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Posted by Wickedness420002

Can't get on PlayStation network to do anything I spend alot money to be able play the games I enjoy to play it says business hours don't end until 8pm I called and said phone support is closed im highly upset and deserve an explanation I keep getting error error error what's going on

Posted by Elvis Lives

I believe this is a scam to get the 99.00 service fee, from the number of users they know - by the numbers- are outside of the 1 year warranty period. Ask yourself, why is it that your system (all games, access to the sony online services) was working perfectly till you attempt to update the firmware. Then are subject to error codes (E-801809A-8 and SU-42118-6), preventing your PS4 to update, basically making your system a paperweight till u pay PlayStation 99.00 for service, upfront I may add.

I talked to support, ran thru all the diagnostic even safe mode option 7, still does not work. Was told I have to send my unit in for service at 99.00 upfront. My PS4 is a slim model I bought just 1 year 2 months ago, working fine till the update. I don't know if it's me or it's a coincidence that my warranty just recently ended. - Just Sayin SCAM

Posted by bigd-0083

Very disappointed with the PlayStation 4 controller had it for a year and just wont work anymore I pay 70 dollars for a controller I expect it to last longer then that the one I got is a piece of crap might be looking into an x box soon

Posted by blair William hicks

I have to wait an hour each time i call. 2 out of 3 reps are pushing too end a call before the problem is resolved. It is unacceptable if i wait 50-60 minutes patiently for someone to pickup to then be rushed off if i dont have some info handy,that i never was told i needed in the first place.

Posted by Anonymous

Of all companies I would least expect Sony to give you the back and forth. When I recently bought an EA game through the Playstation Network and most of the content was missing all they wanted to do was redirect. After Trying to resolve the issue several times through EA I was, surprise surprise, redirected to Sony once again. Finally after a fair amount of convincing they agreed to help. I know that no one person has all of the answers but you would expect more form a well established company like Sony.

Posted by Mac

I had a 'np 36006 5 error' on my PS4. I phoned Playstation Support. I followed the advice and guidance which not only left me out of pocket regarding having to buy a very large external memory device but the advice didn't actually work. In fact the opposite as I lost all game saves, photos etc. I also couldn't access Playstation Plus. I couldn't play my PS4 for months due to PS issues and errors. I asked for my Playstation Plus membership to be extended by the amount I lost because of Playstation Support incompetence. The reply was in the negative and from the most condescending individual I have ever had the misfortune to speak to on any form of customer services. Sony should be ashamed of themselves. Absolutely disgusting service!!

Posted by Anonymous

I woke up this morning and found out psn logged me out or my account was hacked but i can't remember my account pw and have no access to the gmail. Which it doesn't look like the account is mine but it is and i can't get it back. It's my main psn account and has all my video clips friends games etc. And i'm an youtuber, which means without my account i am liable to lose all my data. I really need help playstation.

Posted by kim smith

Don't waste your time with the Playstation Store. They don't care about you, they just want your money. Someone purchased a game through the PS4 store on my account. I did not authorise the transaction and I did not know the transaction had been made. After contacting Playstation they said they considered it an authorised transaction because someone else was able to access my account (even without my permission). I was told the purchase was non-refundable and non-transferable. Playstation did nothing to help. The only option I am left with is to dispute the transaction with my financial institute as an un-authorised purchase. I am a long time Playstation customer and I can safely say I will never purchase a product from the Playstation store ever again.

Posted by Raul

After reviewing all the negative reviews for Sony Playstation on this site and the web; I'm just surprised that Sony hasn't faced a class action lawsuit in order to remedy their unethical, unprofessional, and maybe illegal practices. Unfortunately, in American society more often than not; the only way that abusive business practices get resolved is thru the Courts.

I concur with many of the reviews on this site. Sony Playstation should have a disclaimer of "buying beware" regarding the customer service people would get if they decide to purchase their products... or I should say the nonexistent customer service. I own both a PSP and PS Vita and have a playstation network account. Recently, I have not been able to make purchases because of a glitch in their system that says that the "purchase cannot be completed" and to check under transaction history... only to see a bunch of missed charges but unable to complete transaction or being able to do anything about it.

I searched the forums and other link of "customer support" under the playstation network site only to find that there is no a single thing that could relate to it. I tried live chat only to find that it's not working and it directs you to call customer service, but I have previously tried that only to get idiots on the phone who pretend that they don't understand people with accents. Then, I found their email address in which I send them the pictures with the error messages but they won't reply back... so you have bought expensive equipment only to find out that they don't care about the very same people that have filled their coffers with lots of cash.

Posted by Daddy_fat_sack94

My son bought call of duty infinite warfare / remastered .$70 .00. Remastered wont download. Game play said it is not their problem, PlayStation said not their problem. So my son gets screwed. Go figure the little guy gets screwed again. Way to show him how in business people dont matter, it is the bottom line that does. What a bunch of pass the buck Thanks a ton.

Posted by InkGang5150

My account has been banned and im not understanding why you took these actions.

Posted by Anonymous

been trying for days to be able to send an email complaint but it just keeps saying its having trouble sending it. been on hold for 3 hours on phone still no pick up.

Posted by Urmom

Have had problems with their "costumer support" team been hung up on severl times and now that my ps4 has a problem right when i got home from work i turned it on and emeditly ejected my disk and wouldn't take it back, when i called the support line of course its closed, and it was only 5;15 central!!! So how am i supposed to fix it oh thats right i have to wait all weekend till their back on Monday, as if ppl aren't playing over the weekend! This is y ppl r saying F*$! Playstation and going to Xbox like i am! And i suggest yall do the same! Unless u like beeing ripped off over and over again! But thats just me

Posted by Anonymous

Posted by Anonymous
1/6/17 1:33PM
My son's psn account was hacked and his bank account drained. His bank are investigating all the payments to PlayStation he hasn't made and have cancelled his debit card as a precaution. We've phoned PlayStation so called customer service and they where rude and didn't want to listen to anything we'd got to say about his bank investigating and to bear with us whilst it's happening. They've banned his account and he's lost all his fifa coins and everything for his COD and other games. So he made another account to resume his games with his friends and they've now banned his console. So it's now not worth the plastic it's made from. Useless. We've lost over £1000, with all this palava. So my son is now saving for an Xbox 1 cos their customer service is ok and they listen to you. We're disgusted by PlayStations attitude and they have lost our custom. Is there anything we can do to unbann his account and console, so he can sell it and get some of his money back?? Can anyone help or advise us?? Thankyou

Posted by Anonymous

My son's psn account was hacked and his bank account drained. His bank are investigating all the payments to PlayStation he hasn't made and have cancelled his debit card as a precaution. We've phoned PlayStation so called customer service and they where rude and didn't want to listen to anything we'd got to say about his bank investigating and to bear with us whilst it's happening. They've banned his account and he's lost all his fifa coins and everything for his COD and other games. So he made another account to resume his games with his friends and they've now banned his console. So it's now not worth the plastic it's made from. Useless. We've lost over £1000, with all this palava. So my son is now saving for an Xbox 1 cos their customer service is ok and they listen to you. We're disgusted by their attitude and have lost our custom. Is there anything we can do to unbann his account and console, so he can sell it and get some of his money back?? Can anyone help or advise us?? Thankyou

Posted by paddygrey

support services utterly abysmal. chat support never available. 2 hour waits for contact support. the tech is great. the service just sucks. overall, would not buy playstation again.

Posted by RULI1025

Customer service is unhelpful! I contacted them 3 times about a DLC code that isn't working and 2 times they told me it would get fixed through email. On the 3rd call they said that there is nothing that can be done. Worst experience ever! 3 hours of my life I will never get back

Posted by MiShea

Most trouble I had paying for anything. Usually companies make it easier to spend your money for their service. Customer service are not very knowledgeable. If you have basic repetitious issue they are fine. I just called and the phone repeatedly sid :Thank you for calling PlayStation Vue" then hung up all three times. Frustrating

Posted by HaZaRd222245

Apparently, checking with customer service exactly ten minutes before your 24 hour account lockout from their attempts to fix your password reset, constitutes another 24 hour lockout. With no one being able to override the system reset.

The fact that the company does not have a single person in the Customer Service department capable of overriding a backwards system like that speaks on how much they care about their customers. Along with the fact that they seem it appropriate to waste peoples' time, directing them to "supervisors" who apparently can't do anything above a regular customer service representative's job.

This company is literally a joke. I'd rather waste time with Xbox than these scumbags.

Posted by Anonymous

By far the worst phone support I have ever received. Starts everything with a 10 minute wait time add confusion, an uncaring attitude, and inconsistency. The result is surprising why Sony even bothers with its so called, "Live Customer Service".
This all started when I didn't get on my PlayStation 4 for an extended time. I realized I have been paying for the plus online and had not been using it. When I attempted to cancel it, I could not log onto my account. Someone had somehow changed the email associated with it. So I called my first time on October 25 and was informed that, "without your real-id I cannot recover your account." I was told to go find one of my online friends to "recover" this info. This took me a few days to get and I called again. This time waited another 10 minutes and was finally able to recover my account. I then again explained the situation and asked about canceling my account so I wouldn't receive the pending charge I saw on my bank statement. She said "it's done", "taken care of." I skeptically ended the call and looked at my bank statement the next day, guess what. The charge had gone thru. I called a third time, waited another 10 minutes. This time got someone who acted like they were going to help, put me on hold yet again and came back and said "Since I have no notes prior to the 29th of October, I cannot credit you back", "All sales are final."

I cannot think of the proper words to describe how unhappy I am with PlayStation customer service. This experience honestly makes me question supporting a company like PlayStation when they have such low regard for their customers. I spent over 50 minutes in wait times/discussions and still feel like accomplished nothing. I will keep this experience in mind for future purchases and encourage people to look into customer service reviews prior to purchase.

Posted by Anonymous

i phoned play station about a game and as far as i can gather all they want is your money bacause the attitude i had on the phone was not what i thuoght it would be for a big company i bought a game on play station store and when i bought a ps4 i was told that every thing i bought on ps store would go to my ps4 account but it did not an when i phoned to ask why i was told that it is not the case so why did play station advertise that you could seems that they want your money and they not want to help i was told that i was lying and there nothing they couyld do as far as i am concernd it was false addvetisying should have stayed with x box at least they stick to ther word not like PLAY STATION who lie to get your money

Posted by microtyger

This is the most ridiculous and frustrating channel I've ever tried to add to my ROKU.
The sites they send you to are not straight forward whatsoever.
I finally got the activation number and applied it, after an unbelievable number of times.
Now it says there is an error and to call customer service.
Of course, it's the weekend and they're not open.

Posted by Playstationgamer2001

Best thing to do is to make sure that the auto renew for PS+ is turned off because it's ON by default and never ever put a gift card into the account and not buy something immediately because I just wasted $18.99 for a subscription I cannot use because I have a ton of updates that needs to be downloaded first for me to access the online service again. Don't expect anything from the Sony support or Playstation Support because they're unreachable.

Posted by Playstationgamer2001

I had subscribed to PS+ to play online for 3 months and I had put $20 in my account wallet before the subscription ended to buy a new game to play but when I went in to finally purchase the game I found out that the subscription had auto renewed without my knowledge, so I went to the support website and opened the live chat in the right working hours but nothing happened... the site just stays as it is after requesting live chat, so I went to the refund request link and it told that the site doesn't even exist and I can't reach them at all.... Disappointing.

Posted by Anonymous

You guys when it comes to updating extremely from 1 to 10 you're get a half 0 that is why people live in the counseling going back to PC thank you very much for showing me the true affection PlayStation never again

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Posted by DroopiDrew

I had a problem with my email and a gentleman named Henry was a big help and solved my issue. Thanks again Henry!

Posted by Sam1218

Very helpful help solve the problem very fast

Posted by TheHawaiianboi343

So I just got onto my ps3 and went to sign in into my psn account and once I signed in it says your account has been temporarily suspended or banned so I now go on my psn app on my phone and sign in and it says suspended and I heard if you get suspended for the first time you wait for 7 days and I did that just to see but it didn't work so I really don't know what to do!

Posted by Black pirate

Absolutely 100% quality service from play station my son's ps4 broke only 4 months old p's sent out free returns labels and issued a new console within a week of return I can't rate you enough, my son is a happy boy thank you playstation :)

Posted by H8MEUH8ER

This is crazy Christmas Eve and Christmas both my psn has been down, I paid good money for the system and plus this is rediculas . .is my screen name I would expect PlayStation to be making this right !! 2 days come on and Christmas to boot!!

Posted by Anonymous

I used Playstation's live chat support and overall it worked out well. I used the live chat since their phone line was down at that moment. I got support from a REAL person in the live chat, which at first seemed like just automated messages. Connecting to the live chat took awhile due to so many people trying to get a hold of it, but after that was done talking with the consultant was easy and my problem was resolved quickly. You don't get put on hold at all either!

Posted by Deviunt

I did a live chat with the sony psn support and it was really fast and easy. I waited about 20 minutes to be placed with an tech but after that he was extremely helpful in getting my account back. after only about 15 minutes he helped me reset my account.

overall the support was really helpful and fairly reachable so i'd say use live chat over calling 'On call" customer support

Posted by Matt

Hello Playstation,

I just called your customer service number a few minutes ago and spoke to a man named Freddy. I asked a few questions about transferring data from my old PS3 to my new PS3 slim and he was extremely helpful. He answered all the questions I had, and even sent me a link to help me out with another question of mine (how to switch out the hard drive). Make sure to keep this guy on your team, he's great.

Thanks for the help!

Posted by LilTeaPot03

My holding for customer service wasn't too long, considering this is regarding the Playstation and Playstation Network. My CSR rep was very professional, nice, and knowledgeable about specific products and rules. My PS3 is covered in a service warranty (So there goes a high percentage of possible frustration melted off.)and I was just needing to get a controller replaced. Again she made it very easy and told me what all I had to do.

Posted by Anonymous

After calling Sony I got the best rep. there, Jennifer.

She talked the through all the same steps as Tim did but didn't try to sell me a different PS3. xD

She had me restart my PS3 in safe mode (again) run options three and four (again) and then try to install the game (...again). It failed again, but she told me to try on a wired connection and see if it gets passed the 14%. So I intend to do that later when I head over to my sisters house.

She also said that Netflix was freezing because my drive was fragmented. xD

So helpful...

Anyway, she said that she has my information written down and that if my wired connection fails later they will send a refund ticket to their refund people and they will deal with it.

She said that it usually takes 10 - 15 days for them to even look at it, 2 - 3 days for them to approve it, then depending on if it is a Master or Visa card up to 30 days to restore the money to the card.

She then told me that if I used a pre-paid card or preferred I could have the money put back into my PlayStation Wallet (although there is no point since I only put the money on there to get AC3 and nothing else).

She said that she is unsure if they write checks and said they definitely cannot just send me the damn game in the mail. xP

She also sounded hot. #ForeverAlone

Posted by maneymakerfred

this girl named malissa is awesome thanks allot psn is great

Posted by xxDeltaIV

Great customer support, I've called them twice, both regarding PS3's.

1) Had to retrieve account information, connected in about 20 seconds and had a employee that could actually speak English (shame I actually have to say this) and the problem was resolved in a matter of 10 minuets.

2) PS3 would not play sound on games and blu-rays, turns out the file system was corrupted employee walked me through the procedure with ease and was fixed at the end. The whole call took about 10 minutes.

Sony, please don't ever change your staff and product quality.

Posted by Crazydork541

I had recently called about changing my password for my psn account and a man named charles really helped me out i believe you should tell him thanks a lot from me!

Posted by Gosolo3

Just would like to comment on excellent service from an associate named Mike. with out him, i would have been lost....Thanks Mike.

Posted by Bigdic6767

Just left a comment umm for some reason I knew I would b able to sign in to the network! LOL talk about leaving a comment an within 5 mins, Getting service love it... But 4 REAL PLAYSTATION WHEN ISSUES LIKE THIS ARISE LEAVE Us EMAILS SO WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENING AN WE DON'T BUGG-OUT.....Thank u PS3 for the QUICK RESPONSE. :)

Posted by Anonymous

I love Sony!! I beern a customer for thirty years! Walkmans cameras tv and playstatations 1 2 and 3! Everyone was awesome! When I was 17, I had a problem with ps 1 they fixed it free! And gave me 10 free games! I was hooked! This company gets it!

Posted by imaeaturwaffles

I love playstation and will never go back to xbox but they seriously do need to fix this problem. I mean don't get me wrong I know its a problem that requires time to fix but you could at least give us a timeframe of when this situation may be resolved and I honestly don't understand why playstation would warn hackers before they were delt with. If someone is hacking delete their profile and block them frome re-entering the network its a simple procedure. They accepted the terms and they defiled them. Hackers should be delt with quickly. They ruin the gaming experience for us all.

Posted by Neccessary-EV1L

I am 100% loyal to PS. I seen several person's state that if you call the support # at the top of this page, You cant get nowhere or it hangs up on you. Well i decided to try myself just see what happens, I dialed the number, I get a male voice recording stating everything thats going on, The whole who, what, where, when, why & how. Then it switched over to a automated female voice options list, I pressed the corrisponding # for support & bingo "LIVE PERSON" who further explain's what is going on. It's really quite simple, They were hacked & before they go back online they want to be sure they fix everything. Wouldn't make sense to hurry & get back up so they crash agian next week. I know its fustrating, But there have been problems with the network ever since Modern Warfare 2 got hacked, being randomly kicked, error messaging, etc...etc.. There doing a complete top to bottom overhaul on there system to make a better gaming experience for us. I for one would like to thank PSN, I'll wait for quality gaming .

Posted by Anonymous

I personally have had great dealings with calling PlayStation customer support. The wait times were within reason ans the support staff spoke clearly and were straight to the point about what needed to be done. It was a relatively positive experience considering that I was calling about bad hardware.

Posted by deadeye009

They were very helpful I had a download that wasnt showing up because of a glitch where i couldn't play it or re-download it and the gentleman I talked to couldn't help so he found one that could and they refunded my money and I repurchased it.

Posted by Sergiyakun

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I have not experienced the repair services from Playstation myself however, I called and was taken care of all within 10 minutes. Playstation is a headache to anyone who can';t listen to prompts. I spoke with a fabulous young lady.

Posted by Tracer1975

I want to comment on the great performance of the PS3 system. I have been a loyal customer to PS systems and games and will continue as you have continued to improve your service. Compared to the Xbox the PS3 Stands by no one but in the front of the industry.

On a negative note that is done by these so called hackers. I refer to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. If you could counter they actions to prevent the cheat codes being used, it would be greatly appreciated not just by myself but I'm sure many others. I believe in fair play. I am a Sergeant in the US Army and lead by example in fair play. I will be depending on your gaming systems and network to make upcoming deployment go by fast till I can re-unite with my family.

Very Respectfully,

SGT Sours, Dickey

Posted by Ramidus5

Went here got the info, 3 min wait time to talk to a person. She was friendly as hell and walked me through troubleshooting my problem at home. It didn't fix the issue. Thankfully Sony keeps warranties on file based on your barcode on the back of the ps3. That made me very satisfied. Even moreso, my warranty expired Dec 9th (5th is when I called)! Talk about perfect timing for somthing to go wrong. Free shipping, free repair, all i can say is im very pleased with how customer service dealt with my problem.
So much so I extended my warranty for 59.99 for 2 years.

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Posted by romes422

This is madnesss I work selling sony equipment tvs and ip tvs I get screamed at by my cust because sony cannot give an eta it makes me mad because all sony has to do is give me an eta but no response is this how you trreat people I was just wondering do I just tell my cust to bring back there sony products and get something better look I was ok with this in the begining after they said a day or 2 but them I become. A liar to my cust whn o said that now I have them pissed at me for that sony I figured you being a big corperation we would have been kept in a loop so is this what we r to expect in the future as well you did not think of the lower people selling your product welp I am forced to tell cust to bring back and purchase something else that works thank you sony making me look like an idoit


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