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Posted by Lewis

I have been waiting for over 3 1/2 hours to speak to someone at Qantas. I tried Chat and they referred me to Jetstar. So I tried Jetstar and they referred me back to Qantas with a phone number. Called the number and the voice said at least an hour's wait so they would call me back and I wont lose my place in the queue. 3 hours later, no call. So I have called again and am holding on. So far it has been half an hour. This is ridiculous.!!!

Posted by Ian Buchanan

I am visiting LA from Sydney and needed to make flight changes which could not be done online. I spent over 1 hour listening to the recorded message that someone would be "with me soon" - ie no indication of the likely wait time - before giving up in frustration.

Posted by Don't fly Qantas

Call centre in Cape Town...
Been trying to re-arrange my flights - I've never been treated so rudely. 1st guy kept me on hold repeatedly for 30 mins. Phone call lasted 4 hours. I gave him my card number and he said my tickets would come through with 48hours. They never showed up... when I phoned back - he had done nothing. Next rep, and another 3 hour phone call finally got tickets booked but by now they were £600 more expensive!

The first rep was clearly just using me to keep his phone looking busy while he did nothing all morning. Well his extended coffee break cost me £600.

This is why farming out call centers to countries for cheap labour doesn't work. They either don't care about the customer or have absolutely no authority/ability to actually be of use out side of very narrow operational limits.

Last time I flew Qantas I had another bad experience - stolen mobile phone... I know it was a staff member - but that's another story.

I will only ever fly Qantas as an absolutely last resort and recommend the same to anyone else.

Posted by Anonymous

Have spent greater portion of day trying to get seat reservations Flight 7358 Honolulu to Melbourne. Neither Qantas nor American can help.....I even offered to pay, but Qantas say no.
I am tired of trying to find the "right" question to answer my question. Do I really have to wait
until I check in to get a seat. My husband and I are both in our 80s and in good health, but this
is very stressful. We do not look forward to "middle" seating for 16 hours. Please help

Posted by maria woodham

Plane outbound was dirty from last passengers, very little legroom, seat furnishings were dirty. Plane coming home was delayed by 8 hours and we missed our connections and had to drive home. Qantas customer care are not bothered by what we think of them. Only resolution we have is to never use them again and we wont be doing.

Posted by TravelAgent1

I am a Travel Agent and find Qantas call center (US) employees very snide and sarcastic when answering basic enquiries about client bookings. I had a male rep this morning who had a very rude/bored tone. By contrast I spoke with a female rep called Elisa who was very professional and reassuring last week.

Posted by Unhappy Kiwi

29 Jan 2015
QF 577
Depart: Sydney Terminal 3
Arrive: Perth Termnal 4 3.45pm

My complaint is that I had 2 items taken out of my luggage (2 black hard drives)
Wasnt till I got home I realised they were missing. I rang Sydney (Lost Property) 30/1/15 no answer. I rang Baggage Services 9.04am (Perth time).
I spoke with a gentleman, and explained to my concerns, he said he would look into and get back to me he didnt. I rang again on the 4/2/15 at 9.54am (Perth time) speaking with a lady about my concerns, she told me that gentleman I spoke with was there (thought she would give the phone to him, so I could ask if he found my items) I asked her if there was someone I could email to keep the communication open, her reply to ring "Customer Care" or go on the Qantas website. This wasnt really helpful to me at all, she showed no concern for my missing items. On the 2 hard drives were photographs of family members including photographs of my ancestors (these are irreplaceable) spent 6 weeks holiday in New Zealand, also there was music on the other hard drive. My complaint is that someone illegally went into my bag & stole these items, all I am asking if for return of these no questions asked. I will be mindful of who I will be travelling with in the future. This has caused me unbearable pain physically & emotionally, as we live in Australia that having these photographs with us are very special. Please if there is someone who can help me, that is all I am asking. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Peter

To Quantas, to Whom it may possible concerns?

My name is Peter Heagney i am Australian and live and work in Taipei, Taiwan.
To be honesti have no idea if i am writing to the correct people with this story but i need to tell it and finding your online site (Airport Reporter) i think perhaps you might be the right person or able to help direct me to somebody whom can help or will listen.

David i was booked on Qantas flight, QF634, Melbourne to Brisbane, SAT 03 JAN 2015, Boarding 1845, David it all started as a normal flight, myself arriving an hour before departure check-in, bags and through security with time to spare and along with many other passengers, the flight was departing from Gate 7 and there was no air conditioning for some reason and the majority of the passengers were very hot and uncomfortable, as Melb temperatures soured to 39-40 and the gate had heated up, i no in Australia they have strong laws on leaving children locked in cars, David this may not be a car but to be honest most of older people including myself were wet with perspiration after only 15MINS it was very hot and uncomfortable.

David as it got closer to boarding time the Qantas representative on the desk informed us that there was a further 35MIN delay due to waiting for the flight crew?, i went up and spoke to him as i had a connecting flight out from Brisbane that nite at 2315 to Taiwan, he assured myself and many other passages whom also had connecting flights it would be fine nothing to worry, he conveniently disappeared 20MINS later never to be seen again nor did any rep from Qantas staff come to update any of us at the gate and without air-con they were all very hot and bothered, looking up at the monitor one passengers pointed to the screen only to see we had a further delay from 1845 to 2130 all very confused, many of us proceeded to the Qantas Service desk near gate 1-2 only to be information of what was going on, they were very unclear as what was happening and keep tell us it was a result of poor weather conditions and with very poor attitude not like a customer service person, i explained to them that most of the passages on QF634 had now been waiting more than 1 hour and no air con in the gate so be a little understanding to them as we had had no formal announcement form anybody....

David then from 20.00 ALL Virgin flights were taking off and landing the only flight left on the ground was QF634 then another passenger pointed out a further delay 2153 again from the monitor and again no Qantas representative nor staff to tell or inform any of us, so again we went back to the service desk to complain and try to understand just, WHAT & WHY!!!!, only to be told AGAIN poor weather, we all want to understand why VIRGIN was taking off and landing if it was weather, it was pointless and with none of us really understanding clearly WHY!! i total lack of simple communication

We ended up taking off at around 2230 so many of us missed our connecting flights as a result of the late arrival of QF634 to Brisbane and upon arrival we had to go to the service desk to be told our flight wouldn't wait FOR US, like it was China Airs problem!!, i was travelling with a work collage Mr Bryan Fu from Taiwan so they had booked us into a hotel for the nite and told us clearly we were both booked and confirmed the following flight the nite after 04-01-2015, on CI054 Brisbane to Taipei at 1115....upon arrival to the airport China airline staff informed us they had no such booking from Qantas and only that they had two available seats otherwise we won't have gotten on this flight..........AGAIN i don't understand Qantas WHY!!! and put us both in a very upsetting situation.

David in my 40 years of extensive travel i have never experienced such an unprofessional service level in any airline globally............
i was reading an article that Quanta was loosing money i am now more clear as to WHY the service level is awful and if i had to fill in the there customer service form it would be A negative and after this experience i found the majority of the Qantas people to old and they don't seem to have the passion nor petitions to deal with distressed passengers AND IF ANYBODY WAS TO HAVE ATTITUDE THIS NITE IS WAS US THE PASSAGES but they were the ones with attitudes saying we need to settle down, my Asian college was in disbelief with the service level and clear communication from Qantas representative-staff he said he would never fly Qantas again!!... after this experience and this to me is very sad for the once No 1 Australian airline Qantas but again most of the passengers on flight QF634 had said similar to this and this was to be there last flight with Qantas......very disappointing

David as i said you may not be the correct person and i have never made a complaint before but this entire case was very poorly managed from beginning to end, many other passengers were also going to write complaints and i really hope they do for me a complaint can only help to improve situations i just hope in this case it's not to late to help!!

Posted by Evelyn

It is my opinion that charging $250. to change a flight and $80. for a service fee is high. I mentioned this followed by "I have had my grumble, now to change my ticket." I had a couple of questions and was floored when the staff member was extremely rude. I was told if I didn't want to pay it I should not cancel the flight. He was tired of my negative attitude and suggested I speak to someone else.
I wish the conversation had been recorded at my end. His name was Scott but he would not give me a second name. Not great service.

Posted by Porthos

Just spoke to Qantas Customer Service, I would summed up as a disgusting experience. The lady on the phone (whatever this description applies to such female)interrupting me and just keep answering back delivered with a rude tune and finally hanging on me quickly. Someone to tell this operator please that if she's making a living is thanks to the wood ducks (like myself) who still flying Qantas

Posted by Dave

even your site to complain is poor. I have just flown from USA to Brisbane (not with Qantas) and then Brisbane to Townsville with Qantas - incorrect gate three times, 1 hour delay and then A MICROWAVED PIE WITH A SMALL CAN OF COKE. ARE YOU JOKING. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE INSULT. Cannot begin to explain how apalling the service was.

David Oliver

Posted by Never again

My wife and myself fly around the world at least once a year and last year we tried QF. The flight and service were satisfactory but when it came to the frequent flier system and their points useage or lack of I now have to say we will NEVER fly or use QF again and will also discourage all out friends who are all very frequent fliers also NOT to use QF. They saved themselves a hundred bucks and have now or will lose thousands as a result of their arrogance to our needs. Plenty of other airlines in the world QF.

Posted by Anonymous

Been trying to get an answer from QF as we are flying BA and they have changed all of their details due to Qantas club. T&C's say they need to give 6 months notice but they won't acknowledge or even discuss
Not happy with the lack of service. Been chasing for 6 weeks, fly in a couple of days

Posted by Mustang

I am a frequent flyer traveller and a Qantas Gold Member (3187054) Whenever I go to Perth Domestic Airport, whether I take taxi or my wife drops me off, I have to fight my way through an ever increasing cloud of Cigarette smoke to get to the main entrance, yet further along at Virgin/Skywest, smoking is not allowed outside the main entrance.
Why is Qantas allowing people to smoke so close to their main entrance? it is an anti-social behavior, and I, like many other travellers are asking why does such an upbeat Airline bow to a small minority and denigrate the main entrance every day?
This will become a political issue at the next State election, Come On Qantas, show your dinkum patrons you have the fortitude to make a stand and protect the health of those of us who don't smoke and those of us who suffer with ASthma, yes there are a lot of travellers who do suffer with this debilitating illness and breathing cigarette smoke can have disastoras effects.

Posted by Anonymous

booking reference we booked and travelled QF511 pre booked seats when we boarded our window seat was changed to an isle seat centre of plane I complained to who seemed to be senior flight steward who did not care about my problem as he must have been careing for premium or !st class so economy passengers did not rate.mon 29 10 12 QF127 sydney to hong kong late boarding take off late because no staff to board the plane great qantas,the food which was served must have been rejected by PIGS so Qantas quality control served it to economy class people .I informed the flight attendents this was our FIRST & LAST trip with qantas if this is the best you can offer.I understand this complaint will be put in the garbage as no consideration to this will be taken. In march we travelled to Singapore via Singapore airlines service very good food good to eat we have more trips to make but never with QANTAS!

Posted by petty

I cannot believe, how bad the quatas custerm service is. I made the call 13 13 13 to change my flight number, and the operator irresponsive to my questions, ignore my words, and the only thing she actully did, was telling me that ' I am signning over the phone is rude", then hang up on me. I cannot believe what she just said to me. Quatas customer service, the worst ever.

Posted by Qantas Dont Care

I booked a flight from Perth to Sydney business class, the food was uneatable and dried out rubbish and the seat was broken and it took 40 mins to get my first drink. After complaining and being unable to eat the disgusting meal I asked for a bag of chips or small bar or chocolate but was told there isnt any!!! I had a glass explode in my hand and noone came to assist. Even after buzzing for the staff someone came took the big pieces and didnt look around me, I got up and went to the toilet and when retuned sliced my finger on a piece of glass on my seat, there was no band aid or assistance of any kind offered.
I wrote a complaint and it took over 3 months to get a reply. When trying to get in touch with the useless service called Customer Care (what a joke that name is) I was treated like a dog, with the attitude of some snooty grouchy old bag who seemed upset the fact she had to deal with a compliant, I was very unhappy with the poor service and asked to speak to a supervisor and was refused.
Qantas simply dont know what customer service is and need to wake up. Their standard of service is dropping year by year and their attitude dealing with compliants is so unprofessional the customer care staff need to be given the sack and get some people who give a dam

Posted by frustrated

I've had two issues with Qantas
I purchased a return ( direct flight with a travel time of 12:25) ticket from LAX-AKL-LAX. Now I'm told my return flight QF25, scheduled to depart AKL on May 15, is not being offered after May 5th.
Qantas graciously offer an alternative flight (AKL-SYD-LAX) with a travel time 19:40!! When I suggested to Qantas that this was not the service I purchased I was simply told Qantas was not offering direct flight service from AKL-LAX after May 5th.
My Options:
1. Take Qantas' offer with (no offer of any compensation for the inconvenience)a smile or alternatively bear the cost of an alternative airline's direct flight.
2. Alter my departure date to May 5th with a seat on the last AKL-LAX flight being offered by Qantas.

On my LAX-AKL flight none of my luggage arrived with my Qantas flight QF26. I completed Qantas' Lost Baggage documentation before leaving the airport and was told that Qantas would activity search for the baggage for 21 days.
While I received part of my luggage within 60 hours of my arrival in NZ the remaining portion is still missing after 2 1/2 months.
After 21 days had elapsed I was told that I now had to complete a "FORMAL" Qantas Lost Baggage Claim. I submitted said claim with the required supplementary documents on Feb 17. To which I received one of Qantas' famed auto responses saying that I should hear back form them within 15 working days.
Having received no further communication by March 12 I emailed Qantas Baggage Services asked for an update on my claim whereupon I was asked to supply proof of purchase of the items contained in my missing baggage before my claim could be processed!
In my response I told them while I could not supply the requested receipts I did have an airline employee who would confirm the general contents of the missing piece of luggage........this seemed to be sufficient as Qantas then offer me settlement for the missing items but were unwilling to pay any Goods and Services Tax (5%) associated with the purchase of said items.
In a final email sent on March 14th I asked for two additional items of compensation:
1. That Qantas agree to asume the cost of shipping a replacement box since the missing piece of baggage contained gifts for friends in NZ.
2. That Qantas accept that GST is part of purchasing any goods or services in many countries throughout the world.

The email response I received follows:

Dear Mr XXX,

File reference: AHL AKLQF?????

Thank you for your reply.

When we assess a claim, the amount offered is the cost of the missing items as full and final settlement. I regret to advise that we are unable to offer additional compensation in order to have the goods transported again. Should you wish to accept our offer, please complete and return the release form provided.

Should you wish to make a further claim on your personal travel insurance, I would be happy to provide you with any additional documentation you may require.

I am sorry if this is not the outcome you were hoping for.

Yours sincerely,


I will certainly ensure my tale of woe is repeated to anyone I speak to about trans Pacific flying.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in Qantas. I sent a complaint letter and also asked for a refund of $40 for prepaid seat allocation. This relates to a Qantas flight from Hong Kong to London which was cancelled and we were put on a Cathay Pacific flight where we were unable to sit together. I think we would be entitled to a refund but we have had no luck contacting Qantas and we sent a letter in Sept 2011 and have tried without fail to speak to customer care on the phone but they never answer and there is no recording to leave a message. I have also faxed all the information but still 4 months later still have had no response from them and I have failed to contact them on the phone. I am certainly not going to wait 2 hours as they do not have a free number to ring and the call is STD. I will think twice before I book with Qantas again.

Posted by dunco

i have been flying with qantas for the past 25yrs & over the past 3 yrs the service,food quality, & external apperance,&seats are shocking. on a trip to Adelaide via Alice recently the seats were that hard it was like sitting on a park bench & didn,t recline & food tray, one hinge was wife & myself flew Darwin Sydney last night & it didn,t get any better.So i,m sorry to say i will not be flying via QANTAS any more. So virgin will be getting our custom from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

bad enough with the disruption of grounding flights on the 30 oct. try to contact them 2hrs waiting on phone and still no contact emailed all documentation of flights that had to be made with other airlines they have not even acknowlegded. very poor customer care you should be ashamed!

Posted by lindy

I have an issue with Qantas, and it is soo difficult to contact someone who will aid in this situation. I have been searching for an e-mail address to contact anyone to discuss a dispute on a trip planned to Australia, and have had no success. I have been on the phone for over 2 hours and then get told that they will not do anything for me, and that's just too bad. Well, there is no compassion, and exceptions to anything that Qantas will do. Very frustrating to say the least!!!! Would love to discuss my complaint, and dispute with someone, or at least submit my claim to someone, but there is nothing on your website, or by phone.


Posted by david odell

ive tried to contact you using your telephone number 131313 with out sucess to extend my international flight to Ireland, flight booking reference number is 7MXR67 which leaves today as i plan to stay in perth austraila until march 2012,i am very unhappy with your service as i will now have to pay alot of money to get a one way flight back home,proberly with another airline, i feel i should be compensated by qantas, i look forward to hearing from you, reguards david odell phone, 0450432346

Posted by Anonymous

Coming from Melbourne to Sydney today on QF430 my luggage did nt follow me. As a QANTAS Gold FF I feel I have been treated as a no body. 12 noon flight and it is 8.00pm in Syndey and my luggagae may not turn up till 10..00pm. Get rid of Alan Joyce and employ more staff at the ground level and the service will improve. Stop the waste of money on full page ads when QANTAS now is a 3rd rate airline.

Posted by Tcat

My girlfriend advised me today that her Qantas flight that she had to cancel due to a person who shed been looking aftr passed away. She did not take out insurance as one she didnt she this happening when it did and she couldnt afford it. When she spoke to someone from your customer service, they were rude and basically told her to shove it. Over a sum of only $240. Would it of hurt to give some back or a credit????????

Pathetic and rude of you Qantas. But then again look at your handling of all situations that you have to deal with in the media. You can't even look after your staff correctly.

She works hard, and gives alot of her rare spare time to helping people out.... She has stated she will never fly with you again and nor shall I. I will tell everyone I can about your poor customer service... SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!

Add your review!

Posted by Lauren

I cannot fault the Qantas staff member in Premium in Melbourne. His name was Karl and he helped us through a very difficult visa issue, changing a flight multiple times and ultimately refunding the money when the visa didn't arrive in time. I can't have had a more positive experience.

Posted by Mel

My partner missed his flight to Brisbane and we were assisted by your lovely staff members Jane Pascalides and Julie Shobrook.
Please pass on our compliments and recognition,for the excellent customer service we received.

Posted by Dooger

Flew Qantas (economy) Melbourne - Sydney in July.
Staff friendly, non-irritated; food served (breakfast) entirely adequate; communication foul-up at Sydney airport saw us wait 20-25 minutes on tarmac which was a drag for a 65 minute flight - not really the fault of Qantas, though. Liked the IPad at every seat for entertainment.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Travis here, I just wanted to thank Qantas for its quick and prompt service in locating and returning our bags, which were missing during a recent trip.
My wife and I usually fly with Air Canada, but I mentioned to her how happy I was with the service when I flew last year to Australia, we flew from LA to Sydney recently using your premium seating and loved the service. When two of our bags didnt show in Sydney, Qantas gave us two hundred dollars to buy items which were missing which really come in handy.
I just wanted to say thanks again. I will definely be looking at Qantas for future trips.

Posted by jan darlin

special thanks to julie ingram, trish nissen & john stallon flight #qF8 dfw-sydney on 15/5/13. they made every effoprt to make this flight more comfortable. sorry for the delay on this but time got away from me.

jeannette darlin

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to express my appreciation to Qantas for their support regarding changes to flights with Cathay Pacific from Adelaide to Singapore on 26 July 2012 on-route to Rome.

Our past experience with Qantas in 2001 was not to our expectations, however, I appreciate the quality of service of staff from the booking office to the on-board crew to now ensure that our future travel plans will be with Qantas.

Posted by Mrsxanthos01


Im a FIFO flyer and never have a been treated so well as i did on the 13/02/2012 flight QF1115 Port Hedland to Perth. I had a wonderful hostess named Anny who went over and above for all the passangers . Thanks Anny i now have restored faith in Qantas and good old customer service :)

Thanks Sarah Marchese

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I travelled from Perth to Melbourne on the 10/10/11 on the 5.10pm flight on QF776.

The flight staff were all pleasant to deal with and friendly. In particular to staff of which my wife and would like to make mention of Tony and Lynda were exceptional. Nothing was too hard and their service was above and beyond. Our journey was certainly a pleasant one. Thankyou for making it.

We are in no way related or know either of these people and add they are both to be commended in the way they treat customers of Qantas.

I trust this note will be passed to management and the above staff recognised in some way.

Thankyou again and kind regards.

Frank & Ida Sorgiovanni

Posted by Anonymous

i had to change flights last week from cains i was helped by a lady called ERICA IN CAINS this lady was a delight i have flown qantas when possible since 1974 ERICA was a credit to your company t6his is the first time i have written tp qantas thanks


26march this year,travelled to Singapore on qf9 and were treated so well by Peter Williams and his staff we felt that we were not in Economy Class,I think that some of his staff on that flight were 1st timers on the A380 and they were so sincere in their greetings and so professional in their manner that we hope that when we fly back to Australia in June that we are lucky enough to catch the same or similar staff.thanks guys so much.Max and Helen Dick.PS 3years ago travelled Business Class to NY and Tokyo to Sydney and these staff matched the manner of the staff on those Business Class flights.

Posted by Pamela

I am a South Australian now living in Victoria. I was so impressed with the advertisement shown in Victoria for the Barossa Valley in South Australia and just love the music "La Mer!". I wanted to share it with my relatives who live in Angaston, part of the Barossa Valley, but they have not seen the ad in SA. Is there some way I can get a copy of the ad on cd to send to them!! Beautiful, beautiful ad - just love it! Congratulations, it's not often you enjoy watching advertisements.
Kind regards, Pamela Peschek

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