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Pitney Bowes customer service is ranked #759 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 23.87 out of a possible 200 based upon 364 ratings. This score rates Pitney Bowes customer service and customer support as Terrible.


355 Negative Comments out of 364 Total Comments is 97.53%.


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  • Pitney Bowes

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    • 23.87 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 355 negative comments (97.53%)
    • 9 positive comments (2.47%)
    • 6 employee comments
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Posted by Anonymous

The PB website is awful, the hold times are the most of any I deal with, and while the reps are not discourteous, they aren't really helpful either.

Posted by LYNN

We Have Been Trying For 2 Days To Speak With A Live Rep. We Stopped Getting Paper Bills Or Email Reminders And Now Have 3 Late Fees. We Didn't Ask To Go Paperless And Even So No Invoices Or Reminders That Invoices Are Ready.

Since I Cannot Get A Live Rep On The Phone, We Will Pay The Bills Minus The Late Fees And Leave It To Thrm To Call Us To Discuss This. With This Level Of Service I Hope They Are Not Expecting Us To Renew Our Service In January.

Posted by Janet

I despise your customer service department. I can't believe I cannot understand the overseas customer service person not to mention he has no clue as to what I'm talking about. I ended my conversation with him. I asked for a US contact and they transferred me to someone overseas, so I asked for a US contact again and am now on hold - 2 minutes in so far. Why is it that you can't hire people in the US who understand what the hell you're talking about...horrible customer service.

Posted by Canadian

I live in Canada. For two weeks I had tried to contact the Canadian company for support in setting up a machine. Finally, I had went to the US company's Facebook page, who kindly passed along my frustrations.

Support came in the form of mini-chapters of several lines each time - not as a whole, or even parts big enough I could solve the problems, just useless, disconnected pieces of support that did nothing. I eventually found what I needed on YouTube.

Recently, because our machine was not working for several months (!) before I got here, I'm asking for a refund on the lease amount paid during that time - they can tell when and how much it's being used through internet. I wrote them asking about the refund, and they wrote, and I quote (although the case number removed) the whole thing: "Hi John, Please send your email to the open case Thank you". That's it. No explanation of what that's supposed to be.

Worst. Customer Service. Ever. Ever.

Posted by Thanks for all the fish

The worst. It's been nothing but a headache since day one. We just got a new machine and new service. No information on setup was included. Trying to find information is beyond frustrating. Actually attempting to talk with someone via online chat makes you want to give up and send it back. Talking to someone on the phone appears to be the only way to get anything done but there are a million different numbers for things and even then you have a crazy menu that doesn't give you the options you need. It's literally like Pitney Bowes set out to create the least helpful customer experience in every way possible.

Posted by fitry

hi...how long can i get my money back after my transaction failed but pitney bowes still charged me? thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Pitney Bowes has no customer service - so why do we continue to use a company that refuses to address its customer service issue. Looking for an alternative.

Posted by Cindy

Our office recently upgraded our postage machine. We have received terrible customer service from the moment of install. The installer was in a hurry didn't even transfer our accounting information. Also our sales rep never returned calls we had to keep trying to get a hold of him and he was not helpful. Our machine has not been working properly since install we are ready to terminate contract!!!!! I have had 2 case #'s and still not one phone call and no show appointments!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am so disappointed in Pitney Bowes. I can not reach a human - your voice mail recording is impossible to get through. I have tried by email and phone to reach Kathryn Gaffney - she is never available and I have not had a response from her. I paid an invoice for $66.15 on May 5, 2017. I just got a new invoice for $77.14 for the same cartridge. I can not pay our lease payment until July 1st - it says it is due July 1st. That is impossible. I have left a message at the President's office - I wonder if I will hear from that office. Thank you. Ginger Dude Tempe Convention & Visitors Bureau - a long time customer.

Posted by JMT

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Our office postage machine was locked and we could not add postage. Troubleshooting on the website led me to a number to call because it was locked by the leasing department.Representative told me I needed to speak directly to the leasing department and gave me a number to call...the exact number I had just called. Put me on hold to connect me, 35 minutes later,still no one to talk to. Called back a few hours later and was given the same information by three other people, all referring me to the number I was calling. Last one assured me he would personally connect me to the correct department. I waited on hold for another 47 minutes. During my "down time" I browsed around their website and found a "live chat" option. Within 5 minutes my account was unlocked and I was told that there were no notes attached to my account to explain why it had been locked in the first place. I told each representative that I spoke to that I was calling the number they were giving me and the response was "I see" let me connect you. Absolutely futile to call the numbers on the website.

Posted by Truth

New VP horrific!

Sales Representative (Current Employee), Shelton, CT - March 28, 2017

Pros: Time off, good lower management from director down

Cons: VP, cutbacks, unfit operations team with a few exceptions, service non-existant, billing terrible, new system awful and IMPACT a huge failure, clients leaving in droves

I've been in Sales at PB for a good amount of time at this point in my career. The director is a good guy and so was the previous VP. Things were great. We now have this new VP who is a nightmare. All, I mean ALL of the perks of the job have disappeared or are being taken away as I write this. This is NOT a job for any mid-career professional, unless you are really desperate. Instead of financial rewards and incentives, we now are offered casual dress days as a form of reward for our efforts and successes. It is humiliating and depressing. The company is running out of accounts and only certain employees get good accounts. Lower management are mere puppets to this new VP's horrendous style. She probably means well but she needs to know that on your employees will not get you anywhere. Bottom line- a company that is being destroyed from within.

Posted by Mookie

I would rather stick a lit cigar up my nose that ever have to deal with this company. Hold times are beyond ridiculous and 90% of the time you get routed to another department only to be placed on hold yet again. If you lease equipment with them, and you require a technician to perform data uploads and rate increases they should be covered under your lease agreement but inevitably you get invoiced for them and you then have spend huge chunks of time to get them removed. It is beyond my comprehension how a company of this magnitude simply overlooks this. Your better than that.

Posted by Anonymous

I am sorry but I have been UNABLE UNABLE to ever speak to a live person about a situation that my company needs resolution to. Hours and hours have been spent trying to get resolution, MOSTLY ON HOLD. SAD.... The choices that are given by the robotic phone answering machine DO NOT APPLY to my situation so therefore, I am left without any help.

Can you please help me. Situation too long to type about. Need to actually speak to someone in Customer Support or Billing. PLEASE. Kathy Fahey - formerly Loggerhead Associates, now Loggerhead Plaza LLC, Contract number 40615594 - customer account number 18172301, 561-627-2702 or my cell 561-713-3134. Will tell you that because the transition by Pitney Bowes from Loggerhead Associates to Loggerhead Plaza, LLC took so long to do that the invoices fell thru the crack so to speak. We always pay our bills promptly and now this invoice from Dec, Nov. and maybe even January are delinquent with late fees and finance charges. We do not feel this is fair since the delay and falling thru the cracks of the invoices was caused by Pitney Bowes and during this interim, no one was sure who owed what. To the point, can you please remove the late fees and the finance charges equaling $96.88 from the bill now belonging to Loggerhead Plaza LLC customer account # 18172301. WE are now the new leasers of the postage machine but the billing is still going to the former owners Loggerhead Associates, LTD. This is really what is causing the problem. We are NOT receiving the bills, the former owners are, so they have become delinquent as the former owners are not responsible for these invoices. As I said, falling through the cracks. Now the next payment will be due Feb 21 and more late fees and finance charges will be added. HELP, HELP, HELP, HELP PLEASE!!!!!

Cannot resolve with a computer generated voice on a computer generated phone service. Truly, hours spent on this situation going on for weeks now. Please help. Sincerely,

Kathy Fahey

Posted by Robin

I haven't run into such frustrating customer service for many years. I'm sorry to offer such derogatory news but my experience today was horrendous. It has been a few years since I last tried to gain service for my account from Pitney Bowes. Today�s frustrations reminded me that I had a similar experience years ago. Over two hours on hold and on the phone today with PB, still without resolution.
Your automated attendant only made me more furious as it could not connect me with a person that could help.
Something has changed since we changed meters last year. We have gone many years without frustration but now the process to fill the meter has changed in some fashion that I cannot understand.
Quite simply, I want to return to the meter and method to fill the meter that we used last year. The current machine/method is not working.

Posted by unsatisfid

I have been trying to get assistance since June 2016 to cancel leases for equipment we no longer need. I have been avoided. I have paid of 5 of the leases and the equipment is still on site. I have send a complete list of all our equipment to the lease department and have not received a response. My company will not do business with Pitney Bowes again.

Posted by Anonymous

I must say that I never take the time to post a comment because I stay so busy. However, that was before I had to deal with Pitney Bowes. I thought Sprint had the worst customer service - but NO. Pitney Bowes runs rings around Sprint with their lack of communication skills, yet perfection in their "pass the buck" methods. I have spoken to "supervisor" after "supervisor", and still here I sit with an overdue account because almost 6 weeks ago I began the ever frustrating task of cancelling our office meter account with them.

Posted by Rob

I have received bills stating I owed on prior invoices yet when contacting Pitney Bowes customer service stated I was current. I went online and printed my statement that showed I was current yet I am still receiving demanding letters.
I finally spoke with customer relations after 12 hours of other service persons and hold time only to find out that they say I still owe them money. The worst customer service I have ever experienced

Posted by Dirk

Ebay should instruct Pitney Bowes Co. to verify correctly the import duties... because as I mentioned already this is legal robbery!
I would be very pleased to be refunded the $25.- which Pitney Bowes extracted from my PayPal account.

I did not mention the charge of $40.90 charges by Pitney Bowes Inc. / Ebay to cover the transport costs of the seller in the USA
The cost of the transport from the USA to Thailand were clear... $10,95.
In case Ebay will not admit this kind of abuse... your place is clearly between the abusing parties!

Import duties... over-charged with 127%
Shipping cost... over-charged with more than 400%

I consider the extraction of $25.- as theft... as it has nothing to do with the by Ebay mentioned obligation to pay import duties to the Government...

This article of Change.org is circulating on the Internet and explains clearly the problem!

Ebay's Global Shipping Programs' only use is to illegally gouge and steal money from non-US customers. Any time an American Ebay retailer sells an item to someone outside the USA, some company called Pitney Bowes blindly adds a %15 charge to the item's final value, on top of the sellers shipping and handling fees, for no apparent reason. The buyer has no option to opt out of this bogus service. These unfair and unjust fees are forced on the buyer illegally. It's nothing but a scam and Canadians are tired of being taken advantage of!!
It has nothing to do with shipping or handling. We know this because the seller takes the item to a USPS Post Office, the same as they always did. There is no way USPS would know to forward this particular piece of mail to some third party handler, as opposed to any other piece of mail. They simply deliver this item as they do any other item, for the normal rate. As well, this has nothing to do with taxes or duties. Pitney Bowes just blindly adds a fee to any item's final price, regardless of the item's tax eligibility. In many cases, there is NO TAX to be charged on a particular parcel, however this does not seem to make any difference.
Ebay and Paypal. Shame on you for allowing PITNEY BOWES to money-grab your customers. This should be illegal, but unfortunately we will have to sue Ebay, Paypal and Pitney Bowes for fraud in a class-action lawsuit. It is horrendous that a company allows a third party to steal from their customers like this.

Posted by Maureen

Pitney Bowes is the worst company. Their customer service is deplorable. When you have a problem, you will call and spend over an hour on hold. It would NEVER EVER recommend this company. They are disgrace!!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service!! Been on phone holding and transferring now for over two hours!!

Posted by PB shove it

Worst customer service ever! I call them every month with the same complaint and they take care of it the next bill comes and the charge is right back on the bill so fed up who has time to deal with this garbage! you are not going to be a vendor of mine much longer.

Posted by Anonymous

I have not had a Pitney Bowes account for four years. I sent their postage meter back to them. I got rid of it after they continued to over charge me for products I never arrived. Today, four years later after my last contact with them, I got an invoice in the mail for fifty dollars for something I never ordered.

This company is totally out of control. It should be investigated for fraud.

Posted by Ent904

My General Manager purchased a Pitney Bowes Postage Small Office Series Mailstation2 (K67MO Model) for our company's postage. Pitney Bowes changed to a new machine (the old one worked perfectly, never any problems). The new machine constantly has issues and will not print postage. He was informed that he needed to spend $179.00 to get out of the contract. Each time he calls he spends over an hour on the phone waiting to speak to customer service. Today, he is on the phone,over an hour, while he goes to the post office to pay for postage, and disappointingly, there is $500.00 worth of postage on the Pitney Bowes Postage Machine here at the office.

Posted by CB5

I have been trying to close my PB account for 6 weeks left 7-8 messages. They send me emails stating my case has been settled but they have yet to call me back and actually settle it!...WORST company I have ever delt with!!! I reccomend to never use them...go to the post office and save yourself the grief of dealing with there incompetence! They are 10X worse then trying to deal with the IRS!!


After receiving past due notices without even receiving the original invoice to begin with they still show I owe them a late fee. I wrote them which included the late fee, but yet I still show an invoice balance past due for the late fee. Keep in mind this was over 3months ago. Pitney Bowes answer to this it may have crossed in the mail. WTF???? makes no sense since you show you received my payment.

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Posted by Anonymous

Thank you Rebecca at Pitney Bowes president office for your assistance. After a very frustrating hour and half of wait time and stilted conversation with someone from Panama customer service; it was wonderful to finally locate you. From Barbara Miller in Baton Rouge, LA

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you Rebecca for your assistance. After a very frustrating hour and half of wait time and stilted conversation with someone from Panama customer service; it was wonderful to finally locate you. From Barbara Miller in Baton Rouge, LA

Posted by Anonymous

Crappy customer service; plan to find another way to handle postage. Call 800 numbers and wait for 15 minutes to be told to leave number for call back in another 15 minutes. Finally get human being after waiting up to 45 minutes but person is not located in America and has difficulty being understood. Many questions few answers. After one hour given a case number and different work order number and told I would be contacted tomorrow by tech in order to schedule an appointment for someone to actually come to business and look at postage machine. Lucky me, problem may be solved by next week. Guess mail/outgoing postage will just have to wait. No one available locally to speak with only this computer. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Posted by Petes

I cancelled our PB account after 15 years as we have downsized, I have to admit that it was just too expensive (many hidden charges). After reading these reviews I was dreading sending the machine back, but I had no problem at all, when I phoned to cancel the lady was very helpful but just to make sure I couriered it to their address in Mississauga (Canada)and that was it no problems at all.

Posted by jim

I do not understand the negative comments. i deal with PB all the time and they are very responsive. I have my local sales and service contacts and they assist me in getting answers.

Posted by lec

We have had a PB postage machine for the whole 11 years that I've worked for my company. Anytime we've needed help, customer service has been very helpful and the techs always show up as needed - usually early. No complaints here.

Posted by NONE

On 8/8/2011 I posted a negative comment due to the fact that I could not get a service tech to fix my postage machine. I was very unhappy with the call center I was dealing with. I reached out to the corporate office for help. The people I spoke with were very concerned about my situtation and were ready, willing and able to help me. I had a service tech at my office within hours. Walter Thomas is one of the best techs I have had. He has been at my office before and I am always more than satified with his work. Thank you to all who reached out to help me...Maria, Suzette, Ben, Rick, and Jerry. I have a great machine and am very happy that Pitney Bowes cared enough to see me through this.

Posted by Mike Case

I ran out of ink for our mail machine on a Friday afternoon. The first person I thought of was Mike Case. He is a excellent field Product Specialist and always willing to help me in any way. He told me who to call and how to get my ink overnight. I am very greatful to him for all of his help always. I did get my ink that monday when I needed the ink.

Thanks Pity Bowes for Mike Case!
Judy Henning

Posted by skibum90

I have had nothing but good luck with Pitney Bowes. The customer relations agents were caring and very helpful.

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Hi! I used to work for Pitney Bowes as a customer service rep. I just want to express my sympathy to y'all because honestly, every call that I had to take, I had always been in the edge between my sympathy to the customers and the policy of the company that I worked for. It's like Pitney Bowes hires people to make robots, to make scams and stuff if you know what I mean. So I resigned early this year under the hope of becoming a person who doesnt have to lie to innocent people and to help pitney bowes make scam and collect money because Pitney Bowes fees its customers to death.

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for PB for 4 months and quit. I agree with customers on the bad service. My hands were tied on trying to get issues resolved for customers. It was like pulling teeth when speaking with other dept.'s to get an answer for the customer. Customers were expected to wait on hold while you try and get a straight answer from someone at pb to try and get the customers issue resolved. It's hard to make the customer happy when they have to keep calling back for the same issue that should have been taken care of months ago but come to find out the dept. who was suppost to take care of it never did. I felt so bad for some of these customers. Something needs to change there. Hard to work for a company you don't believe in. Wish you the best of luck PB customers.

Posted by PB girl

i am one of the collections specialist in pb for a year now, i know that there are lot of customers complanining about their bill, complaining about the late fee's and finance charge that incurred on their accounts.but this won't happen if you pay your bills on time,.we are trying our best to notify you with your account status, but you keep on ignoring us,you are even disconnecting the call while we are trying our best to help you settle your balance, we even waive some of your late fees for your convinience. but what are we getting?.. profanity words,insults... whats wrong with you people? we are just doing our job, and if you really want to be assisted rightfully, then you should treat us in a nice way. FAIR!

Posted by Jerry

I was once a Pitney Bowes Rep, we were taught how to sell the cusotmer things they didn't need. This was for us to pad the profit margin and help us write our quota. It didn't matter what the customer needed, it was what ever made us the most money. PB is going to be the next big company to go belly up!

Posted by sales 101

From my Expierence with pb I was a employee and they are a scam they tell customers things to make the customer think there getting a great deal and all there doing is getting locked into a contract

Posted by Anonymous

1st they let 450 serv tec go because they were sold a bill of goods by the previous natl serv mgr that pb was to be the main repair location for all computer customers. Service is now overworked and customer base is paying for it. Customers waite several days for service and management doesnt care about them any more either. We werE no 1 at one time but no one seems to care about the customer base anymore. By the way the mgr was fired for his computer use and loss of all those years of training he talked the home office in to letting go. Sorry!!!!!!


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