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Polaroid customer service is ranked #667 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 26.48 out of a possible 200 based upon 115 ratings. This score rates Polaroid customer service and customer support as Terrible.


111 Negative Comments out of 115 Total Comments is 96.52%.


4 Positive Comments out of 115 Total Comments is 3.48%.

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    • 26.48 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 111 negative comments (96.52%)
    • 4 positive comments (3.48%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Suki

Returned a camera which stated to fall apart even though we never used it. Was sent back at the beginning of January it�s now April and I�m still waiting for my replacement to be sent out. I�ve been emailing customer service all the keep saying is it�s with the concerned department! Whoever they are because the don�t seem to be concerned it�s taken 4 months and I�m still waiting for a answer. They have now stopped replying to my emails.
The most pathetic customer service I have ever experienced and will never buy a Polaroid product agin in my entire life. Be very careful when buying there product if it go wrong except it to take up to 6 months maybe a year to get resolved

Posted by Anonymous

The screen is vanishing in .y polaroid cell ..its fairly new never been dropped but for some reason its cloudy... I can barely see the screen. Please help!can't seem to get a contact number or reach anyone to help fix this problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Polaroid customer service supervisor refused to take my call concerning a problem I'm having with one of their tvs. That is the POOREST customer service I've ever experienced. To even refuse to hear my concern!! Why are they there?? I will never buy another Polaroid product and I will tell everybody I know about this poor customer support!!

Posted by Anonymous

This is by far the worst wireless speaker tried to return it after trying it the store employee said that i couldn't return it due to their policy about it. The sound is very poor you can barely hear that's why I tried to return it thinking something was wrong. The employee asked who sold you that knowing that it wasn't the greatest product. I told her the other guy employee told me it was the best he had one which now I find not to be true. Very disappointed Polaroid customer no more products.

Posted by Anonymous

You make it impossible to contact you to ask for help on brand new camera I bought. Won't ever buy from your company again.

Posted by Anonymous

For attention of Chief executive

Hello still unable to locate seller for replacement battery for my IS626 camera and after two attempts with your customer services or should that be no customer service no positive response yet Kind regards

Posted by Sad customer

I bought Bluetooth headphones from Polaroid which broke in under a month. I figured there was something wrong with the battery, so I tried to contact Polaroid through their live chat. After hours of getting "Sorry we are busy" Someone finally answered. He said they would send me a replacement, and I should receive an email with details. It took about a week and a half to get that email, and I had to pay $10 to ship them my defective headphones. After 3 weeks, my replacement finally showed up and I opened the box to reveal a different model. I searched up this model to find that it was $40 cheaper than the headphones I had originally paid for. I was so done with dealing with this company that I decided to keep them anyway. It has been a couple hours and they are already broken. I can't get my money back, and I am not about to pay $10 to get another broken "replacement." I will never buy from them again, and I don't recommend anyone else to do so.

Posted by Anonymous

i have a portable DVD player PDM -0723 some how the power cord is missing do you still cords that would fit it if so what would it cost me for a new one an do you also have a cord with a car adapter thank you very much if u could contact me

Posted by touch screen 6 inche's but the f

good morning i have a Phone Polariod A6 IPS 4G but screen touch is broken so how we can help me to find a touch screen replacement for my phone please

Posted by gezb

They kept cutting me off at their Indian call centreso I couldn't speak to anyone and were unresponsive to emails. Inadequate instructions with the camera-I wasn't able to download photos to laptop and am now going to ask for a refund.

Posted by Katy75

I would not recommend Polaroid at all but especially the Polaroid iE826 digital camera. The battery only lasted 4 months. Once it went dead, nothing worked to charge it. Now, I paid $70 for a camera I only used less than 10 times!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Polaroid tablet and it does not work

Posted by DJ GARY-D

My wife bought me a Polaroid iE826 camera from Walmart for Christmas. It seemed like a fairly good camera until the battery died in February. I checked Walmart and a few other stores for a replacement battery. No one locally carried them. I searched extensively online and found that nobody carries them. I called Polaroid customer service and they said they will send me a replacement battery free of charge. 2 months later I called back and was told my battery is on "back order". The truth is Polaroid can't get replacement batteries either. There are a lot of these cameras for sale online. DO NOT BUY ONE! Once that battery is gone the camera will never work again. The Polaroid iE826 is in reality an overpriced disposable camera.

Posted by Rupesh

Polaroid tv had been launched in india but we are not able to find head office in india, customer service number for the help or assistance.

Posted by Stephanie

Hello I'm having a really difficult time getting my polaroid action camera to work, my mac won't show the polaroid app. When I plug my polaroid action camera XS80 into my MacBookPro, the videos seem to default to the Kodak easyshare symbol along the bottom of my screen. I think there's something wrong with this camera. It's not a user friendly device, that's for sure.

Posted by dwheat9003

My sons girlfriend has a Polaroid Model S8 and it is a total piece of s!!t! I reloaded it with the only firmware I could find and it works but a Google Music store window error pops up just using the tablet for whatever, not even trying to access that Google store thing. The screen freezes, the virtual keyboard doesn't open many times when called upon to do so, has to be rebooted frequently, battery life is extremely low.

Posted by Anonymous

My son has lost the remote to his tv,,,,,,its turned itself of,,,,how can i get it on again,,,,cant see any buttons on the tv to help me,,,,a uneversal remote wont work,,,,please help,,,,,my number,,,,

Posted by Unhappy Customer

Im honestly very-very unhappy, its now the second time that my sons polaroid kids tablet comes back from repairs and still not working, in fact its now worse than it was before the repair, ive paid alot of money for something that constantly give problems. Either Polaroid give me my money back or replace the tablet completely. I really lost all my trust and liking for Polaroid.

Posted by Anonymous

35 minutes and counting wait time is crazy. Nice customer service!!

Posted by Rhain

My concern was i put my tablet for repair lcd wasnt working after the 3 months they said that my tablet is already for pick up. Then went there to check it but the touch screen wasnt working.So need to return it back for repair again.but almost 3 months today before it returns to me Ive check it and theres lot of photos that people i dont know and seems like that they used up my tablet for almost longer time already I was very disappointed.I want to go back there and complain about it. What will be the best thing to do advice me

Posted by mrskiplin

we bought a 42" smart tv and 3 times our speakers have gone on it and we have had to take it back, now they have gone again and I cant find the receipt and they wont take it back even though we have the box, so with a year our brand new tv speakers have gone 4 times, you can not even upgrade the software in it either, absolutely disgusting we will never buy polaroid again, absolutely disgusting after sales

Posted by CUSTOMER

I bought a Polaroid Tablet (through HSN) and when it came, it worked only for 1 week! The HSN people gave me the phone number of the so call "Customer Service" (which by the way is the WORST PLACE I'VE EVER CALLED IN MY LIFE! ) They never tried to help me fix anything, just asked for me to ship it back and they would send me another one. Two weeks later: I HAVE ON POLAROID TABLET THAT CAME FULL OF GREASE, DUST, AND LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE HAS USED IT FOR AT LEAST A YEAR! As I called them, the &^%[email protected] who talked to me over the phone was the worst person to assist. As I requested to talk to the "Supervisor", he did not offered any solutions and said that they would send me an email.. and these people did not even ask my email address! So at the end, I lost my money, wasted my time and ended up without a tablet! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! D O N O T W A S T E Y O U R T I M E & M O N E Y ! ! !

Posted by Jerks

The tv i purchased a few months ago doesn't pick up digital signal now same with the bigger version downstairs it comes and goes one minute your watching all channels then it's telling me that the whole English network is not running there's nothing wrong with our Arial because we had it tested professionally further more if i turn the tv off it turns of my PlayStation so when i want to charge the joy pad i have to disconnect the hdmi who gave you the right to make your useless product control other devices as far as i can tell your products are not fit for purpose and are more than annoying should stick to making cameras because you don't have a clue how to make tv's be warned people they are peddling usless unfit wastes of money

Posted by flakey biscuits

I got this camera for Christmas and wasnt able to use it because I didn't have an SD card. Then when I got one I tried to turn on the camera and it didn't turn on so I put it on the charger . a couple hours later I tried to turn it on and it didn't even turn on. Im kind of mad because I didn't even get to use this camera . If someone askedif I recommend this camera I DEFINITELY WOULDN'T. Its a waste of money.


I Bought A Polariod Bluetooth Speaker It Dont Charge Store Done Have Another They Want Me To Pay Shipping To Send It Back Then It Will Take 4 To 6 Weeks To Send Me Another Speaker I Will Never Buy A Polaroid Product.

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Posted by carlena duffie

wow,,,renaldo was remarkable on the phone today. He fixed my TV over the phone and the local repair man wanted 160.00. I have nothing but really wonderful things to say about this man. He was so patient and understanding...thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I don't know why everyone is having an issue but I called, talked to the service rep, and had my item shipped back (at my cost, unfortunately) to the repair center

Posted by oldschool52

Best customer service I have dealt with in a while. Connected in 10 minutes. Customer service person was knowledgeable about the product. Walked me through a few tests. Camera failed. He issued me an RMA and emailed it to me. Had it in 5 minutes. He was pleasant, Knowledgeable, spoke English and actually helped me. Kudos to Polaroid and Mark.

Posted by oldschool52

I purchased a 32" LCD TV Polaroid from(Wal-Mart)about 5-1/2 years ago. I researched TVs for 6+ months before purchasing. The TV still works well to this day, no problems. Called customer support for info once and they helped immediately. The sound on this set sucks but I new that when I purchased it and the reviews were correct, it sucks but external sound system takes care of this. With all the negative comments about TVs I wanted to tell a good experience and product.

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