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Posted by Disappointed

The Glenmont Price Chopper is badly in need of management attention. The desk and store employees in general are very good but the fish case today was unappealing, not well displayed and a lot of the fish looks old. This is the routins and not the exception. The deli dept is slow as can be always. The store looks dirty. Lived in Glenmont 34 years and this store now seems to get the bottom of the barrel in produce, much of which is overripe 2 days after purchase. We choose to shop mainly st SlingerlsndsPC, Delmar Hannaford or Slingerlands Shop Tite because of quality and cleanliness. The Golub’s certainly can and should do better.

Posted by [email protected]

What happen to stouffier grilled chicken and vegatables your p.c brand chiken alfredo taste bad.put this product back because i will go else where.Madison ave price chopper

Posted by Anonymous

I am pissed off. I came to return a carpet cleaner after work. And it is closed no one knows how to do it? Seriously now I am being charged another day. I don't have money for that. And no one was willing to help me awful service by the staff. Awful!+! This is manchester ct location please respond to me asap about this.

Posted by Anonymous

Conn.has a consumer protection law that says if an item rings up higher than tag price you get that item for free. I do check for expired tags and take them off and stick them on to the product.I have been doing it for over 2yrs.the employees know me and usually say hi.on 11/14 I went in and was met by Kayce,front manager,who told me not to pull the tags when I check out someone will go back and get them. I said it would hold up the line,she shrugged her shoulders,oh and I started shopping when Shelby S. started following us. she went ahead to the next aisle and told another employee to look for expired tags, loud enough for us to we shopped other employees were watching us,never an aisle,in the next one I could hear Kayce tell employees to look at the tags. one girl was responding to her ok.she came into the aisle we were in she walked past me then quickly turned around,looked in my cart then went back to talk to Kayce. very rude and disturbing. when we finished we went to check out.rang out my purchases. I had 6 expired tagged items, 5 in one display and 1 a few rows away. I asked for Albert S.,he was incharge,he called for Shelby S. to get the tags. I turned to speak to a customer who asked what was going on. as I was explaining the law I heard my mom say"do your job" I turned and said "mom,what?" she said that Shelby said she wasn't going because she didn't have time. Albert was speaking with a women behind the customer service desk I said do I have to go get them? he said Shelby was going. the customer service women yelled over "take him" she put my 6 items aside and started ringing the customer behind me out. he was telling me how the employees all over the store have many times been rude to him,he checked out and wished me luck. I stood in line when another customer came up the cashier started ringing them up and I said I was next as Shelby had come back,after close to 20mins. she ignored me. I said excuse me loudly. Albert S. came over and told Shelby do go to an empty register. we did and she started filling out forms for each item,6. it took her close to 5 mins. they were each rude and hoping if they dragged it out I would just leave. next time I go in I will ask for the manager and tell him if it happens again I will file a harassment claim against Price Chopper.

Posted by Pophi

First, let me say that I truly love the Price Chopper on W.75th. I literally live 10 minutes from the store, so the convenience is wonderful. I visited the bakery department Monday October 31st, around 3:30 in the afternoon. I wanted to place 2 cake orders. The guy working at the time was "Clinton". Clinton seem to be a nice enough guy, but not customer service friendly or knowledgeable. I wanted to purchase two 1/2 sheet cakes for an Anniversary party. I was wanted a strawberry and 1 carrot cake. I was told by Clinton carrot cakes are only made round and I said I needed a sheet cake. He again informed me that the baker only makes round cakes. Besides being disappointed in that news, he never spoke above a whisper which was very nerve racking you could hardly hear him speaking at all and. I felt I was intruding on his time. His customer service skills leaves little to be desired. So I took my business to Hy-Vee. The customer service was fantastic and helpful. I ordered my two 1/2 sheet cakes. One strawberry and the other carrot cake, "not round" but a half sheet carrot cake, with suggestions on icing and decorations. I was actually working with a professional. Sorry to say that it wasn't at Price Chopper.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been very disappointed in the service I've received at your deli in the Middletown CT store recently. This past Sunday I watched as a young man who worked there was working the deli counter by himself with 5+ customers waiting and no one was available to help him. To be honest I commend the young man simply for the fact that he didn't just walk away. I went to the customer service desk and let them know what was going on and they tried to get a hold of someone to help him with no result. I left the store, went to my local stop and shop who had 4 people working the counter and was in and out within minutes. Today, once again the same situation. One person trying to wait on 5 customers with no help. I didn't waste my time with customer service, I simply left the store. I've spent thousands of dollars in the Middletown, CT store and am pretty disgusted that Price chopper treats its employees in such a way and also extremely dissatisfied that the staffing is so poor.

Posted by pelotapete

well you have lost a good steady customer in me and my family. your store practices are bad at best. 1st one...i was shopping in your southington ct. store and at the butchers refridgerated meat display had 2 wrapped angus tenderloins with a plastic price sign sticking in each one with the special sale price of 44.99 PER POUND.. i told the butcher i would take them both, that, that was a great price. he said no doubt !! but when he was takeing them out of the cooler he was saying they are $14.99 a pound. i said NO THEY AREN'T LOOK AT THE MARKED PRICE !! he said that was an error !!! i said ..well it is marked that price, and i want to purchase them at marked price. he told me to go to hell !!! he was not going to sell them for that price. and if i don't like it take him to court !!!

2nd- i am out of work on worker's compensation, had surgery, got a pain medication at the pharmacy. they said my authorisation voucher was exspired at the end of june
so i had to pay $15 for my meds.
the next day i had a message on my phone explaining that there was an error made and they had a $15 refund for me. when i got there they tried to hand me a price ckopper gift card for $15 i asked how do i get my $15 off this card? they told me you can't you must spend it in the store ! n i said i paid in cash. you phoned me and told me you had a refund for me. HOW IS IT YOU CAN CHOOSE WHERE AND HOW I SPEND MY MONEY!!! they told me it is company policy. I SPEND AT LEAST $300 A WEEK IN THAT STORE !!! NOT ANYMORE !!! YOU DO NOT WANT FAITHFUL CUSTOMERS.. YOU JUST WANT A PLACE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PAYING PUBLIC !!! i await your response to my complaint here. i will wait 2 days, after that i go public !! on the internet and a sign on my cars telling how poor your stores outlook on customers really is.

Posted by Wendora

I got three prescriptions filled at Price Chopper in Matamoras, PA in May 2016. The co pay on each is $25. When I called to ask the price of 30 pills of one of the prescriptions, they told me $12.00. I do not understand why they would charge me double of what it should be. They should have noticed this an NOT RUN this one through my UHC/Oxford plan. If they are under a gag order by a big insurance company to keep their mouths shut, that is a pity. After going to Rite Aid and getting the pills for 9.99 and being told I can get 90 days for $15.99, there is no way I will be using UHC's mail order pharmacy at $40.00 a month. By acting in concert with an insurance company, you have now lost all my pharmacy business.

Posted by Anonymous

I was just in the Price Chopper on Merle Hay Road in Des Moines. There were huge sandwiches made with entire loaves of bread and filled with cold cuts and cheese sitting out on tables and unrefrigerated. I expressed concern to an employee and he said they'd only been out an hour or two. I told him that food safety experts advise not leaving food out for more than an hour. He seemed to dismiss my comments. I wonder how much longer these sandwiches will be sitting out? Does the store hope to sell large amounts of Pepto Bismal and anti-diarrhea medicines in the next couple of days? How safely does the store deal with other products I might be purchasing? I don't have a lot of confidence in Price Chopper now.

Posted by Anonymous

To Whom it May Concern: I was in your Market 32 store on Park Ave. in Clifton Park several weeks ago. I had a hard time trying to find the plastic bag recycling area. After walking around the whole store I approached Kimberly M. in frozen foods. She told me how to get to the recycling area which was OUTSIDE THE STORE which meant I had to go outside in the freezing cold to get rid of the bags. I thought I was being a good citizen by helping the environment doing this. I didn't know I would have to make an extra trip. Fortunately for me, I asked Kimberly M. for the directions. She said "I'll take care of the bags for you" and she did much to my relief. Thank you Kimberly M. for helping a good citizen.

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing to you regarding your price chopper in morrisville vermont.
1. You do not have enough help in the store. every time we go in there it is very busy. Only two
cash registers were open. one express 20 people in line. one regular register with 6 people in
line carts packed full.
2 the girl in the deli smacks gum that is not professional. They spend to much time laughing
amongst them selves and their friends in line.
3 i can tell the employees their are not happy.they need help.
4 I did talk to the manager and he did nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

I was just in your Middletown Ct store. I was looking for canning lids and caps. When I went into the seasonal isle all there was Christmas displays. I asked a cashier why that was and she said that Christmas displays are seasonal which I understand but where are the canning supplies. I did ask her that and she said they didn't have that product. Now I have to drive all the way to Cromwell to get it. I'm very disappointed

Posted by Anonymous

I was shopping at your clifton park, 15 park ave store at approximately 4:15 today Sunday. I was waiting in the deli for 15 min, although the number display was working it was not being used. I asked the deli associate "male" what number they were on he said 97, I told him I could not hear him and said I was #6. There was 4 young workers who were disorganized, talking to each other, slow, and appeared to be angry. My # was skipped as again I could not hear them call out. When I told him I was skipped he shrugged his shoulders and the young girl next to him took someone else. I spoke to Joseph P. Grocery mgr who was on his way out. I told him what happened and that this is not the first time like this at the deli and a mgr or babysitter is needed. He said there are no comment cards and I could go on line. He too acted as though this is the new normal at price chopper . No one offered to fix the situation or had anything to say. I went to hannafords and was waited on quickly and efficiently. What has happened to my price chopper!!!

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