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Progress Energy customer service is ranked #616 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.82 out of a possible 200 based upon 44 ratings. This score rates Progress Energy customer service and customer support as Terrible.


41 Negative Comments out of 44 Total Comments is 93.18%.


3 Positive Comments out of 44 Total Comments is 6.82%.

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    • 27.82 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 41 negative comments (93.18%)
    • 3 positive comments (6.82%)
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Not Satisfied

I had heard that this company was slow, but not only that, they treat thier customer as just an account number. My dad needed to have an underground service put in, he had to wait four weeks and counting before they could get to him. I could understand if it was extreme weather, but it was not. I will never understand why a company this large has to take so long to service their customers. If we are late paying our bill, we get penalized with more fees, but when customers need them, we get pushed back and put off. They need to step up to the plate and improve their customer relations. I am now determined to research other energy sources. It is evident, DPE only have their best interest in mind not the customer.

Posted by Woodchuck

These guys are customer hostile. They need to be split up and need to be responsive.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible service. WHy do I spend $2000 a month, but I cannot speak to a human being to give me an ETA for my power to be restored? Very frustrating...

Posted by Graywolf

Customer service will not answer in an emergency, we need power for a piece if medical equipment and it has been out for hours. No support whatsoever. Everything is automated and no answer.

Posted by donp

Typical monopoly - phone menu alone will kill you.
Inconvenient to take $ at shut off, they want the $40 reconnect fee.

Posted by sailing

They give you no warning to when they shut you off and they dont care what you have to say. They are heartless and cruel to people who promise to pay. This company is by far the worst in customer service. The answer to every question is "this is your past due amount..... " And then you say "you didnt answer my question" then they hang up.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely horrible, repulsive business practices. Everyone who works for this company should quit if you care for the human race. The people who set policy should suck on a tailpipe of a running car until they are dead.

Posted by Indygrl76

They are the biggest liars and frauds in the country. No customer service-- it's all about the money and screwing customers. I have been waiting for 20 minutes when they said the wait time would be only 5 minutes. I loathe them...

Posted by Anonymous

Not sure what the hours of operation for customer service are but certainly not 24/7. closed on a friday at 9PM and on a saturday at 8:30am

Posted by Anonymous

I don't care mow many times I catch up on my bill I always come up with a past due amount. the bad part about it is I had already paid that amount. then they start coming up with outrageous amount

Posted by Gemini.Aquarius1

Everytime I signed into the website to pay the electric bill, I sometimes get this message:

We apologize for this inconvenience, but we are experiencing a momentary system problem. We expect to have it corrected shortly. May we ask you to give us a short time to make the repair? Please come back and try your transaction again. Thank you for your patience.

And when this webpage asked me to give them a short time to make the repair and my answer is: NO!

Fix this website! I am so sick of your games around and take advantage of our time that has been wasted! Knock it off and show the rest of people that this is a great company! That's a no wonder there are SO many negative reviews compare to only 2 positive reviews! I could imagine what if they were trying to pay their bills on that due and then charge them for a late fee the next day! This is very, very scary! Definitely gonna think about finding another company like TECO or else. This is so impossible!

Posted by Ken

The worst ever!!!! I hope they all rot in hell when they cut off power to some elderly person and result in the death of somebody stumbling around in the dark, unable to get to their medication or whatever. What can be done? After only 10 days overdue!!! I am in Canada for the last couple of weeks, had no idea it was their stupid policy. mY daughter called and said the power is off. I am so mad I could scream. WHO CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS?????????

Posted by Anonymous

Progress is by far the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of being forced to pay. I cant believe they would come and cut power so quickly after paying on time for so long. This is a monopoly and must be broken up. What happened to free market competition?

Posted by mrndove

Progress Energy has become a multi miliion dollar company holding onto outrageous deposits for years. With the struggling young families, if a family is late twice in twelve months they have the right to add/reqiure additional deposit money. They take advantage of the struggling family by requiring this be paid within days or the power is disconnnected. That's right. My bill was paid in full, they already had $150 deposit, I was late on a payment, they reqired $350 more, and when it wasn't paid within 2 days, they disconnected the electricity....not due to outstanding bill (I didn't owe anything)...but due to outstanding additional deposit due. Now a newborn 2 week old baby and family cannot have power because Progress Energy wants $500 deposit immediately...extra money...the bill is paid in full...I can't believe a corporation can get away with this. WE NEED MORE ELECTRIC COMPANIES in Raleigh, NC....they are a monopoly and they take advatage of young struggling familes.

Posted by WutProgress

Game of Monopoly. Give a company that kind of power and it's like being up against terrorists, in a manner of speaking. Progress Energy obviously trains its employees to present themselves using the insensitive, unforgiving, and reprimanding values the company has have built its success upon.

Posted by Angry Momma

I moved into my bf's grandfathers home, there was already a room mate living there, who had the lights in his name, one day I didnt pay the bill on time, the next day they came to my house and cut the lights. I quickly paid the overdue amount online (+4.95 fee) & called progress explaining I had paid. Only to hear that the "jaws" on my electric box were bad, that day I called a friend who knew an electrician, the electrician came out to my house and fixed the jaws, when I got home the lights were on...So I called progress who said I was not my room mate and they could not release ANY info. I called my roomate who moved out and told him this. Two monthes later progress came and shut my lights off AGAIN! So I called, and they stated there was unauthorized use, and my room mate had collected the deposit. Behind my back! They now needed a deposit in the amount of 447 dollars, low on money I waited to get paid and went to amscott and paid 447 + 1.25 for their fee. I then called progress, again, and asked when they would be turning my lights on. The lady advised that it takes one day to process payment, although I paid in CASH. That afternoon I called to get a time that my lights would be turned on that day, they could not provide a time stating "Theres nothing we can do." Then she proceeded to tell me that they now needed a notarized lease!!! After I had already spent the money and been billed at the same address. Today I faxed them the notarized lease, 3 hours later they had rcvd and processed it. And they STILL will not turn the lights on, I then asked that my deposit be refunded. They stated this will take up to 3 WEEKS! I have been back & forth with this company for a week now, and still to no avail!!! I have two young children, and have been sleeping on the floor of my father in laws homes while trying to get my lights back. Every time I call the person has NO IDEA what is going on with my account and puts me on hold for atlease 15 minutes EVERY TIME! There is NO OTHER COMPANY that I can turn my lights on through. They now state that they need a new lease, newly notarized before they will consider giving my back my deposit of 210. I already paid for the unauthorized use, which was included in the intial payment of 447. Even though I am not responsible for this unauthorized use. They are the SORRIEST excuse of a company I have EVER dealt with in my LIFE. I have no idea what to do, everyone I speak with is as heartlist as the last. Money hungry disgusting people if you ask me. And NO ONE IS WILLING TO HELP!!!

Posted by Jacy

THey are cheats and cruel!!! THey give you 10 days to pay an overdue pay without any warning shut your power off then they have the nerve to charge 40$ to get a "technician" to come to turn it on! UM how did they switch it off so quickly in the first place? LIARS
I really wish I could use another company, if they had competition they would change their ways!

Posted by nopower

"Customer Service" is unavailable on the weekends. The billing group will remotely re-enable your power service anytime day or night if you didn't pay your bill. However, if you are setting up new service and they drop the ball by processing the previous account holder's disconnect before your connect, you are without options until Monday. Then your option is limited to wait until they get to you sometime that day. They do not provide windows. To top it off, the two people I've spoken with were both very rude. This is why competition is important for the consumer.

Posted by Robban

Progress Energy, being the ONLY supplier of energy in our area, seems to have made a point of using extortion to ´get a few extra dollars from customers.
I realize that PE would prefer NOT to send out paper bills but some of us actually need this documentation for any of various reasons. It is pretty much impossible for me to pay my bill each month without extra fees and STILL receive a paper statement. Either one must go to some Amscot or gas station with cash (and be charged a service fee) or pay on line with an extra 4.95 payment fee for them to bother to take my money, or arrange for a third party payment system, etc. Yes, it is free to pay - IF I agree to go paperless.
Just about every other business realizes the importance of making it easy for a customer to pay their bills as we stand there waving our money. At best you go on line and pay your bill. But not so for the Monopoly Progress Energy which will do everything possible to bend the customer's thumbs over backward in order to extract an extra couple of dollars.
Customer service is of no help. They merely say "This is how WE have chosen to do it" - not realizing the CUSTOMER service is to be a service to the CUSTOMER.
So, here is a workaround for those who still want a paper statement and want to pay on line. Sign in, choose to go paperless, pay your bill and then immediately chose to CANCEL the paperless option. I would also suggest that one call customer service and request a new paper copy of the bill, just to keep them on the ball. This firm obviously need to go a course on public relations. Perhaps they should look at the neighboring Florida Power and Light which does an excellent job in their districts of serving their customers AND providing good administration - AND at a lower cost, I might add.

Posted by Worst Company Ever

I just called this company on behalf of one of their customers. He was unable to visit their website to pay a bill because he's in Afghanistan. They flat out refused to work with him. The lady also refused to escalate my issue to her manager. I hope I never have to use this company for my utility needs. I'd rather use candles. This company needs to go away!

Posted by jackster1020

Progress Energy are the worst people to ever call to work with. I just had an absolute wonderful experience with these heartless people. First it started while at home and some technician comes by and shuts off my power. No knock, no warning from the company, absolutely nothing. I then call to find out why the disconnect since I always pay my power bill early by at least a week. Apparently I had a deposit that was due after they they had just refunded my deposit not even two weeks ago. The lady on the phone was incredibly rude saying as what others know to be true as "THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO" As a servicemember I felt appalled that they wanted to shut off my power for 14 days because I had no money to pay the deposit. Even after explaining the situation and telling them they had failed to notify me of my deposit she still had the nerve of saying that I was notified and that it was my fault for being overdue. Needless to say these people are heartless will and will leave you without power in the middle of winter no less. What we need is to get rid of this company or get some competition in here so maybe they can learn what customer service is.

Posted by nc morrisville

progress energy customer service is worst in the world, they will not pick up the phone until atleast 15 minutes and then atleast one positive word they speak.

Posted by Disappointed Mom

Progress Energy:
I know that "THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO", however I do want to make you aware of a customer service situation. I travel for my job and somewhere along the lines my payments got 1 month behind. I still maintained my payments EVERY MONTH, and this past month I mistakenly paid the amount due this month instead of the amount due last month (which was a less than $50 difference). I have been a customer for over 20 years and have ALWAYS paid my bill. This afternoon my daughter called and said that the power was disconnected at 4:30 this afternoon, I was in a meeting and did not immediately get the call, nonetheless I contacted customer service at 5:14pm and had paid the bill plus the deposit fee ($512.16) within the hour and posted to my account within the hour. I asked if they could please tell the technician assigned that my daughter had pets that needed to stay warm or they would die (not to mention my daughter is home alone and cold as well and now in the dark) and also that I could not get to her in a reasonable amount of time. Two of her pets have already died now, so I call customer service back three hours later and get the same response "THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO". I expect a call any minute again from her to tell me that the rest of her pets are dead. Bottomline, I understand that customers (especially today) come up with every excuse possible why they didn't pay. I paid within the hour, I have ALWAYS paid my bill... for the more than 20 years that I have been with the same power company (CP&L and then Progress Energy). I would think that would account for something. For my daughter to lose pets that she has cared for and loves because "THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO" for a customer that made an 'honest' mistake is really sad. I am two hours away from home and heading there now, I am certain I will not be going home to a happy young girl. All I can say is that I certainly hope that someday, each of you have to hear the words "THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO" someday, then you will know what it is like to feel the same helpless, hopeless feeling that my daughter and I feel right now. Maybe then you will reconsider your jaded way of managing customer service.

Posted by Disgusted in FL

They are greedy and heartless. I have lived in the same house for over 8 years. The shut me off for a $100 balance and now they want a $455 deposit when my bills are never over $300, EVER. If I am having trouble paying my bills how am I supposed to drum up a high deposit they want to keep for 2 YEARS? They dont care becuase you have NO CHOICE in your energy provider here in Orlando. You cant negotiate with them at all. We need to elect someone who will bring in other companies to put these crooks in check. With no other options, they could care less about its customers.

Posted by Angry North Carolina PE Victim

Progress Energy is the face of heartless, greedy Corporate America that is sucking the life out of the middle class and working class in this country. We went to try and negotiate a payment plan on our past-due bill (which is staggeringly high thanks to a record heat wave in NC) only to discover Progress Energy no longer has Customer Service locations where you can talk to an employee of the company. They shut them all down! There are "payment centers" that are run by check cashing stores and groceries, but no one there has any ability to handle payment agreements. All they have is a 800 number, where you're given the option of postponing payment for 7 business days or sitting on you thumb and spinning. They've effectively walled themselves away from their customers. And if you *do* manage to reach someone over the phone in Customer Service, once they realize you're calling about trying to make a payment agreement, they put you on hold and leave you there.

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Posted by Anonymous


He was a real gentleman.

Thank You

Posted by BF

I recently called PE about new service. During the discussion, the rep informed me about a free service they provide to assist customers finding the right TV-PHONE- INTERNET service. I called All-connect, the company prividing this service for PE. These folks were supposed to be current on costs, capabilities and offers. I was underwhelmed with the information provided. The All-connect rep gave me mostly incorrect information. They told I had to use DISH with ATT - wrong. They told me there would be a $49 installation charge through ATT for all services - wrong. They quoted an inflated monthly service charges and basically did not have the right facts. Take it from me, shop around, contact the providers directly - I did -and avoid All-connect.

Posted by FrankB

I have a condo in Wilmington that the power was disconnected by mistake. I was gone for a couple weeks and when I arrived I had not power and a refrigerator with smelly spoiled food. I immediately called the Progress Energy power outage phone number and left a message. Within minutes I received a call from a technician asking me to verify breakers were on. I did, and within another 45 minutes or so (late in the evening) a truck arrived to fix the issue. Due to the number of condo's in the complex someone had disconnected mine instead of another. We had power within an hour or so of my initial contact. I was told to report the loss and any damage I had incurred --which I did. I receive a check for the damages (food, cleaning supplies, and water damage)with a week. The claims person contacted me the day after and followed left me his personal contact information and kept me informed of the claim through check processing. This was my first issue with Progress but truly this was about the best services I have received from any company in years and am truly grateful for their timely responsiveness and outstanding customer service.

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