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Posted by Anonymous

The following describes the issues we encountered on our cruise to Mexico on
Feb. 18 2017.

We were traveling with 22 friends from Sacramento with Zoe's cruises. It was our second time on the Grand Princess cruise to Mexico. we had a great time on both of our cruises. On our first cruise we had room #709 it was to totally assume experience. So we requested the same room for our second time. When checking in we realized we did not have the same room. For one thing it was on the opposite side of the ship. No major problems at the time so we will address the issue at a later time. The problem started on the second night with a hammering on the ceiling and one of the walls, also the door. We got up to see if someone was at the door. We reported it to the front desk and they said they would have some one check it out. Also the issue was only at night. A person came down to check it out the next day and nothing was done. The next night we called the 6000# and the manager came down in the middle of the night to check it out and offered ear plugs, and said it was just the ship movement. He said some one check out tomorrow. A maintenance man came in the day and tore into the ceiling and sprayed it with wd40. The ceiling was previously damaged, you could tell by the damage to the paneling and molding. The next night seemed better but we could hear sounds in the ceiling like scratching and chewing like possibly a rat or some animal over our heads. We ask if there have been issues in the past reported. They said no. That seems some what strange since the roof panels and moldings were previously damaged. We can understand that to resolve the issue it may be difficult but no offer of another room came our way. When we ask they said they are full.

We plan on future cruises with your company. If you look we have placed deposits on two future cruises. What should we expect if problems of this nature should come up again.

Again We reported it to the front desk three times, three times to the 6000# once to our cruise host from Zoe's cruises and one call to customer service at Princess cruises. We talked to Collins on 2/28.

Dennis and Diana Sumrow

Posted by Anonymous

We went on Excursion to the Panama Canal. It rained that morning and stairs to upper deck on tender was wet. My daughter fell all the way down to the bottom and hit her tail bone on the bottom step. I slipped next due to wet steps and no help to get down. The cruise attendant took our names and cabin number. When I got back on the ship I filed an incident report. A day layer I called and was told they dI'd not have a report. The ship infirmary wanted to even charge for a tube of antibiotic cream. I called the next day and got a call from a security person who refused to give his name. Said he would check it out. I am now off the ship and no calls at all from anyone. No one even checked to make sure we were not dead in put room. This cruise is a joke with regards to customer service. Check on line regarding all the customer complaints for lack of service!!!

Posted by Anonymous

We have been on 35 cruises with Princess.

Why can't we possibly qualify for anniversary sale on cruise to Alaska in April 2018.??????


Norma & Earl England

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service & e mail space ares hard to find. I called 3 different time & got 3 different ans. Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

I Recently Missed My Cruise On The Princess Star Because American Airlins Cancelled The Flight To Vancouver. I Booked Everything Through Princess Including Insurance. I Am Now Being Told I Will Get Only $1000 Of The $6000 I Spent On The Trip,due To Having The Standard Insurance And Not The Platinum. I Asked To Be Given The Opportunity To Sail Another Date And Was Told I Would Have To Pay Another $6000. My Confirmation Number help Does Anyone Care?

Posted by Anonymous

It is virtually impossible to contact anyone at the Executive level at Princess Cruises. You must deal with underlings at Customer Service who are extremely short, rude and to a one, have a "so sad, too bad" attitude. This same level of "unservice" is carried on with the so-called supervisors as well. Princess Cruises does not respect or show the proper regard for our military and especially for widows of career military veterans who have retained their spouses' benefits when they pass away. Their disdain for military widows has been evident to me for some months now in their e-mails and phone calls and a request to put it in writing says "it will be referred to a letter writer"...guess military widows don't rate a response from Executive Management. I will never take a Princess Cruise again. Of important note is that they are the only cruise line that does not acknowledge military widows, preferring to acknowledge with an onboard credit only actual servicemembers...this is just plain wrong, small-sighted, and disrespectful and executive management needs to rethink their policies. Shame on you deserve your black eye!! This is a sentiment expressed by many in the military community and I will make it my mission to let everyone in my military community know how Princess Cruises regards military widows!!

Posted by Post cruise payment

First, let me say that we enjoyed our cruisetour to Alaska in 2015. We booked the cruise directly with Princess. About 3 months after our return from the cruise we received a bill from Princess for additional charges. This was after our final bill was delivered and paid on the last day of our cruise. Since this time we have received calls from Princess at least three times a week. I eventually paid Princess by check in December for what I thought was the total they were requesting. After receiving more calls and being informed that I had only paid my husbands portion, I paid my portion by credit card over the phone in January 2016. I am not even sure we owed the money but we wanted to end this and have fond memories of our Princess cruisetour. I AM STILL RECEIVING CALLS - AT LEAST THREE A WEEK. At this point I feel like we are being harassed. I tried calling Princess today after another call was left on our answering machine and they told us they could not do anything on the phone, they can only take post cruise complaints in writing.

Posted by Anonymous


After coming home from our cruise on the Ruby Princess, Feb 29 to Mar. 10 I received a charge on my Visa statement of $163.64. I was not using this credit card on board and I'm not sure what this charge is. It was dated Mar.10 and posted Mar. 14.

My email and my phone

Thank you for your assistance and hope to hear from you soon.

Ilona Ozols

Posted by Anonymous


After coming home from our cruise on the Ruby Princess, Feb 29 to Mar. 10 I received a charge on my Visa statement of $163.64. I was not using this credit card on board and I'm not sure what this charge is. It was dated Mar.10 and posted Mar. 14.

My email is . My booking #DV7DDQ.

Thank you for your assistance and hope to hear from you soon.

Ilona Ozols

Posted by Anonymous

I was on the Feb7 to Feb 14 cruise frm Singapore round trip (Vietnam to Thailand My mariner #is 651580449B. I purchased a rip to the airport,actually there was amix up and Ipurched 2, but money for one was refunded. We were pushed off the ship before 7am But I was taken to a convenuon center where I AS TOD THAT TRIPS TO THE AIRPORT would not start until after my plane departed and I should take a taxi.So I have now spent $29 for the trip plus $20 forthe taxi. Do I have any hope of getting a refund for your bus service.
Trying to find the correct customerservice sit whistling in the wind.

Posted by Hot in January

I cancelled a cruise, and the customer service rep said that I would receive a cancellation notice with all my info including the deposit I would receive in 7 to 10 business days. I received an email with the cancellation but had nothing concerning my deposit. I called them back, and they said it was because they used the wrong code (no deposit refund), so they resubmitted the cancellation. I received exactly the same email with no deposit. I called a third time, and the rep said that it should be there. It still wasn't there. I read the entire cancellation to her. Then she said "you can take it from me, you will get your deposit". She said that for some reason it wasn't including that info on the cancellation. If I don't get my deposit back, I have no info on my cancellation to prove that I was due a deposit. When we hung up, I tried to leave a comment, but it would only take a rating. Not very good customer service.

Posted by Kande

My husband and I just got off the crown princess from Mexico I need to complain and want you to know that the lack of service and understanding in regards to the Lotus spa was terrible it absolutely ruined my cruise her name is Britney as a manager of the Lotus spa I signed up or reserved a spa treatment that was $295 I expected a $295 treatment when in fact it was one of the absolute worst experiences I've ever had and I'm very saddened that I was not approached personally by Britney the manager at the Lotus spa I left the ship with really bad feelings in regards to Lotus spa I'm a gold card holder we were with a company named Old Master Old Master . My husband personally made the reservation for the side of body wrap that was for 100 minutes specially for me and was very unhappy when I explained to him my unhappiness in regards to the treatment the most important part was that nobody cared and nobody asked to sit down with me and speak with me personally in regards to the treatment and my unhappiness of the spa treatment itself is very expensive I've had many amazing spa treatments on the princess and on other cruises but I will never ever book another cruise with princess and as a gold cardholder I feel truly disappointed if you could get back with me I would like to speak personally to somebody about it I did buy product from them which is very expensive The massage was adequate but I expected the wrap to be just that a relaxing wrap and I was constantly being asked not to fall asleep showering in the middle of treatment not once but twice and I'm when I spoke of my diss my concerns I was jaded and I feel really badly about it especially for my husband who gave this Bob treatment to me as a gift I would really appreciate a contact back to me in regards to this complaint

Posted by Star

This is my experience with Princess Cruise Line.I planned a cruise to French Polynesia and spent over $15000.00,I was treated HORRIBLY by this company.They will get you on their boat,give you dirty,dusty accomodations,holes in the lines,dried urine on the bathroom floor,go threw our personal property,steal things,treat you ANYWAY they want to,being incredibly rude,condecending and abusive,make up their own laws,rules etc..,like judge,jury and executioner.This is a floating palace of lawlessness,the captain disconnects himself from his passengers and crew like he is above them.He encouraged gossip with the crew,to the point there was almost physical fights between them.The security is more concerned with bullying the passengers than the safety of the ship.I read ISIS is planning to attack these types of vacations in the future because of the lack of security,and can see why,but I am sure the captain would be safe in his panic room somewhere.I also have pictures of the Pacific Princess dumping wastewater IN PORT in Nuka Hiva Marqueses.This is TOTALLY illegal,they have been reported to the EPA,Friends of the Earth and the coast guard.Please don't patronize this company,you will be sorry.Good luck trying to complain to customer service,that it as big of joke as the Captian Fabrizio.Good luck trying to sue them,even if you win,they will appeal,you will NEVER see a cent!

Posted by BaliBruce

See below that the Cruise sent us information that because of it's timing, has made it impossible to obtain my wife's Canadian visa in time for the cruise departure OR to cancel our cruise with a full refund.

This is the important dated info:
On Nov 1, 2014 make deposit and receive cruise confirmation
On May 20 - make final payment on cruise
May 27 - last day to cancel with full refund
On July 22 - we received an email from the cruise line that contained this passage: "Please be aware that the visa must be obtained regardless of whether you choose to remain onboard or go ashore. Without the visa, you will be denied boarding without refund of the cruise or cruise tour fare". We had assumed, like any normal person, that if she remained on board and did not actually enter Canada that no Visa was required. We saw nothing on the Canadian website that discussed any special visa requirements or limitations for cruise ships stopping in Canada.
On July 23 - We applied for her Canadian Visa on-line.
On July 27 - we received an email with a letter approving her visa with instructions to simply take the letter and her Passport to a Canadian Visa Center (one is in Los Angeles) to obtain her Visa.
On Aug 5 - we went to the Canadian Visa Center in El Segundo (Los Angeles) expecting to have to wait a few hours and then have her Visa and Passport. We were told it could take up to 10 business days to be processed. We asked for special consideration as an Emergency.
On Aug 9 (Sunday), we have determined that even if the Visa was created tomorrow Aug 10 (the day of the sailing) we can not receive the physical visa since we had paid extra for FedEx overnight and the Canadian web site still states 'under consideration'.

NOwhere did I agree to anything or receive any information stating "Please be aware that the visa must be obtained regardless of whether you choose to remain onboard or go ashore. Without the visa, you will be denied boarding boarding without refund of the cruise or cruisetour fare"

IF the cruise line had sent this email even 5 days earlier we would have her visa with no problem. In the future they need to send this email at least 30 days before the cruise date.

We we are simply asking for a full credit from vacationstogo or Princess Cruises for the full price of the cruise for us both plus our round trip air fare from where we live in Bali, Indonesia. We will book another cruise from Singapore next Spring perhaps.

By the way, we had 3 other couples book this same cruise and they are, of course, still going. So vacationstogo and Princess obtained fully paid bookings for 3 other rooms!

How soon will this Credit be created and sent to us?

best, BaliBruce

Posted by Anonymous

We booked a Princess cruise in April 2015. This was our 5th cruise with Princess but this is the first cruise where I booked an airline ticket through the cruise line that was refundable. When this happens, the airfare is paid by the cruise line up front and the passenger is not billed for the airfare until the balance of the cruise is billed. The airline cancelled our flight from the connecting airport to Atlanta. Rather than miss the cruise we ended up driving to Atlanta. I have been dealing with a "Customer Service Rep" named Amber who has provided nothing more than lip service about refunding $95.76 since June 2015. I provided her with documentation over a month ago from Delta that states the refunds were issued to Princess Cruise Lines credit card. No refund as of yet. It is hard to believe that the cruise line would hassle a frequent cruiser for less than $100 when a refund it due. The corporate customer service is poor and unbelievable!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I finished a cruise with Princess cruises, started from Athens Greece and ended at Rome, Italy. we stayed at the Marriot Garden Inn In Rome, I left my luggage at the Hotel, complained about it and up to now no response from the hotel or Princess cruises. Please help me recover my name is Warlito Moises, address

Posted by heyrube

We cruised Tracy Arm on Ruby Princess. Previously we cruised Tracy Arm with Princess and saw the beautiful Sawyer glacier and looked forward to a repeat performance. Cruising Tracy Arm we were anxiously awaiting seeing the glacier when the ship stopped and offloaded passengers on smaller boats to see the glacier. Ruby Princess turned around and left Tracy Arm without a glimpse of the glacier.
When I click on Tracy Arm Fjord in the itinerary it says I will be "treated to views of snow capped mountains and blue-tinged glaciers". No mention of having to buy an additional tour.
The second page says "Tracy Arm Fjord is a narrow winding passage of towering granite walls and waterfalls, at the terminus of which lie the twin Sawyer Glaciers".
Lastly, had I clicked on Ports & Excursions and selected Tracy Arm Cruising I would have been told that I would see the South Sawyer Glacier and "continue on to view the beautiful North Sawyer Glacier which cannot be approached by large cruise ships". That indicates the cruise ship should be able to view the South Sawyer Glacier which we did in 2005 on the Regal Princess.
I wrote the company saying we were owed a partial refund since nowhere did it say the Sawyer glacier view was not included in the cruise as opposed to the pages that touted the glacier as part of cruising Tracy Arm as we did on a previous Princess Cruise.
Over a month after I sent in my complaint I received a call from a representative of Princess who said she understood my concerns but we would not be given any compensation but my letter would be sent forward (buried) in corporate archives.

Do not cruise Tracy Arm with Princess and view any other route claims with skepticism. This is definitely my last cruise with Princess.

Posted by Anonymous

Vacations to go showed at least 20 dates with oceanview cabins over the dates we wanted, so we didn't try to book until last Saturday. Even though every one showed availability, the agent checked each one and none were available. On Sunday I called Princess and was told there were many oceanview cabins for 7/27 EA4 and I could check with my husband and call back on Monday. On Monday I was told there was nothing available on that or any ship from 7/18 - 8/5, 2015. After many, many hours on the phone over several days we finally found a cruisetour with availability on Princess. The agent put a hold on the cabin when we said yes to booking right then and there, and she explained the insurance and taxes. When we said yes to the insurance she stated that the cabin was gone so I spent over an hour with another customer service person who was unable to give me any help, couldn't even waitlist us. That one was 7/30 EB4 cabin 3005. I've spent 10 hours on this already. Yes, I should have booked sooner, but the Vacations to go site assured me that there were many sailings available for these Alaska Cruisetours, To this day they show lots of availability, when Princess will tell you there are none.

Posted by Anonymous

I mailed a letter to Princess Cruises president Jan Swartz serve real weeks ago about our concerns about the very poor embarking of our last two Princess Cruses from San Francisco. How long does it take to respond?

Posted by Anonymous

ive been home from my 7 day Caribbean cruise for 10 days and still have yet to hear from a rep. I am annoyed now that my BED BUG issue has been ignored. ive sailed princess 5 times and have been ignored. this is a health issue that needs to be addressed.

lynn odonnell

Posted by Bea Haggerty-Mills

This email to their President says it all.


I had my first cruise with Princess and was in heaven in March of 2014. I thought this was one of many to come with your company for my husband and I until I had to deal with your customer service people a few months ago when I book another cruise. We decided to go on another cruise line after that. I thought I would give your company another shot and just not deal with the customer service line, but my booking somehow got cancelled and I HAD to call them. Once again... they were rude. Verlina should NEVER be allowed to speak with anyone in a customer service capacity and the other rep that she transferred me to was completely uninterested in the fact that my booking got cancelled somehow after paying for it online with my card. There is some type of glitch in your system and I am sure the technical people would like to know about this issue and fix it, but no one seemed remotely interested in hearing about it or listening to my frustrations. I lost my cool with Verlina and can only imagine how elderly people might feel if they got stuck talking to her or the customer service line.

If you are interested in my previous experiences and would like to understand WHY we will not cruise with princess after this next cruise, feel free to contact me. I wanted to send this, because I would want this feedback if I was working hard to make a company successful just to have it undermined by rude reps in my customer service department.

Bea Haggerty-Mills

Posted by Anonymous

Brisbane to New Zealand Cruise 30/12/14
William and Jessie Neill aged 86 & 84

To whom it may concern,

My parents are back from their cruise, unfortunately it was a night mare, both became very ill with influenza, which included a $861.14 medical bill.
Both of them were confined to the room for 4 days with no services, eg. beds were not made, no fresh water, it took 3 hours to get a menu one day and an other few hours for the food,
As you know my parents are elderly I would have thought they deserved a bit better treatment, as specially as they were not sick before boarding the cruise, they are still not well and have been to their local doctor twice all ready since returning.
Pricesses Cruises did email me to say they were fumigating the ship as there had been a lot of sickness on board, obviously they didn't do it properly.
Certainly will not be travelling with them again.

Kind regards
Glenda McMillan (Daughter)

Posted by upgradednexttothewasheteria

My recent experience with Princess Cruises customer service left me feeling that they really don't care to correct customer issues even if the issue was caused by their affiliated entities. I spent 3 days working with a Princess Travel Agent pouring over the deck plan and picking the perfect cabin up on the Lido deck near the pool and the spa (mostly because my boyfriend is somewhat claustrophobic) only to have it "upgraded" to a lower floor near the washeteria because I failed somehow to convey that I did not want my room change even though I was never informed that that was even a possibility. I would think if you wanted an upgrade you would have to ASK for one. When I called customer service I was told there was nothing they could do because now all of the cabins on the level I CHOSE are taken. I don't feel that the 3 people I spoke with including the supervisor were very sympathetic to our situation - mostly because they said that they emailed me one notice and I was supposed to discern from all of their other junk mail emails that THIS one was important. I will not book another Princess Cruise due to this snafu. Making their customers happy and satisfied is obviously not their concern.

Posted by Val

the virus that went around the Dawn princess completely ruined our cruise, we have to re consider the future cruise that we have booked with princess . They were not carefull enough with the buffet meals when they had so many passengers sick on board . not good enough when you spend so much money .
it took my husband and myself 2 lots of antibotics and 10 days to recover

Posted by Buyer Beware!

I worked two jobs to buy my mother and her husband a 7 day cruise to Mexico. When we were notified that the cruise was to leave on Sunday night at 8 pm instead of the scheduled 1 pm Saturday, I was very upset because they would not refund the money for the shortened trip. They classified this as a "change of itinerary" not a complete cancellation of two days! They also cancelled the port stop at Puerto Vallarta - one of the advertised destinations. When I called customer (no) service, "Lauren" told me (in a condescending tone of voice) that the only way I could get my money back was after the cruise was over and it would not be refunded to me, but it would be given to my parents on the ship. I had already given them cash to spend, and asked that the money be refunded to my visa card that was originally used to book the cruise. I was now transferred to her supervisor, "Mary" who told me this was not possible. The money would only go to "onboard credit" and would only be refunded to my parents even though they did not pay for the cruise. She did however, tell me that the advance payment on the shore excursion would be refunded to my credit card. (Now I have been on the phone for over an hour) "Mary" again asked me to wait on hold (no reason given), and after 15 minutes, told me that the money would not be refunded to my credit card, but would be given to "onboard credit" and if I wanted the money back, I would have to talk to my parents. She hung up on me before I could ask any questions, "It was a pleasure speaking to you...." click.

So now I again called back, and was disconnected three times....

If a company cannot refund money to the customer who paid for the cruise, when that company is responsible for canceling several days and destinations in their cruise, a refund is in order! They were more than happy to take the money, but once they have it, good luck getting anything back!

Add your review!

Posted by satisfied

My partner and I were on the Nov25/15 sailing of the Grand Princess from San Francisco to the Hawaiian Islands. Unfortunately, mechanical issues forced the cancellation of 3 of 4 scheduled ports of call. The Captain and crew handled the situation extremely well, keeping us informed and improvising a radically revised itinerary. The company offered generous compensation and did so quickly, not begrudgingly. Their astute handling turned what could otherwise have been a serious customer-relations disaster into a positive outcome. Everyone we talked to thought the treatment was very fair in the circumstances. The embarkation/disembarkation process was the best we've experienced anywhere. Well done!

Posted by Anonymous

On 1-20-2015 I was in contact with "Michelle" from Customer Relations. This had been in reference to a compliant I had filed regarding a negative incounter on a previous Princess cruise. Michelle was more that helpful and totaly assured me that even minor complaints are not overlooked and forgotten. I was totally at ease in talking with her. She even offered us some compensation to the unfortunate experience we had encounter on that cruise. Not anticipating any reoccurrances of negativity I am totally confident that should that ever happen again I would definetly feel comfortable in recontacting Michelle. She represents Princess Cruises in a very professional manner.

Posted by Lise

My husband and I took a British Isles cruise this past May. On the day before disembarkation, my
husband broke his dentures at breakfast. We saw the doctor on board to get a referral to a dentist at port. He said to leave it with him, he would fix it. That evening at dinner, the dentures broke again, and later we received a bill for 170$US. We were quite upset, especially after living a fabulous cruise experience. There was nothing the ship could do, but they suggested we write to the company and explain our case. We did just that upon returning home. We mailed a letter to the head office in California and within 2 week, we received a very polite letter from a lady in the claims department stating that our case had been reviewed and that we would be reimbursed the full amount on our credit card. Our card was fully credited within 2 months. Happy customers. We
are very pleased with Princess service. We will not hesitate to cruise with them again. Thank you Princess.
PS We couldn't reach them by e-mail for some reason.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank your employee, Alex Clontz, for the wonderful help he gave me in completing my information for my Western Caribbean trip on the Princess. He was patient, polite and very helpful with all my questions for completing all the information necessary for my upcoming cruise. Again, my thanks to Alex!

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you, Princess Cruises for having such wonderful staff on board the Star Princess!! I took an Alaska cruise out of Seattle, Washington September 7, 2013. All of the staff was outstanding. Unfortunately, I do not have the names of all of the staff members, however, I would like to give special thanks and recognizition to the following: my Cabin Steward, Franco. I was in cabin E231. Franco was the best Cabin Steward I have ever had ~ kind, friendly, efficient, remembered my name and addressed me as such from the first hour I was on board until I disembarked. Jimmy, Michael, Antonio/Anthony,(all in the diningroom around table 165), and Vldamire, also in the dining room. They made the cruise so special with their excellent service and wonderful personalities. Sarah and Anna in the jewelry store were fantastic! They added such a special touch with their friendliness and interest in my cruise. The staff at Passenger Services were always kind and helpful. Security Personnel were kind, polite and made me feel very well taken care of. Also, this was the first time I had left from Seattle. The people at the pier are to be commended. Everything was so well organized and moved along so quickly ~ I was most impressed. What a wonderful way to begin and end a cruise. All in all, it was most enjoyable ~ and that was do, in most p art, to the outstanding people on the Princess staff! It amazes and impresses me so much that they are all able to maintain such pleasant personalities, constant smiles, helpful and upbeat attitudes while constantly dealing with tourist. I thank you from the bottom of my heart ~ each and every one of you. Please give special thanks and recognizition to those I have listed ~ they certainly deserve it! If you have some kind of "Outstanding Employee" program ~ I would like very much to know how I could nominate them. You have my address I file, I am sure. If there are any questions, or if I can provide addition information, please let me know. Sincerely, ML Coyner

Posted by Anonymous

I cruised Princess to Alaska, and I would recommend, the Golden Princess to all my friends, very fun voyage, food was spectacular, people were great, cabins were perfect in staterooms. I would like to see a all inclusive, drink package offered for, a reasonable price for passengers in the future, would make cruise more enjoyable. Thanks again. David McBroom

Posted by Lynn

I just finished a 10 day cruise to the Carib and took a 14 day cruise to Hawaii in December. I realize that because of the economy everyone is cutting back, Princess being no different. Still yet they did a fabulous job taking care of us. The people who leave negative feedback should cruise NCL. They will change their mind about Princess.

Posted by PETE & FRANK

I am writting to inform Linda Farnsworth of the excellent response I have received from Meralyn in customer services. I explained the situation of adjoining state rooms for myselph and my brother. She returned my call within the hour with positive results. It is the positive attitude of employees like Meralyn that makes Princess what it is. Thank you again Meralyn. PETE & FRANK

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