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Prudential customer service is ranked #639 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.22 out of a possible 200 based upon 65 ratings. This score rates Prudential customer service and customer support as Terrible.


62 Negative Comments out of 65 Total Comments is 95.38%.


3 Positive Comments out of 65 Total Comments is 4.62%.

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    • 27.22 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 62 negative comments (95.38%)
    • 3 positive comments (4.62%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by UPSET DEBI

My moms Attorney has been trying to cash out my Mothers annuity since November 2016, yes 5 months. Its only $21,000 and so far because they wont cash it out so shes had to pay triple that about to the nursing home. Cant file for medicaid because of the annuity, Prudential wont give the money to her. We have sent in the Power of Attorney 6 times and each time they claim something is missing.Attorney has spent Hours and hours on the phone with them and they still wont release her money. No one has a clue what the last person said. I am telling every single person I know...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PRUDENTIAL

Posted by AlfredWAB

A prior company I was employed with had our 401k money with Prudential. They decided to close that and we were notified. I sent in all the information on the rollover IRA that I wanted the money moved to. I even called about it to verify the process. Buty they rolled the money into their own Rollover IRA at Prudential. I immediately called them when I got notified of the rollover. They claimed that they never received any information from me but I could close the account and roll the money to where I wanted. So, I did. However it cost me fees to close the account early and process the rollover. I complained about this but they refused to waive the fees, etc. As far as I'm concerned, they just stole from me by messing things up. I will never do any business with Prudential for any reason again. If they are going to squeeze their customers for every little bit of money and take no ownership or make any accomodations, then they aren't a company worth doing business with.

Posted by Steve

My experience has been horrific, two many phone calls to sort out a issue, nobody came back to me with answers as promised, problem still not sorted 6 week s later, now told because I'm nearly 60 I will not get problem sorted although they cant tell me why, only that that's what the computer says !!

Posted by DontGetScammedByPrudential

A Prudential rep sold me an annuity he had to have known was inappropriate for my portfolio, presumably because he got a high commission for doing so. He created a ill-founded sense of trust in me by pointing out that another Prudential rep had sold me products that were double charging me for fees through a mechanism known as wrap fees. He also pointed out that n annuity I owned had a least a similar performance record to another annuity that offered a bonus upon opening an account. He suggested that the rep who sold me the annuity did so because it had a higher commission. The truth of things like this are very difficult or impossible to discover, because Prudential will not tell you what commissions they give out. Anyway the knew rep tricked me into buying another annuity, even though I am far to young to hold so much of my portfolio in annuities. His false reasoning was that this annuity he was offering would so out perform other products that the resulting tax bomb it was creating would be compensated for and then some. He was wrong. The product is not outperforming many other investment options. If he did not know this annuity was not such a great investment vehicle, he is incompetent and lazy.
When I tried to exit another annuity I hold with Prudential, since that one is out of its surrender charge period, I have been met with hurdle after hurdle. Every contact I make at Prudential refuses to return communications, transfers me to other dpts. etc. etc.
Ultimately, Prudential incompetently, lazily and/or purposefully contacted the wrong rep when claiming that a medallion signature guarantee was not clear on transfer paperwork I submitted. Because of this error in service, my withdrawal from an annuity, spurred by Prudential over selling me annuity products, failed.
Subsequently Prudential has failed to assume responsibility instead forcing me to pursue legal action to resolve a clear error that is entirely Prudential's fault. Clearly, Prudential does not want me to move my money from their management, but to prevent me from having access to my own money is a violation of the legally imposed fiduciary duty that Prudential owes to its clients. Apparently this does not bother Prudential.

P.S. The exceptions department at Prudential is a joke. No one will let you talk to anyone who works in this dpt. If it even exists, it is only to create a façade suggesting that Prudential cares about its customers. They do not!!! The company is full of scammers, thieves and generally immoral employees.

Posted by Bill

Well here we are again,it took till Mid December to get some draw down money,despite starting the process in October.This they said was due to setting up the account etc. and any future requests for money would be sorted in 28 days...............however 7 weeks later......Usual rubbish,no one knows or cares,they won't put you through to ppl concerned or "It will be paid within 5-7 days" which I have had thrice now! Awaiting a call this afternoon......

Posted by andy

I have life insurance and did have a pension with this company I was told I have canser back in april 2015 so tried to take pension out but it took until july because not sending paper work my company I worked for payed for my life insrance until it went bust in jan 2016 so have contacter prudential to pay it but was told i need paper work I not received as yet the is over 4 weeks ago I think they are trying to get out of it

Posted by BILL

3 months after retiring and i am still waiting my pension! Bunch of lying tossers(deny receiving paperwork even though it has been sent recorded delivery!)Utterly symbolic administration! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Posted by Anonymous

Problems returning calls,the extension numbers are not correct message kept saying to access mail box use access code, I didn't want to access anyone's mail box I only wanted to speak to my claims adviser, who decided I didn't have a claim after all, the assessor reported storm damage. The adviser disputed that, from photos sat at his desk.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a compliant regarding service from Agent David Huhtala, Dewitt NY office. On October 16, 2015 I signed papers to file a death benefit claim. Your agent told me it would be 2/3 weeks to receive the check. When I didn't receive a ck after 3 weeks I called Huhtala on 11/9 and 11/13 and 11/16. He finally called me back on 11/16. His story and it is a story, the office was being renovated and phones were not transferring. I asked Huhtala what was the hold up on the claim and he told me another story, he said there was a problem with the faxed paperwork. Today I get a call from the claims office they didn't have an address to mail my claim. I asked the person when she received the claim and she told me they received it 11/16. You see the issue, he lied to me about everything.
I feel you need to know this.

The ladies in the claim office were helpful (l hope ) and will have a check to me in 3/5 days. (I hope). As for your agent Hahtala, well I'm done doing business with him and Prudential.

Mary Lou Dunn

Posted by Bill

Incompetent staff who can't follow simple instructions,lost paper work,advisers who can't advise "it depends" or "a few weeks".Try and complain and they won't put you through to anyone!! E-mail down! My retirement has come and gone,due to have a family holiday at the end of November with some pension draw down money,but that now seems unlikely as "paperwork will be sent out by the 20th" DREADFUL service.Lost paper work!!!

Posted by gary spears

I just have to vent how you dropped me after 30 yrs of paying I started collecting SS AND WIFE GOT CONFUSED when check was coming so we were late or check didn't clear in time so you TOOK 30 yrs of my money threw me under the bus and you said good less we have to pay out you prudential are the scum of the earth

Posted by Mark

Prudential sent me a valuation for transfering my pension funds into an overseas QROPS. After I had accepted, within timespan of thier written offer, they told they were no longer allowing these transfers "until further notice". Basically they refuse to part to with the money. Legal and General no problem. Trying very hard to complain from NZ but can't speak to anyone because I go bankrupt before my call is answered, can't complain on line because secure complaints web portal is "experiencing difficulties".

Posted by MemyselfandthrestoftheUniverse

My family and I are newly covered (2nd Qtr., 2015) under a grandfathered dental plan ( they quit new business in 2012...dont know who that says more about...them or my employer...)
Anyway,3 of the 4 covered members a adults if legal age?
Yet, Prudential, in its cost savings, big bonus corporate way issued only two id cards.
Needless to say, tou cant get in touch with a live person who can actually help.
So, I guess my bottom line gripe is:what kind od a moron makes a blanket policyto send out only two cards when three of the 4 covered insureds are legal adults? I mean other than a cheap ignoramus that focused inly on cotrolling cost and inconveniencing the people paying the premiums, i.e., customers?

Posted by memot

Prudential is the worst!!!!
Their website is all but useless and the "support" agents are not any better
I was misled by a Prudential agent and as a result, I will be getting HALF of what I was promised at the time that I bought an annuity. It is extremely difficult to deal with then in any way.

Posted by Highvoltage

Their Scottish call center appears to be understaffed. Worst days to call Monday AM and Friday anytime. They also seem to think that 48 hours to make a call back is acceptable, think again.

Posted by nick

we have been trying for a month trying to get someone at the pru to move our pension. we are given dates which then do not honour. they refuse to let us speak to a manager and the call waiting times can last for over half an hour only to talk to a call centre who say they can't help you. no -one cares about the customer and they just tell you about what their procedures are do not invest any money with this company.

Posted by John.homing

21/5 11.00am. Tried to contact Prudential re home insurance I had taken out. There home ins numbers, 0800 300 300 etc, all say office is closed. Tried general Pru numbers but I either get cut off or they can't contact Home Ins either.

Posted by Unhappy Pensioner

DO NOT USE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE, please go to a different company!

I am a 76 year old pensioner with a wife in ill health. We both live in the UK. We are still fighting an 18 year old subsidence claim with this company that is slowly killing us. We cant enjoy our retirement or relax as our house is a mess. This company only cares about finance, it has no ethics or morals. The customer service is non existent, to the Prudential you are never a valued customer, you are simply a headache they hope will disappear and save them money. They do not respond to correspondence, they will not listen to the facts, if its not done their way then its simply the highway.

Do not bow down to this company. If you must use Prudential only ever communicate with customer service or any Prudential representative in writing. If you must phone record your conversation. If a representative (e.g. loss adjuster) visits your property make sure you have a witness with you and record the encounter. Please go elsewhere; I wake up everyday to this 18 year old nightmare I don't want anyone else to have to go through it!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I was a prudential employee in Texas at the Holcombe office. I have yet to get anyone to return my call to see if I have retirement funds left at the company since my separation from the company. I am currently at retirement age and would like to know if I have funds that need to be retrieved.

Posted by Mad Hatter

Someone with your insurance bumped my husband car. Your claims center called my phone 6 -7 times a day asking to speak to my son. They would not tell me what they wanted or even who they were. Finally my son was here when they called and he didn't know what they were talking about. They needed Senior not junior. I would just doze off and they would call back. I have a chronic illness and just trying to get to the phone was very painful. When I realized what they wanted I called back and she gave me attitude. I just exploded which resulted in her hanging up right after telling me I was rude and she was closing the claim. She never even talked to the owner of the car, she refused to take his number. I tried calling back and she refused my call.

Posted by John D

In common with many others, I too have been experiencing severe difficulties with this dreadful company. For the past 18 months I have been vainly trying to claim my pension entitlement - both the allowed 25% cash sum and the ongoing annuity.

I have formally reported them to the Financial Ombudsman and my MP - Angela Eagle.

If anyone is interested in forming a serious pressure group to deal with these people, please contact me

In the meantime, I wish you all well and hope you achieve some measure of success in your Prudential battles.

Posted by Prude

My mother is 85 and has insured her home with Prudential for the last 3 years. She has just paid her renewal of £188. I have just gone on comparethemarket and had quotes starting at £96.00. If I can do it, why donlt they?

I will sort out mother insurance next year and never use Prudential again, and will happily tell anyone who cares to listen how hard they do not work to give their elderly customers the best price. Ii hope the shareholders are content knowing where their dividends come from - overcharging old people. Well done Prudential.

Posted by Mike

My wife and I pay for short and long term disability insurance through her employer. Prudential is the carrier. It was easy to sign up and they were very happy and quick to take our direct payments. However, due to a recent surgery, we have had to use the short term disability. I understand certain red tape; however, we are not the type of people to abuse any system but we are certainly treated like this. PRU blames the Doctors office and the Doctors office blames PRU. I personally don't care who's at fault. I'm a consumer who paid for a service and after quite a bit of research, I find that PRU will do anything to prevent cutting a check. Their customer service is horrible and does not return calls as they claim they will. Already in a stressful situation, PRU's actions or inaction just causes further stress. No consumer should have to deal with this. I'm hopeful that someone from PRU reads these complaints and does something positive. If our situation does not get resolved soon, I'll have no choice but to go to the press and the Better Business Bureau.

Posted by Kaydee

Extremely poor customer services. I regret moving to Pru from Aviva because it is a nightmare to deal with the agents on the phone. They are not engaged, very unfriendly and want to get you off the line ASAP. My recent experience involved one of their poorly trained customer service agents informing me to scan and send documents only to be advised later by email that they do not accept scanned documents.
Moving to Prudential was a HUGE mistake.

Posted by Sad customer

Customer service is not good... company is not help.... Always give people the run around.....

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Posted by m.

Your phone person was courteous, and prompt. Good Work Prudential!!

Posted by dolly

I am an existing policy holder. My previous financial consultant had left your company.I received a letter to contact Lawrence Ang & Agnes Ng. (I tried couple of weeks contacting them but to no avail. Thereafter,On 12 Dec 2011, I called the Customer Service Hotline stating with 1800... and this gentleman Arwin Raj picked up the line... After umpteen tries trying to contact Lawrence and Agnes, i got rather frustrated, and although I was in a foul mood. Arwin Raj was rather patient and helpful to my policy needs and concerns. He went on further to email his colleagues about my concerns. He managed to address my concerns and ease my anger. I would like extend my heartfelt gratitude to such a professional and dedicated staff of Prudential. I would like to thank Arwin Raj and look forward to continued goodwill from Prudential.

Posted by Anonymous

very satified with the service i rfeceived from this company

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Posted by halirwin

I used to work for Prudential but once I saw how the company REALLY worked, I quit.
The company has a complete lack of personal care or concern about their customers. The only thing they care about is Prudential $$$$$.
Try to get some service out of them. They have total idiots and mentally challenged folks working in the customer service dept. Actually customer service is an OXYMORON at PRU. They train their people to drag out any function which makes PRU give ANY monies back. Phone calls are useless as well as faxes, emails or any other form of communication. Prudential has become a clusterf*ck all the way around. Find another insurance or investment outlet! DON'T USE PRUDENTIAL!!


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