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Posted by Nelson

I've had the worst shopping experience in Porsche of livermore in California. they have very very high pressure sales tactics to try and accommodate all sorts of post sales services, extended warranty and clear bra packages that lasted for 2 hours. they do not accept no for an answer. I had to accept some packages I did not want to be able to close the deal. now I am canceling them (as they said I could) and it is taking forever. that is not the worst part. I went to trade in my dream car, a 2014 991 turbo S for a certified-preowned macan S. After all their sale tactics that got me dizzy and tired, I ended up with a Macan that has been a Rental and it has weird engine noises, that where not present at the moment of the transaction. (the noises go away after 10 minutes of driving the vehicle in the mornings). I went the next day to withdraw and complaint about the bad deal without success as they say there is no cool off period in California. We have sent emails about the problem an so far there is no response from Porsche lviermore.I truly expect more from Porsche than just looking at the dollar signs and trick people to make a sale. I am not happy at all with this Macan and we will be getting rid of the vehicle as soon as possible. I hope Porsche can stand up for their brand and do something about this deal. We want our car back and cancel this terrible experience with Porsche of Livermore.

details to my complaint.
- not disclosing that it was a Rental and only snicking in a piece of paper for me to sign among dozens of other documents "to let me know is a rental" is a very dirty tactic.
- The MAcan was not detailed, and at day time you could see all this spider web like scratches on the paint,
- the car's functions where not explained to me (as it had previously been done in my previous Porsche purchases experiences.
- the 30 to 45 days refund policy was not explained to me,
- they used my deal as a training tool to some person who was asking me very personal question about my finances and why my credit score was the way it was.
-every time they where pushing on their post sales package and we said no, they wanted a reason why we did not want it! seriously?
- I gave other alternatives to the Manager Mr. Mazen to either return my car back and undo the transaction or put me in another vehicle... none of them where accepted and days just went by without any resolution and just ignoring my requests having me to call back because the "decision makers where not available" and saying that it is not doable because there is a lot of paperwork involved... In 2016 these are not acceptable excuses.

The people at Livermore forget that we customers like Porsche because there is emotion involved, for me its is not just a car,, its a dream of a lifetime to own one, Porsche experience should be like family treatment. just like Porsche claims in the where our child dreams become true. where true driving sensations are communicated and translated. the point of view of the manager Mr. Mazen is definitely not aligned with Porsche ideas, as when he said to me when I went back to fix all this mess, he said, for him these vehicles are just pieces of metal that he is moving around! in my head I was like (years of savings and a lot of work and effort to acquire a beautiful Porsche for Mr. Mazen to refer to the brand and our dreams as customers as "just pieces of metal")

Posted by Fred

Our tire went flat contacted Porsche lots of talk no action. Something so easy should require very little intervention yet they only have excuses.

Posted by dean

after spending 100dreds of thousands of dollar on them I was not even worth a call back from their customer service manager nick in atlanta.
i only called to inquire about an option that i don t see in the build up sheet but is listed on the website. the csr gave me wrong info so i asked for her supervisor. this one never called me back. well i won t order the new panamera 4s but a maserati quattro porte
they treated me with respect. too bad i own stock of porsche

Posted by EncinoAdam

I purchased a 2016 Porsche Cayenne from Rusnak Westlake Porsche about ten months ago in 2015. The car makes a terrible grinding sound as I drive. While they initially appeared interested, I have heard from everyone as high up as Porsche North America. They suggest my car, after diagnosis and repair, is "now operating to manufacturer's specifications." This somehow suggest it wasn't running properly before, but now that they have replaced the transfer case in my car, under warranty, that NOW everything is okay. Except, it isn't. It still makes the EXACT same horrible sound as before. They haven't even SEEN the car since I brought it back home from being serviced. They just do not wish to be bothered anymore. I am definitely bummed. My first... and my last.... Porsche.

Posted by Anonymous

The porsche service is very bad they don't know how to behave with customers

Posted by rana

I have a panemera and I take it to porsche garage frequently bit last time was to change tires and full inception after two weeks the car had a chassis system failure and garage told me it has also leakage in oil suspension I really think it's a rip off of garage everytime I am taking it they charge me alot and I think they don't fix fully the car but they leave something unfixed so I can get it again to them (Kuwait porsche garage)

Posted by Mohamed

This is a certified pre-owned vehicle that have only been driven for 40km since delivery and is already in your workshop for repair.

In those 40km a coolant hose became disconnected which speaks volumes about the lack of pre delivery inspection!!

The car has already been in the workshop for 1 week and I understand that will be in there for a further 2 weeks!.

I want to know what exactly is the problem and what you are doing about it.

I would of expected this car to be fixed straight away with it being so new, and given a courtesy car in the meantime!

I also want to know if this problem has been reported to Porsche in Germany and their reply!.

Posted by P J

hi another word for this vehicle or company as the say in not but a b/s full of crap, name dont mean nothing any more they only want money by selling cheap of cars, service not good price out ragegeos people mean, only answers they give you is well look what you drive and you should knoe that is expensive, its just a name that then turns out to be a cheap vw tourag, shoud be aswhem to charge such high maintanance prices parts, well i own 1 wich they manke me so discuseed that i will trade for a stupid car than keep this that is not good, for any one that wants own a cayenne DONT BUY IT AS A BIG PROBLEM WITH ENGINE LIGHT ON, V6 MOTOR THAT turn out to be bad enginiring ALONG WITH PORSCHE HOW CAN A COMPANY CHARGES MORE THAN THE CAR IS WORTHED FOR AN ENGINE LIGHT ON, DONT KNOW WHAT IS THE PROBLEM SO THEY CHANGE PARTS AFTER PARTS TO GET TO THE PROBLEM, PORSCHE YOU are a liers BIG TIME ..............IF ANY 1 AS THE SAME PROBLEM SHOULD COMPLAIN TO THIS not good GERMANS CAUSE IS EVERY 1 WITH CAYENNE THAT as THE PROBLEM OR EXPOSES THEM TO THE MEDIA OR TO THE Y TUBE ABOUT THEY MANIPULTIONS TO THE CUSTEMERS THANK 4 READING IT YO CAN E MAIL ME TO [email protected] we all should get togheter to complain thanks

Posted by tusharkumargtm

I have bought Porsche from Gurgaon Showroom on 7 December 2014. On the 13th Day of its purchase, It's Air Conditioner / Heater stopped working. Also, please check your record that someone from Engineering Department of Porsche has come on the 10th day of its purchase and found with acceptance that there is an inbuilt problem in the Car. I have given it several times in company to repair but the problems still exist and now currently the A/C of the car is not working, I am so disappointed with Porsche. It is impossible to drive the car without A.C. after investing 1.5 Crores for buying this car.

I would also like to enlighten an incident when this car was sent back to our place with big scratch on the dash board. Immediately it was figured out and we contacted your service centre and explained the issue but neither the acceptance of this loss was done nor the professional treatment /language were used. They are doing fraud with the people who are their prestige customers. Shame on Porsche Company, Now I have left the car in showroom and I want my money back. Here my only concern are the customers who should not be cheated. After being such a reputed and honourable brand I am still very much disappointed with the customer service of the company. I want all my issues to be resolved ASAP.

Tushar Kumar

Posted by Mr ck gan

Dear sir

Regarding matters my Porshe Wheels/ Tyre safety problem

As i know, Tyre tread on Porsche naturally wears away whether you're a careful driver or not, but there are warning signs that car owners can look out for to prevent Tyre issues resulting in more serious problems but few's weeks ago my car without any warning to the on-board computer system display screen system in the event of excessive pressure loss happening, But this matter happening to my car when i driving on the highway with the speed of 180 km

Model: Panamera V6
Purchase year:30/4/2014

1)My car model have Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?
2)If have Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS),Why this matters can happening?
3)I need advice or solution for future of my car safety and driver safety
4)Perattach is the photo of my car tyre worn out.

Below is the link that i search from your website got state out :http://porsche.com/usa/models/panamera/panamera/chassis/wheels-and-tyre-pressure-monitoring-tpm/

Wheels and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
The Panamera and Panamera 4 are fitted as standard with 18-inch Panamera wheels, the Panamera S, 4S and Panamera S E-Hybrid with 18-inch Panamera S wheels. The wheels on all models are lightweight alloys featuring a classic sporty design. Tyre sizes 245/50 ZR 18 and 275/45 ZR 18 are fitted to the front and rear, respectively. The Panamera GTS and the Panamera Turbo models are equipped with 19-inch Panamera Turbo II wheels as standard. The tire sizes are 255/45 ZR 19 at the front, 285/40 ZR 19 at the rear. A range of optional 19- and 20-inch wheels is also available. All 19-inch wheels come with all seasons as standard. Summer tires are available as a no cost option.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sends warnings to the on-board computer's display screen in the event of excessive pressure loss.

I been email nonstop for the feedback from the germany, usa and malaysia porshe but no feedback anymore after fews reply.im very disappointed with the customer service reply from porshe, its make me in future will not upgrade my porshe car again

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing from Doha, I have Porsche Cayenne Turbo, the car is still under warranty, Since February the car had problem after major service done in the agency service centre a message appeared showing Chassis System faulty, and until today the agency service centre can't solve the problem even more other problems in the starting and the AC start to appear after the maintenance they claimed, they hold the car for 17 days then they deliver it back telling that the problem have been solved after 2 days i had the same problem and then they hold the car for another week and again for another month and till today they are holding the car and unable to solve the problem is there anybody care in this company to call me my number is 0097433585501 i appreciate whoever care to help, i can say only it is a shame for a big name in the car industry like Porsche to have this kind of poor after sales service and unprofessional service centres.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

I broke my porsche's key and went to the dealership in Egypt to order a new one. I paid 82% of the key's price as a deposit and it was ordered on the 12th of February! Until this day (2nd of April), no key has been sent to the dealership in Egypt. I was told it would take 21 days. The staff in Porsche Egypt is very helpful and friendly. They told me the problem is from Porsche Germany. My car has been blocking my garage for 2 months now. It really should not be rocket science to send the key especially when it's a primitive key for a 1990 964.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.


Posted by Costly Porche holidays

Travelling with my Porche Cayenne Turbo on Corsica, the car had a total power failure: It was brought by a truck to Porsche Service Center Bastia. After Porsche Bastia checked it out, the verdict was that the engine must be changed at a cost of € 25.000. I got the car picked up by a repair shop in Croatia, which through diagnostics found that all that was wrong were the two malfunctioning fuel pumps. Parts and labour for this repair amopunted to € 2.000 versus Porche's price of changing the engine of € 25.000. According to information discovered, Porche's diagnostic equipment and procedures are ineffective and inflicts therefore liquidated damages on Porsche's loyal clients.

Posted by bazinga

Delivered a new car with stains over the entire passenger door inside panels. Porsche can't figure out how to expedite replacement panels and when calling 1-800-PORSCHE, all but one of the people I got were patronizing and unapologetic, making excuse after excuse.

Posted by blow


I Am Surprised Of The Cureent Situation We Have In Dubai
There Is No Quality Watch Or Control In The Body Shop Or Service
I Am Owner Of Porsche Panemra 2013 And I Made Accedint In It And Omg The Paint Of The Supermaket Is Better Than The Paint They Applied On My Car
And Fixing It Let Me Fix This Phrase : "welcome To Dubai Body Shop Destroying Your Lovely Car More And More
But We Will Return It Somehow Hanging"

Cheap Quality
Disaster Fixing
Leak Of Water Radiator
Handeling And Time Taken
No Updates
Hardly Can Reach One Advisor Only For Porcsche Accidents !!!!! Common It’s Porsche Guys
Missing Parts
Paint All Over The Engine
Fixing Lights And Touches Is Misreable
Contacting The Gulf Complains ...... They Will Take It Into Trash Instead Of Consideration
I Am Trying My Best With My Words To Express The Pain Of Having A Porsche .....

I Hope This Message Reach You Cause I Never Got Back To Them And Told Them Look On Ur Mistakes They Will Do Nothing

Please Help
Please Help
Please Help
Please Help
I Am So Dissapointed Of Owning My First Try With Porsche
I Have Mercedes-benz, Bmw, Range, Toyota, Nissan .... All Cars I Had In My Life Never Got Into This Matter Of Destroying A Car Rather Than Handeling It In The Best Way For The Reaction And The Image Of The Porsche Market….

I Am Waiting A Reply Before I Contact The Local Dubai Consumer Rights To Take It Into Action
I Have Alot Images And Proof For What I Said.

Posted by perioporsche

I booked a porsche GT3 more than one and a half years ago. Porsche does not value Singapore car buyers who have to pay more than three times the price of any othe country. No compensation was offered by Porsche unlike the USA or UK.

Posted by Ram

Too many little issues with my Cayenne 2013. It has been only 16 months since I got the car but I already had engine noise problem (a loud whistle noise during cold start that the dealer called it "normal"!!), failed break light (had to change the lights), engine oil level erratic readings (again called "perfectly normal" by the Porsche service at the dealership). If this is the German engineering, then they better rethink who they are hiring at Porsche to design their cars....

Posted by Dr. Bocanegra

I own a Porsche Cayenne 2008. I am happy with the body and the engine, it is great, but the interior is of sub-standard quality. The console lid (arm rest) developed a bubble (after 20,000 miles). According to the local Porsche dealership, it is due to "the materials not being adequate for warm climates like in Florida". However, the Florida dealer and Porsche Cars North America refused to change the defective part unless I pay for it. Why would a brand like Porsche, with a reputation for quality and perfection, refuse to take responsibility for defective parts and defective materials?
Who at Porsche World Headquarters shall I submit my complaint to have the defective part replaced?
I look forward to receiving your response,
Tomás Bocanegra

Posted by Paul

Below is a copy of my email to Porsche Sales Manager in Melbourne Australia,


My childhood dream was to one day own a 911. After years of working hard in 2009 I was finally in a position to make my dream a reality. Spending $267K I became the proud owner on a 997S series 2. In 2012, I again purchased my second 911 and drove out of the show room with a $315K Cabrio S 991. You would I'm sure concede that a customer that spends close to $600K in 3 years would be considered a valued customer. But the experience has been far from that. No sooner do I take possession of my new Cabrio, Porsche announce hefty discounts across its range with Cabrios being hit the hardest at a loss of $35K. As a valued customer I would've expected a call from you to apologise for this. Sadly the call never came.

To compound the disappointed we now find that Porsche is heavily discounting it's 911's on new cars so as to move stock. Devaluing the brand and killing values on second hand cars. Why? Where is the pride in the brand? What happened to aspiration? Have a dream, work hard and one day the dream will come true.

It saddens me that yours and your teams actions are doing this to a brand that deserves so much more.

Piero, I am a person of some standing in the community and I will share my views on all forms of social media. People and more importantly 911 owners need to know what is happening.

I await your response.
Cr. Paul Klisaris
Mulgrave Ward
City of Monash

Posted by Anonymous

Also just purchased a Porsche Panamera (2012) form Inskip in Warwick RI. DEaler was the worst to support me. Car was hit by a woman running a red light. Car was built great as I walked away un injured, however, the car is shop four months now and I continue to make payments on it. Can't get a small part from Germany until the end of November is the latest (it changed every two weeks). My daughter got married and I asked the dealer for a loaner for one day - they said 'no' They give loaners out for oil changes, but not for a $30,000 repair. Sorry, not good customer service. By the way - for those of us in the Manufacturing world, Porsche has a 'Porsche consulting company' that goes around teaching other factories how to be lean and efficient based on the Toyota production system. Yes, they actually consult on how to be good in manufacturing and customer response...can you believe it?



We just purchased a Brand New Porsche Cayenne and are worried to drive this vehicle as it has life threatening features. The dash Boardâ??s image gets reflected on to the interior of wind shield, thereby blinding the driver. Recently there while I was driving the vehicle and was behind a Bus, the sun rays were falling on the dash board and the effect was so bad that I just could not drive the vehicle further as nothing was visible through the wind shield.

Porsche has designed the windshield in such manner that the vehicle can be life threatening to its occupants or to the public walking/ driving along. The dashboard colour is so bad to sun light that it just blocks the view. The Company needs to call back all such vehicles and offer replacement with brown or black interior. We will like to invite all the people who have this interior car to place their views to make the company aware about this as the Company is treating this issue in a very unresponsive way.

This is a life threatening issue and needs every ones attention worldwide to request them to stop using such colours on dash board which can cause such life threatening complaint. Further, since the Company is a Compliant organisation from Germany, they must care about the life of people. Their product has high value but thinking is not in favour of Customer nor it matters with them as this subject has already been forwarded to the highest office of Porsche but the replies are negative

Ramesh Mehta

[email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

I have a new 911 GTS will 300 miles. Today I went to my garage to start new car and it would not start. Dead battery? I have waiting over 5 hours for help getting my car started. The last tech that came out to help had a jumper system that was melted & could not be used.

What a bunch of BS. I wish that I had never purchased this car.

Shame on you and shame on your reputation for such good service.

Posted by Shri Chari Wires

Hi i am Rahul i purchased porsche cayenne diesel on 21st Jan 2013 from Porsche cenetr gurgaon, the suspension is so poor all car jumps in small rough roads it is totally uncomfortable car, and there is no customercare after sales.

Posted by CaymanS_ssa

I recently wrote about my experience with Porsche customer service here: google: broken shifter cable on planet-9 (can't paste links)

Repasted portions for convenience:

Broken shifter cable
I'm now a "broken shifter cable" victim like so many others that have posted on planet-9. I've broken this post up into five sections: car, the event, the repair, my thoughts, additional resources.


2006 Cayman S with 34,150 miles on it. I don't race it (on or off the track). 90% of my commute is highway driving at 70 mph, with the occasional acceleration (no downshifting) to 80-90 mph. I bought the car as Certified Pre-owned with 5,000 miles on it. I put ~29,000 miles on the car over an ~8 month period of time

the event

I was driving into work. About 1000 yards from my house, I was casually (read: not aggressive, not racing, etc) shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear, when the shifter suddenly went limp. I could put the shifter into the slots for 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th gear, but the gears weren't actually shifting. The car was stuck in 2nd! Luckily the car was stuck in a low gear, and I was able to get the car back home.

The symptoms: car is stuck in a gear; gear shift is limp - moves freely, not able to engage

The repair

I had the car towed to the Porsche dealership. They informed me that the gear shift cable had snapped. I've attached 3 photos showing the broken part. Some initial comments: No, i'm not on someone's hit list, and nobody intentionally cut the cable ; I've found other posts with similar photos (links below).

I had to pay ~$1000 to get the shifter cable replaced. It took about a day to get the car back.

My thoughts

This is absolutely ridiculous. A Porsche...a Porsche is supposedly one of the most durable cars in the market. Prestigious brand, insanely expensive, built for high performance.

I wasn't (nor have I) even stressed the car in any real way, yet somehow the gear shifter cable snapped. There are numerous situations where the outcome could be serious personal injury or death (eg. pulling into traffic, accelerating to pass a car, etc).

This seemed very fishy to me, so I did some research on the car. It turns out that the previous owner had some warranty work, where the transmission had to be reinstalled. I bought the car Certified Pre-owned, with a clean carfax. This repair order didn't show up on the report, and since it was certified, I assumed Porsche of Flemington (where I purchased the car) did their job.

I spoke to several Porsche service repair shops, during my investigation:

- Danbury Porsche, where the shifter cable was repaired, initially thought the cable didn't "look right". After completing the repair, Danbury Porsche couldn't confirm or deny that the cable was installed incorrectly. Danbury Porsche assured me that the Cayman was a very reliable car, and they rarely saw Cayman's come in for major repairs.

- Autohaus of Lancaster (I spoke to "Justin"), where the initial transmission work was done, told me that "I see the shifter cable fail quite often on Cayman's and 911's."

- Porsche of Flemington, where I purchased the car, told me it wasn't "their problem, go talk to Autohaus".

- I called 1-800-PORSCHE, explained the story I've laid out here, and they said, "The car's out of warranty, there's nothing we can do about it". I then asked, "is this a known / systemic issue? Can you tell me what the failure rate is on the part?". Their response, "Porsche doesn't divulge such statistics". I replied,"they will with a subpoena".

I'm absolutely livid. It's not about the repair money, but rather the principle of the situation. If the part wasn't installed correctly by Autohaus, I would actually be less angry as long as they manned up and fixed it, because mistakes happen. Per the message boards however, this looks to be a more pervasive issue. Perhaps not enough to meet Porsche's recall criteria, but I would argue that their recall criteria is flawed! If this happens to even 1% of their cars, make the simple (relatively cheap) fix, and protect the lives of their customers.

I'm especially livid with customer support. This part failing at 34,150 miles is ridiculous, regardless of whether it was mis-installed, or there's a fundamental issue with the part. These are expensive cars, designed for high-performance, and critical components like the shifter cable should be rock solid. The moment the customer service agent saw I was out of warranty (and in my case, less than 6 weeks out of warranty!!), she could care less about the situation. I expected more from Porsche, in addition to expecting a first-class machine, I expected premium support.

My faith in the brand is shaken. I was looking to buy a Cayenne for my wife, in fact we were planning to make a purchase in the next couple of weeks. Porsche's inability to man up, take responsibility, and do the right thing means they've lost me as a customer. Porsche's loss of my business means nothing to their bottom line, and they'll certainly go on to make tons of profit.

Posted by loui

I have a 2008 cayenne turbo and i have to say with the couple of issues that i have had with this car and the total disdain that porsche customer service reps have for me as a customer i can say that not only will i never own another porsche but i will make it my mission to let people know what they are in for if they are considering a porsche. ( my next door neigbor just went with a Lexus )

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Love the auto....its the service I hate and Dealers who lie to you when purchasing the vehicle....Dealers need to be responsible for LIES

Posted by Christine

Let me first say I don't write reviews. In this case I felt compelled to do so. I had made up my mind that I was finished looking for a new used car as my experiences prior to meeting Mike Moore at Porsche of Farmington Hills had been honestly... terrible.
While leaving the Saab dealership next store and turning around in the Porsche lot I noticed a used Cayenne. Not knowing a lot about this vehicle I reluctantly went inside to ask about it. I had the good pleasure of meeting Mike Moore who not only was knowledgeable about the vehicle, he was also quite thoughtful and respectful in his delivery to my questions. It was without question my first good experience in my quest for a new car. After the course of a few days, Mike and I spoke at length about my needs regarding a vehicle. What I found most surprising was he actually was honest enough to not worry about making "the sale" but actually told me he thought I was settling. He didn't think I would be happy with the car I had been looking at due to the vehicle lacking particular options I had mentioned wanting. To Mike's knowledge based on our previous discussion regarding my price point he did not have another car to offer me however, he did offer to look for another car somewhere else knowing he would loose the deal but gain a customer in the service department. I was blown away by this and told him so. His response was that it was more important to gain a new Porsche customer because he believed enough in the product and had complete confidence that I would continue buying Porsche vehicles. He felt the next time I was in the market I would come and see him based on this experience. He was correct however, I didn't want to go anywhere else and honestly felt Mike was the person to work with based on my experience so far. There was another used vehicle on the lot however, it was a newer model and its price tag was above the budget I had originally discussed with Mike. Respectfully he hadn't really talked with me about that vehicle. After asking him about it, I learned it did have everything I was looking for. We negotiated a fair price and ultimately that's the car I ended up buying. Mike deserved the sale and his honesty and work ethic sold me long before he realized it.
Even after the sale he continued to impress me by going out of his way to make sure everything was perfect prior to receiving my new car. In the end he was right, I would have been settling if I would have purchased the first car I looked at. I love my new car. Its everything I hoped it would be. My experience with Mike and all of the good people at Porsche of Farmington Hills including the service team as they also have been amazing, will keep me as a returning customer. I'm a busy professional and nothing beats a quality product with undeniable great people backing it up. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had several reasons to utilize Porsche Service at Desert European Autocars in Rancho Mirage California and I have been very impressed with the quality of technical and customer support. Steve Morehouse, service director is an exceptional talent at customer service and vehicle repair. He is a genuine support for your brand and company.
A very satisfied customer

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam

It`s my childhood dream to own a Porsche 997 Turbo convertible, this dream turned into reality and i have purchased a pre-owned 997 Turbo 2009 model, i am very unhappy with SATA Porsche center`s after sale service in Oman.

I have requsted for a spare (additional) key in February 2014 and haven`t received it yet, i had a minor accident where the front bumper needs to be replaced, Porsche centre is not providing the garage (1st class garage in Oman) with a repair quotation for a week stating that their computer is down and my car is laying at the garage unrepaired. The garage informed me that there are other 3 Porsches laying with them awaiting for SATA centre quotation.

I wished to purchase the new look of 911 Turbo at a later stage but the after sales service makes me think twice. I have heared few complaints from friends who ows Porsche who are unhappy with SATA`s service.

Its very sad that i get this treatment after waiting for decades to have this car.

Sir, i kindly request you to conduct an audit on their service and get owners feedback/comments in order to improve Porsche after sale service in Oman

Thank you

Posted by mharley

Chauncey Reddy, and Motorwerks is the best dealership that i have ever dealt with. Chauncey has always made sure that my car is finished on time. I have never had any type of issue with him, or the dealer.

M Harley

Posted by Anonymous

This is in responce to the negative comments made about Motorweks Porsche.....Absurd! I have been a Porsche owner for 20 plus years and have been dealing with Chauncey Reddy for the past three plus years and have never been more pleased with the customer service and the personal attention given to me and my vehicles. I have been to many locations over the course of the years an nobody comes close to the this facility and Mr. Reddy. I am involved with many different clubs and have associates and friends that service there cars at Motorwerks and know for a fact that they share my opinion about Motorwerks and Mr. Reddy, the individuals negative comments are far off base!

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