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15 Positive Comments out of 201 Total Comments is 7.46%.

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Posted by Mjnothappy


Just called customer service to point out a refund I didn't receive for postage and they apologised and gave me the the refund. They are fully aware that they did not refund me, but made it clear it was up to the customer to keep and eye on their accounts.
So in other words QVC will not give you your postage refund unless you spot it and ask for it

Posted by Mjnothappy

I have just seen Supper Shoppers and apparently all companies by law have to refund you all of the postage costs when you return an item to them.
I have been going through my receipts and sometimes QVC did and sometimes they did not give me a full refund and I suspect that some returns were not refunded to me at all.

Its going to take me ages and a lot of looking back to put my case with them for full refunds.

Posted by Disgusted

I have a big complaint about QVC and their return policy. Due to false presentation the product didn't work as presented So I returned it not pleased having to pay to $8.95 to return it but what really made me angry was they even kept the $5.50 I paid to have it sent to me I will no longer shop with them I can shop where their product is better and their customer service is for the customer instead of their pocket,

Posted by Bronco

I have bought a fair bit of stuff from QVC but never returned anything because the cost of returning an item can be pricey. Things have been padded out with inner soles, hems taken up, seams taken in etc as the size is never what you expect it to be. But too small cannot be altered. Therefore when I collected some slippers today - "Medium - 4.5 - 5.5 size". They will go, in original packaging, to a charity shop. They would fit a small size 3.5. Only cost £14 approx so I will recoup very little by returning them. So why waste the time and effort.

Posted by Gill

Never had an issue returning an item and getting a refund. Always had excellent service from QVC, no grumble from me just the cost of returning items really costly paying both ways.

Posted by AngelFaith

Please train your Host to stop over talking its just so rude and unprofessional!! Let one learn proper speaking etiquette!!! Wow sometime some Host seem like they are on something they are so hipe when they are talking what is going on with some of them slow down take ur time you can't force people to purchase if they like a item they will buy!!to much over selling sometime!! Every thing I have ever purchase I really enjoyed! Know complaints at all I am just getting tired of the over selling sometimes and the Host over talking.

Posted by Annoyedbystupidpeople

You guys do realize when you order something and qvc ships it to you, qvc has to pay the shipping co to deliver your item, ups and USPS don't deliver for if you return your item and if they were to refund your shipping charges they are losing money...someone has to pay the shipping co, I don't see how anyone would think qvc is responsible for that

Posted by NK26

Very disappointed with QVC Customer Service. I returned three jewelry items, they were scanned by the USPS July 6, After many emails asking for the status, on July 20 I was told it was received. I have yet to see this reflected on my account. I am seriously considering sticking with Amazon. QVC you should be ashamed, almost three weeks and still I see no reflection on my account.

Posted by Anonymous

My family has received three defective tablets. With each return we lost more of our original refund to shipping costs. So, we have paid merely for the privilege of running back and forth to the post office. We have no tablets despite the fact that we didn't merely dislike the products. They did not work. We have not had this experience with any other tablets, companies or home shopping networks. We are intelligent people who know how to use tablets. The fault is theirs. We are considering contacting the attorney general. This is a scam.

Posted by I have been had

I have ordered from QVC for about 6 years. In the beginning, everything was great, good items until you wash them. I was so timid about sending things back, I would usually just donate them or give to someone smaller than me. Then they started raising prices. I ordered things I could count on fitting from certain vendors, not trying anything new. I have yet get anything that fits the same anymore. Even if you buy the same color item in the same size in pants or shirts, they may fit differently. I learned to send things back. I would binge buy, especially if certain hosts were selling the products; then realized they used the same tactics to sell on each show. "Its going fast, I hope they have that in my size, OMG the green is almost gone; last call on so and so. My blood pressure always went up and I felt this strong need to buy when I had not thought about it. I watched the movie Joy about Joy Mangano and it opened my eyes. I stopped buying on a whim, sent back what I could not use or hated, and had second thoughts after putting things in my cart and cancelled. I started getting bully letters and dismissed them. They blocked my e-mail account today when they were having the clearance sales? OMG I missed the deal of the year. I do not know how to do it, but someone needs to set up a blog that lets people know that after so long, they will not like it when you send things back or cancel orders. The idea of trying them in the home was great, but you pay dearly for it, if it does not fit. I sometimes felt my returns were not credited to my credit card because they just did not add up to what QVC indicated they had credited me when it appeared on my account, they rarely matched up. It took no time at all to rack up a big bill. It is as addictive as being a gambler or a drinker and just as hard to stop. Today, they threw cold water on me.

Posted by missy

i refused a package and sent it back i have to wait 15 business days for debit card return that is crap they took my money the same day i ordered will shop elsewhere

Posted by Torqued1

The following was to be my complaint to QVC, but when I attempted to send it twice through their email system, it came up access denied. So I am posting it here.

QVC Customer Service

This e-mail is in reference to my Order for a Sun Joe 10" electric 2 in 1 telescopic chainsaw which had a UPS Tracking (and which was returned to you under this same tracking #). It was received by you (initials SOF) at your dock in Lancaster, PA on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 11:05 AM. I want a COMPLETE refund for this item. .

I spoke with three (3) different people on Tuesday morning 5/23/17 about cancelling the above order since it had not truly shipped. In case you haven't already listened to the recorded conversations, feel free to do so! You better believe I was instantly furious, livid, and totally torqued because I knew the information I was getting from your representatives was BS. The kind so you will just "go away", not press them on their answers, and not bother them any more! My subsequent conversations with UPS supported this belief!!! I got an e-mail from you on Sunday 5/21 saying my order had been shipped. In fact only a label had been created. You might consider that shipped, but obviously I do not since it was still in your possession and not in the possession of UPS. I suspect it's all a good excuse to justify going ahead with the credit card billing. When I checked the tracking number with UPS on their website, it did confirm that ONLY a label had been created. I also noted something interesting -- it was coming out of Hodgkins, IL. I've had to deal with UPS for over 30 years, and I've learned their ins and outs pretty well by now; most of them the hard way! I know that Hodgkins, IL is a major hub for UPS. It is also a hub for distribution warehouses for a lot of big companies. According to internet information (if it's correct), your company has such a distribution warehouse there. Anyway, I was told my package was en route to a UPS facility. I said no it's not because it would have had an origin scan by now. A phone call to UPS supported this when the representative said that they did NOT get the notice that a label had been created until the day before (which would have been on Monday, 5/22/17) since I was speaking to them on Tuesday 5/23/17. Kind of hard to have my order en route to a UPS facility, when UPS hasn't picked up that order yet. And yes, UPS did indicate that THEY did the picking up of the orders you notified them about.

Moving on to the next version I was told -- i.e. that it was sitting in some UPS warehouse somewhere, and UPS had not scanned it into their system. Once again, the above referenced phone call to UPS proved that was NOT correct! Somewhere in these two phone conversations, I asked that they just stop shipment of the order! I was told that could not be done. I told whoever it was that I knew it could be cancelled/stopped-- just make a call to UPS to stop shipment of the order when they got it. I was told that could NOT be done either (or was it really, would not be done?). The people I spoke with in my phone calls to UPS asked me several times why QVC did not just notify their people to pull the package/order since UPS HAD NOT YET PICKED IT UP? I told them QVC said that could not be done. I don't remember the exact words of the response, but the gist of it would have been something akin to "Yeah, right". In a phone call to a UPS Supervisor on Thursday morning 5/25/17, I was told flatly that all QVC had to do was call UPS (since you were the shipper) and request the return of the package. I told her that I had basically told your representative that, but was told it could NOT be done. Had YOUR representatives listened to me, NONE of this would have happened. They were so pissed off because I was in their face about all of this, they didn't want to hear about anything or DO anything! It all had that old familiar "ring" of "we don't like your attitude, who do you think you are, and we'll show you" -- if you know what I mean. I told the last representative I spoke with (who, by the way, said that she had noted on my order that I was NOT to be charged return shipping costs), that all QVC had to do from the beginning was just be straight up with me; but you (QVC) just weren't going to do that!

Since your representatives would NOT listen to what I told them, I called UPS and had a Return to Sender (Yellow Flagged) Notice entered on the Tracking information. Since UPS still did not have the package, and since this yellow flagged notice was now in the system (even on your tracking information), it was hoped that maybe you would NOT initiate the shipping. However, the next day (some 20 hours later) an origin scan showed up indicating that you had shipped it. That led to my phone call and conversation with the UPS Supervisor on Thursday morning 5/25/17. She is the one who said all QVC had to do was make a phone call, request Return To Sender, and NONE of this would have happened. She made more entries into the Tracking Information for the package to ensure that when it got to Fort Collins, it would NOT be delivered to me, and that it would be RETURNED TO QVC.

So here we are with close to two wasted weeks under our belt!!! Boy, everybody really "showed me" didn't they! Just like being back home when I was a kid and hearing "I'll show you!". And you bet they always did because that made them right! And if you doubted they were right, just look in the "Amen pew" for them on Sunday morning, and that proved it!!!

NONE of this had to happen if your representatives had EVEN MADE AN EFFORT to do what I knew could be done! I not only think I'm entitled to the "no charge for return shipping" already given to me by the the third QVC representative I spoke with, but I also think I should NOT BE CHARGED FOR ANY SHIPPING WHATSOEVER!!! You made the choice to ship in IN SPITE OF what I told you could be done and what UPS has said could have been done! Why should I have to pay for the bad and incorrect choice you made?

If, however, you choose NOT TO REFUND ALL SHIPPING COSTS, and instead choose to take that last parting shot to "show me", please be sure to sit in the "Amen pew" on Sunday morning. That way I will be sure to recognize you!

Yours truly,

Sid Cooley

Posted by Ksief88

Bought a Serra perfect sleeper mattress from them this year thinking it would be the greatest. WRONG! Not Only did the delivery company not take my old mattress, but they told me they couldn't and threw it on th side of my house wrecking my siding!!!!!!! Then I called to complain and th company told me it would be another week before they could come get the old mattress and bedrame as a convienece. Well I complained some more about how my house was damaged and that part of the qvc shpeal is that they will pick up your old stuff. They came two days later and got only the old mattress. Then after a week of sleeping. On the mattress our body imprints we're sunk in and it wasn't supportive...... we both weigh right under 160lbs...... so then I call and tell qvc of my whole miserable experience and they tell me that they will have be called my the company to pick up th mattress but they won't stop charging me until they have it back st the warehouse. It's been two months of phone tag and they will not schedule a pickup or even call. Don't waste your money or your time. The mattresses are awful quality and the company promise is bullcrap!!

Posted by Itsu

Bought a serta mattress from qvc did not like mattress way to hard that was in march.It is now April and they still will not pickup this serta mattress.Every day I call customer service everyday nothing is done.For heavens sake do not buy a mattress from qvc and try to return they will not send authorization to trucking company to pick it up. Biggest Mistake this year

Posted by Orchard

I have only bought a few things from QVC and I've never returned anything but just recently I bought a Vitamix and it's a little tall for my countertop height and I thought about returning it and exchanging it for one that shorter but with all of these bad reviews for QVC I'm leery about doing that or buying anything else from them and I had considered buying a queen size mattress and box springs but I think I'm going to reconsider doing that now and I will be sure to watch my bank statements to make sure they don't take out any more money for my Vitamix than they're supposed to. Thank you all for the input

Posted by Turtle tamer

I was a customer of QVC for nearly 25 years ordering televisions to jewelry. A couple of years ago, I was using easy pay on a stupid coffee pot. I became very sick and was unable to tend to my affairs. I missed the last $30 easy pay because of circumstances beyond my control. After all those purchases and years of being a loyal customer, recommending others to use them, they turned me into a collection agency and permanently closed my account over $30. Customer service is non-existent IMHO. Otherwise, the "customer service" dept would have been willing to at least review my situation. I also noticed over the years that products from qvc seemed to not have the same quality as years in the past. All I can say is that my friends and family no longer use qvc either. Everyone is using Amazon and HSN now. Funny how my $ spends at those shopping outlets, but not at qvc!

Posted by Budkate

Very bad customer service. Simply no words to describe how upset they get you.

Posted by Patricia monthey

I purchased the Nutrisystem food packages, several months ago. I would like a refund. I was not happy with the food . In fact I discarded most of it, because of the taste.
It was difficult for me to get the money for the purchases, but I wanted desperately to lose weight.,,I was not successful. Please. A refund would be so appreciated. In good faith and thank you. Patricia a Monthey 309hillway dr., glen wood Iowa,51534
Please Use your records to confirm my purchases.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a queen size mattress from QVC and was charged for two mattresses. After I called to dispute the extra charge I was told that I would receive a refund for the extra charge and to wait two business days to see the refund. 5! days later the refund was not there so I called back, CRYSTAL told me that I had to go to my bank to dispute the charge. CRYSTAL was so RUDE! she screamed at me on the phone and continued to talk over me while I was trying to ask a question.. I have never had such horrible customer service and I don't know why she is still employed there! Absolute garbage, I will never do business with this company especially when they hire people like CRYSTAL!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Why do I need to pay shipping for something you miss represented on TV. This item is a joke and does not light up as shown to the consumers.
I called earlier today and was told basically I'm out the $6.95 for shipping and it's policy.
I will never buy a product again on QVC. Amazon backs the customers better and shame on your customer service.

Bill Lee
Phoenix Arizona

Posted by Victim of QVC

They now steal from customer's that return items. You are charged for the return label, but now they add an additional charge for returning the item. No announcement was ever made in their double billing practices for returned items. You don't know until they at the penalty fee for the return.

Posted by Anonymous

If you can possibly do, I would be so ever grateful. I have been rushing lately at school due to CORE requirements and have not been cognizant in reading customer feedback comments. It has totally effected
Things I have ordered not only for me but family members who want items but do not have QVC accounts.
Therefore, I have returned numerous items and being very honest as a professional I am totally embarrassed,
As our account has been closed. I am very upset with what I created as I love so many things from QVC especially Tova perfume, Amazing Grace Duo set, Amazing Grace sprays, Isacc Miz tunics which I recently reordered, Northern Night towel sets & Berkshire throws, not too mention RYKA GLIDE sneakers which are
Fabulous for school but are down to minimal sizes, I only reordered twice and wished I had done more.
My fault is mostly clothing size shoes, clogs and boots not only for me but family; the fit has not been right,
And for that main reason, I have returned. I am humbly sorry and would like to start fresh by being a good
Shopper with QVC. Would you kindly forward this email to Ms. Lisa Norden, VP Customer Services. I sent
A written letter but would like her and QVC to know I made a mistake and will definitely put forth the right effort
And be more cognizant in ordering. I sincerely appreciate your time and help, and hope to hear from Ms. Norden ahead of my letter. Thank you, Elaine Mineer, 41 Newport Drive, Manalapan, NJ 07726

Posted by schmadsquad

Worst website for google chrome users - blocked from signing in which means website is useless since you can't order products. Takes days of reporting the problems before QVC acknowledges there is a problem. Takes weeks not days to fix.

Posted by Anonymous

Please, Please offer tall sizes in Jimmy Fallon NFL shirts. You offer so little for men as it is. Women shop QVC. We do need apparel offers for men.Especially right before Christmas. Thank you

Posted by Clare Obrien

Does QVC train their staff in the finance department in how to communicate to customers and get the job done? I've had an ongoing issue for months which shouldn't be so difficult to resolve. But the finance staff called Gerald keeps pro longing it and making things up, so far he has accused me of blocking QVC from my mobile phone?! becos it goes to vm when he calls..but yet I keep calling to get this resolved and he leaves no message or letters. he tells me a box has been sent to me and then weeks later tells me there is no box!! I ordered a tv I waited for months he told me it was delivered to me, then he says a week later it was not! Seriously do your staff know what they are doing?

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Qvc is great, custumer service is of the highest. However often times it kind of feels like the days TSV is well how much time does it take to talk about another artificial Christmas tree. It makes it difficult to stay tuned in for what else the program has to offer.

Posted by Anonymous

I love qvc. Shop often. My complaint is about Eric Theiss. I have the pressure cooker xl. Need a glass lid for slow cooking. Bought his cookbook. I have tried to contact Eric and he does not respond. E mail and tweet not answered.Would appreciate a response. Thank you so much

Posted by Anonymous

Love watching. Why do they always wear sunglasses?
I like seeing faces.
Sherry Gardner
It makes me think they are hiding something.

Posted by Terrance232807

I had placed an order last December for a dell laptop for my daughter and xbox one for my son for their Big Christmas presents. I was soo excited and the orders were in process for a few days so I called to find out what was going on and apparently because it was under my husbands account and my card I had to change to his bank account so the representative was soo nice and SOOO helpful. I think one item was free shipping and the other wasn't it was December 19 the and I was soo worried about getting them on time. The representative upgraded the shipping on BOTH items for free and quick shipping. It was late in the afternoon and the NEXT day the xbox was sittinon my stoop by 3pm I couldn't believe it! Dell took a little longer but I got it Christmas Eve at 7:30 pm. She promised me they would be there on time and they sure enough were! The rep was soo nice and soo helpful. I've read SOOO many horrible story's about qvc customer reps so I was very happy to get the rep I got. And just wanted to share that not ALL REPS ARE NIGHTMARES!! I guess I just got lucky!!

Posted by x3

Hermes parcel service is an absolute joke,a parcel from the 20th november has still not been delivered,excuses are postcode error,lost parcel,i'm not present,the landlord here had 8 parcels not delvered by this firm

Posted by Anonymous

Would like to see more styles for everyday ladies. Those three layers tops with points hanging down don't look good on anyone not even the skinny girls especially with skinny pants. They look like birds with all those layers and then the skinny bottoms. If they are large ladies, the look huge, if they are normal, the look big. If they are small, they look like they are from a third world country with those long skinny legs. I am from the south, there is no way to wear all those layers in this heat. If you have any extra weight, the short tops shows all. The big prints make every one look bigger also. It looks like you are trying to to get rid of everyone over a size 2. I don't mind some of these styles but some of us would like to see cool, light weight pretty clothes that that don't send everyone into shock when you walk into the room.


Qvc Has Gotten Much More Expensive With The Shipping And Handling Also Too Much Money For The Size And Shipping Of The Item...
I Truly Believe You Would Have More Customers And Items Sold If You Could Lower Your Prices Even A Little Bit...
We Used To Order All The Time But So Many Things Have Just Gotten Waaay Too High (especially Clothes...)
Thank You For Listening
An Old Customer

Posted by francey

I have always had wonderful experiences with CS at QVC and I have been a customer for over 20 years. I have even sent back a few things over the 30 days return policy and they never said a thing. I have found the CS reps to be very courteous and helpful. I've never bought a computer, but have purchased several cameras and a GPS from them.

Posted by Yvonne Gilmore

I am very displease with QVC because I was understanding your hardship prgm. I noticed you taken me off without even telling me the reason why. I have always pay you guys on time. And if I have extra I always seen more then what you ask. I have bought many things from your company and still you show you don't care about the customer. Please call or write back as why you took me off of your special prgm. for people who have some financial problems. At least Iam still paying bill on time. Yours Truly Yvonne Gilmore.

Posted by Not an outlier

Just to counteract some of these rather egregious incidences of terrible QVC, I thought I'd describe my most recent experience with QVC CS:

About half an hour ago, I received a defective bag in the mail and was not only disappointed but fearful of QVC CS and any potential hassle. I called immediately, only to be helped within 15 seconds on hold by a wonderful, patient woman who resolved my problem and respectfully apologized about the mixup. I will not be charged for the return and they have made every effort to "make it right".

This was really the most painless CS experience I've had with a catalog, and I was very apprehensive to order from QVC after reading these reviews. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I don't discount the experiences of the other folks who have left comments, but maybe those are the exception and not the norm.

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to tell you that I received my order for Bio-Cleaner and it is absolutely the best stuff ever. The stainless steel sinks look brand new and the stove in the apartment looks better than when we moved in. Amazing. Easy and fast. Nice to have a product that does what they show on TV.
Cassy Eisele

Posted by MEME


Posted by asbrigdale

first'ly I would like to congratulate QVC on the standard of customer service provided. I have called them twicw in the past couple of days and both times they have been helpful, pleasant and sympathetic, especially when I called last Friday 22nd July when the young lady went the extra mile.

Second though your courier service is appalling not only have I waited 11days for a delivery which I should have received 4-5 days ago. But when I called DX they lied to me and that I will not tolerate. The item I ordered from QVC I desperately wanted and am deeply disappointed I am unable to have it because of the utter incompetance of DX. After your c.service agent called them they said they would do their best to make the delivery on Sat 22nd but would call me if that was not possible otherwise it was down to be delivered today Monday 25th 10 full days after ordering and 7 days after leaving QVC. They did not deliver on Sat nor did they call me. Not that I really expected either.
I called DX myself this morning, when asked why delivery took so long I was told that there was an attempted delivery last Monday 18th July. I KNOW that to be a total unadulterated lie, I was livid that any company should be so stupid as to tell their agents to lie to ' customers'.

I have not used QVC for some time until last week but have done so quite a few times in the past. However, I will not use your excellent service again as long as DX are your couriers.

Incompetent service seems to be very much the norm nowadays but I don't have to use it. Being so obviously lied to is insulting, being taken for a gullible idiot is not something I intend to forget.

Regards and Thanks to your customer services department I am deeply impressed with them.

Posted by Anonymous

i always had excellent serice from qvc.but like everything else if it gets too big it starts showing signs of incompetence.i have not had that experience yet.

Posted by Cassie

As always, FANTASTIC customer service! Thanks, QVC!

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