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Progressive customer service is ranked #203 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 46.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 40 ratings. This score rates Progressive customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


34 Negative Comments out of 40 Total Comments is 85.00%.


6 Positive Comments out of 40 Total Comments is 15.00%.

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    • 46.00 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 34 negative comments (85.00%)
    • 6 positive comments (15.00%)
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    • 2.9 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Eric


On June 30, 2012; my pregnant wife, while driving, was struck by another vehicle.
The driver of the offending vehicle, a Seattle Police officer, admitted fault. He was insured with Progressive Insurance.
Our daughter was born prematurely at just over 3 lbs.; spending the first weeks of her life in the Natal Intensive Care Unit at Providence Hospital, Everett WA.
We spent that time healing, juggling jobs and responsibilities, which included our 2-year old son.

Our Major Medical Coverage plus Personal Injury Protection with our own Insurance providers covered most of our medical expenses.

We were left with a balance of the expense to repair my wife's vehicle, lost wages & deductibles and therefore approached Progressive Insurance for $6,843.19 minus an offset from our own coverage of $555.25; leaving a remaining balance of $6,287.94 to make us financially whole.

Progressive Insurance through a series of adjusters over three years made embarrassingly low counter offers, eventually forcing us to court. There, during a fourth appearance, on a legal technicality unrelated to the claim, our case was summarily dismissed.


This petition will be forwarded to the current president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Ted Nickel; asking for a nationwide investigation into the claims practices of Progressive Insurance.

If you have ever had reason or cause to file or been involved in a claim with Progressive Insurance, or been a customer; and, been treated unfairly with regards to a claim, billing or coverage; contact your state insurance commissioner at the corresponding office listed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

If you are currently insured with Progressive Insurance, get quotes from other carriers and consider changing your provider. DO NOT drop insurance before securing proper coverage at a competitive price.

If you currently have a claim of any size with or against Progressive Insurance or someone insured with them, schedule a consultation immediately. Two opinions are good, three are better.

If you own stock in Progressive Insurance NYSE: PGR, consult your Financial Advisor to consider the value of this holding and whether divestment is in your best interest.


First Party Insurance

Refusal to pay a claim without a reasonable basis or even if insurer has a reasonable basis for denial, failing to properly investigate the claim in a timely manner.

Third Party Insurance

Failure to defend or indemnify or settle claim within policy limits without a reasonable basis, or failing to properly and in a timely manner, investigate of defend the claim.

Types of conduct which may be bad faith:

1) Deceptive practices of deliberate misrepresentations to avoid paying claims
2) Deliberate misinterpretation of records or policy language to avoid coverage
3) Unreasonable litigation conduct
4) Unreasonable delay in resolving claim or failure to investigate
5) Use of improper standard to deny a claim
6) Arbitrary or unreasonable demands for proof of loss
7) Abusive and coercive tactics to settle a claim
8) Compelling an insured to contribute to settlement
9) Failing to thoroughly investigate the claim in accordance with their own procedures
10) Failing to maintain adequate investigative procedures
11) Failing to disclose policy limits and explain applicable policy provisions or exclusions


In advance, I greatly appreciate your assistance in bringing this to light.

Thank you.

Posted by kickboxx

Progressive Insurane company does not treat its insured motorist with fairness and honesty. I was injured as a pedestrian in a auto accident the other driver left the scene. I was insured by Progressive, they have mis-treted me from day one when I filed a claim under PIP in Michigan, which has no fault law. The claim rep this is my third one, she works overtime to make things difficult. I have several injuries and Progressive does not want to pay for anything willingly which is what the law requires. IME exams with lying unprofessional or ethical physicians. Lying medical claims representatives and supervsiors. They say one thing them do the opposite, you cannot what they say. Its a constant fight and when you stand up for your rights they don't want to help you. Progressive was my insurance company and they are treating my claim like I'm not their client. Make sure you keep good records and notes, they claim reps lie and do not treat you like a customer. Reporting them for their unprofessionalism and not insuring with them is the better option.

Posted by lithobrat

My claim rep never called me, my car was legally parked and another car lost control and hit my car at 130am. Progressive took 100 percent liability, however, my claim rep did absolutely nothing to fix my situation. I had to set up the appointment for their adjuster to see my car, i had to have my car towed to a body shop and I had to set up direct bill with a rental company. My claim rep has never even returned 1 of my phone calls. Once this claim is closed i will file a complaint against her. I wish i had a job like hers, show up, never do anything, go home, and get paid - must be nice! I received much better assistance after pressing "0" for further assistance.

Posted by Anonymous

Progressive is worst insurance company ever, was hit by a lady who has progressive was her fault she even admitted it to the police and my witness, has been 3 weeks since accident and still I have no rental car or money for it, however they have already paid off my passengers, they won't answer or return any phone calls, so if u get hit by a progressive customer prepare for a fight n get a lawyer

Posted by Anonymous

I was working with a claims representative and this person who refusing to hear my side of the story. He did not want to hear what I had to say, he violated me asking me way to many personal questions that had nothing to do with the claim. He did not return phone calls. I had a horrible experience working with this claims rep.

Posted by Anonymous

Progressive refused to work with my schedule when I was trying to get through my claim. I went out of my way to call them during my work day, something not allowed where I work. Every time i called the person handling my claim, i reached their voicemail. They end up calling me back either when I'm in a meeting or when i'm otherwise engaged. I call them back.... and i get voicemail. I tried emailing them because the email my claims holder sends me states that she would reply to my email asap. I never received a reply from three emails i sent her. Eventually I had to get my dad to call in while i was at work, and they treated him like absolute s#!& even though he was authorized to make changes to my policy.

Then the claim. It was a bump in the front of the fender, and they refused to let me get it taken to a body shop of my choice. i had to let them tow it to "their" body shop, which promptly appraised it as a total loss because my car had 180,000 miles on it. then they wanted to give me $2,000 less than what I owed on it. I asked if i could at least save the car from salvaging, and they said they would deduct it from the claim if i did.

Overall, their customer service was disgusting, refusing to even pick up the phone, basically refusing to let you talk to them on anything but their time. their claim process is riddled with shady bulls#!&. and they refuse to work with you on anything. their attitude is "if you want the money from us, it's this way or else".

Posted by [email protected]

Poor claims customer service. Non responsive, rude agents on the phone. Poor attitude like they could care less.

Posted by Anonymous

inlaw backed into garage door. it took 13 days to get it fixed. I would not have progressive for my insurance. very poor response from them.

Posted by Jeaner

Got involved in a hit and run - other driver was found and Progressive is their insurance. Took 7 weeks before Progressive determined/accepted liability. I had to track down police reports because they "couldn't" find the witness reports stating that SHE ran the red light - in spite of other witnesses and police report stating she was cited for running a red light, reckless driving and now being prosecuted for leaving the scene. 8 weeks later I finally received the check for my totaled car. I just got a call from the claims rep that they didn't know where my car was - Seriously? Rep would not answer my call so left a message - not my problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Last year our car was stolen and we had to jump through hoops to get anything done. They made it as difficult as possible, knowing we had no transportation because our car was wrecked. Just recently we bought a house and tried to add home insurance and at last minute, before closing, they call us and say that we are required to carry hail insurance because of our county, but they will not provide it. WHAT? How can you require insurance, but do not offer it? To top it off, the lady I was speaking to asked me if I was finished because she was on the other line, in a condescending voice. BYE Progressive. Never again!

Posted by jack

i will never again trust them with anything! they ripped off by charging me twice anyone else for 1.5 years...i trusted them to not ripp me off this bad. paying 10 or 20% more a year i can live with but 100% more?!

Posted by Progressiveisfullofshit

My accident was back in 2011 . Progressive is the worst insurance company .They say everything until they get your money . For two years I had to fight to show them that I was not at fault . Progressive has messed up my credit because they want to pick and choice what bills they are going to pay . All my doctor's have turned in reports concerning how messed up my spine is progressive don't care about people . They trying to pay off doctors so they don't have to pay . I have been dealing with so much . I am stressed out because Progressive haven't lived up to their standards . Dealing with this company have made me feel like I should be dead because I am so sick of being messed up because of someone who hit me and kept going . Progressive is a company who don't care about people.

Posted by Anonymous

My vehicle was in a accident on 12/31/12 i have not yet had anyone one to help on my claim. I have made numerous of calls even ask to speak with supervisor that was rude and no apathy. This my fist time with progressive; you know the rates are not that great for 10.00 difference on my savings not worth it rather pay more money and have great customer service.

Posted by Screwed Customer

I have had progressive for 10 years with no problem but no claims. Got rear ended last summer and the other car owner did not have insurance. Progressive had me pay the deductible fine but their shop of choice charged me to fix and paint my bumper they didnít paint the whole bumper only spray bombed the paint job, and they just buffed it out to match more or less. Very poor workmanship and they minimized the bill. Medical is even worse they argue about every bill and the claim rep called the shots for medical treatment she would pay, SHE IS NOT A DOCTOR. The person that hit me was better to deal with than the people at progressive. NEVER NEVER get PROGRESSIVE THEY WILL PROGRESSIVELY SCREW YOU IF NEED THEM PAY THE BILLS WHICH YOU PAID INSURANCE FOR! If you get KATIE for a rep get ready to get screwed. GEICO is cheaper than progressive by 25%, Dump progressive and save money and headaches

Posted by m-krupicka

This company charged me, a single woman with mouths to feed, without authorization, ID or signatures for $673.00. It has been 8 days since my first conversation with their so called 'supervisers and agents' -Molly, Kristina, Vincent and Renee- to have my unauthorized policy canceled and refunded. All they have been able to tell me is that there is nothing they can do and they don't have the power to refund me MY money they had no right in taking. Do NOT work with these people!

Posted by jim

accident 6/17/2012 progressive still combative rude arrogant liars. if i lie about anything pls sue me id like 2 at least see some one in person or do you have the nerve you have on the phone i think you would act a lot nicer in person.cowardly lyin devils greedy your mothers must be proud.c

Posted by jim

wife was hit sitting at red light police report and all progressive won fix or pay for car.i emailed peter lewis owner of progressive some one rejected the mail and sent it back rudest cruded worst ppl i ever talked on the phone cause they wont talk 2 you in person most disgusting ppl i ever talked 2.i would call them criminal if every day person stole that much money they would be in jail with bernie madof

Posted by yola

I am very disappointed with Progressive. They seem to be fighting for the person who hit me. I was tboned by a speeding person who lane hopped at the last minute. They will not give me a new car seat. I am really disppointed. They do not fight for you.

Posted by anon

I filled out a "free quote" form online, and was told that to complete it I needed to contact them. They provided an email address, so I emailed them. An automated response stated that they would reply within two business days. Two business days later, nothing. So I called and a nasty woman said she didn't know why I wanted to call about a problem I had already emailed about, and someone was working on it. Eight business days later, I emailed them again. Automated response assuring me I would get an answer in two business days. That was five business days ago. I have signed up with another company that actually helped me when I called and responded to all my emails. If they can't even get it together to email me back or help me on the phone when they're trying to "sell" me insurance, I'm sure it would be even worse if I were a customer needing to file a complaint. What truly horrendous service.

Posted by james

rude uncooperative delay tactics have never met adjuster in person very rude on phone wifes first accident ever was sitting at red light struck in rear of car other driver fled scene adjuster tells me on phone damage was not caused by accident. its ok 4 them 2 call me liar on phone adjuster renee told me i have bad attitude hours on hold on phone lied 2 over and over again sick of progressive b.s

Posted by Ripped off in Rhode Island

Progresasive insurance issued a policy on a 1996 car I traded in and not on the brand new car I purchased in 2010. WHen I found out, they gave me a new price. Needless to say I took my business to another company. I demanded a full refund of my premiums since in effect I had been driving with no insurance. The customer service department although admitting their error refused to help and sent me back to the agent. I have reported them to the Insurance Commssion in my state and I am also filing a complaint with the attorney generals office for fraud.

Posted by Anonymous

I HAD progressive for auto insurance. I had moved from a townhome into a residence not 2 miles away from the previous address. When I phoned Progressive to inform them of the updated mailing address, they informed me that the zip code that I had moved into was considered a larger risk for something happening to the vehicle, and that my monthly premium would be raised $50 a month! I moved from a town house in West Des Moines, Iowa, where the car was parked outside on a nightly basis, and in a neighborhood where the police arrived at least twice a week for break ins to vehicles and homes. I moved into a gated community where a break in happens maybe once every ten years, the vehicle is housed in a garage and said garage has an alarm on it. I promptly phoned Geico and got the same coverage as Progressive while residing in the same zip code, for $15 less a month then the rate Progressive was giving me before they tried to jack up my rate.

Posted by nonagzone

I moved right after I started with progressive. I moved from a city to a small town with only two zip codes. I put the wrong zip code for my address and when I corrected it they raised my rates $25. Hard to believe a small town of 25,000 people would have that much difference from one area to another. When I moved again they raised it again by almost $200. I switch to farmers and went from $389 to $164 for the same coverage. They were nice and friendly when I joined but were a little rude when I called and cancelled.

Posted by SAD_ONE

I was involved in a car accident on September 1st of this year. I was T-Boned by a woman who ran a stopsign with a 30 foot RV. She was insured by Progressive. Progressive insurance has refused to offer an amount close to our vehicals worth and used 8 month old ads from a bad ecomomy and. my medical costs, ambulatory services, or even reimburse my family for our GPS. Is this a common practice for Progressive?

Posted by Old_Man

They are terrible if you have a claim against them, they will lie and offer much less than your vehicle is worth.
They showed me sales of vehicals that were made eight months before when our economy created the temp. low prices.

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Posted by BBW IN PA.

I just had a problem that i tried to fix online. When I didn't hear from Progressive in two business days I called them. I talk to the customer service and support person ASHLEY ID #7499 WHAT a wonderful professional person. Ashley was friendly very helpful and asked me many timeS if there was anything else she could do for me. It's nice to know that progressive has empolyees such as Ashley she really helped me out. THANKS AGAIN ASHLEY. GREAT JOB.

Posted by trish_e87

In October 2011 I was involved in a car crash. A guy had ran a red light on left and I hit right into his side. The police officer told me that he had no witnesses and that he had to put us both not at fault. I was pretty upset because I had a very old car so I never had full coverage so basically I felt like it was very unfair to me that the guy didn't have to do anything though he caused all of this. The officer also told me that he took the other driver's insurance info for me because I was going to the hospital with my sister who was in the passenger seat because she is pregnant :( well I called progressive and they took down everything that I told them. Later we found out the other driver was uninsured. we are in ohio and the driver should have been cited for no insurance! he was not, he also was not at fault for the wreck either. Progressive did some investigating they spoke with me often and tracked the other driver down. To make a long story short I thought that I was out of luck and that nothing would be done honestly. Well to my suprise progressive is not only paying mine and my sister's medical bills that was a result from the wreck, which that was a major relief they are also sending more money for inconvience because we did have to take some time off work and not to mention I couldn't buy another car for over a month so I had to ask for rides and it made everything harder... To me, both of these things was unexpected because I was not under full cover, just liability. They went above and beyond my expectations! Their prices are awesome, they are friendly, they will research a claim and do everything they can to help you out, it just really shocked me how great they have been to me through this mess! I had just switched from Statefarm to progressive a few months before the wreck, my insurance price lowered, and I got more out of it. I am very thankful for the switch. I recommend progressive to anyone!

Posted by Anonymous

We've had to file two claims with Progressive, both times the other driver was at fault. Both times our claims were handled quickly and efficiently by Progressive who handled everything with the other insurance companies. We were extremely impressed with how they handled the claim. We were far less impressed though that Progressive raised our insurance premiums for not at-fault accidents.

Posted by Pleased

I have had Progressive for over six years. In that time I have had a number of road side assistance issues and three accidents that were not my fault, one was uninsured. I have never had a problem with Progressive. They have always been more than helpful! The accident that was with an uninsured motorist, meant that Progressive had to be involved with the repairs. They were most helpful. The repairs were screwed up the first time and progressive, quickly extended my rental and let me find my own facility and allowed the repairs to be done AGAIN! They were kind and friendly. I would dare say they bent over backwards. They even tried to recover my deductible from the uninsured motorist through a number of avenues...

The ONLY complaint I have with Progressive is that my rates just went up for some unexplained reason and I have had nothing happen with my car...

Posted by flight/crash

I always have excellent customer service experiences with Progressive. I've never had to wait on the line for more than a few seconds, and the reps are actually able to do the things you call to have them do. Bravo.

Posted by Michael G

I just had one of the best customer service experiences with Progressive that I've had with any company in my life. I went to the DMV this morning to simply update the address on my license, and they told me my license had been suspended for over 8 years! After spending 5 hours there (isn't the DMV fun?) and on the phone with my insurance company, it turns out the state thought I had an SR22 with Progressive on an old policy and they therefore had suspended my license. Even though I haven't been a customer of Progressive since 2006, two representatives waited with my on the phone line until my next turn at the DMv window. I then simply handed the phone to the DMV employee and the people from Progressive explained the situation, faxed in some paperwork while I sat there, and then waited on the line until the DMv said everything was cleared up. I will switch back to Progressive when my current contract expires!

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