agai1858

The service was great had no problem, I was in and out in 20, minutes. thank you!

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I'm A Quest Employee Who Been With This Company For About 3 Years I Never Worked For A Company Who Hire Horrible Surpervisors. When You Have A Medical Emergancy And You Are Not Authorized To Take Off Due To Your Team And Their Surrounding Teams Don't Have Anyone To Cover Thats A Bad Ordeal. When You Have A Surpervisor Who Looses Employees You Need To Question Their Ability To Do Their Job Not The People Whos Leaving Or Being Complained On So They Can Cover Their Self. As And Employee I Have Seen So Much Hatred And Back Stabbing In This Company I Ever Seen In Life. You Have Staff Who Hate To Come To Work Because Their Tired Of Whats Going On, You Also Have Staff Members Who Treat New Employees Like Nothing Because They Have 13+ Years With The Company. I Can Go On I Document Every Thing That I Experience With This Company Down To Recording Conversations With Surpervisors Because You Not Going To Lie On Me And Say I Said Anything I Didn't Say.

Posted by You know who I am

The Columbus,Oh area need to be revamped starying with the managers & leads. All they do is go to lunch & shop on company time? Then they wonder why arre they failing in their duties to the PSC'S & IOP'S. This is why the customers aren't satisfied with the services. If the managers would sopend more time monitoring the bad employees intead of the good ones, it would be a great place to work.The Westerville manager has a phlebotomist who telks handicapped patients not to bring their service dogs in because shes afraid of dogs. The man was blibd for God's sake. Very rude to patients wgen they come in. There's one complaint on this sane phlebotomist, wgo was EXTREMELY rude to a higher up Quest employee, who she didnt know she was servicing. But, shes still employed there? On Aug,19th-2016 a patient came into the Brice Rd location in Columbus,Oh to have an employee drug screen done. She advised the 2 phlebotomist there of a horrible experience she had encountered earlier that day with this same westerville worker, ADRENA. The patient said,this worker treated an elderly lady very rude & trated gerself like she had dobe something wrong. She delt so low that she left the building. She drove an 1hr awsy, including a geavily traffic area to the Bice Rd l8cation to ever avoid going 5 mins away from her home to be serviced by the phlebotomist. She added, she'll never go there again! We apologized for her behavior. My coworker called our manager to inform her about the incident. The manager only stated, she's foing to let the westerville manager know. Totally amazing! Shes also closed down the building for l6nch while patients were there. Yet, the team lead or manager does NOTHIBG because they're scared of this employee. If the manager & team lead (Denora & Kathy) wouldnt be the boxy twins going out to eat on co time, shopping & farning chickens together @ Kathy's mom farm, j6st may e some office work could get done. Ensuring the PSC'S & IOP'S are runnibg correctly to service the patients.Stop sitting around gossiping about all of your employees, lying on people, acting like you dont know whats going on around you when your the blame for 95,9% of it & please stop worrying about where to go get fatter at the next restaurant. Do you jobs!!!!!! Denora need to stop worrying abouut her latch hook cabbage patch braids & get her face out of Kathy Bowlinger behind & just maybe, Denoora would see out of those out dated glasses to run the NORTH side. There's only 4 tood employees there who knows what to do. 2 senior phlebotomist in Dublin & 1 float, who is a male & the lady on Brice Rd. Team players are who each of them are!!!!! I just dont understand why some employees get away with leaving a site w/o permission, xan wstch african movies whike on the clock when the other coworker is servicing patients. He,"Lucky" has also left a whole bag of lavender tubes sitting overnight in the lab that needed to be tested & results released to the physician the next morning, FATAL ERRORS IN THE UTMOST WAY!!!!! HMMMMM, THATS WHY RESULTS DON'T GET TO THE OAIEBTS DR IN A TIMELY MANNER!!!!! The management sucks here @ Quest! The sales management is crap as well. They have their nose so far up the Dr behind that they throw the phlebotomist under the bus. Making promises to the Dr that they cant KEEP.THE MA BEED TO DO TGEIR JOBS BY PLACING DX CODES ON THE RX TO MAKE SURE BILLING IS DONE CORRECTLY SO THE PATIENTS DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BEING ON THE PH WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR HOURS ON IN. STUPIDITY FOR A $ IN THEIR OWN POCKETS. THANKS LEIGHTON!!!! Management come to talk to you about complaints in regards to children playing in the lab, when ALL OF THESE OTHER ISSUES ARE GOING ON. WHY NOT HAVE A SIGN UP THAT SIMPLY STATES, NO CHILDREN ARE TO BE IN THE LAB UNLESS BEING SERVICED? WHAT PARENT WOULD WANT THEIR CHILD TOUCHING CONTAMINATED ITEMS & SCOOTING AROUND ON THE FLOOR??? YES,, I did tell the parent to reschedule or to come back without her children due to the 2 yr old child was being spun around by the arms of her brother. Accident waiting to happen!!!! This place is a UNORGANIZED ZOO and need to have a slue of SECRET SHOPPERS & UNDERCOVER BOSS'to go in the Columbus Oh region to see whsts realky going on!!!! A better team lead should have been picked other tgan tge one that was picked for Ms Lorraine because she's lazy & doesn't help out when she dlearly can see a wsiting area full of patients. "Don't let that position go to your head" How can you help your manager when you worked in a womens gealth care atmosphere? Msybe thats why you stand around & dont help. Im not mad because God will ALWAYS prosper me! I told my manager, I'll turn in my 3 uniforms on 8/22/16 along with my key to the PSC that I worked at. There's no way I'd never allow anyone to discount me or disrespect me in a sneaky way as this company did & as they do their fellow employees. All I need to say is I did my job with the EXCELLENT TRAINING THAT I WAS PROVIDED TO GO TO A DUMP OF A PLACE WHERE THE COMPUTERS ARE ALWAYS DOWN & NOTHING WORKS! NOR CAN THE MANAGER GET APPROVAL FOR ANY NEW NOTHING. A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR CO STILL OPERATING ON WINDOWS 7 & NO ROUTER. SETTING UP FOR HACKERS TO PLUG IN A USB CORD TO DOWNLOAD PATIENTS INFO. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY IT DRUG SCREENING CUSTOMERS HAVE SEEN THE SYSTEM GO DOWN & SEEN THIS???. INVEST IN NEW MANAGEMENT & update computer software.IT sucks as well! Oatiebts come with UNITED HEALTH CARE INS to get charged. Only 3 phlebotomist i have seen tell the patients the TRUTH in regards to this matter. UNITED HEALTH CARE HAS A CONTRACT WITH LAB CORP & YOU WON'T BE CHARGED FOR USING THEIR LAB.THATSS A TRUE HONEST courtesy in the least bit. RUN TO LAB CORP SO YOU WONT BE BILLED!!!!!! Theres soooo muvh more I could say, but I'm sure if you read the score card on this company, you already know where im coming from, Gladthis horror ride is ovaaaaaaaa! Kelly, I hope you're in for their shenanigans. I see why Evelyn moved to another region. Im sure you will too. This company has the WORSE COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT YOU EVER WANT TO SEE. Clean house & do it quickly before you go deeper.

Posted by Anonymous

I work for Quest, indirectly, as a paramedical examiner for their ExamOne subsidiary. They are thieves who don't take care of their own. They take work away from their mobile examiners by directing clients to go to their drawing centers so they don't have to pay examiners but they sure as hell expect the examiners to be ready and waiting when the clients won't go to their offices.
So it's no surprise to see they're rated as one of the worst companies here.


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