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Planet Fitness customer service is ranked #650 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.97 out of a possible 200 based upon 956 ratings. This score rates Planet Fitness customer service and customer support as Terrible.


920 Negative Comments out of 956 Total Comments is 96.23%.


36 Positive Comments out of 956 Total Comments is 3.77%.

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    • 26.97 Overall Rating
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    • 920 negative comments (96.23%)
    • 36 positive comments (3.77%)
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Posted by Anonymous

This must remain confidential! Suggest you try the secret shopper approach to investigate customer service your gym on Schillingers Rd, Mobile Al. Front desk staff very unfriendly, act as if they�re miserable being there, will speak at times, but usually only if spoken to. Had a friend to join on line recently, went in, told them she�s new member, no offer to show her around, no welcome to our club, or anything. Only friendly employee in the gym is Denny, who handles maintenance. Outstanding employee, always smiling, knows nearly everyone by name! This continued rudeness needs to be stopped,

Posted by Sarah

I want to know how do I get the 20% off with Reebok my PF location don't know I want the benefits please email a

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to bring a large group to join your Delray Beach location. Manager pawned me off of Franchise Owner. That owner never contacted me and manager refused to provide contact information that next day when I returned. I tried calling the corporate office and nobody ever picked up the phone, this after multiple calls to different numbers and being left on hold for over 20 minutes having never spoken to a person. Beyond terrible service and just business stupid turning away a pile of business.

Posted by Sue

30 minute workout @ PF Joe Battle EP TX
When i joined PF, I was givin all the Do's and Dont's in detail! I was excited to join PF because of all the great equipment and services they have to offer! Especially the 30 min Express workout! Great when you're crunched for time! Today, was different and for the 3rd time my workout was interrupted by 7 different cleints doing their own thing! 3 young men rotating on 2 leg machines, 1 lady taking a break on leg machine, 2 ladies chatting about Christmas on #2 & #4 machine and one lady checking her Facebook Status on last machine! Needless to say, I didn't get my full workout in. It is not my job to tell other clients how to use the Express Workout section! PLEASE INFORM your staff on protocol!!! I'd like to enjoy my workouts at the "judgement free zone"'

Posted by RubyRed

Not happy with your finance department. You really screwed me over 2 yrs ago causing overdrafts to my account. However, I'm ready to give another try AFTER SPEAKING WITH TAYLOR, MGR Two Notch Road, Columbia SC. Whatever you are paying her is not enough.

Posted by Stephen

I recently had a disagreement with one of your employees which I admit I probably should have called him and a whole but he returned by saying you and cancelled my membership I would appreciate a phone call back I've been a member for 4 months I was looking to have my wife joint and my partner at work. All over a gym bag and I had a question about a sign on your wall I would appreciate a phone call back looking to rejoin your membership because I work midnights but if this is how you guys treat customers I guess maybe I shouldn't join

Posted by PeedOffSenior

The young lady that I spoke with was 'reasonable' when I lodged my complain with her but her final answer was the exact same answer that I got from my home gym when I let them know that I felt they were ripping my wife and I off. Planet Fitness was a great idea at one time but there are too many secret deals and before you know it, you are charged for things that you did not need to be charged for .. ie annual fee when you decide to cancel because you did not cancel in time which is debatable.

Posted by Anonymous

I love Planet Fitness, great place to workout, terrific membership fees. My problem is I moved from Delaware County Pa to Chester County Pa and there is no Planet Fitness for 16 miles. The Kennett Sq., West Grove and Oxford area has grown in population over the past several years and I don't understand why a Planet Fitness has not been built in this area. We have to go to Maryland or Delaware. Love to see you come out here. Check out the area. Zip Codes

Posted by Anonymous

If you cancel your membership 3 days after they take the yearly fee, how come you can't get it refunded back to you. I have been a member for almost 4 years. Just got a second job and had no time to go. So after 8 months of paying monthly fee, I decided to cancel membership. Explained to manager my situation and thought she would like to treat a customer, who could someday come back,with a little decency and gratitude for being a member for so long and refund the fee of 29$.She did not, would not told me my fault would of had to cancel by September 25. Now how would I have known that. Just wanted to be treated like a valued customer and was not. And when I go to join another gym it won't be planet fitness. And I will tell my whole family and everyone I know how I was treated.

Posted by Anonymous

I. Am. A. Member. At. The. Planet fitness. In. HATTIESBURG MISS..... they. Have. Horrible. Customer service. And. I. Went. In. Yesterday. To. Work. Out. A. Few minutes ... had my. 12. Year. Old. Grand. Daughter with. Me. .... when. You. Enter. Of. Course they. Have. 4. Or. 5. Tables with chairs .... they. Told. Me. She. Could. Not. Even. Be. In. The. Building unless she. Was 13 .... I. Understand gyms. And. The. Equipment. Can. Be. Dangerous. But. She. Will be. 13. Next. Month ... I. Asked. If. She. Could. Just. Sit. At. One. Of. The. Tables. At. The entrance ... I. Would. Just work. Out. 10. Minutes .. one. Of. The. Young. Man. Tolls. Me. Those tables were. For. Trainers consulting with people .... but. At. That. Time. There. Was. No. One. At. Either. Of. The. Four. Tables .... he. Told. Me. She. Would have. To. Go. Sit. In. The. Car !! !!! Really ??? In. The. State of. 'MIss. Where. It's. 106. Index. And. You. Should t. Even. Leave. Your. Dog. In. A. Car .... I. Told. Him. To. Go. Sit. In. A. Hot. Car. And. Please cancel. My. Membership today .... for. Anyone. To. Tell. Someone. That. Even if. It's. Corporate policy. Is CRAZY. And. Inconsiderate .... plenty. Of. Other. Gym choices. Where. I. Live !!!! Y'all. Might. Be. Growing. But. You. Could. Be. Like. Other big companies. That. Are. Falling. By. The. Wayside everyday ... especially. With. People. Like. That. Running. Your. Check. In. Desk !!!!!

Posted by disgruntled

Planet Stupid doesnt answer ANY of their listed so-called phone numbers. They OBVIOUSLY - NO NOT - want to be disturbed! So since this is the case then why are you a*in business. NO ONE is happy except the Fitness Fat Cats - who look so outta themselves they're a VERY poor representative of ANY health club! Answer ur ** phones!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a member at pf for quite awile now.i am a member at bramblton ave.roanoke va.i have been happy for most of the time.until the last year or so the staff has really suffered they r lazy,rude,and just dont keep up on cleaning.especially the mens stinks and they never clean the lockers out.the assistant manager has no social skills,i can't understand how she got the job! The machines cusions are cracked witch breeds germs.they need to hire people who are a bit older and dont misuse the little bit of power they posses.Austin (crapbag)!

Posted by Not a wilting flower

Planet Fitness is a joke. They have rules no other gyms have and we don't know what they are until we violate them and some teenager relished telling us so! Many of the rules seem to make no sense and seem part of todays "Don't offend anyone" except the good customers who want to really work out and not eat pizza and polish their nails. And talk about offensive, what is with the huge sign when you walk in that preaches don't be offensive and the absurdity of the next sentence using profanity "We are not here to kiss your ass" ???? Apparently they are far from doing that and apparently lack the IQ of a rosebush to notice their own offensive language, LOL! And don't you dare grunt during your workout (Its another rule), simply use the pink plastic weights!

Posted by Anonymous

The Conyers Georgia location needs a lot of work there's more turn over then it should be. Tanning beds are constantly breaking down the gym equipments aren't up to par it isn't clean and all they do is stand behind the desk and aren't very professional. We need more caring and clean staff in this facility than what we're receiving.

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the Wesley Chapel location (Decatur, Ga) and they had a male contractor in the ladies dressing room. When I complained to the manager,she said she couldn't do anything about it. I am definitely canceling my membership.

Posted by Christy

Customer service is a joke!!! I will never step foot back in that place. I signed up 5 days ago for tanning and to workout. I drive 20 minutes one way to be scammed. I go in tonight to tan, and was told I HAVE to buy goggles to do so. Wasn't told that the first and only time I went in. So after driving the 20 minute drive to do something that I am paying for, and was never told I had to have them, and got to tan without them the same night, I told them to cancel my membership. She said that I had to pay 58.00 to do so. I can understand if that was on me, but I was never informed of that at the time, and if I had I would have never committed to something I KNOW I'm not going to do. I guess the option would have been nice.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a member since January 2017. Up until this point I have had a very positive and enjoyable experience at the plantation club. But unfortunately, today around 9:30 AM that changed completely.
When I walked into the women's locker room to put my things away before I began my work out I hear a man's voice behind me. I was completely startled because I did not know that there was a man in the women's locker room. I began to get very upset and express that there was NO SIGN or indication that a man would be in the women's locker room.
He began to defend himself and say "I am just doing my job."
1) there was absolutely NO SIGN indicating that there would be a man in the women's locker room. What if I had been changing and naked I would've never known he was there.
2) he said he announced it "BEFORE I walked in and to ask the fellow ladies about it." If he announced it before I walked in how would I know to ask other people if there was a man in the room? That is a ridiculous statement.
3) he was on the phone giggling and laughing while "supposedly doing his job in the janitors closet." Therefore, he wasn't paying attention fully to what he was supposed to be doing.
He never once apologized and kept defending himself. It is completely unacceptable!
Planet fitness claims to be a "no judgment zone." I feel judged! The lack of professionalism & respect was awful! What kind of a GM would not put a sign to indicate he was there. That is a violation of any individuals rights! To be honest I don't know if I even feel safe anymore changing at this club.
His name is Johnathan. He refused to give me his boss' name, number or email.
I would like for someone to call me immediately and explain to me what will be done to teach Jonathan ( The so-called GM of this club) the value of professionalism. I'm also part of another gym. I am part of 24 hour fitness. And let me tell you if there is ever a man in the women's locker room there are multiple signs indicating so there's no question at hand.
I asked Jonathan for the third time why wasn't there a sign he said, "I don't want to disturb your work out." Well you know what, I rather be disturbed then feel violated as I did in a supposedly "safe & judgement free zone."

Posted by Anonymous

The planet fitness in Ypsilanti, MI need the bulbs in the tanning beds replaced!! They must be the original bulbs from when it opened, please install new ones, so i don't waste my time and money when i tan and get zero color!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have filed a complaint about my local club and the corporate office is unable to get the owner of that club too respond to my complaint. Hopefully tyre corporate office is trying. Hopefully they didn't lose or give up control pin how there brand is impacted by their franchisee.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been a member of the Elizabeth City location Planet Fitness pretty much since it opened. The staff was always friendly and helpful and welcoming to all who entered. The atmosphere has since changed since new management arrived. I feel new manager hasn't been fair in her assessment and treatment of me. Anyone that has seen me at the gym know that I'm always approachable and willing to share knowledge of the things I've learned on my fitness journey that started as a mother of two trying to lose baby weight all the way up to a pro natural physique competitor. I have felt singled out and discriminated against in the way this new manager has approached only me for having a gym bag out during training when there are others with gym bags nearby. The gym bag keeps my training equipment (gloves, straps, wraps, belts) available to me as I progress through my workout; but it also neatly keeps it from becoming a trip hazard to those around me. I've never once set off the Lunk Alarm in the 3 years that I have trained there nor have I disrespected anyone. In fact, people have come up to me and told me how much I inspired them to keep going. It saddened me to have to discontinue membership yesterday because of such petty and discriminatory actions based on my outward appearance.

When my husband approached this manager seeking verification of the rule that I couldn't have such items out during training, she could not produce any information that supported that fact on the documents that displayed the rules to customers. She got frustrated with him, and retreated to her office to search out an obscure ruling in a binder that is not available to members as a reference. When he asked for the email or phone number of the regional gm and/or owner, she refused him the information by saying "He doesn't like to be bothered". I think any regional director or owner would want to know what is going on within their business, don't you?

This used to be a fun and friendly place to train; but now, it definitely does not live up to your claim of being the "Judgment Free Zone"! I don't think fit people need to be judged or singled out any more than those who are less fit. I thought Planet Fitness was supposed to be a family environment and accepting to all. I guess I was wrong in my assessment of your company.


LaKeisha C. Kanen
Elizabeth City, NC

Posted by Anonymous

Just left the Rock ridge road location in Stone Mountain. GA. Dealt with a very rude and defiant young lady. She called me a liar while saying she wasn't trying to call me one.
I told her I wanted to cancel and she was jubilant while telling me it was 58.00. And she knew for a fact that the MGR told me that when I signed up.
It wasn't the messsge. It was the messenger. It's employees like that who seem to delight in telling the customer how wrong they are that made me cancel my sons membership. She needs to be trained

Posted by Anonymous

I tried 3 times to become a member at the wesley chapel location in decatur ga they turned me down 3 times as they say improper information i needvto speak with someone in head quarters asap

Posted by Vanadee

First off I blame myself for giving this place a second chance to rip me off again. I can understand the annual fee and monthly charges. What I don't understand is when you don't have a date on your contract for said annual fee and when you ask for a billing reminder it doesn't get done they want to charge your account with no notice and cause an over draft fee again! Now this has happened to me twice in the same location! Now all of a sudden the day is on the contract and the billing reminder isn't really a reminder according to the manger. Wow is all I can say this location needs to be trained in attention to details! I would rather pay the outrageous fees for Golds Gum then deal with this incompetence.

Posted by Busted

My checking account was charged the annual fee on Feb 1st and I wasn't given any notice. I don't keep money in my account and was charged insufficient funds fees by my bank. I never received any notification via email, which should be a customer courtesy. When I called two different locations asking for a corporate number, I got the runaround. One associate gave me the website and said to use the "contact us" icon. When I did this, it just kept asking me for my home location. Very upset.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a member for about 2 years now. I am happy with the club and the people. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I do have a complaint about the WiFi though. I work in communications and it obvious that the people have out grown the network. The last several times I have been in, I have not even been able to link to the router. Most of today's clubs offer free wifi, so it is almost a necessity to have a working one.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I are Planet Fitness members now for about 2 years. We use the Planet Fitness on Aramingo Ave. in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. I would like to say that the gym is always clean and the employees are friendly and welcoming. There is one employee that always goes above and beyond in his duties at this gym. I don't know his full name but Junior welcomes my wife and I everyday that we come in with a big hello and a broad smile. He is full of encouraging words as we begin our daily routine. There isn't anything that Junior will not help you with from refilling the bottles of disenfectant to adjusting a machine for you. He is a hard worker and cleans that gym from top to bottom every single day. No matter what he is doing, he always has time to greet members with that big smile and positive attitude. He makes our experience at Planet Fitness a great experience and we look forward to seeing him every time that we walk into the gym. Thank You, Junior.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a member at the Waterford MI planet fitness center. I encountered the most helpful and encouraging employee today. Her name was Celest, and her patience and kindness was amazing. I needed assistance and a couple of the machines and she immediately stopped what she was doing to help me. She didn't leave my side so she knew I felt comfortable and showed me other pieces of equipment that would target my areas of concern.
She is to be commended, and she made my visit today spectacular. please be certain to give her the credit that she is due. Thank you so much

Posted by Shayb3

I would like to give kudo's and have recognized the trainer Quintin Dailey at the Reisterstown, MD location. He is doing an exceptional job with training classes. I really enjoy the classes because of his knowledge, attitude, enthusiasm and patience he has with everyone. The way he takes the time to learn the members names, limitations and workout goals, from the Design Your Own Program, makes the classes more personable; which is awesome and encourages me to keep coming. I have shared my class experience with Quintin with other members and non-members to encourage them to attend or join Planet Fitness; Reisterstown, MD location :-)

It would be great if Quintin could be recognized in some way for his exceptional work as Trainer.

Thank you!
Shanae Brown

Posted by rick caruba

I Am A Two Year Black Card Member Of Planet Fitness, i Use Everyone In Monmouth County I Also Use Many In South Florida,some Are Run Down Some Are Kept Up, For My Humble Opinion The Marlboro Club On Union Hill Road Is.the Tops The Manager Miss Nicole Donnelly Does A Splended Job And Keep The Place.clean And Running Well She Is A Pleasure And Should Be Running 5 Of These Clubs Happy New Year Rick Caruba

Posted by Alex G.

I LOVE our local Gym here in Myrtle Beach. They are so helpful and kind. My wife and I enjoy going and speaking with the staff. If anyone is having problems with their home gym they just need to move to Myrtle Beach and start at our gym! They are the best. Plus you won't find another gym with as much equipment and as low of a cost to its patrons. We will be members for a VERY long time!

Posted by sheilaann

I have been a black card member for approximately three months and am quite impressed with the entire operation. The availability of the equipment and atmosphere are super. The employees are friendly courteous and helpful. However,I do have one grievance and this to me as well as other friends who are black card members is HUGE!!! I couldn't help but notice that on the "PF TV" there are some sleazy music videos...for instance (bikini clad women French kissing) I feel this is offensive!!!I do not want my teens who work out at PF to be exposed to this nor myself or my spouse. I would appreciate if this could be eliminated!!! Please investigate this matter.

Thank you,
Otherwise Happy Member

Posted by Anonymous

There needs to be a recycle container located in each Planet Fitness. One can refill bottles with the convenient water fountains but the trash cans are filled with plastic bottles that should be recycled.
The club is always neat, clean and well maintained. The personnel are always polite and helpful and my membership has worked out well. No complaints whatsoever.

Posted by SmilingAndInShape

I frequently attend the planet fitness in Hamilton, Ohio. I go during the late night, early morning hours. Their staff is nothing short of amazing. The lady working the front is always more than polite and willing to help me. The gentleman cleaning does an incredible job at making sure the place is up to par. By far my best experiences every time I attend.

Posted by Rkordik

I love this gym and don't want to cancel my membership but there is not a planet fitness near mchenry or Johnsburg. Please let me know if you will be opening one closer to these places or were else could I go with my membership. Thank you.

Posted by bavf62

I am very happy with Planet Fitness on Lawrenceville Highway in Duluth,Georgia

Posted by Anonymous

I am a member of the Downingtown, Pa. PF club! I would like to commend Oriyah, an employee at that location!She is an exceptional employee who demonstrates a friendly, helpful, professional and pleasant attitude, and always willing to go the extra mile to help out in any way possible! She is certainly an ASSET to PF! She is certainly a wonderful candidate to move up the corporate ladder at PF.
Sincerely, Connie Prentice

Posted by [email protected]

Hi - The Regional Mgr. asked me to share comments a while ago.
A couple thoughts:
- Thank you for putting soap dispensers in the shower stalls. However the one in the curtained stall has been empty for about 3 weeks.
- The inner curtain (the white one) needs cleaning or changing periodically.
- Are the new employees instructed to enforce the 'No Cellphone Rule'? There was an incident today where it seemed to be overlooked.
- Sometimes the music has been very loud. Can that be adjusted?

Over all, I am very pleased with the friendly staff, clean environment, great elliptical machines, showers, closeness to my house.
Thank you very much!!
Sincerely, Phil Mitchell


Posted by friend

Hi I'm a member why is the women's locker room, so cold? I like to take a shower after my work out but it is to cold. I have asked to turn up the heat . I was told something was wrong with it. Sometimes it is to cold to change into my work out clothes. I was told by a couple of ladies that it never use to be that cold before .Can you help?Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern. I have been coming to the Hampton va.facility for about a year now. I would like to take this opportunity in recognizing your manager Aja. I came in about 6 months ago highly upset that my acct was being billed too much. Come to find out it was the banks fault. Aja was more than helpful in figuring out the mistake. Her employees were also a big help in fiixing the mistake.Please recognize that she is a great manager. Thank you sincerely Anna Morrow

Posted by Davante

So id just like to say I went to planet fitness club #781 and there's both a male and female that work there who were AMAZING. Names were allen and gabby. They were always friendly and allen always had a smile on his face every single time I came in. Gabby was always cracking jokes and made it really fun. If I move back I would DEFINITELY get another membership!! Thanks for an amazing experience with you guys!!

Posted by Anonymous

I went to Planet Fitness in Plymouth, Mass. today, and wanted to offer my praise for one of their employees. I've been in customer service for decades and believe in giving positive feedback to people that make the day 'just a little better.' They go the extra mile- and they don't have to. So- thank you to LOUISE at the Plymouth MA Planet Fitness for being an employee they should be proud of.

Posted by Bobby

I paid cash for 3 years and avoided all the crap, cash is always rules. I was not charged for a start up fee, nor will I be getting charged for my yearly renew fees, and there was another charge I was not going to have to pay, but I can't remember what that other charge was. they also gave me 2 extra months, which was a good deal, I thought. I've been going since 7-5-2012, and it's pretty good.

Posted by Anonymous

He refused to look up my husband account. I had to ask five times. I don't know what his issue is then he claimed he couldn't see nothing. I refered my husband and this the treatment we get. Just trying to see if payment had been drafted. Then said we can not make payment at location to advoid overdraft fees. We called Bartlett and received great service even though she didn't see anything on his account since we signed up on Winchester. Kudoos to Mrs. Diamond she was very informative and went the extra mile

Posted by Happy Member

I am a member @ the Planet Fitness in Jackson,Tn. They are always very nice and helpful Not to mention they have some very attractive young ladies working there.

Posted by MaryB


I just wanted to take some time to comment on some amazing customer service I recieved from Planet Fitness Lead Opertaions Assistant, Sean Marshall.
I got a last minute deployment and was unable to square things away with my home gym in SC. I sent one email requesting information on what I needed to do in order to freeze/cancel my membership until my return; Sean took the time to work along with me and eliminated any stressors; His time and attention to my situation was such a relief and he truly represents this company and its standards.
Thank you Sean, your customer service was exceptional and speaks volumes about you as well as your company.

Posted by [email protected]

I love Planet Fitness!!!, I have been a member since before it came to Flemingon, NJ. My boyfriend had to cancel. I dreaded it but,surprise!!! No hassle, really no hassle.everyone was vvry nice and knowledgable. thank you
Mary Baldwiin

Posted by ETACUDE

I want to bring to your attention the great jobs that the following employees are doing at the Tilghman Street PF. They are Eric, Tom, Jordan, Xander and Maggie. They are constantly working, helping customers and above everything else they do, they have a positive attitude and go out of their way to make sure the customers are completely satisfied. I have been a member in many gyms and these employees are without the best of the best.

Jon Knepper

Posted by Anonymous

Over a year ago I joined and have been very happy with my decision to do so. I have had alot of friends and family watch my success of losing over 45lb's. When asked how I am doing it,I always tell them about Planet Fitness! I have sent many many people to join. I have started to do most of my walking out side now that it is nice out so I go to the gym to work out very little now,but still keep my member ship up for the tanning. I always tell those that I send what a great deal it is to be a black member. Well I have recently become not so happy with the decision to keep paying for my membership for the tanning. When I 1st started to tan,I would go in and it would be full and one of the employees told me to put my name down and come back later.Well the other day I went in to tan,they where full for many hours so I was going to put my name down for a later time (as I have many times). I was told that that I was not allowed to do that. I was told that I can sign up and tan after I work out,but can't sign up and come back later. Well for starters I do not work out for 3 hours and I doubt very much that everyone on that sign up sheet was there working out. I asked the girl "so if I don't stay to work out I can't tan" her response was "well I guess not if they are all full". At this point, if this is the "new" policy, I have very little reason to keep my membership. So now I'm forced to decide, wether to keep my membership or find a new place to tan, fortunatley I have filled my contract requirements so no big deal, but in the case of my Daughter and her husband whom I just reffered to join, they are now in a new black membership contract and was not made aware of this policy until her second week. I have had a few issue in the past but always worked with the staff, I feel, I let some things slide because it was such a great deal, now I'm left questioning my decision.

Posted by Anonymous

I belong to Planet Fitness in Hoover, AL and must say that I LOVE THIS gym. Ali, a trainer in this particular location, is awesome! He never tires of helping advise me of the proper ways to use the equipment and has very inovative ideas to help me achieve my goals. I have had trainer before, but never like Ali. I have been a member here for several years and only regret that I didn't schedule a time with him before now. I am seeing a difference in my stamina, balance and weight. What's more, I'm loving working out! Ali has made a difference in my enthusiasm about working out. Kudos to Ali....he is superb...just want you to know that you have a gem in this knowledgeable guy!

Posted by Anonymous

As an update to my earlier post regarding the tv stations. To my pleasant surprise I received a call from the Regional Manager who said they are looking into it and apologized for the reception I received. Thank you! Thank you! I am hoping there is a change going forward and my confidence in Planet Fitness customer service has gone up!

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Posted by Sherwood

Do not get a membership from this gym this is the email I received from upper management. They say we help military but at the bottom of this email he states that there isn't a statement or policy for military so how do they help military. It's not the money I owe I can pay it now it's the principle of it

I am upper management for all of North Austin, Killeen and Waco locations . We do help our military and like we discussed over the phone, we do waive cancellation fees if you are deployed or stationed overseas because this would make your membership unusable.

We understand that you are now retired but relocation to your new residence was at your will. You informed your financial institution to "stop payment". I have gone outside of policy to help you close your account, I hope you see that. No where on our agreement is a statement or policy to waive fees for military, this is what we are doing as a franchise to help you.

Posted by hairyone

I had a recent opportunity to work for Planet Fitness. I worked at a franchise location in Colorado. First of all the whole system sucks. The call script is way too long and unprofessional. Bullet points would work way better and in a timely manner. All the paper being used for contracts, file maintenance,and so on is quite ridiculous. The tour script is also quite lame.Not telling prospect able customers about the free weights and smith machines is trying to hide something. If I was in charge all contracts and maintenance would all be done via computer. Customers would be shown why they should come to Planet Fitness. Paying a bill,upgrading,or even downgrading should be as easy as hitting a button. Planet Fitness could save a whole lot of space and money just by getting rid of all the time consuming paperwork. I have never worked for a company that's so unprofessional.

Posted by Soon to be ex employee?

There seems to be some confusion here. And i apologize. You guys do know that we give you your own copy of our sign up forms so you aren't surprised by our annual fee right? We even have to hand write it on the form to ensure that we go over it with you. along with any cancellation fees and your monthly see and any service charges for any billings that bounce back to us.
Planet Fitness fees are a pittance compared to other membership costs elsewhere. Now the customer service complaints i understand, nobody has the right to be rude if you have concerns. But you cant compare our annual fee that is a once a year thing which is comparable to other gyms monthly fee.

Now i do have a problem that not even I, an employee, can give you access to planet fitness corporate. Hell, i wouldn't know how. I'd love to talk to them sometime but i only know that very angry and determined people seem to find their email/phone number.

Now what i dont seem to understand is why is it MY fault that you threw away your contract that outlined your charges? and Why do you think that lawyer youre hiring is going to get you out of a few charges that wont even equal out to an hour of that lawyers time. Good luck suing us. you signed the damn paper. And dont bother threatening the employees with legal action. WE DONT CARE.

Posted by monica e

I was employed at the Planet Fitness in San Bernardino, CA on Mt. Vernon for the first 3 days that they opened their doors. I was fired on the third day, probably because I am obviously Jewish and the franchiser is Muslim, but I won't go into that.

I never received my $160 paycheck to my house address, as he said I would. Conveniently enough, I just received my tax forms where they claim I earned wages from them, so obviously it's not as if they had the incorrect address on file. I have attempted to contact them via email since I am residing outside the country now, and I am hoping to resolve this quickly or I will seek legal action (I am an experienced legal assistant with many lawyer colleagues).

Posted by Anonymous

I worked at the one in Pawtucket & just as everyone has complained about customer service, I can confirm it doesn't just apply to customers, it applies to co-workers as well. I was charged a monthly fee when I wasn't supposed to & after asking for my $20 back for a month & a half, the manager Brittanie Larose laughed at me. Not laughing much after I told her I then wouldn't be making it in that night to clean(the place was totally packed & already a mess)She is a totally incompetent manager with no communication skills whatsoever & changes the rules to favor her as she pleases. Nothing personal, I like her a a person, but as a boss, not so much. There are only 8 other employees there & not 1 has had something nice to say about her as a manager either.

Posted by LAWSUIT

Wow it is crazy to see all these reviews from customers and I have a review from being an employee. I have been hired and worked for the company for a day already and filled out my forms to be hired and everything and gone by the company policies and standards. I was recently fired on my second day because I didn't fill out an W-4 and didn't have documentation stating that I had to fill it out. When it came down to the firing process they claim I was being fired about being uncooperative but couldn't tell me how I was being uncooperative besides not filling out the W-4 but says that wasn't the reason I was being fired. But everytime I asked the regional manager how I was being uncooperative he stated to me not filling out the forms, but I filled out every form in the contract to be hired besides the W-4. So the company just breaks the law firing me because of not filling out the W-4. As well as not having documentation stating I have to fill out the W-4, so that means that there is no documentation stating that if I don't fill out the W-4 I should be fired. Definitely a lawsuit coming on and the cooperate will be hearing from me.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a staff member at a Florida location and reading some the complaints, I agree & disagree with complaints.

Basic members $10.70 a month and an annual fee charged every Oct 1st $31.03
Black Card members $21.39 a month and an annual fee every June 1st $41.73 (12 month minimum commitment; cancel within the first 12 months, $58 buy out fee is required)

Before signing a document, you have to read it. I do apologize for the locations that have given poor services but not all locations are the same. People that complain about billing issues that doesn't say anything on the contract would have to bring in a bank statement to show proof that their was an error.

IMPORTANT! My gym has the document and rules to sign. The rules clearly state no grunting. Grunting is intimidation to some people who can lift heavy weights as the other person. If you can't handle that rule, Planet Fitness is not the gym for you and it's fine. They're plenty of gyms that do accept it.

Some things here I do understand where the person is coming from but some complaints here are just people who don't pay attention to what they sign.

Posted by jdunc

Planet Fitness has created a work out environment which is exactly what they claim they're trying to avoid. They claim that they're the no judgement zone and have no critics, but one look around any planet fitness shows this to be a very flase claim. They have lists of things that they don't want you to wear, say, or do. That by it's very defintion is a list of judgements and criticisms. Unless you want to follow a very strict list of behavioral and dress codes you can very easily fall outside of the Planet Fitness policies and face any number of consequences, that is punishments, for not being a Planet Fitness drone. You might get yelled at, you might have the lunk alarm go off (which is the ultimate is being judgemental and criticizing), you might be asked to leave or you might have your membership revoked. Planet Fitness reminds me of the way the Nazi's justified their activities with propaganda and cult like claims of doing good, while in reality they only did bad things. Even the planet fitness commercials have a very heavy and distinct pejudicial judgement and criticism of groups of people who they have improperly stereotyped. It's a reality that you'll find jerks in any group that spoil things for everyone and actually behave like any given stereotype, but the Planet Fitness approach of portraying bodybuilders, powerlifters, and basically anyone into any amount of weight lifting as a bunch of stupid, loud and obnoxious people, is not only false and inaccurate, but is also a very judgemental, critical, rude, prejudicial and nasty approach for Planet Fitness to be doing to people. Even little old ladies with no gym experience at all have commented that the commercials had an offensive slant to them. In short, the Planet Fitness environment is a very intimidating one that makes you wonder which of their numerous policies you'll end up inadvertantly conflicting with next. They produce the feeling of someone staring at your every move looking for something that they have "judged" to be undesireable. What's next for Planet Fitness policies?...racial profiling?

Just like anything, nothing is all bad. Planet fitness does have some good points but they're very few and trivial in the whole scope of things to do with pleasant experiences. By far, the Planet Fitness experience is a very unpleasant one. The two biggest pros are that they are a clean facility and they are typically quite cheap compared to many places. Although it's not hard to for them to be cheap when they hardly let you do much.

The bad aspects of Planet Fitness is best presented as a list.
1) Very Judgemental and critical of many people
2) Restrictions on water bottle sizes, but allowing as many little bottles as you want to equal as much water as you can fit in one large bottle. Who are they to tell me how much water I should drink?
3) Large lists of dress code violations
4) Prejudical commercials
5) Insulting posters to anyone who lifts more than 5LBS. worth of weight.
6) Staff members that don't know what they're doing. Although work out knowledge is most often cited, they are also a number of complaints that the management of the facilities are often done in a very poor manner that plays favorites with people and let's big issues slide while pestering people about trivial things.
7) Limited amount of equipment
8) Restrictions on the amount of weight you can lift
9) Lack of promotion of good gym etiquette.


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