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Posted by Forlorn

My daughters sent me flowers for Mother’s Day .I received them Saturday.Unfortunately they are not fresh.I emailed on Sunday and sent pics and no response.I emailed again Monday and still no response.They say they guarantee at least 7 days.I haven’t even got two days.So disappointing.This isn’t the first bD experience.But at least last time they made good.Save your money!,,,,

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered flowers that was to be delivered on Saturday for mothers day to Kathryn Kinney in Tulsa Oklahoma. She,iz,very elderly and it broke my heart that my flowers were not delivered like I ask. You website now she won't get them toll tomorrow. Your service sucks. I paid for Saturday delivery. I paid a total of $67.95. I will never again order from you. If you are,wondering my order number is,. You would be upset if your order did not get delivered as promised. My order better be delivered or I want a complete refund. Again your service is horrible. I want to why it is taking so long. No notification to me that it was not going to be on time. No phone call. Nothing.

Posted by Honeyfitz

NEVER use these people. Online early Fruday Monday before Mothers day Saturday deliver. Failed. Failed Sunday. Deluvery Next Saturday Bull crap 5 phone calls. Use someone else. People wouldn't know what customer service is if it bit them on the flowery asses.

Posted by Anonymous

My patient who is home bound received flowers from her daughter for Mother’s Day !! They were wilted and awful .Shame on y’all or whomever left them in heat .. The glass vase they were in was 86 degrees when delivered as we put a sensor up to it . Tulips and Iris arrangement . Signed ...A caring nurse

Posted by Antonina Mickle

Fedx delivered flowers and small box of chocolates from my daughter for my b-day. Chocolates are melted. My daughter uses your business alot. Dont want to hurt her feelings and or have her deal with a different florist,so I'm not going to complain to her. Not your fault at all, it's fedx's. Just thought you should know cause this is something that can mess-up your business. Can I send you a photo to show you proof? Good to have.

Posted by Sally

On 03/06/2018 early morning, I placed an order with ProFlower for same day delivery. After being charges with extra servicing fees, I was expecting for the item to be deliver. After 4:30pm I was concern so I called customer service to find out that they failed to secure a florist to deliver. No one called me and the only result was to send flowers the next day. I am highly disappointed that no one gave me a called so I asked to talk to Supervisor. After being on hold for over 45 minutes (yes, 45 minutes) they hung up the phone on me. So I called again to get a refund. I am so hurt that you all did not call me to at least give me the courtesy to make different plan and so my day was ruined by not being able to surprise my veteran Army Sister in GA. I will never do services with you all again but most importantly I will ensure everyone knows how you all treat your customers. The second time I called I had a 18 minute wait, no one cares that they "failed" to secure a florist. What is up with Customer Services? Do you all not care about referrals or retention... I am so hurt that I couldn't trust ProFlowers to do the right thing which was after charging me (taking my money) delivering in what was promised (the order). The question that the following people could not answer was, why didn't they call me so I can make other plans. Why didn't they follw-up to ensure customer satisfaction? Why didn't I receive a courtesy and respect to be informed before the end of the day that an order was not being able to deliver?

Lisbeth and Sharriq in Customer Service did horrible.

No call.
No delivery.
No business.

Unsatisfied and Disappointed,


Posted by Anonymous

I had flowers delivered to my wife on valentines day and when she came back to work on monday they were turning brown and loosing petals

Posted by Anonymous

My flowers were left outside in a snowbank. They are frozen.
I called the customer service number. After being on hold for 8 minutes, the representative seemed to lack the skills to help me. I spelled my name repeatedly for the representative, including spelling it phonetically (A as in apple...). She repeatedly spelled it back incorrectly and said she could not find my order. She was rushed and irritable. Eventually, she found the order and said "I will report the problem". She did nothing and offered nothing.

Posted by Iggymom

Today I received a box of box of flowers from ProFlowers. There was no gift card enclosed. Because it is close to Valentine's Day, I assumed they were sent by a family member. However, when I called to trace the sender, a Customer Service Rep. told me (in a heavily accented voice and after 20 min. wait) that "Due to the Privacy Act" she couldn't divulge the name of the sender. I called back twice, hoping to speak to someone I could understand. Low and behold! Finally got an unaccented voice, who looked up my order AND, it was sent to me by ProFlowers for filling out a survey! This situation would be funny if it wasn't so stupid! Thanks, Angus!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered flowers from their thinking they would be nice and the chocolates would be good but is obvious the flowers were dead and the wrong kind and the chocolates were in the right kind and San Diego California can suck the biggest in the fattest dick ever does nobody speaks English

Posted by gjv

Two points: 1.Very pleased with order processing this morning When confirming order on line, I noticed an erroneous "Rush Delivery" charge. Unable to fix on-line so spoke to your service rep named Eric. Eric identified the problem, worked some magic and fixed it on the spot. Could not ask for more prompt, professional and personable help. I hope Eric can be recognized in some appropriate manner. It is service like Eric's that keeps me coming back to Pro Flowers for ALL of my floral business.

2.On the other hand, connectivity your web site ( needs work. I tried several times to email my positive comments on Eric and it would not work on that website. I finally called another of your customer service reps and was directed to this site. You may want to get after your web master and have them trouble shoot the site. I order flowers from your firm regularly but my patience is starting to wear thin. Who knows how many customers you may be losing. Good luck.


Posted by ?

I ordered flowers for my Aunts' funeral on Sept 28 to be delivered on Sept.29. I called early Sept.30 to see if the flowers had been delivered. The mortuary had
no record of a delivery and neither did the cemetery. The last earthly thing I could do for my Aunt and it was messed up. My cousin said that there were no
flowers from my family at the funeral. I have been trying to get an answer as to
where the flowers are. I hope you saved a lot of money by out sourcing your help lines, because of the heavy accents I couldn't understand a word they said.
I have used proflowers in the past, but never again. I think you owe me a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

English is amazing and trying to order from your company is impossible.repeating myself over and over again not sure if you are getting my order correct then they start talking faster and louder still not English tried twice to order and still can't understand customer service representative not customer service when you can not understand them.�µordered from Sheri's berries great service in English easy

Posted by Anonymous

Placed an order on thursday the 16th for friday the 17th delivery. No delivery on friday and customer service promised Saturday18th before noon. It's now Sunday 19th at 7:18. Still no delivery. I will never use your company again!

Posted by Wm Salem,OR

02-10-2017 I ordered Sherrie's Berries (Proflowers) for V-day for my wife. My CC company intercepted the charge thinking possible fraud. Contacted my CC company and advised okay, they released the charge. Got notice of order problem due to CC denied. I went into my Sherries Berries account and followed the instructions to re-enter charge. Then called customer service to make sure it went through. They said I didn't have an order. The order was still pending in my acct space at Sherries Berries. Verified with my CC company that card and charge released. I've been trying to get this resolved since 02-07-2015. All their cust svc reps are outsourced and unfortunately can hardly understand their accents. Proflowers should move those jobs back to the US. Their customer service is totally useless.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Pro - sister received a bouquet of flowers today that I ordered and pre- paid of the roses was broken almost in half( the stem area, and another one was mangled up...I am a United States Air Force disabled veteran and do not have extra money to spend on a poor product. I have pictures of the damaged roses also.. Please contact me immediately about this as this was a Valentines surprise and your television commercial did not depict things to be this way and spoke about your' high quality' THANK YOU

Posted by Anonymous

First Agent,very Poor Customer Service. Spoke With Two Agents
Different Agents. Also, No Comprehension Of Request. We Needed To "add" A Delivery
Service Note. Because Of This Horrible Experience, We Will Not Use Your Service Again. Please Consider Using The U.s. For Our Customer Service...thank You.

Posted by Flicbone

I have purchased flowers 12 - 15 times a year for the past 20+ years, but today I will never use your website again. Because you are so eager to make a penny and remind me to purchase flowers for my mom (who just passed) and my sister (who just passed). How about letting the customer purchase flowers when they want to and not remind customers of moments they try to forget. I will be posting this comment to every website I can, because there are many other places to order flowers.

John Hlifka

Posted by Anonymous

I usually have ok service with proflower. I use them for my association now its been two whole days and I'm still trying to get a RECEIPT to my email address. Not good! When you use association money you have to have receipt. Last time I'll lose sleep fooling with this type of service!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently ordered flowers for my wife's 61 birthday. Upon receiving her flowers there was no message or card in the box. Of coarse I was upset but she was even more upset and gave me an ear full, I hesitate ordering anymore flowers from proflowers to avoid the wrath from wife.

Posted by Anonymous

I received flowers from two different people that had ant's in them. ProFlowers sent me two coupons for two future orders. I called to send two different orders. The first order went thru without difficulty. I was on the line for 40 minutes with their agent. Repeated the coupon number 5 times. She told me to call back after I had given her all the information for the second order. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He put me on hold then returned me to the agent who then proceed to finally put my order thru. How can they get awards when their customers service is to bad??? A very disappoint customer.

Posted by Tom in Phoenix

Pro Flowers failed in delivering flowers to the funeral of a love one.They claimed they were left at the door. Funeral Home Never received them. Beware!

Posted by Anonymous

I spent 30 minutes trying to change an address for an order already placed with (2) individuals who do not speak English. The most miserable experience and I will never order from Proflowers again.

Posted by Anonymous

Please! Someone needs to contact me immediately to resolve a matter concerning an order placed by me.

Posted by muhafidh19

Three Days Late on Mother's Day Delivery. Ordered a nice bouquet and strawberries for my children's grandmother, to arrive Saturday before Mother's Day, because ProFlowers does not deliver on Sunday (already a bad sign). On Saturday, they told me that my delivery had been delayed. Rather than delivering at least on Monday, it was not until Tuesday that they finally did what I had paid them to do. In notifying me of the error, they also said that they would remove the Saturday surcharge, but when the delivery finally occurred, the surcharge was still on it. I will never use this company again. There is something seriously wrong with how it is being managed.

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Posted by Melanie

I wanted to tell you how excellent the young lady (Melanie) was when taking my order for flowers today (6-11-18) 8:37-9:00pm. She was professional, pleasant, & ableto place my order wit accuracy . I missed being able to rate this order. But on a scale of 1-10 . I would give her a 10( higest ) The flowers & service I have received from Pro-flowers have been of top quality.
Thank you,
Mary Eskay

Posted by Anonymous

Had an arrangement sent to my mother first week of December. Today is February 23rd and arrangement still looks good. Awesome work by your staff. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I Had flowers sent to me for Valentines Day via UPS They were delivered frozen. I phoned you and a replacement was sent to me via FED X . I recieved them today and they are wonderful. Thank you . The person I spoke to on the phone was very understanding, kind and helpful. My family uses Pro Flowers as well as I have, we will continue to do so, thank you again.

Posted by mydelberg

ProFlowers was affordable, on time, and did a great job with my order to Boston University in December of 2015. The flowers delivered looked exactly like the photo online (vase and all). Very happy with my purchase considering I had to do it all from overseas.

Posted by Anonymous

My complaint was handles promptly and courteously. I not only received a new order for the flowers I ordered but a coupon worth what I originally paid as well as an additional $10.00. Since I use ProFlowers frequently, this will come in handy.

Posted by Anonymous

Wish I had read these reviews before I ordered and paid $40 for what my Mother described as a weed in a small pot that was supposed to be a bonsai azalea tree. Good news is I called customer service and demanded my money back...told the lady on the phone the item received was not what they represented on their website. She did give me a full refund.

Posted by terrilynn

I want to tell you Charles Peckham is a valuable employee! I called to cancel an order that you advertised as 19.99. AFTER, I filled in all the credit card information, the total came up to $38.85. I was furious!!! After I explained the problem to Charles Peckham, he tried to resolve the problem. He suggested "splitting the differenc" and I was extremely thankful. Thank you, Charles Peckham!

Posted by Anonymous

I got a gift card today in the mail, worth $20. It was from Proflowers, with a letter that said please accept our apology with $20 off your next purchase. A month ago, a week before Valentine day, I order two seprate orders of flowers from Proflowers. Both order came the way I order it online, than they had me fill out a comments regarding my experience with Proflowers. I was doing it on my cell phone, and I did not realize I was pushing the poor box in stead of the good experience service. I am so sorry for the poor comments I gave you guys. I called the company about the mix review and the customer service person told me to keep the gift card and use it on my next order when I order next time. Thank you, ProFlowers for the gift, you will be hearing from me again.

Posted by Disappointed

My first time ordering from this company, I decided to order flowers for my mother on Valentine's Day. I did receive the flowers but most of them had brown edges and one of them was clearly dead. I did call the next day and the customer service person was so accomadating. I am receiving a full refund in the amount of my order in a coupon for a later purchase. I will try again after that, I will go to my local florist.

Posted by TimmoThe Great

I recently ordered an assrted bouquet of roses from profloweres and they were stunning, but if you really want to make points with that special someone on valentines day, I would also order her or him a custom hand-drawn portrait from Michel Angelo Portrait Drawings[]. They do fabulous realistic drawings in pastel and pencil, all for a very reasonable orice. My other half was utterly taken aback when I showed it to her. You really should take a look at the website and make an order!!!

Posted by Jenny R.

I've ordered from proflowers many times and every time has been great! This last time I ordered, the flowers were a bit disappointing (brown edges and dried out petals). I called them about it and they issued a full refund. Great customer service and I will definitely order again since they made it right!
Jenny R.

Posted by rpj1218

I'm not one to review a lot of things but due to all of the negative comments I felt inclined to throw a positive review in here.
Let's be honest, for the low rates that proflowers offers (EVEN with all the shipping costs), it's hard to complain too much for the service they've efficiently provided for me in comparison to the high cost of a local florist arrangement and delivery fees.

Due to my own haste, I didn't realize that the flowers were shipped in a box and was a little disappointed that my recipient had to arrange them herself, but the picture she sent me was of a beautiful full bouquet of the exact flowers I ordered. When asked to fill out a survey by proflowers I expressed my disappointment with the box arrival and they very quickly responded with a $25 gift card, which was totally unexpected and appreciated.

Also, I recently almost placed an order and decided not to at the last minute. The next day proflowers sent me an email with a 10% discount and free vase on that same order, saving me around $10 which convinced me to go ahead and place the order.

My advice is go with proflowers when you have a far enough away and flexible delivery date and you don't want to break the bank on a huge arrangement. Also pay attention to the bill tally in the right hand corner before you confirm your payment, shipping flowers IS expensive so think about how much you are willing to spend with the understanding that shipping/handling/tax will tack on 15-20 dollars.

Posted by littleprince1977

ProFlowers...YOU need to understand that they do not provide a florist bouquet ready-set, all to go.

That is the problem, people think they are sending a florist bouquet, ready-set, all to go.

I WOULD RATHER cut and arrange MY GIFT in MY VASE...I have so many vases. If you send something to a hotel, Hospice, or hospital...MAKE SURE YOU ADD a Vase. Hotels or Hospitals are not the best places to use this company; no knife is added to cut the stems on an angle.

The people I send PROFlowers to ARE in a home situation--everyone has a vase. Many HAVE a wondrous vase to use. (May 2012- my sister for mother's day, May 2012 -friend in Canada for her birthday)

EVERY PERSON I have sent Proflowers to understands this. They love the FRESH Flowers that last for weeks...BUT I also know which flowers to send.

I have had delivery issues, dealt with easily via the phone.

This a great service. Maligned by the reviews I have read. I have had my problems with ProFlowers over four years, I support and stand with them. AND I have no financial connection.

Posted by truthlover

I ordered flowers and accidentally typed the incorrect house number for an address. By the time I realized it, it was too late to change my order online. I called customer service and they sent a whole other order FREE OF CHARGE to the correct address with no hassle, no questions asked. It was smooth and easy. Best customer service I've ever had. Way to go ProFlowers!!

Posted by Jlsoip

Ordered flowers for my fiance that were supposed to arrive before noon on valentines day, but didn't arrive until 3:05 pm, way after the morning I had planned out. The arrangement was way less full and colorful than the picture, and I was dissappointed to say the least. Called their customer service, who gave me a full refund AND a free replacement order of the flowers. Doesn't really make up for not having the flowers on time and the lame arrangement, but at least it shows that they care about unsatisfied customers. Just be civil on the phone, describe your problem and how unsatisfied you are, and you'll be taken care of.

Posted by Sharon D.

I recently placed an order with ProFlowers which was a gift. When I saw the arrangement in person, I was mortified! I contacted ProFlowers to let them know how dissapointed I was and they immediately appologized and offered to send a replacement of my choice,free of charge. I just received a phone call from the flower recipient, and she was thrilled with the new flowers. I appreciate the way they handled the whole situation and will definately order from them again!
Sharon D.

Posted by bigbird

I am 78 years old and my wife and I have been married for 52 years. While I have bought flowers for her in the past, I have never sent her flowers until I was inspired by that talk show host who broadcasts everyday on WLS/890 radio and who directed me to PRO FLOWERS. When my wife received them they were everything that we expected;that is beautiful and fresh and received in a timely manner for Christmas. As one other talk show host suggested,"Live everyday as if it were the last." Thanks to ProFlowers, I can now face the unknown with a smile. Merry Christmas to one and all.
Tom Crane

Posted by B

I have ordered from Proflowers 9 times in the last 18 months, and EVERYTIME they have been beautiful long lasting flowers that were delieverd VIA UPS. Sometimes the UPS truck came later on in the day, but always the day I paid to have them to be there and always great. There customer service is remarkable, the one time a friend had a problem I called them and they refunded the product.

Posted by Anonymous

There was an error with my original delivery, which was very upsetting. However, the customer service reps I spoke with were very friendly and helpful, and the error was not only fixed, they delivered completmentary flowers in return. I will use them again.

Posted by ritabonita

after reading the reviews i was really nervous about calling proflowers customer service, however, they were sooo nice and took care of my concern immediately. My daughter sent me flowers for mother's day, but they arrived in less than perfect condition. Petals were falling off and after a day they were not blooming. I called and the person who answered was very sympathetic and offered to send out a whole new order just one day later. She was very helpful and made sure that my daughter would not get charged twice or even know that a replacement order had to be sent.

Posted by mom_lives_outofstate

I have been ordering flowers from proflowers for several years now. I always order them online, and make sure I get all of the specifications correct. They always send me an email with the confirmation, as well as the tracking info for the flowers. I get email updates as to when they left the 'florist', where it is enroute, when it is ready for pickup by the post office, and finally when it is delivered.
I did order a live rose plant to be delivered a week before christmas this year, to give it time to open and bloom. After a few days of receiving the plant, my mother reported to me that the plant died, even though she followed the exact care instructions listed with the plant.
I emailed customer service a few days before christmas, but didnt get a response back. However, I did call them, spoke to a representative, gave him my order info, and within the 5 minute phone call, gave me the option of a full refund or a full credit towards a future purchase. I took the refund, and was pleasantly surprised to hear how apologetic the rep was, and how professional he acted to expidite the transaction in my favor.
So basically, my dead rose plant purchase, turned into a refund, so now I can take my mom out to a nice dinner after the holidays, instead of her taking care of that plant. Thank you proflowers!

Posted by Anonymous

I had the Premium Mother's Day Grower's Choice flowers delivered to my Aunt on the Saturday before Mother's Day to make sure they would get there on time. While the flowers did arrive as scheduled, they did a very poor job of quality control, 22 roses instead of 24 and a broken rose was included as part of the 22. Tell me, how does a rose break once it's inside the box? My guess, is that they put the broken rose inside the box.
Also, I didn't like the way they added all the charges after the order was processed. Charges for Care & Handling in addition to being charged for Standard Delivery and Saturday Delivery, what a ripoff! That really jacked up any cost savings I mistakenly thought I was getting from ProFlowers. Because of the deceptive way this this done, I won't be ordering from this company again! However, on a positive note, when I called to complain about the 22 roses and the broken rose, they did give me a $10 credit. However I felt they probably already have this credit built in with all the delivery charges they tack on to an order. However the customer service rep was very pleasant to deal with. Even though, they won't be getting my business again!

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