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Publix customer service is ranked #8 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 122.95 out of a possible 200 based upon 26 ratings. This score rates Publix customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


14 Negative Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 53.85%.


12 Positive Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 46.15%.

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    • 122.95 Overall Rating
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    • 14 negative comments (53.85%)
    • 12 positive comments (46.15%)
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Posted by [email protected]

How difficult is it for Publix, who brags about their deli, to have rotisserie chickens at 5:15pm on a Monday??? Most people get off work around this time and want to pick up dinner before they get home but the Publix on Dale Mabry in the Walmart, Publix shopping center NEVER has chicken when you want it. Last month I spoke to the District Manager about the service at this Publix and he assured me that he was going to correct this and that it was "unacceptable" but tonight at 5:15pm once again they had none ready. I called the "customer service" number and John did nothing but make excuses for this issue. I know this seems petty to some but after working a 12 hour day on my feet, I just wanted to get something to eat and go home. I went down the street instead to Winn Dixie and bought one for $1 less and the chicken was bigger than what Publix would sell if they actually had them. Don't shop at this Publix.

Posted by Mandi

Today I visited Publix. I was accused of stealing.I was checking out in the 10 items or less aisle. I was checking out and the customer service manager walked up to me looking in my bag (it was open due to me getting money out to pay for my purchases) meanwhile, he's looking in my bag and says to me "can I see inside of your purse,multiple people walked up to me and told me that you were putting things in your bag" mind you it's ppl in line behind me... so I let him look in my bag and I replied " if I was shoplifting why would I be standing in line to purchase things or even pay for March of dimes? " that very uncommon. Everyone, is looking now, so I looked over at him and said I would love to speak to the ppl who told you this... then he said to me ... their must be in the lobby. So I went out to the lobby and ask the customers who said it, they replied "no ma'am, we have no clue what your talking about." So I when I turn to go speak to the manager, the csm manager, he was gone.... So I went to customer service and request to speak to him, he came back I said I need you to tell me who told you this.... I'm livid and very upset because how it was done, more so embrasseed, because everyone was watching when the manager approached me. When he did walk me out to the lobby he said "oh they must've left" I said who were these ppl, he said "a white guy" I said to him csm manager (Rauly) "you just told me it was more than one, seems to me that you are lying" he hesitated, then he reply you can take done my name everything, I said I need to see this camera and you as the manager who approached me should've handle that differently, you accused me... I'm guessing the reason why he did that was because I'm a African American female, with a big purse.... I honestly feel he lied. I spoke to the store manager( Stephen) he was beyond pissed... he listened to me and actually agreed on what I was saying and how I felt. That really hurt because I have no reason to steal anyone that knows me know that I'm a shop tIL I drop person and I give and go out of my way for others. But to steal, is another thing. Publix has great customer service, he as the managed would mess the whole company business up. This will be resolved... that's a guarantee, because ppl shouldn't have to work with "big heads, because of his title, nonchalant attitude person like Rauly, he needs to be removed


I have been to Publixs everyday for 2 weeks, I love your storm res but I have yet to be able to find any coupon slips, ie: gummies, please help me, the manager says I can not use your LU# the store continues to say they are not getting them please help. Also the best meal coupons have not been in our stores in months please help me.

Posted by Bellevue bev

I had a manufactures coupon for 50 cents it did not double when I brought this to the cashiers attention and reminded her that your policy was to double manufacture coupon up to 50 cents and they refused to honor your policy. Said nothing I can really do about that. Not very accommodating so I had them remove the items from my order I will go to kroger and get these items as they ALWAYS honor their coupon policy! Regards Beverly Morris

Posted by Anonymous

We discovered at 11:00 am our daughters wedding cake was not ready by the baker. We contacted Teresa Cheatham baker at Pell City Publix store 1391 and she made the cake and had it delivered to feed over 100 people by 4:00 along with 3 other additional cakes. People commented it was the freshest cake they ever ate. Go figure it had just come out of the oven. Teresa saved the day.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a Survey at the bottom of my Publix receipt and when I went into the website to do the survey it said it could not take it. According to my receipt the survey ends on August 31 and today is August 20. I just got this yesterday and if the survey is already over it should not be printing this out at the bottom of receipt.
I was in store#1374 on 8/19/15
L. Langfelder

Posted by Anonymous

I have always been an loyal shopper of Publix. However, lately the Publix in Hueytown, Al. has really gone downhill in several ways. On several occasions the cashier was rude, and didn't even speak to me when I said "hello." She had a look of disgust on her face. Unfortunately, I failed to get her name. Secondly, and more importantly, this particular Publix store has been consistently out of many things I buy on a regular basis. Which is very irritating since other grocery stores do not sell these items. I intend to speak to the store manager for whatever good that will do. Maybe he/she can hire more stockers to get these items on the shelves or get someone to order items they are running low on. If problem cannot be resolved, I will find some where to take my business and money!

Posted by Gajenn2233

I went to Publix at 1617 hwy 98 in Lakeland fl. When I entered the deli no one said hello. There were three african american females, that said nothing to me I found someone and asked the young african american if they were making anymore fried chicken. He didnt know, so he went to ask. I heard someone in the back yell, "she shoulda got here sooner". Ok so they are out thats ok. I am looking at the other deli items. When I see a african american male approach the deli. All the females behind the counter, greet him smile and offer to find him the same item I was looking for. Well I left without buying anything and will never go back. Racism hurts even if you are white. I will never never shop at your store again.

Posted by Anonymous

Yout Bayside store,,Biscayne Blvd Miami is a disaster! Are you not embarrassed? Do you have a regional mgr, a surprise shopper ? You can tell when someone important is visiting, everyone is smiling and saying hello, otherwise they're rude and could carr less !!!!! When I see your commercial on TV I laugh to myself, what Publix are you talking about ?????

Posted by Anonymous

Dear sir/ Madam,

As one of many British holiday makers who constantly holiday in Florida, mostly staying in the Davan port area.

It's alway good to shop in an environment were we feel safe and able to shop at our leisure.this is all down to your e perianced and happ staff, both young and old which is always goo to see.

You most be one of the only stores I have that operate to your mission statement.

excellant customer service, great food and easy to get to stores, this all makes holidaying easier.

Well Done Public

Mr Keith Young

Posted by Anonymous

I was surprised by the rude treatment I received from a CASHIER at Publix in Powder Springs, GA.. She was extremely rude and was making fun of me because I was having trouble with the credit card machine which I very seldom use. She was making snide remarks even with customer behind me. I felt really bad about this and this is the reason I';m writing. This person needs Sensitivity Training because Publix does not deserve to get a bad name because of her. Her name is Jo and her manager is Jon Konick. If by any chance this person is the manager, that's worse. I am a regular customer at Publix on Richard Sailor Pway. in Powder Springs, GA.

Respecfully yours'

Gladys Russo

Posted by Anonymous

Today I went into the Publix at Aberdeen Square in Boynton Beach, Florida.
I wanted to buy a egg bread. Only the round was available. OK I picked up one dated l0/5 at $2.79, another dated 10/6 at $3.29. I asked the woman at the bakery why these were priced differently although they were the same . She took them to a counter in the back. Returned them with a new sticker on the one that had been priced at $2.79 at $3.29. no explanation WHY. When I got home I called the manager, Eric, and told him what happened. His response. I"ll talk to her. I said :that 's it ????? He said well you can came in and I will give you a bread at no cost.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 12oz container of chili in the deli section of my local publix(duluth station in duluth,ga). It was not even edible. The meat was ground up grizzle. There was no real ground beef in it. I threw it in the garbage.
How in good conscience do you sell something like this to your customers??? And then charge $3.59???

Posted by Tom

I recently went to the Publix at Connerton Square, Land O Lakes. Went to purchase several T-bone steaks that were advertised $7.99 per pound. I noticed the ones I selected were priced $8.29 per pound. I inquired why the price was not 7.99 and was told they charge extra for thin cuts. Accepting his answer I went about my shopping. When I got home I was still thinking about the explanation. I pulled out the ad and made sure there was no mention so extra charge for thin cut. If this happened at Winn Dixie or Wal Mart, I would just think that is how they do business. I NEVER thought it would happen at Publix. While in the store today around 3 o'clock, I spoke with a manager ....named Zack, I think, if charging more was your policy. Said he would have to check with the meat manager. He did not go to the back where meat manager was.

If your corporate policy is to charge extra for thin cuts, it should be in your ad and your days of giving 5 star service is over.

Thank you for your time,

Tom Dodd

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Posted by doris monroe

We shop at the Publix in Margate on Rock Island Road and Atlantic Blvd. There is a cashier there names Kyla who is EXCELLENT! We go to Publix four times a week and she is there a lot. She is very friendly and helpful. She always asks me how I am doing and she seems genuine. Whenever I am looking for something and I don't know where it is, she always knows and tells me where to go. I will wait in line longer just to check out with her. Five stars!

Posted by Anonymous

The Publix on Gateway in Boynton Beach is the best Publix I have ever been in! Each and every person is kind, helpful, and friendly! I come from Lake Worth, just to go to this store! Lucky, is one of the managers, I think, he is so nice! Whatever these managers of this store are doing, it's great, you have an amazing group of workers! The shelves are always filled, food is fresh, in every department someone is always working hard!

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you Justin Sheehan for your great service at Store#1083 Tuscaloosa, Al.Keep up the good work.

Posted by MEPSmom

I'm a cancer survivor, and I've shopped at every Public store in my area, even when my insurance company suggested I get my prescription at CVS. I stayed with Publix Pharmacy especially the Miami Shores store. I've had a good relationship with every pharmacy manager since 2000. But Susan Gonzalez is the first that offered me a discount of $90.00. She took time to research the discount for me, and I've never met her. The first encounter over the phone, so that proves, she's a thoughtful employee and follows the dedication of customer service policy to the maximum.

Posted by Anonymous

A big shout out goes to Mr. Justin Sheehan store manager at store 1083 in Tuscaloosa Al. Thanks Justin so much for putting all of your skills of public service to practice. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Anonymous

You have a really nice employee that I would like to compliment for her performance on a daily basis...this is at your Marsh Landing Publix's location. Her name is Claire not know last name of person. She is always friendly, helpful and dedicated to her job. Just a joy to be around such an upbeat person who is so happy with her job!

Posted by Loyal Shopper

We shop at the Publix in our home town and they are the best. We have a son with special needs and they are so wonderful to us. Many of the employees have become our friends over time. We look forward to shopping just because of the wonderful staff.

Posted by Anonymous

I have shopped at Publlix many times while vacationing and have always found the employees to be friendly and helpful. The stores are well stocked and have a great variety of items. I only wish there was a Publix Market in my home area.

Posted by Anonymous

As an RN and health care provider I would like to shout out a hugh "Thank-You" to the entire pharmacy team at the Marietta, Georgia Publix Pharmacy on Roswell and Piedmont Ave. The service is amazing, timely and always courteous. I never feel rushed and all my questions are always answered appropriately. Some of the helpful individuals are: Kimberly, Linda, Ginger, Agnes and Veronica.

Posted by Anonymous

Just want to recognize Rosemary at Milhopper Publix in Gainesville, Fl. This young lady exemplifies the Publix pride in customer service. Thank you Rosemary for, your smile and your kind assistance, you went above and beyond in helping me and I appreciate you and Publix. Shopping at Publix is indeed a pleasure!

Posted by Jbo

I love Publix. They have great weekly deals and if you coupon shop you can save a ton of cash.

Posted by Torkel

Always helpful, easy to find products, friendly and knowledgable employees. Great place to shop

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