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Ping customer service is ranked #96 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 58.18 out of a possible 200 based upon 13 ratings. This score rates Ping customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


11 Negative Comments out of 13 Total Comments is 84.62%.


2 Positive Comments out of 13 Total Comments is 15.38%.

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    • 58.18 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 11 negative comments (84.62%)
    • 2 positive comments (15.38%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
    • 6.0 Reachability
    • 4.3 Cancellation
    • 4.4 Friendliness
    • 5.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Sean Sharkey

Ping customer service is poor. Ordered two sets of irons was told ship 5-7 business days been 10 days still not even shipped.
Spent $2500 would not even give tracking numbers.
Very unhappy

Posted by None

Customer service at Ping has really gone downhill. Recently placed an order and called several times to get order and shipping status. Reps do not help and refer you back to vendor who then refers you to Ping. Customer is treated poorly and caught in the middle. Customer is forced to wait until Ping decides to fulfill order and get around to shipping it. Maybe change name to Customer Disservice.

Posted by Disappointed customer.

Have just bought my third Ping Driver, the G Driver. The driver itself is great, but the head over is pathetic and Ping should be ashamed to issue such a cheap and nasty looking item. The last head over I had with the G30 driver was an expensive looking, well made, quality product as one would expect from Ping whose products are not cheap. It was stylish, provided excellent protection for the head and top end of the shaft and had a strap for pulling it off the club head. The G driver headcover is a thin, flimsy poor quality item, with no strap to remove the cover and little protection for the shaft. I was extremely disappointed that a company like Ping would resort to such cost cutting measures. Shame on you, Ping, you are doing yourselves and your customers a great disservice, your reputation is at risk and I am seriously thinking of going back to Calloway !!

Posted by Anonymous

Bpught a g25 from american golf in june 2016 on the 16 10 2016 whike playing golf the head snapped of rhe shaft this is not the 1st time as i had a g15 and thatcsnapped if in exactly the same place not a happy customer thinking of leaving ping as rhe eqipment not up to required standard

Posted by Anonymous

My iron num 5, G25, Id product 22A4724, head broke and It went off like a bullet. This happened on a par 3 at Royal St Cloud Course, Kisseemmee, Fl.

Tell me what is the process in order to get another iron with the same senior graphite.

Posted by brent

I ordered a set of Ping irons May 18, and on June 3 got a phone call from golf store stating that my clubs might be sent out on the 17 of June. Ping told them that the U-wedge was back ordered. It took Ping 2 weeks to figure out that they did not have the clubs to fill the order. Poor service at the least. Here;s the plus on all of this, Ping golf said they did not want to ship the clubs they did have made up, then send the U wedge after it went off back order cause of the extra shipping cost. To me that was the biggest joke of all. Next time I will deal with a company like Callaway golf for my next purchase. I still can't believe it going to take 4 weeks at the most for a set of clubs.

Posted by Anonymous

i have had a G15 ping driver for two years.the shaft sheared yesterday.23/september/2014.the pro at retford golf Nottinghamshire club told me that the breakage had been caused by the shaft rubbing against the carry bag.It has a graphite can a expensive club like a G15 ping react that way.Please advise.I am replacing the shaft, i wonder when it will break again. Allan Meacher

Posted by Mal

I bought a full set of Ping clubs (original) 2yrs ago. When I was out playing I hit a clean shot with my 8 iron from the fairway & immediately heard something wrong with the club. When I had a look I found the shaft at the feral to have split length ways.
I re3turned to Ping in Pattaya Thailand & explained to them that the shafts should not be breaking like this. I was told that they would not repair the shaft for free but would send it to Ping in Bangkok to for examination & determine if Ping would repair the shaft for free.
It has now been 2 months that I have been without my 8 iron & nothing seems to have been done about it. Ping on 3rd road Pattaya can not give me any information & seem unconcerned about how long it is taking. I spend a lot of money in this shop & they are always happy when I am doing so but were really very rude when I came to them with a complaint.
I am now so frustrated at the customer service I have been given & would like my 8 iron back asap fully repaired. Why should I have to wait this long to have Ping clearly see that there is a fault in the shaft & return it to me in working condition ?

Posted by Anonymous

My name is SFC Caldwell I am with the Warriors in transition unit at Fort Sam Houston Texas. I recently went through the ping clinic offered to Warriors in hopes of receiving a custom set of ping ckubs. I completed the 8 week class and was fitted gut never received any clubs. Is there any way I can be contacted by the representative over this program.

Posted by Anonymous

I have played ping since 1985. I ordered a set of Irons on
1/19/2014 & they will not ship until 2/25/2014./// Not a sevice I think most golfers like/////////

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service department at Ping was not helpful. They originally told me that my clubs would take 4 weeks. When I called after the 4th week they told me it would be another week. They haven't even started on my order. I should have bought the Taylor Mades.

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Posted by none

PING provided some of the best customer service I have experienced in years. The reps were courteous, patient and knowledgeable. They upgraded my clubs and returned them in perfect condition within one week. Great job Ping!

Posted by Jonsai

HI all,

I hit my first G25 Ping 7 Iron during demo day

At Long Drive Golf Range Pattaya Chonburi Thailand. Mong the professional assisted the Ping staff. I got hooked, I asked Mong to try to get me a set 4 to lw but could only get 5 to pw, 47 or 49 gram graphite reg shaft, 1/2"longer than standard, med/white grip, yellow dot. 29000 Bht as this was a lot (50%) cheaper than my Mizuno I agreed.

They arrived in Bangkok within 7 days of order, sooner than expected and are to be delivered to Pattaya in the next day or two.

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