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Pinterest customer service is ranked #773 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 120 ratings. This score rates Pinterest customer service and customer support as Terrible.


116 Negative Comments out of 120 Total Comments is 96.67%.


4 Positive Comments out of 120 Total Comments is 3.33%.

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    • 23.33 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 116 negative comments (96.67%)
    • 4 positive comments (3.33%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Not given

Obviously Pinterest does not care about its customers. Customer service for this platform is non existing. The changes they make from time to time are absolutely useless and annoying. You think they would listen to their users that are all in agreement that their changes are horrible. It just keeps getting worse. It's no wonder that this platform is going downhill.

Posted by judyk

apparently you don't want people to use pinterest. I changed my email and pout it in several times but you refuse to accept it. My password has NOT changed. It is still the same as I had it. I don't know what kind of stunt you are trying to pull, but I don't like it.

Posted by ken

i had ordered 3 pair of Nike sneakers 2 came wrong color & style,everything is in Chinese language...i refuse to pay for some thing I had not ordered

Posted by Gabe&Penny

I uploaded pins of things I made personally. I linked it to my Facebook page, then discovered one day that the link had been changed to a Carnival Savers offer! When I contacted Pinterest they told me that I wasn't the person who had authority to alter the link because they were what they called Rich Pins and I had no authority over them. So I contacted Carnival Savers. They apologised and contacted Pinterest, neither of us have heard back from Pinterest since. They just don't care and are refusing to help fix the cock up.

Posted by clinterest

There is NO customer service at Pinterest. My account was suspended without a reason given and only a notice that an email would be sent on how to contact them. I never received an email and when I attempt to contact them, I am taken to the log-in page where I am notified of the suspension (again). It would be nice to get the reason for their actions. I have not posted anything that is against their rules. As a matter of fact, I have been sent suggestions by them for other accounts that are clearly breaking the rules, including borderline pornography. I am thoroughly disgusted with their site and lack of communication.

Posted by Doris

I Really Would Like Someone To Answer My Email. I Am Trying To Open Some Crochet Patterns To Get The Pattern So I Can Print It, But I Can't Figure Out How To Open A Specific Pattern To Read It & Print It.
Thank You Very Much

Doris Dunn

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Barbara Valentine. I have been a Pinterest customer for many years and had my password in my notes in my phone. Getting a new phone my notes with passwords did not transfer over to new phone. Since phone and password has changed is there a way I can get into my old account to make the changes without starting over. I have over 12,000 followers. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I have texted emailed and called Pinterest on at least 10 occasions in the past couple of months begging you to stop sending me unsolicited emails with what you think are pins in which I am interested. I am not and your suggestions are invariably way off topic. Additionally you send me two or three of them a day with 18 or 20 suggestions in them clogging up my email inbox and ignoring my pleas to stop sending me emails. I have spoken to people I have gotten emails back from people all promising that you will stop doing this to me and yet it continues it is relentless and annoying and unprofessional. I use Pinterest as a bulletin board solely. I do not care who else looks at my posts I do not care to look at other people's posts. I want you to stop sending me emails that have nothing to do with my interests and have made me really hate your website.

Posted by Anonymous

The funniest thing is calling it a "service". They do absolutely nothing, and if one ever gets an response, it's "there is nothing we can do". I heard nothing else in several years of using Pinterest, during which time I had several big glitches. In the last one I lost 4000 followers in a couple of minutes, and this customer service kept trying to convince me that they left voluntarily, all at the same time, and "followers go up and down".

This "service" can be ran by cats with similar results.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been trying to stop email from this company for 3 months I call costumer service and all they do is be rude and hang up

Posted by Anonymous

i have not received an email from you for change,of email aol accont no longer resives email i can;t access it,my new email is rob.can you please update your data base with this email,and sen me conformation.kind regards robert.

Posted by Angelpie

I use Pinterest mostly just to save pins, but I wanted to share some on Twitter the other day, but it would not work. I put in a support ticket, and they wrote me back telling me that they had replied. WHERE? The link that says "View Ticket" does not take me anywhere but to the help center, not to my ticket, not to the reply. This is absurd!

Posted by Anonymous

I haven't yet [email protected] up with Pinterest. But I would like to know looking at some of the items you have on your website what's for sale and what's not where are the prices is there a possibility of purchasing these items you can reach me back at thank you

Posted by Johnny J

Pinterest has a lot of problems . NO customer support, no PHONE number . NO help I have wasted many hours in trying to reach out to them with no help at all .On a grading scale abcd they get an F- from me . They are doom ed to fail if they don't change structure soon. Its just a matter of time until a competitor come up a similar product and will kick their hind end .

Posted by Z71kitty

I never tried to contact Pinterest until two days ago. All they did was send me the exact same "fix" as they have in their help center, word for word. My boards rearrange themselves. I put them in alphabetical order and next time I log in, they are messed up.Also I spend five minutes trying to get a new board from the bottom to the top. It won't let me drag it more than one row at a time so I am siting here -drag and drop - drag and drop- all the way to where I want it. It does the same on my husband's computer so it's not that. I have tons of photos to put on Pinterest but hate to do them one at a time. Why can't we drag and drop from our own files on our computer. 'We used to be able to' is NOT an answer.Stop asking for my phone number when I log in. You're not going to call me, you won't even address my complaints.

Posted by joshuastreasures

One of the worst customer service businesses in the Nation. They don't respond to emails from their so called help desk. They tell you through automated email that someone will be with you shortly. Never happens. They tell you absolutely nothing. this is what happens when you have 20 something whiz kids. I will make damn sure I let other people know how bad it gets. Although,the idea is good. Too bad the lack of business school basics causes the company to look like its run by 8th graders.

Posted by jayceepatterns

I am tired to trying to get help from Pinterest and getting an automated reply that does not help. I mistakenly upgraded to a business account and tried to change it back but could not. I then deactivated my account because i don't want to be charged for clicks on my pins. I then tried to reactivate my account so I could close it because no one will help me. I cannot log into my account, i reset the password but it's not working. I don't want to close my account, I just want it back to my original account.

Posted by recletis

I'm probably not the only one, but I got my Pinterest account suspended also, with no explanation whatsoever. I had been receiving notices before that some pins I pinned from other "Pinists" were deleted for copyright infringement or somehow violated their terms of service, after about 5 of these I stopped pinning all together and did not even use the account for about 3 weeks. Pinterests decides to suspend me even though my account had NO activity on it. Good thing I wasn't trying to make money with them or I would have been totally screwed. I have made repeated requests for replies on this matter without any word from them. My words of advise 1: back up your content as you go because just as surely as G-d can crank out an unlimited number of 4ssh4ts, these same 4ssh4ts will end up running a company like this and decide one day that they can become the thought police and decide what is offensive, what nudity is acceptable, etc. You're better off running your own blog and controlling your own content. It's funny how companies like FB, Pinterest, and Tumblr took an anything goes approach to their AUP's until they gained critical mass and some money, and forgot about the users that got them where they are in first place.

They say they do this because people need protection. Funny how this is also what enforcers of the mob say right before they start breaking kneecaps. It's really a shame that the country I grew up in (the US)I don't even recognize anymore. 2) Do yourself a favor and don't bother signing up with these folks as their rules are arbitrary at least and vague at most. Go to their competitors and show them that your voice does count for something

Posted by spointerkimmey

Someone changed the URL associated with my pinterest account, but they did not make any changes to the settings. Typically (based on my research of this issue), if someone hacks a pinterest account, then they change features of the settings (such as the location), or they change the email address associated with the account. This is NOT the case with my account. Someone is messing with the URLs so that a person's info no longer appears in search feeds.

Pinterest help people do not acknowledge--or fix this problem. I'm just wondering why....

Posted by kadmyatt

My account was suspended in Dec.have request help 7 times. Have not heard from help Center ever! But I get the "what do you think about our help/support" survey. So frustrating I did nothing to have acct suspended!

Posted by Richard Hahn

Pinterest customer service more than sucks. They put my account in safe mode for some reason and won't let me change my password in addition, I sent a message to their so called customer service and got an immediate response that they would be in contact. Guess what ..... No contact. Tried to get a new password because it didn't recognize my password. Message said they would email instructions ....... No email. Etc etc etc. I have a bunch of stuff saved that I can't get to. Oh and also there is not info on what are the password parameters.


Posted by Mskillsgalore

My account was suspeneded sometime between 12-19-2016 and 12-25-2016 I can not be sure as to date as I was not properly notified. I just recieved a error message saying my account was suspended. I have had my account wrongly suspended before and and someone at the helpdesk contacted me and corrected the mistake. This time I waited for 6 weeks, recieving several "how are we doing" for emails, but no actual contact from help desk, then finally a form letter saying the account was suspended and will not be reactivated, again, I reply to help desh asking for an appeal, as I tion ubelieve suspension was in error, and I am again met with complete silence. I have no reason as to why account was suspended, no way of appealing and if reports on other websites are correct this was intentional by Pinterest, they were having large outage problems and either through glitch or intentionally there are hundreds of complaints of wrongful suspension and and no response from help desk from people from the last two weeks in Decemeber.

Pinterest is also actively allowing accounts which sell cam and phone sex as well as prostitution. The photos themselves are of fully clothed women but the links talk about meeting for sex, there are also reviews of the sex services under the new "tried it" feature, and to say they are graphic is a understatement. Many people have been trying to bring this problem to Pinterests attention, and some say are being met with being banned themselves while the Pimps continue to operate freely on the website.

Posted by Lori bishop

I have reported a post that I shared on Facebook of a Christmas tree I only shared the one time and it continues to post almost daily to my Facebook page. I'm very frustrated that they will. Not stop this!!! Have reported it 2 times now.

Posted by Mesutallee

Can't login to my account. Says my email address doesn't exist. Try to look up by name or Facebook or even Goggle, can't find my. Tried support, after a week I have gotten a response from a woman who says she is a pinterest 'Expert'. She is actually just a volunteer. Been asking questions for 2 days. No help.

Posted by Anonymous

when I find ideas some are in a foreign language can you change them to English. Sure am missing out on some ideas. thank you

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Posted by Jtug69

Pinterest suspended my account for sexual based content which wasn't there. I save things that pop up in their site then they say its inappropriate and suspend your account. I got an email saying they took a pin down but didnt say anything. I deleted alot of boards trying to make sure i didnt offend anyone but. Now they wony respo d to my emails

Posted by Joel_BC

Pinterest is good, from the standpoint of being a uniquely useful service. I use it to add illustrated links & comments as a form of communicating with and teaching other members of the Pinterest system. There are frustrations, to be sure, but given only two choices in terms of my overall experience, I rate it positive.

Customer Service (member responsiveness) is low: Pinterest is terrible from the standpoint of fielding problem reports or complaints. It seems to have outgrown its staffing or something. If you can figure any sort of way to send a complaint or comment to the staff, they do not get back to you. Problems persist for lengthy periods.

Posted by A Pretty Fix

Hi there, I just wanted to add my comments regarding the visual changes to Pinterest in August 2016. The aesthetic appeal has significantly diminished:

1. My boards: The main image that used to show on each board is now significantly smaller. In doing this, each board has 3 images that are virtually the same size. This seriously reduces the overall look and appeal, collectively. All of the time I spent coordinating the colours of my boards no longer matters. None of the boards look coordinated or well put together anymore. This is a serious flaw that may potentially affect the number of followers that someone receives based on the images that one scans on someone's profile. This is often very important when choosing who to follow. I have a business account as a craft and DIY blogger and building a following is incredibly important.

2. The size of the images are now enormous - this is a serious flaw. It takes much longer to scan images or scroll down the feed. As well, all the profile images of each pinner are too large and, therefore, very, very grainy. Not very appealing.

I would recommend reverting back to the old visual format.

Up to this point, I have been incredibly happy with Pinterest, but am unhappy with the changes noted above.


Posted by vermillion litchey

Dee Ray repined 23 of my pins (off of one board) and I'm more than upset, I feel that was abusive !

I'm really hurt and mad, what are my options ?

Vermillion Litchey

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