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Pogo customer service is ranked #901 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 17.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 484 ratings. This score rates Pogo customer service and customer support as Terrible.


481 Negative Comments out of 484 Total Comments is 99.38%.


3 Positive Comments out of 484 Total Comments is 0.62%.

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    • 17.62 Overall Rating
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    • 481 negative comments (99.38%)
    • 3 positive comments (0.62%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by scarletskis

I have a problem with game,a way with words. It's too large for the screen. Letters are not in circles, there's no bar showing with letters. I have explorer 11, google chrome, computer 8..

I tried going through forum, looking for help.

I would like if someone could email me, steps how to correct the problem. I purchased badge and can't play. Thank you

Posted by rEEZY

I have tried to advise you of my change of credit card number to o avail !!!

Today I have received another notice of renewal will be due on November 5th.

I have TRIED to advise you but you have made it so difficult, until now, that
I have considered cancelling . Advise how I go about advising you of this change

Posted by pheed35

I need to get hold of someone to help me to renew my subscription with pogo as it is due nov 7 and when I tried to get in to pay it they say they do not have a name for me. My name is Phylis Dow and my pogo name is pheed35 I have been a member for quite a few years

Posted by storm23452

why have you have a number to support thats not in order anymore??? I need to talk to a live pertson....how do I go about that?

Posted by newbebetx2381

You Phone Number As Listed Is Not Longer In Service - I Need To Get My Password In Order To Get More Gems - Please Help

Posted by Anonymous

I am really ticked off at this point and time about gifts I have purchased for people on my friends list. Most of the time...they never receive the gifts that pogo

has taken my tokens for already. My tokens are never returned to me and the gifts have never been received by the receiver of them. Geez...what is going on? Why even have a gift center at all. My screen name is NormaRae35, and my email address is
I doubt if I will ever hear anything from Electronic Arts.

Posted by Anonymous

I been a member on pogo for 5 years with my wife my screen name is stanza on pogo my wife cuddlykimmyxo my wife has been harassed by a man name so indoctor54 my wife account is connected too face book which he knows my wife names has harrass her in lobby where she lives her and social security number this man is retired from the state he went into my wife persoanal business I have screen shots what this man has done too wife ineed support from pogo too get this man off pogo and needing this man's name my lawyer will be in touch with the information my email my account has changed ty Robert stansbury

Posted by Holstm

There are several games that no longer work on my iPhone. Pop it is one I wondered if there was a fix.

Marilyn Holst

Posted by JANAUG59

Ea.com Has Not Helped Me Fix A Damn Thing Been A Member Since2003 And Cannot Get Home Page Or Sign Into Pogo

Posted by keewee599

Customer Service and Support is the worst ever. Phone number no longer in service and when trying to contact via web, topics of my concern are not covered. Have changed my password several times and there is no way to get into site. Have been a member for years with automatic payment. What's going on? Getting ready to cancel membership since they are so screwed up.

Posted by Anonymous

can someone help me delete my account. I have tried every telephone number andcan get ne help from any one.i have called my credit card company who has put a block on account.someone call me back and delete this account. Catherine munz

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke on your chat line to a man called Sayed. He told me that someone would be contacting me to fix the problem I am having with you continuing to take deductions from my bank account. Please have someone contact me on. This is the third time I have contacted you to try and sort out this problem!

Your speedy response would be appreciated.

Thank you, Judy Eddington

Posted by butqunia62

Please tell me how to play pogo games on line from my iphone?
I want to download only 2 games, one is a backgammon and another is Dominoes. I downloaded pogo games on my phone but there are no obtions to download these 2 board games .
Please let me know what to do?
Thank you

Posted by ladyangel250

I am not happy for not getting my badge is stuck. I am a deaf lady and 70 years old. I can't get loading game are stuck. I took my desktop to Staples he told me that Pogo suppose to fix it. just brought new desktop 6 months ago. I want to quit that I no longer to play plus I'm tired to fix it . My technican's name is Tony Gillaspie where he worked at Staples. . I have my cell phone only text. My tty is not work. I try two different things are Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. I click on Report a problem. I found it on Do not Track like False and True. I am so miserable and more frustrate.

Posted by Anonymous

pogo go to people credit card and take money without permission .
I only bought one game for my grandchild for less than seven dollars, they keep taking 19.81 dollar from my credit car every month. I keep calling and calling them and get no help at all they say they will call back in tow hours over and over but no call from then at all.
this is piracy big time, stop piracy

Posted by barbnorm1809

play scrabble for year just recently chat is not possible - and while playing during intermission will not return to game board ?? can you help ??

Posted by bbydoli

I pay for my membership on pogo and have used pogo for many years. There are people who in an scensored room say disgusting things and plug tabes to stop others from playing. I have muted this person but they still stalk and harass me and other in the pinochle intermediate evergreen room. are the same person and hey plug tables of other paying members so you cant get a rated game going. Please send themn a warning or do something to prevent them harassing other paying members. He uses disgusting language at times in lobby just misspells it on purpose. please try and watch him when he is in itermediate pinochle evergreen room. thank you

Posted by gypsy031235

I have for 2 days now to get an answer as to why my account has not been credited as being a full paid up club member since april 18,2016. i just do not how to get into it to send you a copy that the bank printed out for me to show you the i am paid up for the year of2016. Also had my son pay for 3months on his card to give you enough time to look me up . Have been a CLUB MEMBER FOR 10 YEARS starting my 11th year this year and I am so confused that I really do not what to do.

if you need contact please use my land line phone number

Posted by indigonewageman

To whom it may concern, My two computers were recently attacked by malware and in my efforts to restore my computers, I lost access to my pogo account because my password was destroyed. I could not restore my password on my own. Can you please help me? Sincerely, Lawrence Gary Beliz

Posted by mybride6

I have been a POGO client for a very long time. Because my husband enjoyed playing I continued the yearly billing so he could enjoy playing. Since the payment came out through auto pay there is no question of timely payment. My complaint is one of customer service. Once they have your money they have no interest in treating as a valued customer. My auto renewal came through 8/19 and my husband died 8/27. I am going to cancel the subscription but regret that I will not be able to endorse this site. There is no way I can cancel the subscription as the questions asked don't apply and there is no way to contact a human. Every phone number I have tried is "no longer in service". To me this is just outright fraud.

Posted by Ashannonsmom6046

I Have Played In Pogo For Years, It Wasn't Until Last Year That I Came To Realize That Pogo Was Taking Money Out Of My Accounts And There Was No Reason. I Am Starting Proceedings To Try And Get My Money Back But To Bring Charges Against Pogo. I Don't Know If This Will Even Get Into The Reviews, But I Would Like To Warn Others Of The Scamming That's Going On.

Posted by Tacothedog280

My account was renewed without my knowledg Ihave canceled the account. Still waiting for my refund of $61.00
Received a e-mail stating it was cancelled but nothing about refund.

Terry Vitali

Posted by tinker8178

I can't play pogo its keep saying I'm already playing so it kick me out of the game .plz fix this for me .

Posted by [email protected]

My card was charged for something I know nothing about! I want this to stop!!! I never gave anyone permission to take money out of my bank account! I will be contacting my bank and filing necessary paperwork to stop this!

Posted by odd lolalew434

last week i was Wandering who was taking Money out of My Account and not letting me know about it and some boy or man said it would cost me $79.00 to Cancel my Subscription and i called my Bank and they told me who it was so they Deleted that Debit Card and Blocked it from anymore transactions and i Shredded my Debit Card so now i dont have one thanks alot from lola

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Posted by Rmicharapo4

Not a major complaint but one of logic. I was told by a drop down message that I was over my limit of requested badges for the week. Now, let me get this right. I was told that I could not request anymore badges (all previous completed) because it was over my limit. Who said so. Since I pay for this service If I can complete a gazillion badges in one week then I should not be bothered by stupid messages saying that I have exceeded my limit.
Please correct this and take the limit thing off.

Posted by cant say for privacy reasons

Pogo has great support if you know how to go about getting there.
Press help at the top of your signed in page. On the next page at the right click EA help. On the next page bottom right click Contact us. On the next page type in the game name you are having a problem you and in the next box click technical support, billing, customer support or whatever you need. Click email me and within 24 hours someone will mail you back and ask what problems you have and what you need done. I know their support is hard to find but after 1st contact, you can expect results.
As for you people with Java issues, you need to learn how to use a computer and how to download files, uninstall files and reinstall files.

Posted by Anonymous

I played pogo for several years. I has a java issue once which was resolved after several emails back and forth. More recently I cancelled my subscription, but my credit card was charged by EA two days later. I found an EA customer service number to call. Went through automated system as if I had a game problem in order to get to a live person. Was on hold for about 30 to 45 min. I did speak to a live person and was told that they cannot provide pogo support over the phone. THERE is NO pogo phone support! I was upset at this point because it is a rather simple solution of providing a reimbursment. I was told I must email customer service from the pogo site. (click on ea service chat button and will direct you to email). So I did email them and TO MY GREAT SUSPRISE I got a real response back (after initial response just stating they received email) that same day saying they will reimburse my credit card! I was expecting an initial canned response and several more emails to get any result.
They should have phone service as well - but skip that fustration and go straight to email. Again, I was very susprised by the quick and desired result, especially after reading the negative comments online. I felt this needed to be put out there.

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