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Posted by Anonymous

Second Time In The Six Months I've Had The Storage Unit That I Have Been Randomly Put On Autopay Without Consent And Due To That Have Been Charged Twice. This Is Also The Second Time That It Has Taken Over A Week To Get My Payment Reversed. The First Time This Happened The Guy On The Phone Told Me That It Would Take So Long To Get My Money Back I Might As Well Jsut Leave It In There To Pay The Next Month. I Wish I Would Have Never Rented Storage Here And Will Be Moving Out Shortly.

Posted by mikesli

This Review Is For The Public Storage On Cherry Ave In Long Beach Ca. The Rude, Unprofessional Manager Named Tina Couldent Put Her Burrito Down For 1 Second To Talk To Me And Started Cursing At Me For No Reason. What Manger Comes From Behind The Glass With A Mouth Full Of Food To Talk To A Customer. My Mom Passed Away And Im Her Only Son. Public Storage Gave Me A Form To Get Notoraized Which I Did With A Copy Of The Death Certificate. On The Death Certificate, It Shows That Im Her Next Of Kin, Im Her Only Son. Also On The Death Certificate It Says She Is Divorced. They Still Wont Let Me In My Moms Storage But Will Let Her Ex Husband In Which Makes No Senses Because They Are Divorced!!. I Even Have The Divorce Papers To Show He Gets Nothing. But No Manger Tina Couldent Stop Showing Food In Her Fat Face To Comprhend This. My Mom Would Be Rolling Over In Her Grave If They Knew What Kind Of Company Does This. Who Gives Access To A Ex Husband But Not The Next Of Kin!!!!. My 2 Year Old Son Can Do A Better Job Then The Manger There. I Want My Pictures And My Moms Memintoes Which Me Being The Son Should Already Have Access Too. I Cannot Put My Mom Down Peacefully Untill I Gather All My Moms Belonings Which This Place Is Not Letting Me. Oh Plus I Have The Gate Code, Both Of The Storage Keys And Her Drivers License. You Would Think After Telling The Manger Tina About This She Would Put The Burrito Down And Talk To Me But Nope!!! She Didnt Care My Mom Passed!!! She Is The Rudest Person I Have Ever Encounterd In My Life!! Oh But Public Storage Still Charges Me $ 250.00 A Month And For What A Storage I Cannot Get Into.i Have Called Coperate Numerous Times And Emailed And Yet No 1 Responed. If I Have To Bring A Attoerney Into This And Sue Then Thats What Im Going To Do. Public Storage You Are Crooks Keeping My Dead Mothers Storage Hostage. Beware Never Rent From These Crooks! And Stay Away From Ther Long Beach Public Storage And Cherry Where Managment Has No Clue On How To Do There Job Tina!

Posted by You suck

Don't come here. These people are scam artists. I left my storage unlocked intentionally because I did not want my stuff anymore. I came back three days later to close the account. When I get there my pin for the gate was not working. However when I spoke to the receptionist I found out my lock was replaced with one of theirs. Than I was told that I needed to pay 80$ to remove my Belongings or "trash" from the unit. So I angrily pay the 80$ and low and behold most of my stuff was gone except a few large peices. So Naturally I remove them. What struck me as the most odd was I never called about my lock being replaced. I was never called about my unit being open. Nor was I called about my belongings missing. I was however called about a fee if the account was not closed on time. I was told a day not a time. So when I showed up an hour before the campus closed I was very surpised that my code did not work. I was extremely mad that my lock was replaced as well. It seemed like the unit was locked with out my knowledge so that the company could charge me 80$. I really see no other reason for this stady behavior..they can claim policy this and policy that. But I talked to the local tenants and I was not the first victim of this storage scam.

Posted by Anonymous

Every time I go to pay my storage they are never there when they say they will be. Very frustrating.

Posted by Danielle Crockett

I Danielle Crockett is texting you cause I need someone from the cooperate office to call me ASAP my phone number concerning all my my property in your storage

Posted by Disgusted Customer

This is an awful organization from the Executive level down. They care nothing about their customers. Please do your due diligence and find a storage company worthy of your money.

Posted by Anonymous

The district manager for Van Nuys, his name is Pedro is very rude and no customer relation. He does not know how to speak to customer at all, am surprised is a distinct manager, he need to go and learn how to speak to people without giving attitude and respect, he is very rude.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Storage on S. Cobb Dr. In Atlanta, Ga. Will lose a lot of money, because of the woman that you've hired there! I waited a LONG TIME for her to show up! She complained that her mother was sick or some such thing, but she smelled like a distillery! She was rude, and when other people who were waiting, saw what shape she was in THEY LEFT...along with ME! I remember her name is SHEILA....she will, again be the reason your storages are NOT FILLED!

Posted by Unsatisfied

The public storage on New Halls Ferry is terrible have been trying to get in my unit for three months they gave us the wrong keys first then made us pay for another lock. Come back a week later and still cant get in my unit the manager wint respond just horrible customer service once I get my things I would never recommend this facility just ghetto

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Cynthia Goddard and I've had a rental storage unit for almost 2 years and my rent has been raised as other storages don't do this your manager Darnell keeps sending notices to my friend Vera Watkins in California as she doesn't appreciate it and I've told your worker already please stop sending her my personal business this is out of control and I struggle to pay my unit late fees I am totally disabled and receive Social security payment I had paid what Icould last month and I went to the property to get my winter clothes and other extremely important documents that I needed and my code wouldn't work therefore it costs myself alot of money to get copies of my personal information inside the unit which isn't excetable this needs to stop !

Posted by Anonymous

The GM Chris needs to do his job better.. Not fixing things as they should be and quite rude.. He needs to be fired and replaced..

Posted by Tyler

No, Don't Do It. Don't Use That Public Storage in Austin, TX. Service starts Okay, Then Becomes Awful as That One Lady is Rude & Lazy. If You Want Storage, Stick with U-Haul or Uncle Bob's Self Storage.

Posted by Anonymous

Tamika at the Kansas City Armour branch is the worst property manager ever. I called in advance on my 3rd attempt to drop off my keys and lock (first 2 attempts unsuccessful as the office was locked up with no one in it). I called and ensured someone was there, showed up fifteen minutes later after speaking to Tamika and the office again was empty. I waited 30 minutes before dropping my key and lock in the deposit box and leaving. I called to notify them they key and lock had been dropped off and requested a call back. Upon her returning my call, she left a ridiculously rude voicemail that I would love to play for anyone at corporate reading this. She is spiteful, conniving, and an overall disaster at being a property manager. No one, and I mean no one, that is operating a company should call and leave voicemails that go against every rule of customer service. She did everything but call me a B* in the voicemail. Please, if anyone of authority is reading this please contact me at . I have saved the voicemail and would love to play it for anyone who needs the entertainment of her sideshow circus antics.

Posted by Quana5

I made a payment every month and because I never paid my balance to zero they put my stuff up for auction. They never returned my phone calls. They have poor customer service. I will never use them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I gave my daughter the contents of a three bedroom townhouse which she placed in public storage. we are a military family and moved around a because one day we would come back we got a storage with public storage from 2012 to 2015 during these years we kept insurance but as time went on trying to keep up with fees late fees extreme lockout fees and rising rents we were notified several times the lock was cut off and being out of town thought cameras would be viewed and it wasn't unreasonable to think paying for a new lock would suffice!!! on the 6TH of this month my daughter moved contents of storage, only to discover that 2/3 of all contents were gone.the insurance is lapsed what was left was molded and warped from water damage. My question is this, after paying literally thousands of dollars to your company why was your staff not more proactive when i was being contacted about missing locks,they would always say video showed nothing??? Now my daughter and son have to figure out what to do since all the linens,dishes pictures,Both of their rooms contents coffee tables,curtain ..."EVERTHING, they need now for their new place... We are a military family. I am a disabled veteran on a fixed income trying to pass on my things to my children. Now both are left trying to continue on with college, one of which is also an employee of Public Storage ??? She took the job to save for an apartment and thought they were a a reputable service and our things were safe.. The insurance is of no use as i could no longer afford as rent increased.. Feeling let down depressed and Angry

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Judy V.
Your rate was competitive when I did my initial "homework." Yes, it was my best option at the time. However, your rate is no longer competitive. They did not verbally mention or review your company's policy of attracting new customers with a competitive rate and then raising it a few months later. I am sorry, but your policy, as well as your "politically correct response" DOES NOT HELP THE SITUATION. IT DOES NOT MAKE ME FEEL THAT YOU EITHER APPRECIATE MY BUSINESS, OR ME AS A NEW CUSTOMER. I am asking that you consider this email a customer complaint concerning your rate hike practice and I am requesting that I keep my current rate in effect until the end of the first year.

I am expecting a response from you soon.


Henry Merida

Good morning, I have sent this email twice but the issue is still pending. Please get back to me with a solution.
Thank you,
Henry Merida

Posted by Anonymous

I'm having issues with my storage unit and justice Illinois I need as regional manager to call me back at

Posted by shhhhhhh

Why you say that you are open at 5 am on Sundays but are not

Posted by Anonymous

The public storage on Bandera Road in San Antonio gives poor service. The property manager tells you one thing, the online accounting system tells you another, the account system is not up to date, then to make a payment they charge you between 10-20 dollars!!!!then the customer service representatives are completely worthless as they barely speak English....I do not know why they call them customer services, when they dont do a darn thing to help resolve the problem. I would not recommend their services!!! They are too much of money grubbers!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a storage at the public storage in chicago I move and lost paperwork I call and ask if they could block my gate code until I come in and show my id they said they couldn't that doesn't make any sense I need someone to help me with this issue

Posted by anonymous

You will never be able to reach an actual human being when calling ANY phone number for P.S.. I tried to pay for both of my units today online and their system kept punting me back to the login screen. I just wanted a human to tell me if my payments were made or not, but the records that came up all showed no payments received. I don't want to pay for them twice. Also, each unit is on a separate account with different usernames and passwords for each, and putting them on one account, so as to speed up payments, requires me to physically go into a facility and have the agent do this. This is a silly and antiquated system and company and needs updating BADLY. Their customers are apparently of no concern to them.

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