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Pyle customer service is ranked #591 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.37 out of a possible 200 based upon 52 ratings. This score rates Pyle customer service and customer support as Terrible.


49 Negative Comments out of 52 Total Comments is 94.23%.


3 Positive Comments out of 52 Total Comments is 5.77%.

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    • 28.37 Overall Rating
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    • 49 negative comments (94.23%)
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Posted by Elmer

The Item I received from Pyle was damaged and they refused to replace it so I called Amazon and they refunded my money, but anything that has a Pyle name on it I will never buy again because most of their stuff is made overseas and are JUNK! I am trying to get them Banned from selling on Amazon because they just rip people off. THEY CHARGE TO TALK TO CUSTOMER SERVICE! Can you believe that?

Posted by Anonymous

This online help is for the birds! No one helped, but they were quick to ask for money! I am a disabled veteran and do not have the money to pay some robot to try to help hook up the PSBV200BT that I purchased on the 1st of May, my one and only pay for the month! So thanks for nothing!

Posted by ExplEngineer

I have to say that it has been a long time since I have dealt with a company that DISRESPECTS ITS CUSTOMERS TO THE EXTENT THAT PYLE DOES. I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO REMEMBER WHEN I HAVE RECEIVED WORSE SERVICE FROM A VENDOR. No matter how many times I have called this company I CANNOT SEEM TO GET THROUGH TO ANYONE OTHER THAN A SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR WHO PUTS ME ON HOLD AND LEAVES ME THERE, LATEST ATTEMPT WAS TODAY & AFTER 15 mins. ON HOLD THE CALL JUST DROPPED OFF THE LINE. 2nd TIME TODAY, I COULD NOT EVEN GET THROUGH TO THE SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR, & IN MY 3rd & FINAL ATTEMPT I GOT A STUPID RECORDING TELLING ME THAT THEIR "OFFICES WERE NOW CLOSED, BUT I COULD LEAVE A MESSAGE IN THE GENERAL MAIL BOX (WHICH APPARENTLY DOESN'T EXIST BECAUSE I WAS ONCE AGAIN LEFT HOLDING "A PHONE LINE TO NOWHERE". TALK ABOUT BEING "TREATED LIKE A 'CUR DOG ON ADOPTION DAY AT THE SHELTER', THIS IS IT. All of which after trying to get through last Friday that they have "Special Hours" and close at Noon (I believe that is the correct time, but whatever it was, they closed early & once again I could not get through to anyone there). PLUS, when I try to log into my account at the site I get a "403" error message telling me that I am not authorized to go to that site. Using a different link at what is now supposed to be their "Login Page" I am told that the email address that I was using to sign on does not exist in their system (DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY HAD BEEN USING THAT EMAIL ADDRESS TO CONTACT ME ABOUT THE SAME ISSUES FOR THE LAST THIRTY (30) DAYS). Trying to take the "easy way out", I just tried to Open a new Customer Access Account, using the same email address, only to be sent a message that the ADDRESS WAS IN THEIR SYSTEM ALREADY, AND TO LOG IN UNDER THAT EMAIL ADDRESS (THE ONE THAT I TRIED TO LOG IN ON IN THE 1st PLACE. NOW I AM DEALING WITH A 2nd DEFECTIVE PRODUCT (VENDOR REPLACED), AND I STILL DO NOT SEEM TO HAVE ANY WAY TO TALK TO ANYONE IN THIS COMPANY, CANNOT USE THE USER NAME THAT I INITIALLY TO OPEN A USER ACCOUNT WITH THEM. EVERYONE SHOULD JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES THE QUALITY OF SERVICE PROVIDED BY THIS COMPANY BEFORE PURCHASING ONE OF THEIR PRODUCTS. Incidentally, I have another one of their products that I having trouble figuring out the correct wiring sequence for the rear view camera to communicate with the monitor in the front of the vehicle that I also CANNOT GET ANY FORM OF SUPPORT OR INFORMATION AS TO HOW TO WIRE IT IN CORRECTLY!!! I guess that I will try to get through to their CEO later in the week to see if he is really away of the irresponsible manner in which his company is functioning, giving them the benefit of the doubt one final time, simply because I have run several companies over the last 25 years and found that there are times when employees attempt to shield their absurdly poor performance and the disgusting manner in which they represent a company to its customers/clients from their management, which I can only hope is the case here as I cannot imagine any CEO expecting their company to succeed given the turmoil and malicious mechanisms that appear to be in place at Pyle.

Posted by Geneva Winifred

On hold for over an hour waiting for customer support, finally gave up. Prouct is Pyle Home Theater Amplifier Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver 5.1 Channel Hi-Fi System, AM/FM Radio, MP3/USB Reader (PT684BT). Don't buy it.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased your 7 in backup camera.I think it is wonderful. I had 3 ft of cable left over The screen is sharp and bright. I wired it so it is on when the ignition is on. Due to the lack of poor vision to the rear in my 2018 car my only problem . items are closer than they look on the screen. Is there an adjustment I can m
ake ? Thanks ....real good product

Posted by FredFlood29

Six weeks waiting for a minor replacement part. Unable to reach anyone phone phone who is willing or able to help. Some phone options lead to rude hangups.

Posted by Anonymous

Pld 7-5 mu stereo DVD CD player hell-bent clean but we are not play CDs or DVDs

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to deal with you foe over two weeks now over a car radio. I am a 72 year old Vietnam combat veteran. I have got nothing but BS from your company. Now I am filing a complaint with the US BETTER BUISNESS BEAUREO towards your company. And placing a article in the Vietnam veterans of American paper of your response to me. Thanks you. You truly deserve it. Jim Martin

Posted by Johnie

I bought a double Din stereo from Amazon it came with no instructions it was sopost to fit a 2009 chevy silvarodo it doesn't I spent 16 hours putting it in and it doesn't work

Posted by echlam

Worst customer service in my 54 years on this planet. Would not recommend this product for any one. Have a Pyle and it started smoking out of the box. They really suck! The customer service sucks worst than the unit!!!

Posted by Nick

This was the worse experience that I ever had with a product and the service of this company... Will never recommend this company and trust me I will not stay quiet.

I requested to get a call back and instead got an email to fill up plenty of forms for a product that never worked.

I was even willing my self to pay the part in order to make their crap function..... Impossible this company are not client oriented and deserve to shut down....

Posted by Anonymous

Unit has worked ok, now i have to hit reset button for it to power on. Tried customer service, was hung up on once, then tried to call at 4 oclock. Recieved a closed message. Good product, impossible to get ahold of customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Been trying to buy a pyle reciver 1000watts but I can't not reach your office. I don't no if this is a real company or not.but I do no that Iam not going g to spend my money. Until. I can't speak to some one.trying hard now .Renee Booker

Posted by Anonymous

Can't get an answer about pp444 and connectivity to pc and record player. Tried 1 800 number no luck Waited til min ran out.

Posted by Anonymous

This place is unbelievable....I purchased a dvd player for my came without the attachments to hook on to the head rest. I contacted them and they gave me a ticket number ...I keep contacting them again and they keep telling me to call their parts department which I have done at least 10 times now and always just get a voicemail box that is full.....this is the worst service I have ever had from anywhere....Im going to tAke the piece of crap back to Walmart and be done with it for good.....DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE....YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a pldnv78i with no sound.Seems like ic output problem.What is the ic number or replacement as it is blankh

Posted by stupid Pyle user

I have Pyle Flextreme model PSWP6BK waterproof MP3 Player. I had about 5 of them, but different charging port. It is good for 3 month, not longer. This latest model already been replaced ones and now replacement unit stop charging and does not work. Every time PYLE charge me $10:00 to get replacement unit under warranty. Very unreliable product. Sorry I keep buying them I should find better product.

Posted by Amp

I just call u guys an talk to somebody n they gave me amazon number but my 30 days has expire with my radio at amazon it's a pyle double dinner dvd Bluetooth but so what do I have to do know is buy a new radio or what

Posted by Anonymous

I received a robot vacuum for x-mas. It turned out to be a piece of junk costing over 200.00. The machine would't even move on th the carpet, you have to push it. Then it cuts off every 60 seconds. Im not wasting my time with customer service, im just sending the crap back to them. Also they have the gull to charge a re-stocking fee. Why not just throw it in the trash? But please dont send it to another unsuspecting sole.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never buy anything from pyle again. I bought my husband a pyle receiver and a amplifier and they are both junk. Can't even us them. Neither one of them and I probably spent close to 250.00 dollars for both of them. One was a christmas present and one was a birthday present. Back in 2014 and 2015. And they both suck ass. Had to throw both out cause they wouldn't work. One had a very loud buzz to it and the amplifier the buttons quit working after two months. U should really look your product over before u charge people so much for your junk..

Posted by RRG

After on the phone for over 35 minutes, I was told they would send me new grills for my speakers as the original ones rusted within 7 months, but I would have to pay shipping which they weren't sure how much. They said company only covers shipping for 30 days. 1 year warranty???? Would never purchase another Pyle speaker cUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!

Posted by Anonymous

I called the technical support line and was disconnected twice.


At my cost ($25.00), I sent my "(PT588AB) 5.1 surround sound to New York for repair. Its now week 3+, as always no one from customer service to include Pyle repair will answer their phones. PYLE, is my receiver! I sent you a check to return the thing, where is it??? Your service and your product disgust me.

Posted by Anonymous

I live in NY. I had bought a 1600 watts Bluetooth speaker a little more than a year ago. Now it doesn't take any charge and doesn't play ( only making noise) even when it's plugged in an electrical outlet. Don't know what to do. Please, help!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a in dash 10 inch dvd that has been sent back to the pyle audio service center two times for same issues and I have been without a radio. I would like to have a new unit sent to me. Mine is still under warranty. And I have had to pay to ship it back both times and paid to have it taken back out of my car. Please take of this.

Going to contact BBB asap

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Posted by Anonymous

excellent help from Joe in parts

Posted by TIM

I waited on hold for maybe 6 minutes the gentleman was very helpful and got the part i needed processed and shipped in no time. Now I'm back to listening to my jams while riding my HOG. Thank you PYLE

Posted by Anonymous

long wait, quick answer. Satisfied.

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