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Pizza Hut customer service is ranked #745 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.22 out of a possible 200 based upon 4992 ratings. This score rates Pizza Hut customer service and customer support as Terrible.


4,851 Negative Comments out of 4,992 Total Comments is 97.18%.


141 Positive Comments out of 4,992 Total Comments is 2.82%.

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    • 24.22 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 4,851 negative comments (97.18%)
    • 141 positive comments (2.82%)
    • 41 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Over 75 minutes and would not answer the phone when trying to cancel order, Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Posted by Kelly

I have NEVER had the service that I had this evening!!! Worst ever, it took me over 3hrs to get my pizza, there was only 1 person working “claimed to be the GM” wouldn’t tell his name no regional phone number or corporate he couldn’t give out!! They had no food that we wanted NO THIN NO STUFFED CRUST, No pasta of any sort... I wanted to ask WHY are u even open!! I order from Pizza Hut at least once a week if not more and I don’t know if I will ever order from then again! And I’ll make sure to tell the people I know that they better make sure they have food and plenty of workers cause I wouldn’t want them to wait damn near 3 or more hours like me and my family had too!!!

Posted by Anonymous

You know Pizza Hut has really really good pizza. But some of the restaurants do not you justice. It’s really hard to find a good Pizza Hut. But there is one and it is located in Winnsboro, Louisiana. The pizza is absolutely the best. I wish your corporate office would fix it up more by re-doing the whole restaurant. The manager was awesome and the place was clean. It just needs the bathrooms and the restaurant area updated. I think it was as good as employees could get it with what the have to work with. My husband and I visit this Pizza Hut because we think it’s the best one around if you want the taste of Pizza Hut pizza and we do not even live close to Winnsboro. Why not do your excellent manager and fix up her restaurant. I don’t think you will regret it. Thank you and love your pizza when I can find one of your good restaurants.

Posted by [email protected]

Just ordered a pizza worst thing I've ever tasted seriously wasted 20 bucks for a piece of cardboard.. pissed I want a refund

Posted by Anonymous

My family and I stopped into the Pizza Hut on Kirkwood Hwy in Delaware on Saturday April 28th. We were told by the girl at the register rudely to go ahead and sit down if we were eating in that she was overwhelmed and short handed. It took over 15 minutes for her to come to the table and get our drink order. My wife and daughter got salads and asked for silverware. It took another 5 minutes to get silverware. We were the only people in the restaurant besides another family who already had their food. We waited a total of 45 minutes and still no pizza's. We ordered a large pepperoni and a medium cheese. Finally somebody else came into the store and a guy was getting ready to help them. I asked about our pizza and he knew nothing about it. He asked the girl who took our order if the pizza's were in the oven. She asked what the order was. She was the one who took the order and it was the only eat in order at this point. I told him and she said no the pizza's were not in the oven yet. I told them we didn't want the pizza at this point as we were on our way to a baseball game and we were going to be late. We paid our bill for the drinks and salad and went on our way. The whole experience was horrible. She had a bad attitude the whole time and didn't seem like she had a clue of to what was going on. I understand that people have bad days and maybe this was hers. All I know is we have a budget and that is why we wanted to bring the family for pizza. It is a inexpensive way to eat out for a family night. We ended up spending a lot more at the ballgame because we didn't get fed at your Pizza Hut due to lack of customer service.

Posted by Diane

I live in Parma Ohio ZIP code 44134 I've called twice to two different locations you send coupons to our apartment building all the time and every number that I call says we don't deliver to your address so why are you soliciting us to be your customers if you can't deliver to our building so with this I'm very angry and I refuse I will never order from Pizza Hut again this is very much a disgrace don't do your mass mailings and not know your audience sincerely Diane Glen Parma Ohio 44134 actually address 6666 State Road Ohio 44134 unbelievable I am going to continue to tell anyone that I know not to order from you what a disgrace don't solicit where you're not going to deliver

Posted by No name

Dominos is normally my to go to for ordering pizza for carrying out or delivery. I recently visiting one of the small town Pizza Huts in Franklin Springs GA and order a veggie pizza. I was delicious. When I got back home to myrtle beach I decided to try to pizza hut just a few blocks away off of 79th Ave N. The pizza was horrible. One of the waitresses actually touched the pizza with her hands to move it after she had touched other stuff. I hardly ever see anyone in the parking lot and that should have been a warning sign. BEWARE when eating here.
The manager is very rude and careless about your experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Pizazz but manager Frank at 13096 veterans memorial in Houston,tx . Was very unprofessional. He was yelling and cussing . He said fck is you . Will never spend my money there . He should be fired

Posted by Unknown

I've reached out to the RGM and nothing has been done. I am a current employee at the Pizza Hut in Saranac Lake NY i wish to remain anonymous because if Im found im sure my job will be affected. The general manager of my store who will remain nameless at this time is abusive. He verbally insults and bullies everyday. He slams items and throws object as walls as well as cornering certain employees and making everybody very very uncomfortable. Im reaching out to save one of the servers at the store. The manager targets her more than anybody else. Ive personally witness the manager corner her and continue to yell and scream and to go as far as restricting the space in which she can move to get away from him. This manager aslo harasses this employee outside of work with phone calls and texts. All employees within this store have witnessed the managers unreasonable outbursts of anger and all are worried about the possibly of him putting his hands on the one waitress he targets. The RGM seems to turn a blind eye to it and i dont know who else to reach out too. PLEASE HELP US SOLVE THIS ISSUE.

Posted by John

Pizza-hut offered me a coupon with two offers for ONE FREE PIZZA ON US It arrived on 3-8-18 The coupons expired 2-28-18 Your professionalism is not on point or computer need an update My main store is located I'M saddled by what would have been a GREAT deal My 7 year old Thought he won a grand prize Goes to show how these company's pray on the poor

Posted by Lionet

Yesterday evening I ordered a personal pan pizza, when I got to the #002810 I was told they didn't have any..the manager was very nasty and rude, plus the employees n him eating in front of me and other people. I never experienced something like this before.That Pizza Hut needs to looked into because I wasn't the only person not satisfied..was a discussing!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been going to the Pizza Hut for the past 15 years and we were getting good quality pizzas for years, HOWEVER today I placed my order at our usual place 1049 W Glebe Rd, Alexandria Va. It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. First of all, Pizzas were way under cook. The Pizza dough was raw from the bottom and tasted really bad. Cheese on top tasted like some sort of cheap imitation. Toppings tasted old (maybe gone bad). The chicken was hard and clearly under cooked. Thus with these conditions I was forced to throw those pizzas out. I have not been feeling well after eating those. VERY VERY VERY BAD FOOD

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered my pizza at 530pm February 10th 2018. It stated order time was 35-45mins. At 650 I called to politely inquire a out my order. The female who answered the phone responded with a very irritated tone and snapped at me. My pizza arrived at 735pm. The food was cold. The cheese sticks were hard and burnt. The pizzas did not have much cheese. One pizza had almost no cheese or sauce on it. It tasted awful and not like pizza. It tasked like cold hard bread. The bread sticks were not edible. It was like trying to eat plastic melted to burnt bread. I paid 46$ for my order. I have never had any problems before this order. Pizza hut Was our favorite pizza place before this incident. I can not afford to spend this much on cold food that is not made correctly.

Posted by Anonymous

On feb. 11 2018 I called to order 6 large pizzas for our church youth valentines party. I have done this many many times and have been satisfied with price and service . When I called yesterday, I was told 6 large pizzas would be 77.74. This is after I was told the manager would have to o k a discount. I told her I had never paid 13.00 for one topping pizza. She said that was the price. After checking I found I could have gotten the same large pizza with 3 toppings and a 2 liter drink for 13.99. She said I could get medium pizzas for 5.99 each and if I ordered 10 of them it would be 74.00. I could not believe that. I told her I was caught in a bind because it was too lateto go anywhere else but I wouldn't order from them again. She was fine with this. I was told this morning by another member if I had gone on line the pizzas would have been 7.99 each. Do you think the server would have told me this if nothing else to help a frequent customer. I feel pizza hut took advantage of not only me but the members of our church. I have told them I would contact you and see if you could give me a reason we were charged like this.

Posted by Vicki

Yesterday we received a snow storm in Perry, so I decide to order pizza as the night went on pizza never showed and kids fell asleep. Oh well but needless to say come the next day kids are at school and I'm 20 miles away. Husband comes home between school and work with out a phone call 11am Pizza hut at my door. So long story short got cold pizza at home over 15 hours late and the perry location says sorry I don't know what I can do. Wow

Posted by Pissedcustomer

This place has terrible customer service. I went in to pick up my pizza and it took a while for anyone to even acknowledge me. A guy finally cane up to the counter and i paid etc and he said my pizza will be ready in a minute. Then he left. He got in his car and literally left. Eventually a woman came up and asked for the name and i gave it to her and she asked for me to pay and i said i already had. Then she asked for the phone number and irepeated again i already paid. She said well i didnt chexk you out so i dont know if you actually did then the man beside me said "i saw him pay" and she snapped at him saying "i didnt ask you" i finally got my pizzas. I was not impressed by the taste. I do not suggest going here. It isnt even worth a one star review.

Posted by Bill

I buy alot of pizza, i am disabled now so I tried to order on line, manager asst manger no employee could tell me how to order, i'm done

Posted by Anonymous

attempted to order pizza on line, and due to some unforeseen circumstances, was unable to do so. i then called the pizza hut and ordered 2 medium size pizza that were on sale for 5.99 per pizza, the deal. i received the pizza here at work, paid the bill, which was higher than i thought, but was not going to argue with the delivery guy. i returned to my department at work and called the pizza hut and spoke with the manager, pricilla. she informed me that i did not get the deal, because i did not ask for it, even though it was advertised. she informed me she would have the area manager contact me the next day, because there was nothing she could do. i have never heard from your area manager, david morse. i have been buying pizza from pizza hut since the late 1960's. unless this matter is handled, i will never order another pizza from pizza hut. i was charged $11.00 plus for each pizza and was told there was nothing they could do about it. you would have thought i was asking them for a million dollars. i'm just asking the difference to be put back on my card. little ceasers will be my pizza choice at this time until this matter is resolved. thank you for your time.

Posted by Debra

I saw a post and it said you do not give discounts to military, police, and fire fighters.. It's sad to know this.. I am a customer.. have been for many years.. I have asked my community to no longer buy anything from this company.. my town has roughly 2500 folks .. it may not be a big deal to you and you may be laughing but to us it's not funny.. we feel it's terribly rude and extremely awful how a service member was told to get out of pizza hut and never come back.. on military base is a pizza hut and they would get a discount but when home on leave they are treated like a piece of dirt.. Your company should be ashamed of themselves.. and your managers and corporate managers should be fired for the language and for their actions.. That's not very professional.. Thank you.. an Ex customer and an Ex community.

Posted by Rose

At around 8:15-830ish on 1/7/18 I ordered on line from your Franklin avenue store in Gretna la. I ordered cheese knots, veggie pizza added pepperoni, extra cheese, pineapple and banna peppers all of which is an extra charge and the chocolate chip cookie. I waited over an hour for my order. Originally when I opened the 1st box and saw wings I thought I got the wrong order or some one else got my knots and I got their wings. I called the store spoke to a young man who said he was the manager he said they ran out of knots so he gave me wings ( I don't like wings I didn't order wings). I know notice my pizza is wrong and I tell the manager who says he made the pizza meaning basically it can't be Wrong. Looks up my order and then relizes I did not get all the extras I paid for, tells me it will be remade and delivered along with cheese sticks since supposedly the store has no cheese knots and apologizes . I ask if when the delivery guy comes back,do I just give him the wrong pizza and wings back? I was told no don't worry about it they dont want it back ( I was by no means looking for a free pizza. I wanted what I ordered and paid for) I now wait again over an hour. I'm starving I worked all day I was really looking forward to my pizza. Guess what never came? Even funnier it is now 11pm and the store is closed. Bottom line the employee lied to me. He never intended to correct their mistake and bring me my order. Unfortunately I paid cash,even tipped the driver $5.00. If I had used my bank card, I sure would have cancelled my payment. Now it gets even better, the pizza was not cooked all the way through and the cookie was over cooked and hard. You had a pizza hut in Gretna years ago that closed down. They also had horrible customer service and 9 out of 10 times screwed up your order. I stopped ordering from them long before they closed. If this is how this store is going to conduct business they will follow in the other stores footsteps and close down. Best part this was my first time ordering from this store since it opened. Gave me a great first impression. I also sent an email to the contact pizza hut email provided on the web site I am still waiting for a response from them, seems it doesn't matter to who ever got and read the email. In looking up the corporate email address I came across a ton of similar complaints from consumer's. Does no one care how pizza hut customers are treated? That customers can't get what they pay for? Don't you have some protocol, rules, regulations for your franchises? If you don't, you should. If you do then start using them.

Posted by Anonymous

Pizza was bad cold very little to no sauce delivery time was long just disappointed..

Posted by Jjb

I am one the regular customers of pizza hut in rego park NY, and on the night of Jan 2 indecided to have a delivery of aupereme pizza and chicken wings bbq. .as soon as i got the order i imediately made a comment about the great service from rego park team.however, an hour after eating the pizza imy niece and i suddenly experience indigestion, and nausea. The day after my niece developed fever,muscle aches, diarrhea while on my end at work, i couldnt lunch time inwas forced to have some light meal as i was having a terrible head ache and stomach crampa, i was forced to leave work early as i was deeling sick,.since then, i had expeienced stomach cramps diarhea and acidity. It was abd that i had to take a day off from work the ff day..that was an acceptable for us to auffer from the food we thought would give us pleasure. I hope to hear from or report the matter to proper authroity.

Posted by Anonymous

Just ate st Pizza Hut in Attalla, Al
Wanted buffet, but they said they weren’t gonna put a thin crust pizza out, so we ordered one. When we got it, it had no cheese, no sauce and cooked to long. I mentioned it to waitress and she acted like she didn’t care, I told lady checking us out and she said well I put a cup of cheese on it. No I’m sorry or anything. She was very rude!!! And We didn’t and do t want anything for free. Will never go back

Posted by Anonymous

I am a regular customer of pizza hut in Dallas,Tx on Ledbetter and Lancaster rd. store shift mgr. Shawn says that he did not have any drivers and understand you all are backup sometimes but I am disabled and this is the only way my pizzas are being delivered. The customer service each time I called for the last four month say that the computer is down or they do not have driver to make home deliveries. I am very disappointed with my service and hope that in the near future the problem will be corrected for the customers.

Posted by Deborah Powers

Received my order the driver was missing a 2 liter said he would bring the missing 2 liter on his next trip and didn’t call the store and the manager argued with me treated me like I was lying, was the second time it’s happened. Making me feel like I would be stupid to order from Pizza Hut agin.

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Posted by Anonymous Grand Prairie

Delivery driver was just a breath of fresh air. Her infectious smile had me smiling. She even had my CC receipt on a clipboard which made it easier for me to sign. I asked her if everyone would be carrying one. She said she would. That she noticed customers would be scrambling around trying to find a place to sign. So she took it upon herself to go out and purchase one. Bless her heart. Thank you Delivery driver JEANNE


Posted by Santosh

I have ordered a Pizza from 5479 n. macarthur drive, Irving TX 75038. The Pizza Maker was Shai. I can say that this is the best Pizza I have ever. My entire family loved the pizza so much that now it tempts me to rush every time there to pick up more. The cheese, topping, the crust everything was perfect!!!!

Posted by Mike

There is a delivery driver in the Hueytown Alabama Allison and Bonnet area I believe his name is Darrell well the other night I ordered wings and apple pies my order came to 16.92$ for delivery this driver Darrell one of the best drivers Hueytown has I accidentally gave him $50 and told him to keep the change almost a $30 tip until the next day I realized I only meant to give him 20 and to keep the change but my mistake I give him 50 and he leaves a couple of days later I realized that my money was missing I called Hueytown Pizza Hut to explain what happened Darrell the driver was very honest and very upright and he did not hesitate to give me my money back most people wouldn't have did that delivery drivers don't make a lot of money I understand but to give my missing money back to me means the world to me Thank You Darrell in Hueytown Alabama Pizza Hut you rock man you are a very great guy that money was for my power bill and you gave it back when you could have kept it God bless you brother

Posted by Italian family

I visited lececister square pizza Hut last night and a trainee manager was working as a waitress learning what they do and she served us my family of 12 and she was excellent and very friendly and she definitely made us feel like we eat again there
From Italian family

Posted by John

Pizza hut on sunset Blvd wonderful experience love the pizza very friendly managers

Posted by Denean

I always have a great experience with Pizza Hut on German school and midlothian the cook catfish he always get the order right the first time and he is friendly and has a out going personality. My bad experience happened when I ordered pizza when catfish was off and had to return my order that was the first and the last time, I asked catfish for the days he will be off I won't get pizza those days. Big up yourself catfish

Posted by Anonymous

Great service was seated right away and was made sure were taken care of even gave our son quarters to play the ping pong game

Posted by Anonymous

Pizza Hut Airport Rd Hot Springs Ar.Those guys opened up without a server.They did a fantastic job.They ALL pulled their weight. Great job. Great teamwork 2/22/17

Posted by Jimmy

I had great service at the new location in griffin Georgia.the manager Michelle was real polite very professional had a great. Experience Customer for life had delivery the driver was real nice I think his name was Mike real nice guy

Posted by DeannaMustBPositive

The Pizza Hut on 6th street in Junction City Ks is a fast and friendly restaurant. The delivery service is great. Thank you for your food services. Christa your awesome. Get that money honey.👌😍🍕

Posted by Carlweath

Loved the employees. The manager Amanda was our server. She let us know when out food was coming. Gave me best deal

Posted by Anonymous

I want to give a big thank you for great customer service from Ryan Grubb at the Colorado springs store on N Union. He helped me with a receipt that I needed for business and he was awesome!

Posted by Anonymous

The Pizza Hut in Warner Robins, GA at 1406 Watson Blvd "ALWAYS" provide excellent customer service! The store manager Mr. Luther Allen Reeves is an "AWESOME" person! He is prompt, patient, kind, and very efficient in his work! He ALWAYS goes above and beyond! He goes more than the extra mile! His staff is "AWESOME" as well! The food is ALWAYS "HOT" and "DELICIOUS"! Please reward the staff at this location in an immense way! The staff deserves recognition! They are truly appreciated!

Posted by Pat

Just ate pizza from the Ellet pizza hut!! Fantastic from ordering to delivery to enjoying it was delicious!!
Thank you!! Not sure why all the negative comments but I am sure satisfied.

Posted by sandra koolgirl

she was very pleasant compare to Saturday i had a rough time with my order today i got it on time and was ready and right

Posted by Anonymous

Stopped in at the Union mo pizza Hut today. Very clean restroom and table. Food was great, only surpassed by the service. Thank you Emily for a great dining experience.

Posted by Volnation8

Haley was our server at kimball pizza hut very friendly great service and communicates very well with her customers.

Posted by jay

Ms lela is a hard worker pizza hut should be proud to have someone running a business the way she does. She honestly cares about the business she is nice to everyone and everytime in in the store I see how much she cares about the place. She's always cleaning on something and is always talking to all the guest she makes the place seem friendly wouldn't be the same without seeing her smiling face there

Posted by Anonymous

The lady that help me at the Forest Grove Pizza Hut I believe her name was Tammy was absolutely OnPoint she made me feel like I was I was important to her thank you

Posted by Anonymous

We visited the LaJunta Colorado Pizza Hut on our return trip home from vacation. I left my purse unknowingly until two hours away. Made a call and they had it still and agreed to mail it back to me The next day. The next day I called again to confirm and the manager Gloria said she would mail it this afternoon. Wanted to commend staff ! Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanting to acknowledge a customer service worker at the Onley Virgina Pizza Hut name ROBYN. She gave awesome service, and had tremendous patience when taking my large order. She was very, polite, patient, and helpful....

Posted by Anonymous

Earlier this evening I sent a message regarding the Centralia, Missouri store expressing my displeasure. Since that time the store management has contacted me and made things right with me. I was told that they were extremely short staffed when 2 employees walked off the job and things became chaotic on a Fri night holiday weekend. A credit was offered to me and I am satisfied with their attention to this. In all fairness to the store and staff who worked hard, I would like to withdraw my previous complaint. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

We go to your Main St, Lancaster, Ohio a lot! Michelle has waited on us many times! We just want you to know what a great waitress, soon to be manager and person she is! We don't know if you reward your good employees with anything! If you do she deserves to be rewarded! She knows what we order... We walk in and here she comes with our drinks! She really cares about her customers!

Posted by Marc

There was a young girl who I believe works mornings and is a manager. She was very polite and calm while she was dealing with multiple things that one person should not be doing all by themselves. She gave me my food with a smile even though you could tell she was overwhelmed.

Posted by KJYoung

On May 20th, we went to the Murray, KY Pizza Hut. We have always gone to this one and have good service; however, this time was exceptionally good. Nicole was our server and she was able to accommodate our special diet by making us a crustless pizza. This one was better than any other pizza we have ever had at this pizza Hut. She was friendly, prompt to answer questions, and very helpful in assisting us with our dietary needs. She knew exactly what to do, so we wanted you to know what great service she gave on that day. I hope that she is commended for her service and work.

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Posted by John

I worked for pizza hut Jacksonville Florida, started as a driver, started having problems with my car, so I ask for inside traing, they said yes, and took me off the schedual effectively firing me, if they couldn't destroy my car, they couldn't use me, so they lied to me and fired me after I completed my last schedualed week

Posted by Anonymous

My son worked for Pizza Hut. He got his W2 form but it had the wrong SS# on it. I called his former boss which replied that it was not her problem but his because he apparently gave her the wrong SS#. I asked her if it was policy to make a copy of Social Security card when taking applications. She told me she would get back with me. I need to know how this can be resolved so we can get a new W2 form with right SS# on it. We need to get this corrected so H&R Block can file his taxes. THIS IS NOT REALLY A COMPLAINT. I just have an issue and don’t know what to do. Please help me if you can. Thank you!

Posted by Kellz

I was told i was hired and they would call me Wednesday with my start date. But the didnt call so i called them and ask if i could come in saterday i said yes, then they called me and said they didnt need me like an hr before i went in, they would call me tuesday and let me know. i finally just told them forget it. Its wrong to play with people like that i could of had this other job too.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee at one of the Pizza Hut call centers end when customers call in and give us a telephone number we show their name and address on our screen. One suggestion that I have is, once they give their telephone number, we should ask them to verify the name and address we have on file instead of us just parroting it back to them. My reason for suggesting this, I feel that it is unsafe as well as unwise to give out a name and an address if all they have a phone number. This would be a perfect way for someone to get an address that they should not have however, we can prevent that from happening on our end.
Thank you for your time and consideration. Also,
I would like to remain anonymous.

Posted by tpnya

My son works at the Trenton tn. Store. I am very disappointed with the management there. With him being home on his days off they call and call him. He doesn't answer his phone because he his busy with college. Then when he goes in the manager ask him why he didn't answer the phone. It is none of her business why he didn't. The same manager calls him and blames him for her car getting wet when she is the one that left her Windows down when it rains. The one that has done this is named Danna. I know this because I heard her. The store manager has told him that I need to discipline him more even though he is respectful to the management. I have heard her yell at the employees and cuss them in front of customers. This one is named Ladonya.
She has stolen money from the store but cannot be caught because there is no camera. Pizza Hut is losing several hundred dollars a week. Management there is awful. Please keep me anonymous if you check this out because my son does need a job to pay his way thru school. I'm a single mom that is disabled and can't help him pay for the things he really needs.

Posted by Anonymous

If a mother takes vacation time off for her daughters birthday and her daughter being one of your employees ask with plenty of advance notice to have this time off it seems like your RGMs and district managers could be more flexible. It isn't like my daughter is a manager or assistant manager just a shift manager surely there could be flexibility in this. Thanks for the rant. Sincerely cheryl Williams

Posted by Rere

I was hired at Pizza hut in republic Missouri & I got terminated for NO reason at all, they kept cutting my hours and then they just told me I was terminated . and I also feel like they was a little racist because I was the only one treated badly

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried 15 times to complete my application on line, but site will NOT let me input the start date on employment history.

Posted by Talesha28

OK let me start I have worked at the Woodville Texas Pizza Hut since November 2005 I started as a waitress and throughout my years there I was promoted to shift leader and then on to Assistant Manager in 2014, this guy started working at the same location and we became friends.throughout all my years there my daughter when she was 16 worked under me the RGM and AGM, we're both aware that she was my daughter, never became a problem also the entire time I have worked there, many of the other employees and I became friends when this guy needed a place to live we moved in together, all upper management were aware of situation I have had many employees move in with me at one point in the house that I lived in there 7 people living there that worked at this location the RGM was well aware it never was a problem rewind some years OK so the guy and I now live together they promoted him to shift leader which is what I was at the time and we stared dating .. the RGM has had knowledge of this so then they came to me and promoted me to Assistant Manager nothing was ever stated by the RGM or the AGM that were both present the day of my promotion, about my relationship status with the other employee. But yesterday my RGM wants to contact the new AGM and tattle about relationship which was perfectly fine but she did it just because she knew he was being interviewed for another company.I just think that this is very unfair and I will not rest until something is done on this matter very unprofessional pizza Hut

Posted by Not answer? No pizza

Hello, I haven't ordered from pizza hut for awhile because the cheese is a different brand. But, tonight was the final straw. Has I wait for my call to be answered. I hear the phone picked up and then hung up. I say "hung up" because it occurred twice. Its obvious to me from reading the reviews for pizzahut that Sunday seems to be a day that the restaurant is either short staffed or unsupervised younger workers. Either way its not a great way to sell pizzas. My order would of been over 200.00. That would of paid the power bill for the month. Maybe? Shame on you Pizza Hut Bosses for not staying on top of your stores/ managers/employees. My name is Tracy.

Posted by anonymous

I am a college student that works part time at Pizza Hut in Magnolia, AR. I enjoy my job but lately there's been some suspicion going on with out general manager. Her name is Amber, sometimes I work evenings and we close very late and I happen to get off at 11pm-12am or later depending on how busy we where that evening, but I was just fine with that because I needed the extra money.. so I figured? I've been looking at my checkstubs for the past couple of weeks & I've noticed that our general manager has been removing hours that we've already worked? I know this is illegal.. we already don't make much and I don't think anybody should be working for FREE. Someone needs to really look into this because I don't feel like its fair to me or anyone else. I should be getting paid for every hour I'm working; I don't appreciate this at all!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have never had this kind of treatment at pizza hut like I did tonight. Waiter took my husband's drink to refill and never brung it back. Then I was empty my husband had to go ask for more drink.and she got ugly with him when he asked for his cup back to have more drink. Had to go get are own forks. No parmesan on at least 5 tables around ours. Asked for the same crust as my husband pizza wasn't on there. The phone rang the entire time I was in the this pizza hut. The crazy part is I know how this company works. Cause I worked for it for 3 in half years. The owners would never stand for this.

Posted by leon

I was wrongfully accused of asking someone for money...after i filled out a application.for a parttime job...I currently work at Enterprise Electric.As well iam a Liensced Bussiness Owner of delray beach..not only do i was racially profiled.i was accused verbally of doing something i would neva do...I feel very low as a person..Its very sading to hear this from a manger of supervision to treat..accuse and blame people..who not only are customers..but are delray beach businesses residents i will not buy pizza from them again.i want that guy. Fired delray beach and linton...

Posted by Anonymous

I didn't realize that Pizza Hut was in the habit of false advertising. Because the one on Sherman Way in Canoga Park, CA claims some nonsense about their store not honoring your 5 dollar deal.... and that "it's all a lie anyway". Then on top of that, regardless of the " We accept EBT" sign in the window, that same fool working the "it's all a lie" story declined our cards twice, even though I showed him online that there was cash on both of them. Just wanted you to be aware. I used to be employed by Pizza Hut & have been a loyal customer for over 30 years...but now? I don't know.....

Posted by Tisha

When the w2 will come in the mail

Posted by Marmh3842

I am a former Pizza Hut employee. In CT we ran coupons and it helped with sales so much why don't you do that here I SC. Been here since 2013 and never saw one. Also the employees and your company may see the sales increase as I saw in CT as a manager.
Mark Herkimer

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Tonda Grady. I was recently put on a 2 week suspension Jan. 22nd. I strongly disagree with the reason. Brad Larson and Michelle Metzger/Smith are both residents of the Lake Region Regional Re-Entry Center in Devils Lake ND. I started working at the Pizza Hut 12-27-2015. I confronted Michelle and Brad on their very inappropriate grabbing and kissing. I said it was very unprofessional of them. Brad Larson is the manager and supposedly making Michelle Metzger/Smith the assistant manager. After that being said to them, I was called in to work and was told that I would be put on suspension. I am a hard working person. I like my job there. Brad previously terminated 2 other employees because they to had confronted them about their relationship at work. Rosalyn Green and Sarah Obara are the other two who got fired. I have tried to get the regional managers # from Brad and Michelle but they wouldn't give it to me. Brad told me that there were a few people who told him that I was trying to get statements from them. I was not. He said other employees told him that they did not like me that they did not want to work with me. I am a quiet person naturally. I do ask questions when I need help. So when I asked who had said those things about me, Brad ignored my question. He then said he covered his tracks meaning he had talked to the other employees on going with his story. I feel helpless. Instead of trying to help me keep my job at Pizza Hut, Brad is trying to terminate me. I know I did nothing wrong. I was always on time and did what I needed to do. Whereas he and Michelle know they are in the wrong for doing the things that they have been doing. As a resident of the Re-Entry Center we are not allowed to have personal phones with touch screens. We are not allowed to have relationships. They made me feel real uncomfortable. They would clock me in when I wasn't there. I eventually got all the hours I worked after I got my ID. and password. I would like to keep my job there. I strongly disagree with the reason for my being on suspension and strongly disagree with the reason for Brad and Michelle trying to terminate me. Michelle came from the Womens prison in New England ND. I didn't have any problems with them before. They told me that if I had any concerns that I could go to them. When I did they both got irritated when I told them that they sit in the booths in the store on their phones when they could be helping out. Instead they would complain about simple things that weren't done earlier in the day. I usually worked from 4pm to 10:30pm. They get to Pizza Hut at 8am. Terrance Zettler is another employee who agrees with me. Rosalyn Green and Sarah Obara too. My question is if Brad Larson is the manager for the Devils Lake Pizza Hut, why does he do the crooked things he does? It's not fair. I would appreciate a call back. You can reach me at . I would like to keep my employment there.

Posted by Random.

Constantly keeping employees longer then what their schedule says because other employees decide they wanna arrive late. Happens almost everyday. It's ridiculous.

Posted by Kyle wright

Your store on wornall in Kansas City, 78th or 77th I think You don't care anymore. Hire some people at a decent rays that can do the job. The last 6-7 times I've ordered I worked at Pizza Hut back in my day, I'm 33, I know what it takes and it's not that much. Teach your employees how to give a sh*t. Would they want that pizza or that service if they ordered Way later than projected, now I have to heat it up in my oven which defeats the purpose. Not cut entirely. Have you ever went for a slice and it just rips into the pie that. Why am I paying for it? Someone needs to control what's going on at this store

Posted by Tina

Today on 1/6/16 I called the pizza hut here in blountstown fl. Being that my childs father is the manager I asked for him over the phone for a question about a coupon my daughter received at school and to make an order. I ordered 2 personal pan pepperoni pizzas he stated that he'd throw in another personal pan for his daughter for free! He asked if she'd like wings or pizza. I said pizza he insisted it be cheese I told him beef. He made rude comments about what he thought she'd like and got loud saying "alright I don't have time for this at my job" and hung up the phone on me without giving me a time wait or my total. So I called back and received my total and time wait from a team memeber. I feel that I was treated poorly because we have our differences and im the mother of his child. But what we go through shouldn't be held against me at his work place. I should be treated fairly just as any other paying customer should be treated. With respect and kindness.

Posted by Anonymous

I am beyond disappointed with this store. I don't complain much because I am a server but I have called repeatedly at this location trying to get help with an order that went wrong because I eat there often. Apparently the manager is never there and never returns calls to customers that spend good money at Pizza Hut. I also noticed after my horrible experience that the star ratiing is 3. Maybe you should reacces your management at this location.

Posted by Anonymous

Pizza Hut in Oliver Square Uniontown is THE WORST PLACE TO ORDER DELIVERY. Not only did I have to wait a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes to get my delivery, I also had to call twice. The first phone call the gentleman on the phone was RUDE but explained to me that the driver had been busy but left the store with my order. I then called back 20 minutes later and the same man explained to me that my order actually said for pick up and that I was wrong. I ordered online and know I ordered for delivery. I had to give my address and was told through confirmation email that my DELIVERY would arrive in 40 minutes. I will never order from that store again. it was the worst experience I've ever had. I'm not one to complain either, I used to work for Pizza Hut but this was absurd.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to order a pizza from andrews tx pizza hut.. called in and the person who answer had a pretty bad attitude I'm sorry if I had a few questions or I took a few seconds to answer you. I asked if she was getting an attitude, of course said no then I ask to talk to a manager,little did I know she was the manager. That's the kind off management we got in this store so disappointing..

Posted by mrstruesdell

Hi can you make this happen? Yesterday was my sons 28th birthday & he got a call to come to North Main st in down town Jacksonville for a interview. I brought him because in Green Cove where we live he rides a scooter & you defently don't ride a scooter in Jacksonville. It is a 100 mile round trip for us not to mention my time. Im also disabled with my legs. The manager there was confused & said he does his interviews on Mondays & to come back Monday & the lady who did them for Green Cove wasnt there either. Im not doing that. Can yall PLEASE give him a phone interview because you can say the same thing on the phone as you can face to face. He also has experience. It wasnt our fault we got the call to come & were there on time so please consider doing this. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

All of the comments and complaints I've read are 100% true. I worked for company in tahlequah, OK . At this store the only one worth anything is the assistant mgr . They use expired product and just change the dates to make it look good . They have managers including GM that don't do anything but stand outside and talk or hang out by register. GM clocks in and disappears for hours at a time . The assistant actually clocks more hours and is in the store more than GM . She is awesome and should run this store . She does anyway . Pizza Hut is a joke, there's one server their who thinks cause her mom is gonna be manager she owns the place while running behind people talking trash and creating very difficult work environment . Multiple times she should have been terminated but guess what ... She's friends outside of work with GM so nothing ever gets done about anything she does ... My advice, don't eat at pizza hut go somewhere else, I've seen one of the cooks spit in a pizza, customer saw it also but guess what, friends with GM so nothing got done . The stores are filthy nasty with mold growing everywhere . I've been at multiple stores and cleanliness is an issue at all of them . like I said pizza hut is a joke from the top to the bottom ! Do NOT EAT there or do it at own risk . seriously .
This is not an angry or disgruntled letter . I'm away from there and believe people should know what is going on when they think of going there to eat and this is just the beginning of the nasty things at pizza hut . they " WASH " dishes . yeah spray them off and put in sterilizer and put away with food still on them, do they get used this way . yes, they do . pizza hut needs to be shut down and buried . so if you wanna eat pizza go to dominos or go get a frozen one from Walmart, food will be better .


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