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Posted by Steven

Customer service is non-existent. Can't get a human to answer a question regarding putting line back on the spool. This is really sad. Buy a Stihl, you get what you pay for. This weed wacker is a piece of junk.

Posted by Peter

This is the worst customer service number I have ever encountered. I have a Poulon chainsaw that is out of warranty and had a question about fixing it. I tried option #2 for technical questions but there is no way to get a live person. When I pressed 0 for an operator, it goes to an employee's voicemail. ?????? I will never buy another Poulon product again!

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service line sucks, worst I've ever called. Will never
buy a Poulan product, can't get to a live person.

Posted by Anonymous

worst company in trying to get a live person. Never purchasing a product from this company again and am returning this to Lowes and making sure their corporate office knows why

Posted by Anonymous

Brand new snow blower missing a spring. Called customer services and was told it was on back order and would be a couple weeks. It's been a month. Took me 4 calls and an hour and of being put on hold and constantly disconnected before I could get someone to finally tell me it will take another week or so for it to make it to me. Seriously??? What horrible customer service! And not even an apology!!! Wow. We only buy from companies with good customer service so I cannot recommend Poulan to stand behind their products.

Posted by Anonymous

why in this day and age you cant make a key start chain saw. my huband is 78 and still uses a chain saw but has a very hard time pulling the cord.it takes quite a few pulls and he is worn out by the time he gets it started.reply

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get into a live person on your customer service line for two solid days. My questions cannot be answered by any of your FAQs or your myriad of online prompts. Please have someone call me immediately (I am in Hawaii) This cannot be solved online. Thank you.

Inette Miller

Posted by Chainsaw

Have questions why my Poulenc chainsaw will not start

No on answers phone

Posted by Anonymous

Have 3 poulan pro 295. 2 of the 3 have a busted break. The third probably will to. Why? Will you stand behind your product?

Posted by Bill t.

I have a Poulan 4218 AVX chain saw, the worst investment in a chain saw I've ever made. The extrusion molded plastic fuel cap leaks like siev, it offers so much resistance because of the massive surface area of threads on the cap that you need to use a vise grips (literally) to screw and un-screw the cap. Also since the surface that the gasket of the cap should seat on is indented and slopes downward there is no way you are ever going to get good seal, and this is not to mention the fact that the cap is oriented to side instead upright; DUH! But my real problem is that the cap to chain bar oil reserve is the same incompetant design, and must have stripped off it's threads and now loosely turns either clockwise or counter clockwise but can't be removed.

I don't know what kind two year community college industrial design program it was that yourt C- armature engineers graduated from, but you'd think they be able to see the flaws in this design. Alas, I see that you are still using the same design in your new models - not that I would ever buy another one of your products. In fact, if I find the time, I'm thinking of putting up a YouTube video chronicling my miserable experience with your badly design product, maybe I'll smash the piece of junk with a sledge hammer at th end for dramatic effect, in hopes that video will go viral .

Done with poulan for life.

Bill t.

Posted by pgrant 1779

POULAN HUSQVANA warrenty it a joke bought a weed whacker on us for about 1 and half had problems with it went to atore that sell there brand the clark said we were 7 ones who having same problem could would help any one to to am dealer was told by him see the dumster that where it need to go call poulan got the run around told to take to dealer 2 hours away ask if they were goung to pay for my time gas for a product warrenty also ask who was the ceo presdent of the company in us told they could tell me why your that embrass of poulan junk you sell

Posted by Beaver

Purchased a $ 169.00 Poulan Pro 18" chainsaw with a 2 year warranty from Home Depot August 2014 worked fine until August 2015. Went to start it the started hub doesn't enage the motor so I took it to a local authorized service center. I was given some lame excuse that it most likely wouldn't be covered by warranty? I ask what good is a 2 year warranty if you're not going to cover it, was told that's what poulan said. I called poulan 800-554-6723 only to be told the service center makes that decision. Hey poulan your an American company that doesn't stand behind your product. Note to the wise stay far away from their products!!!! All this for a $15.00 part?

Posted by UNHAPPY

We purchased a 21" 3 in 1 Poulan lawn mower from Menards. The 1st time used, the mover stopped and would not restart. A very small portion of the yard was mowed, leaving 3/4 or more left. We took it back to Menards who directed us to repair shop, NOT EXCHANGE. This was the first issue as a this is UNACCEPTABLE not to replace the mower. They stated that Poulan company stated that if gas was put in the mower, it had to be repaired, not replaced. That's ridiculous! We took the mower to get repaired and the part was ordered. ONE WEEK LATER THE PART RECEIVED WAS BROKEN. We now have extremely long grass that a mower could not even get through and not resolution in sight. Contact hours for this company are during work day only and other numbers given by Menards, do not get through due to storms in Chicago. I am so very disappointed in the LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE AND LACK OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!!! DON'T BUY A POULAN.

Posted by bucdano

I CAN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SERVICE.....THERE'S NONE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!!!!!!! JEEZ. I have bought an 18 inch Poulan PRO chainsaw. The on/off swith appears to be frozen in place. It doesn't move in any direction. The choke lever will pull out but not stay fully open. Unit will not start!! Can somebody call me with some help. Phone is . Thank you!!

Posted by Canyoubelievethis

Purchased a Poulan Pro PP325 17-inch weed trimmer on July 8th. delivered on July 10th. I could not get it started. Called Pulan service and followed their instructions (basically reading the owners manual to me) and still nothing. Changed plug and that did not help. Called again and they gave me the name of a service dealer. Dropped it of on July 14th. After two weeks I checked and they say it is an issue with the carb and they submitted the paperwork. Call Poulan customer service who says they will check into and get back to me. They never did. I called again and went around and around with them and they finally tell me the service dealer must not have followed the proper protocol. Checked back with the service dealer who said they have done everything. Called Poulan customer service again and was given the same story. Asked to talk to a supervisor and was sent to voice mail. Called the next day and they gave me a ticket number and said they would expedite my call giving it high priority and transferred me. Talked to this group and am now told they will not cover it because it is a stale fuel problem (after two more return calls to get some answers). I have multiple weed trimmers, blowers, and chain saw, some of which are Poulan products, that are all working using the same fuel I put into this trimmer. At most, that fuel may have been 30 days old. So - I spent $170 on a new weed trimmer that NEVER STARTED. The dealer said they can put in a new carburetor for $60 plus the part. Great. Is this how Poulan backs up their products?

Posted by [email protected]

I purchased one of you weekeaters, and the first time I used it the air filer feel off, the next year the head when flying off shaft came out and almost hit me in the legs. Te shaft was cut off right at the top of real. Very unsafe piece of equipment, How do I get it fixed or replaced. Being a senior, I don't have the money to buy new. The credit union has the transaction of my card when I bought it and I filled out the warranty on the computer so you know that I am the owner. Bought it 8/3/14 at Big r Spokane Wa, now north 40 store and they can not help me. Thank you Ed

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Poulan hedge trimmer 25HHT nothing but problems from the day I purchased it.
Choke lever made out of plastic replaced 3 times already, muffler fell off 3 times last time lost the bolts ordered new ones only to have muffler fall off again. Small metal heat deflector broke off this machine is junk.
I see that Poulan has discontinued it guess what? I know why its JUNK>

Posted by TOM

I Expected Better From A Company With Your Reputation And I Thought Quailty !!!!!! You Just Never Know

Posted by Kurt

Some Poulan P3314 and other chainsaws have a manufacturers defect in their crankshafts (Part no. 545112901)
The crankshafts have their shafts pressed into the balance weights and do not have enough clearance for the connecting rod. The rod to shaft contact produces steel metal shavings that destroy the piston and cylinder. It has the appearance of damage caused by lubrication, heat, or carbon issues, but this is not always the case.
I have seen one 2013 model year P3314 that has a different crankshaft where the shaft and counterweight is forged as one piece and eliminates this problem but it looks like a Husqvarna style part and no Poulan part number I've found shows this crankshaft style. Three other P3314's from 2012 and 2013 model years purchased at the same time had the interference crankshafts.

Posted by Edof

So Poulan has adopted the Customer 'care less' Service. Called today to discuss an issue with my year and a half old 4218avx chain saw with average hours of use. Couldn't believe the level of disinterest and lack of assistance offered by the rep.
My fault completely for not having my Lowes receipt but basically without that Poulan will not help me at all. To the point the woman became a bit rude. So I guess they don't stand behind their product at all and I am not going to chase chain brake parts and spend money on this product. When the saw ran it did OK, not great, but the brake assembly basically melted and the metal parts were shaved down so obviously something is amiss. I'm sure I will just end up throwing this thing out and buying a better brand saw. One thing for sure is I will never buy Poulan again. I have sent a letter to the Charlotte location but after my phone experience and reading other posts I don't expect any results, sadly.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 30 inch poulan snow blower/ w/ electric start 11/18 14 today is 2/14/15 it wont start electrically and the rope wont even pull out its like the engine is seized CRAPPY MACHINE I WOULD RECOMMED TO NEVER BUY ONE

Posted by FYI

Regarding Poulan P3314 chainsaws and others.

There is an internal manufacturing flaw in some Poulan engines that is causing the internal destruction of these engines. However it seems to be going unnoticed because it has the same appearance as damage caused by improper fuel mix or overheating and the diagnoses stops there.

The defect is this: The crankshaft assembly "shafts" and others) which are pressed into the counter weights are allowed to protrude past the face of the counterweight into the connecting rod space. The newer style forged connecting rods (not the earlier narrow rods) are wide enough to interfere with the protruding shaft ends. The rod end wears against the edge of the shaft end and actual steel slivers and bits are released inside the crankcase. It looks like the damage done by overheating, fuel/oil mixture issues, or carbon scoring. The problem is being misidentified and in some cases not warrantied and the customer is without recourse.

Once I discovered this, after seeing steel metal shavings in the crankcase and locating the source, I've since identified this as being the actual cause of failure in at least five P3314 saws.

My local Poulan services were no help and "lost" a sample crankshaft I left with them after seeing and acknowledging the problem. They regard them as throw away saws and not worth their trouble to deal with.

Posted by Kurt

Poulan P3314 and others, Engineering take note
There is a manufacturing flaw in some Poulan engines that seems to be going unnoticed that is causing the
internal destruction of these engines.

The defect is this: In the crankshaft (P/N 545112901 and others) the shafts which are pressed into the counter weights are allowed to protrude past the face of the counterweight into the connecting rod space. The newer style forged connecting rods (not the earlier narrow stamped rods) are wide enough to interfere with the protruding shaft ends. The rod end wears against the shaft ends and actual steel slivers and bits are released inside the crankcase. It looks like the damage done by overheating, fuel/oil mixture issues, or carbon scoring. The problem is being misidentified in some cases, not warrantied and the customer is without recourse.

Our most recent purchase was three P3314 saws in late 2012. All three saws lost compression an failed within a few weeks time. Scoring of the cylinder walls appears like operator misuse, right? Scoring of the intake port side was unexpectedly observed as well.
I called Poulan customers service who referred me to my local Poulan service center. They were no help after several months and lost or neglected to return my used offending part sample. Poulan has no direct contact like other companies, that's why you are reading this here. I hope Poulan see's this and chooses to correct the problem.

Posted by Hoping-for-part

Good Afternoon, I purchased the Poulan Pro PR241 on November 7, 2014. I was excited to get this blower because my friends recommended Poulan as a company that stands by it's products. I was snowblowing my drive the second time this year in January and the blower broke. I took it to Roy's General Store in Traverse City, they looked at the blower and ordered the part needed. After 3 weeks of waiting they tell me the part is on back order until March. Since then, I have had to have my drive plowed 3 times costing $90. I called Poulan customer service and they said they could not do anything to speed up the process. Things are tight for me and my boys, I am a single dad and the cost of ownership on this blower has frustrated me. This is a new snowblower. Please help, we are getting more snow and I am in need of having my snow blower fixed.

Mark Fink

Posted by NeverBuyPoulan

Purchased a Poulan Pro Leaf Blower from Walmart with extended warranty. After roughly a year, the Blower stopped working. Great, No Problem, I purchased the extended warranty and after visiting website and entering my ZIP code, it tells me there is a authorized dealer in my town. I live in Stamford CT and their map listed Stamford NY. Called customer service and they gave me numbers for HW stores in the area that sell Poulon products, however do not do repairs. Do not bother with these guys, they are not worth the aggrevation

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