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7 Negative Comments out of 9 Total Comments is 77.78%.


2 Positive Comments out of 9 Total Comments is 22.22%.

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    • 76.22 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 7 negative comments (77.78%)
    • 2 positive comments (22.22%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 5.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by aaustin

I have had 4 voyager legend headsets in 3 years. Great sound but the rubber over the ear arm breaks. It would seem that the could use a better quality material

Posted by WW

Perhaps the most (hilariously) useless tech support I've ever received! I ask about a loose volume knob on a new pair of headphones and tech support says "We could not locate the particular part that you are referring to.". There's only ONE volume knob! How hard can it be? I even referred him to their very own User Guide which describes this ever elusive "Volume knob".

I suspect we're not dealing with an actual human but a poorly programmed AI. Frustrating but funny. Mediocre product.

Posted by Zane

I called about a connectivity (bluetooth on my phone not recognizing the device) issue with a new plantronics headset and before the technician would consider helping me with my issue he insisted on getting my name (why?), my phone number in case we were disconnected (fair enough) and then my e-mail address (why?) --- when I challenged him (mostly in the interest of time) he browbeat me and said he simply could not answer my question until he received my personal details. Once that was done (amazingly) my device recognized the headset (after 45 minutes where it did not). Device works so no complaints there, but my concern is they (or the individual technician is) are using their helpline to harvest contact information for sale.

Posted by Anonymous

My bluetooth headset (voyager legend UC) was defective when I received it and wouldn't connect to my computer. Sent in a service request and after 8-10 emails was being sent the unit I needed. My only complaint in the return process is that they require the customer to pay for return shipping for defective units, which I was not told up front.

I was very disappointed with the customer service representative that was corresponding with me though. I was sent at least 10 long emails that didn't answer my questions and instead lectured me on what I did wrong. Each email was more condescending than the previous. Very disappointed in the way I was treated especially given that I'm generally an easygoing person and the questions I was asking were very simple - definitely will not be a repeat customer.

Posted by Anonymous

i am not very happy with the blue tooth that i have. it was working great for the first few months and then it only works a few hrs a day when it should last the whole day or longer. I have the Voyager Pro HD i love that one but if it dont last why are you guys selling them . They should last more then 9 months and it dont and what are you guys willing to do to help me withthis problem. this is getting me very upset.

Posted by r666k

Posted by graywhale

Plantronics used to have excellent customer service and a simple and fast way to return and obtain replacements for defective products. Now you must jump through many hoops anmd they likely won't accept anything but an original store receipt for proof of purchase; they rejected my documented purchase through Amazon and cannot provide me a reason why. As far as I'm concerned their customer service went from 10 out of 10 to about 1 out of 10-!!

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Posted by kgraves

Plantronics Voyager Pro is the best headset around. The sound quality and noise reduction are perfect. In the rare times I've contacted their customer service they were easy to reach and performed way above my expectations. If its a headset for me, its a Plantronics!

Posted by Anonymous

After 6 months, my Voyager 975 bluetooth headset suddenly lost volume, to the point I could hardly hear anything.

I called in Customer Service and after a few tests to determine whether it was my phone, the pairing process or the headset, it was quickly determined the unit was defective.

I just needed to give them the serial number and they sent me a replacement by express post. As easy as that!

Not only is the device the best bluetooth headset I have had, it was also the most painless after sales service I could hope for and I would definitely recommend this company. Their devices are more expensive than most, but the quality of the device and after sales service easily make up for the price premium.

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