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Pioneer customer service is ranked #549 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.77 out of a possible 200 based upon 81 ratings. This score rates Pioneer customer service and customer support as Terrible.


76 Negative Comments out of 81 Total Comments is 93.83%.


5 Positive Comments out of 81 Total Comments is 6.17%.

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    • 29.77 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 76 negative comments (93.83%)
    • 5 positive comments (6.17%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
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    • 1.5 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 2.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Pissed

I've been going through hell since March 13th with Pioneer over my SC lx801 receiver which constantly and has video and audio dropouts. I've called over and over and complained to Pioneer going on 4 months. I've talked to Brian, Jared, Lori and Mike to no avail. The Saga has just been going on and on and on for the past 4 months and every single time you get someone on the phone they always say that someone named Sean has to call you back who never does. When a company has scores THIS low, it's generally indicative of the fact that they don't give a dang Never again Pioneer (Onkyo).

Posted by Baroldo

My MVH-X380BT works good, but the display is so dim you can't see it. No help from service, no fix, no anything. Don't buy Pioneer.

Posted by Anonymous

If you ever do get through to a person, don't expect much help. My MVH-X380BT display is so dim you can't see it in daylight. They told me that it's just the way it is. No fix, no anything. Don't buy on of these!

Posted by TimC

I can not get my pioneer receiver ($700) to connect to the internet. I have been calling the customer service number for THREE MONTHS and have never ever had an answer. If you read this, DO NOT BUY A PIONEER. Customer Service does not exist from them. Only annoying music while you wait hours/months and never get an answer!!!!

Posted by NYC

AWFUL. Sales guys lies and they gave me a used copier

Posted by Harry

On hold for 30 minutes waiting to reach a representative for Pioneer Customer Service. Not sure whether Pioneer equipment is that poor or whether Pioneer only has one person working the phones. Either way, this is the worst customer service on the planet.

Posted by Regina

Awful!!!! Their phone system doesn't tell you how many calls in queue or how long possible wait. I held for an hour and fifteen minutes and never got anyone. It was 15 minutes till they closed, and my guess is I would get hung up on so I didn't waste the 15 more minutes.

Posted by WTF

FYI...for those of you who are having password problems with your gps're password is the same as the password used to register the unit online...they don't tell you this because they want you to send it in for $80...what a ripoff...So much for registering your product...I did not put my password on the unit (only online) so they transferred the password to the unit...Why not tell us this?

Posted by WTF

What is the point of registering a product if it gets you nothing? Registering should prove that I'm the owner! But, they want me to send the unit back so they can secretly reset the password along with collecting $80. Don't buy from Pioneer...

Posted by WTF

I did not setup a password on my 5200nex and I can't use it because I don't know the password. Tech support blames me and i have to send it in with $80 for something I had no control over. Pioneer sucks...

Posted by MVPV

Almost no answer to my complaint, I've bought a product worth around 300€ which stopped working in less than 3 years. The repairing price was more than a new device! Made a complaint to the support service and they don't even answer, they just say that it is registered in their system and after weeks waiting, nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

As of right now, I've been on hold for 47 minutes and 38 seconds for customer support. Two hours ago, I waited for 25 minutes before giving up, but now it's mostly become a game of how absurdly long someone can wait before speaking to a human being to advise their product is DOA (which I've already gathered).

I'll be returning the receiver and avoiding the Pioneer brand like the plague, which might at least take less time to kill my interest.

Fun Fact:
Worthy of note is that there are 15 seconds of hold music and 9 seconds of the same message on cycle, meaning I've heard 117 iterations of the madness that is their background hold recording, just on this one call.

Clearly I am a man with too much time on my hands, but I won't be wasting more on Pioneer.

Posted by Doug NO radio now

Pioneer doesn't know how to supply good customer service for their car radios. They want you to pull your radio from your car because they do not "How to make a good product".
Try to talk with a supervisor and they do not offer that as well. I purchased thinking this would have been a good product due to the Name. Will spread the word not to buy Pioneer items. Item purchased is a AVh-3600 BHS radio. Purchased it becasue it had satellite radio stop working after a year and 6 months

Posted by usfinecats

Cant comment on Pioneer customer service because after 2 days of calling them I've never received a call back. They suck

Posted by Anonymous

it seems that pioneer is unable to get anyone on the phone to assist with customer support eneough of this will never buy another pioneer product at this time been 45 mins on hold

Posted by Anonymous

I'm having the same problem that I noticed many are having with my VSX1020 (Serial # JDIL012651UA) Receiver. Just shortly after I bought it in 2011 it kept shutting off saying it had overloaded. then it would turned back on. So your Pioneer service people told because it was still under warranty that I cold take it to an authorize service shop (The Service Bench in Norwood, Ma.) where I live. But the problem has continues since. It was just a pain in the ass to keep taking all of the wires apart to keep bring it in the the shop. Upon looking in to this, I been told that many people have been having this problem with the VSX series. I would like to know what have you done to address this problem. it is pretty frustrating, Especially when I have friends over and it happens.

Richard Furtado

Posted by RickRoma

I see I'm not alone in my problems with Pioneer. Can't get anyone to answer the phone. Can't get anyone to respond to an e-mail. After a month, I gave up. Horrible, horrible, horrible. The absolute worst customer service I have ever seen. Sad, this used to be such a respected name in electronics.

Posted by onewhobringsmuch

I bought a VSX-522-K for Christmas. Couldn't get any sound out of speakers just trying to use tuner. Went thru manual numerous times to no avail. Tried calling and continued to be put on hold for extended periods. When hit prompt it would tell me to call another phone number. When I would call that number it would tell me to call another and I just kept going in circles without ever getting a person. When I first got a person he immediately wanted to transfer me. When I tried to stop him he said he was going to hang up on me. I admit I was very upset by this time. Having a new receiver for almost a month and not getting it to operate. Finally figured out that it was the FM antenna that had a short in it. Fixing to return the unit. Will not own Pioneer again. I feel for the poor guy I talked to. Because of their horrible phone prompts which he has nothing to do with and long waits when you finally get to talk to a person you are so frustrated and upset that he gets dumped on. Sorry buddy.

Posted by jerseybowler

Can never get through to them. I have been trying for days, sometimes leaving it on hold for 25-30 minutes. I have yet to get a live person on the phone. Never again will I buty Pioneer - no support.f

Posted by TERRY

Dialing Your Number It Rings Once And Then Busy Single, That Is Great Customer Service

Posted by Anonymous

Pioneer SC -LX 87 AMPLIFIER GOES TRIP, I HAVE COMPLAINED 4 TIMES AND VISITED TO YOUR AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTRE, Shop Electronics,South ex,New Delhi and Jolly Electronics Karampura.very worst experience still having a problem of tripping

Posted by ryecola

worst choice i have ever made. the product is decent, the they have litterally the worst customer service i have EVER come across. if i knew this ahead of time i would of steered well clear of pioneer!

Posted by Araujo

I want to report a lack of professionalism of its representative in the Brasil.N� £ solve any problem into her bag'm waiting-Resolution £ o my problem already almost three months.

Posted by Anonymous

After waiting over 15 minutes to hear from customer service, the lady on the phone was rushing me off of the phone and seemed like she did not want to answer my questions regarding service and repair. She hung up on me mid-sentence.

Posted by Michael M

Talk about taking the title for TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! The worst experience I have ever had. My home A/V Amp stops working due to a firmware update. That's fine except it will update to 20% then flashes "update error 1"
Called customer service for the fourth day in a row with in excess of 40 minutes on hold till I gave up. Decided to send a customer support email. Two days later, no reply. Pioneer is a DEAD END !! Strongly suggest you try another electronic manufacturer. This company clearly just DOES NOT SERVICE!!

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Posted by Anonymous

1/10/17 I want to express my thanks to Gabe for all the help on setting up my vs45 he answered all my issues.Hats off to Gabe great job Thank You Glenn

Posted by Sam Sopiee

I bought a 5+1 home theatre sound system almost 9 years ago, and I found their Service Centre address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, brought it there, and in less than 2 weeks (their standard response time), I got a callback, they found spare parts, and my old system and business is back on track - excellent technicians, competent front desk of service centre, I am very happy with Pioneer service centre. (rare situation with customer service in Malaysia)...

Posted by Countryboy

I have the pioneer receiver hooked up to a boss surround sound. And I had a problem with the bass. It was working awsome for awhile, then I lost part of my bass. Called pioneer and talked to customer support. And the lady talked me through all the settings that I had no idea I had. We finally got to the sub setting and got it turned up. And now I have some awesome sweet bass again. The lady was very helpful and patient with me. And would like to thank her for all her help!

Posted by Anonymous

Had a problem with my Pioneer receiver. Couldn't find a setting that I needed on my own. I was routed to the home audio department and the guy there knew exactly what I needed as soon as I described the problem. The hold time before reaching a person was about 20 min. After that, the problem identified and was corrected in a couple minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

You guys are nuts..... some of these guys that works in CS handle a lot of calls and maybe you might get a bad apple, that's life people. You have to understand that they do Operation and minor installation support. They don't service the products there, so they don't know how much to service it or what exactly the problem would be. The only way to know is to bring the product to a service center. I called them with a receiver that I'm having problem with. Talked to a person that knows the unit and walked me through the process to fix the problem. I loved the products of Pioneer, so as the CS.

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