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PokerStars customer service is ranked #763 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.54 out of a possible 200 based upon 103 ratings. This score rates PokerStars customer service and customer support as Terrible.


101 Negative Comments out of 103 Total Comments is 98.06%.


2 Positive Comments out of 103 Total Comments is 1.94%.

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Terrible Overall Customer Service Rating

  • PokerStars

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 23.54 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 101 negative comments (98.06%)
    • 2 positive comments (1.94%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
    • 2.0 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 2.8 Friendliness
    • 2.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by DOUG120669

disgusted,logged in to my account as normal only to find my account is blocked,no reason or explanation given,trying to contact these guys is no mean feat and their lack of response was phenomenal,no way to contact this lot other than by email which gets ignored,were quick enough to accept a deposit though,unsurprisingly,customer service with this lot is non existant

Posted by AAAAces4

I bought 49$ worth of play chip on 11/17/17 i got the chips but i was double charged,i didnt want but on transaction not teo cam u help me

Posted by Anonymous

One of the worst customer services I've ever dealt with. It takes nearly a week to get any response (if they even respond at all) and they have no telephone number to reach them! My account has been frozen for months for reasons beyond my control and pokerstars makes it a nightmare to try and rectify it.

Posted by Anonymous

purchased 270 mil chips 49.99 9/4/17 hve not received chips

Posted by johncarter42

Downloaded pokerstars 3 days ago now cannot get into my account something wrong my what went wrong.only have 1 t/y John Carter

Posted by Chris

I have tried and tried to contact pokerstars and I don't get a response, ove tried the "reset password" but dont get an email, ive also emailed them and no response despite the "24 7 support" hmmm yea whatever, i now just want my funds withdrawn because I dont trust them. Have other people actually had a response from pokerstars?

Posted by Unjustified

Pokerstars Ripping People Off! What Kind Of System Don't Have Contact Number And Sells Chips???????????? Any Business (money-wise) Used, Have A Customer Service Number! Is The Us Government Colliding With Pokerstars ? Under Table Money Seems Like! How Can Pokerstars Get By, Selling Chips, Without A Number????????? Is This Lawful??????

Posted by *Vis-taart*

I can't withreaw cash ( cashout ) pockerstar request copy of my ID to complete full verification witch i have send many time copy of my ID but nothing hapen yet !!! I have this problem about 25 day not fix yet pfffff,
i reccive yesterday night e-mail said the document accepted and my star account been verified .i go to withdreaw to try to cash out is not work they ask me agan a coppy of my ID! !!! Realy I am not happy.pokerstar is big bank deserve to be robet.

Posted by EsunRaise

I have launched a complaint in pokerstars 30 hours back (sent email still they have not replied. Pokerstars support suck, they just want the client to deposit their support has become pathetic now days.

Posted by Driven460

disgusting you don't have live support. It seems that all you want is money if one has a question to one of your give away's which is closing shortly obviously its not going to happen.

very disappointed player

Posted by J7gal88

Can't connect. To site I've been playing for years used to play two games on the same screen the 10 to. 1000 and 800000 to start my wife missed the the site now I can only get the 10to1000 need help help

Posted by you dont need to know

i have been a member of poker stars for a few years now and sadly your site has just made it too difficult for the average person to understand half the crap your site is offering.... i just found out 888 poker and it is ALOT easier to understand and connect with out any PROBLEMS.i won't be dealing with you guys anymore, you can also stop saying you the TOP poker site in the world!! that will change very soon as your site has become a sesspool...

Posted by Washojo

I've played hold em my entire life, I played your games for over a month now, and haven't won 1 hand, the odds of that are astronomical, your games are phony, I won't play them again

Posted by Gesser


This I have played for years but your connection is so bad updates nor ability to play is impossible.

Also Omaha 1000 is not available?


Lloyd Dicken

Posted by razortwos

I want to speak to a human being but no number any were

Posted by 2NYY2

I have been unable to connect for over a month. I have written many emails and get no response. I send a network status report daily and get no response.

Posted by stalia

i put a lot of money to poker stars and the never give anything back to me! i have proofs whoever want to see! the are steeling our money! i never win anything! 1 year now i played 2000 euro and the return 200 euro! in all games! also in poker spin and go if the want to keep the money i never have a good combination! i am sure that i am not only one! i have a friend who plays and always the give him bonus (100 euro....50...200)! so the take money from us an give to others!

Posted by Begupardon

I need to speak to someone on the phone in customer service

Posted by Dolly-0

Call me immediately ive been playing pk for years i was sick andcoming and my app wont let me come in im so mad call me. Ow call me now please call me rivht now please i always love pk but ill bave to go elsewhere please call im waiting now now ty

Posted by Cip


Where can I complaint about pokerstars? I have tried to send them a video to show them there was a problem with a gme i was playing, money didnt show in my balance, but they say they cannot receive video files and to send them prtscreens, which is impossible to show like this.
Anyone has an idea who can I address to?


Posted by Rudpie

Hi my name is lee rudland my screen I have been playing black jack and winning and the money has not been going into my money account???? Played the last game of 10 dollars won with 21 so I should of won 10 + 15 dollars and my account was not credited?? And lots more before that. Please could u look into this as I am not happy think you.

Posted by greybuzzurd

pokerstars is ridiculous how often you get on the river!

I sat down with a deck of cards for a day dealing holdem hands and did not get over by the river nearly as often as on pokerstars!

Posted by ?

For some reason even if I full service your system keeps crashing and it doesn't just happen to me when I just played it lagged and I lost all of my chips while waiting for it to connect and this has happened so many times I had to say something especially when u pay for it

Posted by deemet

my eperience with pokerstar is not good at all. at the begining it was ok but noe they just take your money no matter what hand u play,
regret for downloading it

Posted by Dario9285

Hi my name is dario cammarasana !
Very poor service .... I had problem with cash out ( I never had problem with deposit ), when I spend money on website everything going beautifully but once you have to get your money back problems are present ... Security service asking you for documents which you never provide them before ( why they didn't ask when I was make a deposit ??) once you sent all documentation ... They locked your account for investigations ( why ? All document and paper provided are completely fine !)
my opinion is then instead of calling security office suppose to be call PROFIT CONTROL OFFICE !
Ps there is no phone number where you can call and nobody try to set up your problem !!

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Posted by dave_polacek

I have had on problem with poker stars.The deposits and cash out work fine for me.I always get the right amount of money that i should in ever kind of trans action that i am doing. I rate there site AA. dave_polacek

Posted by weatherman

I'm surprised at all the negative comments about stars. It's been my site of choice for years and will continue to be. I've always found their customer service to be top notch and have never had any major problems

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