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Popeye's customer service is ranked #612 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 27.85 out of a possible 200 based upon 55 ratings. This score rates Popeye's customer service and customer support as Terrible.


52 Negative Comments out of 55 Total Comments is 94.55%.


3 Positive Comments out of 55 Total Comments is 5.45%.

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    • 27.85 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 52 negative comments (94.55%)
    • 3 positive comments (5.45%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I visit Popeyes in mccommb ma yesterday I wasn't pleased at all manager sucks they not polite and a women had on khaki pants had a bad altitude I guess she was the Gm she was looking all stupid I got my food food was cold

Posted by [email protected]

complain about employee the only name i can give is tori on her name tag laying at the register holding up the line and being rude to customers

Posted by Mobro

Trying to find out how to order a turkey but can't get anyone to pick up the phone at a popeyes here in california. Also can't get any help from your main office. And iam still hold on the phone. What bad costumer service.i will have time tell my experience on face book and yelp ext

Posted by Anonymous

Went to your store #7106 in peoria, Arizona and had the worst time of placing any order in a fast food chain store. First they were out of your promo of wings, they did not carry your onion rings, and third they forgot to make our order and said it would be another 10 minutes wait time. Finally the supervisor approached and we cancelled are order, but she did not ask why or even suggest this is free for the inconveince of are experience in the store. I've looked after many chain food accounts in Canada via through Sysco Foods and you should be ashamed for this store's attitude dealing with customers.

Mrs. D Emmons

Posted by Jdodd

I visited the Popeye's on Lamar and Airways this evening January 12th I sat in the drive thru line for 5 minutes or longer while the girl at the window spoke to the guy flirting with him and ask him his name and told him she knew his sister and then he wanted free water and I don't know that he ever ordered anything while I sit behind him waiting to place the order for a family meal I drove around to the window and ask her did she plan on taking any orders and she told me she was waiting on the customer as they came to the drive-thru but yet she flirted with him and told him she would give him a cup of water at half-price since she knew his sister so is this to practice at Popeyes that we flirt at the drive-thru window and give people half price drinks while a real paying customers sitting in the back waiting I would like someone to give me an answer on that

Posted by Anonymous

i have to say that the Popeye's on Lexington /university ave its bad the chicken was old and i specifically told them i would wait for fresh food and then when i got home after a 9 hour day with 8 piece 3wings,1 brest,4 thigh. So i called and they just heard my complain ND HUNG UP AND NEVER PICK UP THE PHONE AGAIN. LET ME TELL U SOMETHING THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME BUT IT WAS THE LAST. I DONT WANT TO EVEN BEGIN ON YOUR RICE/wHEELOCK LOCATON !!!THERE ARE THE WORST

Posted by Please

I have never had such bad service, like this. Went in Popeyes at about 1:30 through the drive-thru waited 7 or 10 minutes to be told that my order nobody knew who took it or what it was, then to be given some food that looks a mess. Thus was serviced by the manager. Oh yes to be told i had to wait 7 min. For chicken. So i left with half an order. I decided to come back with the food manager never said I'm sorry I explain to her what happened trying to be very understanding because they had an incident right before my car but she never apologized and never said here a pop, juice and nothing and then after I finally got my order I decided to make another order the lady take somebody in front of me and said he was there first clearly I had been standing there for like 10 minutes waiting on my shrimps to come about the grease WOW

Posted by [email protected]

Went to Popeye''s off of Calving and Hwy 99 yesterday to get some chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and red beans and rice. I bite into the chicken and the mashed potatoes and gravy were spicier than the spicy chicken I'm ordered. When I'm called to talk to the manager he said that they don'the season the chicken. No salt no nothing. It will never go to that location again.

Posted by Anonymous

Love,eating at popeyes, but have problem with management talking to employees In a rude matter in front of customers. Have worked in management and this is not acceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

Our town recently got a new Popeye's Chicken which is real nice. The only complaint I have is you advertise a $3.99 2 piece chicken meal in our local paper and when I asked for it I was told "We don't have that".

Posted by LUIS99

This Pass Sat I Went This This Popoyes Chicken Resturant And The Manager On Dutie Was So Nasty, plus They Mess Up My Order,, I Pay By Credit Card But The Chicken Was Too Hard And It Was A Few Hours Old It Tasted Dried I Will Not Ever Go To This Resturant As Longer I Live,the Resturant Is Located In Berwyn Il On Cermack Rd I Spend 17.68 And The Store Number Is 2631and The Address Is 6935 W Cermack Rd On The 10/15/2016 ...plus I Send A Mesage On Same Day On Sat And Nobody Send Me A Email Thats Is The Way Your Company Treat Your Customers Well I Got News For You Your Service Was No Good You Have Too Train Your Employees How To Be Friendly With Your Customers...

Posted by Felicia Peete

I visited Popeyes here in St Louis Mo on Natural Bridge & Grand Blvd. I ordered spicy chicken 2 sides consisting of smash potatoe & gravy,red beans & rice. The chicken was bland,potatoes hard little to no gravy & the red beans & rice also very little rice I was dissapointed after going through the drive through & being asked to come inside because there was about a 10 minute for the chicken.

Posted by Anonymous

We had a bad experience in your Antalya airport branch. We had to wait for part of our order which is fine, but the staff member served the rest of our order and left in on a tray on the counter for at least 5 minuets without calling us to collect it like he said he would. When we did go up for our food the meals on the tray were cold so i asked for fresh and the staff member proceeded to tip our cold fries back in to the serving dish so they would then be served to someone else, cold. We were also given the same burgers back that had just been warmed. When I called him out on this he then threw them in the bin. We still had to wait for food again as the staff served other people before us even though we were still waiting on our order. We ended up waiting 15 minuets for food that we were told would be 7. The fact that your staff/company standards show that to reuse cold food is acceptable is beyond disgusting and must break many heath and safety regulations. The attitude of the staff member involved wasn't good to say the least. Obviously we wont be rushing to use any of your restaurants in the near future but hope that you will take the time to look in to the practices of this particular branch.

Posted by Goat 48

I went to your location in Birmingham,Alabama on Saturday, September 17, 2016 to purchase 3 of your $5.00 box.. When I arrived, the drive thru was pack so I opt to go inside. Once inside, Over half of the staff was not wearing gloves and I took pictures . The young lady took my order and when I witnessed the FOH employee and another one using tongs without gloves on to do orders, I knew with Serve Safe training everything was wrong. When my order ticket was called I asked for the manager and pointed out that only 1 member of her whole staff had gloves on and could she remake my food but with gloves on... I received attitude but when I took a picture as proof, my request was honor. This was the location in Center point...

Posted by Suej

The Popeyes in Spring,Tx yesterday at 4:15 I placed my order at the drive up paid at the window and was told to pull up the nuggets would take 3-4 mins. I pulled up and after waiting 10 mins decided to go in to get my order. Of course I had to wait in line. Once I got to the counter the manager said my order was ready but they were to busy to bring it out to me He also told me that I did not wait 10 mins but 12 mins . Seems like he took pride in telling me that Never again. How rude for a manger to talk to a paying customer like that. If he was my employee I would have fired him on the spot. Popeyes you really need to train your employees better and your mangers should never speak that way to a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

This comment is the Popeye's on the corner of Bull and Victory Drive in Savannah, Georgia. The worst Popeye's ever!! You have a 99 percent chance of getting the wrong order every time, especially if you go thru the drive thru. The staff are usually young adults who show that they don't care if you get the right order or not. And of course they have the worst attitude. Once I made the mistake of not checking my order before I left. When I got home and called to let them know. The women said "ok, let me get your name and number and I will let the manager know". She laid the phone down and never picked it up again. I could here everything that was going on. After 20 minutes of listening to them continue to fill other orders, I hung up the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

location 818 E.47th St. Chicago IL. order #401, Emp1.Ladonna M. she is a thief. I gave her a $20 .BILL WAS $6.91 SHE GAVE ME $3.09 THEN WALKED AWAY FROM THE WINDOW ! This is the second time they have tried to steal. They are rude and lazy.

Posted by Repomanok

I was rudely made to leave the store at I-240 and Western in Oklahoma City tonight. You see I am handicapped and I have a service dog. I explained to him that he was a service animal. Show them his ID. The manager Angie started a huge argument with me and told me it was Popeye's rules no dogs. So then the lady taking my order came to the register and I told him I was going to call corporate office on them. She's a middle-aged black lady told me no this is her words. You don't know me mother trucker but the real word. I'll come across this fn counter. And beat your ass. So then the manager proceeded to call the police the policeman showed up and told me that I was in the right because he is a licensed service animal. Another officer showed up and came over and told me I had to leave or they was going to arrest me for trespassing. So my question is if they can just tell you to leave because you trust passing where does my federal right stand in that I'm allowed to have a service animal anywhere I go. They also knew that it was over the dog the argument. But made me leave because they said they wanted me to because I was trespassing passing now. What's going to keep them from doing that to every handicap person that comes in there. Does Popeye's not want to handicap business. Because there sure is an awful lot of us people handicapped. If you don't know the law on service animals you should look them up I was had my federal rights violated tonight. Someone should have to pay for this I was embarrassed and humiliated in front of customers. If I don't receive a call back from Popeye's I will seek the advice of a federal lawyer. I personally think the manager Angie and the lady that threatened me at the counter should be FIRED!!!!

Posted by Dolores Granados

To whom it may concern, I went to Popeye's on western center blvd and the I35 in north fort worth, the woman working the counter was in her sixty's, she was Mexican she did not understand English obviously, I made a large order and I was very clear what I wanted, this woman did not understand she messed my entire order up, I did not get half of what I ordered, and she charged me over sixty five dollars for my order that should have been no more then forty or fifty dollars. It was the fact that I had to have her reorder thing's that she kept getting wrong. I was not in little mexico in a Mexican restaurant, but at Popeye's in the north fort worth wautaga area. I am of Hispanic descent even though I do not speak much Spanish, but I do understand more then I speak, she was talking about me to all the other non English speaking employee's and not nicely I might add. When all was said in done she did not get my order right there was several items missing and she charged me over $65.00 if I was not so tired I would have pick up dinner for my family some place else, but the fact is I have always liked Popeye's and this particular time I was coming from that area, so I stopped at that store. Why would the manager of that store hire only illegal Mexicans and not have one English speaking person there since this is a mostly English speaking area? And today I called your corporate offices to tell them what happened, the man wanted to immediately revoke the managers license, when I told him I did not want anyone fired but if someone could talk to the manager about this and possibly get it straightened out. I should not have been so over charged and that woman should not be working the register's, if they want her working there it should be in the back cooking cleaning not at the register taking orders she does not understand. And today the man who answered the phone in your corporate office was a absolute jerk he was eager to fire the manager and revoke their licence, but when I tried to explain that was not what I wanted, he became very angry and rude. Down right disrespectful I asked for a manager several times and he would not allow me to speak to anyone else. I asked his name and he kept saying my name and mocking me, I told him that was my name and if he identified himself as me he was stealing my identity which is a felony. He mocked and laughed at me. Now my question to you is why do you tolerate this kind of behavior from your corporate employees and why do you tolerate that behavior in your stores? I am gone to write a review on every restaurant in this metroplex that treats their customer like this. The fact that no manager or anyone from this country works in either the local store or in the coorparate office that I could speak to or who could even acknowledge there was a problem here upsets me. I will go public and I will get legal council on this. Because This behavior is unacceptable in the United States of American, the people here have a right to better treatment and the man who refused to identify himself answering the phone in your corporate office was also foreign I believe not Mexican most likely from India, he was and is very rude and should not work in this country. I hope you deal with him, I called at about 3:50 pm texas time on 8-27-2016 you should be able to check the phone records to identify your rude foreign employee, I hope you fire him, he was very eager to fire the store employee and revoke the store's licence. I hope you will take care of and deal with the Popeye's resurant on the I35 and western center blvd, in north fort worth texas, location. Please get some English speaking employee's.also I would appreciate a call from one of your american manager's, I want an apology for what I had to endure and a refund of my money. I don't eat the skin of the chicken, so I peeled it off and the chicken had clearly been trimmed of most of it's meat, there was very little meat left on the bone's, there was a lot of breading on it so it almost appeared normal from the outside. I know this trick it is how they get their chicken strip's, but if you charge me over $2.00 per breast don't you think I should actually get the entire breast and not one that was first used to make the chicken strip's? Walmarts deli does that and I and a lot of other people no longer buy the chicken breasts from their deli either. It is just bad business and cheating your customers will only lead to loss of business.

Posted by clarkcuvelier25

I'm really upset about the care my complaint was followed up on. No emails no calls. I really liked Popeye's but I guess I can start doing business with churches. They are closer and the employees are always friendly. Sorry I've been doing business with you all since the 80s and wish you well with your future endeavors but I think you just lost a regular customer.

Posted by Chris

The Popeyes store in New Braunfels, Texas did not have Cajun Sparkle for the 3rd time. I can get Chicken anywhere and get spice for chicken. I came here for yours. When I was told they were out again, I asked for a comment card but no one seemed to know what that was. I asked to see the manager but no one came out to seeme. The store was not busy. I was the only person in the lobby. I tried to get to your customer service, no surprise, I couldn't get anyone there either. Corporate offices were closed with no way to leave comment. Your service is terrible. I had other problems too, but I am sure you don't care about those either. No surprise but your drop downs on this page don't work either. I guessing your customers satisfaction is not a top priority.

Posted by Phyl

The ones in Pensacola Fl have terrible cs.
My main concern is they are racially biased. They will give senior discounts to their friends and then you can ask and they say they do not have that program. I have SEEN this on several occasions.
It happened to me today. Pointed out he did it for the person ahead of me. Then said something I could not understand and I got no discount.
If, this situation was in reverse it would have some serious repercussions.

Posted by Bob

These comments are for the manager in San Antonio, Texas on Wurbach Parkway. I stopped by to purchase chicken tonight and the manager was taking the order. I said I would like 10 pieces of your special of leg and thigh with a Sprit and 4 biscuits. When I picked up my order he had 10 orders of chicken which was equivalent to 20 pieces. He told the worker that I said it wrong with no appologies and rude. He wouldn't even address me. I yelled and told him you heard it wrong. I was not a happy camper how this was handled as far as customer service. I know Tuesday's are your busiest times but as a manager he is not teaching his workers very good customer service.

Posted by Sharronking

Hello I went to visit your Hollysprings store on tonight I didn't get a chance to order my food the cashier came on the speaker telling me what they had left only spicy chicken the red beans were frozen I asked for the DM I was told the 1800 number I left this store the time was 9:19 I came from Byhalia.this was my third time coming to this location and was treated like nothing what the menu say don't mean nothing because they telling me what I am Gona eat I want to talk to somebody.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband was at Popeye's in Pinellas Park he did not get a receipt he paid with a debit card and also he ordered two extra chicken wings but she did not get my concern is about the receipt for my debit card

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Posted by flame thrower

I came to Popeyes today and I had a manager named Ashlee replaced my meal she was awesome I will be coming to Popeyes more often :)

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the Popeye's store in Tacoma WA (#10500)on 3/17, around 6PM and got a 8 piece combo spicy meal. After getting home and my wife opening the box, she informed me that the chicken look over cook and dry. Ate a leg and it was nasty.

Waited until the next morning to return the chicken, minus one, and spoke with the shift Manager, Sara. She look at the food, called her district manager, and was kind to replace the full 8 piece box. Sara was very accommodating and gave great customer service. To the night shift manager who was on duty on 3/17 around 6PM, shame on you for allowing such a product in the state that my chicken was in to leave the store.

Many Thanks to Sara

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the store on 6th Ave, in Tacoma,WA, on 3/17, to pick up a 8pic Comb. After getting home and reviewing the food, it was brought to my attention,by my wife, that the chicken was not eatable, ( dry, hard, and bunt). Place the box in the fridge, and took it back to the store the next day on the (18th.

The shift manager for that day was a black women, named SARA. She spoke to her Region/District manager about return food, and replace the 8pic box with a new one.

I post this information to say that as we go along, customer service, overall,sucks, across America. Upper Management is only interested in the bottom line and keeping Their jobs.
It was a pleasure to encounter a manager, Sara, store 10500/ #201, that is able to at least come, contact upper management, to get guidance on how to deal with this issue that came up.
Sara was very professional and the "day" shift manager, at the Popeye on 6th Ave, in Tacoma WA. She was great. Sara took the time to explain the company policy, how long it would take to cook up another 8 pic, and was very customer focus.

Much thanks to Sara and her customer service skills.

My name is W. Andrews

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Posted by www

Yes I put in an application at one of tour locations in Lubbock.Tx and I was hired but only I didn't show up my wife was in a bad wreck and I came in a to tell the manager that I wouldn't b able to Come in due to that.So she said come in tommorw.I said ok only to know. That my wife got worse I couldn't think so I didn't. Go back I was wondering. If I can go back to work mow that she's ok,I didn't have anyone to watch my children during her stay there at the hospital. So you think you give me a call to see if I can go to work for your company.I worked for churchesChickenback in 1990 to 1992.and I loved working for them only I found construction work played a little more Can I go back and work Thank You so much Phillip Valdez


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