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Pottery Barn customer service is ranked #343 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 37.23 out of a possible 200 based upon 255 ratings. This score rates Pottery Barn customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


233 Negative Comments out of 255 Total Comments is 91.37%.


22 Positive Comments out of 255 Total Comments is 8.63%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Pottery Barn

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 37.23 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 233 negative comments (91.37%)
    • 22 positive comments (8.63%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
    • 3.3 Reachability
    • 2.3 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

No one is picking up the phone for phone orders

Posted by Ella

We got a table, and just click the delivery button 10 mins later, we decide we want a smaller table, and we were told we have to receive it and order a return pick up, all costed us 300 dollars. Worst costumer service I have ever been through.

Posted by Ralphdavis5

I ordered 2 blankets that were on sale. I immediately tried to cancel. They would not let me. The order was not even prossessed yet. Come to find out no exchange or refund because it was on sale. I am stuck with them. Also, they charge outrageous prices. Then put them on sale and won't honor the difference if you just purchased. Pottery barn is a name only. I don't like them or how they do business. Paying off my card and shutting it down. Won't purchase another product from them.

Posted by Jackie

I WAS given a price adjustment on something I ordered and hadn't yet received which was great. Amount to be refunded was around $40. Having said that, it's been two months now and still no refund. I have called on 5 different occasions to ask about the refund. Person on the phone says that they are not sure why the refund hasn't gone through yet. They then push a lot of keys on a computer, put me hold, etc. and then tell me they have rushed it to the attention of an approving supervisor and to wait about a week and it should show up on my Visa. And then..... NOTHING. On the last phone call, I asked if I could speak to a supervisor or if there is someone I could speak to as I would like to complain. Answer - nope, there is no one you can speak to. WTF. Has this happened to anyone else?

Posted by unhappy

I ordered 6 pillows yesterday and they went on sale today. I called to get price adjustment and they won't adjust at all.. this is ridiculous! Unheard of these days.. Please change this awful policy.

Posted by sherryarmentor

I purchased a mini teepee on line from your store in December 2017. The item was back ordered and did not arrive until December 21, 2017. My son returned the item (unopened) to your store in Frisco, Texas on 1/6/18. On that day, my son was told that the amount would appear on my Amex statement in 5 days. I recently noticed that only $60.22 had been credited back to me. Yesterday, I received a Pottery Barn Gift certificate for 94.58. I did not want a store credit as I had complied with your store policy for refunds. I would like to talk to someone about this.

Posted by Gerie

I'm so tired of buying merchandise while a sale is advertised and being promised the sale price just to be charged full price !I bout a thousand dollars worth of bedding !I could have gone to the store and got it at the sale price but the operator told me she assured me I would get the sale price plus free shipping Which was supposed to be free ! I'm done with companies that make me spend !y entire evening on the phone trying to straighten things out ! I'll return it all !Now I'm on hold and no one is answering the phone surprise surprise !You spend all your employees time trying to rip off your costomers !

Posted by Susan

Back in 2002 I ordered a couch from Pottery Barn and they delivered the wrong couch weeks later (was not the sofa bed I had ordered). I recall it was one of the most stressful demeaning and frustrating experiences ever with a retail company. So I should have remembered this when I ordered a duvet cover from them this past Sunday (marked down with price ending in .99 which means it can't be returned). The very next morning I realized I had an extra duvet cover in storage that I'd forgotten about. I immediately called to cancel the order, and was told that it might not be possible but because it was already the next day and they had to contact the verndor. Lo and behold, Thursday (4 days after placing the order), I get an email that the order has shipped! (Even though the original order was to have arrived today! Didn't ship til today so obviously they just delayed it.) And they had 3 full days to cancel it, and didn't even bother. Pottery Barn is still the same unethical company they were from the very beginning. Sad to see nothing has changed. I hope they sink and go out of business, but they overcharge for crap to begin with and there are enough consumers to keep their dismal company afloat. What a bunch of thieves. Never again. Screw you Pottery Barn.

Posted by Faye Waters

I have been trying to resolve a problem with my order since December 11. I have not been able to get anyone to help with it. I ordered my furniture on September 6,2017. This is very poor customer service. I will not be purchasing anything again from Pottery Barn . Just hope I can get this straighten out.

Posted by Anonymous

Received my order and on time for the holidays although missing one item:85-5006689 PB Red German "J". Ordered 2 only 1 in box.

Posted by Carolebugatti

The worst. I call and call -there is no way you can get through to a person. Beyond frustrating. I have no recourse at this time becausecitciscacspecisl order even though I called an hour after placing the order to change the color. How do they stay in business I have never experienced the s before anywhere not even close. do not buy anything online at Pottery Barn!

Posted by Anonymous

I received my invoice on my email for a purchase and it said


The amount posted on my visa at the bank was 1300.

please help me correct this order.

thank you

Posted by judyloring

Very disappointed in Pottery Barn policy. I purchased a Hendrix desk and file cabinet. The price on my purchase went down about $160 shortly after the furniture was delivered. I called yesterday to inquire about a price adjustment and was told Pottery Barn does not offer this. Took me about 45 minutes waiting on hold to get this unsatisfactory response.
Compare to my experience today with Macy's...similar situation and they did a price adjustment right over the phone this morning. No questions asked.

Posted by [email protected]

I ttryed to Oder 2 coffee mugs .. don�t know if order went through. Please let me know

were sent to Las Vegas Nevada

Posted by [email protected]

I have tried to reach your customer service several times since I placed my order on November 1. The order had the wrong shipping address when I received the receipt. Instead of being able to change the destination immediately, I received error messages and an hour wait when I finally got through to a person - two days later. I tried to call several times, but after 45 minute waits I was vey frustrated. By then the order was "in the works" and obviously impossible to change. I even called a local store (Washington Square, Tigard Oregon) The lady called me back and said the order had been changed to the correct address: A bathrobe and slippers

Where is this order? If you shipped it to Kari and Houston Mooers, they are aware of this mistake and will probably give it to me. However, as of today I have not heard or been able to track this order. I think you have the worst customer service of any company I have ordered from and will never order anything from your website again.

Posted by Julie

Pottery Barn is overpriced and their cancellation and exchange policy is ridiculous in the year 2017 they better get a glove and get in the game or they will be following suit of other companies.

Posted by A gift

Returns and refunds? Ha! I made a purchase and the price never showed to give me the option of whether I wanted to pay that amount or not. When I realized the cost was fifty dollars for a thirty dollar item (and the coupon did not work) I decided to cancel the order. I called PBK within five minutes and guess what, they refused to cancel it. This item is a baby gift. What am I supposed to wait for the recipient to receive it and have them send it back because I got ripped off! I will never shop with this company again!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased six red white and blue Stars and Stripes beach towels. I just washed them and the red faded all thru the white stripes. They are not the quaility I expected from Pottery Barn. I no longer have the receipt as I did expect to keep them. Please advise how to return this inferior product.

Posted by Pc

Ordered an item on line using a giftcard. Waited for several weeks to get it. Get it and decide its not the right look I want. Bring it to the store for an update xchange. Salesperson tells me no problem she will get the return going while I shop. I pick out my new item thinking i will use the credit towards the new item. A second salesperson (1st one went on break) says no you will be issued a merchandise credit in the mail. I was fine with a credit but wanted it at the time of return. Truly unbelievable! I am as a good customer...not anymore.

Posted by RRH327

Online order this morning for a birthday gift needed for last minute party this weekend. Website clearly stated I would have in 3-5 days. Once the ordered was placed the delivery date was for next week. I called as soon as they opened and was rudely told I could not cancel or modify the shipping. Seriously? I shop online often, Amazon, Macy's, etc.. In this day and age you can't change the shipping for an order placed an hour ago? I would have paid the expedited shipping if I would have know I would not receive in time. I hate that I don't have time to shop for another gift and will have to purchase the same thing again. Then take my valuable time to return the first ordered gift that will arrive next week. After that I am don't with PB, won't shop there again. Get with the 21st Century PB! Also, no place to write or email corporate office. Have to deal with some low level flunky who could care less.

Posted by Abikat

Your IT stinks. I order an item on line requesting and paying for 2 day shipping. The confirmation comes without the 2 day shipping. Immediately I call but am told to call back during business hours. No explanation of what those hours are. Finally find on drop down menu. Call immediately but cs can't change order once "in the system". I point out its only been a few hours. Too bad. Yet, within an hour I get ano email asking how was my contact with customer service. No way will I go back to PB.

Posted by Anonymous

Your online ordering and service is the worst. I have had to order from your store which is horrible too...way too lengthy and complicated. I dont have time to "remain online or the phone". Although I have an email address that you have requested, you tell me it is incorrect or have no record of it. Concentrate on your IT...is is asbismal to say the least. I will return to Amazon to find great service and products. Please close my account/credit card.

Posted by [email protected]

On November 22, 2016 I returned a picture frame for refund, and the refund has still not been credited to my credit card.

Posted by Sidney Odom

My husband and I ordered a leather chair a few weeks ago that was supposed to be deleted ceres on Dec.12, 2016 . It was not and we had not been contacted since the initial order. We called last night and after talking to 2 or 3 different people and given the total run around, they gave us a number to call today. It turned out to bea trucking company that said we were supposed to set up a delivery time even though we didn't have his number until the run around last night. Also he didn't know anything about the actual chair . He sent us back to Pottery Barn where we ended up getting our money back. We'll see how that works out. Terrible service! Will never do business there again and suggest no one to do business there either. Horrible experience!

Posted by Sad Grandma

Bought an item in a pottery kids store and asked them to ship it. After adding $14 to the small item they never shipped the item. When I called they told me it would now (20 days later) ship out overnight. It never did. Finally, 3 days later it shipped out ground and will take a week to arrive. The store manager was rude and nasty and complained that I called too much. She gave me someone else's tracking number and assigned the overnight shipping to that number. When I called to say it was the wrong tracking number she reported through another associate that she changed my shipping to overnight. She never did. When the store makes a mistake three times they should not be rude to the customer. Your Bethesda store is very poor.

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Posted by kryanp

Today I had a very good experience with Pottery Barn's customer support. Katina was patient and spent a lot of time helping me.

Posted by CAA

I have been shopping at PB for twenty years. Customer service has always been exceptional everytime I've had to deal with them. Yes, sometimes the order has been messed up a little, but CS has always taken care of it. I will continue to shop at PB.

Posted by grateful customer

I would like to leave a positive comment regarding the assistance I received by Eric regarding a return label issue. Eric was determined to help me resolve this problem and he did just that. He was friendly, considerate, and went the extra mile for me. He reached out to Anthony, a member of his support team for additional help and gave credit to him for his help which showed Eric's upstanding personality. I want to thank Eric and Anthony again for all their help and wish them the very best.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give HUGE credit to Lynn for her willingness to help with my online order. She was very understanding, knowledgeable and eager to follow up on my problem and my questions. She is an asset to Pottery barn, especially during this busy season. THANK YOU, LYNN !!!!! Sally Foster

Posted by Anonymous

The wedding registry gifts were not available on line but I could ask individual stores. The Myrtle Beach Pottery Barn gave me exceptional service.
Leslie took the #s of the items I was in search of and called me back with great success. Made sure the items were taken off the registry and I had all my documentation.

Posted by Nancy

We ordered two chandeliers online and we are VERY impressed with the customer service, the promptness of delivery and the quality of the chandeliers. I wish I could remember the customer service representative who assisted me as I would like to let Pottery Barn know about her!!

Posted by Grandma R

In April we ordered a Pottery Barn Kids bunkbed for our grandchildren who were due to visit in May. The bed was delivered by a competent, friendly delivery person who, upon opening the box, discovered a major part was missing. He boxed up the whole thing and took it back. Unfortunately the warehouse was unable to send a replacement until AFTER our grandchildren's visit was over, so we cancelled the entire order. [We fully expected to order again in the near future, but having it delivered after we make some structural changes that would mean having to disassemble and move the bed twice,] Although it took several emails and calls we reached a settlement that was favorable. We will try again soon to order this piece.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to let you know how wonderful I found Kevin Kaiser, store 303 @1965 Broadway, NY NY, to deal with. He is a treasure. I had ordered the Paige Desk Chair online at an attractive price. When I called and spoke with 4 different customer service people, plus one supervisor,I never got the same answer twice as to when I would get the chair. I then went into the store to check availability at the great price I found online. Kevin called me two days later, found the chair for immediate delivery and at a great price. He is a self starter, extremely nice and efficient. He changed my mind about Pottery Barn. After my online experience I didn't think that I would do business with you again. Kevin has restored my faith in your service and will definitely seek him out in the future. You need more Kevins! Helen Tocheff

Posted by Anonymous

Recently went to the Pottery Barn in Wiregrass Mall, FL Will was working and really was a big help trying to coordinate my colors and actually went in back room found a sample of my rug and coach and put them all together for me. Awesome customer service.
Thanks Will

Posted by Amy

I purchased a sofa from the PB outlet. A few days after delivery I noticed the center sagging and contacted the store. The employee (I believe she is the manager?) asked for pics (we determined that the delivery company probably dropped it and cracked the frame). Fortunately they had just received another in the same style. It is being delivered, exchanged at their expense and she even reduced the price and refunded the difference. This is what customer service is all about. I couldn't be happier. The employee (Rae) handled it perfectly.

Posted by Design Manager Lennar Homes Minn

Lynette Price at Potterybarn Galleria in Edina was excellent to work with! I rushed through the store in a hurry and purchased a very large amount of items for a model for the fall parade. Lynette was professional and patient and efficient and very thorough. Thank you Lynette for your fabulous service. An amazing associate.

Posted by TERPGIRL

I live in an area where there isn't a Pottery Barn store so everything I get is done through their website. We are building a new home and I ordered some lights for an entry way. When the box arrived it wasn't my light but a lamp instead. The next box had a packing slip that said all three of my lights were in the box when there were only two. In both instances customer service was helpful and fixed the problem but thankfully I wasn't in a hurry for my lights. I also applied for their credit card and there was a charge on my first months bill that I didn't make.

I love their products and I feel that the lights and bedding I ordered were decent quality, but if you order from them on line don't be in a hurry and double/triple check EVERYTHING!

Posted by Pottery Barn Nancy Taylor C

My experience with Nancy Taylor at Corte Madera Store CA was wonderful. She anticipated my needs, answered questions and carefully walked us through the purchase.

Posted by jennifer

I recently contacted your Dallas store{756) looking for an item *sold out". To my good fortune, there were 2 there.

Your associate Jennifer assisted me and she was an enormous pleasure to wprk with--efficient,knowledgeable, and

ever so pleasant! She took measurements at her suggestion and to my advantage and offered information regarding

Posted by Anonymous

purchased a sofa at the wilmington nc store. excellent service and i am very satisfied.
salesperson was loraine (0961)

Posted by Debbie mcgregor

I go to the pottery Barn in Hsv Al and Sheena is awesome!

Posted by Debbie mcgregor

Pottery Barn in Huntsville Al is awesome Sheena is just wonderful

Posted by Anonymous

Good afternoon I went to pbk at Fair Oaks Mall on a very busy day which they were short of staff I met the Nursery Manager name Shiloh I believe I finally got a chance to meet the face that goes with the voice she's very helpful very warm hearted has to be a mom she made me feel warm and welcome when I went into the store even though they were short of staff she made her way to get me I contact and talk to me for about 30 minutes or more but I think she's an awesome manager and I don't mind going back for their service

Posted by Anonymous

We have found every single person who has helped us with our problem VERY helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a very positive experience with customer service today. Although I was holding for a while when waiting to speak to someone in another department, both people that I dealt with were friendly and helpful.

Posted by [email protected]

My experience at the Skokie IL store was excellent.Staff very professional and helpful PAUL was the best. He helped me with all my questions and even offered to stop by my condo to help me uncrate a chair. I purchased a Montego pedastal table and 4 Queen Anne chairs. Only 3 chairs arrived-my maintance staff helped to uncrate them. PAUL offered to come by to help with the last chair. He was helpful with the price of the table (now lowed for discontinuation and the chairs. He is a jewel-give this gentleman a raise.

Posted by Mary

Yesterday I contacted Pottery Barn by phone to ask why I was showing different pricing for items I was trying to order online. A customer service representative named Sunny was unbelievably helpful and friendly and I ended up placing my order with her. She was absolutely the best person I have ever dealt with not just at Pottery Barn but EVER. Value her. I was just sent on online survey of my experience but it was over before I had a chance to personally comment on a good experience. This was one time I strongly wanted to express what a pleasure it was to deal with an order by telephone.

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Posted by HappyShopper

speaking from experience a UPS Employee, if you have an item you are shipping back to any company, that company must either provide a return label with their account number, or they need to give you the account number to have the returns billed to. If they don't and they tell you just to schedule to pick up and have the packed items sitting outside of your door, what will happen is, at least I know from UPS standpoint. You as the shipper will receive a bill for the items shipped. PB or any vendor needs to make sure they are doing their due diligence to make sure the returns and not only processed correctly internally but also as it relates to shipping the item back. Just a FYI for everyone in the future


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