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    • 194 negative comments (97.98%)
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Posted by jujah

I called Proactiv customer care and told them that I will cancel my account.She agreed and hold my call for a minute. then after that, she told me that my account has been cancelled and I will not receive any more future products and billings from them. She gave me the cancellation number but I am still worried that I will still receive products from them after a month or so coz I haven't receive any confirmation email about my cancellation. I tried to login to my account on proactiv online and now I can't login anymore. Does anyone knows what just happened? Does it mean my account has been cancelled already? How will I make sure that they will stop sending products?

Posted by kmeltz

I am trying to cancel my Proactiv+ subscription, but I can't get a hold of anyone live to speak to when I call the customer service number. I have spent 3-4 hours a day for the last 5 WEEKS calling, and all I get is an automated message. When I follow all of the prompts, I get the recorded message, "Ask your representative about our new deep cleansing brush... etc." and then the call is disconnected a few seconds later. No matter which prompts I follow, I get the same message, and then they disconnect the call. I have sent multiple emails, as well as spoken with someone on their "live chat", and all they do is tell me to call Customer Service!!! I literally cannot seem to get a live person on the phone! Even the emails and so-called "live" chat seem like the messages are completely automated.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service of Proactive is terrible. I wanted to order only 1 shipment but another shipment was sent to me and I was charged another $130. Proactive exploited the fact that very few customers noticed very small and long letters on the far right bottom of the page. What they are doing is in fact a way of cheating!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased the Proactiv teen for my son for one month. They started to bill me for a recurring program. When I called to question that, they tried to tell me I signed up for a three-month supply, which was not true. Fortunately, I paid with PayPal. PayPal helped me get the account cancelled. Then I got overdue payment notices from Guthy Renker. When I called to question this, I was told that they couldn't help me because their computer system was down. When I called back I couldn't get through because I was taken out of their system. The worst and most unethical company I have ever dealt with.

Posted by Hateproavtivcostumerservice

Horrible service!! I called the first time and apparently the called ended.. I assumed it was me so i called them back... I was put on hold and the call ended again!!! The same dam lady and she was the one hanging up on me because i told her i wanted to cancel my order!! I was so mad at her! I called the other number and at least someone who was more professional told me that she couldnt cancel my order until the next day because it takes 24 for the order tl go through. The first lady couldnt have told me that rather than hanging up on me??? Makes me never want to order from them ever again!!!

Posted by janetdp

IMPOSSIBLE to get a straight answer from these people ... that is if you manage to get through to someone who will LISTEN AND HELP YOU!!!!

I was DISCONNECTED a total of nine times over two phonecalls.


I canceled my order after the first shipment, I have been charged $32.94 so far the last 2 months, customer support claims since i canceled my order and my first order was at a discount a have to now pay the full price for the first order.Just a warning ....BUYER BEWARE!!!

Posted by jodanna

10 times i called and canceled my products. I'm extremely mad that i still get charges of 37.88$!!!!! I wanted products for a gift on Christmas Day so i ordered it the 2nd of november. I never got anything before Christmas. So i decided to cancel the 27th of december. Never got any of my money back and now im mad, insulted, furious.....

Posted by Anonymous

worst customer service ever. waiting for a month, have called numerous times. Will use a different product but will not do business with this company.

Posted by Stacy

I have no complaint with the customer service rep that I spoke to on the phone; however I do have a problem with Pro Active's customer service in general. When I decided to return the unused product so that I might receive a refund, I was very concerned that I would not receive a refund in a timely fashion as I had heard stories of this happening from others. I decided, to be safe, I would send the package certified with return receipt. Thank goodness I did!!! As I suspected, 6 weeks came and went with no refund, so after 12 weeks I figured I had better call customer service. They told me that my refund had been voided, but couldn't give me a reason why. Thankfully, I had a tracking # for the package so they told me I would receive an affidavit in the mail that I would need to fill out and return to them. I was not happy about this. This process that should have been simple is now taking a great deal of time and effort on my part. I caution anyone wanting to return product to Pro Active to take the measures I did in mailing it back or you just might not get your money!

Posted by Zero187

Wow. I went to to make a one-time purchase of the 29.99 starter kit. There was a TON of fine print, but I'm not going to read a 20-minute long essay for a small purchase like this, so I said screw it and entered my payment info. Boy was that a mistake!

About a month later, I'm seeing ANOTHER charge for $32.94 out of no where and also receiving more packages when I haven't even gone through half of the first order! Very intrusive and shady. They are taking advantage of the fact no one reads the fine print and automatically opting you in for subscription without making it clear. AND to add insult to injury, there is no way for me to cancel this subscription from the website! I have to call, wait on hold, jump through flaming hoops and wait 6 weeks for a refund.. I almost want to just file a dispute with my credit card company, but I fear that will lead to a collection agency knocking on my door..

AVOID PROACTIV LIKE THE PLAGUE!! Even if it is a good product, the bad customer service makes it a deal-killer. Anyone who works for this company should be ashamed.

Posted by Why123

I ordered the $19.99 proactive 3 months ago and the next month they send me another box...we sent it back, then they charged me with $68.00, for what? We called them many times to cancel the account, the agent said it's cancelled. Why do they keep sending me even I did not order them? And two days ago,I received a mail from a collection agency to collect for proactive to pay that $68.00...What in the world is this? Why should I pay that, I did not get order that? It's a mistake of mine buying their products...Proactive please be honest and fair to your customers...I am very disappointed!

Posted by Anonymous

As a first time customer, I tried to place an order online through their website on 11/1/2014. I followed their prompts in ordering a supply. After placing the products I wanted, I was prompted to input my personal information and credit card information. Without pressing the "place order" button, the website started to crash and all the information was in html. It was not the same site. This site said my order was finalized, but I never received a confirmation order. I tried to log in with my email and password that I signed up for, but the website said it did not recognize my email account. I figured that my card would not have been charged. I tried a second time to order and this time around I received a pop confirmation number. I checked my email account, but did not receive any confirmation. I logged out of the account on Proactiv and tried to re-login. The website said it did not recognize my email account. I checked my credit card statement online and it shows I have 2 pending transactions from the company. I called their customer service twice. I spoke to Sophie and Leslie at two different times. Sophie told me to wait at 24-48 hours before she could see any account information pertaining to me. I called Leslie afterwards and she told me to wait 72 hours before calling them because she had no information on me stating that my account was too new. I called them 30 minutes after having my issue.

Posted by Anonymous

Proactive ads are totally misleading and they to try their automatically refill to charge customers for refills they have not ordered. When you canx the order they still are crafty in trying to charge you to canx an account. You get a canx email with the additional charge then they have a collection agency contacting you months or even a year later trying to collect on a canx account. They are unbelievable. Can someone put a stop to their false advertisement.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Proactive Solution product from them in June 2014, they are charging my credit card again without authorization, I called the company and they told me that the first time you buy something from them, automatically they continue charging you. They told me too, that if you don't want their products, return it and in six weeks they are going to adjust the charge. My bank is charging interest for this charge. It looks like a scam, there are hundreds of complaints against that company, may be is a good idea to summit a class sue. Thank you.

Posted by claudia

Worst nightmare i ever had. They stole my money without my permission, i need my money back, but nobody helped... the worst customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been a proactiv user for a year or so, and never had a problem...then I didn't get my shipment and I was already billed, so I figured I'd go online and have a live chat as it was a feature that was offered on their site. Somebody named Jessica was asking me how she can be of any assistance; I typed my question--where's my product?!--then I just didn't get any replies. So..I decided to contact them by initial conversation with some guy that I can't barely hear, he stated that my product has been shipped on September 22nd and I will get it in the mail soon; when asked if I'm going to receive a product that will expire in a couple of months like I did in April 2014, he hung up the phone on called them again. This time, I spoke to some guy named Mike who sounds like I'm irritating him by asking questions like was my product really shipped in September 22nd??? To which he stated no, Mike stated that my product was mailed in August and that I was jumping to so much conclusions. He stated that he will mail in a form for me to fill in stating that I didn't receive this product...ummm...MIKE, would I call at midnight to tell you that I didn't get the product that you guys already billed me for?! Poor customer service--they don't really even know what customer service means. The product works, definitely not for everyone, but it does work for me, however, if I have to deal with that kind of BS customer service, I might have to consider further options....

Posted by Anonymous

i have a simple question about the product itself but have not been able to reach anyone except a recording that tells me to say things that i dont care about.

Posted by jspencer1810

I very upset with the Proactiv company. I was so excited to try the new proactiv plus and I was also a first time customer. When I first ordered the product the employee was so unclear on the package I ordered I didn't even know what I would end up receiving. The next day I had to call the customer service again after receiving my emailed invoice saying my package would be over $100 when I was under the impression it was $39. I had to be transferred between two different people to be properly explained how their payments worked. Half the employees have no idea how to explain their own product. Once I received my package inside there was only two products inside. Again this is my first time purchase so I should had received 3 products, giving as the whole thing is a 3 step process. On top of that I was suppose to receive 2 free gifts. This was very irritating so I admittedly called to fix this problem. I was transferred to a supervisor that said on the phone they would send a replacement package. 2 weeks passed and I received nothing. I called to figure out the problem and no one could answer why I had not received the package. I then talked to a supervisor and told him that if it had not been sent out I wanted my money back and to cancel my account. He did so and was very unsympathetic about losing customer. I was very upset the whole time, but once I talked to him, a supervisor, I was disgusted with the whole company. He had no compassion for the situation and did not try to fix the problem or get me to stay. No matter how big the company is or how many people use this product, a company should still make every customer feel important. I will never use this product, EVER.

Posted by Sharon

Proactive Solution has the worst customer service ever. I was okay with the product and I was with them for several months and one month I noticed that they took more than usual. I called and got a agent who was unreasonable and rude. I would like to have notice if you're going to charge me any additional amount. I am very budget conscious and did not like the monetary surprise. And the bad customer service just turned my stomach so I cancelled. I was told that I would not get a refund until they received the product and the rep told me that she was sending it. Two weeks later I called and not surprisingly it was never sent so the rep told me I would be charged again. completely absurd!!! I asked to speak to the supervisor and she is the only one who spoke to me like she had half a brain. I can't wait to sever this relationship. I now use Murad and I'm happy because its sold locally in spas and its even more reasonable and the product works great.

Posted by Taylors Mom

My son who is 17 ordered one time and when he tried to cancel they kept telling him that he needed to wait 3 months and then cancel. He kept saying he wanted to cancel and then he just gave in. I received a box 3 months later and I called on behalf of him and they tried 3 times unsuccessfully to convince me to keep it. Last time this happened with my older son they said they did not receive the returned product and it went to a collection agency who would not listen. This auto ship stuff is not good it would be better to order when you need it.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disgusted with the return policies. Proactive received my return 3 weeks ago and have not processed my refund to my charge card. They also charged my account again, so I have two 29.95 charges and they have the product!! I was on hold for 10 minutes to the reaction department and finally hung up and called the customer service department and told them how long I was on hold. The customer service person transfered me again and finally again I had to hang up because of extended wait time. Now I have to sign and return some Affidavit.....

Posted by Anonymous

I did an online chat with a Proactive rep about 2 months ago stating that I was not happy with the product and wanted to return the box I just received (unopened). I was instructed on what to do and was told I was still responsible for S&H. Fine. A few weeks later I saw my refund. Last week I received another box. This time I called Proactive. I was shocked at the response I got: "Did you tell the rep you spoke with online that you wanted to cancel your order?" Seriously? Would I be returning it if I wanted them to send more? The online rep never mentioned I had to call someone to cancel the order. I was assured I will not have to pay S&H this time. I assured her that I will take legal action if they take money out of my account without authorization.

Posted by Anonymous

In Sept 2013 I ordered products for my granddaughter which she uses regularly & is very satisfied. In October we found Proactive at our local mall. I immediately called Customer Service to cancel all future orders. I was assured this would be taken care of. In December another shipment was received which I promptly returned to the USP facility. I also AGAIN contacted Customer Service and wrote a letter using the address on your website which was returned "addressee unknown". What is that all about?? Your company charged me $8+ for that return. Today I received ANOTHER order. YOUR ADS CLEARLY STATE THE SUBSCRIPTION CAN BE CACELLED AT ANY TIME. DO NOT SEND ANY PRODUCTS TO ME. DO NOT CHARGE ME FOR RETURNED PRODUCTS. I will call Customer Service AGAIN. There are no complaints about the products themselves. But your internet advertising is totally incorrect when it states that the subscription can be cancelled.

Posted by Erikac

So I tried Proactive, it didn't work for me so I sent it back within the 60 days to get my money back. I call two weeks later to make sure that they received it and the rep told me that they did receive it and it was in process, I cal back ore than 6 weeks after that call to see what was going and they rep tells me that they have no record of anything being received. I was so upset because why is it that 2 two reps tell me that my shipment was received and now when its time to give me back my money ALL OF A SUDDEN ITS NOT THERE!!!! They talk all this BS on tv, money back guarantee but when its time time pay up they're are about the bs!!! WORST EXPERIENCE AND VERY INCOMPETENT!!!!!!

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Posted by Tracy

I began using Proactive in on 2/27/14. The product worsen my acne. I called on Monday 4/8/14 to inform customer service of my predicament, but was transferred to another department. I was adviced to discontinue the product as it is not supposed to give such result. I asked for their shipping information so I may return the product. I was do not return but I will be reimbursed within 30 days. I was reimbursed the same day 4/8/14 and posted on the account 4/9/14. The product did me much harm but customer service was excellent.

Posted by Nancy S

Customer service is very easy to deal with as far as putting a hold on your orders or if you want to cancel. Any time I have called I have always talked to someone who was very helpful and friendly. Proactive has great product but it's no longer working for my son so we had to go to prescription drugs for his acne. Thanks for making cancelling easy.

Posted by Nancy

I reviewed many comments made here before I attempted to call Proactiv to cancel my subscription so I was prepared for any crap they might give me. However, I had no problems canceling and the person I spoke with was very helpful. The only thing that concerns me is that they do not send a confirmation email nor could they provide me with a cancellation number.

Posted by Andrew

Sent my order right away. Rep was friendly but his english needed improvement.

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